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Kek that Kiara ambassador rrat turns out to be true

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well they still have mucho texto the game aka Duel master

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Unless you actually like card games, no one cares

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This permission thing is so fucking dystopian. Imagine if you had to have a special loicense to drive a specific brand of car in public, or if it was illegal to eat a sandwich because company producing the ham doesn't allow you to show yourself with their ham.
I hate this world. Fuck "permission" and fuck vtuber companies for cucking to it.

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I know FromSoft is notorious but they also are
>Owned by Kadokawa
>Published by Bandai
Both companies with past connections to Cover. Why exactly were people making a big deal out of Cover permissions?

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Kiara love! Kiara pride! Kiara supremacy!

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That sucks. The only Niji I've ever watched is Toko, but Nijibronies deserve to have fun with Elden Ring too.

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Blame niji fans they're the ones who went nuclear autism copyright claiming Mios streams and now everyone has to beg

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Ohnonono nijibros?

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That's the thing though. They don't HAVE to. They do it only by conformism.

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Chimkin love!

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I can only assume its a separate negotiation for elden ring considering nijiEN already has dark souls 3 + demon souls permissions.

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No they deserve the rope

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All soulsbourne games (Dark souls 1-3, Sekiro, and Bloodborne supposedly)

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Nina only said that they don't have permission yet, not that they were blocked from playing it. It takes a few days to get permissions if no one asked for it before launch.

Not that it matters as L*lu and Marin are the only ones I'd ever watch play this game and they both already started their playthroughs.

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Anon. They HAVE to. You don't remember how Mio's channel almost got shitcanned due to not having permissions?

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cover bribed fromsoft to gain an exclusive right to leech their fotm game

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But the JPs can play it

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First Ukraine, and now Dark Souls 5, Holochads I kneel

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Yeah, there's no reason for there to be an exclusivity deal. Sometimes stuff doesn't get approved in time.

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Afterthought branch.

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Fromsoft gave permissions to everyone. Namco are the ones cucking EN

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you are not allowed to make funposts at niji expense here

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Yeah and I don’t HAVE to pay my rent either it’s just conformism.

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Ayo everyone look! It's da nijicope!

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>trolling is against the rules
>anon makes troll posts to "own" Niji fans
>anon gets banned
>complains about persecution of "funposting"
kek what a faggot

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why do Nijinogs like to sabotage hololive? I really find it interesting. Compare it with the holoschizos which are only contained here mostly.

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>Shu not paired with Elira
No wonder they were banned

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Could be the same situation as HoloEN, where you have to request permissions in advance + have to request permissions PER stream.

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No they don't. It happened once, so what? I'd rather take the risk than having to submit like a little buck. This is opening the door for corporatism tyranny. What's the next step? vtubing licenses?

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Nina seemed like she couldn't handle the DS1 backseating. I'm surprised she would want to do that again with ER

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perhaps it's also because your list a shit.
it's clearly
Vox - Reimu
Luca - Wosemi
Mysta - Nina
but I don't watch Ike and Shu, really, and also have no idea about the new ones. But yeah, those 3.

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it's funny cuz JP nijiniggers started this shit by targeting Mio.

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>vtubing licenses?
He doesn't know

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>Selen not paired with Ike
Confirmed holonigger

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>you block my pomu collab? I'll block your bamco permissions
absolutely ruthless, chicken

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NijiEN doesn't really have a souls player, all of them try the games(Rosemi, Elira, Nina, Selen, etc) but they're all fucking horrible and it's mindnumbing watching them struggle. Only Elira and Rosemi actually make progress and improve over time but they haven't played them in so long. Luca is probably the strongest player based on his Sekiro playthrough so I'd hope if anyone streams it he does.

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Ah yes. It's Nijiniggers who mind controlled Cover to delete all VoD and it's Nijiniggers who created the permission rules.

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Well you better pray none of your talents gets mass reported. Well honestly it won't happen because most holofags don't even care about what's happening in nijisanji.

