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Heh, sorry for doubting you, OP.

>> No.18864199

Your head will stay attached for now.

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IRyS is cute
but stupid

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It's cold in the VOD jail... i miss IRyS

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Can't wait for her to reach 1M too.

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ILove IRyS

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this damn bratty nephilim princess...

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Hope Moona and IRyS have a karaoke collab one day

>> No.18864552

IRyS, please frisk me. I am SUS

>> No.18864564

Go back to your containment thread, seanig.

>> No.18864596

I think IRyS will overwhelm her, but a duet cover? Yes please.

>> No.18864620

Overwhelm in talking part, because this nephilim is a chatterbox.

>> No.18864639

This Police Simulator was easily in IRyS' top 10 streams ever.

>> No.18864659

Nothing wrong in expecting some singing collabs with other holos so shut up retard

>> No.18864664

It really wasn't. You could easily tell that she wasn't having much fun with it either.

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>opressing minorities
>not having fun

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>only one (1) karaoke collab to date
>it wasn't even cross branch
>no stream interaction whatsoever with her
I want ringo and IRyS to have a karaoke collab as well but I don't fucking post about it because there's literally zero indication it'll happen. Pioneers and Soratomo at least have one leg to stand on, you have nothing. If you want to post about Moona, do it in her fucking thread.

>> No.18864805

This goddamn tease!

>> No.18864836

Holy fuck, you sound angry anon.

>> No.18865529

>H. IRyS
>Houzuki IRyS



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Anon your are even more retard than I expected. I just talked about Moona for the tweet IRyS made and I want more karaoke collabs with other holos, nothing more so go fuck yourself somewhere and stop being a fucking asshole.

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Literal nothing burger, you'll do better forgetting about it so when the time comes for it to be revealed by her, you can be genuine surprised.

>> No.18866000

You are being retarded.

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Nice samefag goal post move, moonanig.

>> No.18866114

it definitely fell off once she realized she couldn't go full Robocop without getting a game over

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Shut up bitch.

>> No.18866176

what did she do to you ?

>> No.18866236

So, we also have collabschizo here now? Cool.

>> No.18866247

Oh /HiRyS/... Don't engage with retarded posters. There's a prominent moonaschizo lurking here, even replies to every moona post on twitter even those who congratulate her

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All me

Exist outside her split

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Would me saying i want more collabs with Reine make me a seanig despite living in commiefornia?

>> No.18866554

based on his logic, yes.

>> No.18866608

As I explained in >>18864786, that would be OK. There's an existing connection and they have good chemistry, post away.

Your reading comprehension is shit

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There is this, weak but a connection none the less.

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shut up and go watch okayu's 3D retards

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Fat cat is only good for jerking off so no

>> No.18866849

no thanks since i am currently in VOD jail

>> No.18866860

What a fucking retard. Actually sperging about a post hoping for a collab between two holos.

>> No.18866864

>milestone reply
>"If I admit that my evidence is weak, he can't attack that point"
Not even giving a (You) for that.

>> No.18866866

Is there a game where you can go robocop?

>> No.18866897

It's Hope. Hope IRyS, but since she is an EN vtuber Hope is actually her first name

>> No.18866998

older GTAs let you do cop missions, APB Reloaded, Max Payne technically, and probably some other indies i'm forgetting

>> No.18867013

Same, but I only have to serve half sentence because I was a good boy and showed up at least for sc reading.

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omg i hope they'll collab soon, they'd be so good together

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hey guise when does IRyS finally collab with Festival? Seiso Tanto xD it's the perfect match

>> No.18867239

it's not impossible since her collab with ina came out of nowhere

>> No.18867263

>Doubling down on your retardedness
Yeah, nothing wrong with posting on this mongolian basket-weaving forum on who we want her to collab with in the future. In fact, a lot of people post her that they want to marry her and sex her.

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Holy shit I'd coom so hard if Danchou and IRyS did an ASMR offcollab, I'm sure she replied to her sometime on twitter, that means it's habbening!

