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>Koyori was voted last
>Debut during stream 30

>> No.17994207

So we have Nin Nin and Orca left?

>> No.17994208

>iroha and Chloe haven't debuted
Why did 2k20 crash bros

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I fucking love Stack, bros.

>> No.17994232

And Omega technically.

>> No.17994285

This is why Watamage must always go over.

Stack LOVE

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I think Stack SUCKS

>> No.17994330

Since nobody is probably going to get the phone call reference, this is what I copied.
There used to be a program that you could get WWF superstars to "call" people for their birthday, it was discontinued a long long time ago.
Heres the phone call if you want to listen to it again. https://files.catbox.moe/xa7hdw.mp3

>> No.17994603

As much of a faggot Omega is I want xer in because of the lack of heels HFZ has.

>> No.17994668

I wanted another Yagoo match

>> No.17994673

HFZ has nothing BUT heels besides Soda and Towa

>> No.17994779

Baby faces are boring

>> No.17995031

That'd be a little narcissistic of OP.

>> No.17995393

What time would be a good time to air stream 30 for EU bros if I wanted to make it a premiere?

>> No.17995803

Bros bros bros Bros, bros.

>> No.17995855

>lack of heels HFZ
That only means you dislike very few holomems.
For me the entire EN branch are heels

>> No.17996363

>EU bros
don't exist

>> No.17996468

Whatever, I'll schedule it for 4pm EST so they can watch it.

>> No.17997593

>Singles - Gura [W] vs Korone
>Hell In A Cell Singles - Subaru vs Pekora (on steroids) [W]
>Tag Team - Mumie/Kronii [W] vs PekoMiko (Pekora/Miko)
>Triple Threat Tables - Ina vs Rushia [W] vs Suisei
>Extreme Rules Singles - Fubuki vs Koyori (Debut) [W]
>Tag Team - Towa/Roboco vs Kanata/A-Chan [W]
>KO Singles - Mori vs La+ [W]
>Fatal 8-Way - Mio vs Flare vs Ayame vs Luna vs Haato [W] vs Botan vs Sora vs Lui
>Extreme Rules Singles - Watame vs Fauna (Debut) [W]

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>mfw waking up at 4 am to watch holofightz

>> No.17997814

bro im reairing it for you guys >>17996468

>> No.17997867

OP's usual timeslot.

>> No.17997979

What the hell is OPs usual timeslot

>> No.17998056

Congrats on your tables match win rushia!

>> No.17998140

>the absolute mogging Forbidden Pekola gave to Shuba
I can’t tell if that’s due to the steroids angle or if THE JAW can’t stop jobbing.

>> No.17998209


>> No.17998281

Shuba is a very good and kind girl. She knows Pekora was in a bit of a rough spot mentally and put her over to help her self-esteem.

>> No.17998290

The one he used before he was condemned to a lifetime of slavery.

>> No.17998344

meh boring

>> No.17998451

so now, or in 9 and a half hours?

>> No.17998728

9 and a half yes.

>> No.17999004

what about what about 15.5 hours from now

>> No.17999117

Too late for a weekday.

>> No.17999601

>OP is a wage cuck now
We need to make OP lose his job so he can stream HFZ fulltime again

>> No.17999753

>Needed steroids to beat Subaru
>Steroid buff wore off and jobs to Kronii/Mumei

>> No.17999868

I want OP to be free but I also want OP to not live in squalor.

>> No.17999947

OP's real oshi TFROP is a favela-dwelling BR so maybe living in squalor isn't gonna be a problem?

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what was that song in the mori fight

>> No.18000520

Polite bump so the schizos raiding the board dont bump us off

>> No.18001146

I haven't been keeping up with this board but is it still about Mori again?

>> No.18001209

nope /qa/ outcasts acting up

>> No.18001786

I personally subscribe to the theory that Pekora didn't want to battle when HFZ first came out and so created a literal frankenstein's monster, but management forced her to participate.

