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Collective works so far:
https://pastebin.com/asvcqDLL - Stuff I've thrown together
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind anon with links to previous threads
>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction?

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Beat me to the punch. Technically the 'Stuff I've thrown together' is no longer accurate as I added some of the other things from the previous thread in. More of a miniature archive for links to compliment the G. Docs one.

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I know theres already been the Omelas story, but seeing a Fubuki switch between cute and yandere would be nice (pic related)

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I really want a continuation to the Sora story

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You think it is Sora's story but it is actually Aqua's revenge porn.

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Shion who is more of a bully than a girlfriend but shows her love in her own kusogaki way

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>TFW no abusive Sasaki
She’s prime abusive material, why don’t anon use her?

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i'd love to see a reine fic where she clicks her tongue and glares at you with utter and genuine contempt while you both live together but you don't know what you're doing wrong, you strive to do your best to please her. But it's not your fault, she just thinks that you'll do something to her one day, so she milks you daily to "satisfy" you. And thinks that everything you do to please her is with the goal of lowering her guard so you can do nasty things to her when she least expects it. And in your death bed when you profess your love for her she realizes that she was wrong.

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Seconding this

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I don't see the continuation of Omelas by its original author listed anywhere in the dumps. >>1699099

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Will fix that. I thought I did but I'm stupid. Thanks for the heads up.

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fubuki has yandere asmr clip tho

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Pastebin archive should be a lot more extensive now, thanks to the person running the G. Docs one. If there's anything else you'd like to see in there/I missed, let me know and I'll get around to it tomorrow.

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How would an abusive Pekora work?

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First time ever contributing a story. Was inspired by that one Rushia story from the last thread, but this time with a heavier concentration of abuse.

Once more you awaken, not so much roused from slumber as you were painfully torn back to the waking world. It's as though every synapse in your brain is screaming in unison, all your other senses are smothered under a roiling ocean of pain. But then, suddenly, it stops. As the pain vanishes your reeling mind begins to piece together your surroundings, parts of your brain which mere minutes ago were completely overtaken now start to build a picture of where you are. Your sense of smell is the first to return - the stench of various chemical compounds and catalytic agents all too familiar to you by now. You feel cold metal on your back, it seems you are lying on some kind of table. Sound begins to filter through your previously deafened ears: the sound of rushing air, the thrumming of machinery and the hum of halogen lights. Finally you gather the courage to open your eyes and are momentarily blinded. Searing white light filters through to your half-lidded eyes and you hastily close them again.
The sensations of the world around you stand in stark contrast to the state of your own body. You feel sluggish, a numbness has taken hold of your extremities. You attempt to rise to a seated position but find the effort overwhelming and resolve instead to try and roll onto your side. Your body stubbornly refuses to listen to you, but you keep trying and eventually manage to succeed at turning over.
Too vigorously it seems, as you roll of the table entirely and land on the cold floor below. The table is sent on its side and the clattering of medical instruments on the ground alerts someone to your presence. A quiet, cold voice echoes from the dark hallway that leads out of the room you are in.
"Awake already?"

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Your blood freezes in your veins, your sluggish mind suddenly roused into panic as your memories begin to return. You feel your heartbeat grow in intensity as a figure slowly enters your field of view. Your worst fears are confirmed as the lights above illuminate the figure of a young girl with green hair and red eyes. You try to rise to your feet but with the numbness of your body obstructing proper coordinated movement you only manage to get on one knee before you slip and flop on the ground once more.
"Now now there's no need for that. Here. Let me help you"
Though the girl is downright tiny next to you, her strength is unreal as she heaves you back onto the table.
"You remember me, don't you? I know you'd never forget Rushia!"
You simply stare at her weakly, a grimace of despair reflecting in her eyes.
"It must be painful. It must be hard... but this is the only way! I'm only doing this for your sake!"
A lie. One you stopped believing in who knows how long ago.
"Ever since that accident, I've tried so many things to bring you back but none of them have truly succeeded. The soul and body are bound and your damaged soul cannot keep your body functioning properly, it keeps drifting to the other side"
How many times has this happened already? How many times have you gone through the same painful awakening followed by an inevitable slide back into the other side? You'd think you'd get used to it after a while, but the torment of being drawn back to the world of the living by force only seems to get worse and worse.
"But you know... I finally did it. I found a way."
Your mind stops for a moment. What did she just say?
"I realized that instead of trying to continue to bind your broken soul to a broken body... why not just bind it to a fresh one?"
You barely manage to process her words before an awful realization makes itself known. You raise a hand over your face and looking back at you is not your hand, but a patchwork thing. Patches of skin connected with sutures, clearly from different sources. You run your hands over the rest of your body and find such sutures everywhere until you reach your neck.
Thick metal staples arranged in a circle where your neck connects to your torso.

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"It's perfect! instead of trying to bind your soul to your old body, I simply made a new one from fresh parts!"
You try to scream but out of your mouth comes only a hoarse whisper that is quickly silenced by the girl covering your lips with hers. The kiss is desperate and needy and does not end until you almost feel yourself running out of breath.
"Welcome back, dear" says Rushia and she lets out a mischievous giggle.
"Now don't worry, I'll go get some clothes for you and we can get you back home where you belong."
As Rushia walks away you are seized with terror at your situation, made into a patchwork monstrosity. How many people did she kill for all these body parts!? How many innocent people died because of this madness!?
You thrash violently trying to get off the table and succeed in knocking yourself to the ground once more. Your mind races trying to find a way out of this situation, when you notice a scalpel lying on the ground. A dark thought rises to the forefront of your mind... for a moment you consider doing the one thing the old you would never have even thought about. If you killed her right here and now that would put a stop to everything.
You stare at the medical implement for what seems like an eternity before ultimately dropping the scalpel.
Despite everything, you still love her. Tears fill your eyes as you wonder why everything got this bad. You were happy together once, every day with her seemed like a dream, but now all that is left is the nightmare you are presently stuck in... Unless...
You grab the scalpel once more, resolve fills your heart. Perhaps this will make her understand, maybe if you do this you can open her eyes.
You stab yourself in the chest, the first hit impacting a rib. Your numb body barely registers the pain and you keep stabbing yourself, over and over again. You don't know how many wounds you've inflicted on yourself by the time your vision begins to dim. The last thing on your mind before darkness takes you is her, a vision from happier times. Rushia smiling.

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Once more you awaken. Something is wrong. This isn't like what usually happens, you feel no pain or discomfort instead you feel... warm. You feel someone embracing you in a hug. No no no no no please. You open your eyes and realize your being held by Rushia. As she lets you go, you look at her face and see her smiling. Rushia's smile doesn't seem to reach her eyes.
"Why did you do such a silly thing? Were you just confused? At any rate, you don't need to think about anything anymore, I'm here~"
Your confusion only becomes more pronounced. What's going on? How are you back here? You seem to have died and brought back but where's the usual pain?
Rushia seems to notice your confusion and says:
"It wasn't just that new body of yours that I bound your soul to. I bound it to my own soul as well. This was the missing link, the true solution. With our two souls bound together neither of us will die as long as the other is still alive. Now... we can truly be together forever..."
Listening to her explain, you are filled with unfathomable despair. Your tense limbs go limp as you lose all energy to resist anymore. There's no way out anymore, you're stuck in this undead form forever and all that awaits you is an eternity with Rushia.
"I love you", Rushia says as she pulls you into a kiss once more. You don't struggle as your mind lets go of the wheel. 'You' are already dead, all that's left in your mind is her, the love of your life.
Just Rushia.

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>Just Rushia
Nice work anon, I like the darker contrast with the original story

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The fact that if she figured it out sooner you would still have your original body makes it extra tragic. Good work anon.

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I think these threads are only for Hololive.

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I want Noel to beat me up, then force me to meet with her again and again through her yakuza connections, just for her to do the same thing!

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These are not just hololive, just that hololive has people that are more well know, there have been Niji characters like Honma, Gundou and Hoshikawa

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>abuse general
>feet general
>ryona general
>body fluids general
>feeding/fat general
This is a truly sick board, I hope this is enough to scare off any major v-tubers from coming here

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Glad you anons liked it.

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It's a useful barrier against any of our favorite chuubas finding hate threads about themselves.

Kiara doesn't deserve all of this negativity, she has the capacity to be a good birb and she's really cute when she's not beating herself up over her mistakes.

