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Today I will watch Kiara.

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I'm sorry to hear that.

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I know life can be hard, but please think twice before making such a rash decision. If you need someone to talk to I am here for you.

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Nice time for that. Gonna turn this whole place upside down with who she's minecrafting with.

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I hope she shits those minecrafts blocks out real good.

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hey, just stopping by to say that I think this thread is very low quality! consider writing a better OP the next time you decide to start a thread.

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Hey me too!

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Why would you watch yourself?

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Today I will watch Kiara shit herself.

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Whatever floats your boat, anon.

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And? So will 10,000 other people. Think you're special?

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Honestly, I can't look at her the same way ever since I saw Kiara at a grocery store in Vienna yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and tell her about my dead dog or anything.

She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Ogey?” but she kept cutting me off and going “kikiriki? kikiriki? kikiriki?” and waving a drumstick in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her sharting as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Temptations cat treats in her hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first Kiara kept monologuing over her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the packets and started scanning it multiple times, Kiara stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any shadowbanning,” and then turned around and soifaced at me. I don’t even think that’s how that works. After she scanned each packet and put them in a bag and started to say the price, Kiara kept interrupting her by talking about all the shit in her pants really loudly.

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fuck yes

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It's kind of wild how different the replies in Kiara threads are depending on the time of the day.

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kys kfpschizo

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Indeed. KFP arguing with themselves to stir up any relevance, at the same time attempting to include Kiara in anything that moves (worked with the Pekoland, didn’t it, spamming in Pekora's chat really got her into the JP server). Fans really do resemble their oshi.

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Was for


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All (you)

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watched that Kiara

watched her good

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Kiara is fun to watch and an entertaining streamer

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>only 10k
By hololive standards he is special.

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>I meant that literally.

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Fräulein Kiara must have the hottest, stinkiest shits, since the heat from her phoenix body stews up her insides...

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Dont forget to prepare a vomit bag

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Hi Kiara.

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>*theres a flickering fluorescent light, barely functioning illuminating the room, cold hard concrete. The whole space is only around a few square feet, and the indifferent grey walls give off a suffocating atmosphere of hopelessness. Pekora doesn’t know if it’s been days, or even weeks since her last feeding. Her hazy vision sharpens as a familiar ring of light appears around the doorframe. It’s time again*
Hey Pekoraaaa-Senpaaaaiii! It’s your biggest fan here to give you your scraps!
>*she delivers the words as usual with total innocence, she’s perfected this fraudulent way of speaking. As if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and why*
K-Kiara-chan, please-peko!
Nuh uh Pekora! You don’t talk without permission!
>*a sharp slap to the face sets the rabbit to the cold floor. Her gaze turns upwards as he sees Kiara squat over her head, her skirt and panties removed*
P-please Kiara-
Mhmmm here comes seconds Pekora-senpai!
*cough* Kiara-chan... I’m going to be sick again peko... please peko, why are y-
OHHH MAN! I’m gettin’ fired up! Here comes dessert! I'm going to shit that mouth real good!
>*Kiara lowers her foul smelling pucker right to Pekora's lips, the odour of expired instant ramen utterly overpowering, the festering gland pulsating as it releases it’s noxious gases, prepared to let loose another steaming shit into Pekora's pursed lips, muffled screams and choking are all that is heard as the little sharks mouth is filled to the brim with Kiara's waste, the dinner of the most watched vtuber. As Pekora takes it down her throat, her insides churning and on fire, she slowly loses consciousness. She will wake up later no doubt, when it’s feeding time again. Kiara sits up, slamming the door shut as she goes to start her Ryza stream of the day*

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My fucking sides

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True though. Ill see threads loving on Kiara and then another doxxing or just talking shit

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If you want to kill yourself, a gun is quicker

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>Constantly hear how her voice is terrible
>Check out a stream expecting the worst
>Not bothered in the slightest
Either you guys are weak or Indies have hardened me beyond normal anons

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so you like watch vomitive things, huh

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Gen 5 doing a collab. I'll watch them instead.

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>several kino monhun streams today
>choose to watch maicra

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Even the clippers are starting to realize something is wrong. KFP's days are numbered

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Why can't you let broken girls find comfort and love, /vt/?
Why do you oppose YAGOO's dream?

