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I love IRyS

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what did Irys mean by this?

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File: 3.07 MB, 1985x2808, ちゅ[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fphsyeu.mp3].jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I HATE dorks

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That's what a dork would say!

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No way fag i dont want cooties

>> No.19125143

Ok sweaty

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>Seethe World
Any guesses on the lyricism of this one? Same old deal or something new?

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If you dislike the old ones, not sure if you will like this one, IRyS likes it and I enjoy the previous ones so I look forward to it

>> No.19125959

I don’t dislike the previous songs, I was just curious if the lyrical style would be consistent or vary. My wording wasn’t conscious enough, as I was too hasty.

>> No.19126062

She's sounded actually happy about this one for once but maybe I'm just falling for it.

>> No.19126583

I'm gonna go sleep now. Wouldn't it be funny if she does a guerilla again? Haha hilarious, tight?

>> No.19126641

irys doko?

>> No.19126642

Exactly my question. Lol lmao

>> No.19126876

Woah, which stream is this from?

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Thanks for your sacrifice

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She supports the invasion of Ukraine and is telling Twitter fags to cope

>> No.19128363

>no signs of life

>> No.19128460

Twitter space anytime now...

>> No.19128676

IRyS on the couch next to you, asking how to advance in the game she's playing...

>> No.19128786

>it’s F-Zero GX
>I begin to sweat uncontrollably as I cannot think of an answer

>> No.19128797

Like I'd be better at games than her

>> No.19128954

I see that a lot of people are getting IRyS in their dreams, and that made me think about dreams.
Why are dreams "good", like if dreams are supposed to be formed from my memories of my life why is it good, I would not call my life as being "good"

>> No.19129065

Soda tasting stream when

>> No.19129075

if my dreams are filled with wanting to fuck IRyS what does that mean

>> No.19129177

That means you think my wife is cute, unfortunately she's mine so, sweet dreams anon

>> No.19129274

>inb4 ame's announcement is that she's in japan and is currently hanging out with irys

>> No.19129364

Having sex with*

>> No.19129812

This woman will taste every carpet out there, huh?

>> No.19129833

i missed it, is it worth listening to?

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>> No.19129921

i dont keep up with Ame, is she as lesbian as Reine?

>> No.19130037

oh nevermind, thought that song was supposed to be released a few hours ago. Turns out its tomorrow.

>> No.19130408

Straight as an arrow

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I love my girly nephilim princess~!! <3

>> No.19131285

I'm also going to sleep, please IRyS no random streams, please...

>> No.19131335

Two sacrifices in hand.

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plus the two from last thread

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best girl love

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Key-chan love!!

>> No.19133745

She's awake and she knows, that's why she didn't stream today.

>> No.19133798

IRyS retweet. She's telling us not to sleep yet.

>> No.19133988

La goblina…

>> No.19134029

She's watching as well. I'm so happy watching it but a slight tinge of sadness for the other members

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>> No.19135677

Holy fuck. Just got in what did I miss

>> No.19135719

Yeah, she's gonna unravel everything only with my eyes

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The Princess is watching.

>> No.19135978

so thats why the world seethes

>> No.19136269

Do you rike it?

>> No.19136542

I want IRyS.
this is kind of fun though

>> No.19136821

Wow can't wait for when everyone is together

>> No.19137079

>Ame unironically being better at management than the actual management

>> No.19137174

whoah there you got the wrong thread nigga

>> No.19137180

Imagine IRyS giggling in the background

>> No.19137284

Wrong thread, also you know traveling within the borders of NA is way different than travel overseas during Covid right?

>> No.19137308

Bet she's smiling, holding her phone while lying on her bed.

>> No.19137430

>implying she's not watching on the train ride over to the hotel

>> No.19137437

I want to hear that...

>> No.19137522

probably on discord call with bae right now

>> No.19137533

Fuck off Teamates

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I'm sure IRyS will get to hang out with them eventually, but yeah at least Bae and her are supporting them from a distance, it makes me happy seeing them like this

>> No.19139075

They are probably posting pics in the discord so yeah, talking or chatting right now with them. One day when they go to Japan we will have another big collab like this one with IRyS, don't worry guys.

