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thread theme:https://youtu.be/L9rGGtSaMjk

what games do you think he should play for his debut ? any hopes ? personally I hope he plays through the thief series

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We need a Serbian chuuba to rival his likeness

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we have yugo, so maybe there will be some bants there

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He looks like his alias is Rusty Shakleford

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he could use some propane and propane accessories

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>dale vtuber
I know there's a hank hill vtuber already but PLEASE

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Alban is a Celtic British name. St. Alban was the first Christian martyred on British soil.

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>hank hill vtuber
That would be Mumei, yes.

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the more you know, thank you for imparting this knowledge on me anon

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Oops, I read it as Albion, Britain's old name.

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Alba, Albania, Albion etc were all names given by Romans. "Albania" was called that because of the "white" mountains. There was also another Albania in the Caucasus region.

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Don't hold your breath, it'll probably be streamer bait games to attract the fujos. Luca seems to be one of the few that are willing to play other games more regularly.

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What if he is Irish?

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Nijikeks do it again

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the concept of a phantom thief isn't unique tribal fag

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>generic brown hair boy number 923489234

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Why he look like Snuffy though?

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are there cute nerd male vtubers with cute avatars? the lux guys are too normalfags for my taste.

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That's not helping your case and while the "Phantom Thief doesn't have to be unique" argument can stand why the fuck do you need more than one? This is what over saturation does
>we have 20 phantom thief characters already oh well

I mean you'd be better off at least showing a Phantom thief VTuber from another company.

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keep moving the goalpost bro you're doing great

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I don't know, I thought it was her as well for a second

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>what games do you think he should play for his debut ?
>personally I hope he plays through the thief series
that makes the both of us

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styx would also be a fun one to do, maybe dishonered, now that I think about it there are a good few games that focus on roguish elements

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>Sonny Brisko
Is he a Jewish mobster from 1914?

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she steals shitcoins what do you not get

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Albano is a famous old ass italian singer (still popular in russia with her former companion Romina Power) and Alban Knox sounds very similar phonetically so I'm betting my chips on him being an italian with a good singing voice

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You’re on the right track but you’ve got the wrong Albano

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Lupin the third watchalongs

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Isn't it just a play on Fort Knox?

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>what games do you think he should play for his debut ?
Persona 5 but he sticks a suppository up his ass every time he dies

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