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what's this information that she leaked?

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Was it leaked on KoreKore?

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Virginity status of all the hololive members... I have the copy here.

Your oshi? She's not virginal.

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She told Mafumafu her(Rushia's) discord.

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It might just be the existence of that DM reading stream and her hysterical live reaction to it. Anything interesting has probably been translated for a week now

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everyone knows you are still a virgin if you only use your mouth and your bussy.

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Ayame's streaming schedule for the next 2 years.
Yes, all 7 streams.

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She is personally responsible for the increasing tensions in eastern europe.

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Roommate info, more than what is unofficial common knowledge.
Damning info about Cover's management, likely info that isn't even true. IE: They forced her to do GFE.
Internal revenue numbers.
Secretly commanded anti-brigades like the CN branch (not sure against whom)

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Actually died, thanks anon

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She divulged personal info about holomembers to korekore. Named all the holomembers with boyfriends, discussions about milking fandeads, stuff like that. In an effort to justify herself, she willingly threw other members under the bus.

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When did FBK say that?

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Or she is being scapegoated because you can't just admit Cover saw her as a liability and nothing more.

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the rrats that started WWIII. it's not a coincidence anon

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Maybe some the things she leaked are... Indescribable and is too much for the average fan to comprehend

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Likely this + contacting Korekore

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There is no “leaked information”. It’s just an excuse to fire her, because you cant legally fire someone for having a boyfriend.

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go back tourist

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Yeah, I know. I was there.

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>Secretly commanded anti-brigades like the CN branch (not sure against whom)
And there it is, same schizos. Right back where we started.

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She fucking leaked everything. They're not even giving their top earner the benefits of a graduation, they're straight kicking her the fuck out to the streets. She probably leaked the personal lives of all her genmates as well as all of Cover staff, everything you can think of.

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Hope she sues and gets her money back that Cover just refunded.

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They were scared of what she MIGHT do anon, not what she actually did.

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Of course a leaker is a liability

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she got a boyfriend. no real leaks happened, they just needed a way to terminate the contract
there is no support because she got fired

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Whatever it was, if cover has ANY shred of competency, we'll never know since they should have already went after whoever she leaked it to and made them sign an NDA.

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That cover is a black company

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>Hope she sues
She's not American.

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>holomembers with boyfriends

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Fuck off tourist.

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I already know Kiara fucked old men in Japan but she's a changed girl now and I love her very much.

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Is Korekore allowed to report on it? Now that shes gone whats stopping him from going full send and showing everything?

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Didn't need a leak to figure that one out.

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Well unceremoniously firing her isn't going to prevent her from doing that, is it? Negotiating a graduation with an NDA and giving her some financial and legal incentive not to do it would make a lot more sense. Same reason Coco hasn't run her mouth about her general mistreatment except in the vaguest terms.

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If you're talking about her reaction to Rushia then on her collab stream with Flare.

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Besides the possibility of being assrammed by Cover's legal department?

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But Rushia isn't under contract after march

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He was the one that contacted COVER because he wanted to make sure he was not in legal trouble. Expect some "nebulous" statements that more or less confirm what we know. She shared personal communications between herself and staff/managers, and she shared personal(relationship status) information about other members. Probably to defend herself or qualify herself.

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>a single streamer going up against Cover's entire legal division
Yeah, that sounds like a genius plan

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truth scares you that much huh

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"it should have been done sooner" is not an accurate translation of what FBK said in the bakatare stream, what she said was more like "the announcement should have been posted by now"

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I thought people said Hololive was a family?

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lmao keep dreaming. he made a youtube video and cover fired their top earner over it and did shit to him. they should have sued him and made him retract his statements and videos and kept rushia but apparently they're still the spineless fucking snakes they've always been. kore can do whatever he wants no, free reign. honestly i hope he goes all out, it'd be good karma for cover.

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watame ;_;

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Just friends mostly. And those friends are mostly just "business friends".

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Not only that, she was so retarded that she tried to prove all that to korekore by sharing discord DMs. DMs with the REAL FUCKING NAMES of her fellow holomembers.

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Can you call someone who stabbed everyone in the back a member of the family?

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so, did peko find true love or not?

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>his oshi is Korekore
not /vt/ get out

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I mean... if he were to get in legal trouble it would have been after his stream but he obviously didnt, and neither was Mafumafu since he showed his DMs between him and her roommate, then fucked off to do his album.

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Yeah a family of two-faced backstabbers

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The truth is that your private life doesn't matter to Cover as long as you make them money. Rushia must have done something much worse than having a bf.

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Ohana means Family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

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All the "Cover fired her for having a boyfriend" people need to think a little. Why would they put out a statement defending her and saying they don't pry into her private life only to fire her a few days later? If having a boyfriend was the only thing she did wrong, they would have just ignored the incident and had her keep streaming like nothing happened, same as they've done in the past. They wouldn't fire their top earner unless they had a very good reason.

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Ukrainian air force and naval sites, I'd wager

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>I thought people said Hololive was a family?
Whoever said this is retarded. Hololive has some friends, and some cliques, but none involved Rushia. In fact, I'd bet the other girls fucking hated Rushia because she sucked up half the gachikois without doing much to promote the other girls to them. Rushia was probably the most disconnected of all hololive members.

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if Korekore was a true friend, he could have stopped Rushia at her first dox DM
because if both of them have brains, they should have known that providing personal information colleagues is illegal

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Still don't know why you paid me so much to fuck your oshi anon, but I appreciate it.

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Employment status of hololivers who bait GFE but fuck on the side? TERMINATED
Who’s next up? It isn’t ending with Rushia of course.

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so they don't look like bad guys for firing her for having a boyfriend

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Is Korekore the true backstabber? Why did he need to leak what Rushia leaked to him?

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This sounds way too plausible

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A contract ending does not mean you can just talk about confidential information. NDAs last years and breaking them already means you can be sued. If Rushia is not being assblasted by Covers legal team atm she should be thankful, and be thanking Cover for just firing her.

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To protect himself from any and all legal reprecussions if it got leaked that they were in contact. Self preservation, really

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hopefully mori

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Yeah, but first and foremost they're a company. When one of them does shit that is not salvageable and also breaches the contract there is simply nothing that can be done. This outcome is already pretty good, considering there hasn't any legal action taken against her.

