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Is she worth giving money to, i can't decide

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No woman is worth giving money to.

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/jp/ told me to do it to fit in

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yeah bro she will be your gf one day

>> No.18167191

If you find her content entertaining and love la creatividad then go for it.

>> No.18167226

if you can't decide then probs not

>> No.18167252

she is fun but almost only plays boring games nowadays

>> No.18167257

support her buying her merch and with views, but don't give money away like a cuck

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It depends on what you consider are reasons for not donating to a chuuba. If you're worried on how she spends the money, then Ame often puts it towards commissioning stuff for HoloEN related projects, and as for personal things she is known to buy stuff like jars and pieces for terrariums, buying fish and shrimps and several microphones.
If you're wondering if her personality or content is worth giving money to, then only you can decide that really.

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It does not matter, her poor mentality prevents her from enjoying the money her earns.

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you should give her $5 or $10
see how it feels
if you immediately get a huge dopamine hit and want to give more, its time to go see a therapist

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Yes, but you can't because she always has superchats off

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Is it the impostor syndrome making her want to "give back" the money and then giving her enough pressure for to not get shit done

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she herself says she doesnt believe in impostor syndrome. shes just low maintenance, low ambition.

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If you want to support her then buy a membership, she puts the money to good use. Don't bother SCing her however, I have never seen a vtuber try to avoid SCs as much as her.

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Teamate here, use membership or merch, don't bother with SC
That's all, have a nice day

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She has really good members streams

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I have her membership because I like her member streams. That's all there is to it

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She has the best emotes

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just membership, because she gonna have sex with Kiara Black Friends when she visit the chikin

>> No.18170638

lowest tier membership is okay

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Ame has a poorfag mentality and a still workship cover for getting her out of her roommate's bed.
Her RM was almost a 2view and had a depressing young adult life being homeless and constantly on the verge of midlife crisis before hololive.
Her roommate was mogged by vshojo jobbers and indies

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/jp/ sucks cocks on a daily basis
Do you really want to fit in?

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Kiara doesnt live in wein right?

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Man, antis put more effort into their posts back in the day

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Cool. That's the second time I've seen you post this today, Anon.

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Your funny anon

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Yes anon, she is cheap

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>implying she will let you give her money
Oops SCs are off again

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She's one of the few holos that redirects the money she makes back into projects for the stream, so if you're into that, then yeah. But also none of these girls are hurting for money, so no.

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she has a boyfriend so that money is going towards birth control

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does she entertain you? then yes. if she bores you, then no. simple as.
you need to go back.

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t.bullied before by school sluts because of his 2 inch dick

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You couldn't give her money even if you wanted to
SCs were off today again

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Get a job and stop treating humans like ATM machines.

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Get yourself a good woman and stop thinking with your 2 inch dick, theres more in a relationship than sex anon, no slut will ever stick to you

>> No.18179269

She’s been in a relationship since she tried that hybrid schedule bullshit last January, so no.

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save your money for a charity stream

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Give money to her if you like her. If you have to aks or if it would give you expectations about her having to deliver something, you shouldn't do it. Same for every shuba.

>> No.18181001

Yeah, me

>> No.18181225

Nope, if you want a real hit of dopamine, you should donate to a low view count Japanese vtuber.

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You should save your money for yourself anon

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I hate this board and I hate all of you vtuber worshipping faggots. Also first post is naturally the best one.

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it's over teacucks

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Give it to Kiara, she will give you a 10 minute tangent and then redirect the actual money to Ame anyways.

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No, she already has tons from all the simps, keep your money and do something with it for yourself and your life.

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