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Anyone else pretty much stop browsing other boards after /vt/ released? I still occasionally lurk /wsg/ and will check up /r9k/ like once a week but I obsessively browse /vt/ pretty much whenever I have free time.

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so this is the vtuber audience, huh?

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I still browse /v/ and /vr/ but this place is a lot comfier than them

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I know /r9k/ is dogshit but there's usually still at least 3 threads at any given time worth checking out.

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always has been, retard

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inform me on what kind of insightful threads you think /r9k/ has then, go ahead

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Before /vt/ I never left /tg/ but now I visit both.

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wrong board buddy

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/r9k/ is right about literally everything.

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like what

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the sissy cuck bbc hypno threads

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Nah, I still have /vg up most of the time, and of course /jp/ and sometimes /vp/ to talk about the retro games and speculate how GF is going to mess up. Nene playing pokemon is more fun than playing the actual games

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Still post on /jp/, /ck/, /out/, and /sp/. I refuse to go on other boards, including ones I once regularly posted in the past on since getting into Hololive/Chuubas.

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like what

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I'm getting bored with /hlgg/ because everyone basically left. /hlgg/ used to be the hub for OCs. Now that /vt/ exists, theyre pretty fragmented in their own threads and that did take a toll to /hlgg/. All that remains in that general are ritualposters and people who have too much time lurking on twitter. HoloEN in general is also getting too stale because their managers are too overprotective that they even shield their talents from HoloJPs for fuck's sake

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What happens when that pic becomes real and people are able to have have ai anime gfs.

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Went from reddit to 4chan for Hololive stuff. I left cuz I get downvoted all of the time for having unpopular opinions and their idolshit. Finally found my fellows here.

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If you're anti-idol this isn't the board for you.

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used to lurk /g/ and /pol/ for a long time. hololive somehow brought me back to this cesspool. I'm sure it's going to be a mistake at some point.

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What aren't they right about?

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blogposting and using discord being acceptable things to do

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/r9k/ is good though. It’s not 2009 anymore...

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Meh video games are shit nowadays so I stopped browsing /v/ since the only thing kept it interesting was the rise of anime girls playing them.

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Fair enough,

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Nah, /biz/ loves vtubers. You have to remember that once your portfolio gets big enough, a 1% decline in your net worth is 10k+. I actually found out about chuubas from /biz/.

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I use to frequent /g/ and /mu/. Am now exclusive to /vt/.

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I live on /vrpg/ and /k/. I only come here to see who's live to listen to while I clean my rifle.

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No but it is the teamate audience.

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Go back

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Now that you mention it pretty much.

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Speak for yourself weeb.

I'm not giving up /his/, /v/, /vst/, /vrpg/ and /int/ for this shit.

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I still shitpost on /ck/ and lurk /mu/ for album recs but yeah I mostly come here first thing

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>OP is western EOP whore
like clockwork

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The Coco thread is a good place for you.

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I only ever browsed /hlgg/ on /jp/ then /vt/ after this board was created since Kiara showed that 4chan post on her redebut stream.

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/co/ was my home.
/mlp/ became my home
/tg/ is my home away from home.
/vt/ is a nice, fun vacation.

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Same here. I don't like how far-right this board is, but that's the tradeoff for not having nazi mods so I tolerate it

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/co/ was my homeboard as well, but the problem with that board is that cartoons come out so irregularly that you can leave for months and people will still be circlejerking over the same shit. This board is much more interesting and it gives me a chance to practice my Jap too.

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Fuck off

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you should commit suicide.

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I stopped using 4chan over 5 years ago, I came back for /vt/ and nothing else.

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/vt/ was a mistake

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I post on /lit/ and /tg/.

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Ignore the baitfags, homeless /v/ refugees get in here

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/x/ always be my home

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What's the most schizophrenic thing you've seen on there?

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Me. Was /a/.
Stopped watching anime altogether unironically. Been almost a year now.

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tell me what anime you used to watch
and who do you simp for now

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Give me the (You)s

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Mostly just /lgbt/

Yes, yes I am.

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who's your oshi?

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From /co/ and /tg/ here. Mostly I go to /co/ for Death Battle nowadays and /tg/ for the general ambience and to report /pol/shits. I come here to see how terrible and petty you assholes can be.