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Because he's jap Keemstar. He will backstab anyone for money or clout. He just wanted to make sure he was legally safe.

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yes you need to take your meds if you honestly believe that a woman would gossip and harm the reputation of her fellow women. this has literally never happened in human history schizo's. buy and ingest pharmaceuticals, i love pharmaceutical companies because they only want the best for me.

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Obviously this. It took them a week or so because Cover is inept, but I would have had all the logs of her corporate Discord messages that same night and when it became clear that the parasocials were not going to let it go and she was poison, I’d have easily found 10 different excuses to fire her the next day. There’s always plenty of excuses to fire anyone if you look hard enough, and she was a hyper emotional woman using delusional single men for money while fucking a dude pulling the same scam on lonely women. The real mercy here is they went with the option that lets her retain at least a little dignity and lets her stream elsewhere or she cares to try. They could have definitely used more sordid “reasons”.

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The problem is that Rushia gave him information that even he said he can't show.

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Are you 15 years old? You fucking imbecile kys. You have no idea how Jap corps operate.

>> No.18987499

Worst part about this is that most normalfags in the west won't know about this context and thus will trash Hololive claiming that they fire talents for having boyfriends

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Cover isn’t a unified front or a person. Coco has affection and respect for Yagoo and some of the suits and of course the other holomems. She was never going to piss all over Cover because she can’t selectively hurt only the ones she doesn’t like.

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Rushia knew what happened to Magnet…

>> No.18987745

Backlash didn’t stop and they did the math.

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That’s what’s confusing me she gave him information for him to clear up the confusion but also didn’t want him to say anything? How would people believe without the proof she gave him? Is Rushia actually just dumb?

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NEETs should not comment on the nature of contractual obligations. They strengthen the case that they should be culled further.
NDA and similar contracts have stipulations that can be decades long. If the NDA she signed stipulated confidentiality until 2100, and she leaked information 50 years from now, as a demented grandma, she would still be liable to suits and fines.

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she was underaged and lied about that

>> No.18987985

She told the dramatuber about the other talents personal life.

>> No.18987999

Please neck yourself for even saying that as bait. Get the fuck out.

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Nah Mori has been very open about her roommate from day one and is above board. She is what she appears to be and you can take or leave her. She never lies to you or manipulates you or pretends she’s virginal or sends you yandere messages. You don’t have to like what she is, but she is 100% straight with you. Rushia wasn’t and that’s how things ended this way for her.

>> No.18988098

She has said in the past that she is low IQ/not very smart...

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He’s exactly right.

>> No.18988193

Finally someone with some sense.

>> No.18988287

Or they can be weeks or months long. We ARE getting all the info, it’s just a question of whether we have it tomorrow or in 2 years.

>> No.18988326

So her "everyone is so mean" and goodbye was directed towards other hololive members?

>> No.18988339

Must've been something bad, no doubt. Personal info on Holomembers and Cover staff seems to be the prevailing theory. Perhaps she was trying to take the rest of Hololive down with her in the worst case scenario but Hololive found out and shut it all down before she could.

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That's why you read Your NDAs first before contacting a dramatuber that will throw you under the bus if he gets targeted for saying any info that violates your NDA, play stupid games win stupid prizes

>> No.18988437

Yea, for all the issues with Mori I don't think she's retarded enough to leak a bunch of secret info to a dramatuber

>> No.18988482

god i fucking hate drama streamers they can all get a bullet in their heads for all i care

>> No.18988643

My rrrrat is she wanted to defend herself and her nailing some dude for years, and chose to do so by giving this gossip chump a bunch of proof that literally every hololiver is fucking and dating. Hoping he’d vouch for her or something.
I mean, we are not plebbit or discordpedos here and therefore we do understand that they’re all fucking dudes and dating, right?

>> No.18988669

What issues specifically? Her other channel?

>> No.18988811

If that retard Rushia kept her fucking mouth shut, korekore wouldn't even be in the equation. All she had to do was keep her fucking mouth shut, but she had to blather to a drama youtuber. It's so fucking stupid it makes you wonder how she reached 33.

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Rushia leaked personal info from other holos (real name, address, etc), earnings, upcoming events, etc
This is why shes getting no love from her "coworkers"

>> No.18988907

Wow what a bitch

Ayame, I mean...

>> No.18988918

Current 2ch/5chan right now is saying Rushia gave her discord/chat log to jap keemstar, which includes a bunch of business conversations between her and management/staffs.

>> No.18988953

It's not very hard, being dumb or having low IQ is an excuse. Honesty is the best policy. There is obviously something going on behind which is why she can't just outright tell the truth. She probably pulled one over cover initially and cover supported her back then.

Yeah, I also understand that her mentality is weak blah blah blah yada yada. Then just keep her mouth shut and do NOTHING. Is that really so hard? She mostly has herself to blame.

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Personally I believe the rrat that all of this happened because she was trying to force mafu to commit to her, but it all backfired in her faced and she just kept making mistake after mistake.

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We don't talk about rushia

>> No.18989057

So we should be finding out soon then, cool.

>> No.18989083

She gave him a truckload of personal information to throw other people under the bus in hope to save her own skin during a menhera outburst but even jap keemstar isn't stupid enough to leak that shit.

>> No.18989132

Mori will die by her own hand through sabotaging herself someway somehow since she resents being successful only for being a Vtuber.

>> No.18989153

She leaked the boyfriends of other holos as a last desperate move.

>> No.18989225

What could she possible leak that would've gotten her fired except the relationship status of herself or others which wouldn't be a problem anyway unless having a relationship in itself was a problem?

>> No.18989273

>the quads
>post content

>> No.18989281

nta but my beef with Mori (insofar as I have one at all) is her shilling/collabing with shitheels and then going scorched earth defensive mode about people calling her on it. if I had my way, she’d never interact with envytubers/eop/non-tubers/podcasters etc at all without express prior approval since left unattended we get her liking poopoopeepee troons and trash taste etc.. not a dealbreaker but definitely something I wish she’d knock the hell off. but even in that she is misguided but genuine at least.

