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General numberfag sites

Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/jwfivCFB

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What is going on at Hololive right now? Gura is failing in views, Sankisei is experiencing decline, Chinese viewers are flaming the fire even more.

Nijisanji might not have a great 2021 but their start of 2022 seems like a party compared to Hololive.

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And thus, the cycle begin anew

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why are we using /reddit/ OPs?

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Where's the punchline?

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>He thinks people /here/ don't bring stuffs from reddit

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It's just the annual sacrificial ritual to summon Gen2 for Holofes. Last HoloFes2, we had Aloe graduation and Kaoru graduation.

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If you told me last year Niji would get the upper hand in 2022, I would have smacled you. But here we are, NijiEN is having a second wind, NijiJP are somewhat recovering. Even they are smart enough to not burn anymore bridges.

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What a dumb pun, why did I laugh?

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Any graduation from Sankisei is much bigger than Aloe or Kaoru. I'm just laughing at Holofags who used to laugh at Niji fans

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Because puns are funny

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oh. Fuck you OP.

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That is he result of them fostering that sort of fandom. Even YT viewers are also poking fun of Holo right now.

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I don't have a smug ina on me right now so have a smug kronii

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Wrong Korean, anon

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t. the voices in your head

More golds, more medals, still dominating the rankings, daily primetime peaks still double or triple Nijisanji's
Win a month of medals and get more in the top ten at least half the time and then I'll believe it.

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Gura not even reaching200k for hee "clip" yet really speaks something about her supposed "strong" VOD view. It's almost late stage Kizuna Ai level.

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They have to wait until August to win medals though.

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Its barely been 12 hours. God I hate you faggots so fucking much. Unironically commit neck rope.

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yes but they can only get away with sacrificing the east coast bros for so long.

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Gura is out sick, but prior to that her VOD views were still indicative of CCV much higher than what she got. It's clear that CCVID is still afflicting SEA+NA viewers for the girls in Niji+HoloEN, and reine's latest waiting room is indicative of the hold stage 2-3 CCVID in particular, waiting room recovery failure.
To then take fucky numbers and proclaim doom is the height of folly.

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Damn the chink agitprop sure is working overtime today

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ARKbros?? Why are we losing to autismcraft

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That note blog really blew the doors off of their strategy. Its now so obvious when you see it in action.

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Everyone is starting to feel ark fatigue from all the ark spam.
It's a horrible stream watching experience in the long run.

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>IRyS is having more viewers while reading SC than certain gaming parts of her stream even though she loves this game

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If she was smart she'd do Jump King for SCs

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Except Aki who almost quadruplicated her audience. She's the biggest winner of this ARK boring fest.

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If it's really an issue then youtube would have fixed it already. They already fixed it as we can see from jp numbers, just a natural recline of nijien girls and holoen viewership.

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Ok Zhang

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Nimu has reached 1.3 million subscribers.

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>3.8m subs

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>chink agitprop

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but i already watched all that stuff

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We're still laughing at your covid party cancelation and your annual kr branch fuckery.

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Ah look at them switch tracks as soon as they're found out

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Less than 15k.

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barely breaking 10k, not even a joke

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>Increasingly nervous man says this is the end of Hololive for the 7th time this year

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I've lost count at this point

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Hololive will never hit another 100k stream while Niji have plenty planned in the future.

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Kronii actually did pretty good today getting 11k with Needy Streamer Overload.
She's the 7th HoloEN to have streamed that game in the past 2 weeks.
Don't think any HoloJPs streamed it except for Okayu and Koyori.

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Here you go anon

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This is a shill stream, right?

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Since the chink yabs, at some point I believed that cover was actually secretly cultivating small indies companies so that they can start over. It was bcs axel-v really got mostly holo riggers and artists

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File: 2.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1642985625823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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t-that's a lot of shill

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boredom, maybe.

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DAAAMN, they not only hired a dozen Holos but even paid Ayame collab fee!?

How big is this studio?

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Did you guys see the Vox and Mysta off collab stream? I don't know how /#/ didn't talk about it since it had over 400k viewers. Almost beat Coco for crying out loud.


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Same studio as Another Eden, in collab with Key (Air, Angel Beats, Clannad).

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I don't even to need to shitpost now, the circus runs itself. Feels much better than that time I translated that aloe clip that got 20 replies.

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Can someone answer me how is this allowed on youtube? Naked yoga has purpose but this, idk.

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Noel played that shit yesterday
first day buff and only 6.9k even at gacha setting the lowest record this year excluding CCVID
wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't hit 10k today even with Ayame

also we need to sit thru this shit for 2 fucking weeks?
god how much money did they pay cover to shill this shit

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Just saw mafu's tweet. Gotta say this dude is good. Slaying rrats with a single tweet

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true, but i'm waiting for rushia tweet

>> No.18145095

this has a lot of debuffs and will make it to 300k once Gura streams again and people realize it's an "official" clip
>only announced in a members stream
>EU release time
>mid tier clips, I can pick better moments from one month
>audio is trash, the editor probably recorded the screen instead of downloading the videos
>most likely, it was a mockup for the real thing
>all after not streaming in public for +5days

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What's the realistic number change prediction for Rushia after the yab?

>> No.18145142

I mean we have danced the same dance 3 times in a row in the last 3 years. he must be used at this point.

>> No.18145158

Nothing. She will do a 3D date stream, Sora style next week and win back all them fandeads

>> No.18145223

Nijis in this thread continue to be extremely desperate.

>> No.18145224

>hey guys I'm really sorry for the missunderstanding
>that's why I'm disabling SC
>*for one stream
>**the next one
>***members only
>****stickers enabled tho

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unironically a collab stream with Sora will shut the antis up for a bit. I know that niji antis wouldn't dare to shit up Sora or they will actually burn. they tried before on 2chan and they got shitted on instantly.

>> No.18145340

Probably incline, like always. This shit always happens after some Holo yab, not sure why people aren't used to it by now.

>> No.18145402

Happened to ollie and mori who is an id and en yea, let's see if jp is the same.

>> No.18145431

10% hit at most if she's not made to go on break, despite it all people are only going to make fun of her GFE antics from now on but most of her whales are too brainwashed to care anyway. We'll probably get some funny engagement ring videos when they ship 6 months later.

Honestly I see the situation as similar to the Kuzuha/Mikoto fuckup, the girl will act like nothing happened, stream less frequently for a while, and by year end everyone would forgot about it.

