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Japanese Gura.

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She's so much hotter than Gura.

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i yearn to stretch her asshole as i pull on her horns

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She's worse

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The one true unironic Gura killer.

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I wish I knew japanese so that I could uooh over her when Gura isn't streaming

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>Gura killer
>failed to reach 1 million subscribers in a month
Try again

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She mogged Gura's debut numbers and without even checking I'm sure she already earned a lot more SCs because Gurafags never paypig. Kiara, Mori and a lot of JPs earn more SC money than Gura so I'm sure its the same with Lapra.

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the cope never gets old truly

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I do hope she overtakes gura soon so that you drooling N99 retards on /jp/ would fuck off

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Japanese Shion

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Wild chito spotted.

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Stop saying the truth anon...

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Sleep tight, tatters

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She is barely number two in Gen 6 though. All she got for herself is that chunni LARPing she does.

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She's actually very similar to Gura in that her superchats are alright (because she rarely ever reads them) but she gets an insane amount of members and very consistently high CCV
From her last stream alone she got 600 new members and it was more or less a casual stream
I idle in her free chat and there's always new members that just join throughout the day
She even mentioned in a stream once that her and her manager are surprised at why she even gets so many

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I find the bird amusing

It will probably stay stuck there even if she inverts herself

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What is his problem?

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Gura but with 100 times more talent in almost every aspect.
Also younger with cunny body frame behind the model.

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>not wanting to fuck them both
>not wanting both of them to fuck you
pathetic, anon.

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She's the perfect cunny chuba because her roommate is also cunny. Cover played that really well desu.

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I don't like or hate futa but when cocks are bigger than their bodies it gets a chuckle out of me.

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She is just the more talented gura

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>She mogged Gura's debut numbers
Yeah, after gura made millions the norm
Tru using decent bait sometime anon

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Gura is English Pekora.

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>those fucking horns

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She's a far more entertaining version of Gura... to the point I'm not even sure this comparison makes sense.

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It's true I often wonder where the streams are

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>what is riding on coattails

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thats laplus

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Those are parasites in it's eyes...

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Sleep tight, taters.

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>t. seething and insecure chumpedo

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nah gura is cirno 2.0
and la+ is female asta

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She delivers something almost every day though, just not on her channel because her internet is shit until she moves next month
She makes it up with twitter spaces, twitch streams, videos, and collabs

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it's pretty pathetic seeing cover just get a new girl and tell her to act like gura thinking gura somehow mass producable

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Now this anon truly gets it

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That's Laplus.

Whoever the short funny girl is that Laplus is using as a perch I have no idea.

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Laplus is acting more or less like her roomate is.

>> No.18593411

Sleep tight, taters.

>> No.18593757

yeah sure she is
why the gura act and avatar then?

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I want to rape correction this brat

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How about correcting your grammar first?

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Dont insult Pekora like that

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She's sexier than Gura.

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UUOOHHH material

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She beat my red demon loli lord from Nijisanji so easily

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