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>torture dance rap
holy shit that sucked dude

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Dunno , I avoid everything about jojo I am tired of it's fanbase.

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20k live viewers disagree. Most she's had for a karaoke in a while. I guess that anti-Mori thing was just a small vocal minority after all.

>> No.18051651

At least C dub showed up.

>> No.18051720

Maybe susan agrees with her and uncucked her ccv.

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it's the coolest anime to pretend to like these days, no wonder another faggots and their groupies are all over it

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I loved every second of it

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ok fag

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Sweet almost missed the stream, thanks for reminding me.

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shes doing good in the other songs, that one sucked tho

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>CCV higher than the likes


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The rrat can't sing

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>Don't like a streamer
>Watch her anyway
But why?

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>guess that anti-Mori thing was just a small vocal minority after all.
You're only now realizing?

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>like a streamer
>dont like when she does something cringe

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used jojo to bring public

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>Liking Mori
Good joke.

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i enjoy when she does music
i dont like watching her normal streams talking or gaming

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Didn't she have an announcement? What was it? I refuse to listen to anything involving jojo and mori

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Jojo fagbase is just as shitty as EN vtuber fagbases like dead braps

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I-Is this the news I'd heard her talking about yesterday? A jojo rap?

>> No.18059468

i was actually a jojofag, Mori managed to ruin that for me too, ill actualy never watch another episode again.

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So did Cdawg show up or not?

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You won't listen to her but you care about her activities? You're a fucking clown.

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I don't care about the singing, it physically hurts me to listen to her.
I like her voice though, I prefer her let's plays, and especially collabs as long as they aren't hololive outsiders.

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Well considering she desperately overhyped a karaoke stream for months, it would've just been sad if she had less viewers

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Oh, it can't be that bad.
>watches a clip
Okay it's pretty bad.

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