>> No.19139294

>They are probably posting pics in the discord
I want to become Discord employee aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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why life had to torture me like this???
i just want her to not feel alone in japan :(((

>> No.19139992

She's done off collabs including hugging Sora on stream. Our nephilim is doing alright

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she is fine, she is likely in a discord call right now, there will be a chance for an off collab with all of them eventually

>> No.19140161

Jesus concernfags, what is wrong with you people

>> No.19140238

It's a twisted form of love. Don't question it please

>> No.19140294

>went somewhere with nene/watame
>sora and the others during that cardboard 3D
>her other friends

>> No.19140360

I'd go back to hornyposting but somebody got pissed at me for that so…

>> No.19140438

not me i love your hornyposts~ <3

>> No.19140483

Oh my god bros IRyS is so lonely and sad and all alone how can we save her oh my god I feel so bad for her right now

>> No.19140730

Fuck off

>> No.19140898

Hornyposting is officially endorsed by IRyS
Don't let anyone bully you for it

>> No.19141047

That was a sarcastic post to the concernfags projecting shit on IRyS. Do you people really think she feels alone in Japan? She has friends there, family, she can hang out with people at any time. People projecting some kind of sadness on her while she's probably just having a good time watching the stream is just mental illness.

>> No.19141227

>She has friends there
Not much evidence of that.

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Yeah, I don't want you to get jealous.

>> No.19141449

Because she has good opsec and keeps her personal life private for the most part. She hangs out with friends all the time.

>> No.19142451

Must not have that good opsec if you know so much about her private life.

>> No.19142511

As a casual Irys watcher I have a hard time deciding if she's dumb or secretly big brained and good at acting dumb.

>> No.19142944

She's secretly big brained. She's an incredible dork but she's smart and clever too.

>> No.19143577

I have a feeling that she often asks AneRyS for advice.

>> No.19143744

She does, at least for non-hololive stuff.

>> No.19143927

Thats because AneRyS is a fucking bad ass

>> No.19144222

Too bad, they only simp to n*j*s nowadays

>> No.19147171

Where did everyone go?

>> No.19147318

Asleep? IRyS probably isn't going to stream today and this place is pretty dead sometimes outside of burger hours.

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I'm going to sleep so expect a twitter space in a few hours

>> No.19156162

Don't think there's gonna be stream or space today since it's Kizuna's last live day.

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>> No.19163610

I alone still have Hope

>> No.19163801

i am seething like irys wants..

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>> No.19164723

She watched it

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Oh, I see.

>> No.19165529

what about it

>> No.19165726

She's(?) a well known MV maker and has done multiple MVs for Hololive. Either she followed her for a future collaborative project or because of the Hikaru Nara MV

>> No.19166105

I think it's about see the world. Gives me hope for half-decent MV.

>> No.19166139

Oh anon... It's already listed that Lumina again did the MV

>> No.19166376

That timeline is just sad. She's obviously following her because of a certain geopolitical event.

>> No.19166437

Shut up retard.

>> No.19166494

Why? Because I dared to open my mouth? I think it is you that needs to shut up.

>> No.19166699

No, shut up because you are a retard.
This anon is correct.

>> No.19166772

We can both be correct.

>> No.19166904


>> No.19166917

DYRBI that IRyS cares about this "geopolitical" shit?

>> No.19166949

Of course not. Holos aren't allowed to get political.

>> No.19167098

Even if she did care, why use her holo account

>> No.19167144

because people, like this anon >>19165456 will notice.

>> No.19167258

You sure are dumb, if she wanted to hint at something she would used the other one.
Now shut up.

>> No.19167307

She's not allowed to hint. It's a hint with plausible deniability.

>> No.19167386

Y'all really think she's some propaganda spreading master mind huh?

>> No.19167403
File: 290 KB, 667x540, [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fypozfl.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I give up, no one can save you from your retardation.

>> No.19167431

One man's propaganda is another's truth.

>> No.19167713


>> No.19167801

Who are you talking about

>> No.19167839

Do you guys think IRyS knows what seethe means?

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Mori must have taught her that meme already.

>> No.19167954

I hope Mori seethes

>> No.19168004

She did at the recent drama, but whatever.

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>> No.19169834

IRyS is my medicine

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I'm sure Bae and IRyS will have their Disney adventure this year

>> No.19169977

>Song release on 27th
Any anons who can access it now? Also, hopefully the stream tomorrow is a release zatsu about the song.

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Need to listen to it a few more times but I think I like it.

>> No.19170737

Waiting for the rip.

>> No.19170972

Sigh… please stop hiring hotaru. I don’t think it lives up to the hype.

>> No.19171003

>Hope logo at top right
Huh. Was that in any official illustrations before?

>> No.19171014

Ah shit, here we go again.

>> No.19171153

Nope, that's new. Must be the logo for Project:HOPE(and it looks like another womb tattoo), IRyS has her own logo. Maybe it suggests that the project might get more members in the near future.

>> No.19171250

>"Gen" logos
Interesting, maybe so since Myth also has that womb-tattoo logo as well?