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why are nijiniggers like that?

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Nijiniggers ultimately have full control of hololive and they're ready to suck their cocks when given the word

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Is Kiara gonna continue playing it, though?
What about Mori (RM doesn't count)?

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Because dragoons are transitioned chumkeks

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Kek. You got the worst ones. Now chumbuds are hard gatekeepers and anti-numberfags.

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rosemi could easily beat DeS-DS3 if she wanted to put the actual reps in and played easy builds. she beat cuphead for god sake

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You know a Nijifaggot is just begging to be assblasted once they post that laughing reaction image

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On the contrary, we need people do go gorilla and get reported. This is wrong and must go away, and it won't if people just bend the knee.

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>chumbuds are hard gatekeepers and anti-numberfags
have you browsed the catalog lately

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Cuphead can be beaten if you remember enemy patterns. That's not an accomplishment

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yeah unlike the souls games. i haven't played bloodborne and sekiro but let's be real here the other souls games were easy as shit

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Still kinda their fault, If they just shut up and don't report then the company would not have take notice and this permission bullshit wouldn't happen.

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I only see /ggg/ and a shitpost using gura's image. Kek, compare that to the time when one of your chuubas(yes chuubas, not livers) got 10k for the first time.

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It would have happened anyway. Tribalfagging is alive and strong.

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Huh, that sucks for them

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Every souls game has really simple patterns it's just if you go through the entire game playing cautious and examining every area for possible traps and spending 5 minutes in every boss fight just learning their patterns it's really boring to watch.

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I thought Niji streamed using the blanket permissions given in the TOS

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They could've turned a blind eye, you know? Did Mio skirting the rule back then hurt Niji in any kind of significant manner? No?

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I do not own any of these and would watch anyone who streams something interesting. Tribalfags are cringe. Those are no sports teams.

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That's what NijiEN gets for blocking collabs with HoloEN and ID

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boring to watch is subjective. i'm pretty sure nina/rosemi's sekiro/ds1 streams got at least average numbers or better

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Nigger. I know you never watch any vtuber and doesn't know about Nijisanji was the first one who suffered the permissions bullshit that even Sasaki quit Nijisanji because of it. But of course you blame Nijisanji instead of Cover who failed to do their job.

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Sucks for this board because the shitpost will increase tenfold but a win for me because I don't have to worry about the schedules being filled with souls garbage, the pokemon arc was already bad enough

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Who the fuck made this
some of these are literally whos wtf
screen rant and windows central

and the newspapers like guardian, daily mirror and daily star.

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They did fine but they also didn't approach the game that way. Both of them just ran into every enemy and tried to give entertaining content by struggling against hard enemies and refusing to learn gimmicks or attack patterns that'd make the fights easier. Rosemi's Sekiro runs definitely carried her numbers for a few weeks, she's inclined quite a bit from YGO since then but a while ago Sekiro was the only game she consistently got over 2k viewers.

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Why Kiara of all people? Why not popular vtubers like Gura or Mori?

>> No.19179836

Yes but it would have taken much longer for big company to notice. I agree with you on one thing though tribal fan are cancer and why we can't have nice things.

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Not that it matters anyways, it's getting 10/10s out fo brand recognition alone, any soulsshit would receive the same praise

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My guess is professionalism.

>> No.19179940

Kiara is the Ambassador of Bandai Namco America

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I don't blame Nijisanji, I blame their fan who bought this bullshit on because of their hurt feeling which hurt both company and many talents.

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No, NijiEN has always had to ask for permissions just like HoloEN. Don't fall for the bullshit the numbers thread spews out.