For most damage the antis need to focus on rushias twofacedness regarding her GFE behavior to frame her as a hypocritical liar.

>> No.18145473

Probably only slight decrease in SC but nothing big overall. People on Twitter are attacking Orca now kek.

>> No.18145477

Fujos are too easy to manipulate

>> No.18145553

You mean chink agitprop

>> No.18145587

First time?
t. KFP

>> No.18145671

Short term or long term? Short incline. Long decline.

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Kek i've seen the replies and went full damage control and reply them with reassuring words. Same with all the fandeads tweets.

>> No.18145742

I'm surprised Irys even tried it.
From what we know, HoloEN viewers generally do not like VN-style games with lots of reading.
Maybe DDLC for the memes, but there's too much overlap tonight for something as boring as Irys's game to beat the other HoloEN streams.

>> No.18145754

The more fans they can convert into saviourfags, the bigger the incline. Biggest example was after the china yab, holy shit the fanbase was flooded with saviours and was extremely active. Honestly, they should just make a growth strategy out of this by using yabs. A yab here and there once every few months. Gives the box attention and makes the fans more active.

>> No.18145880

>People on Twitter are attacking Orca now kek.
Why? How? What?

>> No.18145888

As an IRyStocrat that stream tonight was fantastic and if the casuals missed out on it well too bad for them. More IRyS for me!! I love this dork so much.

>> No.18145923

Orca as in the Rushia gachi perhaps?

>> No.18145937

orca the streamer or orca the paypig

>> No.18145940

Orca the paypig, not stinky.

>> No.18145952

Not the stinky orca but Rushia's #1 gachi orca.

>> No.18145957

also different kinds of streamended while she was streaming.
they really need to stop this sudden guerrilla bullshit but i know they all are doing shit for holo expo so it will be a full month of shit schedules. Except for gura who dies every 2 weeks but then becomes constant.

>> No.18146011

Orca here is the biggest Rushia's superchatter, not Chloe.

>> No.18146033

Still, why?

>> No.18146051

Why would they even go after him?

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File: 179 KB, 1843x373, Screenshot 2022-02-11 161317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some numbers (The current premiere is on Holo Main channel btw

>> No.18146089

Sure it may work, but only if the yab is natural and comes from outside the box, inside yabs can be terrible and saviorfagging carried a taint forever to the chuuba in question (Aki, Hiseki erio, that niji dog) that will be used as argument againts the corp and the chubaa.

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Its been hours and I am still laughing at the thought of fucking Tsunderia tribalists attacking Hololive over the Rushia thing.


>> No.18146143

Antis dont need reasons. they would hurt the talent, the fans even their own mothers and sons if it can give them a sense of power.

>> No.18146181

You know how people online see someone vulnerable and decide they want to shit on them? That's why. People don't anymore reason than that.

>> No.18146234


Hope the guy did his opsec then, because jeez, that's a low I have never seen before

>> No.18146301

How new to Twitter bullshit are you Anon? There is a good reason that people go out of their way to avoid using that hellhole of a service.

>> No.18146303


>> No.18146335

wouldn't be surprised /#/ is unfamiliar with the smear campaigns against some of the niji gachis, they even got chii to react once. The jp schizos are pretty wild sometimes.

>> No.18146337

They probably hinged on him leaving because of that shit but now that its getting extinguished they're now turning on him to dissuade him from returning. Lowkey, they're just making it easier for Rushia to lure him back if she plays her cards right, and also its not like he's getting outside the box if he also has stinky to SC to

>> No.18146345

Anon, I use Twitter to follow lewd, not drama

>> No.18146356

It's 100% a Tsunderia advertisement. People wil go "what the hell is a Tsunderia" and google it. If Tsunderia gets even a single fans it's worth it.

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File: 859 KB, 750x1143, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

found the manga that riku and yagoo used to read

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File: 695 KB, 2480x3508, 20220107_091246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18146388


Aqua clubhouse 51 call-in guerilla.

>> No.18146403

Here for the example https://twitter.com/hews__/status/1492027510502334469

>> No.18146421

>also its not like he's getting outside the box if he also has stinky to SC to

Now I realize why stinky was hired, no paypig leaves hololive no matter what happens.

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In other news we have a NijiHomo not streaming during NA time and still putting up garbage numbers. Vox's stream last night really did feel like a last hoorah kind of celebration. Only recline awaits them now. Edengumi tier awaits them.

>> No.18146506

/#/ always talked about that everytime junfags or apexfags go crazy with dislikes campaign with chii but I guess it's been a while since the last apex tourney and dislike button being disabled.

>> No.18146521

Sheesh, before I went to sleep, the last stream of Rushia has 254 messages, but now that I just woke up, it jumped to 3.4k within a few hours, mostly Jun Fags trying to ruin her(these fuckers are always around for a story like that).

>> No.18146571

Except Hews is total support of Rushia.
He retweeted the Rushia art he drew from 2020 out of support.

>> No.18146587

He playing the wrong DS3 anon, and with Selen as well, but just stick to fujoshit Ike

>> No.18146597

koyorin 10k

>> No.18146611

>chii-chan gachi
What drive a man to that?

I guess if the vtuber isn't vulnerable the next best thing is a fan not used to much attention outside of his twitter circle jerk with other friends.

>> No.18146624

He's collabing with Selen and playing Dead Space 3 instead of shit women would enjoy watching.
Ike literally gets more than this with a Free Talk at these times.

>> No.18146635

wtf there is no other big stream today?
rushia - hiding
miko - rest day
ayame - shill stream
subaru - shill stream
marine - MIA
korone - sick
pekora - pokemon
suisei - no stream due to recording
current top is fubuki playing apex......
this got to be the slowest day in history

it's all up to aqua totsu now
easy gold as long as somebody calls in and not 0 people totsu again

>> No.18146654

Holy shit, they would've needed to pay Cover more than $10k per talent for them to accept the shilling

>> No.18146682

It's reverse totsu, Aqua already has the guests planned.

>> No.18146684

And that's why I said orca not Rushia

>> No.18146719

He spent $35k on Rushia so everyone wants to laugh at him. Antis want to troll him, 2 view vultures want to rope him

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File: 383 KB, 1920x1080, 20220211_173004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In other news
Holy shit indog i kneel!!

>> No.18146796

Anyway to save him? Chuubas be damned, they're evil, but poor gachi are innocent.

