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>> No.19295723

Those are some big hope bags

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Do your seethe reps

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Would you still love IRyS even if she has aussie accent?

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>> No.19296033

Fuck no.

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So what's next for her song titles?
"Live Early or Die Late"?

>> No.19297037

I would tolerate it. The way she has still been replicating/copying Bae in her streams lately has been ticking me off a bit but I wouldn't dare tell her that.

>> No.19297094

>die late

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>> No.19297173

No. And good thing she isn't

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It's been 7 months and not a single collab mv with other vsinger. Fuck cover

>> No.19297665

god i love milfRyS so much i wouldnt care if she was experienced i would sex that voluptuous body so much my dick would fall off and i would reattach it and go again and again

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Song is growing on me.

>> No.19299308

i miss irys...

>> No.19299600

Irys is hotter when she is white. Red juice sensei fucked up.

>> No.19299777

Wrong, you are just retarded.

>> No.19299803

This is how you start a 4th world war.

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Keeping vigil until she appears again

>> No.19301175

I don't if you guys also got it but I just got the gura doulingo video in my recommended as well
(basically everyone at least in /hlgg/ is getting it in their recommended )
What is this is cover acquired power does that mean cover can just promote IRyS directly into the system whats happening is the algorithm breaking how do we abuse this?

>> No.19301327

The algorithm works in mysterious ways

>> No.19301388

I am amused by Bae's antics, by which she would not be the same without the Aussie accent.

But there is nothing sexy about the Aussie accent. But it is a step above US southern, by which thank God IRyS does not have that accept either.

>> No.19301706

Bruh, I gotta admit Bae's Aussie accent is growing on me.. and I am starting to find it hot...

>> No.19301759

I don't know what you people are talking about, I couldn't care less about accents

>> No.19302123

Accents are attractive and you can't like them all equally. I love IRyS's voice.

>> No.19302185

IRyS and Mori are drunk and fucking half of virtual Japan at this very moment.

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>> No.19302401

Those Caraoke SCs are never getting read are they?

>> No.19302433

Good, because I don't trust them...

>> No.19302493

I'm not looking forward to an SC stream but she did promise she'd do it.

>> No.19302540

I like SC reading streams...

>> No.19302643

>>19302540(Not me)
It's not the SCs I just like IRyS, her voice, her personality, the way she just make everything so much fun...

>> No.19302682

Fuck off you white supremacist fuck. If you truly like IRyS, you actually look past the vtuber model and focus on her voice.

>> No.19302739

Don't mind him, we get those people some times, you know this

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>> No.19302786

Come on lad, you are overreacting. Go take a chillpill.

>> No.19302930

It's definitely not the SCs, they're annoying as fuck sometimes. I wish I could be half as fun as IRyS so I could send her a nice message and make her laugh.

>> No.19303075

IRyS status?

>> No.19303096

Cuddling with me!

>> No.19303100

Dinner with me

>> No.19303101

Awake because she's retweeting stuff. Doing what is anyone's guess.

>> No.19303125

She's doing me.

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>> No.19303544

Why does Bae have better English lyrics than IRyS?

>> No.19303614

Spitballing here, probably because Bae's song is less musical and more "for fun". Whoever is writing lyrics for IRyS is making it ESL on purpose for artistic reasons.

>> No.19303694

she got to write her own lyric. IRyS have no control on her music

>> No.19303736

And until IRyS learns that skill, she's at the mercy of the production teams

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>> No.19303913

>Whoever is writing lyrics for IRyS is making it ESL on purpose for artistic reasons.
stop being retarded

>> No.19303925 [SPOILER] 
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yes my princess

>> No.19303934

It flows. It sounds good. I'm not being a contrarian, I genuinely believe this. The Japs know what they're doing.

>> No.19303992

I want to soil that princess.

>> No.19304029

Yes, but I reject the concept of nobility.

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>> No.19304073

The Australian accent is the only good accent on a woman. Bae and Sana make me diamonds.
But I like IRyS the way she is.

>> No.19304085

But it's true.

>> No.19304093

> But it is a step above US southern, by which thank God IRyS does not have that accept either.
Bless your heart, sugar, but you sound like a faggot.

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Sorry for believing in equal rights I guess

>> No.19304130

A reminder that this is the IRyS thread.
I like Sana's accent too. It doesn't do anything for me though, it's just nice to listen to

>> No.19304180

Are we really having this conversation? It's not equal, it's above equal because she is better than me.