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Hate threads would be a great ego boost for most Holos when they realize all the hate is directed at the dumb chicken.

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(You) overpowering one of the bigger stronger Holos after getting sick and tired of her always pushing (You) around

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Seeing how all this doesn't scare Risu off makes me wonder how depraved she is herself

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All of holoID gen 1 + Ollie are all degens so it would make sense

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>Korone request from the last thread

Your arms felt like lead weights. They were bruised and battered, inflamed and lacerated up and down their length. Your blood stained t-shirt was ripped up and shredded. Your vision was shaky and blurry against the blinding light above you. Your face felt numb to the touch but you could tell that your cheeks were swollen and hot. You shivered as the cold air of the room seemed to torment your already abused body.

The boxing ring you were standing in was small and had the word ‘DOOG’ printed in the middle in large bold print. It was a smaller segment of a much larger gym as you noted the various exercise equipment around the large room. Much of them you’ve been put through so many times that you knew them by heart. The bicycle. The treadmill. The weights. The overhang bar. The running track that surrounded the entire underground gym. Your mind spun as more oppressive memories of those machines filled your mind as you pressed your back against the ropes that surrounded the ring.

“Come on, you’ve done so well already, you can’t quit now!”

You barely had enough time to register the voice before you were grabbed and thrown to the ground. As you were slammed against the hard floor of the ring you managed to get a glimpse of your attacker. It was Korone. The girl you loved. Or, supposedly loved. It was hard to tell these days. She had the hard kind of love. The kind that ended with you being sprawled out on the floor and bleeding all over.

“It’s time to start again!”

As she said this she sent out a flurry of punches as you were still down on the ground. You were able to block a good bunch of them, due to your previous ‘training’ sessions, but just as many of them broke through your defense and slammed into your abdomen. You steeled yourself as each punch felt like a truck slamming into your gut. You were no boxer. Hell, before you met this dog girl you barely could even lift weights. But Korone, she was on a completely different level. It was like pitting a kid who just joined their after school boxing club against a major league fighter. The night and day difference you could feel with each blow.

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“Good job! Let’s try something new!”

Korone pulled you up and shoved you against the outer ring. You feebly held your hands out to block her attacks. She was like a blurry haze as she moved in and out of your defense, with quick jabs striking to daze you then sending heavy uppercuts afterwards that would do the real damage. With each strike you mind pondered about how you got here as you just barely dodged one of her punches. You’d just met at a local coffee shop, found that you clicked and had been dating ever since. But as the relationship went on, the more forceful side of her would come out, as a way to show her love for you. A stinging slap on the back after you cooked her a nice meal. A bearhug that would make you wheeze after you got her a large container of protein for her birthday. It all seemed small back then.

But then it escalated from there.

The slaps then turned into punches and the hugs would then turn into nearly spine snapping strength. As Korone saw your apparent weakness, she suggested that you train with her so you could become strong like her. Thinking it would be light exercise and a nice way to spend more intimate time with her, you foolishly agreed.

But then the hell started.

You would spend hour after hour lifting weights that were far above your class, running triathlon amounts of distance on the running track or taking ice-cold showers that froze you to your core. But this was only the beginning. Then the sparring began. At first you would be already keeled over on the ground in pain after the first punch. When you asked her about it afterwards, however, you were horrified to learn that she was ‘holding back’. At that time you were lucky, however, as Korone would leave the sparring to just the ring in the gym only. But then she would initiate a sparring match almost anywhere and at any time. Be it in the bed right after waking up together in the morning, just after eating dinner or even during sex, she would start. And the only way to get her to stop would be to satisfy her until she was fully satiated.

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“Annnnnnnd…… KNOCKOUT!”

The dog girl then sent out her last attack. The haymaker swing that smashed into your face with an unimaginable amount of force and power. It was enough to send you flying out of the ring and crashing onto the concrete floor nearby. You felt that your nose was broken. Again. The third time this week. There was a faint trail of blood flowing down your nostrils and all over your face. Your head was wobbling back and forth and you moaned as you felt you were on the border of unconsciousness. But then you felt your head move and be placed on something warmer and softer than the concrete. Korone's face filled your vision as her ears drooped down while she tilted her head down towards you.

“I'm sorry dear… I just got a little carried away. You're doing good though! I’m almost using all my strength against you! I'm so proud of you…” spoke Korone as she patted your head, stroking her fingers through your hair. It was in these gentle moments that you remembered why you loved her in the first place. Even though the stinging pain of earlier was still present, it felt like nothing compared to the warmth and comfort that she was exhibiting right now.

“I love you, my dear…”

Those were the last words you heard her say as you drifted to sleep in her lap and your mind went into an unconscious state. Maybe one of these days you will learn to love her physical love. Maybe one of these days she will change.

But you would still always love her regardless, no matter the pain.

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Either he dies from too many concussions or he perseveres and ends up like a Dragon Ball character. Having a cute dog girl as his coach girlfriend basically guarantees the latter though. Very nice, anon.

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do you dislike writing endings? your stories always seem to end in unconsciousness.

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I tend to keep things open ended, so if I wanted to continue it I could. Also endings are something I am not particularly good at

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Imagine Ollie being your girlfriend before she died. Imagine her coming back to you as a zombie. Imagine her snapping and keeping you hostage after seeing your reaction to a zombie being in love with you. 'Til death do us part? Not if she has anything to say about it.

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Imagine her kissing you and you can feel maggots crawling on your tongue

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Newfag. But if it's you Risu then its all cool, most of the most degen porn I've read/seen was made by women

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Imagine Risu constantly teasing you about how much you secretly want to fuck her but how out of your league she is, until one day you snap and fuck her "against her will" (even though she doesn't struggle and seems more into it than you). She then tells you, in her deep voice while we're at it, that if you ever leave her she'll tell everyone. No worries though, as long as you stay with her she'll be your good little squirrel and you can do whatever you want with her~
I may have gone overboard. Aggressive submissive is just hot as hell though.

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Nice, need me more Noel

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Sorry Risu, not everyone has enough time to check all your likes, especially since I don't have twitter account. But I do admit you have nice taste

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Great stuff man. Story have a name? For archival purposes.
Same for you. I'm glad to see the supportive-but-also-beats-the-shit-out-of-you Korone thing from last thread show up as an actual story.

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Other archive anon here, didn't write that piece but was about to make a pastebin of it and thought about calling it "Eternal Life" if you think thats alright?

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>Story have a name? For archival purposes.
hadn't thought about it honestly. How about "Butterfly of death and rebirth"? Pretty chuuni and cheesy but i'd say that fits Rushia

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Does this work for you?

>> No.1806036

Yup, all good.

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Added to the archive. Thanks for contributing! Always nice to see the talented Anons we have around.

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desu I was in a writers block and didn't know what I wanted to write but then by chance I came on this thread and it reignited my love for writing. I imagine it s a similar story for other write-anons

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>Korone Part 2

You laid there in the hospital bed while looking up at the white ceiling with shame plastered across your face. Your whole body was covered in bandages and there was an I.V needle in your arm. There was no pain however, due to the drugs circulating in your veins right now. It was both a calm and uneasy feeling. It was like both floating on a cloud and drowning in an ocean at the same time. The freedom of not feeling the pain you felt so long, but its absence pulling you back down into being uncomfortable.

It had happened again. Another sparring match with your girlfriend, Inugami Korone. However, it wasn’t like any you’d had before. This time, instead of her normal teacher-like and loving attitude, she was like a hound from hell with her attacks. You knew something was off from the minute she had returned from her off-collab with Okayu this morning. Usually she would relax for a while after her hololive work before she would want to do a training session or sparring match. But this time, she practically dragged you to the underground gym and forced you into your workout clothes.

Before you could even realize what was going on she was pounding on your body with more force than you’d ever experienced. You knew during your usual practice, Korone had gone easy on you. She never even really utilized her full boxing prowess, even if she lied and said that she was. But today, you saw her pull out moves you had only ever seen in video games, movies or anime. Instead of light jabs she would go straight into sending sucker punches that instantly powered through your defenses and smashed into your chest. You could even remember how your ribs cracked under the immense pressure. But that was only the beginning. It was if you were nothing more than a human training dummy. Korone then switched to sending hooks that slammed into both sides of your heads. All while she was doing this, the normal soft expression on her face was replaced with a fierce look of determination, anger and desperation mixed into one baggage

These punches themselves would already put you at your daily limits for pain tolerance.