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>calling her out is "hates comments" now


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>the little sharks mouth
Uh waiter, this pasta is stale

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>I spent 30 minutes talking about how I was pooing my pants and people didn't like it, what the hell how sensitive are you? I guess some people don't have humour
Is she autistic?

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She comes to 4channel to shit on Nyanners and then tries to be her and fails

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>"it was really bad tenchou"
half of her own chat is telling her the baby shit was cringe and she calls out that one poor guy specifically KEK
also hilarious how her own fucking chat is more self aware than the kfpfags on here.

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You faggots are so annoying and for the record these threads do nothing to influence people, they just scroll right past them because you've been spamming so much

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Most of the broken girls in hololive are broken due to unfortunate events they had no control over (i.e. health problems, accidents, born into shitty households). But Kiara has brought her entire situation on herself. I know nothing about her roommate other than she struggled to get success in the idol industry, and seeing her behavior in hololive makes it apparent why it was that way. She just has an unlikable personality and a deep rooted desire for approval that manifests in her constantly talking and wanting to be center of attention.
I always have sympathy for those who were born in a shitty situation, but no sympathy for those who brought shitty situations upon themselves. Especially when she has had this many chances to learn from her mistakes.

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That's why "Watson" mocked her for lurking 4channel "too much", right? Because you "they" don't care about these threads. BIG GIGANTIC AND VEINY KUSA.

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It’s supposed to be a redemption arc.

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>She comes to 4channel to shit on Nyanners
Kiara was based all along?

>> No.1913178

This never happened.

>> No.1913214

>That's why "Watson" mocked her for lurking 4channel "too much", right?
dat 3p minecraft collab was so cringe it hurts!

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hi Kiara

>> No.1913329

I'm conflicted.
On one hand I want to say that Kiara does lurk /vt/ because she seems to not be able to ignore haters. Like when there are hundreds of people in chat all praising her, she only notices the one dude who says something not nice.
But on the other hand I think if Kiara came here just once it would be enough for her to lose her mind. That minecraft vod was just her reacting to a few guys on youtube saying "the baby voice was cringe", and you can tell she is super pissed. Can you imagine how she would react to some of the shit on here???

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don't you have a porn wrestling match and some enjo to do? oh right japan kicked you out lol

>> No.1913377

then stop reading them then complaining on stream about what you read, kiara

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She has been lurking boards since lolcow was relevant

>> No.1913397

I saw someone slip from second to first person while discussing her and then quickly delete the post

>> No.1913410

She literally is here man. She brings up rrats that nobody outside of this SEAinfested shithole mentions, like the "Gura and Kiara hate each other" thing. As if anyone would type that into Youtube comments.

>> No.1913418

Now that she got that Kizuna Ai collab kekiara musty be fuming kek

>> No.1913450

she 100% browses here. It's not even a fucking rrat anymore

>> No.1913465

Good for Tenchou.

>> No.1913468

and she was equally toxic and obvious there too xD

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Hi Kiara. I liked your wrestling match and I think your consort services were nothing to be ashamed about.

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I seen that wrestling match too. Was fat cat in the background cheering for the dude?

>> No.1913503

because KFP are just a bunch of people who struggles to maintain a Kiara thread alive.

Her own chat knows she lurks here anon. It's well known that her roommate was a /cgl/fag for years and she knew about a narrative that was literally only in JP boards and 4ch

>> No.1913507

Have fun

>> No.1913685

Oh man, you have an archive link for that?

>> No.1913735

So a new ass "photobook" when? Your VT career ain't going to improve so better lose some clothes IRL sweetie =*

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Hey Kiara. If you're reading this, I love you lots.
Thank you for working so hard and doing so much for us. My week would be a lot worse without your steams. Please never forget how much we love you.

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Can you not go after the bubbly one you autists

>> No.1913884

>totally not myself thanks for m..ou...your hard work, hehehe


>> No.1913939

If she's so sensitive why come on 4chan? This is literally the last place you will get kind words and every truth here is delivered in the most offensive way possible. If I was popular with anything the last place I would be is here.

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Her need for attention overpower her since 2015 and her fake social media crying sessions and respective "eyeliner ruined by my tears" IG pics

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I hate you faggots so much, both you the antis who actually excuse doxxfagotry and the kfpfags that can't stop circlejerking for one fucking day.
Kill yourselves, stop wasting oxygen. Stop making these retarded threads

>> No.1914060

Man, this is great. These are the rrats I come for.