>> No.18989282

I'm not being an apologist, but how likely is getting fired for breaking opsec about operations, merch prototypes, revenue numbers etc.? Maybe it isn't malicious. Not that it matters now, though.

>> No.18989314

Literally any corporate information. The contents don't matter, the act of leaking company information in of itself is enough to get her fired.

>> No.18989356

Reminder literally everything you read in this thread is nothing more than speculation.

>> No.18989358

How many kids each tuber has

>> No.18989383

bro really???
rushia better not expose me

>> No.18989499

>The contents don't matter
The contents do matter because a corporation doesn't put literally every single detail about themselves behind an NDA. The fact that it was content that Cover that should be kept secret means depending on what it was it could still be something ridiculous.

>> No.18989613

Marine's real age and Noel's real cup sizes

>> No.18989626

Cope idiot.

>> No.18989715

From the rumors, very unlikely. It is also likely that it wasn't "malicious", just stupid.
She tried to defend herself and threw her coworkers under the bus thinking it would help. Maybe she did it as a desperate move and thought the other girls wouldn't mind. Still, a huge no-no.

>> No.18989754

Well, you don't fire your largest earner and refund hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merch over 'something ridiculous'. Those manufacturers aren't going to say 'oh no one wants your merch anymore, guess I'll accept not getting paid".

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>> No.18989817

but didn’t

>> No.18989862

Merchandise is funded by the vtuber personality rather than COVER iirc.

>> No.18989863

Is it really just corporate information? It doesn't explain why the holos are reacting the way they are, It might be something that could put not just the company but other holos into jeopardy

>> No.18989881


>> No.18989912

kys discord troon shitbag

>> No.18989966

All Rushia had to do was let the drama settle for a week and go about her business. Fandeads were already forgiving her by Valentines and she was expected to get hundreds of thousands in SC revenue on her comeback stream. All of that and more gone because women just can't keep secrets.

>> No.18989990

Others' personal info out of spite.

>> No.18990013

>it should have been done sooner
holy shit did fbk really say that?

>> No.18990021

How plausible is this: the prevailing rrat right now is that what she got fired over was leaking convos with management to korekore. That sounds like it's grounds enough for getting fired, for one thing, Cover's PR says that she was fired over leaking info that hurt the reputation of the company. For another, she's stated multiple times on roommate accounts how dissatisfied she was that she couldn't address the fans.

So maybe the shit she leaked to korekore was her showing messages from Cover telling her that she wasn't allowed to say anything, and it was her attempt to explain why she didn't make any public statements for so long?

>> No.18990034
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>a bunch of business conversations between her and management/staffs
How stupid is she?

>> No.18990052

Except there's no way of knowing this because all the details will be kept private. I highly doubt Rushia leaked corporate finances or anything like that. Anything she did leak would've been related to the current drama, which depending on what it is could possible be tantamount to being "fired for having a boyfriend" even if that's not what literally happened.

It's entirely possible that Cover is telling the truth that they don't pry into a talent's personal life as long as they keep the details secret, but have something akin to don't ask don't tell. If she confirmed her relationship status with a 3rd party that could've triggered her firing. But that is purely speculation.

>> No.18990061

Cover still covers some of the cost. Even as little as 20% + lost profits would be a sizable penalty to eat compared to just letting her coast for a few months then graduating if needed.

>> No.18990069

Happens every day. Corporations are absolutely retarded. Also she was no longer a big earner, she was poison. You’re saying Hollywood wouldn’t deperson Big Harv cause he made them billions.
Back to the disinfo discord with you.

>> No.18990119

Literally everyone in the "Idol" industry gets absolutely raw dogged by their producer before entering a role.

>> No.18990172

No, she did not. She said the PR should have been released sooner.

>> No.18990186

Nice trips

>> No.18990256

>How stupid is she?
shes a woman what do you think?

>wants to "prove" shes not getting railed every night by some nip with a tiny dick
>proceeds to leak pictures of her room, chat logs, personal info and company secrets
its actually kind of funny when you think about it

>> No.18990292

I keep thinking of how the other JP Keemstar knew that Coco would graduate before everyone else, oh well, it is probably not related in any way.

>> No.18990326

>"Regarding "Uruha Rushia," it has been apparent for some time that she has been distributing false information to third parties and has been leaking information, including communications regarding business matters. We have been investigating the facts related to these matters."
>"With respect to the above, we were able to confirm that she engaged in acts that: violated her contract by leaking information that she acquired from the company as well as communication over SNS, both of which she has a responsibility to protect; and caused the company to suffer reputational damage, such as by publicizing falsehoods to various related parties"
>Hololive members not showing any sympathy
She must've the person behind some of the JP rrats

>> No.18990338

HololiveJP knows how to handle whores unlike HololiveEN.
The only part that is wrong about this entire thing is that they didn't fire Mori when she shit on her fans and admitted drug use.

>> No.18990407

low effort and disappointing

>> No.18990446

>try to defend herself by giving information to some Japanese dramawhore
Never interact with non holos ever

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She didn't leak shit quit falling for the cover story lol
Cover is shit, deal with it

>> No.18990487

b-but she didn't know what hitting the lean meant thoooooooo she just said it because she thought it was cool slang

>> No.18990502

anon... they all have boyfriends.

>> No.18990524

Honestly pretty based if that’s the case. Rushia would’ve have done it out of revenge, knowing the concequences.

>> No.18990562

I hope we get more solid info on the leaks before the normie whiteknight shitstorm comes

>> No.18990566

Thanks senpai Disneyfags deserve to be sent to the gulag and shot in the back of the fucking head

>> No.18990567

It's not bait it's the truth.
Cope however you must

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If it was 2010 and my oshit wasn't a virgin I'd be upset, but in 2022 I don't expect any woman to have a bodycount under 5 and that's lowballing it.

>> No.18990617

>Rushia is hated by all her co-workers
>Holo finally has everyone on a leash after Coco leaving

>> No.18990645

This. It’s the Japanese way. The earlier statement about “respecting private lives” was just to cover their ass.

