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This is a cute moth.
Say something nice about this cute moth.

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I love the moth. She's everything I want to like about Mori without the menhera bullshit.

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Hi mommy. Your full moon form is sexy. I want you to fuck me in the ass while you're transformed

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I want her to step on me with her weird bug feet

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There's nothing cute about her. Fucking bugs.

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The biomechanical raptor feet are the best part of Roboco too.

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I get not liking mosquitos or roaches, but moths? Moths don't do anything.
... Why isn't there a mosquito vtuber?

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she's literally the giga stacy of the vtubing world
>has a career IRL
>not only created her model herself but also rigged it
>vtubing is a hobby for her
>still 185k followers
love moth
not to mention that baby mode is the cutest fucking thing i've ever seen
love you Juni

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She fucking ruins every DnD campaign she's in. Stick to your vtuber circles don't taint actual streamers.

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Actual streamers are butting their noses into vtubing now too, so if you don't want them crossing the proverbial streams, tell Chance and Lily to back the fuck off.

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She's pretty awesome and what makes her endearing is that in a lot of ways, she seems like a regular person but then she admits all her quirks and almost-flaws. Which are always amusing and reveal something of interest and amusement. The banter with her Chat is great too, no one really goes after her because there isn't really any drama. Yet chat will still roast her hard enough where she could get uptight and pissy about it if she wanted but she always rolls with it and is willing to laugh at herself.

I'd been hoping memes about her and Bears would take off because It's filled with potential for lulz.



Channel redeem when? https://youtu.be/OLmQTIS9Rv4?t=45

Meanwhile, in yet another example of how strange meta about her crosses over -A Dark Souls character who says "For Juniper's Sake!" for example- I just found this when I searched for "Juniper Bear's" for the two clips . . .


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Whoever those 2 are they can fuck off too. These circles should not be mixed.

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Isn't she a lawyer who just happens to also be an awesome artist/rigger? I don't know how those two careers intersect but it's kind of fucked up that she decided to throw away years of law schooling to be a vtuber.

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did she say if she is going to play elden ring on stream?

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Has she secured a plush yet?

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They're fucking ugly, all bugs are

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She's an hypocrite that stole a design from a japanese artist yet decided to shit talk him anyways.
What a cunt.

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Stop chasing drama you whore. Not everything is worth going to war over.

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she stated on multipule occasions that it was an inspiration for her character

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I'd rather not watch people that actively shit on the things I like.
How you can like such an unpleasant person is beyond me.

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Shut the fuck up cuck, >>18637161 is right.
She's just a dumb hypocrite bitch.

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And that gives her the right to shit on him afterwards?

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You're a crybaby bitch and so is the other guy. >>18637260 is correct, but hey, go on and keep hating something that /vt/ of all fucking places told you to hate.

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You can't even realize she dislikes you. That's the saddest breed of simps, by far.

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The guy IS a pedo, though, but hey, sure, she shouldn't have stoked the fires. But are you telling me you've never talked shit before? And Juniper is the hypocrite here?

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So she's okay with shotacon but not lolicon?

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But that's literally every vtuber, including your preferred one. What's the contention again?

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I don't owe my model to Juniper and her works though. So yeah, Juniper is still the hypocrite here.

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Didn't she say 6 months ago that she was working out and would do an ab reveal in 6 months?

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don't know about what's her opinion about it but yes
>shotacon = good
>lolicon = bad
and that's a fact

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Nah, she dislikes Pedo-spergs who try and group everyone in the anime community into their fetish when someone says they are put off by Lolicon.

Not a Lawyer but she was doing something that was involved with patent or marketing legality. Which if I was understanding it right meant she was going over patent and marketing proposals to make sure everything was in keeping with legal codes and statutes.

One of her Taglines is: >>"I'm a dumb Bitch and will make it everyone's problem."

Beware those who know themselves well enough to recognize that they can be stupid, they can only be fooled once.


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Not really, going on twitter rants about how much you hate your fans isn't actually that common you know?

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>What did she mean by this?
>What went wrong?
>This is _, say something nice to her!
>Who is bestgirl and why is it __?
>Why is she so perfect bros?
>*blocks your path*
>Who was in the wrong here?
>What the fuck was her problem?
>Could someone give me a quick rundown?
>(x) company is finished
>(x)fags BTFO
>How will they ever recover?
>Is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/?
>Find a flaw; Protip: you can't
>Explain yourselves
>Defend this
>What's her name again?
>[current year]... i am forgotten...
>Why does she trigger /vt/ so much?
>Would you?
>She did nothing wrong!
>Now that the dust has settled...
>How did we go from this...to THIS?
>What was her endgame?
>What am I in for?
>Really makes you think
>How do we fix _?
>The absolute state of (x)
>What the fuck were they thinking?
>For me, it's _
>Was it kino?
>Redpill me on ___
>See this What do?
>Daily reminder
>The perfect girl doesn't exi-
>(x)bros... we got too cocky
Irrelevant 2view whore that is only shilled by /v/ tourists. Good to know.