>> No.1914066

We only hate Kiara because deep down we know she's one of us, and we hate ourselves more than anything else.

>> No.1914096

Fuck no. I love my anons. No homo.

>> No.1914136

I'm glad she is the only one. I hope this shithole board doesn't taint others with their bored, noncommittal hate.

>> No.1914178

No. I just hate her because she is annoying and leaves a stain in the otherwise flawless holoEN.

>> No.1914246

fuck off, without Kiara Collabs wouldn't work at all and just because you dont like her, shes not a stain on a "flawless" gen, you think Mori is flawless too? You just dislike her personally and thats fair but dont say tard shit like that

>> No.1914283

You're annoying and a stain on your family.

>> No.1914349

>>1910167 or start making some over the top content like >>1911642. I think the fun jokey insults are the way to really lift the spirits and all parties can get in on it, but I know most of us are uncreative, unfunny retards who can barely slap the ctrl + c and ctrl + p buttons to spam the same insults over and over so it'll never change.

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>> No.1914426

I'd starting to like... maybe not like but accept Kiara. Is something wrong with me? Can I fix this feeling?

>> No.1914450


>> No.1914464

it's called not being a schizo blind hater, thats what normal people do, might need an immediate fix if you wanna stay on 4chan

>> No.1914514

Stop taking your meds if you want to keep posting

>> No.1914545

It's fine to fuck around and shitpost, but at least make it funny. If you try to add humor to your anti or your shitpost about hating Kiara instead of just yelling 'ORANGE WOMAN BAD', people who might disagree with you can at least find the joke you're telling funny.

>> No.1914564 [DELETED] 

>keekifags trying every trick in the book to reverse an otherwise devastating thread

poor sweet summer children

>> No.1914606

I think this is the only board on 4chan right now (with any appreciable traffic) that's trying to encourage anons to actually effortpost

>> No.1914622

legit, when people amke the funnyes to anti a bit, i laugh, i laughed at the coalburner jokes, i laughed at the scat fanfiction, but sometimes yo u can smell the bodily odor of the people that just hate her personally and want to make it asbout how shes a bad vtuber and ruins the whole generation and makes every other chuuba uncomfortable, those are cringe and not entertaining and plain suck

>> No.1914641

go back

>> No.1914791

The day she perverts Ina I will rage

>> No.1914944

>he doesn't know about Ina's fat ass
>he didn't hear her trying to hold her laughter while singing PonPonPon

>> No.1915098

>Those things are "perverted"
What are you? 12? Retarded? Both? Iugh

>> No.1915144


>> No.1915203

Why would you willingly go through that?

>> No.1915241

I understand she's not the most charismatic individual, but only a complete retard would hate her for that.

>> No.1915348

you can stop crying now, kiara already lost this thread's battle

>> No.1915391

All artists are perverts, and that includes Ina. She's good at hiding it,, but it's only a matter of time.

>> No.1915447

Hopefully Niji gets their own Kiara so shit can be divided abit.

>> No.1915487

>hiding it

>> No.1915488

This. Every artist always draws your waifu naked first before putting clothes on her.

>> No.1915490

stfu kraut whore

>> No.1915502

What would happen if they collabed?

>> No.1915554

she doesn't give a shit about positive comments, only the negative ones matter to her because everyone either has to love her or nobody loves her at all, there's no in between

>> No.1915597


>> No.1915609

>She comes to 4channel to shit on Nyanners and then tries to be her and fails

>> No.1915628

What narrative are you talking about?

>> No.1915900

krautpill me on austrians

>> No.1916013

This is why women shouldn't be allowed to talk in forums

>> No.1916212

"interrupting her by shitting her pants real good" would be funnier imo

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Even men make better women than women do. Why do we even need women?

>> No.1916523

EN is a perfect unity and you are a cancer who would destroy perfection.
All the EN girls would agree with me and they would not want you watching them.

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11k watching

>> No.1916834

the absolute state of KFP

>> No.1917124

bros wtf you said kiara was cringe but ive been watching her stream for 20 minutes and she hasn't been cringe yet

>> No.1917308

I'm starting to like her more and more. Antis piss me off more than her. I can not wait until Gen 2 so you fags will get something new to complain about.

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Kill yourself chicken. No one likes you.