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>> No.19304464

IRyS... Home...
So happy for her

>> No.19304479

It's uncanny that she tweets just as I was wondering what she was doing. We are on the same wavelength.

>> No.19304487

ah yes a 9pm nap

>> No.19304490

Space please!

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>I'm home
So, we can assume she was somewhere else when she made the call on Bae's stream?

Activate the 'Paranoid IRyStrocrats'

Begin the concernfagging!

>> No.19304544

Pipe down. She was probably with her Grandma again.

>> No.19304598


How long can we keep that reasoning anon?! Perhaps when IRyS take a "long" break with no context whatsoever. PRESS THE PANIC BUTTON ALREADY!!! AHHHH!

>> No.19304622

You retards don't even read threads huh. She went out and met up with Mori.

>> No.19304661

I knew that. I'm just tired.

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>> No.19304681

Where's the proof (or tweet) anon? Quell my retarded worry on my oshi. Please show this notion you speak of?

>> No.19304706
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In that case spare us from your retarded display of concern.

>> No.19304735

Watch streams, read threads.

>> No.19304748

You'll have to put up with it I'm afraid. I would be the necessary sleep sacrifice but if I do that now it'll fuck my non-existent sleep schedule. I need to stay awake so I can swing it in the right direction.

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>chuuba go outside touch grass

>> No.19304815

Look, >>19304661(This isn't me).

Today's a slow day, I'm waiting for my food to arrive and I can't think of any other topic since it was exhausted already from the last thread. It's only one retard right now and it's me.

>> No.19304824

Kids here could do the same.

>> No.19304841

Doesn't IRyS basically go out every day? Not sure why this time is different.

>> No.19304891

Again, I just felt like passing the time with shitpost.

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If anything us who don't like mori should be concerned on what dumb idea or meme did mori teach IRyS this time.
Yet we are calm, you could learn a thing or two

>> No.19304922

It must be nice having somewhere to go.

>> No.19304961

Yes she was on a date with Mori and "another person we both familiar with". She talked about it in yesterday's member stream.

>> No.19304985

Can't you guys ignore a dumb shitpost for being a dumb shitpost?

>> No.19304988


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It's nicer to have nowhere to go so you can stay home.

>> No.19305023

Nah, we deadbeats are pretty sure it's either the manager(very likely) or Suisei.

>> No.19305071
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Square up, nigga.

>> No.19305152
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My food's here. Beyond this post, it's not me anymore. I'll shoot anyone who tries to be me.

>> No.19305276

You should be sorry.

>> No.19305383
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>> No.19305406

>ever expecting IRyS to stay home all the fucking time
I hope no one here is that clingy

>> No.19305496
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IRyS, in case you got curious and decide to pay a visit here because Mori told you of the hacker known as 4chan... I just want to say that I love you very much my nephilim princess!

>> No.19305570

i am, but didnt expect her to actualy say when she came back home, expected a message earlier or none at all, didnt think she would take that long hanging out with the Wigger. Risk of corruption, High.

>> No.19305604

IRyS isn't any better than Mori, except physically.

>> No.19305742
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Yeah right.

>> No.19305820
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I warn you anon. I have a gun and I'm not afraid to shoot you. Use the standard NTA(not that anon) to reply post that aren't yours.

>> No.19305848

If the existence of pre-chat makes another circle jerk manifest, I'll actually go find a new oshi, I can't take seeing these people humping each other anymore.

>> No.19305891

Australian accent is cute. IRyS has more of a midwest/new england prep school/knows british people accent anyway.

>> No.19305909

You could always not look at the pre-chat

>> No.19305924

Why would you bother reading chat?

>> No.19305940

They just can't help it can they?

>> No.19305944
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>corruption timeloop again
>not knowing that Irys is the bad influence

>> No.19305956
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Go ahead, i will be the last IRyStocrat.

>> No.19305993
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Shut your whore mouth.

>> No.19306031

We don't talk about /that/ IRyS.

>> No.19306078

IRyStocrats exist outside of Chat too.

>> No.19306095

Imagine being this controlling of someone's friendships, especially against someone who has been nothing but kind and supportive of her

>> No.19306099
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>> No.19306155

What if IRyS is also a bully, especially to Bae, and she's always forcing Bae to masturbate with camera on so she can watch?

>> No.19306157

Poor hotaru... forced to write a bunch of English lyrics about hope nonsense.