Fridays are never barn burners, no Niji3D debuts for a while.

>> No.18146826

He's beyond saving now anon

>> No.18146881

>Anyway to save him? Chuubas be damned, they're evil, but poor gachi are innocent.
He's a wagecuck that wakes up at 5 am to go to work and yet he donated $35k to Rushia. He is a goner and dead inside already

>> No.18146896

I will shame gachikoi until they stop paying or breathing.
This is how you kill GFE whores 1(one) rope at a time.

>> No.18146921

Sunk cost fallacy aside, I wouldn't believe thousands of rrat pedaling faggots coming out of the woodworks with their previously completely blank Twitter accounts over my oshi if I were him, so meh.
Those who want to believe will believe, and those who don't will not.
Also numbers doko

>> No.18146970

>people generating big numbers for chuubas are bad!
nigger where the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.18146984
File: 377 KB, 1280x720, 1602522894878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let it burn. Let it fucking recline to at least first half of 2020. The amount of retards that latched to this hobby is fucking insufferable. I love Hololive but holy shit VTuber fanbase, or at least the casual part, needs to die.

>> No.18147000

Today's gold?

>> No.18147052
File: 31 KB, 601x398, 17300099651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I present you! Ladies and Gents... The Ultimate UOH ToT Experience

>> No.18147320

I'd just lay low for now, and unironically touch grass if I was him. Literally needs a breather and reflection on wtf just happened because looking at his tweets it really feels like he overreacted immediately, and just had to go on twitter to live-tweet his thoughts.

>> No.18147329

Q finna hit 4mil today

>> No.18147332

were have you been for the last year? nijiniggers have no bounds and will shit on anything holo related.

>> No.18147425

The ability to constantly pump out your thoughts out loud in a recordable environment has caused the downfall of so many people

>> No.18147441
File: 432 KB, 902x698, F24C4A79-6D4C-46CB-8028-C0A727E56427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Haachama Sunday
>on a Friday
Being a Haaton is suffering

>> No.18147466

Seanigs really are all the same

>> No.18147479

He's right though. Sora is literally untouchable, even anti wont touch her due to respect.

>> No.18147529

Fantastic performance. I was skeptical since it wasn't on Gura's channel but it lived up to the numbers hype. Awesome performance.

>> No.18147544

No, really. Twitter is like a blender with a shiny red button inside it right below the blades.
People *know* it’s dangerous, have a good idea of what would happen if they push it but there is always a retard succumbing to temptation and shredding his hands for the crowd amusement

>> No.18147564

Sora is even Mito's senior. They won't fuck with Sora.

>> No.18147574

>Same author who made Punpun
That's interesting

>> No.18147597

There have been anons in this very thread that has been shitting on sora for the past year. It got obvious around the debut of gen6, and then went back to previous levels. It happens, it's rare, but she's not a untouchable target for them. They will shit on whatever gets them traction.

>> No.18147598

Many such cases.

>> No.18147635
File: 1.10 MB, 813x1412, 0D065B70-A95A-472B-AC2E-4471230D714B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Relatively week “pre show” without Rushia to set the funnel up.

>> No.18147657

Is that really her biggest paypig? I recall Coco's second biggest donator SC'ing more than twice as much.

>> No.18147671

I'm talking about JP side, not your average 4chins shitposter from here.

>> No.18147672

wouldn't be surprised if our boy omega made it

>> No.18147706

I fucking hate these leeches so much

>> No.18147708

The list of all guest
Someone check if there are interesting guests

>> No.18147733

even fox is on the apex hype train started by onion..

>> No.18147792

To be fair, foobs has dabbled with Apex, and only got off of it when Aqua fell off the train.

>> No.18147828

Fubuki isn’t strange to FPS, being on gamers and everything.
What I would find really interesting would be a return of Ayame to the APEX meta, but APEX isn’t wealthy enough to pay the collab fees

>> No.18147829

Any interesting names in the bunch? Because I am not parsing through all of that

>> No.18147919

gorilla streams don't do well

>> No.18147922

also, if someone were to shit talk or anti sora, it is very obvious that they are falseflagging

>> No.18147924
File: 1.82 MB, 1096x1949, 20220211_180157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nina Saotome
>fucking Pippa kek
>Lilly Kanon
YuNi is the only big name there

>> No.18147951

onyan 10k

>> No.18147956


New Star Collection ft. Seaweed

>> No.18147966

https://youtu.be/mUMWtBnu_sk Indog male vtuber with 310 subscribers

>> No.18147971

Her last gift, a shoutout to many a much smaller chubbas before she departs.

>> No.18147993

what the fuck

>> No.18148015

I don't understand the shitpost about the clip compilation. Did you guys expect it to go viral? Do you think it's gonna plateau after 1 day like a VOD?

>> No.18148032

reminder that THIS was the official trailer for gamers

>> No.18148078

realistically how does this compare to video uploads of similar length. you're retarded for thinking it would be as fast as songs or 30sec clips

>> No.18148095

That's tons of indie.

>> No.18148140

>Ike with those numbers outside of NA time
OH NO NO NO!!!! What is happening Luxiembros........

>> No.18148152

Holy fuck. Sir Wheat Bread is going to attend her concert. I kneel.

>> No.18148167

Aqua 20k get.

>> No.18148171

I'm pretty sure some would try.
But JP dramafags, despite being absolutely horrible human beings, have certain "codes" they follow.
They don't attack certain unassailables, because it will make them look absolutely retarded to the normie JP audience. And if any of their group does, they will burn that guy themselves.
That's how they retain "credibility" in the JP internet. That's why "cause" is always something they keep looking for, and this one just happened to be vague enough and big enough to find traction among normies.

>> No.18148189

Female debuff

>> No.18148203

ayame 10k

>> No.18148205

So niji gold again

>> No.18148221

Way, way too low of an estimate

>> No.18148225

Hololive sure has grown. Jesus.

>> No.18148241
File: 334 KB, 1705x1432, 1620478303778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gold is canceled.
Nice of Aqua to help chama when she's getting low numbers. Good girl Aqua

>> No.18148271

Holy fuck

Imagine being some startup vtuber who is doing it for fun streaming to like 2 viewers with a modest 310 subscribers. You then wake up one day with an e-mail from fucking Kizuna Ai asking you to be a part of her graduation ceremony which is sure to be one of the biggest events in vtuber history.

