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A truly cursed hair colour.

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Not all are bad.

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For me it's busty blondes that make no effort to hide their outside experiences

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Pink woman LOVE

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Go outside, touch Rosemi.

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need some pon

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Rosemi is in the OP.

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l-lewd... I can't do it unless she wants it..

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>doesn't hide their relationships/desire for cock
>ruins everything, is a whore
>annoying voices
>tells you that she is not your waifu
>chatzones you

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good color, bad color, maddening color

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close to purple but I'll allow it. I hear triangle thread is up though and she seems somewhat alive.

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Pink woman love!

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Did OP touch her though?
Tag: forced touch

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top left is the one of my personal choosing

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I can fix them

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What about the rare green?

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GFE thot.

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Damn, pink really is the worst color.

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fuck I'm too much of a newfag. I posted Rosemi without knowing rat. I only knew of Miki and sifted through the archives just now, thanks.

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pink cat uoh

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Bottom middle is the only one i don't know. What did she do?

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She did nothing wrong. Roafags are just retards.

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Top left is the only one i don't know. What did she do?

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Kingyozaka Meiro. Menhera Niji that started a massive infight with another member over an accent/manner of speaking shortly after debut. She got fired and the other Niji went on a prolonged break that still isn't over.

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You forgot one OP

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Dont you dare lump my gurofu in with the whores in OP

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Oh it's her. I only knew the story but didn't actually see her model before today.

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Roa will come back any day now... I still believe bros...

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Is that the one that's been on "hiatus" for like 40 months?

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my guess is a year from now. definitely not within the next 6 months. but at worst 3 years, anything over that is time to prepare for a graduation.

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Nothing wrong.

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At least Pippa is streaming on boyfriend day

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you're next

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Brown and red are forgotten...

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I'll take left column.

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So, can anyone tell me EXACTLY what is the problem with Mori?

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That's it? And isn't he all over the dying mouse?

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she made a joke that hurt our eastern sensibilities.

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Mori is worse than Rushia.

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Since you said that, can you answer >>18315474 ?

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Do you need more? Connor is an ironic weeb who hates anime culture while leeching from it. The further he stays from holo the better.

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I don't see the big deal with that. You can safely ignore his existence.

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Mori is trying to push for collabs with him and the other TT faggots. And also for collabs with vshojo. Ans it seems that she's trying to get other holo members involved in these collabs. She's basically cancer.

>> No.18316188

>Mori is trying to push for collabs with him and the other TT faggots
Really? Can you give me an example?
>And also for collabs with vshojo
I thought she only wanted to collab with Ironmouse.
>And it seems that she's trying to get other holo members involved in these collabs
They can say no if they don't want to.

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It would be funny if Hylo just responded
>I'm not dead yet you dumbass!

>> No.18316236

You mean Connor's sidekick?

>> No.18316419

pic unrelated i assume?

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Hylo has done literally nothing wrong, remove her from the rest of those whores.

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Ok Hylo

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She has a new vtuber personality. She has a new channel, but you'll have to archive crawl for /vt/ or /jp/ to find the youtube channel

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>he doesn't know

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She sucks. Her wigger personality is cringe, her content is meh, she cant handle mean words on the internet, she cultivates a fanbase of retards and she'll keep doing streams with lame ass e celebs. You'd think she'd do a stream with Snoop Dogg.

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Not that anon but:

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>has a boyfriend
controversial and causes shitstorms
controversial but based
tells you you are not her boyfriend, also that vtubers in general dont love you when they say they love you
pure SEX bimbos
great people

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meiro did nothing wrong

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I love chicken

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This. Pink is the color of vtuber drama.

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I want to mating press that pink cat so bad

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>favorite hair color is pink
>it's the first sign the woman is a whore
I hate life.

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Luna is great and has no yabs unless you're a salty nijinigger.

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Pink cat good

>> No.18319366

Pink cat bad

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No yabs so far.

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hair is pinkish, but not totally, so it's not a boyfriend but close, something like a fuckbuddy

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I wish I were the basist in Towa's band.

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you wouldn't get to fuck her, then. But at least you'd be a married man.

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