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Fucking Brat

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What's the appeal?

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stubborn brat appeal

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dull white onion, friend of strange red onion

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shut up I have my reason

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Some people like kusogaki.

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I wish I was fucking this brat

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Me too.
Reminder that until recently, she was underaged and we're all going to jail.

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Worth it.

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yo Is this the Shion yo thread yo

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She hasn't been underage in any civilised country since she joined Hololive, not that I'd care because loli Shion would be worth a trip in the party van

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It's pretty known she and a few others (ex. Haachama) were underaged when they joined Hololive. They're not anymore, so that's not really a problem.

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I'm pretty sure he means the age of consent is 16 in many countries that aren't the United States, given that he spells civilized as civilised.

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You either want to violently fuck them and make them into a good girl or you want them to step on you.

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Please stream so this thread won't die...

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Sassy short adult pretending to be a child
Acts like a bitch so you put your back into it when you pop her cherry

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shion yo...

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Pretty sure her bio is mistranlated, she’s a student at the demon academy Ayame and Rushia go to.

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Shion will be battling against either Suzy or Nene

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Will this be an nnd broadcast?

>> No.1812770

Yes, sadly. It's sponsored by NND games after all.

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Sio and Akua

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I can’t believe that Shion is going to bury Aqua alive in some random graveyard

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I don't know, I'm not into femdom but I like it when she makes fun of me

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>not into femdom
>like it when she makes fun of me
embrace the bliss anon

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Not him but her being an insulting kusogaki just makes the eventual violent hatefucking even sweeter

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>the age of consent is 16 in many countries that aren't the United States
16 is the most common age of consent in the US.

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shion yo

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Shion has a 12 AM playdate with Rushia

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Not sure if Shion will have a POV too

>> No.1820499

Frame should be up an hour or 2 before stream starts

>> No.1823379

Glad that Rushia is dragging Shion out to play!

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>waiting for shion ch.

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Shion yo...

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>Two of my favorites streaming together
I can't lose

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Based cunny unity chad

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off to a great start

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>slept with earphone
>turned sideway when sleeping
>my right ear now feels painful and swollen
>cant hear collab properly
Im just dekinai

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You were listening to voicepacks weren't you anon

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>Nether portal gets destroyed
>Both of them lose their shit

This collab is already kino

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>Rushia immediately drops herself into a lava ocean

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Rushia is spilling her spaghetti

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And water is wet

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Shion please answer Rushia...

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I kinda enjoy this magic duo

>> No.1826899

I never knew that she was friendly with rushia

>> No.1826956

There are some really creative builds on the server that I've never seen until now.

>> No.1826997

Even Rushia wants Shion to finish her pixel art...

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nikisei no kizuna...

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What an awkward couple, I love it.

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Rushia is so cute

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Glad Rushia dragged Shion to stream. She really needs it after what happened few days ago

>> No.1828020

There are two things I can think of that happened within the last few days, but regardless I think Shion has been feeling pretty good lately, but I do think it was gonna be a lot longer before she did a collab if someone else didn't initiate. I think Rushia has been watching over Shion for the last few weeks and knows she needs a push to socialize again after a long time of infrequent solo streams.

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They have great chemistry too, felt good seeing Shion genuinelly having fun like that.

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It's funny, her appeal to me is a kid acting like she's older. She's really immature, not even in a lewd way or anything. You can just tell how young her and Haachama are. They ooze JK(former)

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anyone else thought shion was spreading her legs from the thumbnail?

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holy shit yes

>> No.1828774

Rushia has been inviting her for collabs since Shion's anniversary totsumachi though. Or at least that's what I remember. Regarding her condition for past week I do have a hunch (probably related to harassment the other day) but I'm happy that she could at least overcome it.

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I can't see it.

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Oh fuck I couldn’t see it at first but now I do.

>> No.1829306

in the butt!

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Is the only magic Shion can actually do growing tits on two walls?

>> No.1838269

She can cast a spell on my cock.

>> No.1839527

i wanna squish her tummy

>> No.1839669

I want to bully flat chested girls until they overpower and tag team me. Possibly rimming.