But then it happened.
Still reeling from her attacks earlier, you stood in a bewildered dazed state as Korone stopped her assault on your body. You could see that she was breathing in heavily, way more than she usually would. But through that frustrated face of hers, through those eyes burning with hate and rage…

You could see the sheer desperation in her eyes.

As you were about to ask what had happened earlier, she clenched her fist and pulled it back. You knew what was about to happen. With a massive roar and the speed of a bullet she drove her signature haymaker towards you. Just as the final punch was about to land, however, you could see the realization dawn on her face as it went completely blank then changed to a shocked state. But it was too late. The full force of her strength collided with the center of your face and you instantly blacked out.

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Then you woke up in the hospital room. As the doctor talked to you about your injuries, you noticed his look of shock as he read down the list of broken bones, crushed ribs, internal bleeding and damaged organs. But even as he asked you as to how you received your injuries, you shook your head and refused to answer. The Korone earlier today wasn’t the Korone you knew. You knew that she showed her love in a more physical way. Today was a different story. What happened earlier… no… she must’ve had a bad day. That was it. You tried to reason it in your brain.

As the possibilities raced through your mind you heard the door open. You looked over and saw her. Korone’s was looking down at the ground but you could still see the pained expression on her face. Leftover moist tear streaks ran down her cheeks. Her ears were shrunk and her usually wagging tail was tucked between her legs. The sight of her like that made all the pain you’d felt up to that point feel like nothing.

“K...Korone…” you weakly spoke out to her. As you said this her head stood up immediately and her eyes darted to you. You saw the immense guilt and pain in those beautiful brown eyes of hers. She slowly walked up to you and grasped your free hand in her own and held it up her face. She sat down in a nearby chair and you could feel fresh tears dribble down your arm.

“Dear… I’m.... No, I can’t even…”

She couldn't even speak properly as she began crying. The sobs filled the room as she took her other hand and pressed it against your face.

“What I did… you didn’t deserve that. It was my fault. I'm such an idiot for letting out my anger on you… you didn’t do anything wrong…. I’m so sorry….”

You asked if what had happened during her off-collab made her act the way she did and she gave a weak nod.
“Me and Okayu... had a fight. But that still doesn’t excuse it though… god, I can’t even take care of my boyfriend properly… I’m so pathetic…”

As she cried again you used what strength you had to wrap your arms around her and pulled her close. The dog-girl seemed surprised at first but reciprocated the hug. The two of you held each other for a long while as you told her that she did nothing wrong and that you still loved her. Even though you knew that her beating you would be inexcusable in most relationships, hell, maybe you just had Stockholm syndrome and you couldn't fight against it?

But it didn’t matter. Korone would always love you. And you would love her. Through all the pain she might give you, the love she would return would outweigh it all.

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Damn I felt like such a gosling writing the second part of this

>> No.1809875

I want to pet the doog with my broken hands.

>> No.1810119

Well damn, this is so sweet.
I still was hoping for a:
I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE MY COFFEE! *Gives you a headlock*

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I can do a less fluffy green text but my creativity demanded I do an actual story first

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>she is here

>> No.1810500

That would be nice, thank you for the stories though they're great.

>> No.1810617

>Non-zero chance Kiara read all my horny stories for her
I'm so sorry, Tenchou.

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I'm sure she'd be flattered to know that there are people who like her enough to write stories about her (albeit mostly smut but really well written abusive smut)

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I hope she reads all the abusive stories about her

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Here's hoping she read the really long EN abuse story.
>she wrote it herself

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Kiara, if you're reading this, I love you! Please don't let anyone get you down. You're my favorite birb!

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She's gonna use these ideas for the usual room kiara if you dick my pay I swear I'm going to the public about what you did to me

>> No.1811532

Kiara if you're reading this... Hello

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if you are here kiara give us a sign

>> No.1812008

>I made this prompt >>1803341
>It wouldn't leave me alone. I haven't written in years. Enjoy the rusty crap I've written.

“Hey, pass me the nuts.”

You reach for the bag of peanuts on the table and give it to Risu, who’s splayed on the couch, legs on your lap, leaving just enough room for you to sit without being squished between her and the couch’s arm. She takes the bag and holds it by the bottom end with a lecherous grin on her face. Goddammit. You know what’s coming.


“Ooooh, I love it when you hand me your nuts~ In the only way you can, at least, hehehe!”

You sigh. It’s not the innuendos that annoy you, it’s the way she always demeans you after them. Risu and you have been friends for a long time now, and while she’s always used nut puns, it wasn’t until she started streaming that she started using them… against you, you could say. Ever since her debut, her puns have had some kind of catch attached to them, always aimed at your inability to get a girlfriend, your supposedly lacking sexual prowess, and reminding you that she is far out of your league.

You look at Risu, who’s happily munching away with her eyes closed and making happy noises. There is no denying that you find her attractive, both in looks and in personality. At least, when she’s not being a bitch to you, of course. Her right ear twitches, and she opens her eyes, noticing you looking at her. Her smile turns into a grin, and she grabs a peanut from the bag. She wiggles her eyebrows, and inserts half of it into her mouth. She starts sucking on it while closing her eyes and letting out a few moans. She bites, chews, and swallows, following with her finger the descending snack as it goes down her throat, her chest and settles on her belly. She makes a few more swallowing motions, and then opens her mouth, tongue out, showing you there is nothing left. Her grin returns, and she opens her eyes.

“Aaah… I just love swallowing your nut, feeling it go down into my tummy… Too bad it’s not *really* yours, huh?”

“Okay, Risu, stop. I don’t mind the puns, but I mind the shit talk. What’s your problem with me?”

“My problem,” she smugly says, as she takes her legs off of your lap and sits up, “is that you clearly want to have your way with me! But that’s not gonna happen. After all, I’m an idol. I have to remain pure!”

“Wait, what? I don’t-” You try to speak, only to get interrupted.

“Yes, you do. I’ve seen how you look at me. You’d love to have your way with me, wouldn’t you?” She says.

“Risu-” You try to speak once more, to no avail.

“But it’s not like you’d even be able to do it anyway!” She sits up on her knees, while slowly approaching your face with hers, “After all, you wouldn't be able to satisfy a normal girl, let alone a world-famous idol.”

>> No.1812057


Oh. So that’s how she wants to play, huh? Glaring at her, you get within an inch of her face, and grab her by the shoulders. Her expression changes from a self-aggrandizing smirk to a half curious, half uncertain look.

“So, you say I’m not able to have my way with you?” You say, as you tighten your hold on her shoulders.

“W-wait, what are you-” Her face changes to one of mild panic.

“We’ll see about that.”

You thrust your lips onto hers, getting an exclamation of surprise from her. After a few seconds, she closes her eyes and melts into you, her hands grasping onto your arms. Opening your mouth, you pry her lips with your tongue, and she immediately opens her own mouth to let you access. One of your hands goes to her head and grabs her hair, pulling her closer to you while your tongues dance with each other. She starts moaning, and that’s when you forcefully push her away, a strand of saliva connecting her mouth to yours. She opens her eyes, and dazedly looks at you.


You ignore her confused remark and throw her down onto the couch. You flip her skirt up, revealing her pink and, as you find out when you push them aside, slightly wet panties. As you run your finger up and down through the labia, she lets out a gasp that morphs into a moan. You unzip your pants and whip out your dick, and start jerking off with one hand to get hard, while you stick two fingers into Risu’s pussy with the other to get her wet. She starts moaning, her head whipping up and to the side in pleasure. You feel her start to gush more on your fingers, and you take them out. She stops moaning and looks at you in confusion, and as you line up your dick with her entrance, that confusion turns into realization.

You prod her entrance, and slowly slide it in. You hear her making pleasured noises all the while, until you are fully inside. She wasn’t kidding about staying pure, she is tight. Her noises turn into whimpers, and you lean down, stopping an inch away from her face. You grab her by the chin, and kiss her as you start thrusting. She throws her hands around your back as she starts moaning into your mouth, while you tug her dress down from her chest, and start fondling one of her perky breasts, tweaking the nipple and making her gasp in pleasure in your mouth.