>> No.19306173


>> No.19306193
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Whatever you say, deadbeat.

>> No.19306211

how am i controlling if im not saying anything to her, where i am enforcing all that control? you could say im overanalyzing and thats it.

>> No.19306234

>Trying to be reasonable in /vt/ of all places.

>> No.19306250

Can we hate him the same way most of feel towards Redjuice? Or is this guy we're supposed to like.

>> No.19306295

He just collects a paycheck. Cover's fault for making him write stupid lyrics.

>> No.19306300

I guess they both did the best they could but it wasn't good enough.

>> No.19306307

Form your own opinion, go listen to his works instead of picking some anonymous opinion.

>> No.19306318

>read chat in the first play

>> No.19306347

>Form your own opinion
Bro this is 4chan

>> No.19306365

So, he's not artistically good enough then unless his previous works says otherwise.

>> No.19306379

Which is why I'm telling him that.

>> No.19306402

>Last thread
Anon... let's not have this discussion again.

>> No.19306444

I listened to all his IRyS work and that's enough to form a solid opinion.

>> No.19306500

Which is fair as a superficial opinion, but it can take you only so far.

>> No.19306550

I'm only judging him in his role as IRyS' lyric writer though.

>> No.19306590

its not superficial at all, implies he is either bad or a jobber, the exact thing people were accusing him of,

>> No.19306633

Care to point to a direction where his previous works lie.Perhaps other anon was right, he's just collecting paychecks. It's just a job after all, any artistic involvement has no need for him then.

>> No.19306699

They're asking him to write too much English and he's a poor fit.

>> No.19307052
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Doesn't it suck that "we" always have something to debate about? Doesn't it get tiring at all bros? Is not possible to be content with the things are? Is this just a flaw we all have to deal with?

>> No.19307169
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No, it's the bread of every day and wouldn't have 8t any other way.

>> No.19307242
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>> No.19307370

This thread feels like those needy bf/gf that always need to be complaining about something otherwise they get bored so there must be something wrong somewhere to complain about even if things are going well

IRyS is doing great, her streams are good and constant and she found streaming friends in the company to share with, there's no need for constant drama and bitching. Just love your oshi and save the complaints for when she starts to decline or gets negatively affected by some outside source.

>> No.19307495

good doesnt mean it cant be better, most people think she deserved even more than what she got, there are always opinions to be shared, not a big deal.

>> No.19307503

You guys are really dumb.

>> No.19307517
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Isn't that pretty much GuyRyS?

>> No.19307555

Anyone that doesn't know that us the real stupid one

>> No.19307561

>IRyS is needy and dumb
>GuyRyS is needy and dumb
Bros....how can I even compete ...they are made for each other...

>> No.19307570
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And water is wet, what else is new.

>> No.19307601

I started the hotaru bait this time but didn't mean it as a serious complaint.

>> No.19307607
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Just another day in /HiRyS/

>> No.19308067
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>> No.19308146


>> No.19308196

Roastie talons typed this post. So how many mixed race kids you got?

>> No.19308237

iRyS mention on A-chan stream. no shilling seethe world or play dice though, too close to the end of the month.

>> No.19308344
File: 685 KB, 691x724, 1637031145546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if you are right, who cares, at this point i believe that anon is one if the regulars here, whenever we worry about IRyS friendships you see that kind of post.

>> No.19308382

Is it about the gifted memberships?

>> No.19308393

What is there even to worry about? That Mori will make IRyS watch Shrek?

>> No.19308428
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Yes, the horror.

>> No.19308452

no, she was showing the hololive music twitter account, and some orginal songs that released this month like daydream and high tide, but mentioned something like "irys and baelz also released music this week"

>> No.19308463

>Discord begging
Like clockwork

>> No.19308482

I like Morirys friendship anyway, but only women hold the creed of "let me do what I want and be retarded, then save me when I'm a flaming dumpster fire".

>> No.19308526

That's actually scary as fuck, because that means she might show her the deeper internet world and you know that'll fuck her up, thank god she hated twerking but if calli shows her anything she won't be able to say no and she'd have endure some bullshit and that might affect her

>> No.19308551

shrek, jump king, adam sandler, lean, shisha, weed, TT faggotry, toxic tophatman crew and other wigger bullshit.

>> No.19308593

Don't you fucking dare compare IRyS to some bitch like mori and/or the common female joe

>> No.19308614

It would be the funniest thing if IRyS tries shisha.