>> No.18867415

I already am married and sex

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God, I hope never

>> No.18867847

it'll happen, there's too many lolis out there untouched for them not to join forces

>> No.18867966

Impossible. I have literally become sex, it can't be you.

>> No.18868062

At first her fucking design made me look the other way. But she's honestly top holo en tier. Good shit, good shit.

>> No.18868101

She's a gem, just like her oshi mark.

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Cool were the days she went unnoticed...

>> No.18868343

Stay strong gosling bros. These aren't even dark days

>> No.18868567

Whoa, one nothingburger post just set someone on fire huh

>> No.18868637

is it really that hard not to bite the bait?

>> No.18868919

Yes. Trolls will be fed. No exceptions

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I've started drinking soda because of IRyS

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Baker here
Thanks for using a cute IRyS pic I was afraid someone was going to shit the OP (again)

>> No.18870514

Another split...

>> No.18870587

Who cares, just ignore it

>> No.18870628

BaeRyS collab on the 24th right?

>> No.18870639


>> No.18870691

We're about to witness another Kiara anti egg situation since they're same fagging on their replies.

>> No.18870697

any other plans? We haven't got a schedule for a while

>> No.18870739

The release of her new song and maybe powerwash simulator before the month ends

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Why even bother? I'm laughing at this one dedicated schizo.
IRyS is literally perfect and faultless as there is literally no reason to even slightly dislike her. This is either created to farm (You)s or it is some ex-IRyStocrat that actually fell in love, but she didn't read his comments and he couldn't stand this, because she is supposed to be only his.

>> No.18871397

>she didn't read his comments and he couldn't stand this
sound like a kronie

>> No.18871409

Okayu is the JP IRyS?

>> No.18871452

Will you become an anti?

>> No.18871457

hey IRyS is for kissing and handholding too

>> No.18871471


>> No.18871505

I won't, at most I'll drop her and move on.

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You kids are dumb as a rock.

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>I'm dummy
>IRyS is dummy

>> No.18872241

Smart kids won't touch this site.

>> No.18872292

It's going to take around 2 years at this rate.

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I love this extremely girly dork

>> No.18873490

Haven't done this in a while so, let's do it again!
400 nsfw

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>> No.18874197


>> No.18874220

Couldn't see half of it because I'm a filthy phoneposter.

>> No.18875109

When will she hold a tournament to compete for her love?

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>> No.18875181

>he doesn't know

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Not so tough now, huh.

>> No.18875254 [DELETED] 

She's doing it now

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Give up, lads. I've already won.

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Step back if ya don't wanna get hurt, mate.

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Mere mortals...

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>schizos larping again with your girlfriend
t. picrel

>> No.18877879

>troon color keyboard
nice try

>> No.18877880

You nerds are funny! No one here is worthy to touch her.

>> No.18877886

I never really liked her model but played her song Here comes Hope on D4DJ. I enjoyed it I may watch a stream soon

>> No.18877927

I'd use that. You have to be very fucking insecure about your masculinity to suggest otherwise.

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When im done with her you guys are next.

>> No.18878109

Good to hear. Check her out when you get a chance, she's adorable and very charming.

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i may not survive this but im gonna go out making her laugh at least

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File: 472 KB, 2000x2000, キミは、忘れませんでした。[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fdoytlg.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18883080 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
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nami's bf

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Fast board

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Nothing wrong with letting the thread die when we have nothing (other than "HIRyS, I love IRyS!") to talk about.

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I shall be the last IRyStocrat in this thread then

>> No.18883712
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For starters you all could move to hololive global.

>> No.18884001


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have I told you how much I love IRyS? because I sure love IRyS!!

>> No.18885021 [DELETED] 

Jokes on you I'm the last IRyStocrat

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You did your reps today, right anon?

>> No.18885367

No I'm as lazy as IRyS.

>> No.18885698 [DELETED] 

I've been shitposting in this board since I woke up, what do you think?

>> No.18885729

Anyone got the cleanest most crispest "HIRyS It's IRyS" mp3?

>> No.18885769

I've done nothing productive today. Don't care. I will go back to doing reps soon.