Just imagine being in this guys position.

>> No.18148273

Eh, this came out a full day ago.
Where you guys that distracted by Mafumafu?

>> No.18148278

Is she doing some charity work for the low-tier members?

>> No.18148301

Tell em to release more expensive skins to afford ayame fee

>> No.18148313

I saw it floating around, so yea, people did get distracted by the drama.

>> No.18148348

They're hoping Holos will make it a thing and infect the other vtubers.

>> No.18148389

Everybody eats in Hololive

>> No.18148396

any remarkable name?

>> No.18148411

Haachama makes it a point to participate in as many of these totsus as she can, to ensure she remains "In the box", given that she doesn't collab a lot outside of those.

>> No.18148441

Maybe, but 15 talents would be $150k and each of them would only get $5k after cover's cut. If they were to get $10k after cover's cut, that would be $300k

>> No.18148469

Haachama talking about her panties, viewers rise up to 25k.

>> No.18148490

Based Chammer

>> No.18148521

>people think haachama is a debuff

>> No.18148524

>One of the best known and prolific artists in the industry
>Wage slave
That's on him.
How can you sell yourself so short to be a wage slave while known and respected internationally?

>> No.18148527

Dec 6, 2018
It was different time

Did they even play fortnite on stream?

>> No.18148540

>Haachama in charge of keeping the tools of her trade charged and ready
She 100% went the "variety streamer" route and doesn't want to play games anymore, clearly

>> No.18148562

oh no no no

>> No.18148596

Oh, the one about depression, butterflies and the countryside.

>> No.18148613

Well, she's the protagonist of hololive, so

>> No.18148618

>Aqua was the one who reached out to these guests and its her first time talking to Chloe
Aqua character development arc.

>> No.18148624
File: 316 KB, 1112x1500, chloe architect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18148631
File: 403 KB, 1243x821, Screenshot 2022-02-11 171828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayame dipped at 12k

>> No.18148663

Still, not a lot of western names, good for them.
Also NoiR and Nina are working together on a cover, which is nice.

>> No.18148670

30K getto!

>> No.18148673

the music confirms that they are gamers

>> No.18148675
File: 28 KB, 1306x127, Screenshot 2022-02-11 171939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Onion 30k

>> No.18148676

my prediction was this one >>18144420 , i guess it's a little better?

>> No.18148683

Stopped watching as much streams/clips after the Mori/Connor stuff

>> No.18148686
File: 1.23 MB, 1157x1636, 1641073044599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18148690

Wow, Aqua is actually reaching out to the members that are out of the box, must be forced by Cover.

>> No.18148707

Privated, among the many other things lost to the Holocaust I'm certain.

>> No.18148708

Guaranteed failure of a mobile game, holoJP has never shilled a successful game since Azur Lane while Nijisanji gets all the hot properties like Genshin and Alchemy Stars

>> No.18148737

I'd aqua going to ask all the girls what their panties are like? I wanna know who's the sluttiest

>> No.18148766

What if Cover caved in and paid for permissions to play Soulsborne games? Would Fromsoft agree?

>> No.18148770
File: 408 KB, 866x740, lamy_helmet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sod off, you upstart harpy. Sempais take the first cut.

>> No.18148795

Not bad, consider what's overlapping rn

>> No.18148801

>12k for kusoge shilling
And retards here still wonder why Cover won't fire Ayame.

>> No.18148819

Mio, she doesn't wear one

>> No.18148828


>> No.18148829

Completely forgot Mafumafu had the whole SoraMafu thing (Not Tokina Sora).

>> No.18148867

Zhang agitprop will seize onto anything in order to push their agenda, no matter how much they have the cherry pick, distort the facts or just plain make shit up. Remember how they were trying to sell q as a failure?

>> No.18148881

In 2022? Would it even be worth the investment?

>> No.18148889

Aqua 35k

>> No.18148918

Fuck, I was almost there >>18144603 but I just couldn't turn on my 140 smart fridges on time

>> No.18148923

Wait she's streaming?

>> No.18148929

Bad precedent.
Other companies will start asking for fees

>> No.18148944

Depends on the price

>> No.18148950

>Picked 2-3-4
>Skipped the 1
Baqua ...

>> No.18148959

no she totsu into aqua's stream
talked a little bit and fucks off without playing

>> No.18148977

It went from 22k to like 26-27k in the small span that haachama was there for...this is newfag central anon, people don't know about haachama and aqua

>> No.18148998

Seriously man. I'm just imagining this guys initial reaction when he saw the invitation. He must have been reeling from shock.

>> No.18149020

Companies given liscence for atreaming will solve a lot of the copyright bullshit we have. However indie streamers would rather die than ask for permisions.

>> No.18149019

If hololive don't play Elden Ring they're going to recline really hard compared to Nijisanji, no one's going to watch them play minecraft and ark crap for yet another month when motherfucking Elden Ring is here.

>> No.18149027

>And retards here still wonder why Cover won't fire Ayame.
Worse than that, people 100% fails to understand that Ayame is the most professional (in the literal sense of that word) of all of the chuubas.

She shows up at her (virtual) workplace, has barely to no demands (no need for exquisite permissions, equipment, fancy outfits) and, the most important part, always generate more revenue than she costs.
She's a model employee and I truly doubt she could be any better if she started streaming more than she already does (as it would dilute the "rarity buff")

>> No.18149035


I don't care about all the shitposts about her numbers. I fucking love Haachama. She is fucking nuts.

>> No.18149071

Souls games are boring as fuck and will do just as shitty as Monster Hunter which you fuckers were also hyping up.

>> No.18149074

this is my favorite joke this week

>> No.18149077

She forgot to charge her switch. I assume she may come back near the end but Haachama is Haachama

>> No.18149085

Vox is leading SCs for Feb now right? I'll kneel to nijien if they got SC gold, did a holoen even get first in monthly SC rank?

>> No.18149090

Aqua 40k

>> No.18149095

aqua 40k btw

>> No.18149100

This anon really fucking thinks people watch hololive for the games. What is your obsession with Elden Ring anyway, it doesn't even have that much hype

>> No.18149119
File: 242 KB, 943x750, NIJIKILLA QUEEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18149120

You'll be eating your words when Vox is getting 20k on Elden Ring while Pekora can't scrape together 15k on ARK

>> No.18149135

First episode will do nice...then it will become nunbers poison.