Breaking off the kiss, you go down to her neck and start pecking her. She gasps, and, shuffling a bit, frees her tail from under her but, and wraps it across your waist, hugging you with it as well as with her arms. As your thrusting gets ever faster, one of your kisses turns into a love bite, and you feel her scream in pleasure as her walls tighten across your member. The pleasure, pressure and heat turns unbearable, and you both cum together, her gushing out her sweet nectar while you dump a bucketload of seed inside her.

>> No.1812149
File: 1.01 MB, 1137x1487, __ayunda_risu_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_yatomi__473f13f07771008abdaf1fff42d6e66d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


“Haaaah.... Aaaaah…” She gasps, as she tightens her grip on you, “A-about… about time…”

“...Huh?” You eloquently respond. It then sets on your mind that you forced yourself on your friend, who is also a famous idol, “Oh, shit. Oh shit! Risu, I-I’m- I-”

“I’ve been waiting for you to do that… for so long now…” She says in her deep voice, not even trying to put on her regular pitch, “Ehehehe… Now you belong to me~.”

“W-w-w-what the fuck?”

“It’s simple, silly. You’re not going to leave me, unless you want what happened to be known by everybody,” She says right on your ear. Although you can’t see her face, you can practically hear the victorious grin she has on her face, “And who are people going to believe? An idol with clout like me, or some no-name creep?”

She’s right. You’re fucked.

“Of course, you’re not a nobody to me…” she looks at you, your faces practically touching, “You’re MY little nutter~ And I’m never letting you go…” She laughs victoriously. It’s over. Your ass belongs to her now.

“Aww, don’t make that face. I’m still YOUR Risu, silly!” She laughs, “Oh, and by the way… I’m going to tell you in advance that you’re going to lose triple N before it even begins. Lucky for you though, you’re winning Nonstop Nut November~”

I ended up making it more maledom than anything. FUCK.
Gdocs is being a bitch right now, link later.

>> No.1812256

Google Docs doesn't show your name, I hope. Would defeat the purpose of posting in an anonymous board...

>> No.1812271

It does. I can see it right now. Do you want me to host it on my throwaway?

>> No.1812284


>> No.1812321

There you go. Will toss it up in the archive. It's a lovely story, by the by. Thanks for your contribution!

>> No.1812431

Thank you. I've disabled access to my own link, just in case someone gets confused.

>> No.1812468

Kiara please rape me on the train onegai

>> No.1812530
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its too late, I already know you're Risu herself. I'll be sending the proof to your manager for a proper bonking.

>> No.1813112

>Pekora keeps on mocking you with that laugh of hers
> One day you had enough and break up with her
> She begs you to come back to her
> Gives her the cold shoulder and she literally falls apart

>> No.1813121

>bonking risu
You're the devil, anon.

>> No.1813188

It always backfires, so it wouldn't work.

>> No.1813949

Good work anon make me want to nut

Reverse abusive seems nice

>> No.1814012
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Kiara's the type of person to get emotionally invested in people that hate her
so obviously she'd track them down in a desperate attempt for force them to love her, like a complete reversal of Misery

>> No.1814446

>Will never be abducted and cared for by Kiara until you can't live without her only for her to dump you to the side and move on to the next one in line

>> No.1814688
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>tfw Matsuri is solely known as the menhera lesbian and loli lover
>when she has also stated that she's into reverse ryona

>> No.1815845

Risu baiting you into raping her so that she can blackmail you is Kino any other holos who would do this

>> No.1816044


>> No.1816072

>implying she wouldnt like them

>> No.1816087

not saying i desperately need her to do this to me, but...

>> No.1816267

I will not

>> No.1816269


>> No.1816557
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Imagine an Aqua NTR sequel to either of this where she cucks anon as her way of revenge not realising this doesn't affect the holos in any way but affects Anon instead because she's autistic

>> No.1816573

i can only get so erect

>> No.1816582
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>> No.1816598
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Fuck i forgot to link the Suisei one too

>> No.1817065

I need a Kanataso story. I did try thinking of some way PPT could be absuive. But it's clear Kanata would never hurt someone intentionally. So instead, something along the lines of Kaichou dying, leading to Kanata leaning on yourself and Kaine-chan for emotional support could work. Except Kaine loathes you and feels you're responsible for Kaichou's death, and begins using her relationship with Kanata to hurt you. First by keeping her out late so drinking so you see Kanata less. Then dosing her, leading to an event where Kanata comes home very late, extremely horny and otherwise out of character. Culminating in getting a call from Kaine late at night revealing that they're at a love hotel with a tatsunoko who is balls-deep in your willing (drugged, horny, wont remember anything) oishi.

>> No.1817192
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We need more NTR stories instead of angst

>> No.1817251

I mean I don’t think she’d actually do it, but maybe Kanata who’s possessive of you and spreads embarrassing rumors about you whenever she thinks you’re getting too close to somebody? Something like how Coco and her tell stories about each other being gross, but with a little darker intent behind it

>> No.1818424
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As Polka's stream moves on and into the ending section, your girlfriend cuddles up to you, snuggling under your arm. You reciprocate by squeezing her shoulder, sinking into the couch alongside her. She wanted to see what all this 'vtuber stuff' was about, so you asked her to join you for one of Polka's streams. She's your favorite, after all. You're even subscribed to her membership. While you may be in a relationship now, you still hold her close to your heart.

"Well, she's cute..." Your girlfriend mutters, seeming...disinterested. "But I don't really get much of the jokes. Or games she's playing..."

Deflating a bit, you nod. "Well, yeah...in jokes and the stuff, plus you don't really play much, so it makes sense that maybe game related things don't grab your attention...sorry."

She shrugs at your side as Polka continues to wind down, talking to everyone. She's her usual cheery self, as far as you can tell. You know Polka's prone to changing feelings at the drop of a hat. Someone in chat mentions that they have a girlfriend that they're watching with.

"Eh...?" Polka begins, still grinning. Oh, this is your favorite part. Yandere Polka is so cute! "A girlfriend...? Eh? A girlfriend??"

She stares at the screen, her face unwavering. Your girlfriend cringes a bit.

"W-What's she doing?" She asks. Polka continues.
"Hey, really...who is that? Who's that woman? I've never seen her before. Is this her first time here?"
"Anon, this is--"
"Do you think it's funny? Bringing another woman here? Hey. Look at me. Look me in the eyes. Who's this?" Polka insists. Her face is still the picture of joy, her smile growing just a bit as she just barely bears her teeth. The BGM of the stream stops abruptly. "You're not cheating on me, right? Right? Don't make Polka do something bad. She better not be there later tonight. She better be gone. I'll be watching."

The serious, quiet tension dissipates as Polka begins to giggle, her BGM beginning to play. You let out a soft laugh, feeling particularly mirthful. You always love hearing this sort of thing. Maybe it's your kink?

"Ah, man, that's-"
"Terrifying..." The woman at your flank whispers, curling up a bit. "God, it felt like she was...talking directly to me..."
"Mm?" You look over. You pat her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "That's just called being immersed. This kind of stuff is good for it. Helps you feel like you're more involved."
"I'd rather not be immersed in a situation where I'm feeling threatened," She continues, idly rubbing her thigh with her free hand. "That's just scary."

Shivering, she stands, mentioning something about going to bed. You sigh as she leaves, looking up to Polka. You really DID enjoy the stream, at least. Leaning over, you run your fingers over the keyboard, resolving to give her a donation. You smirk a bit as you decide to play into the previous comment a bit. Technically, it isn't a lie. Slipping Polka fifty burgerbucks, you drum out your comment.

'Thank you for the stream! I think my girlfriend enjoyed it.'

You hit send and recline, crossing your hands over your stomach. As Polka's stream heads to its closing, your message pops up. Polka pauses to read your message. The BGM stops once more. You move to the edge of your seat in excitement, grinning like a little kid. Here it comes!

"...You're really trying to mess with me, huh? You'll see. Don't worry. If she's there later, you'll both regret it. Honestly, from a member, too...I don't take infidelity lightly, you know? But it's okay. You belong to Polka, and you always will. Even if I need to take you away from that bitch. Thank you for the superchat!"