>> No.1840269

Is rimming supposed to be a submissive or dominant fetish?

>> No.1840494

but I want to rim them

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New ambrosia thread gets deleted and immediately these posts appear... why are the jannies such faggots deleting the best containment threads? God, I had so much to discuss on there.

>> No.1841286

Is that the word they're using now instead of "horny thread?"

>> No.1841727

Ambrosia is anything related to an oshi's bodily fluids/functions.

>> No.1842240

sounds like a terrible thread

>> No.1842339

I think going into too much detail is the reason the new thread got deleted. The first one had no problem getting to the bump limit when the op just said bodily functions and didn’t go into specifics.

>> No.1842731

There was another thread that just complained about it getting deleted while other shitty threads are allowed to stay up. We transformed it to a new ambrosia general but they took it away from us again.

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I need the anon who said he wanted to twist shion into a crab like shape to explain how the fuck and how does that look like, I'm losing sleep thinking about it

>> No.1847467

Lmfao, wasn't that a few days ago? I understand how he feels though.

>> No.1847995

I don't get it...

>> No.1848042

She's bragging that she can even sleep by herself if she has the lights on.

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like this?

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You should try another time in the future, or make the topic less specific.

>> No.1849169

I fucking love this pose, Shion is perfect for it.

>> No.1849280

she's pretty flexible despite the streamer lifestyle afterall

>> No.1852051

this is a really good shion

>> No.1852080


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Anyone remember what drew them to watch and love Shion? I don't know exactly when for me, but it might've been this legendary stream.

>> No.1855982

Azur Lane design

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On top of my head, probably this stream

>> No.1856128

The neighbours arc and then Shion YO with Coco is what really got me interested in her, but before that she was already on my radar because she was the first hololive to get an eromanga.

>> No.1858974

The Neighbor Wars got me into both Aqua and Shion and they’re my favorites to this day.

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Lol very nice image.

>> No.1863963

That one animated clip shion yell "12-8 is 4"

>> No.1864002

wtf is everyone here an ojisan?!

>> No.1864472

then I binged every aqushio clip

>> No.1864547

I'm getting there

>> No.1865310

No way, I'm only 34.

>> No.1866409

over 30 must be early ojiisan

>> No.1866697

I'm 22.

>> No.1870657

If you're a wizard, can you be an oji-san? I feel like a vast sex experience is necessary for an oji-san.

>> No.1872557

missing again I suppose

>> No.1874049

Missing for a day or two is perfectly normal for her.

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Still not used to it.

>> No.1877246

remember when shion had these nice murasaki colored panties?

>> No.1877567

Pretty sure she still does. She hasn't done a 3D stream since the Coco one.

>> No.1877682

Marine, Okayu, Aqua collab?

>> No.1877688

Oh, right. Well she still had them there.

>> No.1878214

what a bra

>> No.1878229


>> No.1878329

shionyo's bra...

>> No.1878378

I hope it's a training bra

>> No.1878428

aqua and shion having good chemistry warms my heart

>> No.1880231

I miss their collab.. Another morning stream onegai

>> No.1885538

It seems she's interested in the latest holotrend of Monster Hunter!

>> No.1885544

She's totally watching Aqua right now.

>> No.1886428

Yep. She played the last game too but the timing is pretty obvious here.

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>> No.1887462

I always hated when that guy would comment on 5 year old roommate videos on youtube.

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>> No.1892967

Femdom if you're a delivery driver

>> No.1904306

>those lace panties

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heres another one!

>> No.1910890

M-my deadline...

>> No.1910906

Shion is more important

>> No.1911597


>> No.1912113

I'm not gonna make it, watch her for me anons.

>> No.1914137

Who thought it would be monster hunter?

>> No.1914170

I thought it would be Monster Hunter

>> No.1914380


>> No.1914526

Does this position have a name? Crab pose?

>> No.1914707

full nelson

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everyone who follows her on twitter

>> No.1915282

That's a weird looking MonHun.

>> No.1915376

Oh and she drew the thumbnail by herself.

>> No.1915761

what's going on with the starbucks story between shion, aqua, and subaru?