>> No.19179997

>Permission requirements wouldn't exist if Nijisaniggers didn't report that Cover didn't had permissions. You're trying to say that nijisanji magically conjured a requirement hassle out of thin air that they also have to go through just to fuck around with cover
What kind of retarded mental gymnastic loop is this

>> No.19180003

She said next week

>> No.19180028

Same reason Kiara got Atlus perms and Mori didn't

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Imagine needing permission to play a game. Take the Western pill

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>Cover didn't do their job asking for permission and get fucked because of it.
>the VODs purge was 100% Cover's fault.
>there was no proof that it was Nijifags who reported it. It might be just general Vtubers antis or even some corp employee who found out.
>nah, let's blame Nijinigger.

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Because Kiara knows how to shill/sell stuff.
I recall management complimented her for pushing Holofes 2 ticket sales as well.

>> No.19180086

>Imagine if you had to have a special loicense to drive a specific brand of car in public,
Whatever you do, don't look up Ferrari's "unofficial rules".
They literally have it contractually required as part of purchase, new or used, that you can not resell your car without informing Maranello/Ferrari Corporate that you're doing so, and they won't even let you buy new/top-end models if you haven't shown a 'history' of 'representing the brand well' (i.e. you have a job that would show off your car to normalfags a lot). All richfag shit, sure, but... corporations can be really fucking petty, dude.

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ohnonono fromsoft schizo what now?

>> No.19180123

I will now point to the last EN collab where Kiara literally went down the line from Ame, Ina, Gura, to Mori, asking if they wanted to shill the announcement, and they all said "no" to her.

Kiara is the only one good at shilling and speaking

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I love this image

>> No.19180185

It's getting more and more embarrassing to be a nijifan lately.
I might actually jump ship again because of this bs

>> No.19180186

If we are being honest though, they probably would have gotten better numbers if they got Vox to play it.

>> No.19180202

ISRAEL? Because that would be beyond retardation to give permission to one person in the group but gatekeep everyone else. Unless it was a shilling stream, then you're just fucking retarded, which would be unsurprising

>> No.19180247

>voxfag whimpers for attention
go back to your corner

>> No.19180296

Seriously? You have to be trolling
I've heard some retarded permission shit, but this would take the cake

>> No.19180305

Retarded nigger. The bullshit already there before the Holocaust and Nijisanji also got hurt because of it. Hololive is not popular before, so they get away with it. But then they become popular, the corp will found out sooner or later. And we already know what happened. Blame your own Cover for not doing their jobs properly instead of le Nijinigger boogeymen.

>> No.19180321

Wait, just so I'm up to speed, now that Nijisanji EN are dumbfucks who can't get the permissions we like Fromsoft games now? Fuck, I'm just hoping it sticks to Kiara and doesn't spread to the others.

>> No.19180326

i hope you want to jump ship to like cyberlive or phase connect then because holoen is dead hours all day long

>> No.19180335

>Unless it was a shill stream
That's still perms retard. And the last "just a one-time shill stream" (Yakuza) that Kiara did got them full perms for the series. So it's obvious why this was such a hyped thing

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Bless our complicated verb rules, it makes spotting ESLs so fucking simple, lads...

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Just do it already, I did it and never look back again. At least, I won't need to shitpost about Nijiniggers.

>> No.19180392

You can't really be embarrassed about game selection being a NijiEN fan and looking at HoloEN. The amount of variety they have makes HoloEN look pathetic in comparison.

>> No.19180412

I'm sorry my oshi is commercially viable.

>> No.19180454

Most of the stuff back then was mostly a niche compare to now which pass many big gaming company radar. The drama highlight this "small" industry to the eye of many game company exec who didn't like their stuff being play without permission so they zero in on vtubing which harm both Niji and Holo.
You can get away with a whole lot of thing if you are small but once thing gain any traction then your butthole will be raped all days.

>> No.19180468

>Mori begs Atlus for hours
>gets ghosted
>Kiara does her own shit
>Atlus: chimkin-sama please play our game

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This is to be expected, and I wouldn't doubt if Niji never got the perms

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nijinigger lies and cope

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You will reply to this vshojo bait

>> No.19180642

>Vox and Rosemi
>Mysta paired with anyone but Mika
no wonder your thread was deleted

>> No.19180672

Don't say that. It's obviously Nijiniggers who mind controlled the games publishers so they can create the permission rules.

