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> Be a holostar
> always on the edge of being homeless
> most people on 4chan hate you for no reason
> reddit doesn't even know you're in the same company
> debut without a manager
> debut has 100+ dislikes
> get told you should've gotten a real job when you have two
> people say you're not popular because you're boring but they've never even watched you
> don't get pitied because you're a man and it's your fault for chasing your dreams
> finally get 3D but realize they haven't even tested it
> will always get massively destroyed every time a new branch debuts.
> tons of purityfags will shit on you just for existing in the same space
> can't complain because you'll get chopped off any second your presence interferes with the main branch (see Kaoru)
> acting gay compared to being lesbian is extremely hated and despised
> for some reason you're more allowed to interact with the Muslim extremist branch than the first world branch
> but hey oh wait you're inclining! now you just have to wait 4 years to get a million subs and oh shit cover is already bankrupt

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heh homostars

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>Muslim extremist branch
Indonesian is fairly secularized compared to most majority Islamic nations, also CY is going to but cover. Every thing else you said was fairly accurate though

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>cy buys cover
jesus imagine, but hey atleast they get dollar store subtitles

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> be EN
> can't collab with JPs
> can't collab with Homostars
> can't collab with anyone without permission
> supposed to be streamers and not idols but have more strict requirements

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keep bitching please

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>Expecting random internet strangers to give a shit about you instead of just being glad they do
>Expecting to have no haters

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>> can't collab with JPs
>> can't collab with Homostars
This is false though

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> can't collab with JPs
Not every JP is Coco
> can't collab with Homostars
No they just don't want to
> can't collab with anyone without permission
Good trash taste podcast was a wake up call for why

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> english

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Keep up your reps ESL

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I actually like the Stars too. The fact that they aren't women means the ones who are ambitious either have to work that much harder to get results, and I really respect that. I watch them if what they're doing interests me.

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If management lets them join the JP minecraft server everything will be solved

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> can't complain because you'll get chopped off any second your presence interferes with the main branch (see Kaoru)

what is this

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They do, just rarely
Just announced that Rikka is working with Mori
Welcome to... any entertainment industry?

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What actually happened to Kaoru?

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Roberu and Astel make more than 99% of the vtubers out there, but yeah keep making people pity them it never fails to bring in more SC

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he was too chad and fucked yagoo's wife.

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Anon, he wants to be racist toward SEA without actually saying the thing which would earn him a ban. So religious extremist is the safe route for this faggot.

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the rrrrat is kaoru got miko pregnant. which lead to her vacation and his termination.

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Cover found out he was using dreidels in his beyblade asmr

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the only thing we know is that his wife called the Narukami rumor fake on twitter

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Making more than 99% isn't enough to live off anon

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yah it's unfair and it's amazing that they barely complain at all and don't have any drama, unless you count what astel was doing but he's mentally ill after playing apex for 16hrs straight and realizing it's the only think management will allow him to do

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anon please understand, the religion that doesn't allow women to show their faces and not drive cars is more forgiving with male interactions than the two first world countries.

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>discovery in late February 2010 of a jihadi training camp in Aceh
>18 extremists groups supported ISIS in 2014

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indonesia saikyoooo

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It sure is, roberu usually earns a million yen monthly, he just chooses to live like a slob because he wants to

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I'd watch the stars more if I could find a stockpile of translated clips like I can with the girls.

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Live TLs would be nice someday as well.

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This is a channel with a good amount of Holostar clips every week

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Thats like 30-40k after the cover/youtube cut without taxes

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While they definitely don't have as much as the girls you can find a decent amount if you just looked. Their official channel even has compilation videos with Eng subs.

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This >>1899589
Also Reine was linked to Bashir, that's why the antis got scared.

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Then cover pays him.
My personal rrat is that Holostars is mostly cover employees using their own tech in their spare time so its not their full time job anyways (some holos have part time jobs as well).

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They're normal streamers, a couple still active with their NicoNico crew.

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I like Shien and Arupapa.

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They seem to be doing fine where they're at. Roberu is almost at $150,000 in superchat. Probably more since most of the early holostars started in 2019 and playboard didn't start counting SC until January 2020. Miyabi is the lowest in superchats with just above $26,000 which barely beats Anya's $20,000 which she earned in a shorter amount of time. There's also monetization and membership which is harder to calculate but will likely be smaller than what the top holo girls do. Between 100 on the small end and 1,000 for the high end for membership is what I'd have to guess for holostar members. Might be small but will add up over time.

Also, a thing that numberfagging doesn't account for is that they aren't only living off vtuber money and actually have other jobs they do and holostar is just a hobby to them. Holostars or even some of Holo ID don't need to be the top of the superchat earners to make a decent living. Only a select few can survive on streaming money alone. If they were really desperate, they'd already be doing things to get more money like play whatever is white hot popular or flavor of the month game comes out or casual remarks of behind-the-scenes trouble. They're doing fine and if they're not, they'd likely just quit.

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>playboard didn't start counting SC until January 2020
it's about there, that's around when he got monetized too

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Holostars last debut was almost a year ago. Cover is just waiting for a majority to graduate so they can end the project, isn't it.