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Stopped posting on /a/ at some point in the Fall of last year. I'm actually sickened by how miserable the board is compared to other boards centered around Japanese Culture.

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I don't go full simp, but at the moment I like Ollie the most.

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the creation of /vt/ came at this convenient time where I started really getting into Pikamee streams and my Japanese had steadily been getting good enough to watch Pekora streams. Now I'm here most days and I'd consider it my main board.

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Pretty much. I'm only browsing 4chan to talk about vtubers now. I'm hoping this is the last board I ever browse so that I can finally rid my life of 4chan. I barely post and I don't even like vtubers that much anyway.

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I till visit /qst/ from time to time but apart from that nah not really.

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i browse /g/ more than here

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In the same vein, I browse the rest of the board more ever since hlgg moved here that thread has been worse then usual.

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I still visit /v/ regularly despite the fact that I dont play videogames

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I browsed /x/ and /v/ like a decade ago and then they became shit, now I occasionally check out /tg/ and post here non fucking stop.

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/vt/ and /fit/ for me.
The combination for legends.

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Normies go away

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The only other board I ever regularly browsed was /m/ and I still go there every now and then but it's slow and SRW is still dead so I don't miss much taking a while between visits. I have not touched /jp/ since this board was made

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I came here from biz after losing a lot of money. I wish I could’ve just given it to vtubers, at least then they would be happy

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/vt/, /out/ and /n/ for me

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I only ever checked jp when it had vtuber threads in the first place

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I only post here before 11pm EST because that's when the no fun allowed janny comes on

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I browse all threads anon. I've been here (4channel) for almost a year already (since april). Am I still considered a newfag?
I mainly lurked /hlg/ and never checked /hlgg/ even until now in the /JP/ days. Now my favorite threads are the drama and Rrats thread here.

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But of course you retards come from there, that explains absolutely everything wrong with this board. Thank god I stay in my oshi's thread.
As for the question, I stopped watching anime so going to /a/ is no use and you don't browse /v/ if you actually play videogames... Yeah I think I only use this board now.

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This board was born with its own culture already well established (carried over from /jp/ threads), so it definitely feels like home if you’ve been into this for a while. That’s what makes it addictive. I’ve been browsing this shithole more often than usual because of vtubers.

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you stop being a newfag once you've been here for so long that you don't remember when you started and can no longer recall a time when you didn't post on 4chan.

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I still browse /b/

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you made me look at /r9k/
there's fuck-all

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I started using this site regularly in the early days of /fa/. Still consider it my home board, and have added /fit/ and /biz/ over the years. Decided to teach myself Jap when the lockdown started in my country last year, and found vtubers on /jp/. I've been on /vt/ every day since it started, I'm having fun here.

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Absolutely based

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Relative newfag, lurked in /pol/ before abandoning Webb's Bait Farm and went to lurk in /mlp/ and /a/ for a time. Came here because those two boards are hyper-repetitive and ruined by mods/jannies. This is basically the only board I frequent now while occasionally lurking in the others.

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Don't forget to do your reps anon

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I only come on 4chan for this board and /d/.

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based tranny. do you want to be a man or a woman?

I'm the latter and I love Korone and Ina the most

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All the isekai. Literal trash. Shounen trash. Hentai. My taste peaked with Gintama, TTGL, and Yuru Camp.

$0 on superchat and membership because I hate youtube. I only watch archives anyway because of buffering. Moved on from clips for the same reason I started watching Coco and Hachama: spite. Subbers (good or bad) should be daily reminded to kys more often. The language barrier is not an issue on all branches (3 that still exist). Stayed for Coco and Chammers because fun. Been recently watching Suisei and Flare as well.

Totally not simp, but I will buy that Takodachi plushie when it releases. For my family and friends.

Sorry for late reply, anon. Thought the thread died. Couldn't reply at work because I'm always banned on phone.

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Haven't missed a day

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I don't think you needed to clarify which way you were going Anon...