>> No.19308615

NTA but thanks for the nausea

>> No.19308653

All that is wrong with zoomer culture.

>> No.19308794

Comfy time is over it seems, jesas. Where the fuck are they all coming from?

>> No.19308806

Don't put in that group dumbass

>> No.19308843

Suggest what we should do instead

>> No.19308914

How new, you should be used to this by now.

>> No.19308957

You probably don't even know what he's talking about.

>> No.19308979

Do you think IRyS is sleeping right now it like 12AM?

>> No.19309111

Strange question.

>> No.19309179

Why, I was wondering if she appear in bae's stream

>> No.19309195

She's busy.

>> No.19309210

>100+ new post
>thought she does a Space
>it's just you fags shitposting

>> No.19309262

NTA, she's obviously watching anime right now.

>> No.19309280

Was today like extra retard day or something why is everyone suprised?

>> No.19309333

Someone wanted to keep the thread alive anon.

>> No.19309546

I did warn against this. Stupid thread!

>> No.19309642

No, you didn't

>> No.19309719

Makes me wonder, too. /hirys/ used to be pretty pro-unity, or at least, focused around IRyS instead of shit talking others except the 32%. Why are you guys so aggressive nowadays?

>> No.19309768

Never been pro-unity. There was basically 0 discussion of anyone else in her first months.

>> No.19309818

Anything we can do to fix this "environment"
Like for real, no sarcasm

>> No.19309846

Ignore posts you don't agree with.

>> No.19309919

It take but only two people to shit up the thread, even if I don't someone else will, what are some topic we can talk about with having people going wild?

>> No.19309961


>> No.19310168
File: 70 KB, 911x895, 1638595281264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dunno, maybe stuff you've noticed while watching VODs, stuff like hornyposting, music discussion or her relationships with other girls besides baelz and reine can lead to shitposting.
I honestly don't have much of a problem with the "environment" in this thread unless it's kids being kids.
At least when the zoomer was around he was entertaining and to a degree endearing.

>> No.19310208

i'm still here

>> No.19310235
File: 3.99 MB, 463x453, peko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is just speculation anon, /HIRyS/ is still open to other chuubas but someone like Mori is atleast in the eyes of the schizos of /vt/ is a 'controversial' person. Some IRyStrocrats are scared of IRyS' well being getting involved with Mori's current status. The idea of IRyS interacting with e-celebs through Mori is more terrifying than IRyS doing it herself. Because IRyS talking to someone like Conner is slim-to-none but with Mori? The chances increase. Creating a domino effect where a situation like Rushia interacting with a dramatuber destroyed her career. The idea of something like that happening with IRyS because she comes off as naive scares them.

>> No.19310299

Basically we are... dare I say... gatekeeping!

>> No.19310308

There's nothing you realistically can do to stop people from shitting up threads but there's no need to acknowledge them. It's not like the thread needs to center around a single topic at a time, just talk about the things you want to talk about instead.

>> No.19310363

Somehow this is the best answer I've got

>> No.19310386

Not really topic points, but, I think we should try making something for the thread (obviously about IRyS). Soundposts or whatnot. There's already someone who makes musicposts. There's almost no soundposts whatsoever. Anything for the thread, like what techanon and soundanon used to do or make /here/.

>> No.19310459

Yeah, the thing about mori is that she invites the worst kind of people to the vtuber crowd, she is the least idol like member of hololive.
So her fans will be anti idol culture, anti unicorn/gachikoi and the type of people that make up anitwitter cancer.

>> No.19310493

So you're saying we've lost the community...
I think drawanon is the only one left huh?
Maybe I should learn how to draw and animate too...

>> No.19310525

>There's almost no soundposts whatsoever
We used to have someone like that but, life happened... There doesn't seem to be anyone else who can take up the mantle completely.

Let's be honest here. Everyone will eventually move on to different things. The same goes for IRyS, we should just enjoy the time we currently have.

>> No.19310554

Damn, I'm kinda scared... now I don't my wife to turn out like that... that bitch! ah please

>> No.19310579

People move on with their lives, if a thread is lucky artistic anons come and go leaving dry gaps like this one

>> No.19310627

Don't need to be artistic to make soundposts from streams.

>> No.19310671

At this point, THAT is artistic

>> No.19310692

How should categorize anons that make soundposts, maintain the soundbits, archive and the ones that draw stuff?
Useful anons? MVPs?

