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Sora is a slut who tries her luck by giving lovers chocolate to everyone.

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Based senpai.

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Based Sora.

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Godiva chocolate is shit but that's a nice thing Sora would do

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>has to remind her coworkers that she exists by giving them chocolate

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t. never received chocolates from a girl

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I am indeed not japanese

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holy based. what a good girl

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>she loves every girl
Ero protag aura

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I wish Mito is as thoughtful as Sora, but I doubt she even recognizes all her juniors lmao.

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And that's a good thing.

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>story bought

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She’s definitely graduating this year :c

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i got one from middle school and i regret for being an autist, if i dont reject it i might have a girlfriend... thats the last time a girl have a crush on me

im on my 20's now, still virgin, never had gf, dont have friends, zero social life, unemployed, i think i should consider suicide now

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God Diva... That's daisenpai powar for ya. Remind everyone to respect the seiso once again

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she's fucking and sucking Yagoo-sama

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You should do it ESL

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What, you want sora to slave herself up to make home made chocolate for EVERYONE on hololive? Do you hate her?

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Shit compared to?

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Not him but you should consider as well for being an ESL autist.

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I got giri chocolate once...

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1) you place too much emphasis on material things/other people's social opinions
2) you dwell on the past too much

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hahaha youre jealous i got chocolate from girl once, suck to be you

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shut up retard, i dont need your advice/opinions

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>you see, the joke is that I'm pretending to be retarded

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>Sora is a slut
Have you considered graduatingpwx0y from life, OP?

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There's literally nothing wrong with merely pretending to be retarded.

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And I didn't ask for your life story, so we're even.

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Your opinion does not matter ESL, kys
You didn't tho. You said you rejected it, so that means you didn't get them but it also never happened so the point is m00t

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American mass produced chocolate such as hershey's has a sour taste to it because the same chemicals you produce while vomiting are used as a preservative in the chocolate.

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used good can't sing can't dance the shame of hololive yellow fever holoniggers will simp for her anyway

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European propaganda is really strange

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I didn’t get any even when I was in Japan, in high school.

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>ywn receive true love chocolate from a japanese girl
why live?

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go suck on some corn syrup faggot

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i get the chocolate retard, but i reject her feeling

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My condolences...

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Seeth more, ESL autist.

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>calling Sora a slut even in jest
I hope you spend eternity being raped in every hole by a pack of wild niggers.

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most obvious bait

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shitting on sora has to be the most contrarian thing you can do as a holofag
even more contrarian than actually liking calli or kiara

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>Calls people retard
>Can't write in basic English
Just kys, you contribute nothing to the world and won't be missed

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who cares about basic english? the fact you only know one language show how small your brain is, also im not esl lmao englsih isnt my second but 4th language

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>You only know English
>englsih isnt my second but 4th language
So not only are you shit at one language, you're shit at four.

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>gives chocolate to all her coworkers
>they love the appreciation
Looks like /vt/ was wrong again about Sora being hated inside of hololive.

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hahaha what a retard, go to mental hospital and treat your esl obsession, i will still speak shit english and wont bother with basic, keep being mad retard

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hi kronii

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You'll also never have sex, be employed
or have any friends because you can't pick up on basic social cues.

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i had fun and good laugh, thanks for taking my bait

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No. They use the equivalent of buttermilk or yogurt instead of regular condensed milk. Also that same acid that gives it the sour taste is found in tons of things, like yogurt and many cheeses.

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>No it was all a troll!
Yeah because no one gave you chocolates like I already said, fucking retarded ESL

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the last time I got anything from a girl was back in 9th grade on valentine's day and honestly, it basically was a giri choco when I think about it. she didn't actually like me,

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You realize hololive is a harem anime and sora is the protagonist, right?

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vtubers were invented for you.

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How do you know she didn't liked you?

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>coworker send you chocolate
>other coworkers receive it and thank her on twitter
>if you don't thank her now you'll be seen as an asshole
>your work requires you to have good reputation
>thank her
Thanking people in public should always be disregarded as having anything to do with friendship.

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It seems like a cute gesture. I wish my coworkers and I exchanged plutonic chocolate

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Why are cuckbeat like this?

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Well, when they make the Hersey chocolate they use a process that results in butyric acid being created. Butyric acid is what gives vomit it's odor, hence Hershey chocolate tastes like vomit. It's probably related to the fact that it has PGPR which is a substance precisely used to reduce the viscosity of the cocoa so less quantity of cocoa may be used. Why I point at PGPR? PGPR is made of fatty acids. Anyway, in short, there is butyric acid in Hershey Chocolate and it makes it taste terrible. Not that is the only thing terrible in said chocolate...

A simple comparison with another popular normal brand...

Milk chocolate (sugar, milk, chocolate, cocoa butter, lactose, milk fat, onions lecithin, PGPR, emulsifier, vanillin, artificial flavor).

Milk Chocolate (sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Nonfat Milk, Milkfat, Lactose, Onions Lecithin, Natural Flavor).

Not only does hershey have more milk than chocolate, but they add PGPR and some emulsifier plus vainillin and ARTIFICIAL flavour. By the way, onions lecithin is another emulsifier, so for some reason Hershey puts three different emulsifiers...must be to put as little as chocolate as possible...For fucks sake is nearly the same shit as american imitation cheese.

And remember, the only reason you have to put eggs in america in the fridge is because for some stupid reason they are washed in before packing them so they lose the natural barrier that makes them not spoil at normal temperature.

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Man you can't even shitpost in /vt/ these days without some faggots unironically taking it seriously.
Thanks Mori.