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And he still collabs with Holos roommates, so any yabai rrat is pretty much fake.

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...... anon stop

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What's Astel's problem?

>> No.1918020

with what?

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he wants to be manhandled

>> No.1918081

He had that sad video come out. Is he feeling neglected? Did he get passed up for something? Irl stuff?

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don't watch holostars, why is Miyabi the least well performing financially when he's the cutest?
he can't be as unentertaining as anya

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If you're talking about the recent menhera attack, well just imagine playing a game every day for 16h straight and wanting to do anything else. Then management tells you that no you can't do your fun projects and you will play APEX till the day you fucking die. I'm impressed he kept it to one stream.

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he's ok not the best but he's comfy. it's because cute doesn't work for males and they have to put more effort than girls who abuse CGDCT

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>Mori & Rikka

>> No.1918468

> No they just don't want to
Pretty sure Ame wanted to collab with Astel but her goslings threw a fit and started harassing Astel, in the end Ame decided that the best was not to collab with him to avoid further harassment.

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There was an ISIS training camp in the United States, what's your point?

>> No.1918626

yah this, sucks that purityfags ruined the EN branch from actually being interesting

>> No.1918676

i dont beleeb

>> No.1918762

I watch Miyabi sometimes because I like cute 2D boys (his new years outfit is great, the other ones don't really do it for me), and my opinion is that he's simply too normal. His more wacky streams with his drawings are fun, and the others are very comfy, they just don't generate funny clips or anecdotes so he ends up not attracting many new fans.

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Had a good laugh, thanks.

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NTR cucks absolutely seething

>> No.1919013

I'm genuinely happy that Mori was the first one to collab with the Stars. I was afraid that the whole dynamic with Kiara would give power to the yurushitters to shut down any interaction with the boys, but she might be the only one to ever do it. Ina did moderate Roberu's chat that one time so she could collab with them. But considering her main thing is art and the only one from the Stars who draws is Oga, it might be too much for him to collab with a literal professional.

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I don't really care about what Ame does i hate her GFE shit that she have been doing lately, i'm just stating a counter point if you see that as seething then idk man take a break.

>> No.1919073

Well, this is like the problem with almost all Holostars. They don't attract clips because why would you clip someone who won't get clicks because people click less on cute guys instead of cute girls.

>> No.1919122

It sucks cause I honestly had hope for the EN branch because they are EN, the west is the opposite of idolfags/purityfags so why is this shit happening? I don't want them to whore out but I want to see interesting dynamics and collabs we'd never seen. Now, they just feel like an english JP and don't even seem to be part of the 'western community' at all.

>> No.1919181

>i hate her GFE shit
Why did you even start watching Vtubers in the first place?

>so why is this shit happening?
Why do you think Vtubing is even popular in the west at all? It's because the entire world is sick of (((western media))) meanwhile all the major Eastern players are currently experiencing a media renaissance.

>> No.1919350

anon they don't have to act like whores to have more collabs, whether you hate western creators or not you can't say all of them are cunts. No, the whole world isnt sick of western media, the U.S. is one of the largest exporters of intellectual property, almost everything entertaining is made here. https://www.statista.com/statistics/237769/value-of-the-us-entertainment-and-media-market/

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GFE isn't what vtubers are about you niwaka holofag who got into the hobby last year.

>> No.1919369

Holostars is a failed project. Frankly I think they and Cover should be ashamed of themselves for daring to think that these fucking faggots would be allowed to share a name with their female counterparts. Nothing about this project has worked and I think it's high time these dead-in-the-water nobodies were scrubbed from memory.

>> No.1919393

>June, 8th 2016
Oof that didn't age well

>> No.1919397

please tell me who started this trend stupìd homo

>> No.1919423

Care to tell us what it is about?

>> No.1919451

ID is doing fine not going hard on GFE and collabing with the Stars frequently.

>> No.1919453

That link isn't that accurate here's a better source.

"The U.S. Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is the largest in the world at $660 billion (of the $2 trillion global market) - enduring an estimated $53B or 7.3% decline due to the pandemic."

>> No.1919472

you're talking about the past, he's talking about the future.
there's a reason why anime is gaining popularity and manga is taking over and it's not because they're doing anything special, it's because people are sick of the regular american bullshit.
now i do think america will bounce back and stop it with producing complete garbage but he's not wrong that right now american media is experiencing a major downturn.
well movies and tv will bounce back, i honestly think the american comic book industry is completely fucked.

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>the U.S. is one of the largest exporters of intellectual property, almost everything entertaining is made
Hollywood was mostly getting by from inertia and Corona stopped it in its tracks. If you look at the current trends western film, music and videogames are pulling in some of their worst numbers ever. While Japan, China and Korea are seeing an explosive rise of international media consumption

>> No.1919529

What does interacting with males have to do with western media

>> No.1919539

Blow it out your ass clipnigger. Shill. TOURIST. I stated facts to your shitty meme. Now go fuck an interstate sign.