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I wonder if the first person to create an anime cat girl thinks that every subsequent anime cat girl is a thief...
Or maybe they're just happy the artistic license is being enjoyed. You could learn a thing or two.

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I could say the same thing about every irrelevant whore in Nijisanji, but I'm polite enough not to tear those poor simps down.

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Between her and Nyan how do you find the time to seethe?

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Even worse, pronoun-in-bio twitter sphere.
At least /v/ actually tries to fit in somewhat.

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Doesn't matter if its "inspiration" or theft, it comes from a shotacon hentai then she tweets some anti shit about it. She's a textbook, inexcusable hypocrite, stop being a cuck for her.

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Yes, moths and other bugs are disgusting. Thank you for proving it.

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I used to frequent a site that leaked onlyfans stuff and I remember reading a thread where a user asked what happened to one of the girls he followed. Another person there said she stopped to become a moth vtuber.
I'll be perfectly honest, I have no idea if it's her, but this conversation happened just over a year ago which coincides with right after her debut and I don't know of any other moth vtubers. Keep in mind that around this time, tons of women were trying to become vtubers so it might be someone else or maybe even a vtweeter. But there is a good chance she had a onlyfans and it would be cool if someone found her nudes.

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Cat ears and a tail being added to any generic anime girl isn't the same as near copy pasting a niche monster girl design then profiting off it.

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Or I could enjoy her content like a normal person and not freak out every time something happens on social media. It's like you people want to be upset.

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I'd rather have a true solopipb VTuber model

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I bet they're real happy to be shat on by the person taking their hard work without credit.
You're fucking retarded if you think this behavior can be defended.

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It's taking an animal and uwu-ifying it. It has happened a million times before. The sad part is you don't even particularly care; I know you don't. You just want something to complain about because the Rushia nothingburger is petering out.

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She's boring as shit to be honest.
Artist vtuber syndrome.

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No one is surprised she's a whore but yes, finding those nudes would be hilarious. The cucks would have such a mental breakdown.

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>take real world animal
>turn it into a cute busty anime girl
The effort involved must be staggering.

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Enjoy living off copium and ignorance then I guess.
That's pathetic imo and Id rather only support genuinely decent entertainers but I guess some people like you just don't care.

>> No.18637828

Yes, creating and publishing doujins is a lot of hard work. But of course since you are a fan of someone that steals shit I expect you to have no idea about integrity or effort.
You're as rotten as she is, one for the other. She still doesn't like you though, lol.

>> No.18637836

He says while doing the exact same thing I just chided him for.

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And creating and rigging your own vtuber model is also hard work, which Juniper has done multiple times. But you are ignoring that because it doesn't fit your victimhood narrative.

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She didn't create jack. Even you agreed to this a few posts ago, she took the design and ran.

>> No.18637962

He says while huffing the copium even harder.

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Yeah, People who create using something as a source of inspiration without making sure It's all gatekept and in keeping with their psychosis are so obviously lame. Look at that Bitch having fun vtubing and interacting with other People online like some filthy normie who doesn't have to hold back the urge to grope Children when out in Public. Pathetic.

>> No.18638002

>S-so what if she's a shity person I still like her
If you you truly don't care why are you even arguing? Let's both agree she's a terrible person and be done with it.

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This but unironically

>> No.18638040

Blue is an ugly colour on you, anon. All I said was that she was inspired by Layers of White, which she herself admits to. By your logic, no one should be allowed to be inspired by anything because that would be theft.
You're an idiot and I think even you know that your argument is flimsy.

>> No.18638064

Also she should try being entertaining instead of just riding on her model and rigging

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Entertainment is subjective, anon. I think Juni is entertaining, and she's extremely artistically talented.

>> No.18638135

What's the counterpoint?
She doesn't even apologize and implies she holds the exact same opinions.
Did you even read the fucking image you posted?

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>holocels seething yet another time becasue some indie made it
she's not gonna suddenly lose all her followers, subs, and repuation just becasue you don't like her you know

>> No.18638181

I don't even watch Holos.
She's just a shitty person that picks fights online and it's okay to dislike her for that.