>> No.18149137

fr bro let's continue our discussion in v

>> No.18149163

LOL. No one wants to watch vox actually play video games

>> No.18149170

>watching from games
What were his ds2 and sekiro numbers?

>> No.18149171

I gotta be honest. I did not imagine a future where the Nijikiller herself, Minato Aqua, the strongest gamer, would be the queen of Hololive once again. I don't even hate Pekora but I fucking love Aqua so I'm happy as fuck.

>> No.18149177

I honestly want noel rage v.2

>> No.18149182

1.1k waiting for Pekora an hour and a half earlier. It's much better(and by far) than any other Waiting room she had this week and last week. Maybe the Nousagis are waiting for her to play another game that isn't DQ, PLA or ARK?

>> No.18149198

>literally the most hyped game of the 2020s since Cyberpunk
>not that much hype
are you for real

>> No.18149204

MH games are at least easy collab games for up to 4 members and there's viewer participation too.
Elden Ring is just going to be first stream FoTM hype and then quick death when everyone else is streaming it.

>> No.18149237

Chloe is getting shit on in Dice of all things lmao

>> No.18149238

i kneel

>> No.18149239

Hololive mogging Nijis brought about Rushia curse.
Mog post responsibly.

>> No.18149240

>holofags pretending Elden Ring won't get views the same way they pretend Genshin doesn't get views just because holos aren't allowed to play it

>> No.18149254

At least it ain't Pokemon Arceus. Elden Ring buff is gonna last longer since people would be invested in its story. Well, most people would just play it for themselves instead of watching people play it

>> No.18149266

Hey Pekora at least still on the upper half of the leaderboard
Though such a big fall is embarassing. Sankisei right now is like a shadow of their former self. They unironically need saving now

>> No.18149267

Rushia was the superchat queen but she got surpassed by Chloe and was therefore no longer useful. The vchuuba god struck her down.

>> No.18149268

Basically anything that doesn't pander to fujos does poorly. Just look at the VOD views and you can see what does well and what does not.

>> No.18149275

The hype levels definitely don't feel like its the same level as Cyberpunk or OW back in the day.

>> No.18149289

How can Aqua the Jav actress get away with it bros...

>> No.18149292

Will Korekore break his peak viewership today?

>> No.18149306

She won't. Pekora situation right now is hopeless
I already accept that this will be her new number and feel good whenever she manage to hit 20k

>> No.18149315

Two of the hottest Hololive chuubas right now have done JAV. That is bizarre.

>> No.18149331

You know, there's times where companies ban people from streaming their games since it could affect sales especially companies like Atlus. Since Elden Ring is a story-heavy game, would From ban Nijis from streaming their game for a few months before allowing it again if they priotize money that much since they don't allow them to monetize it?

>> No.18149332

>they pretend Genshin doesn't get views
Lize and Kanae are the only 2 Nijis who get decent numbers with Genshin. There's a dozen with shit numbers streaming it.
Genshin gacha brings pretty good numbers, but UmaMusu gacha brings just as good, if not better numbers.

>> No.18149352

Sankisei is depending on Marine, she just needs to move her fat ass again.

>> No.18149371

No because From likes Nijisanji because Niji livers actually respect the games they play unlike hololivers who will pull stunts like streaming only the game's ending just for views

>> No.18149405
File: 1.30 MB, 1322x877, Screenshot 2022-02-11 173828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18149409

people really are digging out old /jp/ rrats now. god i hate drama niggers so much.

>> No.18149411

Cyberpunk had Keanu Reeve at the peak of his John Wick popularity making a surprise appearance at a convention and making arguably the most viral clip of that period, with the game trailer tagline
>Wake the fuck up, Samurai! We have a city to burn.
becoming a pop cultural icon in itself.

I don't know about Elder Ring but I don't think Cyberpunk hype can ever be matched

>> No.18149414

Will he break 300k after mafumafu put out a damage control statement and calmed down his fans?
Unlikely, but there are still a lot of dramaniggers who are salivating.

>> No.18149442
File: 220 KB, 1078x1080, 1611199900862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18149456

Aqua 45k

>> No.18149460

I hope she becomes a bit more humble.
She's been little too smug appearing in tvs and mentioned by famous people

>> No.18149468

Old rrats that didn't last a single day in 5ch at that. Pretty sad.

>> No.18149478
File: 1.84 MB, 2210x1719, 1642507812514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18149487

If only Aqua streamed yesterday to kill the general

>> No.18149506

Yatze is number booster game. Shouldn't have played it this early in the stream.
Its gonna hurt aqua numbers when she isn't playing it with other members later

>> No.18149520

Zhang agitprop pulling out all the stops now that it looks like their big hit is dying down

>> No.18149536

Hope Cover pays the license to stream Elden ring. It's a bad business decision to leave out potential sales from Holo livers streaming your game while they pay you.

>> No.18149542

46k now

>> No.18149556

Yea but the level of Elden Ring's hype is similar to some other games like No Man' Sky or something so it doesn't feel THAT special, tho the hype is still big imo.

>> No.18149564

https://twitter.com/orientalreside/status/1491828258283061248 jesas

>> No.18149565

Gods, I'm a (relative)newfag and even I recognize some of this old-as-shit bait. Come the fuck on now people, really?

>> No.18149568

Isn't his peak like 125k? That's not too hard to surpass with this

>> No.18149578
File: 82 KB, 277x316, 1600171304584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prophet Yagoo foresaw this future. Thus commanded his scout to bring in Chloe

>> No.18149590

This. Its literallt just skyrim with dark soul aesthetic

>> No.18149621


>> No.18149654

Lol no. The actual reason she is smug because she barely show up in tv and meet celebrities so when she get to do that it feel special to her
Other Holos do that all the time, it's normal

>> No.18149655
File: 945 KB, 600x404, 1628924487688.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18149661

> curse
this isn't even a hex, won't even last a week

>> No.18149676

Something I always found interesting is that everybody trashes on girl gamers for being shit at games. Yet so many female chuubas are legit super fucking good at games. Where is the disconnect? Why do facecam girls suck at games but girls using vchuuba avatars can reach master rank in competitive shooters and achieve good times in speedruns?

>> No.18149678

Is that 14 akasupas from 1 person across 3 accounts?
What the fuck.