>> No.1919552

>manga is taking over
I was in Barnes & Noble a month ago and over 2/3 of the "graphic novel" section was manga.

>> No.1919568

Kizuna Ai. What's the point of that question?
Mainly the freedom that playing a character under a veil of anonymity provides. What they do with it is up the each individual but to say that GFE is essential to vtubbing is a retard take only a holoshitter would make.

>> No.1919569

lots of girls interact with males, 2 collab songs were announced today and yesterday and there's a bunch of collab streams.
it doesn't happen often but the idea it never happens is just bullshit.
also it's 4chan, threads get derailed, shit happens.

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>> No.1919596

Ollie collabing with Asfail is the reason why I stopped watching her. Shame, because before she proved herself a sloppy whore I actually enjoyed her content.

>> No.1919599

>freedom that playing a character
>Get suspended for a month because you actually tried to be creative instead of playing Apex

>> No.1919617

You might be the saltiest, most seething person I've seen in this board yet. You're the textbook example of a raging retard and I'm honored to be able to observe such a fine specimen.

>> No.1919619

Yeah but the guy said people watch vtubers because they’re sick of western media, I don’t get what that has to do with interacting with males

>> No.1919638

Exactly why hololive is fucking cancer.

>> No.1919670

whatever SUMMERFAG. Do you have any idea how fucking long I've been on 4chan? You shold be fucking honored to speak to me, and I should be ashamed of trying to explain to a TOURSIT why holostars deserves the axe

>> No.1919681

>Entertainment industry
>A year of people stuck in their homes with nothing to do but consume entertainment
>US entertainment industry somehow loses 8% of it's income.
Pottery. It was only ever valued because it's consumers never really interracted with it. I expect the decline to continue.

>> No.1919692

you are right fuck off

>> No.1919704

i think he's a poe, when someone plays the role this perfectly he's usually play acting.

>> No.1919709

"The U.S. media and entertainment (M&E) industry is the largest in the world. At $717 billion, it represents a third of the global M&E industry, and it includes motion pictures, television programs and commercials, streaming content, music and audio recordings, broadcast, radio, book publishing, video games, and ancillary services and products. The U.S. industry is expected to reach more than $825 billion by 2023, according to the 2018-2023 Entertainment & Media Outlook by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). "

Anime Industry:


Anon, I don't want to have to break it to you, but normal people aren't into Anime or GFE. GFE turns off the average person because the average person is not autistic, you can't appeal to a global audience with GFE or with anime. You have scissored off the growth of vtubers because you've turned it into a medium of degenerate fucking losers. If the average person can't watch vtubers for entertainment then they will never grow.

>> No.1919727

Definitely a poe.

>> No.1919730

They have a 1hour show every week on the Holostars Channel, it has English subs

>> No.1919731

lol it's March right now you are supposed to say "cross border"

>> No.1919732

Once marvel and DC fade into irrelevance and with them the last of the taint of the CCA, we may see webcomics grow to fill the niche. Sure, they're not all great, but there are plenty more interesting than the average isekai.

>> No.1919746

Aren't movie theatres closed? That has to account to a significant source of income to hollywood studios.

>> No.1919749

???? You can't watch films and movies for free? People have less money to spend on entertainment, and also less movies are made because you can't get people out to studios.

>> No.1919777

the average person wont watch vtubers retard

>> No.1919792

>according to the 2018
You realize you have to keep posting pre covid projections because the US is so fucked right now?

>> No.1919816

It is, but most have survived by starting up paid services.

>> No.1919817

The average person can if you don't make them autistic GF simulators. You're saying the same thing people said about videogames 25 years ago.

>> No.1919830

US movie theater profits had been in hard decline for well over a decade

>> No.1919854

currently web comics are dominated by webtoons, a Korean company.
i'm not saying independent comic creators will cease to exist or work in america, i'm sure there are still going to be plenty of americans publishing independent comics but i don't see the comic book industry eclipsing manga or recovering in the near future.

>> No.1919859

Take your meds, MV version.

>> No.1919867

they dont need to change tard

>> No.1919879

What the fuck kind of mental gymnastics you went through to think a collab equals whoring herself?

>> No.1919911
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It's pure bait, anon. They only say that to derail the thread.

>> No.1919926

Movie theaters were an example of people interracting with something other than the entertainment that the industry was providing. Most people went to a theater for the experience of going to a theater, not because they wanted to engage with a movie.

>> No.1919952

$717 Billion Global U.S. Entertainment Exports vs $24.1Billion Anime Exports, projected to be 43 billion USD by 2027. Of course the industry is going to take a hit during covid, but no, people aren't just going to stop watching movies/tv shows forever because of one pandemic. The Anime industry will never reach the heights of the U.S. entertainment industry, stop generalizing a whole industry with your retard politics.

>> No.1919981

this shit is gonna ruin vtubers one day, and the blood will be on your shit-stained hands retards.

>> No.1920001

Oh the industry is rotted for sure. Also I forgot about webtoons. Fuck I hate vertical scrolling and whitespace, but zoomers I speak to are literally incapable of following panels, so I guess it's the future.