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>Juni thread
>based fans
>two or three seething autists wander in
>based fans actually defend her
>seething autists find no footing, seethe more, and quit the field
You love to see it.

>> No.18638276

>trans lord of...[ ]
Oh, so that's the kind of people defending her huh.

>> No.18638298

Anon, you can't have fun and enjoy things, you must cater to my back-wards sense of integrity by embracing perverted hentai and Lolicon or else you are a traitor to the glorious Revolution! Juniper and her collaborators are all guilty of wrong-think and lack artistic integrity! Juniper needs to produce humanoid Baby-mode hentai of it getting stretch by huge cock and bukkaked in order to make amends to the community!

>> No.18638302

>picks fights online
Pot, meet the kettleist kettle that ever did kettle.

>> No.18638311

>Entertainment is subjective
you can keep eating shit and call it delicious then lmao

>> No.18638313

Yeah bro, twitter rants about "sexy anime girl bad" while doing the same shit yourself is so based.

>> No.18638318

So, whose idea was it for you guys to make this thread, did she mention it on discord, voice call, or it's just a bunch of faggots taking the initiative in hopes of getting her good graces?

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>Fucking bugs

>> No.18638401

Do you ask the same stupid question every time someone makes one of those pointless Petra/Anya threads?

>> No.18638456

You've got some serious selective vision going on there anon.

There's like 2 simps actually defending her, if not just 1 samefagging. And like 3 based chads calling her a whore which she deserves.

>> No.18638490

Only when the shilling is this obvious, seems that I hit a nerve here. You understand she won't ever love you, right? Best scenario here, she's someone hoping to pull a Vei

>> No.18638495

>no u

>> No.18638501

Juni is low energy and honestly not that interesting. I wonder how many vtubers you've watched if you genuinely find her entertaining enough to watch.

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Trying to get people to like the borderline unwatchable bastard offspring of their respective generations is far cringier. At least Juni has actual, measurable talent. What the fuck can/has Petra ever done?

Ha. Hey, you guys remember when /vt/ said Petra would be the Gura Killer?

>> No.18638634

Juni is a terrible entertainer. I don't understand what drives you to shill her. You can like, enjoy a couple seconds of watching her stolen design move around a bit, but beyond that there's no substance to enjoy.
Petra is unironically better at streaming and that's saying a lot.

>> No.18638717

That's a bald-faced lie and you know it. Petra is only entertaining in collabs though God only knows why anyone would invite her and that's because the others drown her out. Even other NijiEN talents know Petra is best experienced when basically muted.

>> No.18638763

That your go-to recourse is to point to someone that's shit to seem better in comparison is pretty telling. To put it bluntly, she's a pretty terrible person who doesn't deserve success. You should go back to trying to shill her on twitter, as that's where she belongs.
This is the last time I'll answer to you btw, as it's clear you're baiting for answers to keep this thread alive for exposure despite all the sages above. Cya.
watch this shill thread not even hit bump limit, but disappear into irrelevance. Just like her.

>> No.18638768

Go simp for your whore on her discord instead. I know you're already on there

>> No.18638898

/vt/ is a place to discuss vtubers, and Juni counts whether you like it or not.

>> No.18638919

did not know she said that. dropped.

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Juni is proof vtubing needs to be gatekept.
I won't forgive her for shitting on Solopipb.

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See you when you get back from work, anon.

>> No.18639078

nta but that's not inspiration, that's a a straight up rip off. her main selling point is her design and it's not even original. I've nothing against juniper but to me she seems like a hypocrite and a shitty person.

>> No.18639125

Well I don't think you're wrong, from the way she always talking down to anime fans, not realizing the irony of it all, she does seem like a person with her head up her ass.

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File: 1.91 MB, 3879x2000, JuniperRadiance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You understand she won't ever love you, right?

>>You can't just enjoy watching and interacting with a Person who amuses you and whose personality you find likable and endearing! All interactions should be forced contracts based on some fucked-up co-dependency or obligation with copious dysfunctional sexuality mixed in!

You will never be a Lovable Moth-Girl Vtuber.

>> No.18639167

I want headpats from all four of Juni's arms simultaneously.

>> No.18639171

Just wanted to post an update. Good news and bad news.
I decided to see if I could find the conversation and I did. And I was right, it was about a moth vtuber. Unfortunately, it wasn't Juniper. It was an onlyfans whore named Tenleid. She's the girlfriend of an anituber named Mother's Basement. She did ero cosplay and spread her pussy and stuff for money, but then tried chasing trends by becoming a moth vtuber named Lemonade. She stopped doing it when it turned out it was way more difficult and wasn't the free ride she thought it would be.
I just wanted to clear things up because even though I don't like Juniper, I don't want to spread rumors about her being a whore either.