>> No.1916022

Cover said they have game keys and are offering to members who replied to the discord message first. Subaru and shion replied, Subaru seeing shion replied and told she can have it, treat her to starbucks next time. Aqua then later replied, i wanted starbucks as well

>> No.1916279

it's triggering when they don't pick the funny routes for some reason

>> No.1916840

not him but wouldn't that be more like over 50 or something?

>> No.1917102

Your wish has been fulfilled

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My posts on this board are quite normal and harmless most of the time, but for some reason Shion fanart makes me UOHpost like a complete maniac. I don't even watch her much.

>> No.1917489

she probably has to wear a sports bra if she even wears one

>> No.1917589
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>> No.1917771

I woke up just in time for the end of the stream, so I will have to watch the archive.

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*slices entire cake*

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why is he the best gachikoi?

>> No.1917959


>> No.1917989

loads of money unironically. He's a consistent Aqua's gachikoi too

>> No.1918559

Are you guys still posting on /jp/?

>> No.1918720

read the thread blindchama

>> No.1918749
File: 319 KB, 588x495, ?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I was just asking?

>> No.1918849

it's immature that people still do

>> No.1919006

No. On the very rare occasion I go there to check something, I try to convince any Shiokkos left to just migrate here.

>> No.1920577


>> No.1920698

delicious epsilon cake filament

>> No.1922384
File: 79 KB, 233x231, shion smug 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.26 MB, 1157x570, 1603979307827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

zion boobs yo

>> No.1928660
File: 1.81 MB, 1300x1900, 8AC1DC76-10ED-4ED7-9CDF-D53CF0A22302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shion needs a casual clothes outfit.

>> No.1929331

her weird frog outfit

>> No.1934818

That's not what I would call a casual clothes outfit, it's too strange.

>> No.1935248

her new years outfit would look more casual if the fluffy part was removable

>> No.1935750
File: 594 KB, 627x885, f5fae1acd4132c90d9f7c17240a12d18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1935787

How many fingers did Shion put in Marine?

>> No.1935798

I do. I have adhd.

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File: 272 KB, 524x650, 7841E547-D111-4194-86E1-7AD35BE632D7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to 2-Koma loss Shion after she makes fun of me.

>> No.1940474

shion monster hunter arc when

>> No.1940498
File: 581 KB, 2063x2912, 1616200108077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does it even exist in the first place...

>> No.1943849

As long as it got the redesign, then sure

>> No.1945239

so she's popular because she's barely underage?

>> No.1945298

her genuinely bratty attitude

>> No.1945722

she's a good daughter you want to watch growing up and give kind words to

>> No.1945823

She feels more like little sister than daughter to me

>> No.1945928

I like the hags for the opposite reason so I think its safe to say for the JP bros its true

>> No.1946035

Your ojisan power level is still too low.

>> No.1946052

I crave sister more than daughter

>> No.1946073

The fucked up topic image showing up in the catalog aggravates me

>> No.1946125


>> No.1946154


>> No.1946235

but I also want to rape her so badly...

>> No.1948007
File: 189 KB, 2048x1375, 1605339464112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1950270

Sip your estus, Sion...

>> No.1951243
File: 34 KB, 315x581, 1590845156725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to think Shion won't be streaming tonight

>> No.1951314

20 year old ojisans...

>> No.1951315


>> No.1953195
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>> No.1955916
File: 363 KB, 1440x2047, Exd6sFPVIAMZZxo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1959351


>> No.1965760
File: 164 KB, 1280x2048, ExZlRAbVEAQh4uV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't die.

>> No.1965873

I want to deliver a full power womb shattering uppercut to Shion's cute tummy, wipe her memory so that she forgets, make her fall in love with me, get married then blame her for not being able to get pregnant and ultimately cheat on her with Noel while accusing her of not being womanly enough to have a child!!!!!!!

>> No.1965932
File: 389 KB, 548x538, 1605935831007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1966131

a uniform outfit for her magical girl backstory would be really cute would be really cute

>> No.1966787

why? let it die and make new op with correct image

>> No.1970078

There is no appeal.

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