>> No.18886229
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you may be a cute dork IRyS but the jokes on you! Im not revealing my "I love you IRyS" power level in another gosling blogpost that easily
i do reps after i make dinner so no

>> No.18886587 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.18888639

IRyS is not a dork.

>> No.18888659
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>> No.18888740

If she's not, she's one hell of a great actor. I love this dorky not a dork.

>> No.18888801

Embrace your dorkiness, IRyS. It's cute!

>> No.18889287

She wants to embrace her inner thot instead.

>> No.18889626

still pushing this huh?

>> No.18889800

>Starts the Hateful Boyfriend stream
>She shows up on stream

>> No.18889819
File: 1.24 MB, 640x360, aya[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fkdiq3a.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry anon, but she is still cute

>> No.18890088

A lot of things changed since that stream.
I made that sound post so I know she can be cute.
I'll get over it in a few weeks.

>> No.18890219

fuck those trannies and women
I only talk to men

>> No.18890558

Okay bros, did any body feel like they were getting cucked during the Hatoful Boyfriend stream? Asking for a friend.

>> No.18890813

Not in the slightest, as I'm her boyfriend

>> No.18890814

No but I am dreading the inevitable future collabs and wondering what scenario will break me

>> No.18890826

nope? It's too weird and wacky for that. Same reason I don't care about her relationship with keyboards.

>> No.18891720

If you feel like you got cucked by the infirmary bird, then you have severe mental issues.

>> No.18891743

more jealous of the keyboard...

>> No.18891790

I have to admit. I've always had #2 during Heat Man stage, because I already knew beforehand. And I'm talking 30 years ago.

>> No.18891811

>getting jealous over a fucking bird
>not her keyboard

>> No.18892181

Holostars tiptoe on eggshells around the girls from their own country, let alone an American-raised half-breed like IRyS. Their collabs would be as sexless as playing cribbage with grandma at the retirement home.
I'm much more amazed at IRyS's impeccable opsec, given how stupid she generally is. Half a decade of streaming with basically no adverse information is impressive.

>> No.18892274

The EN stars wouldn't be as tactful and IRyS flirts with anything that moves.

>> No.18892289

>an American-raised half-breed
Don't know why but that gave me a chuckle, thanks anon.

>> No.18892331

>be a BF
>not be jealous
Good luck rookie

>> No.18892628

>flirts with anything that moves
She's more of a tease than a flirt. She knows how attractive she is and loves to tease chat about it.
On the other hand, she has a blank check to flirt with Bae and barely does more than bicker about anime with her.

>> No.18892709

>She's more of a tease than a flirt.
yes, that's the problem. Can't have her teasing someone that's not (Me) now, can we?

>> No.18892710

>no waiting room posted
I can sleep in peace, ByeRyS fags!

>> No.18893394

>he's going to miss the no-warning guerilla GTA stream...

>> No.18893620

I bet on Terraria or Apex

>> No.18893637

>he actually doesn't know

>> No.18893734

I hope she joins a random JP Apex stream some day.

>> No.18893864

today is break day? unless she gets a spur of the moment thing, I doubt she's going to do anything?

>> No.18894007

You are going to regret APEX.

>> No.18894031

>break days
Unless she explicitly says she's going to visit family or something you really never know.

>> No.18894086

She used to take regular break days but she's been a bit hyper lately.

>> No.18894116

She should try to join a bit more into the JP side but sadly, she is just having collabs with her close circle this days.

>> No.18894179

She plays with JPs off stream. She's done more offline gaming and meetups with JPs than streams.

>> No.18894322

Why is she so secretive? She's so terrible at building hype for anything. Even if it's going to be awhile other members have talked about outfits and upcoming stuff well in advance. Even for her original songs, well now we know there are two coming instead of just one from the chadcast. There is no advantage in keeping things close to the vest like that.

>> No.18894426

I think that upcoming song is the first thing she's actually somewhat proud of.