>> No.18149692

Holly shit how the fuck they keep getting away with this
Yagoo I kneel

>> No.18149700
File: 134 KB, 1080x1080, 1643975292667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any contender from nijidog?

>> No.18149704

I have the one that sounds like Aqua, is there a Miko one? any sauce?

>> No.18149727


>> No.18149733

First time seeing that anon?

>> No.18149738

Rushia call inc, 100k

>> No.18149747

Its Chinks holy.

>> No.18149757

A lot of the famous ones are absolutely terrible at certain genres.
Gura, for example, blows chunks in anything not rhythm games. Have you seen how she played MG rise and DMC? Gods it hurt to watch at times.
Of course you also get some that are skilled AF like Aqua, but the BAD examples stick out more than the good ones do.

>> No.18149762

It's a similar vidya. Fucking heavily censored

>> No.18149764


The Miko JAV rrat is one of the oldest rrats around and its totally false. Miko never did JAV.

>> No.18149767

Because that female chuubas that are legit good at games are usually ugly and impossible to become streamers without avatar

>> No.18149770

You don't need to be good at games to be a "girl gamer" if you have a good pair of tits and enough low cut blouses

>> No.18149782

this board will forever be a shitty place during yabs both perceived and real, as long as there are no post IDs.
Also Sage is useless right now without a self-bump limit of at least 5 minutes, since baitfags can just bump their own thread even if like 5-6 people are sageing it.

>> No.18149783
File: 180 KB, 747x1280, 29375621831827564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fromsoft dont give perms

>> No.18149795

I wouldn't say she does a whole lot for the brand either. She just shows up collects some cash and that's that.

>> No.18149815

To be fair in Taiwan an aka is "only" around 54 USD

>> No.18149823

fucking retard

>> No.18149834

I play rhythm games so I actually super respect how good Gura is at them. Those games are hard as fuck. It took me over a year of regular play to get excellent rank on all the Project Diva songs on Extreme. Even after all that play time I couldn't perfect every song. Shit is hard.

>> No.18149839

It would literally be the final yab ™

>> No.18149841

It's over, Sankisei can now just retire I want Pekora to stay and become a manager

>> No.18149847

chuubas don't have to be beautiful or wear makeup, and can afford to be NEETs grinding games without sacrificing their photogenic face, which is not something IRL streamers can do.

>> No.18149858

Marine would be better

>> No.18149860

Whose email is that?

>> No.18149865

That's what we've been saying.

>> No.18149875

Is Aqua unironically back? Streams more often, doesn't self-destruct when playing Apex and gets big numbers.

>> No.18149896

Meanwhile, Kanatan sneak in a 12k

>> No.18149912

that's fine, I can get off on the similar voice

reading comprehension anons. I know it's just the voice being similar for Aqua, was just wondering if there was a similar one for Miko.

>> No.18149924

For now she definitely is, we'll have to wait and see if she can keep up this schedule though

>> No.18149935

Please buy Fromsoft, Microsoft.

>> No.18149936

The Miko rrat is just pics as far as I know. No video.

>> No.18149937

If only Fromsoft would sue the fuck out of twitch, but sadly that wont happen.

>> No.18149954

rip numbers

>> No.18149966

Choco is on
Will it slip?

>> No.18149972

Both of them are fine actually. I admire both of them for different thing

>> No.18149998

>Choco as guest
>views tank
Please tell me there will be more guests

>> No.18150014

Yes, the curse that haunted her for almost a year has been lifted. She's only going to incline from here

>> No.18150022

What's it slipping against? Nothing is coming close to this today.

>> No.18150031

>View dips
Fucking uncultured swine, I swear ...

>> No.18150039

That would be Kadokawa Corporation, easier to just buy the whole thing without having to buy a subsidiary.

>> No.18150048

ah fuck that's disappointing.
I've cum buckets to the "Aqua" video

>> No.18150051


>> No.18150054

You guys prepare for the Pekoschizo tonight? I think we will be seeing him everyday from now

>> No.18150079

meant for

>> No.18150086

she went and had a fucking training arc of screen and return to glory living out her chuuni fantasies

>> No.18150091

No its voice, there's no face.

>> No.18150098

What are the chance he will evolved into Gen3 schizo?

>> No.18150100

just a voice, is this all it takes...

>> No.18150122

I am sorry but your oshi is boring.

>> No.18150139

Only one way to find out

>> No.18150147

agreed, that's why I don't watch aqua.

>> No.18150162

the problem with Pekora is that she breaks when shit builds up in her head. It's probably too much to handle the manager position for her but as an adviser she would be good

>> No.18150168
File: 2.84 MB, 720x960, aquarithmatic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SUDDENLY Lui and Wamy to balance it out!
Number is saved. 5000 iq Aqua planned ahead.

>> No.18150175

3 guests.

>> No.18150186

>Lui-nee joined
>View shoot up again
The f ...

>> No.18150199

This could have been Kronii, but her shame got the best of her.

>> No.18150201
File: 973 KB, 1386x1760, some hologra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I wouldn't say she does a whole lot for the brand either.
Anon, Ayame has a segment of the audience similar to Gura's, which only shows up for Hololive when Ayame is on.

Proof to that is Hologra: you make an episode around Ayame and it blows sky high even in periods she doesn't stream for months

>> No.18150209

Code? I'm kinda interested.

>> No.18150212

>50k during Chloe
>drops to 45k when Lamy appears
gen 5 really is views cancer

>> No.18150227

No, the voice is the ero voice scenarios that was actually done by Miko, those are 100% legit Miko. The rrat is the nude pics that were floating around and those are not legit. That was an anti campaign that was orchestrated by her antis on NND who hated her because "somebody that cute shouldn't exist". Those were the words they used, lol.

>> No.18150254

You just remind me Pekora learn from Twitch streamer. Shit now I want her to namedrop XQC on stream

>> No.18150256

>she went and had a fucking training arc of screen
The /fit/ cocoon mode memes were true after all.

>> No.18150263

Yeah, 50k is impossible

>> No.18150267

You can't be this new right? this is/vt/ I get it but Jesus. Also there is a full video on warosu /jp/ . It was a different girl who looks like her

>> No.18150294

I downloaded it long ago, I think it was from twitter "soralyns2"

>> No.18150300

>Gen 5 schizo shows up instead
I will blame this on (You)

>> No.18150310

Maybe, the reason why Luxiem inclined was due to the fact they could abuse twitter topics when HoloEN couldn't

>> No.18150317

If fucking haachama played with her it would've easily hit 50k...