With that, Polka says her goodbyes, and the stream stops properly. While it's a shame that the interest sharing didn't go as planned, you were overall very satisfied with the stream. Polka's yandere shtick is great. She can really play it up. Hell, it almost sounds genuine sometimes! You'll probably regret the donation later, but for now, you're extremely content with it. Stretching out, you resolve to head into bed. It IS late; nearly 1am, again. Staying up late to watch Polka was never a problem for you, but now you've got other responsibilities. Your partner is already there, dozing peacefully. You feel a bit guilty for what happened there, at the end; though it wasn't your fault, it sure did creep her out. Getting in with her, you cuddle up behind her, closing your eyes.

>> No.1818440
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You're roused from slumber scream, and as you attempt to bolt up and out of bed, a pair of strong hands pin you down. You look up in a panic. A man - twice your size, both in height and build - restrains your girlfriend, slapping duct tape over her mouth as he roughly handles her, restraining her. Craning your neck a bit to see your attacker, you see a similar situation. He keeps you held down on your mattress, digging his knee into your back. He wears a black 'HOLOLIVE' cap, an armband with the same logo donning his left arm.

"We got the package. Is Jester en route?" The man holding you down asks what you can assume is the other man quietly as you kick and struggle against him.
"En route. ETA three minutes," another voice chimes in. Someone out of view. "Wonder what the poor son of a bitch did to earn Peacock-class clearance treatment."
"Don't know, but uh...man. This op fuckin' reeks. I don't feel good about it all."
"Work for Jester never makes you feel good. This is a first, though...'asset procurement'."
"Yeah, if you can call a soon-to-be love pillow an asse--"
"Get the fuck off me!" You yell, thrashing against the man's hands. "Get your hands off her you son of a bitch!"
The man restraining you grunts, letting go of one of your hands just long enough to slam you across your exposed cheek. The mark of impact blooms into agony as your vision blurs. You think you heard something crack...and you definitely taste blood. One of your molars feels loose.
"Hey, fuckface!" The man restraining your girlfriend yells over, suddenly very angry. Something resembling fear glints in his eye. "Don't damage the package! What the fuck's your problem!?"
"What am I supposed to do when this piece of shit-"

He's cut off as your door is slammed open. All heads turn. Two large men step in first, each taking a side of the doorway. They're armed. Handguns, suppressed. Your blood begins to go cold as a third figure, much smaller than the other two, slowly steps into the room...jingling somewhat. Their silhouette seems uncomfortably familiar, but...it can't be them...

"What was that about him being hurt?" The smaller figure speaks. That voice... "Weren't you given explicit instructions to NOT damage him?"

The room goes quiet. The small figure steps into the light properly. You gasp. Polka Omaru stands in the middle of your bedroom, hands behind her back. What the fuck is going on? She looks over to you, giving you a warm smile...before her eyes narrow as she looks above you. "You're the one with your hands on him. I'm assuming you're responsible?"
"I...m-ma'am, I was just trying to get him to comply, I-"

Polka raises her hand and snaps her fingers. The guard to the right of the door raises his gun without question, pulling the trigger once. Blood splatters across your headboard as the man restraining you jolts...before going lax, slumping atop you. The casing clatters to the ground as someone out of view gasps. Your girlfriend begins attempting to scream through the duct tape as you freeze up. You can't see their face, but you can feel their blood starting to seep onto you. Your words catch in your throat.

"Tell Reine it'll be two bodies for disposal. More if I find out anyone else got too handsy with him," Polka begins. Two? "She'll understand. Good help is hard to come by these days! At least I didn't order the whole squad be graduated like she would've," She giggles, a dark smile forming on her face. "...This the girl?" She gestures over to the now-terrified captor.

The man restraining your now-sobbing girlfriend nods slowly, visibly sweating as his eyes stay fixated on the body laying atop you. "Y-Yes, Ma'am, er...we-"
"I don't care," Polka interjects flatly, strolling over to the pair. Your girlfriend begins fighting with renewed strength, attempting to scream once more through her silver gag. Polka leans in, squinting as she brings her hand under her chin, stroking it idly in a pose of mock contemplation. "I thought you'd be...I don't know, bigger? At least in the important areas. Really, your breasts are just...so...I dunno. Sad? Hm..."

With a shrug, the clown twirls on the spot, stretching her hands over her head as she lets out an exhausted yawn...before casually flipping a knife up and out of seemingly nowhere, flicking the blade open. Up her glove, maybe. Hell of a magic trick.

>> No.1818453
File: 584 KB, 442x573, oh god oh fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Honestly, making me burn the midnight oil like this..." She begins, turning to lock eyes with you while toying with the blade idly. The man holding your girlfriend back looks away. "You should be ashamed. It really hurt, getting that donation, y'know! Do you think it's okay to tease me like that? I work hard for you!"
"I-I'm sorry," you blurt out. Is this really because of that!? It was just a joke! You're still afraid to move. "Please. Don't hurt her. I'll give you anything you want, I'll-"
"Oi. Seriously, you're terrible at this. You aren't supposed to try and bargain for her that quickly. That just pisses me off."

Polka swings the knife behind her without even looking, scoring a deep cut across your girlfriend's face. She lets out an agonized cry as she seizes up, the man behind her holding her straight up as he winces. You think she got her eye with that one...

"Stop! Please, I'm sorry! What do you want from me?!" You yell out, starting to move up while you scramble, trying to crawl out from under the man's corpse. One of the guards at the door moves in quickly, pressing the barrel of his gun to the back of your head as you freeze once more, starting to tear up. "Please, Polka!"

"Well, what I want is simple! I want you to only have me in your life, silly!" She teases in a sing-song voice, still holding the blade menacingly. "But you just HAD to go and prod at me about having a girlfriend...I even gave you far warning! Buuuut~! You didn't listen! So now Polka's here to fix your problems!" She gives you another cheery smile, locking eyes with you. Her eye twitches, and in a flash of movement, she embeds the knife within your girlfriend's throat. There's a sickeningly moist noise as she tries to scream out. "And this bitch is a big fucking problem for you and me both."

"NO! STOP!" You scream out once more, ignoring the pistol pressed to the back of your head this time as adrenaline surges through you. You pull yourself from beneath the corpse as the guard mutters a swear, grasping you by your shoulders and pulling you back. You manage to land a kick to his jaw before the second guard joins the fight, grasping you as you attempt to close the distance between you and the trio. With the knife in her throat, all your girlfriend can do is gurgle and fight against the man holding her back with pitiful ineffectiveness. Said individual closes his eyes, looking as though he's about to vomit all over the ground. She looks to you in desperation as blood leaks from her throat, tears pouring from her eyes. Polka twists the knife for effect, exacerbating the already fatal wound. Her face changes to anger as she watches your struggle.

"Really, see?! How could I NOT come down if you're willing to do stuff like this! You're the worst! Why would you cheat on me like this?! With this skinny bitch of all people, then tell me about it!? Are you dense?!"

Ripping the knife free of the poor girl's throat, she hastily lodges it within your partner's rapidly rising-and-falling chest instead, leaving it there. She stares over to you as her convulsions begin to slow to a crawl, bleeding out...before she goes limp. The guards restrain you fully as you scream out in anguish. Seemingly content, Polka wipes her hands off on her dress, her cheery demeanor returning as your knees buckle.

"Ahhh...that feels good~! Nothing quite beats that feeling of satisfaction, y'know? Seriously! I guess she just didn't have the HEART for my act! Huh? Get it?" She asks to no one in particular. The room is dead silent besides your pained sobs. Many avoid eye contact. She shrugs. "Tough crowd, huh? Jeez, guys...never mind. Prepare him for transport."
"T-Transport?! What-"
"Yes, ma'am. We'll take care of it from here."

With a nod, Polka lets out happy sigh, lazily heading for the exit...before quickly skipping over to you, moving in haste without warning. You cringe in fear as her smiling face zeroes in close to yours. You looked forward to this smile, once.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you! Then you'll understand," She whispers, bringing a hand up to stroke your cheek. You can smell the blood on her. "You'll understand why I did what I did. And when you do, we can be together. Without distractions. Without anyone else. Sometimes, you need to close a door to open a window. Be a good boyfriend and wait for me."

Leaning in, Polka roughly presses her lips against yours, causing you to scream out in her mouth. When she pulls away, she runs her tongue over her lips, giving you an amorous look. Your stomach drops.

>> No.1818469
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"Make sure he's not harmed on the way back," She says, looking over to the man in the corner. "Or you'll end up as Ollie's new chew toy. Got it~?"
"Y-Yes, ma'am! Understood!"