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>/co/ was my home.
>/co/ was my homeboard as well
explains why there's so much redit-tier, tumblr-like faggotry abouts
/co/ got shit years ago you fags.
either you're fresh off the ledit boat or you're of the type that could tolerate the shitheap that board became in which case fuck off

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funny coming from a /v/irgin

>> No.1859352

>I started using this site regularly in the early days of /fa/
sieg you fat fuck dinosaur go home

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Kek that fucking stings anon, accused of being the 2nd worst tripfag in history trunks was worse

>> No.1859477

don't play games
just watch vtubers play
go back to your steven universe general or whatever other shit show you fags talk about on there

>> No.1859489

sure you don't buddy, sure you don't

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I learned to Love Lamy here. I made this place my home. I've grown threads and memes. This is my home board now.

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>/co/ was my home.
>/tg/ is my home away from home.
Same. It hurts to see how shit they became, specially /tg/

>> No.1859581

>here (4channel)
Yep, still a newfag.

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I used to be a /qa/ exclusive but now I stick to the Annoying Orange threads here

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boo/m/er here. /m/ is my home board but you can get through all the new posts and replies in like 20 minutes on an active day. Check some generals at /jp/ then I move onto /g/ to check the generals and ignore the rest. Then I live here for the rest of the day.

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its fun to shit post here because of rrats and schizos. /v/ is just coomer posting nowadays or reposting reddit articles

>> No.1859981

I'd lurk various boards twice a year, in 6 month intervals, for around 6 or so years. /vt/ is the first board that made me stay and contribute.

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Bitch, did you not understand what I meant by 'became'? Do you know when that which can't be named came out?

>> No.1860094

Completely migrated here from /pol/

>> No.1860167

I am predominantly from /co/ but it's nice here too. Ever since /vt/ released I've spent most of my 4chan time here.

>> No.1860188

I don't know how, but being here feels free of most the modern plagues of current 4chan, and I think it might be because it was quarantined to /jp/ for the longest time

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I usually browse /vt/ and /k/ but sometimes /cgl/
browse this one the most cuz I love Suisei

>> No.1863606

So Suisei really does have a ton of female fans, huh...

>> No.1863673

/k/ + /cgl/ is the weirdest combo so far, anon ...

>> No.1863732

Honestly I'm starting to dislike my oshi's general enough that I'm considering just going to /hlgg/ again during her streams.
Tako btw

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/a/ and /v/ but I hate both really. I only come here now

>> No.1863865

>for almost a year already
newfag, lurk for atleast 50 years before posting

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I had actually quit 4chan cold turkey for a good 2 years (started browsing in 2009 or so). Came back solely due to /vt/, but the whole board turned out so goddamn retarded I only lurk once a week or so.

>> No.1863974

>almost a year already (since april). Am I still considered a newfag?
Take a wild guess moron, 4chan is older than most of its userbase

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>I had actually quit 4chan
>quit 4chan

>> No.1864071

Shut up, I had a good run.

>> No.1864160

I was pretty much an /a/ regular before HoloEN. I do visit /vyt/ from time to time since it's inception to ask if someone archived those fucking Eilene videos but to no avail. Didn't really visit /jp/ for a year because I was so frustrated to the board up until some fig from guca linked Mori's debut to expect a trashfire. And now, here I am.

>> No.1864181

there's a downhill too, started in 06 but now i'm at the point where I feel like a newfag again because I don't know what retards are talking about half the time with their wojak of the week. I could find out but most boards make me want to blow my brains out since 2016 happened.

>> No.1864229


This has become my home board, I can't remember what I used to do before vtubers but they take up a significant amount of my free time now.

>> No.1864284

we’re relatively safe here at the bottom of the board stack

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That's just part of getting old, becoming fed up with all the new dumb shit and stubbornly sticking to what you already know. I still have no fucking idea how crypto works and I don't really care either.

>> No.1864509

>I could find out but most boards make me want to blow my brains out since 2016 happened.
thanks for outing yourself as another le epic oldfag reddit election toursit
this place was getting bad long before 16

>> No.1864583

>on fucking cue
Show me your best wojak or pepe

>> No.1864639

/his/ was my home until this board. I can't stand political shit flinging it drives me insane so I left for here. Other than that I frequent /k/, /ck/, /diy/ but don't post there because I'm not very knowledgeable and just enjoy lurking. This board has already degraded in quality from the start but its still good fun, I love you all anons have a wonderful day

>> No.1864652

The downward trend has been there since at least 2010 but the breaking point was clearly 2014-2016. Triple punch of gamergate-fappening-trump brought in a flood of newfag tourists who almost immediately breached containment and sprayed their shit everywhere

>> No.1864954

Gamergate triple fucked the entire internet is the sad part. Suddenly every site and personality had to be 'for it' or 'a ginnit' and if you said nothing, you were shit on from all sides. I fucking hate gamergate and I wish I could go back and abort Anita and the fags writing the first rally cries against her.