>> No.18150323

More Peko ARK... why....

>> No.18150342

Luxiem inclined because they stream, and in a new market too. It's not hard to figure.

>> No.18150352

Addiction. She might actually killed her growth for real at this rate and unable to comeback

>> No.18150368

I doubt it. NijiJP has the same advantage over HoloJP concerning twitter and HoloJP still mogs them 6 ways to Sunday. They got really popular with underage Chinese girls. That is really all there is too it.

>> No.18150393

in board news we are four threads away from not having a page 9

>> No.18150412
File: 14 KB, 475x392, 1634906700313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she can't help herself...

>> No.18150418

Mods finally got around to doing their jobs huh. Took them long enough.

>> No.18150421

for fuck sake, mane-chan pls shut down that fucking game

>> No.18150437

Peko gains new followers from Ark autists.
When she returns to normal games, usual audience will return. 4D chess. Trust the plan. Wait 2 weeks.

>> No.18150444

I miss that guy. He's a raving lunatic, but he has conviction and drive. It' admirable how schizo he is.

>> No.18150447

yeah watch those threads all come back again because mods can't ban worth shit

>> No.18150452

Anon how was a twitter topic going to get HoloEN the Asian fujo audience? They’ve trended a lot for random shit like karaokes or events but twitter activity is useless most of the time.

>> No.18150460
File: 415 KB, 1772x818, haachama subaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really anemic growth here for Haachama and Subaru. Haachama is 100% afflicted with CCVID (See her likes in comparison with the duck) but Subaru too?

>> No.18150465

>suddenly aqua is popular now
What happened
People forgot about coco?

>> No.18150479

wait did Aqua not know Nintendo doesn't allow more than 3 people playing that without permission?
unless she lied about being a guerilla stream
just hope it won't get nuked later

>> No.18150497

everyone is watching Aqua

>> No.18150505

I unsubbed the moment she appeared in TT

>> No.18150511

Forgot about what? Schizo's narratives?

>> No.18150515

Chama's number... it hurts to look at...

>> No.18150526

there are no ark autists who watches streams, they play the game. Her audience for ark is the loyal nousagi that accept and force themselves to watch it, more and more are faltering in their conviction for every stream that passes.

>> No.18150534


>> No.18150538

>Nintendo doesn't allow more than 3 people playing that without permission?
this doesn't make any sense

>> No.18150548

Lmao which audience? The only new people I've seen in the chat ever since she started playing that damn game were EOPs and russians.

>> No.18150552

>everyone is watching Aqua
Even then, Subaru's growth is at 300/min, that's CCVID tier

>> No.18150557

>open /numbers/
>its full of numberless dramatrannies

>> No.18150562

Crazy that Pekora, the ultimate numberfag, is so addicted to Ark that she doesn't care about her numbers anymore. She just cares about playing Ark.

>> No.18150570


>> No.18150587

>wait did Aqua not know Nintendo doesn't allow more than 3 people playing that without permission?
Nintendo changed that after Gura complained, it's very recent

>> No.18150595

are you kneeling anon?

>> No.18150611

Sub isn't playing her main game, yakuza

>> No.18150635

Nintendo rescinded that rule after Gura mentioned it on stream.
I figured it was just sitting there and no-one ever thought to ask to have it removed, but when Gura mentioned it and it got clipped, whoever their contact point was went and got rid of it since it was unnecessarily burdensome.

>> No.18150642

I kneel everyday to her so I'm waiting for your kneel, anons.

>> No.18150652

I tried telling you guys that Reddit Duck is nothing without Yakuza meme game. Soon I will be redeemed and kneeled at just like the mafumafu schizo was earlier.

>> No.18150662
File: 8 KB, 481x388, 168657573224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Watch Aqua stream
>Open new tab
>Open Haachama's stream
>Click like
>Close Haachama's stream
>Continue watching Aqua

>> No.18150687

So what game do you want her to play then?

>> No.18150689

What does she means by this?

>> No.18150701

stop disrespecting japanese culture

>> No.18150704


>> No.18150705

It's called pity likes anon. You see her trash viewership and need to show some support.

>> No.18150730

She wants to play it on stream.
Too bad Konami are dicks when it comes to giving official perms.

>> No.18150731

"i wish we had konami perms"

>> No.18150734

According to the ccvidfags that is not possible.

>> No.18150735

Then someone will take the likes and claim she's been culled

>> No.18150748
File: 1.22 MB, 1254x3762, numbers right now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, Aqua is masking what is an atypical underperforming day across the board.
CCVID is back, remember where you heard it first!

>> No.18150749

but anon says only burgers did that, and yet its 6am or earlier

>> No.18150760

Some kuso game she can find on Itch.Io or the weird games she finds on Steam.

>> No.18150761

Literally anything other than ARK and Pokemon

>> No.18150785

lol no. A ccvid koyori won't touch 10k on any stream anon.

>> No.18150790

Keep chama's open too, you monster

>> No.18150820

Do not tell us what to do, I will now leave a dislike and not watch her.

>> No.18150826

Don't be a disengenuous faggot and confuse the issue.
Likes alone are a terrible metric, and anyone using just likes needs to be shot into the sun.
Look at waiting room recovery, post-processing VOD views, length, content, etc.

>> No.18150886

Peker could make interesting apex stream. I would watch

>> No.18150896
File: 229 KB, 859x960, 1698458493432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Continue doing it for EN
>Abnormal like to CCV ratio
>EN fags feel vindicated that CCVID still exists
>They are unware of the fact that its a natural recline
>Laugh at their timeloops in this thread
>Continue to enjoy my JP oshi's numbers, and appearance in the daily tally

>> No.18150913


>> No.18150939

Jokes on you, EN now has their own daily tally.

>> No.18150942

Was that also when they changed the asking in advance for stream permission?

>> No.18150979

you mean the "point and laugh" tally?

>> No.18150980

she sucks at apex, most of the time would be spent in the lobby.

>> No.18150985

the only one whose views look weird is Haachama

>> No.18151017

ID is the point and laugh tally, EN is the kys one

>> No.18151053
File: 358 KB, 892x495, threedigits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's inclining!

>> No.18151119

So ... What's on Niji side today?