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spare a thought for the antis, theyre not doing so well

>> No.1917462

>She deserved the rape though

>> No.1917505

Holy seeth

>> No.1917548

>oy vey, she made Subaru so angry in collab, she bannu from JP server now!!
never forget, SEAfags

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>How can you not see my pain??

>> No.1917581

Whenever I read these threads, I always imagine these shizos wearing force jackets and posting from a mental ward with their foaming faces. They serve as good entertainment, at least until they get banned for the nth time.

>> No.1917672
File: 2.35 MB, 1012x1324, 1615749461865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, tbqhwyphamalamborghini
All these stupid hate threads make me want to protect the Nazi chicken

>> No.1917921

orange woman... good??

>> No.1917942

Grape-kun... he was all of us...

>> No.1917945

But her roommate is BLM poster?

>> No.1918140

At least someone loves her anon, nobody loves you.

>> No.1918179

Stop defending prostitute whore anon

>> No.1918210

im sorry nobody can see your pain SEAfriend

>> No.1920502

>nobody loves you
that is literally what every single retard has to say when they can't think of a better way to try and insult someone. literal empty words that don't mean shit, you don't know the person, you don't know whether they actually have friends and family that care or don't care about them, you're just throwing your butthurt "insult" out the window at them and it literally means jackshit.

>> No.1920559

Found the person with no friends

>> No.1920616

>literally making sure the thread doesnt die
based committed SEAther

>> No.1920926

Every woman is a potential rape victim. Thats why their men are supposed to protect their mother/sisters/daughter’s virtue. Don’t rely on a law. A law will not unrape.

>> No.1921009
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im going to save this and jack my meat when my mom goes to work.

>> No.1921507

the absolute state of chickenfags

>> No.1922529

cluck cluck

>> No.1922902

Why doesn't Kiara play more JP language games? I would convert to a KFP if she played through umamusume and at least gave summaries on what's happening. She needs to flex her JSL skills more

>> No.1927797

poor girl kek

>> No.1927903

t. chinese holo anti

>> No.1927951

I don't care if Ame takes 1000 years to move I'm not watching menhera tori

>> No.1928042

Because unlike the other girls she brought most of it on herself and thus mostly deserves it and isn't worth savior fagging

>> No.1928265

>without Kiara Collabs wouldn't work at all
>Kfp think Kiara screaming the first thing that comes to mind every second of dead air is a good thing
Explains a lot

>> No.1928381

>a bunch of posts resurrecting a thread on page 10, 3 hours after the last post
you "people" sure aren't smart, huh

>> No.1928541
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>tfw did it 4 teh lulz

>> No.1930486

this is an excellent idea. she could temper her super energy phoenix glow with late night chill chicken VN and JRPG translation streams

>> No.1930514

>reee pls let this thread mocking my oshi die reee

>> No.1931394

Jesus loves me

>> No.1931683

Gonna screenshot to fap later

>> No.1935640

why do people think kiara browses /vt/?

>> No.1935673

She probably likes the attention and there's always a lot of Kiara threads.

>> No.1935724
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>little shark's mouth

>> No.1935826

>hate comments
Oh boy I can hear her playing up the victim mentality for attention already.

>> No.1936283

drugs are a much more enjoyable way to hurt yourself

>> No.1939886

threads still up nigger

>> No.1940111

Go check warosu and tell me OP shouldn't have gotten banned.

>> No.1940596

When the thread's so good you gotta print that shit

>> No.1943761

This is what I'm referring to: https://archive.nyafuu.org/vt/thread/1772048/#1775921
Confused anon or Kiara herself? I don't know. Check this out too:

>> No.1951152


>> No.1951524

I can only read this in her voice and nothing else because she only cares about herself

>> No.1951884

The dual language stuff has some potential due to her being able to do stuff that no one in Hololive except Coco can do, and having English being her primary language and no having to deal with the awful Chinese antis would give her a big advantage. Pikamee from VOMS has gotten a pretty huge following due in large part to using both languages constantly.

>> No.1952126

>that guy who superchatted about changing Kiara's pants if she regresses to a baby
The absolute state of KFP.

>> No.1953441

Leave my waifu alone

>> No.1953464

Do you think OP actually did it, or was it a bluff?

>> No.1953704
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can't believe it's been 6 months

>> No.1953814

And today I won't.

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