>> No.18001947

>it is actually pekomama in pekora's clothes

>> No.18002576

Sora is a huge heel. She just hides it well. Miko is much more of a face.

>> No.18002678

Bump and also data from the betting tonight.

The total sum of all money wagered tonight was $439,575,849.
A total of $261,305,063 was lost in bets tonight, or about 59.4% of wagers.
Rough average winnings over the entire night were $1,528,100 per win.
Average bet placed was $1,085,389.82.
Most common bet placed was $5,000, placed 38 times.
52 unique bidders were documented among all participants this evening.
Average unique participants in wagers was 29.
Peak unique participants was 36, for the 8-Way Elimination.

Hope everyone enjoyed gambling.

>> No.18002950

Oh, because I forgot to include this:
Highest pot was Mori v La+.
She may be the Jobber of Japan, but she draws the dimes.

>> No.18003212

Matches by Pot size:
>La+ v Mori :: $81,625,220
>8-Way Elimination :: $70,548,106
>3-Way Tables :: $66,595,846
>APEX v LEGENDS :: $58,441,110
>WTM v UUUU :: $54,228,477
>Not Cat v Not Fox :: $47,397,777
>Kromei v PekoMiko :: $37,018,981
>The Jaw v The Alpha :: $21,148,666
>Gura v Korone :: $2,571,666

>> No.18003231

I got it, it just felt a bit forced. That's the kind of shit you do for an actual special guest. if they had gotten r.ratman, koopa or mori on board somehow it'd have been something

>> No.18003375

They probably couldn't get anyone, the stream was fairly short notice.
Basically only way to get a hold of the guy is to ask for him in /hlgg/, which requires you to go to /hlgg/ and stay there.
Currently dying in her bed get better soon Koopers.
None of us can draw cuckbeat fanart so Mori doesn't reply to us on Twitter.

>> No.18003385

But the jobber was singing

>> No.18003493

just have to go the haaton route and put a flattering mori promo in her art tag, she'll be all over that shit like it's cough syrup

>> No.18003621

>people want to point a giant neon sign at hfz for no reason
Like I know containment was broken but there's literally no reason to break it further. Or you're newfags.

>> No.18003669

Anon I don't think anyone's actually serious about getting Mori to involve herself in HFZ.

>> No.18003673

This. Haachama is one thing, but flagging down an EN that can quickly figure out the context (and probably is already aware) is a fast track to containment-breakersville.

>> No.18003757

>containment after 2016
every time

>> No.18003903

Do you think I come to this place to be noticed by normalfags and their shit? I don't pretend that this place is a sekrit club or anything but I don't want people coming in here and shitting up the place either. Letting outsiders freely into a community ruins the fuck out of it, newfags never lurk anymore and pretend the entire site is b and pol. I can be here and not bother normalfags and they can be there and not bother me.

>> No.18004092

This stream gets more viewers than some Holos. There's no containment.

>> No.18004108

This place is already flooded by "normalfags" and to someone from before the eternal election the entire site looks like /b/ and /pol/. There's nothing left of this site to contain, everything of even middling quality is organized on discord or reddit and posted here secondarily as part of some forced meme push. and yes hfz is good but it's just a combination of a WWE video game and hololive, I kneel to OP but he didn't invent either of those things

>> No.18004402

>He doesn't know OP is Vince.

>> No.18005274


>> No.18005411

Alpha Pekora is a new wrestler and Shuba has a history of being a good senpai and putting newbies over (Coco, Mio, Fubuki) or at least giving them great debut matches (Mori).
I'm fucking pissed because Shuba is my HFZ oshi, a song I requested played during the match and generated some amazing sync moments, only for Alpha Pecker to win with a single sig+finisher combo not 4 minutes after the match started

>> No.18005754

I don't think there was a single non-kino match, even the stomps were great

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That fucking punch

>> No.18006879

Was this how all those magic punches were meant to be if they actually land?