>> No.18990670

>firing a burger for drug use
So true and I agree. Because this would fire every single HoloEN.

>> No.18990715

The condemning factor is that no other talent is shedding any tears over her termination, that's where the real issue lies

>> No.18990748

>gets kicked out by said twink nip
literally nothing about this went her way, how the fuck do you even recover from this?

>> No.18990777

she leaked our sex tape

>> No.18990803

All 30 seconds of it?

>> No.18990830

No you retard.
It's not strictly about what they do in their private life it's about what they are too stupid and let it leak about their private life.

>> No.18990831

Even the fat ones?

>> No.18990881

Is it really leaking info is no one fucking knows what it was

>> No.18990894

She Leaked company emails to drama channels in japan including ones between her and her manger

>> No.18990905

even the fat ones.

>> No.18990909

Oh I’m sure it is. I don’t know why everyone keeps brushing that under the rug when Narukami was able to publish his video before Coco made her announcement.

Capcha: MANK0

>> No.18990924

This but especially alcohol, objectively the worst drug.

>> No.18990990

Anon fucked her 6 times?

>> No.18991049

Cover is a cover company, she probably leaked arms deals and Nuclear missile codes kek

>> No.18991074

>wasn't "malicious"
>She tried to defend herself and threw her coworkers under the bus thinking it would help
I know she's a woman but she's not fucking 7 anon
If you throw your coworkers under the bus you don't get to claim you're just too retarded to understand that is a bad thing as an adult

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I don't trust Cover anymore. They're becoming more and more shady each month. And I see no reason for any of you to do the same.

>> No.18991125

ame please

>> No.18991140

Having a bf isn’t the problem. Having bad opsec about your bf while also selling literal engagement rings is a different story. She made a fool of herself, her fans, and put Cover in a terrible position. After that they were looking for any excuse to fire her, and dug until they found one.

>> No.18991191

>They're becoming more and more shady each month.
True they've gotten darker over time
Almost Black even...

>> No.18991206
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the only wrong thing about this move by cover is that it didn't happen sooner and that they didn't give mori the same treatment

>> No.18991342

>If she confirmed her relationship status with a 3rd party that could've triggered her firing. But that is purely speculation.
The issue isn't that she confirmed her relationship status, it is that she doxed her coworkers to prove that her relationship status wasn't a big deal.

>> No.18991362

Apparently apart from real names of holomembers there are also 2 actual addresses that were leaked. No info yet if they are addresses of managers or holomems. Relevant parties have been asked to take needed measures and COVER will facilitate relocation if needed

>> No.18991373


Is there any Rushia cosplay JAV?

>> No.18991374

Especially the fat ones.

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Say what you want about Rushia, but if it's true that she was planning on leaking information that could potentially ruin Hololive's reputation, then Cover is hiding something. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

>> No.18991446

these low iq retards think Cover is a family company and not a multi-million dollar enterprise with investors from all over the world

>> No.18991463

She could be just too retarded, it's just that no one will forgive that kind of retardation.

Japanese people can't read english.

>> No.18991484

>fucks over members who have always taken great care for their opsec like Subaru
God I hope rushia kills herself or is killed by the yakuza or something

>> No.18991515

>it is that she doxed her coworkers to prove that her relationship status wasn't a big deal
Pure speculation

>> No.18991573

In Japan your boss basically coerces you to go drink with him, so they probably don't care about that one.

>> No.18991618

>She could be just too retarded
Stop being retarded anon
Women are never THIS retarded when they do this shit.
Stop treating grown women as kids

>> No.18991635

anon the based VN protagonist

>> No.18991702

I just don't give a fuck.

It's like playing a game as a female character for me..

Yeah I could do the same with a guy but this one is nicer to look at/listen too. Only Virgincels give a shit if their 2d cutout got popped or not because really...You aren't gonna fuck the VA and you aren't going to fuck their character so just enjoy it for what it will and masturbate to the fantasy like every other sensible person who ever had pornography.

>> No.18991707

>Pure speculation
Yeah it's just a major coincidence the real names and info from a bunch of holomens that have never been leaked before were leaked right?

>> No.18991714

How is that a cope to him? Was he supposed to flinch at your your made up headcannon?

>> No.18991734

Honestly, I think this could be it. It's 50-50 in my head right now

Like, maybe she leaked things that have not been published yet, and maybe it's true that the holomems really are done with her

Or maybe the only thing she leaked was her rushia SNS data for collabing (a normal thing) but since she "didn't have the permission" to tell him her real name, they used that little thing to punish her for being reckless enough for people to figure out she had a boyfriend

I don't know what's worse

>> No.18991796

Maybe she was just too mentally fucked to understand.
Not a justification, tho.

>> No.18991826

Are you denial about rushia being fired or something?

>> No.18992027

in this industry and this particular agency?
If I made the rules, it would also be grounds for suing depending on what was leaked

>> No.18992120

Damn, can't believe Rushia just went and leaked the Dead sea Scrolls like that

>> No.18992150

yeah and all these other holomems are wishing her good riddance for it


>> No.18992174

sheesh anon has got some powerful recovery

>> No.18992288

I mean. We already know both.

>> No.18992328

Leaked every hololive employees dick size
Even yagoo’s

>> No.18992421

She leaked precum

>> No.18992525

Do you realize how fucking hard it is to fire someone in Japan?

>> No.18992533

The real question is, what happens next? Does Cover stop all GFE from now on? Do they scrub out Rushia from existence and pretend she was never real?

>> No.18992598

>wishing her good riddance
But that's not true though, the sentiment throughout all the tweets so far has been along the lines of "I'm sad/I don't know how to feel, but unfortunately this had to happen, and the only thing I can do is move forward." This is pretty much how I would expect someone to comment professionally on a longtime coworker who was fired on legal grounds which none of them would have the capacity or position to dispute.

>> No.18992650

>Does Cover stop all GFE
I'm EOP so it's not like I ever had any from Hololive anyway.

>> No.18992713

She can lawyer up if that's the case, but do you really believe Cover isn't covered legally?

>> No.18992751

The people pushing shit like that just want even more drama and are ready to fabricate it.
Things are pretty much as you have said.
It's also the reason they keep saying this invalidates Fubuki's old statement about trusting Cover, while it doesn't.