>> No.19310755

Obviously, it's more of the TIME anon. I doubt you can go through an entire stream collecting numerous soundbits of IRyS' noises and providing it /here/. The biggest problem is time then followed with ability and finally consistency.

>> No.19310768

Non-retards/ Actual poster/ The person IRyS will marry
We are not in a good place right now, we need to put the good ones on the mantle

>> No.19310820

>we need to put the good ones on the mantle
I prefer to know them of their work instead of their names anon. Let's not become /infinity/ 2.0

>> No.19310843

Well clearly there was that anon that went ham for the first few weeks he was making stuff until he eventually stopped.

>> No.19310849

You're, I'm... I'm just desperate please understand

>> No.19310860
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I have time to do all that but I'm a filthy phoneposter that is putting all his money into assets that will maintain their value in the coming economic collapse. Not gonna buy a computer just to contribute to a thread.

>> No.19310903

You guys put a bikini-clad babe in the OP and didn't expect idiots to show up?

>> No.19310929

Where are the idiots? I see the usual folk.

>> No.19310951 [DELETED] 

Ok this it, I'm gonna learn how to clip videos, does anyone /here/ know how to, im just gonna google it but yeah ill try to post one soon

>> No.19310977
File: 174 KB, 407x342, 1634875741977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, any suggestions on what can we do for the thread? Besides making new threads I can't really do anything else, nowdays I only have time for work and IRyS...

>> No.19311008

That's fine anon, you do it for yourself first. NO ONE is obligated to maintain a status quo. This is just a thread dedicated to an oshi WE all like, which is IRyS.

>> No.19311034

im surprised there were only 2 horny replies then

>> No.19311056

If there is no one archiving yt streams I could

>> No.19311068

We're too busy fighting each other

>> No.19311111

I wanna suck hopium right from the source

>> No.19311120
File: 3.86 MB, 480x270, 631451.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

true its just another day /here/

>> No.19311161

>>19311111 (checked)
And based.

>> No.19311170

I am aware and miss his contributions to this thread but like I said, life happened.
You can always try and get a taste of IRyS fan content outside of /here/.

>> No.19311174

horny quints...

>> No.19311179

Not much to discuss really, I'm simply really disappointed with this world that refuse to stream IRyS songs, I do my part the best I can but it seems like in the grand scheme of things I'm not accomplishing much

>> No.19311185

Drawanon! Drawanon!! are you here, can you hear me please help me, what do you think we should do

>> No.19311191

>But there is nothing sexy about the Aussie accent.
Questionably gay statement. Ban Hadas voice is sexy as fuck

>> No.19311272
File: 213 KB, 1270x1270, 1638435916493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just another day in /HIRyS/ right?

>> No.19311300


>> No.19311356

Not him but do your reps.

>> No.19311403

Kinda off-topic but, I'm curious of the consensus regarding about dedicated clipniggers of IRyS. I know that /vt/ hates clipniggers but /here/ we're mostly indifferent right?

>> No.19311413


>> No.19311460

I've never seen a clip of her and they pretty much never get posted here so I'm indifferent.

>> No.19311470

I'm fine with anything desu, we're experiencing drought basically

>> No.19311570

Her? How.

>> No.19311624

I made it up

>> No.19311625

Every little bit helps. It is true though that just looping songs doesn't help that much. What IRyS really needs more of isn't repeat listens, it's people willing to give her first listens. That's not we can do much about, just gotta hope management plays their cards correctly and releases a HCH-tier song when her 3D debut happens or gets her an anime deal or something.

>> No.19311696


>not trying to shill

This one seems to be a channel dedicated to clipping IRyS

>> No.19311723

>clickbait clipnigger

>> No.19311748

ok dont hate me but, im in a discord with dedicated clippers can i post their shit out here?

>> No.19311762

No and go back.

>> No.19311765


>> No.19311773


>> No.19311842


>> No.19311850

anon, that's worse than mentioning clipniggers.

>> No.19311857

Kid, you just don't come and say that expecting us to say yes. Jesus.

>> No.19311876

ok ok ill leave damn

>> No.19311892

That was just a quick search on yt. The thumbnail does scream clickbait.

>> No.19311919

You do you.

>> No.19311977

doesnt seem like i can tho

>> No.19312012

Try not out yourself for using discord, same goes for reddit. Those sites are despised on most boards besides /vt/.