>> No.18151124

woah blue versen above 100

>> No.18151136

>Ark autist
It sure as hell doesn’t reflect in her Ark number. She is finished

>> No.18151146

You underestimate her power

>> No.18151203

>Watch both JP and EN
>Know that I am flagged
>Mimic what JP only watchers would watch and spam 'Kusa' in chat alongside everyone else
>Reinfect the JP side with CCVID
>Laugh as everyone's numbers begin to plummet and it's just 'a natural recline' like everyone thought was happening a the end of December.

>> No.18151206


So ... Botan pretty much become the experimental chuuba now?

>> No.18151270


Unironically neck yourself, both of you

>> No.18151289

No shit how are you just learning this now? Don’t you remember the first Ark arc?

>> No.18151322

It's a Hololive event, pay wall on NND after some time.

>> No.18151349
File: 47 KB, 1337x202, Screenshot 2022-02-11 183007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18151404

Your image doesn't even support that. She has one with the same views as the others around her and the 2.9m isn't that exceptional considering all the other 2m+ vids there.

>> No.18151410

>That font rendering

>> No.18151439
File: 26 KB, 220x239, 1638231972543.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like I was right this entire time

>> No.18151453

>a mixing stream
didn't she get shit views last week when she tried something like this, good for her

>> No.18151519

Everyone come for Choco.

>> No.18151545

It's a good number, most nijis aside from Kuzuha can't get that number for sponsored streams. Game companies should always sponsor Hololive for easy 10k watching.

>> No.18151547

Just lucky to catch the Aqua funnel, but it's already over.

>> No.18151622

i appreciate the joke anon

>> No.18151634

*to Choco

>> No.18151636

Everyone cum for Choco.

>> No.18151644
File: 199 KB, 1265x976, funnel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> I L L E G A L
> L
> E
> L
> G
> A
> L

>> No.18151696

Aqua's stream privated.

>> No.18151700

thats like 5k, can't even call that a funnel.
where did 40k viewers go?

>> No.18151734

Confirmed Apex autist who just started watching her. This is normal behavior for new viewers

>> No.18151757

I love watching Pink dog's graph when overlaps happen, quite honestly the "Waiting Room of Hololive" though essentially it's not a bad trait to have

>> No.18151758
File: 216 KB, 861x343, anon's rushia mafumafu remix.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In numbers related news, the mashup that this anon >>18105030 made and posted got way less views than another one someone else made hours after theirs.
It was probably because their username didn't have any Japanese in it.

>> No.18151770


>> No.18151771
File: 167 KB, 1266x788, wasted funnel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It takes some time to reverify the viewers but yeah, not enough people to catch this funnel as the biggest streams ended way before 9PM and whoever was on (Aqua, Koyori, Subaru) aren't bringing their A game

>> No.18151799

fandeads gonna be the butt of jokes until she graduates huh

>> No.18151810

When some of the heavy hitters are gone, waiting room strat users get to keep their numbers. Please Koyo, take Rushia's slot.

>> No.18151853

I guess that the rules for 4 man was only removed for Mario Party then? Seems odd otherwise.

>> No.18151857

Just look at them. They looks so perfect together. The ultimate power couple in this weird cringe ass sector of the internet.

>> No.18151875

bad timing for koyo honestly, since she already achieved the objective of the stream, she's just playing ark normally now

>> No.18151878

People (besides shitposters) will forget in a couple of weeks (unless she does graduate hopefully not from life )

>> No.18151883

3 streams ending with triple the funnel
somehow haachama still doesn't get much
her channel is fucked

>> No.18151899

Yesterday Pekor had 3.5k at her waiting room a minute before she starts streaming. Right now she's at 3.8k already so surely she can reach 20k today, right? She's trying to tame a new monster that she hasn't seen before on stream(she surely did on another server though), so she might get some decent numbers tonight.

>> No.18151938
File: 160 KB, 1210x823, haachama chart now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haachama chart is weird as fuck, drops fucking 500 people as if the waiting room drop just happens again

>> No.18151959

John Smith fucking MOGGED. Get fucked faggot.

>> No.18151989

Nah, that part is understandable, Subaru would get most of the funnel from Aqua

>> No.18152019

that's just what tab-out behaviour looks like under ccvid

>> No.18152033

Like tourists tabbing in and out to leave a pity like.

>> No.18152073

Who knows? Might be that, or her wanting to cut the part where only in game bgm was blaring from whoever that was she's trying to play with, or just because the last part where she blurted a bunch of weird stuff were just too embarrassing for her.

>> No.18152102

just how many likes can each tourist give?

>> No.18152203

Do you think Nijisanji can use this momentum to incline globally? Interest in HoloEN has been lower than ever, they can push for better male vtubers as well as hiring talented female ones.

>> No.18152218

I don't know anon but i usually like holo that gets 10k+ ccv.

>> No.18152238

it's her lucky day nobody overlap her tonight
no other high tier members will stream, also no big collabs
and koyo ready to release her 10k ark autists
should have at least 20k this time

>> No.18152258

why do you come here to ask this same question in different ways several times a day every day, just make a bait thread

>> No.18152295
File: 17 KB, 959x174, 1628291624197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fatto catto 10M.

>> No.18152298

As an ARK autist though, that monster is just problematic in this particular map. For one, there's the bug where the monster(called Ferox) may not even spawn at all, even after you use the command to destroy all wild dinos to reset the spawn. And even if it did spawn, there's also another bug where it's untameable since it only spawns inside a particular cave, and dinos inside caves are usually flagged as untameable. That thing is a headache even for a casual player.

>> No.18152307

And people will keep taking baits. It's simply why trolls exist anon.

>> No.18152340

IMO the best cover from any Holo girl, bar none

>> No.18152359

don't know about koyo, shes like opposite laplus, while la+ just fucking cuts the stream immediately, koyo can spend up to half and hour "ending" the stream
however she does have a mengen today at 11

>> No.18152395

limit for Mario Party was removed months ago
but not clubhouse they just have a totsu a few days ago still only allow 3 people max
like I said aqua probably did not inform Nintendo for permission beforehand

>> No.18152459

I cried listening to that cover

>> No.18152472

Okay, so it was JUST Mario party. This is so dumb, Nintendo why?!

>> No.18152515

IIRC for Nintendo four people or more means that it is a tournament that need another permission.

>> No.18152519

Nice. Good for her
I think she still deserve 20k once in a while

>> No.18152606

>4 people means tourney rules
Gods, I swear this company sometimes....