>> No.18992780

fbk's "shouldve been done sooner" says otherwise

Rushia leaked something that could hurt them otherwise that sentiment wouldnt be there

>> No.18992816

Difference is she got caught with evidence

>> No.18992899

good riddance take all your retarded reddit friends with you as well. god i hope putin russia flattens out entire northern america with nukes. im tired of this cultural colonialism by whities.

>> No.18992964

Anon some of the other Holos are literally married, they don't give a shit. She broke NDA, that's it.

>> No.18993054

Have you ever tried suing your employer? It's not that easy.

>> No.18993163
File: 25 KB, 541x540, images (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get fired for 'breach of contract'
>sue them + unfair dismissal
you are a genius

>> No.18993206

Anon people on /vt/ have never had a job before, don't try to reason with them. They think the universe functions on rrat logic

>> No.18993290

Fully agree.
That doesn't imply a dislike though. It's too vague to draw any concrete conclusion. You could just as easily argue she believed Cover should've released the statement earlier either to give faster closure to everyone who was waiting on the story, or because she supported Rushia getting canned for NDA. But you have to remember that even leaking innocuous business convos, not even juicy drama about the holos, breaches NDA. There's no real evidence to suggest what she leaked was private info about the holos, rather it seems like it's much more about management based on both korekore and Cover's statement.

>> No.18993305

As long as Mori doesn't break NDA or break the law she's golden. That applies to all of the talents.

>> No.18993467

I believe she has probably already done so, at least verbally.

>> No.18993497

it's fine as long as it stays private, not even AKB does no-love contracts anymore, but that doesn't mean they'll just let you stick around with that kind of baggage dragging down the brand.

black companies will look for any reason to fire you or encourage you to quit once you're a burden to them.

>> No.18993541

yes and we just got rid of an imposter

>> No.18993770

If we’re pretending a joke about lean from a rapper matters, then we are absolutely pretending drinking alcohol matters just the same since it’s objectively worse.

>> No.18993872

The fantasy no longer can exist if you know she’s fucking some dude and it’s thrown in your face. Rushia deleted the Rushia fantasy.

>> No.18993921

Is drinking alcohol really worse than drinking cough syrup?

>> No.18994006
File: 17 KB, 240x320, certainly distasteful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this kinda simp apologist bullshit is why the west is a burning dumpster fire

>> No.18994072
File: 131 KB, 1024x738, A874BB5A-5D5C-4A4C-BC2A-3F1C1E400382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kronii is peak GFE. It’s just that’s she gives you the world’s first realistic one.

>> No.18994158
File: 206 KB, 220x224, 1644556754038.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what did confidential shit did Korekore even talk about that was leaked by rushia?

>> No.18994159

You made that up though. She never said it.

>> No.18994265

As a Deadbeat, i believe it

Gonna support her regardless. She earned her success even if she feels some guilt over it.

>> No.18994347

>It is a hamburger made of nothing my fellow gaijin. I would not worry about it. Please continue supporting Cover.
Gee I wonder who could be behind these posts...

>> No.18994357

It’s all the same shit. We’re not going to fake being outraged about one but not the other.

>> No.18994432

It might have been true early on but was long dead by the time the holomyth anniversary came around.

>> No.18994435

>fbk's "shouldve been done sooner" says otherwise
can you post a screenshot of the tweet? I wanna know how it's phrased.

>> No.18994439

>Rushia just literally doxxed all of her coworkers including even personal address from some of them
>that doesn't mean they dislike though
Are you retarded?

>> No.18994468

>Doesn't open up that much when she's insecure
>can be a cute sometimes when she's having fun

>> No.18994482

It's clear that she shared some personal and company information to Korekore to try and explain her side of the Mafumafu boyfriend story. What isn't clear is what was actually shared.

The current belief is that she shared information about which vtubers are also dating, in an attempt to show that it's normal so people should stop dogpiling on her.

Korekore immediately turned around and alerted Cover of this. Cover told Kore to not share any of the information he received.

Kore then did his drama news stream, where he blurs out all the screenshots Rushia shared but blurs them so you can juuuuuuuuuuuust barely make out some stuff but can't read the whole thing. Hypes the whole thing up but technically hasn't actually leaked anything.

>> No.18994483
File: 103 KB, 671x1024, 1645561837777m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>named all the holomembers with boyfriends
I really hope pecora found her true love and on that list. Miko as well.

>> No.18994487
File: 41 KB, 850x575, 1641293667839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They don't give a shit about her lmao.

>> No.18994489

How did people find out about her bf?
casualfag here

>> No.18994504

who are you quoting?

>> No.18994513

They're actually just real human women behind a camera

>> No.18994516

unlike unicorns, business owner give no shit about their hymen status

>> No.18994526

>you cant legally fire someone for having a boyfriend.
that's not how idols or japan works

>> No.18994554

It's not a tweet, it's something she said during her last stream

>> No.18994594

JP menhera fujos and past colabs

>> No.18994615

In one of Rushia's last streams, she left her fuckign discord notifications on. Her boyfriend messaged her on discord and everyone saw the message pop up live on stream

>> No.18994616

Literally this. Do you think Aloe was punishes because she leaked the model?? In Japanese companies they don't outright say "she's fired for being a massive whore"

>> No.18994651

It broke since the day Coco gone

>> No.18994656

i'm paraphrasing your retarded statements
do you really think someone like subaru that never had her private information leaked before because she actually took good care of her opsec isn't furious about having her real identity circulating the internet now?

>> No.18994697

At least Kore didn't release all the info.

>> No.18994864


>> No.18994872


>> No.18994876

Fake family

>> No.18994944

Pekora being raped by Miko ensured that she'll never move out and will instead just accumulate more kittens.

>> No.18994996

No she didn’t.

>> No.18995063

what's the time stamp?

>> No.18995176

not yet
this will be very slowly milked
rushia will get to watch as her "friends" grow while using her corpse as she fades into obscurity

>> No.18995250

Not that anon, but can you quote what you were paraphrasing where they said or implied Rushia doxxed everyone?