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>> No.19173222

YT Topic channel version


>> No.19174421
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Anyone from the other side of the world can rip it and share a link?
t. PSTvirgin

>> No.19174930

Just use a VPN

>> No.19175419

After a few more listens I think it’s alright. I hate the very beginning of the song and how it hits you with some a capella ESL phrasing. Leaves a bad first impression. The ending is a bit strange in how her voice just fades out too. Other than that it’s good but I wouldn’t have her sing that high in a song.

>> No.19175438

Just mess with the inspect element, that's what I did.

>> No.19175444


>> No.19175486


>> No.19175697

good news, it's now available everywhere. now do your pre-listening reps before the premier!

>> No.19175921

You made me look, fuck you.

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>> No.19177068
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>> No.19177197

Also got a couple of listens in. Lyrics and theme are lore-related as usual so it's chuuni but cute and charming. Mixing is pretty good. I personally don't like the the beginning and the chorus of the song. It's too "playful" in that the notes go up-and-down a lot of times. Combine that with ESL lyrics and it makes it awkward to listen to

>> No.19177293

For me, it's only IRyS. No one compares

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>> No.19178203

man i really wish Taishi to go back to his electro trance style for irys's song

>> No.19178620

Time to go to sleep so I can watch the premiere and the afterparty.

>> No.19178673
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>after party
Sweet sweet summer child...

>> No.19178723

i still gotta listen to it more once it actually releases in PST but i kinda like it so far
>sing that high in a song.
yea no wonder her throat died combined with i think she said multiple takes for the harmony/backing stuff for this song iirc

>> No.19178973

He’s talking about the Terraria stream.

>> No.19179063
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>> No.19179976

Me in the box

>> No.19180140

I gave her the box

>> No.19180226

She is dark chocolate gang now, get rekt.

>> No.19180905
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>> No.19180937
File: 1.52 MB, 1334x750, D2D0A376-4541-4AB9-A094-32F533BCF197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No "leaks" for this one? Guess "Leakers" on this thread found out their "leaks" weren't exactly "leaks"

>> No.19181360

You are dumb.

>> No.19181853

Has IRyS ever made you cry?

>> No.19181878
File: 1.87 MB, 2294x4096, 20220119_135350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS, drink lots of real coffee and push through.
O believe in you.

>> No.19182125

I believe in you*

>> No.19182868
File: 1.21 MB, 2669x2246, 1634371698311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stream up

>> No.19182989
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>> No.19183015

I hope IRyS literally makes a parody track. C'mon IRyS April Fools will be here sooner than you think

>> No.19183302

Shut up, don't jinx it.

>> No.19183521
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>> No.19184280

Oh god is real...

>> No.19184352

Yes I am how could you tell :D

>> No.19184400

Just teach her snaking.

>> No.19184683 [SPOILER] 
File: 906 KB, 844x1666, 1c7837f54183b5a704c7e54317673193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

loliRyS (fake)...

>> No.19184791


>> No.19185090


>> No.19185105
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>> No.19185375
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Anime opening kinda song, it's great but i don't see the re-playability in it.
In comparison to previous songs it is a 9/10.
Journey by comparison was 7/10.

>> No.19186375
File: 226 KB, 498x477, 1641273619077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking at the Niji page of all the members, and come across that chubba looking like IRyS. Didn't saw your image before until now.

>> No.19186577

is she going to pull an allnighter? its what, 5 hours until song release.

>> No.19187225

hope you didn't curse Irys with your meme, don't think I could handle her pulling a Roa

>> No.19187275

I didn't make it, I was saying I didn't saw it before, or remember seeing it.

>> No.19187293

I’m starting to think she’ll never have a breakout song. I’ll stop hoping for that until either the Eurobeat or the Mori collab songs.

>> No.19187358

nothing from project hope will ever be a breakout because it's too heavy on character lore, just have to ride the wave until she gets a better contract

>> No.19187769

What does this mean???

>> No.19187822

cover literally linked the site where you can listen to it. the fuck you mean waiting for the rip

>> No.19187873

Time zones.

>> No.19188166

Character lore wouldn’t matter if the songs were better.

>> No.19188353
File: 257 KB, 535x382, lessthanthree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From 1:40 onwards it gets really good, and god I wish she would use more vocals like at 3:24 that little bit is so good. It's a 7/10 for me

>> No.19188636

probably wanna start with reminding her to use boost and not worry about the health drain too much
thanks anons for reminding me that the F-Zero series is basically dead

>> No.19188737

Yeah the 3:24 bit is good. She’s way better in that range.

>> No.19189243 [SPOILER] 

Custom GX editor soon, hopefully

>> No.19190133

God, I hope the MV looks like an anime opening.