>> No.19180678

>Boss how do we shirr our new smt game? Which western vtuber would we give our permission too?
>What are our options?
>Werr, there is this white woman who is a big fan of one of our games carred "Mori Carriope". It would be bery bery wise if we pick her.
>Nani!? She speak like koku jin and western whore! I do not understand her vocabulary. Pick someone else!
>Um... What about her genmate? That one euro girl with the Pekora voice? I heard one of our competitor companies used her to shirr one of their games.
>SUBARASHI!!! Perrufictu! Her voice sounds like nail on chalk board but she has the professionalism we arr looking for! Call her manager right away!

>> No.19180692

Can you nijitards get your schizo under control? He's ban evaded 200+ times at this point to spam the same shit in /hlgg/ every day

>> No.19180731

If she's good enough for your competitor she's good enough for you! Kiara always had that professionalism and shill power since debut

>> No.19180772

A subpar talent that's manageable is better than someone talented but difficult to work with. Ask any manager

>> No.19180795

>That's still perms retard.
Ah so you are a brain damaged monkeybrain. A shill stream means they're getting fucking paid to play the goddamn game by the publisher and it's the publisher who reaches out to whoever they want to use as advertisement, of fucking course they get permission to stream it holy shit.

>> No.19180835

Whos the latter and whos the former?

>> No.19180884

I find Kiara to be irritating as an entertainer but I respect her work ethic and professionalism

>> No.19180892

This sounds like cope, except I remember when the big Capcom leak revealed a ton of stuff including Nintendo outright paying for MHRise exclusivity for a year, at only 1 million dollars at that. I could see a company going "Alright, we'll give you exclusive perms for a year, but only if you pay us 500k yen" and Anycolor telling them to fuck off.

>> No.19180909

5% is the subpar but she's not really managable.
Kiara is the best and she's profesisional.

>> No.19180934

Here are the games played in the variety of games in the last week in the two branches.

Elden Ring, Powerwash Simulator, Slither.io, Minecraft, Fortnite, Mario Kart, Jump King, Getting Over It, Tetris, Mom Hid My Game, Escape Simulator, Police Simulator, Breath of the Wild, Apex, GTAV

Subnautica, Resident Evil 2, Firewatch, Katarmari Damacy, Among Us, Ready or Not, Dread Hunger, Valorant, Azbu, Observation Duty, Slither.io, Hollow Knight, Yakuza 0, Beyond Two Souls, Pokemon Arceus, Powerwash Simulator, Apex, Undertale, Jump King, Getting Over It, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, The Crooked Man, Unpacking, Yugioh, Bloons TD6, Animal Royale, Nun Massacre, Metal Gear Solid, Stardew Valley, Metal Gear Rising, Runescape, Vampire Survivors, Honkai Impact 3rd, There is no Game, Demon Souls, Sekiro, Sims 4, Overwatch, Ringfit, Propnight, AI Somnium Files, Forewarned, Hades, Needy Streamer Overload, Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin, Devour

>> No.19180944

That gave me a chuckle

>> No.19180972

Did you thought timed exclusives happened out of good will? Hell, literally every single exclusive release on the Epic Game Store happens because Epic is willing to give them a bigger cut than Steam

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>mfw both companies havent played any of my favorite games yet

>> No.19181020

It's not exclusive though. NijiJP is playing it.

>> No.19181037

Be fair. A lot of the games under nijiEN were indeed played by holoEN too. Even if not this week. You can't play everything in one week.

>> No.19181075

What game?

>> No.19181076

Like more than half of the games in the NIJIEN list the holos already played it

>> No.19181165

I mean this is a totally unfair and disingenuous comparison because NijiEN have people who actually stream where only about a 1/4 of HoloEN actually show up to work

>> No.19181178

That's still a lot of games that HoloEN has not touched, despite them being around 8 months longer

>> No.19181195

If I was going to be embarrassed enough to drop either branch because of a lack of games though its not going to be the one offering the choice of nearly 50 different games in a given week as opposed to the one that has a total of 15..