>> No.1920031

You know, from Star Trek DS9?

>> No.1920062

>You shold be fucking honored to speak to me
Until you tripfag as moot, you're an anon.

You've been here since it started AND your first time hearing about this place was earlier today during a CNN broadcast about the anonymous hacker known as 4chan. You're a veteran dredger of /b/, and you're a /mlp/ clopper, and you're a fucking newfag all at once.

It doesn't matter, because everyone here is the same piece of shit anon as the next piece of shit anon. You're just being an unproductive piece of shit anon, and your purityfaggotry belongs under a church roof, not on this glorius turtle shell painting forum.

>> No.1920139

average person is not the only one turned off by the long superchat reading sessions and its creepy culture

>> No.1920156
File: 2.85 MB, 1429x2000, 1606668866092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

open up

>> No.1920179

Why do people think the U.S. comic industry is declining? This is of course before the pandemic but no the pandemic won't stop people from buying comic books forever.

>> No.1920184

Ame is clearly doing what is getting her more money, she seems like she needs it the most out of all of EN.

>> No.1920197

>creepy culture
The entire world isn't all mid 20s white women

>> No.1920237

>the west is the opposite of idolfags/purityfags

No , it's fucking not. Americans(or Anglo culture in general) are just massive hypocrites and engage in projection. That "ok, boomer" girl's popularity died in an instant when ppl found out she has a boyfriend. If that happened in Japan you could see hundreds of articles about the "Evil Iduru Culture of Japan"

>> No.1920269

Omnomnom. You're still a fucking purityfag, anon.

>> No.1920271

I'm pretty sure that in the US manga is classified as "graphic novels", and that end up inflating comic book sales. Also, why the fuck are we still talking about this shit? Wasn't this the Vtuber board?

>> No.1920273

anon, please tell me I'm actually laughing right now, do you think people find guys simping for women acting like girlfriends normal?

>> No.1920298

Get some self awareness.

>> No.1920315

retards thinking that western culture is dying when the Japanese animation industry is still a fucking smidge in the big pond of U.S. entertainment exports. Also, GFE is a moral evil to anyone that has a working brain.

>> No.1920444

no no no please start your fucking prowestern gigacorporate normie friendly group and fuck off, PLEASE

>> No.1920498

anon..... this isn't normie behavior this is facts and logic, please wake the fuck up from your delusions.

>> No.1920578

these people are so delusional hooooly shit

>> No.1921758

I know right. I actually hate Vtubers I'm just here to harvest virgin salt XD.

>> No.1921827

To give a bit more info, he said in a later stream that he's been working for the last 3 months on a project that management pulled the plug on. The resulting stream wasn't very professional, but it at least allowed him to vent and go back to streaming like normal

>> No.1921865

>only allowed to play videogames

>> No.1921883

Women are allowed to drive cars in Indonesia.

>> No.1921929

>that management pulled the plug on

>> No.1921938

Facts and logic dont always have to be the foundation of your agurments anon.

>> No.1921948

This is the country that is more forgiving about male-female vchuuba interactions. How do you feel being more delusional than people who worship a thousand year old book?

>> No.1921972

>Facts and logic dont always have to be the foundation of your agurments anon.

>> No.1922000

why would i care?lol

>> No.1922034

oh god he's fallen too far

>> No.1922050

>How do you feel being more delusional than people who worship a thousand year old book?
Feels good man. You should give it a try

>> No.1922108

I want to give the Holostars a chance. To those itt who watch them, who is your favorite and why?

>> No.1922199

Aruran, he has a lot of fun stream ideas and his gameplay is very entertaining. He played fall guys recently and it was really fun seeing him try his hardest to get a win. He's also really funny but chill at the same time.

Roberu is a really good conversationalist and his bar collabs are legendary. I would say I enjoy his zatsudan streams more than his gameplay streams but that may just be me. He's loud and energetic which makes listening to him fun even if you don't understand what he's saying.

Astel is probably the most watched Holostar just because of how much he streams. When he streams he usually goes on for 8 hours+. He's hardworking, really good at apex, and has pretty decent humor. Alot of what he does can only be enjoyed during the moment, and he's definitely one of those streamers that's more fun to watch as a whole than clip.

>> No.1922645

YOU want to be manhandled

>> No.1922973

I watch all of them, my oshi is Astel due to his singing, his ability to entertain an audience and the fact that he's actually a grounded guy despite all his stupid actions, clip related

>> No.1923661

Roberu is basically one of us in terms of his interests, except that unlike us he has a silver tongue and oozes charisma. He's had all kinds of people on his stream, including the guy who was the VA for Josuke in Jojo Part 4, and he's very good at getting them to open up.
Aruran is wise, quite cultured, speaks better English than any of the Hololive members who never lived in America, and likes to engage overseas viewers.
Rikka is an outstanding singer and musician. He does a lot of live streams where he sings while playing the guitar, and he both wrote the lyrics to and composed his original song.
Astel is good at both games and singing, and IIRC he's the highest earner among the Stars. Some of his fans are probably actual oil princesses.