>> No.19190291
File: 180 KB, 411x379, 1634359082698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll be a flashy still image with the lyrics flying across it...

>> No.19191337
File: 4.00 MB, 1800x1013, 95053200_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19191571
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my wife is too excited to sleep. She is too cute with this need to show us her fruits of hard work. I feel that no matter how shitty lyrics will be, I will compliment her

>> No.19192117
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>> No.19192440

There’s not much point in giving negative feedback. Better to focus on the good parts.

>> No.19192520

She set the premiere at 6-7 in the morning of course she was gonna pull an all nighter

>> No.19192873

I love IRyS!

>> No.19193177
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>> No.19194794

>just 1,5k views
>56 ips itt
You are just a niggers posing as Goslings. Why havent you streamed it more than 30 times?

>> No.19194867


>> No.19194943

>giving views to susan
even if it was available in my timezone i'd still wait for the Irys release

>> No.19195146

When IRyS gets verified as a music channel those views are going to go to her

>> No.19195260

One day...

>> No.19196448

Oh, it's already out.
Well, it doesn't sound great. Sorry, IRyS, I love you to bits but this song is generic as fuck. Please get better producers.

>> No.19196674
File: 87 KB, 800x900, 1640665552640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More canned j-pop
please cover, give her better/varied songwriters. I want to love her music so badly...

>> No.19196744

i dont pirate music

>> No.19196782


>> No.19196901

What kinda song do you think fits IRyS the best?

>> No.19197022

The kind that she enjoys and wants to sing

>> No.19197039

i like her music so far, a lot more rock than the usual holo pop, the only downside is the constant convoluted lore lyrics.

>> No.19197131

I love her as streamer.

>> No.19197155

So, from her karaokes I think she likes pop and R&Bs like charlie puth

>> No.19197212

since my favorite thing to listen is iRyS one last kiss covers, i guess less energetic but powerfull ballads fits her the best.

>> No.19197223

Is this a song about /vt/ or Twitter trannies?

>> No.19197279


>> No.19197358

Half an hour to goo

>> No.19197466

what the fuck are you saying? It is literally her topic in YouTube
Anyway her voice is literally made for jazz. Too bad she is too much of a weeb that she wants to sing only songs like anime openings they are still great though I love her

>> No.19197592

I'm easy to please. If IRyS is singing it, I like it.

>> No.19197600

I don't think she has much choice in what she can put out

>> No.19197621

To me the J-Pop is not the issue. The songs just have no climax/high points. I don’t know why they can’t write her a song similar to Ghost. She could pull that off easily.

>> No.19197635
File: 42 KB, 570x590, 1637873464730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if it is not going to be IRyS' drawing moving around screen with subtitles I will join Ukrainian army and fight Ruskies

>> No.19197680

Good luck there

>> No.19197708

Including my name in your last will

>> No.19197832

By the time you arrive it will be all over, giving you the nickname the Turtle of Kyiv.

>> No.19197855

The latter

>> No.19197860

You guys didn't take her valentine gift and now she seeth the world
What wrong with (You)??

>> No.19197863

Any kind will fit her if it's good. Journey is pop too but it's great, every song is a banger or emotional ballad. I genuinely love Journey. You can still make pop, just don't make generic pop.
And let her sing about her thoughts, feelings and struggles. She often talks about how pessimistic and glum she actually is. Well, wouldn't it be great if she explored that side of her in her song? It could work.
If you want to stick with lore, you can make some rocking song about balancing angel and demon sides, how accepting both makes someone a complete person. Dunno, maybe too corny.
You can even make a love ballad. She's very found of romance and vns and princesses and all that. The most pop thing ever. But if it's done professionally, with a good beat/track, with some levity, I'd listen to it.
I believe in you, Manager-san.

>> No.19197880


>> No.19197969

I believe in IRyS, and yeah I agree just make a more fun type of pop
Blues is also fine

>> No.19197974

yeah, right

>> No.19198329

God the opening line is so clunky and weird. I used to think the ESL lyric obsession was overblown but I'm feeling it, now.

Didn't Suisei write Ghost's lyrics herself? IRyS-sourced song... oh lord

>> No.19198421
File: 613 KB, 1372x1080, SeetheWorld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19198459

Hope and seethe

>> No.19198480

Why are youtube premier countdowns so fucking loud?

>> No.19198496

holy ESL singer
I want to love her songs but I just can't appreciate this pseudo english jpop thing, even when the lyrics throw much more japanese, the english is just jarring

>> No.19198503
File: 653 KB, 1172x592, what did it mean by this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19198512
File: 127 KB, 262x260, 1638067895071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19198519

>the countdown is going to be more animated than the MV

>> No.19198537

It's a (You) issue

>> No.19198606

Why would I want to be a gosling? When IRyS talks to her chat it's like she's the main character of Needy Streamer Overdose. Her 'relationship', as you call it, with her chat is entirely fake.