Your captors proceed to press you back down on to the mattress as the man holding the corpse up drops it to the ground, hastily leaving the room while covering his mouth. Though you struggle and thrash as hard as you can, nervous system wracked with physical, emotional, and mental pain, you're quickly subdued. Tight bindings find their way to your wrists and ankles as you're swiftly gagged. Coordinating, the pair dealing with you lift up unceremoniously, slinging you on their shoulders. You fall limp as you're carried from the room, out into the apartment hallway, and eventually the street. The sky is dark.

"Join the Black Division they said, it'll be fun they said..." One of the men gripes, clicking his tongue. "Stupid son of a bitch should've known better than to fuck with Jester's orders. No damage means no damage. Especially over something like this."
"Yeah, but...on-site graduation is a little harsh..."
"Peacock would've done worse, man. Count yourself lucky."
"...Was that comment about being Shambler's chew toy real, then?"
"You've seen her. She's a fucking zombie. What do you think they eat?"

Stopping before a black van, the back doors are opened. The pair carrying you out lift you up and into it before hopping back out. The smaller of the two gives you an almost apologetic look.

"Welcome to the rest of your life, you poor, stupid bastard."

As the doors slam shut, you hear two knocks on the other side. The engine of the van roars to life as you lay there in darkness, carted off to God knows where.


>> No.1818572
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Damn that was dark

But damn that was good, I love detailed gore. Nice writing anon[spoiler/]

>> No.1818650

God I wish I was Ollie chew toy

>> No.1818668

God i wish Polka kidnapped me to be her boyfriend

>> No.1819042

Yandere okayu where she threatens to pull out her own tail and activate her self-destruct sequence to wipe the fucking city off the map rather than lose you. And she bearhugs you so you cannot escape.
Or alternatively, someone pulls her tail and she tries to stay as far away from you as she can so you may be safe but you arrive and hug her tightly as to never let go, her kicking and screaming for you to release her and tells you to run away but you don't want to.

>> No.1819073
File: 952 KB, 1022x1498, MogyuIncident.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of Okayu

>> No.1819100
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>> No.1819575

Absolute kino

>> No.1819716

Considering writing a story wherein (you) are in a relationship with Kiara and are eventually goaded into becoming absuive. Eventually your abuse escalates until you beat her to do death, but she just comes back and goads you further.

>> No.1819773

>Dealing with the guilt of having beaten your girlfriend to death
>She just pops back and says "DO IT HARDER"
Sounds like a dope story man. Go for it.

>> No.1820232
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>> No.1820495
File: 110 KB, 850x1163, sample_dfe2553ca067241730704d80147f8966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s been around half a year since you met her, met Kiara. You were one of the first new hires to KFP since she made her debut on the vtubing scene. You’d always admired her for her positivity and work ethic, and as far as bosses went she was great to work for. You were working late one night, showing a new hire how to do their job when you happened to get a chance to talk to her privately. You hit it off pretty well, and eventually your relationship grew into a romantic one. Those first few months of your relationship were wonderful, you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to find such an amazing girlfriend.
But as time went on, things began to decay between you two. Kiara’s vtubing career became more stressful as she struggled with self doubt and the vitriol she received on a daily basis began to affect your relationship. Her negative mental state began to affect her work at KFP and she often took it out on you, berating you for the smallest mistakes or even when a subordinate of yours screwed up.
It just kept snowballing and soon it wasn’t just confined to work, the abuse continued at home and you found living with her was quickly becoming unbearable. Yet, despite all that had gone wrong, you still loved her and wanted to be with her. So you gritted your teeth, endured the abuse and just kept working and supporting Kiara. Things would get better soon, they had to. The hate Kiara got would die down soon, her moods would recover and things would go back to the way they were.
But then came the day that things spiraled out of control. Work was terrible, standards at KFP had fallen heavily and no one was motivated. Customers weren’t happy and as manager you became the center of their unsatisfaction. You put on a forced smile and beared it though, for Kiara. Eventually the work day came to an end, although much later than usual. You’d had to stay late to get things in order for tomorrw, multiple workers had quit and you had to make sure you could make do without them.
When you finally made it home, close to midnight. The first thing that you heard was not the voice of a loving girlfriend welcoming you home, or being concerned for you. When you got past the entryway, all you got were more insults. Kiara was angry. She berated you for being late, accused you of not caring about her. When you told her what had happened at work, she simply called you incompetent. Listening to her derision, something snapped inside of you. You blacked out for a moment.

>> No.1820547 [DELETED] 


>> No.1820563
File: 1.34 MB, 850x1063, sample_fc83a2d1dff450dad153cffc12d42c5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you finally realized what had happened Kiara was on the floor cupping a hand to her swollen cheek.
You’d hit her. You’d hit your girlfriend.
All your anger immediately vanished as you crouched down to comfort her, but when you tried to bring a hand to her face to get a better look she simply slapped it away. Kiara then stood up and walked to the bedroom, never once looking at you. You didn’t dare follow her, so you just slept on the couch that night.
When you woke the next morning, Kiara had already left for work. You decided to skip breakfast and headed to work yourself.
After that night, things only got worse. Your own guilt coupled with Kiara continuing to taker her frustrations out on you at work and at home lead to your work peformance dropping heavily. Whenever you tried to tell Kiara to stop berating you, to calm down she simply sneered and asked:
„Or what? Are you going to hit me again?“
Those words stabbed through to your heart every time and so you simply swallowed your complaints and growing frustrations and let it build inside you.
You didn’t really know why you did what you did that day. Work wasn’t particularly worse than usual and Kiara didn’t really spit any more venomous words at you than you were used to. You’d even managed to get home early, a rare occurance these days. You were sitting in the living room just enjoying the silence when you suddenly got a phone call. It was your subordinate from KFP, apparently one of the new hires had fucked up big time, and a matter required your urgent attention. The hire was one you’d trained personally, made sure they could do their job perfectly. How could they have messed up this badly? You weakly replied you’d get over there as soon as possible, and hung up the phone

>> No.1820594
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Kiara was sitting next to you, you got up and were about to go and get your shoes on when you heard the words that broke you.
„Can’t you do anything right?“
It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, all of your repressed frustration broke out in one great deluge of anger. You did the one thing you swore you’d never do again.
You hit Kiara.
She fell to floor as she let out a surprised yelp.
„What the hell is wrong with you!?“, she spat.
You hit her again. She was now on her back lying on the floor.
Before she could try to get up you put a knee to her chest.
You punched her again. The impact of your fist on her delicate fist did not abate your anger, but rather seemed to add fuel to the fire.

You hit her again

And again

And again

Kiara’s face was a bruised mess, tears were flowing freely from her swollen eyes.
You drew back your fist and sent it flying towards her face, once more.
You lost your mind, a white hot fury was all that occupied your mind. Gone was the love you felt for this woman, gone was your self respect, your guilt. Rage was all you had now.
You kept hitting her, punching her viciously. Blood was splattering on your clothes, the floor. Your fists were covered in a red, sanguine mess.

When you finally stopped hitting her, all that was left of Kiara’s once beautiful face was a mess of bloody meat.

As the anger in you begant to burn out, the awful reality of what you had done finally registered in your rational mind.
You’d killed her. Your girlfriend, your love, your Kiara.
You couldn’t even cry. You simply stood up and walked to the bathroom where you promptly threw up. You hadn’t eaten anything all day so all that came up was watery stomach juices.
When you staggered back to the living room, the sight that greeted you sent you falling to your knees.