>> No.18007170

>Basically only way to get a hold of the guy is to ask for him in /hlgg/, which requires you to go to /hlgg/ and stay there
it would be worth it, he did this shit "calling out" risu and it's pretty good, got it from a pastebin in hlgg
and he has done stuff before for hfz

>> No.18007190

Bros... I want to fug HFZ Koyori... I'm not the only one, r-right?

>> No.18007420


>> No.18007441

I'm finally able to watch the vod. Bros....I'm crying....I miss HFZ live so much

>> No.18007535

Newfags here. I've seen this thread for so long but only give it a watch (or able to catch the stream) today. And i gotta say, Why the fuck didnt i watch it sooner!!??
>Is there any VODs/Archieves/Timeline/Guide for the previous ones?
Shit was kino af!

>> No.18007574

This episode was great and all, but there could have been more... why would Watamage do this?

>> No.18007690

>Is there any VODs/Archieves/Timeline/Guide for the previous ones?
You can watch vods on HFZ Twitch channel or on the youtube archive channel:
All relevant links are basically already in the OP.
There's also HFZ Dark, a spin-off dealing with fanbases, mascots, graduated chuubas, memes and other Hololive related stuffs. Unlike main show it's more story-oriented, but the chat is missing in 95% of archives so there's that.

>> No.18008650

Vince hired Watamage to force OP to use 2k22 by destroying 2k20 once and for all

>> No.18009219

>2k22 HolofightZ DLC

>> No.18010721

pink cat good

>> No.18011600

just caught up with the vod...that multigen match was kino to the max, also
>queen of jobbers

>> No.18011995 [DELETED] 

Next stream wish list
Okayu's Weight of the world vs Sana's Weight of the Universe
Bae vs Kronii vs Mumei vs Sana vs Fauna free for all
Aqua/Shion tag team debut
Subaru vs Reine vs Lui vs Kiara free for all
Fubuki vs Mio

>> No.18012098

Next stream wish list
>Okayu's Weight of the world vs Sana's Weight of the Universe
>Bae vs Kronii vs Mumei vs Sana vs Fauna free for all
>Aqua/Shion tag team debut
>Subaru vs Reine vs Lui vs Kiara free for all
>Fubuki vs Mio
>Chloe debut vs Nene
>Iroha debut vs Ayame
>Usaken vs MiComet

>> No.18013061

>Subaru vs Reine vs Lui vs Kiara free for all
>no Mumei

>> No.18014540
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>Next stream

>> No.18016476

>he doesn't really beliv it

>> No.18017133

He'll surely find some time this week to stream what was left, right?

>> No.18018973

Time for the end

>> No.18019077
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I was watching the vod and holy fucking kek that mori v la+ was so fucking funny.
Chat's jokes and banter, OP doing live remixing and the fucking ending killed my sides.
Thanks OP.

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Too powerful.

>> No.18019250

She was fucking OP

>> No.18020057

>lost to Rrat
>lost a tag match to Takamori

>> No.18020065

>no YMD vs TMT (kenzoku setting their oshi straight arc with the creation of a new tag team afterwards)
Pretty good otherwise, but do your kino reps

>> No.18020832


>> No.18022159

Who has yet to show off signatures or finishers?
IRyS - Hope descends/???
Baelz - Chaos Touch/???
Kronii - Premonition/Time's Up
Mumei - Forgor Slam/???
Sana - Weight off the Universe/Black Hole
Fauna - Avalanche Landslide/???
La+ - La+ Lariat/Yamada Strike
Lui - Hawk Eye/Executive Order
Koyori - Project HoloX/Coyote Strike

>> No.18024185


>> No.18024645

Stream 30 is premiering in 2 minutes if you want the live experience EU bros

>> No.18026113
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ELFS you massive cunt I know you missed the first two hours of the stream and became a vodkek yourself

>> No.18027548

Hope slam
Rrat attack
Civilization buster
Nature knee

>> No.18029705

I missed the fucking stream and I wasn't even in work

>> No.18029996

I do time reminders for streams on the archives now, tap the bell and you should be good.