>> No.19181237

If half your branch refuses to stream and the other half just plays the same 5 games on rotation then that's not a very good selection is it? Not sure why anyone would feel good as a HoloEN fan right now, I literally saw those retards bragging about an hour long offcollab yesterday after their entire branch barely streamed for TWO FUCKING WEEKS to set it up. Holy shit what a fucking joke.

>> No.19181275

Quality > Quantity

>> No.19181278

>Demon souls
>No Elden Ring
fax machine broke and couldn't ask for new perm?

>> No.19181352
File: 3.24 MB, 617x473, 1641028343502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fortunately NijiEN has both!

>> No.19181400

>Fallout: New Vegas
>The Great Ace Attorney
>GTA: 4
>Danganronpa V3
>Command and Conquer: Zero Hour
>Darkest Dungeon
>JJBA: Heritage for the future
>Oxygen not included
>Persona 4
If a holoen or a nijien plays either of those games then I'll gladly buy membership for them

>> No.19181469

>Darkest Dungeon
>in b4 i meant DD2
I am now waiting for you proof of membering nina

>> No.19181496

Why the fuck is Pomu's chibi VR chat model so sexy

>> No.19181511

tbf I enjoy utawakus more than games. Maybe because I'm an idolchad at heart.

>> No.19181535

Nina has 20hrs or so of Darkest Dungeon streams.

>> No.19181544
File: 3.61 MB, 412x486, SmartSelect_20220224-141139_YouTube.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nina played Darkest Dungeon and Darkest Dungeon 2 and she's a fucking autist about those games with multiple 7+ hour streams.
She showed interest in a Rimworld playthrough and has said she'll play shit like Crusader Kings soon if you're into that.
Millie played the new Ace Attorney game idk which one that is I don't really care for that series.
None of them will ever play Fallout NV except maybe Nina because every other EN vtuber is too smoothbrain to understand its themes and you'd just get pissed off at how clueless they are.

it's crazy how sexy her movements are. even her last VR stream she was just so expressive.

>> No.19181556
File: 2.12 MB, 540x270, jester.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FUCK! How good is she as an entertainer and as a gamer?

>> No.19181583

and 30+hrs of Darkest Dungeon 2

>> No.19181594


>> No.19181617

There are KFPs in Bandai. There was an article that talked about this where it was a marketing person who recommended using Hololive for shilling the game in NA.

>> No.19181625

She kind of just had an autism moment and got super invested in minmaxing her characters and approaching it like a let's play instead of interacting that much with chat. It was pretty funny how into the game she was.

>> No.19181665

Link ?

>> No.19181695
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>Command and Conquer: Zero Hour

>> No.19181724


>> No.19181835

Didn't think about it but I guess that probably means Elira will never get to play Tales of games now that she is potentially setting up to become someone who streams a lot of JRPGs and VN type games.

>> No.19181841

you poked the mysta schizo janny

>> No.19181959

Hold your horses, Nijikeks and Holokeks. Which one here's the best? Keep in mind, I dont know jack shit when it comes to these two. I wanna know more about this wolf(?) girl because she played one of my favorite rpgs. While the hololive one looks like the comfy gamer type judging by all the shilling ive seen

>> No.19182009
File: 99 KB, 836x655, Pick your choice western man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck I forgot my image

>> No.19182186

Kek, why are nijingeros like this

>> No.19182210

Just watch them to decide?
Mumei is pretty entertaining but her streaming is very inconsistent and she never finishes games. She mostly focuses on music or art content, her gaming is kind of weak but she's good at crafting fun narratives.
Nina plays a lot more strategy/building games so if you like those kind of games maybe follow her. Lately she's only been doing Subnautica and Power Wash Simulator outside of collabs though. Once she finishes Subnautica she plans to play Metro, Stalker, and Crusader Kings but idk what order.
I can't speak to Mumei's membership content but Nina mostly does drinking zatsudans which she already does for free so it's unnecessary to member her if you just want gaming content.

