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Goddammit Snuffy is cute.

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yeah I'd rape her tits I guess..

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tits too big now

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i disagree

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faggot detected

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How do I not end up like you?

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she into nipple fucking?

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Probably. Snuffy's kinky as fuck.

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i want to fuck her urethra so badly

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Go to bed Matt

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her mute is hot too.

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*old snuffy was

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cant wait for the blowjob cam

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>he doesn't know

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The models she uses get progressively worse.
The one in the OP pic was objectively the best one

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she's a furry and a brony so she may actually be into that.

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all i want in this world is for this fat raccoon to sit her sweaty ass on my face

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Her cuteness depends on which model that she is using on stream

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Is she really overweight..?

She says she likes to smoke weed, and almost every girl ive met that smoked pot was fat as hell.

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I don't think her roommate has any pictures out there but her hands look more or less normal.

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Slightly chubby at most, doesn't have the best stamina going by her VR exercise stream from a while ago

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She's an agoraphobic stoner so her lack of stamina isn't surprising.

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Idk man, biggest stoner I knew could outrun the top athlete in my school while wearing metal toed military boots.

They are wildcards

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Sure but being sedentary in your home all day is awful for your health.

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I just want to suffocate in Snuffy's womb

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>yo, Snuffy, my dude, how many models you want

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snuffy is segs

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That's certainly an exception to the rule. Most of the stoners I've met are fat slobs and even the skinny ones don't have a lit of stamina since, y'know, they're still smokers

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I bet she gave one drolly blowjob

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Holy shit

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I honestly don't get it. Ironmouse also downgrades with every new model, but Snuffy seems like she's actively trying to sabotage her look.

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She only recently learned the vagina and urethra are separate.

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What the fuck happened? Why did she decide to become a cartoon-titty streamer?

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Goddammit Snuffy is fat.

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Could be a bit fatter.

Not with food but with a healthy (2-3 gallons) dose of in vagoo semen deposit.

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I have an unhealthy desire to manhandle the fuck out of snuffy.

Like, playfully pinning her up against a wall and just kissing her neck and chest and giving her hickies then wrestling her to the ground and just mating press the fuck out of her in a bear hug

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Fat girl knows how to use mouth that's not surprising

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Actually probably pretty representative of her IRL body with a an only slightly smaller belly and less cartoonishly fat legs.

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Such delightful architecture.

>> No.18647953

fuck. that pudgy trash panda tummy is cute...

>> No.18649591

You've never seen her IRL body.

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I've seen her hands and wrists and a brief glimpse of her knee and she's described herself and her habits. It all checks out. I would like to lick her pusy.

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She has pudgy hands, sure, but you said "representative of her IRL body". Her hands and knee don't represent her entire body.

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Hands, wrists and forearms are usually indicative. She has slightly pudgy hands and normal looking wrists and forearms. She has said she gained a substantial amount of weights largely in her tits and some in her ass. She's probably not very different from that image barring limitations of 3D and its cartoonish exaggerations.

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Or it went entirely to her tits and ass and her midsection is nice and trim. She's also a stoner, mind you, and stoner chicks are usually fairly trim but also bizarrely self-conscious. I bet she's a fastidious groomer.

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I think it's more likely it went to her tits and her ass and she has thighs and a belly paunch than I am to believe she's gained a bunch of weight and is now a perfect hour glass fertility goddess.

Also grooming maybe but she frequently doesn't even wash her hands after using the restroom.

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Eh, so long as her pits, crotch, and legs are smooth, I'm cool. And sure, because I want to believe she's voluptuous and not a twig with off-puttingly huge tits, I'm going to go with your assumption.

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I only care about legs. If she had some pit hair or frequent stubble and pubes I would still be in heaven.

>> No.18650507

I hope she's shaved her pubes into her raccoon face logo.

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Like paleontologists of the 19th century, these spergs can piece together the entire build, diet and habits of an e-thot by just the briefest glimpse of a single finger or toe.

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I have seen and masturbated to hour long clips of full view of her beautifully manicured fingers and hands thinking of her giving me ruthless teasing handjobs while laughing her pretty and endearing laugh and how my body responds to her ruthless cock treatment and the potentially ruined orgasms.

Ah, Snuffy is so extremely sensual.

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Do you know if she still does NSFW stuff on her Patreon? I was subbed about half a year ago and most of the content was worth paying for.

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I'm not subbed to her patreon now or of any potential past life I don't know about.

Last time the kemono.party for her Patreon was updated was December.

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Did you go to school with Shaggy Rodgers?

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Snuffy now.

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I very much unironically want to be smothered under this raccoon's humongous ass

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Yeah, THIS Snuffy is cute. Nu-Snuffy coomer shit sucks ass.

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Its like she's one of those women who ruin themselves with plastic surgery.

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I vaguely recall Snuffy having lore about her models. OPs pic is "barely legal Snuffy", while Smilfy is just that - thirty something and with two or three kids.

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