>> No.1820642
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It was Kiara

She was standing there, seemingly no worse for fear. Her once pulverized face was once again an image of pristine beauty. A beatific smile plastered on it. It made you want to vomit again and you heaved violently, but nothing came up. You didn’t understand what was happening.
As Kiara began to walk toward you, your barely coherent mind recoiled in terror and you tried to scramble away from her on your knees. You soon found yourself with your back against the wall and with nowhere to escape you simply curled and began to cry. You were going to die. Kiara would kill you now and it would be completely justified.
You were a murderer she was going to kill you and no one would miss you and you would deserve all of it she was in front of you know crouching down she extended her hands you were going to diediediediediedie

Instead of a painful death you felt yourself being drawn into a gentle embrace. Kiara was hugging you and stroking your hair. Your already beleagured mind already stretched to the breaking point simply shut down. Kiara continued to hold you in her arms as she whispered words of forgiveness and love to you.
Things changed after that. The love you two once had was gone. Destroyed by your own hands. But now it had been replaced with a new kind of love. Kiara’s frustrations and anger seemed to melt away completely after that day. Her mood improved, your work performance went back to the way it was. And everything seemed, to all appearances, normal. It wasn’t of course, things could never go back to normal. But perhaps you did find a new kind of equilibrium. You loved Kiara but your mind was broken, you could no longer express your love in the way normal people did. Violence became your shared language. Often Kiara would intentionally egg you on, encouraging you to inflict all manner of pain upon her. Beating, stabbing, strangling you’ve done it all at this point and she accepts it all, goads you to do it even.
You ponder if this was simply what you both wanted from the start. Kiara wanted to be punished, and you wanted to punish her. You’ve killed her 99 times now. Tonight will be the 100th and you want to make it special. You know she’s looking forward to it.
You open the front door of your house as a sadistic grin creeps onto your face.

„Welcome home, dear.“
Gonna be honest I'm kind of unsatisfied with how the ending turned out. I don't think I managed to properly convey how (you) and Kiara both kind of go off the deep end in this relationship. Could've probably wrote the trigger for the beatdown a better too

>> No.1821101

I think it's still pretty good, Anon. Got the point across. The final paragraph could've been a bit more descriptive, sure, but ultimately it conveys that the guilt eating away at you drove you to a breaking point and then seeing her alive and well again sufficiently freaked you the fuck out enough that it caused a sanity break moment. I'm glad you went ahead and wrote it - it's a nice tale. Did you give it a title?

>> No.1821152

Glad you enjoyed it at least.
>Did you give it a title?
Idk, something simple like "Violent expressions of love" maybe.

>> No.1821159

I do feel like everything happened too fast, like it was rushed. It's still good, and the part where she forgives (you) is cathartic, but yeah, I think it could've been spaced out more. It feels like it should have been an interconnected story rather than just one, like how the other Kiara stories depict (you) falling in love with her throughout multiple stories.

>> No.1821196

>It feels like it should have been an interconnected story rather than just one
Yeah I think my problem is that I get an idea I wanna write but then I sort of rush it out as fast as I can. Might try something more long form next time I get an idea.

>> No.1821387

Would actually like someone to work on the NTR prompts like the Aqua or Kanata one. Ntr is like the ultimate mental abuse imo

>> No.1821422

I'm out on this one. I can handle regular abuse just fine but NTR is a bridge too far for me.

>> No.1821527

Never in a million years.

>> No.1821638

Bit late on this. Archived it but never asked if it had a title.

>> No.1821752

Now I wanna have a competition with Korone even more and see who can beat the shit out of the other person first.
I haven't had a match for months. I kind of miss it.

>> No.1821817

Usually name my stories just after the chuuba they are after but I thought about the name "Hard-Knock Love"

>> No.1822071

Gotcha. Thanks pal, it was a cute way to interpret that little prompt

>> No.1822080

Upon waking up you find yourself in a dark room, tied to a chair. You look around but you quickly realize that you're in this room alone. How did you get here?
You recall that you and your girlfriend decided to move to a different apartment, one that was much bigger and was located in a more peaceful part of the city, which did put you under a financial burden. To get rid of this debt you found a new job at the so called Cover Corp. All you knew about the place at the time is that it specializes in new entertainment technologies. Anyway, you recall the last thing you remember before waking up here. It had been a few months since you started working for this company and the pay was great, you were close to paying back the debt and were on your way to leave for work, when you had the last chat with your girlfriend: "Take care!" she said while smiling brightly.
"Yeah, I will, and once I come back we'll say goodbye to all our financial worries".
"I'll cook your favorite meal for dinner, so hurry up and get home".
"I can't wait".
You took a step outside when you heard her call out to you:
"Y-you know how we've been trying for a b-b...N-nevermind, I'll tell you when you get back" She says face red as a beet.
"O-oh okay".
You leave and after a short bus ride you arrived to your workplace. After this your memories became foggy. The sound of a lock turning brought you out of your thoughts. A tall figure approaches you, closing the distance in no time. This figure is a girl with long pink hair and beautiful pair of red eyes, Calliope Mori if you recall correctly, while working for the company she had passed you in the hallways a few times. Suddenly the girl straddles you and pulls your head in for a long hug.
"W-what, what are you doing, where am I?" you ask frantically.
"You're in a "special" room at Cover Corp. and as for what I am doing? I'm expressing my love for you" the girl answers cheerfully.
"W-what? You said love?" You ask confused.
"Yes, I love you, ever since I saw you something quivered in my chest, there's something about you talk, something about the way you act that caught my eye. You could say that it's like you're a protagonist in a dating sim and you somehow triggered all of my love flags" After gleefully proclaiming her love for you, the girl goes in for a kiss.
You can feel her tongue playfully dancing in your mouth. You try to scream out but her mouth just won't separate from yours. After a few minutes she leans back a strand of saliva still connecting both of your mouths and you both sit there panting.
"I-I have a girlfriend, ple-" you try toexplain that you're already in a relationship before you're cut off.
"Forget her. I'm all you need and I don't plan on giving you to anyone else" she said in a serious tone, her red eyes glowing.
"You'll stay with me forever, and no other woman will ever tear us apart".
She places her slightly cold hands on your cheeks and looks directly into your eyes. "Now, let us enjoy each other's love for all eternity" she says before going in for another kiss.

>> No.1822601

NTRfags shoo shoo away!

>> No.1822616

Only if it ends with (You) beating the everliving shit out of Kaine

>> No.1822887

I would've thought someone like Shion would've appeared more in abuse stories, she seems like the type to mentally abuse her bf. Like always making fun of their insecurities and proclaiming that she is way out of their league and how lucky they are to even get close to her.

>> No.1823049


>> No.1823070

Write more about Hololive Dark OPS kidnapping anons and shit like that

>> No.1823397

>ywn be kidnapped to become Mel's personal bloodbag for the remainder of your natural life

>> No.1823451

Someone write it

>> No.1823467
File: 1.09 MB, 1800x3000, 00A1D09F-1B85-4D3C-9C55-146E637A4795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve been working on an Azki story similar to this idea

>> No.1823543

It's been written, check the paste in at the top for "Hematolagnia"

>> No.1823584

You are a saint, thank you.

>> No.1823632

Anybody got that story where haachama kidnaps you and makes you eat the pepelonis she awayed?

>> No.1823965
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>> No.1824184
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Added this to the archive

>> No.1824343

Just realized thats the end of it, good shit but hope theirs a continuation about anons fate

>> No.1824427

Also i just thought of it id also like to see a "Yandere tries to kill your gf to be with you, but (you) also yan for your gf" type of bloodbath

>> No.1824449

Thank you!

>> No.1824935

Here's an idea: (you) are dating Okayu, but Korone is yandere for both of (you) so she kidnaps/mind breaks both (you) and Okayu

>> No.1825352
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>AZKi story I came up with after remembering a request from a few threads ago about making a story about a chuuba where you would leave after being abused but would always return due to her influence over you

That door.

That same damn door.

You were standing there once again. It seemed like the thousandth time you’ve been in this same spot. Staring at that monotonous wooden door to Azki’s apartment had become so burned into your memory that you’d even started seeing it in your dreams. You’d promised yourself a thousand times to not ever return to this same door. And a thousand times you broke that promise. And tonight was no different.

You knew she could only bring you pain. You learned that the hard way over the years you had been with one of hololives greatest singers. You’d been fooled by that lovely voice of hers. Those ensnaring purple eyes that seemed to hypnotize you any time they gaze into your own. You had gone to hear her beautiful singing and see her mesmerizing dances live. There wasn’t a moment you weren’t infatuated with the girl. Then one day you got the chance to meet her at the sidelines of one concert. And by some chance, Azki talked to you specifically and then told you she wanted to meet you later for dinner. Obviously you accepted, and later on you found that the two of you clicked, and a blooming relationship was born.

You moved in with her, and the first few weeks were great. You went out on dates, kissed and cuddled together on the living room couch and even had sex for the first time. Those moments seemed almost magical then. But as you spent months with her, the more you realized that something was wrong. It started with a few derisive words here and there. Either calling you an idiot randomly or even just completely ignoring you. You chalked this up to being your fault for doing something stupid to anger her. As such you overlooked it, as it seemed like something any normal couple would go through.