>> No.18894455

Yeah dude because Cover just tells her about everything in advance and not one week before, how dares she being so secretive

>> No.18894464

>Why is she so secretive?
She has to be. Management isn't just going to let her go around announcing "hey guys, Redjuice is working on giving me an upgraded model, which is why I don't have a new outfit yet, lol."

>> No.18894529

She 100% knows how many songs she has recorded, and other members talk about upcoming music months in advance even if they don't know release dates.

>> No.18894613

She must have amnesia or the memento disease and forgets she recorded songs until Cover tells her they're ready right?

>> No.18894699

I really think it's a low self-esteem issue or some misplaced humility. She's always much more eager to promote things other people are doing instead of her own stuff.

>> No.18894722

Proof of any of these statements? It took her 5 months to mention she still has a cover song waiting for an MV. Sometimes she's secretive just because, why are you blaming management placing an imaginary gag order on her?

>> No.18895563
File: 321 KB, 2058x1352, FLpLe40aQAEMy_Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18896968
File: 642 KB, 3000x2160, 1641305731583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 more original songs
Full album soon

>> No.18897048

Journey just came out...

>> No.18897116

That was a few songs shy of a full album

>> No.18897160

Yeah but what I mean is that there won't be an album release any time soon.

>> No.18897228

I doubt it. She hasn't recorded anything this month or last month.

>> No.18897363
File: 381 KB, 768x768, 1636508581646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hackjuice won't fuck up her next outfit r-right?

>> No.18897421

She's getting a new dad.

>> No.18897698
File: 106 KB, 1528x1532, FMN9WSbaMAA0eZw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do wonder what was the real reason for IRyS new year outfit delay, but oh well hopefully IRyS will get a new outfit eventually

>> No.18897724

Yeah me

>> No.18897773

We just need to praise her more.

>> No.18897831
File: 199 KB, 800x450, CuteRys.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you know it!!

>> No.18897926

I don't know if that does anything. She knows we'll just blindly praise anything she does.

>> No.18898020

I mean in the sense of having the same amount of original songs as a full album. I don't expect a album release until the one year anniversary probably with the new songs, the first EP and maybe SoJ or a remix from Journey to reach the 12 songs.

>> No.18898178

There's still the "english" version of CoD EP. I don't know if they scrapped it.

>> No.18898263

I'm not going to say iRyS is the best streamer in Holo EN because I don't think she'd approve of negativity toward the others but damn it all she is my favorite. She's talented and entertaining enough to make it easy to watch her streams no matter what she's doing.

>> No.18898292

rrat, but a plausible one. There is precedent for vsingers to have more than one artist tho in AZKi's case the guy fucking died, not that that was the reason to change artists. Sora also has two artists. It's really hard to tell how the relationship between IRyS and redjuice is, if she has the creative freedom to make changes and whether he's willing to accept them, how much omegafag is interfering, and so on. The fact that her outfit was delayed based on a disagreement does give me hope, no pun intended, that things are going the right way, she's getting her say and redjuice does what he's getting paid for. However, not every artist is as supportive as lack was with Flare's design changes over time, he really wanted to see his daughter succeed, great guy.

>> No.18898479

I hope they scrapped that idea tbhdesu.

>> No.18898514

Not certain if that helps aside from reinforcing cyclicality.

>> No.18898564

Hopefully Cover has heard the complains and aren't afraid of raising them to Redjuice. We can cope all we want about her model but you can't deny that it is filtering for a lot of people. I actually really like her model myself (maximum copium) but I want to see her succeed more than anything so I'm hoping its a significant upgrade.

>> No.18898714

redjuice has been disappointed in irys since he caught her drinking again

>> No.18898766

I hope redjuice makes a fanart for her birthday but it's probably unlikely.

>> No.18898859

mm I also like her current model. A lot, actually. To the point where I feel like if she were to change things I appreciate about it now, it'd test how much I enjoy watching her after. It's entirely possible that I end up liking her v2 even more, of course. Without sounding too much like I'm on hopium, I'm sure she'll make decisions that align best with what she wants to look like, which will ultimately make her happy.