Something I know Roberu talked about and about which the other members who view the Holostars as more than a part time job would probably agree is that they don't want to be carried by the girls or seen as leeches; they want their branch to be able to stand on its own two feet and are doing their best to realize this. I'm happy for them that some of the efforts are finally starting to bear fruit.

>> No.1928395
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>> No.1928574

I love Tenma.

>> No.1933812

tinman saikyooo

>> No.1937050

this one is good

>> No.1937111

>Good trash taste podcast was a wake up call for why
Mori GOT permission for that though and it was literally nothing. Not a single bad thing happened because of it.

>> No.1937156

*tipping intensifies*

>> No.1937366

Heh, fuck the management

>> No.1937385

Nah. She committed to full idol route like gen3 after watching holoFes. You underestimated its effects on her mind.

>> No.1937635

idol route is the death of all entertainers. when you tame your beast to 'pure idolfags' is when the true fans who came for you and not the delusions of GFE leave.

>> No.1937681

only purityfags are mad

>> No.1937765

Shame. She was the only one who even talked about the Holostars around the time she debuted.

>> No.1937856

No, that's just a woman.

>> No.1937880

people suck hololive off for "feeling like a family" but that always felt like shallow bullshit to me
it's still probably bullshit but i can at least buy it with holostars where they're a smaller knit group and you get shit like the boys playing full squad monster hunter together until sunrise

>> No.1937990

Well, the it feels like a family bullshit is cope from people trying to ignore that it’s all just GFE. Nobody really cared about the family thing anyways

>> No.1938075

Astel gives his character an Afro and laughs about it cause it looks funny.
>no fanart no reddit posts and like only one person pointing it out on 4chan
Ina makes the same joke and gives her character an Afro
>multiple top reddit posts, fanart, people calling her Bob Ross
It isn’t fair god why, it’s so unfair, HE EVEN MADE IT HIS THUMBNAIL THE NEXT TIME HE PLAYED

>> No.1938142
File: 592 KB, 1080x1072, ta42wld4l0261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>expecting anything from reddit
The mods had to explain that the subreddit was about Hololive Production, and not just Hololive, so that retards would stop reporting Holostars posts. Most people threre don't care about the boys.

>> No.1938152

This is the same group of people that will take everything they post on twitter, screenshot it then call it wholesome and farm points.

>> No.1938183

I think the french GNs have a hard time getting english versions, moreso than the mangas.

>> No.1938207

The Big 2 comics are alive purely out of Twitter drama as seen in /co/ every week, but those interested are more likely to read the old classics or collected important arcs rather than the current shit being churned out.

>> No.1938367

That's pretty much what happens all the time, just look at when they were playing Hollow Knight:
Rikka pretty much speedran the game and pulled some impressive shit (like completing Path of Pain and beating Soul Tyrant without Monarch Wings, no offensive charms and with only one nail upgrade).
>barely anyone gives a shit
Ina plays Hollow Knight and says some funny things and make some funny noises.
>tons of memes, fanart, posts, etc.
It's pretty frustrating at times if I'm being honest.

>> No.1938501

Let's be real here, what talents do ANY of these Holos have other than being guys, and mildly average at video games?

>> No.1938570

Singing, being funny, giving advice, being entertaining, being good enough to be picked to join Holostars

>> No.1938602


>> No.1938615

Vocal charisma, more than the ID branch.

>> No.1938644

There is no Hololive branch in the Middle East.

>> No.1938753

They're not much different than the girls? Granted, there's 43 Hololive members (42 if you don't include AZKi) against 9 Holostars, so it's much more likely for people to find at least ones of the girls interesting, while the boys are not as diverse and kinda overlap each other with the games they play. But even so, I don't see what they don't have compared to the main branch (other than attention from clipfags).

>> No.1938835

I'm fine with that, slow growth is better than a huge one for now. If they suddenly got 2K+ viewers on their streams, that'd mean half of fans were new ones

>> No.1938856


>> No.1938862

I'd be fine if any of the boys got an influx of new fans because at least people would be talking about them more and Holostar threads that are comparing them to Hololive wouldn't die after 5 posts.

>> No.1938878

more seething

>> No.1938911

At least by mid-April most of them will reach 100k subs, so the algorithm will help then grow faster. Unfortunately it looks like HanaKishi will only reach that goal around October with their current growth, but they might get a boost from the other members.

>> No.1938926

Same to be honest, having a somewhat slow growth and fanbase makes things more organic and easier to manage than with a fast and sudden growth and larger audience.
But I stiil would like to see some more recognition from time to time, but overall I'm pretty happy with how things are for them rn.

>> No.1938928


>> No.1939677

If you feel that strongly about it, how about sending them an email addressing your complaints about Holostars directly?

>> No.1941121

I recently got into vtubers by male Nijisanji livers, I'm trying to understand why there's such a huge gap between them and Holostars.

Although Holostars fanbase has a nice proportion of English viewers and I appreciate them interacting with both.