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OP is a salty seanigger who never received chocolates from anyone. KYS you would be a Chinese colony anyway

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Is this the romantic failure thread?
I’ve only liked 3 girls in my life not counting vtubers, 2 rejected me and one was kind of a strange case, she was the captain of the volleyball girls team but was moving away so the class did her a goodbye party, I had talked with her before and somewhat liked her but never really gone out or been alone with her; the day of the party at the end she started saying goodbye to everyone with a handshake and when it came to my turn she jumped to me and whispered to my ear “don’t be so shy next time”, and I was like “what?”; after she left the party I realized that through the school year she had grabbed my arm out of nowhere or pushed her breast against me several times and I removed screaming into my pillow for not realizing earlier and missing the chance, besides her 2 girls have made obvious moves on me but I didn’t like them one of them and the other had a boyfriend and was know for having fights with him so I stayed away. I still wish I would have noticed her and right now I would have a professional volleyball player GF, and back to t he chocolate topic, I did receive friendship chocolate several times from girls, I thought it was friendship chocolate but who knows.

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I like Kiara though
Mori, however, is completely irredeemable

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i still can't recover from that stream, i actively avoid watching Sora since then, least my heart sway her way

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I hope she do it again this year so i can imagine her face when i fuck some HS chick on valentine

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Ame invented taking shitposts seriously

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>same chemicals you produce while vomiting

Why is this exciting me?

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Sora is a true love cumface and the horny from beyond the horni it shows in her modestness and so a sexual evaporation warning.

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Funny thing I got some in my birthday but my autistic butt was thinking someone made fun of me when I found a heart-shaped box with (what I later found actually that they were, indeed homemade) chocolate pieces on my usual seat. I got unreasonably mad because I was bullied a lot but I fought back at that time so I yelled something about "who the fuck made this shit" And of course no one would reply I threw the box away into the trash can and stomped on them even while they were in said trash can, so I had some chocolate on my shoe sole and I left footprint in the classroom. When the teacher came in and asked why there some brown stains on the floor I even fucking replied with "yeah sorry that was me. I stepped in some shit". Jesus fuck I felt sorry for that poor girl that actually wanted to cheer me up by giving me chocolate on my birthday.. She probably regretted it doing something nice for me.

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what the fuck is this thread

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People don't belive that Sora is actually a good person and can spread happiness to others without much of a nice gesture?

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Nevermind, what the fuck is wrong with some of you people.

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We used to have a Godiva shop here.
They closed in the middle of last year. I never got around to checking them out. I heard their chocolate ice cream was super good.

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my ex loved to melt pic related for valentines.
i always wanted to tell her that they made it small for a reason, felt like eating a brick.
i miss her so much.

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It's better that she tries her luck instead of what other vtubers do
Like when Miko raped Korone

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>And remember, the only reason you have to put eggs in america in the fridge is because for some stupid reason they are washed in before packing them so they lose the natural barrier that makes them not spoil at normal temperature.
Ok now THAT is fucked up.

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They’re desperate to share their life stories

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you must be the jewish loserer

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No please, share your life story anon. I’m sure people are interested in your pathetic life.

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Do a flip while you're on it

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This is supposed to be a Sora hate thread

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The only thing I hate about Sora is that she doesn’t flirt with her fans at all. Not one bit.

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And why would she have to flirt with a stinking pig like you?

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It's the sweetest treat, the rules of nature.

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No u

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I'm gonna tell something different:
When I was in middle school, I was extremely lovestruck with this otaku girl I was friends with and she already knew

For Valentine's Day, I decided to express my love by giving her a heart shaped chocolate cake [/spoiler]in front of the whole school (I feel sorry to the other guy I was friends with that wanted to simply confess to her)[/spoiler], and she gave me a hug while being flustered

All went to shit however, because we were both social retards. I only went to her house once and I didn't like being around outside my home, she wasn't entirely committed to the relationship (for example, she gave me a love bracelet but would deny she's my girlfriend), and once when we got late to class I called her out only for her to told me to shut up (she was joking, but still humiliated me in front of our classmates)

Anyway, that relationship only lasted a month, since my feelings started to change and none of us knew how to handle a relationship. And that's the story of my only time dating a girl (maybe I should've accepted the whore that I found good looking and believed that I was adorable, and leave this girl to my friend)

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There is a fetish related to eating another person's vomit, an acquaintance of mine adopted it after his drunk girlfriend vomited in his mouth while he was kissing her during sex. these kinds of things happen...

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nta but that sounds hot af. Maybe in my mouth is too much but kissing after the girl pukes would be nice.

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>for some stupid reason they are washed in before packing
We don't like dirty eggs. It's some cultural thing where Americans were propagandized into only buying pure white spotless eggs so shit stained eggs wouldn't get purchased. I check my carton before I put it in my basket.

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I have a vtuber to sell you if you enjoy vomit and lesbian sex.

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I'm not against the depravities of other people but the problem is whether consuming that should not be very healthy

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I-I will check her...

>> No.18066819

It can't be anywhere near as bad as scat eaters.

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Do it then, I won't stop you.

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Join her NND membership and offical fanclub. She usually do oneechanRP ASMR there

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EOP is as stupid as LA +

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I don't usually watch Sora's streams, does she suddenly kiss or answer romantic superchats?
don't get me wrong but this can be good in a way, maybe she has a partner or is married and is quite faithful to such a level of not showing affection (which other vtubers can do).
think about it.

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>maybe she has a partner or is married
Yeah, she is married. To me.

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