>> No.18898952

Cover would be shooting themselves in the foot if they fuck up her model. I have faith in whatever they're working on.

>> No.18899058

All this speculation about a rework that probably isn't happening. She refuses to even hint at upcoming things, so there is zero proof whatsoever of a redesign.

>> No.18899073
File: 642 KB, 1049x526, icanfixthat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's strange to me that they would release a very minor rigging upgrade if they were working on a total redesign but they've made stranger decisions on IRyS before.
Sometimes I feel dumb for liking her model so much if she hates it.

>> No.18899294

Its just context clues anon. We are coming to that conclusion due to her saying that her costume isn't happening "for a while" and the fact that she "can't talk about it".

>> No.18899344

Are you a greyname? Just checking whether you can't possibly know or choose to be ignorant of all the signals that she's unhappy with certain aspects of her current design.

Yep, that was... odd. Possible that the changes were planned to come with the new costume and they just stuffed them into her current model since they were ready.

>> No.18899370

Don't expect anything for a while could mean anything, it says nothing about the reason. And as far as "she can't talk about it", well, seems like she thinks she can't talk about anything.

>> No.18899410

why would she 'hint' at something like that you idiot

>> No.18899425

I'm a day one member, but just because she says don't expect anything any time soon doesn't mean she's getting a redesign. Don't expect anything soon tell us exactly this much: Don't expect anything any time soon.

>> No.18899468

I don't think she is getting a redesign now or in the near future, but her new costume might be a better outfit that fixes some of her issues, like her awful hairstyle

>> No.18899470

Where was the redesign hint? What words said I'm getting a redesign?

>> No.18899559
File: 816 KB, 498x498, ialshbdsfkhbasdk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

redjuices art looks good as a still image but the way he chooses to stylize faces doesn't work well in motion because the nose is way more rendered in than most anime-ish styles

the values around the nose wouldnt actually stay that uniform in motion so it often ends up looking uncanny. more standard anime noses def work better for vtubers

>> No.18899582

sorry i misread your post

>> No.18899681

>Sometimes I feel dumb for liking her model so much if she hates it.
It's useless, anon. If a woman isn't happy with how she looks, she'll change it. No matter how much you love her the way she is.
God help you if she catches you saying "I liked your hair better the old way" when she gets her ponytail.

>> No.18899688

What I meant was people shouldn't get their hopes up. Just because she's being close lipped about when a new outfit might come and that it's going to take a while in no way means she's getting redesigned. People love to twist streamers words and members are definitely no exception. When she says there won't be anything for awhile it could be that there is an issue with redjuice schedule, the riggers schedule, rigging issues, who knows. Nothing guarantees a redesign and people shouldn't try to insert hidden context into her words.

>> No.18899737

I think you are getting hung up on the word redesign. She's said she wants a different hairstyle, she wants her horns to be attachable (and you know that means they'll never be seen again, just like her wings, unless it's a gimmick for a specific stream), she's lightening her skin tone via OBS, she's made it clear on numerous occasions that she doesn't think of herself as cute (going as far back as her first DBD stream).
For you, changing a hairstyle, changing head "ornaments" and brightening her tan, in a new costume, may not amount to a redesign for you but it sure did for Flare so call it whatever, but that's where I think she's at.

>> No.18899754

The delays on the outfit means there is a disagreement there somewhere which is ultimately a good thing because it means something is going to change, unlikely to be a full redesign at this point though
But Miko and Flare got massive upgrades, there's no reason why she can't

>> No.18899859

the amount of autism radiating from this post is really something, i kneel

>> No.18899899
File: 149 KB, 813x662, 1642139714549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Regardless of her getting redesigned or not, I just hope she keeps the sharp teeth.

>> No.18899947

Im still seething that omegafag got a good artist for his design and never use it
Then choose the worst person possible to made a vtuber model for IRyS

>> No.18899969

Ya I think I'd want the eyes, mouth and ears to stay untouched. Those are her most endearing features to me.

>> No.18899977

Her current hair sucks, I can agree with that. It would take an enormous amount of rigging to make it look good in movement.