>> No.18995306

He doesn't want to end up like narukami, he's not stupid enough to blow it while the issue is still hot and he doesn't have that much support from the public

>> No.18995378

she leaked the entire company discord to japan's keemstar aka kore

>> No.18995420

>not yet
If he doesn't want to be financially ruined or killed by an insane otaku he'll shut his mouth

>> No.18995446

I'm gonna be direct this time, can you give me a source?

>> No.18995469

>rushia doxxed everyone
Source that one anon's ass
they haven't mentioned what was leaked specifically but others are thinking rushia leaked the whole discord server or some kind of personal info of other holomems

>> No.18995470
File: 38 KB, 606x322, FMWh8ToWUAAFZKK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18995537


>> No.18995559

My oshi has no vagina

>> No.18995571

go watch kore's on his fucking channel or follow him on twitter you fucking retard
you can get it from his own fucking mouth

>> No.18995573

>retards on 4chan don't know how serious breaking an NDA is

simply firing her with no further legal action would be remarkably chill on their part, cover could destroy her entire life if they wanted to

>> No.18995579

Eh, most likely she just revealed a shitload of staff e-mails.

>> No.18995645

Rushia fucking hates her coworkers?

>> No.18995658

like a good 75% of the fags on here are underage tourists

>> No.18995673

If Fubuki meant that she would've quit when Cover employees were stalking their talents. Fubuki's opinion means jackshit and you're a retard for assuming otherwise

>> No.18995709

>Source that one anon's ass
if you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not real go ahead

>> No.18995710

she's talking about the tweet, not the firing.

>> No.18995712

>EOP whore humpers after Cover's first statement got released
>EOP whore humpers after Cover's second statement got released
I hope this is a eye opener for Cover's management that these people aren't their source of income. Fire Mori next.

>> No.18995747

I heard Rushia was ZA HANDO

>> No.18995799

>if you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not real go ahead
I haven't watched the kore thing yet, still busy with this commission will probably watch it latter once I'm done with this art

>> No.18995822

You're talking to underage retards who've never once filed their taxes before, much less understand the intricacies of law. Cover was being merciful here. If they took serious legal actions against her for breaking her NDA, she could stand to lose much of her current wealth if not all depending on the exact letter of the agreement. Even now there's no guarantee there won't be legal repercussions, Cover might be ramping up to that for all we know.

>> No.18995823

>retards on japanese ukiyo e forum
uh uh tell this to redditard and twitter trannies

>> No.18995831

Let's all step back, take a breath, sigh, and then just think this entire shitstorm started because of a single discord message. I lnew she would leave but i was wrong as i didn't think she would be outright terminated, what on earth was she thinking leaking company secrets and to JP Keemstar of all people.

>> No.18995892

God I wish this board has an age verification thing , or a test that weeds out the summerfags

>> No.18995972

All she had to do was literally do nothing at all.
That's it.
She would likely be back streaming already at this point if she had kept quiet and ignored everything

>> No.18995994

damn, stone cold

>> No.18995998

This is from more than a week ago, I've already watched this before, nothing about her leaking company info here.
What I've seen from Kore is nothing but rrats and speculation about her supposed cohabitation with her BF mafumafu. Nothing on leaked company shit.

>> No.18996010

Fuck off you gaijin cock sucker, EOPs aren't even part of the topic and you still had to bring it up anyways lmao, literal one-track mind

>> No.18996022
File: 38 KB, 650x372, crysis age verification.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18996030
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18996046

this, a black company would be on this shit, trying to get as much money out of her asap

but no, theyre refunding merch and leaving it at termination

>> No.18996047

can you give a link to the deleted tweet?

>> No.18996070

Japans sanctions hit hard, russia has been banned

>> No.18996082

it's not real retard

>> No.18996137

got any more

>> No.18996179

>watame isnt bawling her eyes out

rushia doxxed her boyfriend

>> No.18996200

What was her live reaction?

>> No.18996211

There's literally nothing on what she leaked. The retards linking the week+ old kore video don't even know what the contents are.

>> No.18996216

How did Cover get access to DMs between her and Korekore?

>> No.18996218
File: 43 KB, 393x502, 1547223069539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it is illegal to dox people, autist chan

We already know most of these girls have boyfriends, some have husbands as you can literally see by checking their names, and none are virgin because they're around 25-35 of age and in japan it is cringe to still be unfucked by 15.
Average person finds their lifelong partner by 17, all their talent will soon be double of that. It is still illegal to dox people and break legally binding contracts.

Don't be an autist, autist chan.

>> No.18996252

Goddamn lol, yeah Rushia fucked up against the whole fucking company BAD

>> No.18996314

it's listed in twitter you dumb fuck

go find it yourself you fat leech

>> No.18996321

To be fair, she is still lawyering up anyway. Whether the aim is at Cover or not is, I guess, a matter of time. She's silly enough she'll probably blatantly say she's fucking suing them kek

>> No.18996340

I know the text doesn't translate properly, just checking on what she actually twitted at that time

>> No.18996349

I absolutely agree with you. She needed to shut up lay low for a week or two and it would have been washed out, but no, she like every woman had to go complete menhera and shoot herself in the foot. I never watched her so i won't make any comments on her streams and activities, but surely she could have just kept her mouth shut for a damn week.

Hell, her fandeads had already pretty much gotten over it and were gearing up to shower in akasupas when she came back. Think she will swing from 6 feet? I give her a month at most, kek.

>> No.18996428
File: 11 KB, 400x400, 1521292141862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>>thank you to people from overseas. I want everyone in the beloved world to understand. There are many things I can't say (I want to say), my heart is torn, but I'm going to talk with a lawyer today and try to solve it.

>> No.18996451
File: 133 KB, 862x775, 1630372771881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jokes on you my oshi is a lesbian

>> No.18996569

Was this deleted? Got a screen cap?

>> No.18996571
File: 17 KB, 541x955, twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also how do we know this is Rushia? There's enough people saying it that I kinda believe it, but how do they KNOW?