>> No.18031787 [DELETED] 

the death throes...

>> No.18032916

So was the premiere good for people or should I just not do them again

>> No.18033649

I like it, maybe could be better using the chat version but idk

>> No.18036149

I actually wanted to watch 3 matches I missed, funny enough, I was forced to miss them again...

>> No.18036288

keep doing it

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Archive torrent list has been updated with stream 30.

>> No.18039300

I like it, but the entrance isn't quite pekomama-ish.

>> No.18041758

An unfortunate nousagi was forced to don the Alpha Pekora mantle so she could avoid the match
>Migoler caught Pekor off-guard before she could escape and dragged her into the match against Mumei/Kronii

>> No.18042389

>Nature knee
Is that the one where Fauna goes UUUUUUUUU after she did the knee drop?

>> No.18043820

ELF's salty to miss the stream and watch the vod only to find SuiSHIT got BTFO'd

>> No.18044054

Absolute state of HoSHITmachi SuiSHIT

>> No.18045982

Meh, Peko on roids is the simplest and made the most sense explanation

>> No.18046145

>t. OP

>> No.18046625

LWR bros.. are they going to become known..?

>> No.18046949

Obscuritybros, it’s over....

>> No.18047740
File: 209 KB, 1000x1000, [sound=z.zz.fo%2FqjKOB.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18047914

>kino stream
>absolute seething
I fucking love wordclouds.

>> No.18047972

>Spam Watamage

>> No.18048121
File: 3.97 MB, 329x502, 1621256812886.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18049362

>threads back to kwabbing on the reg

>> No.18050101
File: 230 KB, 810x1080, 1633218160485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's ok, next weeks hfz episode will bring us back up to speed

>> No.18050878
File: 197 KB, 1097x1070, 1632877673462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

next episode of DARK should be 24 and a half hours from now.
if i really hussle hard i may be able to do the lore for episode 7, and stream that on Sunday as well, but we will see.
there are a couple things i wanna do for the season finale that may take some time, but if i can pull it off, that will air either next Thursday or Sunday.

>> No.18054237

>Nature knee
>Not a slap
Wasted opportunity

>> No.18055076


>> No.18057481
File: 2.16 MB, 2047x1136, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18057728

I keep forgetting that there’s only three episodes left, and I might still be wrong about that, kek.

>> No.18058261

3 left for season 3. was originally going to do season 4 as a short season, but now that content will be off-season, and season 4 will be in 2k22.

>> No.18059906

Sweet. I look forward to the potential Bonus Bonus debate over the law of kino/canon.

>> No.18060141

the off season stuff will be canon, i just thought it was silly to have a "season" thats only like 4 episodes. it will actually have a name other than off season but i dont want to spoil that
i'll be trying to stream more often in this timeframe with the Gaiden streams as well. look forward to Limitless, DARK 0, and Like a Dragon.

>> No.18061759

At least we have >dark, CBT, and /vt/ league while waiting for next week's stream.

>> No.18062290

>he thinks Pekora Alpha and Pekora are the same person
Let me guess, you believed OP when be said Maskler was Kiara too?

>> No.18062489

>Maskler was Kiara too?
No Maskler is Mikoler

>> No.18062560

She had the nerves, please understand.

>> No.18062779
File: 510 KB, 1920x1080, 1618597764101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The stage is set. But will the anons deign to play their part?

>> No.18063352

Almost comical how many times you have to fight this guy

>> No.18065579

so Ankimo is the PC then?

>> No.18066586
File: 383 KB, 540x646, 50881380-8C4F-45D3-9350-68F1748B9D23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros... we have a new challenger for Mori. Will it be a Connor on a pole match? Or will it be on a forklift?