>> No.18900054

Nothing but redesign can make any of that work. Look around for the edit of her without horns, her current hair and face make it look atrocious. Same thing will happen if she gets a pony tail or something as well, how voluminous her hair is helps mask how wide her face is. A smaller or more tight knight hair style will only make her face look wider.

>> No.18900058

Lots of speculation for something that is unlikely to happen for years, if ever.

>> No.18900115

Nah you don't get it she said don't expect anything for a while in her members stream so that means she's getting re worked according to this thread.

>> No.18900216

I have to say, I don't think I genuinely care enough about her model to actually be affected by any of this, I do indeed love her but, her model barely affects the way I view her
So, if she does want a newer model, all power to her, I'll love her regardless

>> No.18900229

rariemonn is
>the worst person possible
to rig her? The guy is one of the most successful and popular riggers out there. Some would go as far as to attribute some of the success of the JP branch to his particular L2D rigging style. It's OK to say that you didn't like the job he did on the Nephilim but "worst person possible"? Really?

I prefer a speculating /HiRyS/ over "I love her, bros" and our usual schizos.

>> No.18900260

Watch streams

>> No.18900277

We've had this timeloop umpteen times already. IRyS does need to say anything for model discussion to somehow get brought up. I still think she's perfect. Have always thought she's perfect and that nothing about her needs changing but if IRyS thinks differently it's not like any of us can stop her from getting her own way.

>> No.18900295

Would you take a 3D with her current model in a month or two (with some changes on the hair) or wait an unknown amount of time for the redesign and then another 6 months for the 3D?

>> No.18900310

NTA but I've never missed a stream, day one member as well. Have a timestamp for where she said a design change or rework is coming?

>> No.18900343

>unlikely to happen for years, if ever.
It's happened for other Holos

>> No.18900430

here, this anon explains it pretty well >>18900115

>> No.18900432

Is this bait or are you being contrarian for the sake of it? I think the last 20 or so posts summarise the current situation quite well?

>> No.18900496

He's obviously talking about redjuice, not Rariemonn.

>> No.18900546

That's my post lmao

>> No.18900591

The situation is she said don't expect anything for awhile and people made up their minds that she's getting a rework or redesign when she said nothing of the sort.

>> No.18900595

I don't think he is.

>> No.18900606

I think the more interesting comment from her members stream is:
>[...] around a month ago there was a lot of stuff that I was going through that - it was basically a little bit right before I took my break - that there was a lot of things that were like frustrating me and stuff and I think I'm able to go through certain procedures that can help with - how do I say this - doing stuff that I wanna do... slightly. But for the changes to actually happen it'll be a while to do things I want to do like you know... stuff.

>> No.18900619

her new years outfit is being reworked but that doesn't mean her base model is

>> No.18900669

I've been telling people not to expect a rework in about 10 posts here, I'm not sure why you're directing this at me, are you ESL?

>> No.18900687

Then why are you asking, when you answered your own question lmao

>> No.18900709

That 100% sounds like music production and being able to reach out on her own to do covers and the like the same way other Holos do

>> No.18900724

>I'm not sure why you're directing this at me
because it's a response to your post

>> No.18900754

>>18900606 (Me)
So what do you think the stuff she wants to do is? My guess is dango eating ASMR.

>> No.18900757

Because the post you quoted was sarcasm. her saying don't expect anything does not say "I'm getting a redesign"

>> No.18900766

I'm talking about design not rigging

>> No.18900779

>That 100% sounds like <things I made up in my own head with no basis in reality>

>> No.18900784

Well yes, we're obviously working with subtext here and it's rrat territory. That was clear from the beginning of the conversation.
If you watch her, you know what >>18899737 listed to be sentiments she's expressed more than once.

>> No.18900821

You're projecting your own hopes and dreams I want her to do more ASMR too…

>> No.18900826


>> No.18900857

No I just know management is what's stopping her from doing that.