>> No.1942004

Pretty sure this isn't Holostars exclusive problem

>> No.1942131

>Be holostars
>4chan schizos wish every day they were you
>Good income from fujo and homos' superchats, specially on birthdays and costume reveals
>Your branch is so poor that you don't need to do idolshit, just play games and talk
>Can get a voice actor job as soon as your branch is closed
Holochads just can't stop winning.

>> No.1945312

Anons, explain it to me.
What does count as GFE experience. What are the signs of GFE.

>> No.1945551

>acting gay compared to being lesbian is extremely hated and despised
It's funny how that works, I absolutely love seeing women fool around, getting touchy feely with each other and outright lezzing it out, to the point where I even crave for that kind of behavior. And most of the time I'm not even thinking of joining in or something like that, I just find it super cute and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. But on the other hand, just the thought of some dude acting in an effeminate way, and worse yet, hearing that distinctive falsetto voice trying to sound girly but failing miserably at it makes me irrationally angry. And of course seeing 2 men doing shit to each other outright makes me wanna puke.

>> No.1946482

It's just talking to you and acting like if you were in a sappy lovingly relationship with the girl.

>> No.1946946


>> No.1947185

>Not having homoerotic banter with your bros
It's like you never had male friends.

>> No.1947223

Banda Aceh is kind of the exception, you can still get flogged for breaching Shariah there

>> No.1947336

During her New Years stream someone asked when she’d do a holo stars collab and she said she “wouldn’t want to upset you guys”

>> No.1947480

dam they really fucked up the EN branch, fuck autistic purityfags

>> No.1947504

kill yourself

>> No.1947533

I didn't have homoerotic banter. Unless wrestling is banter

>> No.1947682
File: 28 KB, 399x400, Ed_JkLGUwAAZBba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel bad for you.

>> No.1948208

I miss my boy

>> No.1948429

don't forget that female Twitch streamers have run into problems with unicorns too, it's not just an "idol" thing.
at least he's doing okay and still interacting with many of them under their previous lives

>> No.1948557

He played a RPG session with Roberu's roommate earlier this month and I belive they'll have another session in early May.

>> No.1948615

Yeah but it’s not the same

>> No.1948669

I want enstars that is 100% femboys but i know we'll never get that

>> No.1948730

At least one would be good, and hopefully he'll stick around longer than a year.

>> No.1948757

Are you telling me Reine can have me kidnapped and beat me up if I just say mean things about her and take a cheap flight to Indonesia?

>> No.1949060

No cause I don't hate female hobos, in fact I do like them a lot.

Homoerotic banter is done in a menacing way, as in "suck my dick", or "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass". It doesn't mean you want any of that to happen, the other guy is supposed to feel offended by the thought.

>> No.1951251

roberu is funny, not sure about the others

>> No.1951583

Always knew that he was a kike, but he was the only one I liked
I miss him everyday...

>> No.1951775


>> No.1951842

Who wants to tell him?


>> No.1951853
File: 261 KB, 1280x680, neva givu up!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at least their chat won't get filled with unfunny EOPs and the same jokes

>> No.1951857

it's because for most of our evolution we were harem chads, who wouldn't make 2 chicks in their harem fuck around to get warmed up before you put a baby in them? Faggots though are just a dead end

>> No.1951964

Isn't holostars audience mostly eop that got in through the association with hololive anyways?

>> No.1952086

I want to be manhandled

>> No.1952420
File: 591 KB, 3241x4348, Izuru5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Izuru just fucking bans EOPs from his chat, which is pretty based

>> No.1952542

I wish he would

>> No.1952577

Do you have a timestamp?

>> No.1952688

what happened to kaoru?

>> No.1952712

Got graduated.

>> No.1952788


>> No.1952834

>Source: anon told me

>> No.1952869

>Ina did moderate Roberu's chat that one time

>> No.1953172

It was months ago when the threads were on /jp/ I remember going to look it up when someone mentioned it back then. All that happened was there was a spammer and when he got banned roberu noticed it was ina that banned him and he thanked her. She didn't say anything though. I'd have to go digging for the exact vod.

>> No.1953529

Don't bother with them, here where I live those who doesn't play gay chicken are closet gays

>> No.1953776
File: 168 KB, 1200x675, 1615886510921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> for some reason you're more allowed to interact with the Muslim extremist branch than the first world branch
You were garnering sympathy until I read this, fuck off ID is good all six of them of which two are Christian if you going to be all /pol/tard

>> No.1953862

I have nothing wrong with the ID branch I actually watch them more than EN. I'm just joking that the branch from a country with a major religion that is known for oppressing women is more open to male-female collabs than two first world countries. Really makes you think huh?

>> No.1954542
File: 577 KB, 992x1403, Hoshinova Moona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this image

>> No.1959750

Moona is too hot. No wonder she gets all the JP girls.