>> No.19312028

I automatically archive every stream that she does on YouTube and I think i got spaces automated. Only thing is i don't do torrents and my mega is a free account so it's recent stuff unless a request is made

>> No.19312135

All you have to do is never out yourself like >>19312012 just like you don't tell people on discord or reddit that you use 4chan.
Powerlevels must be hidden at all times.

>> No.19312162

Archiveanon is already archiving everything, but only shares the unarchived streams here. He's a little concerned about archiving everything in the existing mega. If the stream archives were to be DMCA'd by someone, the entire thing is gone. He has considered torrents but they can't just be updated, need to generate a new one every time, super inconvenient. Does it even matter to publicly archive what is archived on YT until the Nephilim yabs her final yab and he uploads her collected works?
t. archiveanon

>> No.19312209

I don't think it makes sense. As long as spaces and unarchived streams get archived everything is good.

>> No.19312262

>Does it even matter to publicly...
No, what matters is unarchived streams, the rest can stay in cold storage unless needed.

>> No.19312270

you're right, i apologize

>> No.19312347
File: 173 KB, 480x473, 1638429370633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm personally okay with what you've been doing so far. I use the archive mostly for the karaoke streams to listen to. Again, thank you for your contribution anon.

>> No.19312422

Then I'll carry on as usual with regard to streams. Is there anything beyond what I currently archive that should be archived? I can't think of much more from IRyS herself. Perhaps something related to /HiRyS/?
Infinity has fanfics. We have... well. Only images come to mind.

>> No.19312474

>spaces automated
I archive for some other chuuba and upload every vod to an unlisted playlist on youtube, some get blocked worldwide but only because it contains a full video of a comedy skit, most karaoke shit just gets the yellow dollar symbol and stays up

>> No.19312505

as long as you have the regular stuff backed up somewhere youre doing fine imo. cause i remember the dark times of the holocaust...

>> No.19312607

I don't anon.

I'm not always /here/ but, do we even have writers? Not the ones who visit from other threads.

>> No.19312665

We have nothing anon NOTHING (except for the drawanon bless his/her soul )

>> No.19312673

None, unless the kids from the recent newfriend wave is inspired enough to come up with something. A few days ago one wrote something short and nice.

>> No.19312740

Is the chuuba you archive for also on YT? I'm worried about their reupload detection but wouldn't hurt to give it a spin, thanks for the input. Currently keeping everything on server storage.

No, and thank god for that.

>> No.19312770
File: 1 KB, 75x75, 1641703050867s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19312812

Guys we need a balance we need people who are creative but not too creative or will be the next... /inf/

>> No.19312870

Things will sort themselves out, no need to concern about the meta of this general.

>> No.19312883

Just talk about IRyS and post IRyS images. It's not complicated.

>> No.19312939

i almost did a stupid romantic one when she had to go out and do stuff when it was snowing but i remembered our meta so i deleted it

>> No.19312941

This, that's practically what saplings do over at /uuu/ and they have it worse.

>> No.19312961

No, she is on twitch, if the reupload detection is a enforced thing it might not be the best idea

>> No.19312989

Worse how?

>> No.19313030

Is it Nina?

>> No.19313031

Remember anon, any 'creative' anons who appear themselves /here/ are free to provide their works. They are not obligated whatsoever. This is only 4chan after all.

>> No.19313070

You know, the same problems here but slower.

>> No.19313108

Oh I'm not like trying to discourage anyone, please no offence toward your effort and expression

>> No.19313166

/who/ has a guide to twspace-crawler. It took a good bit of effort beyond what they have though. You need to install node.js, pm2. If you use windows, then get jessety's pm2-installer so you can make it a startup service. Afterwards follow the twspace github FULL INSTALLATION including the pm2 stuff. After you run the pm2 command, make sure you do 'pm2 save' and it should start the crawler automatically. If you're around in 8 or so hours i can do a better explanation

>> No.19313188
File: 11 KB, 312x296, 3u04h5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh please, don't confuse me as one of the 'creative' anons of this board. I'm just making a friendly reminder.

>> No.19313527
File: 115 KB, 600x500, 2p7ahmouiyFoql.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19313676

Seems like it takes some effort but yeah I'll be around
It's Loom, I just haven't posted the playlist yet

>> No.19313692

why are you quoting my post from half a year ago, anon.

