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What went wrong?

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your life

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***What went right

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you being seanig?

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Yubigate and her saying based things to her indo community.

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Nothing, she was always behind Moona. Ollie’s sub increase was because she latched on to every single Holo she could and Connor.

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You actually watch this shit?

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Our dad left us when we're 5.

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you mean how her thumbnails are designed to psychologically manipulate you to click them because how stupid it looks?

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Ah so that's why the first one reminded me of someone

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cringe thread, I hate ollie but all numberfags deserve the rope
anyone who replies after me deserves to have their throat raped

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It all began when she ripped ass on stream

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stay weird fan

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sure go ahead
>*open my whore mouth*

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Seethe 2 views. /#/ is the best thread.

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I thought /vt/ loves this guy lol

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I'm going to get ollie to fart in your mouth while she moans incessantly

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Is this that bad for an indo? Iofi gets like 15k

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ID Matsuri

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it's bad by /vt/ and /#/ standard

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She only streams when I'm about to sleep. The majority of her streams is content I don't care about. She grabbed my attention early on; her debut is still my most favorite. As time went on, I found myself watching Reine more. I think Ollie is best left for clippers to sift through.

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holy based

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bad pussy

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no it isnt, tard...
most of the holos and nijis get these numbers

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Crippling Apex addiction

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>most of the holos and nijis get these numbers
>most holos
just ID holos, there ftfy

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Pumped and dumped

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check the number threads you uninformed imustberight sperg

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Nothing a well paying days wages in Indonesia is 16 US dollars. She is literally rich as fuck.

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indog debuff

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I hope she doesnt collab with B*bi

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He got his avatar mostly to Collab with Ollie and Whori. Expect something between them soon.

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If that's gonna happen, I wish they play Mario Party game then