>> No.1960421
File: 645 KB, 899x713, d1xq4pc8uv061~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the retarded one, the dad one, the winning one, the short one, and the tall one.
The rest I got not much clue one.
Anyway I wish I new more Japanese cause participating in aruran's instructional work out streams sounds really fun

>> No.1960627
File: 158 KB, 1486x1321, gyqwr9cuoa461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This man's, mind, body, and soul will get broken and pulverized by 2 over excited gremlins and there's nothing we can do to save him

>> No.1962511

They literally speak Muslim sometimes in their stream. Probably quoting Quran.

>> No.1962701
File: 113 KB, 1433x1437, 1325295198002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ship Astel and Ollie

>> No.1962824

link to them doing this?

>> No.1962866

When did Mori collabed with the homos?
Why the fuck you lie?

>> No.1962988


>> No.1963039


>> No.1963150

Do you live under a rock? Mori was featured in Rikka's latest original song, and they'll have a collab stream on the 30th. At least pay attention to your oshi, you fucking unicorn.

>> No.1963176

unicorns only get off the idea of their oshi not collabing with males and being theirs, they don't actually watch

>> No.1963311

Shame. And it's probably a collab Mori's been looking forward for a while, so not knowing about that makes me question if they really are a fan of her's.

>> No.1963312

I don't watch homos, I didn't knew about that shitty song.

>> No.1963386

Then what are you doing on this thread?

>> No.1964880
File: 62 KB, 534x571, 1616322237866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you know it's shitty if you don't watch homos?

>> No.1964949
File: 257 KB, 457x325, 1596306512752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1965227

we all know the reason he doesn't watch holostars heh

Hint: he's been cucked before

>> No.1965720

wow even this board is hugely biased towards hololive, I wish holostars got half as much as attention.

>> No.1966218

>two are Christian
I was aware of the rrat. Who's the other one?

>> No.1966324

Youre talking about arab culture, none of what you mention is not allowed in indonesia. Indonesia arent arab.

>> No.1966354

And they all got massacred.

>> No.1966376

>casual remarks of behind-the-scenes trouble

This. Kinda true since hologirl always use this move for clips.

>> No.1966404

He likes young man, shota preferably.

>> No.1967145


>> No.1968541

No he doesn't.
Though all the teenage girls in chat made him hide it on his stream layout.

>> No.1969293

Are you a lady?

>> No.1969411

>only Star to openly talk about being attracted to men
>doesn't do any fujo pandering with his gaming bros
Based alien. Fujo superchats are temporary, playing Apex with your bros is eternal

>> No.1971443

how is this all wrong

>> No.1972634


I would like to add that Ina drew Shien's New Years Outfit a while ago, which was really cool.

>> No.1972650

most faggots do, it's why they are half the pedos despite being 5% of the population

>> No.1972702

the first time an anon from /jp/ used the chink wheelbarrow script on it

>> No.1972761


Sorry friendo but I am biased this way. When I watch anime girls I like seeing them do cute things. When I watch guys Its because they're competitive players and I want to learn from them or they have interesting background knowledge about the game.

>> No.1973025



>> No.1979230

marine and sora

>> No.1979320

That statement dated back before newyear.

>> No.1989066
File: 185 KB, 1110x1110, 1614397124538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>for some reason you're more allowed to interact with the Muslim extremist branch than the first world branch

Hey man Astel likes his new zombambo.

>> No.1989088
File: 292 KB, 220x196, 06.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The one with the blue hoodie is male?

>> No.1989262

>No they just don't want to

Ame wants to (said so herself) but she kinda of fucked herself over.
Mori also finally got away with it and got her Rikka collab.

>> No.1990738

>He says this as Marine and Pekora are at the very top of the vtuber world

>> No.1990779

To be fair his stream got like.... 3k viewers, barely anyone knows about the collab, found out about it through global

>> No.1990806

It's a weird cope that people use to shit on Zatsudan centered holos

>> No.1990821

I mean, why should they care about them?

>> No.1993780

>Ame wants to (said so herself)
Timestamp? I remember she said "not in a long while" > "is that what you guys really want to watch?" > "i don't want to upset you guys" > "i will collab inside hololive (not holopro in that context) only"

>> No.1993916

So you enjoy being cucked by women

>> No.1993938

because its the best way to get free advertisement

>> No.1994173

Not that they should, but it speaks volumes when even to this day Aloe has somewhat more discussion about it than the boys. Nothing against her, but I don't see peope talking about any of the graduated Holostars that much.

>> No.1994338


I mean they're a part of the company, they don't have to watch them but it's good to tell people that "Hey these people are a part of the same company and they're allowed on the sub-reddit, please stop reporting them." There's a fan sub-reddit for Holostars called r/holostars but if the admins on r/hololive say it's okay to do, I don't see why people should be angry about that, you don't have to even look at the posts or engage with them at all if you don't want too.

>> No.1994372

They're a very different part of the company that most people don't really care about it, it's fair reaction to seeing them to feel like they're out of place, specially when the subreddit is only named Hololive not Hololive productions

>> No.1994460


"The official hololive production subreddit! What is hololive production? We're a team of content creators using digital avatars providing outstanding entertainment to the masses! We specialize in songs and music, but more often than not, will just stream games or chat with our fans! Posts not made by the official administrators are not characteristically representative of hololive production, nor any of the talents."