>> No.19313759

IRyS withdrawal symptom probably

>> No.19313806

Just make the tulpa already. I'm listening to IRyS right now.

>> No.19313820

What does it even say? Do you even remember?

>> No.19313859

Look it up in warosu.

>> No.19313879

it's easier to check what post it is with certain plug-ins anon

>> No.19313893

He's joking, there's no way he remembers his post number or whatever from a thread half year ago BAKA

>> No.19313924

Ah. Then I'll remain ignorant. I don't need to know THAT badly. Let's move on shall we?

>> No.19313949

You'll like it if you liked her nails.

>> No.19313960

I posted about her PC, she was playing TF2 and specs/cooling were a topic.

I only remember the replies and my surprise at not getting jannie'd for roommate posting. I got slapped later for mentioning that there's sound panels around her desk tho. Whoops.

>> No.19314015

Dumb jannies, if you look up that link in the archive you can see that only once it got jannied.

>> No.19314088

Do people get permabanned, how do you get out of that if you do?

>> No.19314132

Normally this question should be for the 1-year anniversary but with most of us /here/ chilling and doing something else, i'll ask this question.

What can you describe IRyS' ability as a gamer/entertainer?

For me, she's run-of-the-mill on most games, can adapt when given enough time to become great but have unfortunate luck and sometimes crumble from pressure. She is very entertaining and this might be biased but her monologue on any random topic she thinks about can be somewhat mesmerizing at times.

>> No.19314146

Dunno, most I've ever gotten is a 3 day vacation.

>> No.19314153

usually a warning to 3 days, depending on how blatant it is. Haven't eaten a perma yet. I don't think ban evasion discussion is tolerated.

>> No.19314173

Cute zatsudanner.

>> No.19314186

Yep, let's not. I like my 4chan pass.

>> No.19314187

Got myself banned once for spamming.

>> No.19314208

i once posted uncensored futanari porn on /∞/ and get away with it lol

>> No.19314250

I mean... its /inf/ not that surprising

>> No.19314256

I'm guessing no one in /infinity/ reports them.

>> No.19314306


>> No.19314561

I'm ready curious of IRyS birthday, I wonder what sort of stream she will end up doing, after the valentine's one we know she isn't afraid of doing creative stuff

>> No.19314648

Bae did really well with hers, probably the best holoEN birthday celebration in recent history. Would be happy to see IRyS use this opportunity to build bridges with JP, though I'll be content with whatever the Nephilim comes up with. I'm particularly excited for her merch. Hoping for dollRyS or daki.

>> No.19314654

Bungee Jumping

>> No.19314752

>Another Karaoke Stream with bigger plot this time

>> No.19314784

Something she said last night in bae's stream made it sound like she didn't have any merch planned for it, but that seems really unlikely

>> No.19314854

mm I had the same fear after that, perhaps since she had anniversary/EP merch so recently, really hoping there is some...

>> No.19314882

I don't recall anything like that. What did she say?

>> No.19314887

Where are you getting this? Are you a Grey? She's hinted at exactly what her birthday merch is.

>> No.19314928

Yeah no way they don't play merch months in advance. At least for the physical stuff.

>> No.19314992

We already know there's merch coming and can make educated guesses on a couple of items. Also I don't think Cover would just let you not put out any merch for your birthday even if you didn't want to put anything out.

>> No.19315071

Oh look it's the anon that knows something exact from something vague. How have you been? I'll now gladly receive the list of merch that'll be available.
You know words have a meaning, yes? I recognise your writing style and the way your phrase your posts always annoy the shit out of me. Just say "pretty certain" or "confident" or whatever, man.

>> No.19315189

Fuck off idiot, she specifically mentioned birthday merch in her members stream.

>> No.19315269

>She's hinted at exactly what her birthday merch is.
>She specifically mentioned birthday merch
Not my point. Do you see the difference between these two statements?

>> No.19315271

I'll honestly be content with some voice packs. Better those than some low effort stuff like acrylics
It was just a passing comment during bae's totsu that made it sound like nothing was happening. Like i said though, that seems unlikely

>> No.19315351

Are you fucking retarded? My original post was in response to someone speculating she might not have merch at all which is absurd. Learn to fucking read.

>> No.19315393

There's a difference but they're also both true. She has both mentioned having birthday merch and hinted at what that merch will be.