>> No.19198617

The new YT countdowns are pretty great.

>> No.19198650

Welcome to Ukrainian army, mate.

>> No.19198701

I like the rythm but not a fan of the somewhat cheesy lyrics.

>> No.19198706
File: 55 KB, 1280x720, D2tiNQfUYAEsqBM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19198751

god that meme game sucks so bad

>> No.19198755
File: 886 KB, 1188x658, irys big tits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her melons are huge.

>> No.19198880


>> No.19198894
File: 96 KB, 952x1044, lumina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically great, loved it
fucking Lumina though, her hackery has not changed

>> No.19198901

I hear it too

>> No.19198905

It got pretty good towards the end.

>> No.19198934

Man the lyrics are trash but I do like beats of it.

>> No.19198960

That tempo change into the chorus was pretty neat but fuck me, maybe there's someone else hotaru can write songs for, or they could pay someone to localise them properly? Not to rehash all the talk from the previous releases, really cool melody, also a pretty good MV for once, but the English... yeah. Don't listen, just jam and enjoy Nephilim voice I guess.

>> No.19198976

started generic but the ending made it a banger, loved it

>> No.19198988

It's a good song.
But, god fucking damn it, Cover needs to hire an english speaking lyricist because holy fuck the english parts are terrible
IRyS deserves better

>> No.19199001
File: 391 KB, 1200x852, 1642716906998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the MV Lumina, I guess...

>> No.19199007
File: 532 KB, 498x498, nene-clap-hololive.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was absolutely incredible, 116/10

>> No.19199021

NGL I liked it

>> No.19199052

tbf hotaru's career in anison has come from making edgy kinda-english songs for ReZero and Overlord and the like. To borrow a zoomer term, her appeal is more the "vibes"

>> No.19199059


>> No.19199063

You know why persona music is beloved despite the engrish, its because you barely hear the english

>> No.19199094
File: 355 KB, 356x432, 1630864336817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck, it technically counts.
I will post photos /here/ from Polish-Ukrainian border to prove I'm not a pussy in couple days

>> No.19199109

Okay so Irys is a great singer with an amazing voice, but whoever write her songs does absolute garbage on the English portions. I'm also going to guess whoever is coaching her is doing it so it sounds good in Japanese, but as a native English speaker, man it always sounds weird to me. Please, please let her English song be written by someone else.

>> No.19199113

Fourth time hearing it. Like most of her songs it grew on me more and more over repeated listens. HCH and Bare Your Teeth we're first-listen favorites though.

>> No.19199157

You my Hopes and well wishes comrade

>> No.19199158

IRyS has a beautiful voice though. I want to hear that.

>> No.19199162

>after party pushed back 15 minutes
Sorry, she's a little worked up right now. We'll be done quick

>> No.19199180

-1 IRyStocrat. Soon, I'll reach my goal.

>> No.19199185

As usual great singing, awful lyrics.

>> No.19199220

better live so that you might have a chance to be the Last IRyStocrat

>> No.19199222

I made this post, I'll probably have her push it back another five in a bit so that I can really make sure her throat is in tip top shape

>> No.19199224

I got my hopes up because she said this was the one she was excited for, now we know there's one coming that's even less hype than this. If they're not going to quit making her do this dull lore-themed shit with machine translated lyrics crammed into japanese just disband the vsinger project and let her be EN0

>> No.19199233

can lumina get a class on graphic design holy shit

>> No.19199250

This song would've been better if IRyS just sang in lala's and doowops. Her voice is amazing, the general melody and arrangement is quite nice but as always, the lyrics is giving me a brain itch.

>> No.19199261
File: 158 KB, 1638x2048, 1644134288578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at you all weaklings. Bow down to my superior ELS brain that is able to forget the English language for a second and just enjoy the sound of her voice and beats.

>> No.19199321

The eigo is not for you, it's for the japanese sensibility where random english words are cool. Like how people get "Faggot" in chinese tattoed on them, because the tattooist couldn't tell "faggot" from "dragon". Westerners don't know or care, japanese don't know or care. Everyone happy.

>> No.19199329
File: 82 KB, 610x670, 1645828794235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heh, the font was the perfect choice, dunno what you talkin about, anon.

>> No.19199336

I like the high-pitched bits.

>> No.19199340

kek, Godspeed anon.

>> No.19199350

yeah I kinda gave up on irys releasing actual bangers like mori and suisei

>> No.19199354

Your friendly reminder that every time a song is released to listen to it a second time after the premiere finishes. Youtube's compression on premieres is always fucked up and the song sounds fucked. This is fixed once its actually archived and it sounds a lot better.