>> No.18067032

I actually don't think this connor shit is funny nor do I have any interest in seeing it in HFZ

>> No.18067743

Same here, I don't have anything against Connor but this shit just bores me already

>> No.18067746

>She was fucking OP
Hooman got cucked by OP
OP is a whore!

>> No.18067758

can we not?

>> No.18067797

how about we don't pander to drama-baiting faggots

>> No.18067808

cuckbeats eternally seething and somehow their braphog should be immune to getting made fun of

>> No.18067908

OP is too based for that so we're safe

>> No.18068272 [DELETED] 

When did anons here got so sensitive?

>> No.18068604

Just deadbeats probably. We're already making fun of our oshis by making them into super buff dudes wrestling and a Connor joke is the one that makes people seethe?

>> No.18068811

I’d only say it’s important to not inflate that faggot’s already mountainous ego by giving him the satisfaction, even if he’d likely never know.

>> No.18069928

>rigged ayame win

>> No.18070641

ninomae ina'nis should be the champion again
kanatan is a dimeless shitter who can only win off of a stolen finisher

>> No.18070992
File: 382 KB, 540x490, ka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ina please...

>> No.18071433


>> No.18071949

It's not called seething or being a takofucker...

>> No.18073140
File: 154 KB, 850x850, stack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss Stack, bros..

>> No.18073364
File: 140 KB, 295x331, 1627826041852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its me, maskler!

>> No.18073498

Thanks anon! I'll lurk and follow this thread from now on.

>> No.18073559

With Dark Has Coco debut yet? IIRC it was going to be SOON

>> No.18073787

yes, it was pretty spectacular as well

>> No.18075405

>takes a look at the board
fandead vs el unicornio when

>> No.18075664

I did kek when the fucking intro was counting up to fucking Elfs username

>> No.18075763

Whenever a official HFZ stream is announced, the thread should have image that reflects that and the original post should promote it. Missing the event because I don't use twitter and only check this thread every now and then sucks ass.

>> No.18075949

sounds like a you problem buddy

>> No.18076064

We had posts reflecting OP's message as the OP in the threads leading up to the day of, which used an image OP posted. He posted in thread days before he ever posted on twitter.
However, many in the thread thought it was fake bait. So, sorry you didn't check the thread for nearly a week?

>> No.18076612
File: 30 KB, 227x222, 1599734961038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ, thank god I'm not schizophrenic enough to browse outside of this thread.

>> No.18076724
File: 1.27 MB, 1331x745, MOOMER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe you should stop being a faggot

>> No.18076728

Man I gotta dig through to find it. Dark streams at the most random of times so I always miss it

>> No.18077084

at minimum, for context/max effect, watch the lore from episodes 8 and 9, and then watch Tag Tournament. the playlists on the youtube archive are in chronological/stream order as well.

>> No.18077133

oh, forgot to mention its season 2.

>> No.18077503

>just before valentine's day
Oh boy

>> No.18077838

She debut in the Season 2 finale but you should start watching from when Artia won the Dark Contract

>> No.18079193

Season 2's finale was Coco's debut.

>> No.18081445

>Rushia won tables match with "cheating" which wasn't her fault

>> No.18081845

Absolute gigadimes showing, by the by.

>> No.18082291

No shoots allowed here. Only works.

>> No.18083764

Will >we ever truly know who’s behind that mask?

>> No.18084408
File: 165 KB, 463x453, chlogey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

better question, will smelly fishe wear a mask?

>> No.18084915

A conundrum for the ages...
If she doesn’t have a mask gimmick in HFZ, OP really was captured by Cover...

>> No.18085003

You know it's never going to be the same.

>> No.18086592

It's not called seething or being a cometfucker

>> No.18087014

the easiest method is to sub to the archives channel and hit the bell, I dont upload anything unless there is a stream coming up and I just upload a time reminder video.