>> No.18996580

Fake and nonheterosexual

>> No.18996593

i honestly think there is more to it than just the recent debacle, this latest shitshow was just enough for them to check what she is actually doing with her corporate account

>> No.18996637

I fear she may already be getting sued by Cover if she's lawyering up. The nail-ripping snail and Room 201 incident proves how dangerous the fine print in a contract can be and depending on what clauses Cover has in their contract's fine print, Mikeneko could be facing a financial apocalypse. Like 'move back into your parents' house' tier apocalypse.

>> No.18996643

go back to disinfocord

>> No.18996648
File: 45 KB, 589x258, mikeneko_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gotcha senpai, it was deleted.

>> No.18996695

The fucking what snail?

>> No.18996726

get a job

>> No.18996771

How fucking new?

>> No.18996804

Too bad I'm too old to care about that stuff
I've fucked 5 women my whole life before I turned 20
I haven't fucked anyone for a decade now
I'm still happy, go fuck yourself
I enjoy Hololive for who they are, not who they didn't fuck

>> No.18996842

EOP are saying it has nothing to do with any boyfriend and it's totally just because she broke SUPER IMPORTANT NDAS. Trooncord is banning people who remotely imply otherwise.

>> No.18996844

Arigathanks Anon you are my hero
>captcha hates me because im a spaz

>> No.18996869

based tribalfag

>> No.18996879

maybe within each gen but as a whole it's a corpo front

>> No.18996919

The fat ones are divorced or married, take your pick.

>> No.18996926

I am my own oshi, good to hear I had sex. Kinda bad that I can't remeber it though

>> No.18996932

I'm sure these are the "leaks". With these incidents, It's like her 3rd or 4th infringement.

>> No.18996933

I don't understand Japanese so I genuinely only watch english speaking vtubers like vshoujo. I'm sure you're gonna judge me on that, but it is what it is.

So how, how do we know that's Rushia anyway? The Kson/Coco link is super fucking clear and easy to get, but I don't see how this twitter and Rushia connect

>> No.18996954

>I'm a simp
That's all you had to say

>> No.18996962

I love how brain broken Mori haters are that they have to make everything about her. I really will be sad when she jumps ship.

>> No.18997007


>> No.18997035

She got fired for fucking men and letting simps find out, retard.

>> No.18997041
File: 67 KB, 615x748, rushia lawyering up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.18997042

it's not about the leak batman, can't you see?


>> No.18997056

This, I assume: https://web.archive.org/web/20210910175220/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4caaS1JCorU
Though idk what happened to her after that

>> No.18997067

How do you got that information?

>> No.18997089
File: 775 KB, 1392x898, 1644981682234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The based content early bloomer.

>> No.18997111

...Isn't that an odd collab? The three crybaby unity holos just happen to be collabing together when this announcement dropped. I don't see these three collab together often, let alone all at once.

>> No.18997144

Fuck are you on about? Azki and Fubuki are both married, Aki's at least divorced, and god knows about the rest of them. Nobody gets fired from Cover for having a boyfriend, even if you honestly believe she was actually dating that weird, alien motherfucker.

>> No.18997162
File: 15 KB, 590x285, so it existed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seems legit.

>> No.18997174

Those are even less real and convincing than their virginal anime avatars.

>> No.18997218

Remember Coco, suspended for "leaking YT" data.
Or Aloe suspended for leaking "test video"
Both were bulshit excuses

>> No.18997236

>Average person finds their lifelong partner by 17

>> No.18997240

it really isn't, their bakatare group has been around for a while already.

>> No.18997270

Your oshi got fired under the thinnest of pretexts for getting railed by a sweaty man, and letting simps find out and you will never ever recover lololol

>> No.18997303

There is. Forgot the code though. Someone else will have to answer that for you.

>> No.18997309

It would be fucking hilarious and honestly pretty based if she decided to go scorched Earth and do this.

>> No.18997325

I've donated exactly $0 in superchats

>> No.18997343

What in the holy fuck did you make watch? What's the context behind this?

>> No.18997359

I know this is a joke but wouldn't this kinda make sense.
Rushia has a hate mob for having a bf, see's a shit-ton of other members having bfs, not sticking up for her, or "getting away with it".
Tries to leak that a shit-ton of other members have bfs too, she's not the only one.
Reason as of why the other members are glab she's getting fired.
Hololive is mad that it would create even bigger shit-storm, plus personal info. Fires her.

>> No.18997415

Not outright at least but now he has a vault of gossip content he can dripple out and partly prove, fucker got handed a goldmine

>> No.18997456

My jap is shit, but apparently ripping her nail out was her way of apologizing for being late for some other stream
If some other anon knows more - enlighten me

>> No.18997478

I was going to mock you but I've been awake for 28 hours so I don't really feel like it. I also really don't feel like spoonfeeding you either, but all you need to know is that it is her.
I know what kind of place this is and how dumb this is going to sound, but I have literally zero reason to lie about this. If that doesn't work for you then get someone else to spoonfeed you at risk of getting vacation'd or do your archive reps.

>> No.18997507

She's not employed anymore. Maybe she can earn the rights for her character or smth

>> No.18997520

Apparently Kore contacted Cover to verify that it's okay to bring up the chat log on his stream and that's how they found out. Shit that basically anyone streamer with a brain should do, except Rushia I guess.

>> No.18997527

That's hilarious, throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. All completely off the mark. Sounds like your job application success rate

Thanks for proving me right you NEET fuck
prolly underage too

>> No.18997545

Christ man, that's awful

>> No.18997578

I don't use this board either, I'm LITERALLY only here for the drama so I have no idea what vacation or archive reps means.

I don't need to be spoon fed, i need to be goddamn baby bottled and burped.

>> No.18997605

She was fucking him for years, retard. Are there “people” who unironically haven’t seen the years-old reams of photos of her and him, sitting on the same furniture, eating the same meals on the same days? It’s old news.
What changed is she let it leak to the uber delusional simps right on stream and shattered their illusion forever. Cover waited a while, hoping it would just blow over. But she kept making it worse, and the simps weren’t letting it go so they had to act.
This can happen to any holomember at any time. They’re all fucking. Let’s hope Cover finally gets its shit together and implements some sort of top down system preventing yabs like this from now on.