Song is a banger by the way. Loved it.

>> No.19199374

>fourth time hearing it
Temporally impossible unless it was leaked somewhere beforehand.

>> No.19199377

Another banger as always by IRyS!!!

>> No.19199430

What's with Holo and Tempo changes? It happened in Mumei's song too. It can work sure but it generally doesn't for these examples

>> No.19199435

Uhm, the youtube topic.

>> No.19199455

>Doesn't know what topic is

>> No.19199458

topic channel just some posts above

>> No.19199460

Most of her fans are EOP. I wouldn’t even mind if they marketed her towards JOPs but they don’t.

Also I love IRyS’ voice but her high range can be pretty weak sometimes. This song suffers from that.

>> No.19199462

>for the japanese
Look I'm a supporter of IRyS too but her music is just so lacking and disappointing and I won't pretend otherwise

>> No.19199470
File: 306 KB, 1920x1080, 1638871340707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take at least 20 Vatniks with you bro, DO IT FOR HER SEE THE WORLD

I HOPE you return

>> No.19199478


>> No.19199498

The new mv is cool and all
But they really need to find a new theme this hope gimmick is getting boring

>> No.19199504

How come Here Comes Hope has really good flow considering that the lyrics was written by the same guy?

>> No.19199526

I think this board (myself included) just needs to remember that Hololive is a Japanese company first and foremost and everything they touch, everything, will be made for Japanese sensibilities first and foremost. This is includes things aimed, ostensibly, at the English market. And it sucks lol

>> No.19199585

Then they should have given her a 3D and let her do concerts in Japan.

>> No.19199591

the outspoken minority are just that, a minority.
>If we wanted western crap there's plenty of alternatives

>> No.19199592

Her [email protected] songs are both great.

>> No.19199643

Kill yourself.

No, I don't know what that is.

>> No.19199670


>> No.19199692

That’d be valid if her songs were getting good views but they don’t. They’re obviously doing something wrong.

>> No.19199713

It's ok to not know, do research before calling someone else out

>> No.19199723

You are commenting on people who claim to like anime but want to change everything about anime. They will never not be retarded, they are here because they saw other people doing it and don't have personalities of their own.

>> No.19199733

Yeah, I've never complained about it used to it since a lot of anisongs and jpop have engrish mixed in them.

>> No.19199735


>> No.19199768

I'd be fine with the songs if the English didn't sound like it was, as one anon put it, machine translated. Don't change anything but the English everything else is fine

>> No.19199789

Yeah but this hotaru guy/s also wrote the lyrics for that? What's with the inconsistency with the lyric quality? Is it just lack of communication between the lyricist and the composers?

>> No.19199794

>calling someone out

>> No.19199808

Don't be a retard next time, is that easy

>> No.19199814

>MV is cool
Nah. It's too overdone and too artsy imo. Never really liked MVs from lumina
>Hope gimmick

>> No.19199843

>i-its actually for the japanese
this is extreme coping and is kinda sad. im sad how mishandled the EN VSinger is.

>> No.19199858

Damn you really are a retard

>> No.19199860

the english sections on those songs were actually written in english, not translated and forced to fit the cadence of the original japanese

>> No.19199882

HCH doesn’t have much English and OIH also has some awkward phrasing.

>> No.19199888

Why doesn't Irys just speak Japanese all the time?

>> No.19199911

even AZki doesnt rely on a subject like Hope in all of her songs...

>> No.19199968

You do not belong here

>> No.19200017

well let's see... compete in HoloJP where almost everyone works hard as hell or compete in HoloEN where you only have to compete against 3 or 4 other people who actually show up to work on a regular basis. Real tough choice there!

>> No.19200035

And you should have never been born, but yet here we are, looking at your fucking posts.

>> No.19200040
File: 983 KB, 2143x3255, IRySoFlexible.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

delicious wakipai

>> No.19200065

She's not in Project Hope...

>> No.19200069

AZKi doesn't have a theme dumbass

>> No.19200073

I really love IRyS voice and her singing technique. She is truly greatest, but english lyrics feels wrong. I'm ESL myself, but even I can see that phrasing in lyrics doesn't match emotional charge that are supposed to bring. Or something. I can't really point my finger onto it

>> No.19200117

I bet she’d do well in JP. The viewer base is so much bigger.

>> No.19200145

But why would you want to change anime? Anime is Japanese, Hololive is anime, so why doesn't she speak Japanese? If they shouldn't change the anime songs to have good English then just don't use English at all. So simple.