>> No.19182244

Are you saying that if you made a thread asking for people to speculate over which HoloEN member should get fucked by which HoloStars member it would be left alone?

>> No.19182269

That's not even a fair question, mumei is going to win by a landslide based on popularity alone. Nina was the first reply, first comes first served.

>> No.19182355

Meanwhile Lamborgini doesnt give a fuck if you plastidip the wheels and cover it in an anime wrap.
Ferarri is retarded and autistic.

>> No.19182687

yea just like homobeggars blatant begging

>> No.19182717

>implying game journalists even know how a fucking controller works
It's brand recognition + hype. These are the same fucks who were praising Cyberpunk'd to be the best game made by man before 180ing after release.

Don't get me wrong, I like FromSoft games but they could sell literal shit and people would still suck them off.

>> No.19182765

Do Hololive fans really think that having a collab together and fucking each other are equivalent?

>> No.19182804


>> No.19182894

Awful entertainer but decent autist gamer

>> No.19183029

They did sell literal shit, ninja blade, and it didn't work out well.

>> No.19183150

>Imagine if you had to have a special loicense to drive a specific brand of car in public
If you're making money off people looking at you, this can actually get you in trouble. It's why car badges and other corporate logos tend to be removed/obscured/parodied in movies and TV unless there's an agreement in place allowing it. It's a little more complex than that (like the focus has to kind of be on the thing the corporation owns) but showing someone's IP on monetized content in general is a no-no

>> No.19183163

Although their Souls series have been doing pretty well, and they are pretty decent, I wish they would make another Armored Core.

>> No.19183410
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>biggest turnoff design in her gen
>voice filter
>horoscope streams
>take a break almost immediately after debut
>average less than 3 streams per week
>literally lowest subs in the entire organisation
>still have more subs the top Niji girl

Reminder that NijiEN and HoloEN will never be real competitors as much as Nijifags like to pretend otherwise.

>> No.19183465

I knew a guy in university a few years back who would 3D model stuff in AutoCAD. He had a client who wanted to buy a Ferrari but couldn't cause of the whole unofficial rules shit so he straight up paid this kid to make all the individual components so he could get them manufactured and make his own discount Ferrari.

idk how viable or even legal that is and that just sounds retarded on both Ferrari's and the client's end but hey, the guy was making decent money from just the few models he already finished at the time

>> No.19183485

OP has nothing to do with this faggot. Go make a split about this dogshit bait

>> No.19183579

Doubt it was all the individual components. Maybe he modeled the bodywork, but the engine must have been lifted our of another car at least.

>> No.19183677

I always wondered why is isn't more common to mod cars to look like sports cars, sure the engine shit is part of the appeal but most of the people dreaming about one just think they look cool, it shouldn't be impossible to at least make you shit car look nicer, unless there's some law against it

>> No.19183765

Because fully custom body work will be more expensive than a pretty nice looking sports car, and cheap body work will look like absolute shit.In most cases at least.

>> No.19183867

That was before the Souls games were made and got them their massive cult following though. I don't think their AC series was that popular in the west.

Man, I'd love to see another one but I really can't see that happening.

>> No.19183946

No they fucking don't. There's no established law on copyright and streaming. Amazon will fight tooth and nail to protect it too.

>> No.19184110

What does Amazon have to do with anything? We're talking about Japanese copyright law, not American.

>> No.19184821

Funny that NijiEN doesn't have perms yet "indie" streamers like xqc (who makes more money than all of nijiEN combined) doesn't have to follow those retarded perm rules and just streams the game, what a great system :^)

>> No.19184868
File: 143 KB, 1149x720, The Only Rrat I Know For Real[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F3pdys3.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19185191

they start /u/schizo posting every time HoloEN collabs so yeah

>> No.19185840

>Give Dark Souls to Niji but not Hololive
>Give ER to Hololive but not Niji
Can someone unironically and with no memes explain what Bamco meant by this?