>> No.18639209

If she ever puts out a baby mode plushie I'm buying 3.

>> No.18639221

I'm just surprised there was another moth vtuber.

>> No.18639223

waited for someone to post this
what a retard.

>> No.18639230

Good on you, anon. I appreciate that journalistic integrity.

>> No.18639253

Thank you for doing your good duty anon, respect.

>> No.18639293

Hugs with two arms combined with Head-pats? A hug with all four arms? Juniper is versatile.


>> No.18639338

How about making her own design without aping someone else's?
Can she do that?

>> No.18639362

Juni's adorable. She has a great personality. I'm not as huge a fan of the meep model as I am her regular moth form but whatever.

>> No.18639423

>girlfriend of an anituber named Mother's Basement
I knew that fucking loser would end up a cuck. She's only dating him for clout.

>> No.18639463

Yeah, attacking artists you stole designs from is adorable. Shitting on your fans is such a great personality wow.

>> No.18639481

Any port in a storm, eh drama-chasing infant?

>> No.18639501

Don't worry, I'm sure there will be another model coming along at some point.


>> No.18639525

You tell me, cuck, you're the one trying to shill your whore here. I can tell easily when you are samefagging by the way. It's obvious.

>> No.18639543

Oh I know. She straight up admits that she's addicted to making new clothes for herself.

>> No.18639582

Aside from taking her design from a doujin that showcases the exact theme she shits on, sure.

>> No.18639628

Rather have a menhera than a cunt, to be honest.

>> No.18639639

>I'm a pedophile
We know.

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Oh, there it is! He said the thing!

>> No.18639737


>I'm retarded

We know.

See >>18637161

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>Juni thread
Yes please.

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File: 84 KB, 624x613, WingedBear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Other V-tubers resort to commissioning their models and rigging, for her, It's like she's her own seam-stress.
I wonder . . .
What would you call a Moth-Bear hybrid and what would it look like?

A Moear?

>> No.18639848
File: 269 KB, 850x1198, 1632874541503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thread IPs didn't go up
Lmao. This is just sad.

>> No.18639884

A both.

>> No.18639947

Apparently they're engaged, but yeah, it's pretty pathetic. Imagine marrying a whore.

>> No.18639968

And watch her get cat ears, start calling herself a mat, and /vt/ dipshits will start accusing her of stealing from the legendary mat creator Satoshi Whogivesafuck who drew the first mat manga back in 1978.

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File: 2.30 MB, 1488x2105, 1632885347326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like how you always talk about /vt/ in third person.
Really telling.
Why don't you go back from where you came from? I don't know why you thought you would be welcome here.

>> No.18640291
File: 496 KB, 1160x650, 36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why? You've been so accommodating, with your cute little temper tantrums.

>> No.18640487
File: 1.39 MB, 1246x1986, 1636450614539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well what can I say, maybe I am a better entertainer than the moth herself since you seem to like me so much. It's not a very high bar but I'm still flattered.

>> No.18640752

Well, you certainly are entertaining, but not more so than Juni, who I am watching as we chat.

>> No.18640923

Use a tripcode, faggot. I can smell that it's you and we're not even in /ggg/.

>> No.18640989

Her art and rigging are impressive. Wish she did more lore shit with the full moon form and all that. I love lore.

>Moths don't do anything
Unless you're in a kaiju movie. Then they're awesome.

Thanks for clearling up misconceptions.

>> No.18641000

did you really need to include your sick burn in the screenshot?

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File: 1.08 MB, 4096x2731, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who would win in a fight between Mothra and Full Moon Juni?

>> No.18641082

Wish she was on youtube instead

>> No.18641439

i love juni, my second favourite chuuba
twitch is objectively the better streaming platform

>> No.18641500

For now. YouTube is trying to beat them out, and given how much of a hypocritical liberal shithole Twitch is, I think they'll succeed.

>> No.18642091

Depends. Which Mothra?

>> No.18642256

>hypocritical liberal shithole
so same as youtube? Twitch at least functions as a good streaming platform, whereas Youtube doesn't

>> No.18642328


>> No.18642474

>cute form
>amazing model
>hot voice
>makes diaper snipers seethe and mald
10/10 vtuber

>> No.18642509

>diaper snipers
Stealing that one

>> No.18642558

Except for the four unskippable, thirty-second ads, you mean.

>> No.18642643

nothing a simple addon can't fix

>> No.18643334

I don't use twitter though, I got that from a thread.