>> No.18900899

Where's the subtext? I bet there is a significant overlap in the people who take her saying don't expect anything for awhile to mean redesign and the people who thought her saying karaoke permissions were changing meant no unarchived karaoke. There is not hidden meaning to be discerned from every fucking sentence.

>> No.18900902

Didn't she say, she was doing asmr for the fun of it something along those lines?

>> No.18900913

do you know them personally or something? A bit of a large assumption you're making if you don't.

>> No.18900933

What's not fun about that?

>> No.18900942

Wait how do you guys know so much about omega?

>> No.18900971

We make it up.

>> No.18900990

Oh jesus, you were talking about omegafag's art. Sorry, I read "his design" as his vision for a vsinger, which was obviously realised by redjuice, the "good" artist.

>> No.18901017

Sounds fun
by the way, imagine if I was omega

>> No.18901045

Your English is too good for that.

>> No.18901048

I think you're omega. You aren't answering this >>18900913
>Will you please just let my Nephilim princess have some fun?

>> No.18901068

The subtext is in the post I quoted in my reply. She expressed discontent with several aspects of her model repeatedly, either through action or words, that could overall hint at design changes.

>> No.18901078

She already does everything any other Holo can do aside from her music production, so what else could it possibly mean?

>> No.18901134

I told you already. Management won't let her do dango eating ASMR while sitting on her laundry machine.

>> No.18901138

She wishes her horns were detachable, therefore, redesign imminent. Got it.

>> No.18901154

Meh, hour+ long ASMR may actually be bad for her voice anyways. The secret endings are good enough.

>> No.18901180


>> No.18901186

But he(?) is the EN(ENGLISH) manager, why would he not be good? you know for someone who manages ENGLISH hololive member from hololive EN

>> No.18901196

I really want that cooking stream

>> No.18901258

Yes. And her hairstyle. And her skin tone. And not perceiving herself as cute/standing out amongst other holos. I understand that you don't agree with the speculation in this thread but you don't have to misrepresent the things other anons have posted, it doesn't make your take any more credible.

>> No.18901293

>so what else could it possibly mean?
Issues with her model? It could mean fucking anything. You don't even know if what you said is true or not, and if it is, you have no reason to believe that's an issue instead of anything else. I wish people had to take a basic logical reasoning test before talking about shit on the internet

>> No.18901302

This is it, we were the real omega, he(?) was inside us all along

>> No.18901309

What about her model is preventing her from doing anything?

>> No.18901348

If every Holo who wanted a different hairstyle or called other Holos cute were to get a redesign it would be the whole fucking company lmao

>> No.18901361

That's a different discussion.

>> No.18901376

NTA, any timestamps or streams where she showed/mentioned discontent with her hairstyle, skin tone, and "not perceiving herself as cute/standing out amongst other holos"?

>> No.18901379

I’d rather be inside of omega, but that’s neither here nor there.

>> No.18901387

maybe she wants to argue for a redesign
maybe she wants toto make less music
maybe she wants to make more
maybe she wants to make a different kind of music, maybe she wants a different producer
there's all these options in the air and you picked your favourite one and decided it was fact

>> No.18901406

It's not though. She acts a standard streamer 95% of the time, and her model has not prevented her from doing anything any other Holo does. The only difference between IRyS and normal Holo is who is in control of her music production.

>> No.18901427

The skin tone is obvious from the fact that she deliberately adds a filter to brighten it.

>> No.18901439

I meant music in general, do you know what "and the like" means? I didn't mean specifically cover songs you idiot, it was about music in general.

>> No.18901462

She wants both a redesign and something to change with how she is managed.

>> No.18901479

trust me bro

>> No.18901501

Must have got that from some magic subtext everyone likes to source here right?

>> No.18901529

>Anon fell for the whitening meme

>> No.18901561

that anon is shitposting. they know damn well that didn't happen.

>> No.18901654
File: 2.03 MB, 1937x2793, 20220209_142638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No stream today...

>> No.18901672
File: 785 KB, 1233x542, comparison2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And whatever you do, don't compare the shade of Reine and IRyS on these two streams. They're exactly the same!