>> No.18997622

personally think this is what happened

watame isnt crying she is probably super pissed

>> No.18997664

I mean, he could have gotten nuked from orbit (partial pun) depending on how the NDA is written so i guess he thought he was playing it safe? I admit i am not familiar with japanese laws on written contractual agreements.

>> No.18997704

holy shit the seethe

>> No.18997713
File: 42 KB, 730x391, 1636190327693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't give a shit if she was riding twink cock but if she was leaking personal information about other Holomembers, especially the ones that standing up for her, then fuck Rushia.

>> No.18997772

get a job

>> No.18997809

Surely she wasn’t foolish enough to leak info about the world’s strongest idol or she’d be in a crock pot by now…

>> No.18997822

Yeah that's what I'm trying to get at. Korekore is a worst kind of dramafag but the guy is professional enough to know when to draw the line before getting reamed by leaking NDA from other companies. If Rushia would stop for a second and ask someone if leaking chat log to a dramatuber is a good idea she would still be streaming right now.

>> No.18997842

Any source that isn't dramatuber? Did Cover said something about this?

>> No.18997859
File: 144 KB, 600x600, 1642257737841.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember the rice tweet, Anon...

>> No.18997874

calm down faggot, you’re embarrassing yourself
log off and take a break

>> No.18997882

>Haachama knew

>> No.18997894

unicornfags think this is all about them them them

but this is the real shit

>> No.18997910

>professional enough

>> No.18997946

i appreciate your honesty
>vacation = ban
>archive reps = search the past threads on an archiver like https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/vt/ for an answer, 99% of the time when people say this they are just being a smartass and they don't actually know the answer either, or they mistakenly think that they are being helpful and gatekeeping /vt/ from redditfags while not realizing that /vt/ pretty much has been reddit from day 1
the other anon is telling you the truth btw

>> No.18997967


>> No.18997992

hahahaha amogus rushia ejected sus

>> No.18997993

When drunk in a Japanese bar in her Texan English, maybe.
It's like how Russian Botan viewers can post some depraved-ass comments live and not get banned.

>> No.18997998
File: 194 KB, 680x654, 1644766428859.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18998000

>Haachama tried to scare her off and therefore save her
>wasn’t heeded

>> No.18998074
File: 112 KB, 750x901, 6CAE1C42-23E8-4F5C-8FD6-90B6247CCDD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. Take your meds and touch grass, seething retard.

>> No.18998081

is flare reading from a script? ske keeps lokking down while talking.

>> No.18998105

>replies to 'get a job'
>log off

you need to be over 18 to post on 4chan

>> No.18998165

Calm down, samefag. Chill out, log off, touch grass. Have sex. Lean back and take a deep breath and try again next thread.

>> No.18998266

Maybe. Perhaps she finds it hard to maintain eye contact while lying?

>> No.18998267


yeah tourist confirmed if it wasnt obvious

>> No.18998320

>touch grass
Careful now, you're using Faggot Language.

>> No.18998348

Seethe harder, newfag, your oshi fucked dudes for years and got fired for it, simple as. Meds. Now.

>> No.18998381

>outed as an underage neet tourist
>keeps using le cool 4ch terms wrongly

Off by about a year, you stupid nigger

>> No.18998469

sentence structure and vocab use gives you away, nig

go back to le reddit and
get a job

>> No.18998476

Seriously? You clearly don't watch streams very much. Bakatare is one of the oldest, most well-established, most prolific cross-gen groups in the company. They collab together all the time.

>> No.18998488

“And in short, basically fuck that bitch. See you tomorrow!”

>> No.18998514


>> No.18998530

japan has very strict libel/slander laws. there are cases when making a provenly true statement wasn't even enough to win against defamation case.

>> No.18998554
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>newfag is still raging and seething
Meds, then lurk moar.

>> No.18998571

The location of key Ukrainian assets based on amount of super chat given to her.

>> No.18998591

You retard

>> No.18998757

Yeah the way it’s gone down in the past is regardless of whether it’s patently true, the law protects you from damage. Westerners are used to the idea that you can harm people and get away with it as long as it’s true. Japan doesn’t play that. What matters is whether you caused harm to them with your words, true or false. If you slander someone as an adulterer and get them fired, you’re on the hook for it whether or not they really did fuck those 15 bitches or not.

>> No.18999196

I wanna add two things to this.

Japan as a society doesn't like anything that rocks the boat and stirs up trouble. It's part of the reason why Japanese ads are so fucking weird to us. They can't do something like "buy our orange juice, we use the freshest oranges in Japan!" like you would in the west.

From what I understand, apparently you can't directly talk about how your product is better than someone else's because the Japanese will want to see the written documentation that objectively proves it beyond all reasonable doubt, when in the west we all understand that hyping up your product is basic marketing. You do that shit in Japan and a competitor will say you're unfairly ruining their reputation with your slanderous advertising.

Another thing people don't quite get about Japan is the concept of company loyalty. In the west it's very common to swap jobs, even to entirely different industries. In Japan it's not like that at all.

Typically you try to get the attention of a company straight after graduating, and you remain in that company for the rest of your life. Loyalty to the employer is expected from you, not just from the executives but from society. And honestly, hopping around looking for a new job doesn't work that well anyway.

Japan is a very seniority based society. You're more likely to get a promotion due to the fact that you've worked there for a long time and haven't fucked up, rather than being new and really good at your job. Part of why employees buy into the whole company loyalty thing is that the only way to build seniority is to work there a long time.

All of this culminated into a culture where you half worship the company you work for. You're expected to be loyal and do everything reasonable for the sake of the company, and you won't do anything that will damage the company's reputation cause Japan has some strict as fuck laws about that and it'd make you a social pariah anyway. It's like if people found out you snitched on your parents and landed them in jail, who the fuck is going to be proud of you for that?

>> No.18999366

Non shitpost answer:
Things like names and places where they live, probably in the attempt to prove herself innocent she was willing to sacrifice other's privacy together with hers, which could get very dangerous

>> No.18999488

If she doesn't an hero after this then she will never do it and so nobody will believe her the next time she says she's gonna do a flip off Tokyo Tower.

>> No.18999540

And you know this from...

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