>> No.19315470
File: 371 KB, 768x768, IRySoMissed2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it is too cute I can't

>> No.19315473

Indeed she has. I'm taking issue with that anon's prasing, exactly hinting at what merch she'll have is an oxymoron and it's not the first time he does it, figured it's a good a time as any to tell them.

>> No.19315495

Exactly, my response meant that not only is she getting merch, she went so far as to hint what they are.

>> No.19315578

Dumbass this is an anonymous board where we hit 50+ posters per thread. What do you mean not the first time? She absolutely hinted at what her merch may be.

>> No.19315637
File: 445 KB, 1692x1252, 1645263413592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She's hinted at exactly what her birthday merch is.
>She hinted at what her merch may be.
I'm so proud of you anon, you got there in the end!

>> No.19315685

How fucking autistic are you?

>> No.19315725

Sir, this is an image board, not a water cooler.

>> No.19315845

Correct your language and don't be a Kiara.

>> No.19315936

There is very little difference in the context of the response. Saying that she hinted what the merch is was a way of saying how absurd it is to think she might not have any merch at all. If you're too autistic understand that I'm sorry.

>> No.19316215

NTA: but I might set this up so we have another person archiving things. I'm a Linux person so stuff like this is a piece of cake for me.

>> No.19316274

>itt semantics nazi
irrelevant topic.

>> No.19316355
File: 42 KB, 383x383, OneFreeSmile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They have to go see the world and touch some grass.

>> No.19316358

Ignore them. You are making it worse for pointing it out. I remember when zoomer-anon got that on for their posting style.

>> No.19316415

*shat on, not that
Google keyboard really does not like profanity

>> No.19316655
File: 256 KB, 388x291, 1641918910356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta, i did point it out so so he learns the appropriate etiquette. Many in this board are so new they were never got told about it.
One of the things that differentiates this place from discord is that you have to put some effort into whatever you are posting to be taken somewhat seriously.
Good grammar is low hanging fruit, after that comes composition and exposition of the idea you are trying to express.
It helps gatekeep threads a little though it may be pointless at this point in time on the evolution of this website.

>> No.19316710
File: 84 KB, 1095x691, 1640934600662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me, how did i fuck that sentence up, I'm off to commit sudoku.

>> No.19317044

Cute song

>> No.19317087
File: 1.05 MB, 1024x769, 1628760145226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19317188

Current semantics nazi here, I didn't say a word to zoomer anon. It's like >>19316655 said, this is an image board, the text in your post is all the merit you have and that anon's sentences were oxymoronic on more than one occasion. I didn't post about it after they got there.

anthem is always the cutest

>> No.19317258

Haven't seen this in months.
Thanks for reminding me

>> No.19317432

Imagine understanding the meaning the words in a post are trying to convey and choosing to be a faggot about it anyway.

>> No.19317486

I wonder if there'll be a stream tomorrow.

>> No.19317516

All one can do is Hope.

>> No.19317634

now i want to comission art of OjousamaRyS, this character trope fits her so much, we can dig more into that Luna Market for the nephilim princess.

>> No.19317865

I've been watching a little IRyS content. She reminds me of one of those extraverted bubbly rich girls. Not the ones that everyone hates, the ones that are friendly and cute because sometimes they don't know about the lives of plebians. Is that true?

>> No.19317912

She's upper middle class at best imo.

>> No.19317972


>> No.19318047

Add onto that the fact that she is the baby of the family and you got IRyS.

>> No.19318338

>she is the baby of the family and you got IRyS.
Ahhh that makes sense.

>> No.19318409

>Almost there
Is the next thread image another sexy IRyS one?

>> No.19318432


>> No.19318448

Please cease this ESL lyrics madness, Cover. Hire Lotus Juice then if you absolutely need a jap to write your english lyrics.

>> No.19318460

Use the one that se retweeted.

>> No.19318518

Is it cute? Is it a sole IRyS image or with another chuuba?

>> No.19318544
File: 174 KB, 1000x1400, FFCGrxjUcAATlLe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19318587

pretty sure theyre talking about this one

>> No.19318626
File: 155 KB, 574x329, 1641532236947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh... I like this.

>> No.19318711
File: 51 KB, 610x395, 1644808987037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>19318626(still me)
Either way, I look forward to either one to comes out. IRyS is still IRyS.

>> No.19318727

Have any of you noticed how she has a new laugh lately? She doesn't use it all the time but it kinda sounds like Janice from Friends but a bit faster. I'll try to get a clip of it later.

>> No.19318918

Next thread:

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