>> No.19200163

It's bullshit. If her target was Japanese, then she would have debuted with a functional 3D so she could have concerts like every other other Japantargeted VSinger.

It's kind of sad how much more musical success her roommate has than under Cover, including singing for an anime.

>> No.19200167

This is the last song from the december recording?

>> No.19200193

There’s one more.

>> No.19200293

>Westerners don't know or care
TA, and honestly, meh. Your argument is somewhat valid, I'm certainly aware of the phenomenon of inserting cool eigo and christian iconography for the cool flair, tho I'd argue that forming complete sentences and not just replacing single words, or using set phrases, stands in opposition to your claim. Either way, I'm arguing from my perspective, not in place of the crowd. The issue with cover refusing to hire western writers for their >holoEN vsinger poppet is disappointing, I think any musical JP holo could do more with the potential of hotaru in a pure JP song than IRyS can with this awkward mix. In a way, they nerf both hotaru and IRyS with their approach, forcing awkwardly built ESL English that barely flow or match the tempo into the song, beyond the point where it's just for coolness. Thanks for reading my blog post, or not.

>> No.19200297

I also remember her once mentioning that there was another cover recorded even earlier. But maybe it's never getting released.

>> No.19200334

It's fine, everyone has rough beginnings, I believe in her... what else can I do

>> No.19200386

I understand why she likes this one. It has a lot of potential and a lot of things going for it but unfortunately it doesn’t really come together into something great.

>> No.19200408

I believe in her, but I don't believe in her management, which has been utterly disastrous

>> No.19200412

Why else would they instruct her to use that kind of a weird, stilted cadence when singing the English portions? Same reason why English voice acting in old Japanese games sounds weird - it's being coached so it sounds good to Japanese ears, like in Silent Hill.

She knows how songs sounds in English and can sing those perfectly. There's no other feasible explanation.

>> No.19200423
File: 172 KB, 2048x1276, FHiZC57akBI4aoA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19200515

>Stream Journey
It's fine. You don't have to like every song she puts out just don't mention it in her general.
>Any opinion that is not worshipping her vocal cords is not welcome here.

>> No.19200523

You could hope the whole vsinger project gets canceled and she gets integrated into Council.

>> No.19200621

she didnt sleep...

>> No.19200623

The problem is they give her 0 tools for succeeding for the Japanese audience. And 0 tools for succeeding for the English audience.

>> No.19200634


>> No.19200639

Cover doesn't give two fucks about the English branch. I watched a segment of an Okayu birthday stream and realized that even post covid, Cover will never do anything like that for EN

>> No.19200660


>> No.19200673

I'll never understand why you guys doompost every time she releases a new song

>> No.19200693

Quit your bickering. My wife is on. MY wife. MINE!

>> No.19200710

Man, I don’t wanna listen to IRyS talk about her music.
Can’t she just take all her clothes off except her jacket and let me listen to her naked butt rub against her chair?

>> No.19200718

Tourists and contrarians

>> No.19200728

Its beyond tiring. Can't even celebrate a new song with all these faggots around.

>> No.19200741

My post btw

>> No.19200747

Speedrunning the stages of grief when no actual smash hit appears

>> No.19200754

Because they’re not as good as they could be.

>> No.19200756

It's not doomposting, it's an uneasiness with how she's being managed and marketed by cover.

>> No.19200786

Agreed. All of her problems are on a purely managerial level because all of her streams and karaokes are golden.

>> No.19200794

mental illness

>> No.19200796

yeah. They are only arrows that are supposed to point to holoJP where all the concets and dancing in 3d is

>> No.19200806

You should have seen /ggg/ when [Q] came out. This isn't a /HiRyS/-only thing.

>> No.19200807

>late to her own party
This princess

>> No.19200832

Well then stop bitching in here and send Cover a fucking email or something you double nigger. Stop shitting up the thread.

>> No.19200838

I doubt It will find much success until Cover give her more creative control and I really doubt Cover will ever give her that

>> No.19200845

I only wish the criticism was contained to the day of a song release instead of the constant concernfag timelooping

>> No.19200876

as is fashionable

>> No.19200884

Yeah she needs to learn what she’s good at. She won’t get injured that way either.

>> No.19200936

If you want a hugbox, you can always go back.

>> No.19200960

It's fine, here it is.

>> No.19200985

It’s a Japanese company. You will always be an afterthought to them (no, learning Japanese won’t change it). Nintendo is the same way.

>> No.19201008

from the little ive read seems like a lot of you have said similar things but it is frustrating. I didn't really see it as as much of an issue as others probably have but its very obvious in this song that they need to hire someone who actually write English lyrics with flow. it just seems that a lot of her music is starting to sound pretty samey at least in some parts especially how she's singing them. i just wish they would try something different and give IRyS more people that could help her and know how to make English music.