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File: 3.03 MB, 1591x2248, Juniperforms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>18641032Hard to say as we don't know if FM Juni has equivalent abilities, at a glance though, it seems like she might be more quick and savage at close range then Mothra but Mothra would probably has better armor and abilities.

Which one would you rather have sex with?

>> No.18644136

>139 posts
>32 IPs
>half the posts are "moth bad"
Sad on all sides

>> No.18645055

Regular Juni or Full Moon Juni? Regular Juni seems easy to please; Full Moon would require the full insertion of my entire body.

>> No.18645171

It's a couple tweets from 2 years ago. You're more sensitive than that fucking twitch deer mod.

>> No.18645307

This is the forum that wishes death upon Nyanners for some harmless shit she did ten years ago. /vt/ deserves the rope.

>> No.18645463

I don't know her, I don't care about her, but at one point she had the best live2d out there.

>> No.18645594

Naw, /vt/ is fine honestly. It's good to have a place where trolls can bait with weak hate pngs, cucks to seethe, and coomers to coom.

>> No.18645659

You haven't realized that this is the exact same poster yet?

>> No.18648304
File: 271 KB, 1920x1080, Junifeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if FM Juni is her Estrus season?

>> No.18648334

what other insect vtubers exist?

>> No.18648444

Lolicons stop treating there weird fetish as a sexuall identity challenge IMPOSSIBLE

>> No.18648462

I will breed this moth.

>> No.18649123

Dear God she's sending a man to hell

>> No.18649353



>> No.18649449

Not many. Most want to be cute uwu~ kitties. I've seen a snake vtuber, though. Saa was her name I think.

>> No.18649602

Someone should write in:

>>I make posts on vtuber discussion boards where I hate on Vtubers for not liking Lolicon and do all I can to paint them as being traitors to the community for it.

>> No.18649648
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>he's still at it

>> No.18649881

Doesn't this mean your still here too????

>> No.18649956

Touche, touche. I like to think me not malding over the existence of a vtuber puts me on a rung above you, though.

>> No.18650038

Not the same guy and your here because your upset a woman called your fetish weird

>> No.18650053


>> No.18650107

What fetish? I'm not tracking.

>> No.18650212

I still gotta see GvK.

>Hard to say as we don't know if FM Juni has equivalent abilities, at a glance though, it seems like she might be more quick and savage at close range then Mothra but Mothra would probably has better armor and abilities
I mean, different Mothra's have different power levels and specialties, and some are pretty good close in. Monsterverse has that stinger and fucking scythe legs, and Mothra Leo is known to turn into a bunch of smaller versions, fly into the enemies bodies and blast away at them from inside.

No, that's Ironmouse's thing./s

>> No.18650298

Ok lolicon

>> No.18650392

lolno. I love Juni and I have zero issue with her comments. Why would I want to fuck a thirteen year old that looks like a bookend when I could fuck a twenty-something that actually knows what she's doing?

>> No.18650452

Monsterverse Mothra also has "godrays", which if I'm correct is some kind of hypnosis/blinding effect? I dunno, the movie wasn't super clear on it.

>> No.18650486

Oh I see misunderstanding then also u can't believe that one guy drak his own piss lmao

>> No.18650538

rofl right?!

>> No.18651178

Now It's straight white Vinegar . . . Which has driven Juni to drink.

>> No.18651296

Do you also eat your Cheerio's only after dozens of men have ejaculated into the bowl?

>> No.18651328

No and that's a problem. Step up your game; you can barely hit the rim these days.

>> No.18651380

Rember the commandment

>> No.18651583

>potty trained
oh my lord no

>> No.18651764

Who ever she is, I hope she gets run over by a car. She deserves to go splat like any other insect.

>> No.18651857


There's literally another moth vtuber. Why is being a fucking insect so appealing?

>> No.18652304

There are many moth vtubers are of them are based

>> No.18654825

>be entertainer
>pick up fights over inane bullshit
Why people do this?

>> No.18660759

Arthropods are novel yet strangely easy to sexually anthropomorphize.

>> No.18661937

Its amazing how quickly they come out of the woodwork when some calls them out on thier mental sickness.
If you ever need to find out what a vtuber thinks about pedos, you can just post them here and watch the reaction

>> No.18667407

New faggot saging to say, you guys sound like faggots, that guy does have his panties in a bunch over her not liking lolicon but she sounds like a fag too. >>18638936 put it best. Someone like her makes a shitty Vtuber because she doesn't get the people she actually appeals to, and it's kinda telling that most of her defenders sound like Tumblr/Twitterfags themselves. Fuck's sake one of you faggots called this board a "forum."

She absolutely sounds like a normalfag magnet Vtuber.

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