>> No.18901689

Ahhhhh, soooo cuteeeeeee

>> No.18901716

>anon ACTUALLY fell for the whitening meme
fucking kek

>> No.18901828

Why are people bothered by her color? Real life people(which do exist) wear make up and shit all the time

>> No.18901837

Anons... She had lost the filter and added it back after her rigging update.

>> No.18901840

Understandable. If she overlapped the Council anniversary even I would be a little mad at her. Take your break IRyS!

>> No.18901882

>real life people exist
Nice baseless rrat.

>> No.18901894

No one overlaps merch events. That's why no one but Mumei streamed the day of IRyS 6 month and she said she was ending it before IRyS started.

>> No.18901902

>m-muh makeup
shit excuse, is she brown or not

>> No.18901912

No one cares what people think, this entire conversation is about what she thinks of it.

>> No.18901938

It's smart to stream 1 or 2 hours after big events to catch the funnel. She deserves a break day though.

>> No.18902154
File: 92 KB, 275x179, CoD2forms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS' character is very lore heavy that Cover can pass a redesign as a transformation or some kind of final form. Even the CoD MV has hinted that she has another 2 forms (picrel). They won't be ditching Redjuice and the current IRyS (with updated rigging) but the next form/design will be more vtuber friendly and won't feel out of place in collabs.

>> No.18902263

Maybe she can be like cell from Dragon Ball Z, she can keep moving towards a "perfect form"
All she needs to do now is suck someone in

>> No.18902309

Yeah me

>> No.18902325

that would be me

>> No.18902352

I said moving TOWARDS a perfect from not away from it

>> No.18902451
File: 714 KB, 671x535, 1639227848407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if we are getting a BaeRyS karaoke collab on the 24?

>> No.18902502

They are an ocean away from each other anon

>> No.18902519
File: 2.21 MB, 720x720, 1644529884600.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Makes sense!! Thanks for the Hopium!!

>> No.18902537

Fuck you anon, my mom said I'm handsome

>> No.18902557

Mori and Rikka did a karaoke collab that wasn't an off collab. They used some studio program to sync their voices or something like that.

>> No.18902652

Shh, next you'll tell me roberu isn't banging all of ID across 5k miles of ocean.

>> No.18902688

wireless dick update just dropped lets gooooo

>> No.18902736

Yamaha Syncroom, but it only works within Japan. Or so Yamaha says.

>> No.18902741

Just cuz you're handsome, doesn't mean you're perfect now go pump that iron

>> No.18903065

All of you guys better be jacked when you go to conventions/expos. You don't want to be an embarrassment, do you?

>> No.18903157

I'm working on it IRyS

>> No.18903215

Fuck ya bae bee, can't be looking like truck-kuns next victims
Reminds me of robocos fans damn they were hot as fuck(but not as hot as irys)

>> No.18903225
File: 3.59 MB, 640x640, 1643462212949.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been doing my reps since IRyS debuted, I'll be ready

>> No.18903285

Don't worry, I'm a decent-built guy irl who fuck pentomos for a living

>> No.18904279
File: 936 KB, 903x889, 1629827869607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So cute
Both the gif and the mp4

>> No.18904372
File: 636 KB, 952x1269, 1630858572562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she complains about her model and brightens it up. If you don't believe me then look at any collab on her channel and compare it to colleague's model. They usually look like a ghosts.
Personally I don't care if she is slightly brown, but you just know that when she bitches about her model to her friends, she compares it to gypsies whose she hates

>> No.18904982

That's what my post said, minus the schizo speculation about gypsies. Why are you replying to me like i need convincing, and why is your post an hour late?

>> No.18905228

I replied to you because I agree with you, you autist. And replied hour late becasue I just woke up.

>> No.18905782

I love IRyS more than (You) do

>> No.18906033

Probably, I don't like her that much.

>> No.18906396

y r u here then?

>> No.18906461

To shit up the thread probably

>> No.18906468

no, me

>> No.18907270
File: 102 KB, 1143x854, FMGLWlKVIAIxbcz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love IRyS!!!

>> No.18907596

Next thread:

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