>> No.18087513
File: 1.65 MB, 426x240, [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fcfp7yi.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18087737

taps mic
ahem :

HoloFightZ HFZArchiveAnon HFZDark videoanon lulzmaker21 kaz0921 jeannedgame basedcringehfz basedschizo generalcrayontastenice BeerSalad123 salsaa_aa paradoxio091 Guy_Fiati skeleturtle idiotic02 MegidolanonforEveryone polkacci reversegzv rulolus kidsaviour Haaton_SBR810 nijioutarou cream_shake AtelierMari RobDeLaMorte pestofish sulendar__sulgalaraj mehless Lif3less randolurk3r chanclarosa TheKanMan samuraigustav Im_chudhead thefinalrumble Koopa_ch Rusty_Shackleford

that will be all

>> No.18087857

I don’t know why this made me laugh more than the rest of it, kek

>> No.18088197

Is this the full roster of Meta?

>> No.18088315

Meta roster looking pretty good right now

>> No.18089257

I still can't believe a fucking druuuuid won against the mage.

>> No.18089270

>elfs has started larping as listanon

>> No.18089441

What happened to real Listanon?

>> No.18089841

Accidentally blocked himself while clicking too quickly and vanished on the spot. Damn shame, really...

>> No.18090254
File: 27 KB, 590x393, tear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18091570

>he doesn't know that original listanon called ELFS "funny and witty"
He was the blue shitter from the very beginning

>> No.18092356

The funny thing is I barely type in chat and yet elfs put me on this list.

>> No.18092357

>was listanon all along
>make an obviously falseflag attempt to throw us off his scent
Elfs is kinda smart ngl.

>> No.18092620

>kinda smart
>failed to stream META when first prompted to

>> No.18092664

ELFS is dangerous. She legitimately has dox on some of the members of the dicksword because she was bored and decided to check out anyone lacking in their opsec. Do not underestimate her.

>> No.18092909

Elfs found out my gf is a vtuber and us blackmailing me

>> No.18092951
File: 1.72 MB, 1212x1184, TheRratrix[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fthjgyj.m4a].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ELFS can't escape me forever

>> No.18093021

It appears the time for correction is upon her.

>> No.18093258
File: 25 KB, 512x512, 1640937538207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18095070


>> No.18095460

Holy shit the board is so fast. Keep the thread alive faggots.

>> No.18095656

what's happening now?

>> No.18096051

Rushia's boyfriend.

>> No.18096098

during a stream rushia accidently had a discord message pop up from her probable boyfriend, unicorns are going wild

>> No.18096182

is this the power of tables?

>> No.18096968

this is not going to affect the possibility of Rushia covering Necromantic, right?

>> No.18097109

This shit is hitting mainstream news. Rushia is unironically in big trouble.

>> No.18097179
File: 8 KB, 740x100, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18097244

There are a million threads about this, why are you talking about it in hfz, a wrestling vtuber spinoff thread

>> No.18097257


>> No.18097312

I don't want to talk about cringe namefags.

>> No.18097365


>> No.18097399

I thought he already did.

>> No.18098894 [DELETED] 
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Since roommate posting is now okay:

>> No.18099031


>> No.18099257

>I made it in
Listbros...we're inclining...!!!

>> No.18099499

The dicksword looks like this???

>> No.18099991
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You should fear big black tables

>> No.18102338

Dont kwab

>> No.18102469

I'm sorry that my promos are too dimes for you to handle, anon.

>> No.18103795

>rushia necromantic never ever

>> No.18104088

At least Dark will have a new member now...

>> No.18104218

Rushia won't graduate just because of this.

>> No.18104357

>won against Suisei and the strongest Holofightz chuuba Ina
Of course she wouldn't.

>> No.18106315

you can't stop me

>> No.18107189

She only won because the table was rigged

>> No.18109110

I don't think the thread will not kwab until next dark

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