>> No.19185933

Bro even Gura played Rimworld

>> No.19185952

Different companies control the publisher rights to those games in the NA region I think.

>> No.19185998

Now i actually don't know if this is true but I remember reading that you aren't allowed to buy a red Ferrari for your first one

>> No.19186111
File: 911 KB, 782x935, 1573488050445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19186126

>10girls and 10guys

>> No.19186901

first time hearing this, good job anon.

>> No.19187520

Sometimes they outright give the developer a million or two. I'd honestly take the deal too.

>> No.19187646

Chumbuds are more sad for Gura than anything but enjoyed the stream (this was evident during the stream), all of the shitposting started as soon as the board slowed down, it's obvious falseflagging indian spammers (there's plenty of posts already of screenshots of similar shitposts in different threads with the same image).

>> No.19187693
File: 175 KB, 800x598, 1642920782852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's over

>> No.19187728
File: 2.18 MB, 1447x2047, 12C22283-762B-4F8E-9861-5A16E93EEFE7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Kerberos enjoyer.

>> No.19187786

>ferrari owners have to advertise their cars FOR FREE

>> No.19187826

Kiara confirmed this in her Elden stream, you can't just play it and make a guerilla off it.

>> No.19187827

>nijinigs chimped out because they couldn't breev and now they can't play games anymore


>> No.19187928

The point isn't whether or not Kiara is subpar, its because of professionalism.
Kiara is a pro at shilling because she's all business, the rest of the myth girls are absolutely awful at it, she's the best choice because she'll properly shill the game even if she doesn't like it.

>> No.19187932


>> No.19188022

The differnce is watching someone eat a sandwich is not used by people as a substitute for eating the sandwich themselves

>> No.19188030

Dark Souls in America is published by Namco Bandai, Sekiro is published by Activision.
Elden Ring is hard to say because its a brand new game, so permissions regarding it might be different.

>> No.19188102

Game's mid anyway

>> No.19188174
File: 123 KB, 239x260, 1629329250147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19188183

jumping ship because of Elden ring?
the only girls that would do Elden ring is Nina and Millie
Selen still at demon souls and future bloodborne
Elira still didnt finish DS3
enna, petra, reimu, finana and pomu won't play Souls games

>> No.19188279

Bandai really think chuubas are relevant for Elden Ring sells? the game sells itself
disgusting their deal involve cockblocking nijiEN, wont change the holoEN decline

>> No.19188365

they're just making sure everyone watches their A-team first

>> No.19188404
File: 437 KB, 859x960, 1607535709789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only watch my sweet Kiwawa, but I'll member niji if they play Lego Harry Potter or Lego Indiana Jones.

>> No.19188427

Get your schizos settled down first, faggot

>> No.19188584

Holo paid for en perms, niji didn't.

>> No.19189731

It's Luca - Pomu
Find another man to enter Rosemi's secret flower garden

>> No.19189825

Gura shilled Blue Archive just fine.

>> No.19190060

Armored core is still niche to this day. Hell, I'm playing their last game on ps3 right now and we've only been 2 regulars WORLDWIDE this month. Though the player base is probably split between their last three games, 4answer, 5 and verdict day. 4A because it's very different so people surely have stick to it instead of graduating, not to mention the sequel has heavily reliant on online, and 5 and VD because VD basically to 5 like what a super edition is to street fighter. Damn this franchise is poorly managed.

>> No.19190402

You missed an opportunity to not ridicule yourself.

>> No.19192426

How you know a game is shit 101.

>> No.19192711

Those are called kit cars, you buy a body in parts that you stick on a cheap sporty car frame like a Miata or Fiero. Then you assemble it yourself which is a pretty large project for DIY

>> No.19192837

Try filming a movie without censoring the logos

>> No.19192896

>launch game
>censor splash screens
checkmate, corpos