It's the official sub-reddit for the entire company, including Holostars. Again they don't have to care about them, or engage in posts relating to them, but I don't personally see an issue with them being on there if they're again, a part of the company. I'm also biased here given I really do enjoy their content, and I'm also taking stuff on the internet way too seriously, so I suppose take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.

>> No.1994515


I should mention that they even link the Holostars accounts in the sub-reddit themselves, as well as the mods posting threads specifically about them like Roberu's 3D debut, Rikka's Over the Silver Dawn concert, they stickied the APEX tourney Astel, Izuru, and Aruran were in, I think they made a thread about Rikka's 1 Year Anniversary, etc.

Again, I'm biased, and I'm taking shit on the internet too seriously, so take this with a grain of salt and no ill will towards you or anyone else.

>> No.1994523

>Named hololive
>Extension is r/hololive
>99% of the content is about the girls

>> No.1994543


I agree with you, it's mostly gonna be the girls' content because right now they're the most popular thing in the company, all I'm saying is that it's a sub-reddit for the whole company.

>> No.1994576

Agree that it's for the whole company, that's not up for debate, but at the same time you can't blame people for thinking it's exclusively for the girls when 99% of the time it's pretty much that way
A random post by Miko, Marine or Noel get's more upvotes than Roberu's 3D announcement, you can't blame people using them for not being familiar with the stars

>> No.1994578

its all girl posts except that one anon, godspeed to him

>> No.1994617


Yeah I agree with you, you're most likely not going to know about them until you get into Hololive as a whole. I'm more just talking in general about not seeing a problem with them on the sub-reddit and I'm glad the mods clarified it.

>> No.1994650


And honestly, if the Holostars got on Reddit and started posting random stuff I think people would really enjoy it, I definitely would.

>> No.1994661

They won't, Roberu already said he never will and Rikka did a reddit stream in which he vistead the holostars subreddit instead

>> No.1994664

I can't remember but I heard that one of the Holostars did but it was downvoted so much it was hidden lol? Is this just schizoposting or truth?

>> No.1994794

Jesus, I don't use reddit but really a fucking random post gets more hype than a 3d announcement. I thought they were all about unity?

>> No.1994798

Did Roberu say why he would never go there?

>> No.1994866

The average post by a holo get's from 9k-12k upvotes some go up to 20-35k, Roberu's 3D announcement peaked at 9k.
Unity doesn't mean they have to care about everyone, just respect them as part of the company

>> No.1994916



I would imagine the translations are correct here, I think I heard him talk about this live? I don't remember exactly, you could try looking through his morning streams from around this time to find the translations.

>> No.1995604

It's funny how he mentions EN when only Kiara really uses reddit. Mori rarely uses it for annoucements, and Gura doesn't even have an account. Dunno how they would react to a Holostars official post. It always looks like it's only a couple of people there who talk about them.

>> No.1995703

Looking at that clip always reminds me of how some users in the subreddit complained when some people also warned (I think it was) Sora to stay aways from Reddit, but basically no one said anything when the Regulars told Roberu the same.

I have seen him, that guy is really dedicated to the boys (to the point the mods made his posts about the boys milestones the official ones) gotta applaud him for that.

>> No.1995706

Being Holostar is suffering, when the Hololive buff turns into a debuff, i bet a lot of them would do better than now if they were never associated with Hololive since a lot of people don't even give them the chance just for being the male branch of Hololive.

>> No.1995729

People don't give male vtubers a chance in general, even Tokyo Ghoul hasn't been as much of a hit among EOPs like Lulu has

>> No.1995763

Just look at how big Suzaku's roommate got. Granted, is was mostly riding the Among Us wave, but even with superchats he's better than the average Star. Kaoru's is also doing really well with a rather difficult type of content to get big big with on youtube.

>> No.1995771

Thinking 'muslim' is a language should tell you about the credibility here. Braindead faggots need to shut the fuck up

>> No.1995812

i know it's arabic, im genuinely interested to hear them recite it if any of them do. i think some phrases in indonesian are arabic too like moonafic = munafiquun in arabic and also ID, and i know a little arabic so it would be cool to hear.

>> No.1995857

There's Arabic influence in English and Spanish too anon. It's actually one of the most pervasive languages in the world. It's that and Chinese really

>> No.1997010

some redditors bitched about it around the time if his 3d debut, they don't watch him so they didn't know until someone pointed it out after someone's brilliant idea to have him as a meme review guest (never happening)

>> No.1997142

I'm sorry, unlike most fans of vtubers, I don't usually watch streamers. My oshi gives me a kind of healing no male would be able to since I'm broken.
I have no issue with the holostars and wish them well in their streaming career.

>> No.1997977

Well now, I didn't see that, but it doesn't surprise me that it tool them a few months to find out, nor does it surprise me that it was because of something like them thinking Coco would invite Holostars to meme review.

>> No.2004037

Except there is no such language in reality, but a bunch of mutually incomprehensible dialects and faked language like MSA

>> No.2010777

dont they cane homosexuals to death

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