>> No.1865039

I still laugh at the irony of that "I just wanted to play videogames" picture, stormfags and other right wing rejects ruined this site more than sjws ever could

>> No.1865062

>HoloEN in general is also getting too stale because their managers are too overprotective that they even shield their talents from HoloJPs

Kiara just collabed with Watame, Ame collabed with Mel and Ollie last week, Mori is collabing with a JP senpai next week. What did anon mean by this?

>> No.1865122

I used /a/, but since I discovered /vt/ I just stay here (casually going into /r9k/)

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Pekora confirmed just recently that they have to ask three layers of management to collab with HoloEN. How is that not gatekeeping?

she needs the boost desu
probably planned at least for a month
not JP

may I also remind you that Ina was supposed to collab with Marine last year but that didn't happen. ENs behaviour towards Coco is weird, to say the least. Wouldn't be surprised if it's also management meddling

>> No.1865262

I hate the left side because they absolutely put anyone who didn't care and continued on not talking about goss in the fucking gallows. Giant Bomb, my favorite vg site, took a huge shit with GG and Ryan Davis's death. It was a real bad 1-2 for the site and everything they produced just slide into the trash as more and more drama garbage flooded in despite Jeffs attempts to hold it back.

>> No.1865269

I used to browse /v/ all the time and now I check that board maybe once a day for 10 minutes. Stopped going on /cgl/ since con season has been dead. /vrpg/ (and /vmg/ if I'm REALLY bored) for when no one is streaming.

>> No.1865326

I want cons back soooo bad Anon. I'm looking forward to all the jiicy goss that's gonna bubble up once they start up again from pandemic lockdown drama that's festered.

>> No.1865471

Yeah, but we always had protection against that because of anonymous posting, the only danger would be one of them buying the site and leaking IP data. Any actual normalfag posting was stopped by spamming guro on /b/ any time we got in the news

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I tend to watch /ic/ and /v/, sometimes /m/ or /cm/ but i like the rrats

>> No.1867914

/v/, /a/, and /jp/.
I was on /jp/ for a number of reasons but eventually slowly just became full-time Hololive. /v/ and /a/ slowly started to lose interest to me until I finally stopped visiting them altogether (I'm not much of a fan of political shitflinging)

This board feels like the last board on 4chan devoid of political shitflinging because of how little the talent interacts with it. It genuinely feels like it's saving my sanity.

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God you guys browse shit boards.

mine are: ]/vt/, /tv/, /g/, /biz/

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I definitely spend a lot less time on the boards I used to frequent. Most media sucks now, politics is fucked, and I can't lift anymore due to rona. Now I just watch the chicken.

>> No.1868078

> /tv/
That board is nothing but forced memes, wojakspam and pedophilia, you're in absolutely no position to talk

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/pol/ here, friendly reminder that nothing is beyond our reach. Soon, this place too shall become a based wasteland devoid of faggotry. YOU have been WARNED :)

>> No.1868182

epic meme, magapede! heil hitler!! XD

>> No.1868219

I don't give a shit about shartemis but when I start seeing political shit here I'll make sure there's an active thread on page 1. What are you going to do about it retard.

>> No.1868247

Fuck off shareblue shill

>> No.1868259

I am thankful that chances are; any Holo who would start some rambling rant on-air about BLM or whatever wouldn't make it past screening.
We know their roommates might, but who cares if I don't see it?

>> No.1868381

/mbti/ is pretty based.

>> No.1868393

/a/, but taking a break from it because mangadex is kill.

>> No.1868607

More like it's the only not totally dogshit general on the whole board... sometimes.

>> No.1868650

you can't ask for much more than that. if you want quality posts maybe go to facebook dot com forward slash fuck off

>> No.1868837

Sorry I'm not from Indonesia.

>> No.1868843
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Do you any of you dumbos understand satire?

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>home board: /fit/
>other boards I visit: /vt/, /biz/, /out/, /r9k/

>> No.1869393

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