>> No.19201041


Faggots on this god forsaken board think everything sucks and can't enjoy anything. I can count on one hand the amount of Hololive originals I have genuinely disliked. Its not a lot. The music is good. Yet every time a song comes out there is non-stop posting about how much it sucks, the mixing is bad, the lyrics suck, everything sucks, the numbers are bad. Its so exhausting.

Either way, the song was a banger. I'm going to go loop it a few times and then I'm going to go stream Journey again.

>> No.19201092
File: 1 KB, 77x58, aaaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19201108

Oh no doubt here, you're correct. It's just such a weird fucking fumble to make.

>> No.19201114


>> No.19201162

Go fuck yourself faggot. Bitching on here and shitting up the thread will accomplish nothing except for dumping more shit into this cesspool of a board.

Send Cover a fucking email or something. At least that has a shot at being read by somebody.

>> No.19201174

>didn't get the video

>> No.19201222

I will forever seethe at whatever Mormon private schoolers in Hawaii got to make love to this cutie pie.

>> No.19201231

You know I want a Suisei collab not for tetris or anything like that but to teach her how to shill her music

>> No.19201249

>more IRyS eating for the compilation

>> No.19201252

I'll give her a cheese tart if you know what I mean

>> No.19201284

don't worry guys, i'm gonna do my reps and i'll write bangers for her

>> No.19201289
File: 181 KB, 403x334, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19201304


>> No.19201312
File: 17 KB, 312x302, 23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19201317

She sounds so sleepy.

>> No.19201319

Take a shower, you fucking animal.

>> No.19201346


>> No.19201359

Jesas October

>> No.19201364

Only if IRyS calls me sweaty

>> No.19201383


What in fuck

>> No.19201404

older than journey holy shit

>> No.19201434

they had to make 5 PNGs for that music video, can't rush good video editing

>> No.19201444

Cover works in mysterious ways

>> No.19201461

Fucking Lumina. Stop hiring that hack. Every song where lumina worked on the MV was delayed.

>> No.19201527

Lumina delaying shit as usual

>> No.19201676

If I didn't know Cover are incompetent I would have though they are purposely sabotaging IRyS

>> No.19201708

>IRyS, IIRyS, and IIIRyS sang on this track

>> No.19201715

This same thing happened with Kronii's MV so they hate them all

>> No.19201767

So many people must hate their lives, can't even enjoy the simplest of things

>> No.19201774
File: 350 KB, 623x566, 1632893006215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Real violin
Ok so that's where the budget went, I want another Caesura of Despair tier MV or even "My Song" from Watame.

The song is great but these MVs are a waste if you're not going to go all out.

>> No.19201783

imagine the 3 irys...

>> No.19201788

Listen, you are on a board dedicated to discussing entertainment, which is inherently subjective. If you can't stomach criticism of the entertainment because it hurts your feelings, it's too exhausting to tune our or whatever your problem with it is: Join chat, join a discord, go back, there are many places that will just suck up anything and everything, and praise it to high heavens. You don't have to come to clover for that. The anons posting honest criticism of her work are the ones that want to see her succeed. This is my last reply, because my wife is on the telly.

>> No.19201865

Wait was there any other recordings she had in 2021 that still hasn't been finished?

>> No.19201891

Other than the lyrics, the song is great.

>> No.19201898


>> No.19201922

kek IRyS

>> No.19201940

Song is pretty cool, reminds me of some ps2 jrpg opening with the bad english which makes it more enjoyable.

>> No.19201960

My dad always called it jap crap.

>> No.19201977


>> No.19202015

what a legend

>> No.19202029

My parents introduced me to anime...

>> No.19202066

>Show them Bible Black
kek. Somebody is cultured in the chat.

>> No.19202094

i dont think this is something I would want to share to my friends or family irys...

>> No.19202101

So are all the originals out now? Does this mean that she can finally do some fucking FOTM cover songs that get hooked by the algorithm? Do some fucking cover songs IRyS!!

>> No.19202117


>> No.19202151

why does she likes giggling???

>> No.19202191

Who doesn't?

>> No.19202220

Just do the same thing with Watame or Nene.

>> No.19202229

When I was 5, mother sat me in front of the tv to watch anime because it was easier than raising me, 35 years later, she still regrets that

>> No.19202238

>sleepovers are impossible in Japan (virtual)

>> No.19202264
File: 424 KB, 1080x1134, 1645006793603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn Irys, this song ain't worth a fuck but keep talking about anime

>> No.19202324

no, one more

>> No.19202437

Next thread:

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