Then it turned for the worse.

When you would eat dinner together Azki would remind you that she took you in. She would tell you how much of a privilege it was to be in her presence. That a worthless someone like you should be honored to be allowed to be in her life. With these words she seeded the doubt that would take your mind hostage. She criticized every part of your life, from the way you acted to how you dressed, there was nothing safe from her. Azki then would blame you for every little wrong thing that occurred in her work, to the home life and beyond. If you ever took your eyes off her, even once, she would accuse you of cheating. But every time you tried to fight back against her ever increasing amount of allegations and insults, she would pull out her ultimate weapon.

She threatened to leave you.

Azki had become the sole thing in your life. Never had someone taken an interest in you as much as she had. She gave you love, intimacy and attention, unlike anything else you’d ever experienced in life. Despite her abusive words, the comfort that she brought you was too much to ever question her. Over the course of your relationship Azki had become the pillar supporting your very existence. Of course she knew this, and as such, would weaponize it to the fullest. Some part you even believed, no, KNEW she enjoyed tormenting you. That sadistic smile that would come to her face whenever you bowed down and submitted to her will gave it away.

>> No.1825380
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One day her words had become too much, however, and you stormed out of the house with all your possessions. The shock of adrenaline had powered you through the moment and allowed you to leave that one time. You moved in with a friend and your life somehow began anew. But Azki’s presence was like a drug, and you had become addicted to it. The minutes felt like hours, the days seemed like years as you would watch the clock tick by. Your mental state degraded into even a worse state than before. It was hard to even get up in the morning, the mere thought of her not being near you drowning out any hope you had for a good day. It soon came to your realization:

You NEEDED her in your life.

No matter how much you wanted to deny it, you needed to be in her presence. You then worked up the courage to speak to her again. You walked up to that same door you stormed out of only a few weeks ago and weakly knocked on it. Then the door opened, and revealed the small idol who stood there, exactly as how you remembered her. But instead of being angry, she just stood there with a smile.

“Welcome home darling, I knew... you couldn’t live without me…”

Azki hugged you and you returned to living with her. But this was just the start of a never ending cycle. She would abuse you again, your mind becoming even more fragile as she berated you. It would get to a point where you would leave once again to go live somewhere else for a while. But you would always come back. And she would always accept you with open arms each time.

As if on queue, you heard the door open and it drew you out of your musings. There she was. Those bright violet orbs staring at you. That mixed hair of brown and pink. The tattoo markings on her cheeks. Those same lips curled up into her usual smile. She was still dressed up in her idol outfit, no doubt she just had another one of her rehearsals.

“Welcome home…”

Azki said this while she leaned forward and gave you a wide grin and her eyes narrowed. You could only wince as you mentally prepared yourself for the torture was about to come.


>> No.1825429
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It was interesting to write a purely non-physical abuse story, a break from the usual ones I write

>> No.1826305

Abusive id members sound kino

>> No.1829028

Nobody knows who she is.

>> No.1829490

(You) getting kidnapped by Reine's black ops because one of the ID's wanted her to find them a boyfriend that fits their specifications

>> No.1829805

why are they looking for losers though? princess got tired of arranged meetings with elite chads so now she wants to try rawdogging some filthy commoner?

>> No.1829966

Suspension of Disbelief retardchama

>> No.1830370

Very nice, anon. I have two questions though.
What's her actual endgame? And does she actually love (you), or does she just want an emotional punching bag?

>> No.1831245

would Ina being assaulted by her own tentacles qualify as abuse?

>> No.1832054
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The way I though about it was that AZKi wanted to pick out someone who was completely average/normal to be her boyfriend so that she could easily abuse (you) and keep you near her at all times. As to whether or not she actually loves you, she may actually love you but her abuse is her only true, twisted way of showing it to you

>> No.1832790

Only if AO-chan counts as a chuuba.

>> No.1834470

Anon tries to break Aqua out of her shell but it isn't going so well due to a past trauma ( abusive ex- bf or something). Wanted a story to explain why she is a socially inept autist and how this affects her relationship. A wholesome ending is optional for any writer anons that wanna write this.

>> No.1835693
File: 177 KB, 1724x1198, __inugami_korone_hololive_drawn_by_haruhito__d4d0aef17343e3eb40579421db8e828d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could see this, but add on the fact that (you) are dating Okayu, which makes Korone even more crazy

>> No.1836211

For which? Or just in general?

>> No.1836909
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Oh wait Im actually retarded and didn't see that dating Okayu part, please excuse me

>> No.1837083

Mindbreak how if you don't mind me asking? Just force herself into the relationship after forcing you both to accept her?

>> No.1837218
File: 2.19 MB, 3376x2460, 1613345258737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd imagine it would be like Korone would try and insert herself into your life however possible (I.E Coming over your house, Stalking both of you etc.) and then after a while she just loses it and then kidnaps you and mindbreaks you both in her sex dungeon

>> No.1837584

that sounds wonderful

>> No.1839607

Everything ok except for the exabusive bf
That would means that Aqua is used goods, it's better if the autism has to do with Bad parentil and internet addiction that Made her shut in in her room all the day

>> No.1840842

Got another idea. Yandere Nene, but being Nene, she's the worst yandere. Like she can't stalk worth a damn, isn't very threating at all, etc. (you) find her antics adorable so you don't complain much.

Maybe she goes to Polka for some yandere note-taking

>> No.1843827

Then Polka help Nene to kidnap You, and they Make You satify both of them

>> No.1846310
File: 600 KB, 908x1285, She authorized use of nonlethal force.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's long so I don't want to post it in the thread. I always feel guilty when things take up 4+ posts. A bit dialog heavy with set up. May expand on it/do a sequel later. Will probably take a break then either work on Korone butting into your relationship with Okayu or the Nene one because it sounds cute.

>> No.1847530

absolutely kino anon thank you for your contribution

>> No.1848181

10/10 now i want to get kidnapped by pavolia's black ops.

>> No.1848760

Wish there was more abuse, but this is a good read anon.

>> No.1848902

Holy shit imagine what type of shit we can come up with this black ops idea

>> No.1849332

God, I love Polka so much! I want to improve myself every day so I can be her perfect husband! I want to be kidnapped by the yandere clown! I want to marry Polka and cuddle her every moment of my life!
...No? Nothing? Not gonna get kidnapped?
...Eh, worth a shot.
Anyway, good shit, Anon, it really

>> No.1850398
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It feels like it's 40 degrees out, sweat pouring from every pore, soaking into the clothes, making them stick to the skin. It's a clammy feeling, the sun shining from the right, its rays enveloping the body in a hug. Shion's breath catches in her throat, the sweltering heat seemingly pressing down on her chest, constricting it. Suddenly, movement, something was touching her side. It's warm, it feels... strange, soft and warm, pressing on her, moving rhythmically, as if following the beat to some song. The song becomes more upbeat, more bouncy, more excited, suddenly, a wetness, more than just sweat, something akin to a slow trickle of water soaking into her shirt. "Ha? What's this?" she thinks to herself, and she begins to squirm, trying to free herself of the pressure, of the heat. The embrace is unrelenting though, no longer the gentle envelopment of sunlight, but the constriction of a snake. The movement now becomes frantic and the embrace becomes a vice-grip, wanting to crush her, the heat is unbearable, the wetness now a flood, soaking her side.

Shion wakes with a jolt, hearing a soft "Hmmmf-hmmmf-h-hmmf-hmf-ehnnn" beside her as the wetness spreads, now becoming a patch on her side. "Eehhh" she groggily exclaims, confused at her sudden awakening. The vice-like grip is still upon her, now no longer the snake of her dreams but rather a certain someone's limbs thrown haphazardly around her body. Trying to reach up with her right hand, she realizes it's trapped, and, somehow, clammy and wet. Reaching up with her left hand, she fumbles for her phone, grabbing a hold of it and turning on its flashlight. Illuminated in the glow around the beam of light now stretching to the ceiling, is the sheepish face of Aqua, eyes turned down, away from her. "Heh. You, you... you woke up? Heh" she manages to squeeze out, shily, her face flushed and her breaths a little rough. As Shion's mind clears, she looks down, looking for the source of the wetness. She sees the wetness on her body, beside it, a corresponding wet spot on Aqua's pajama pant leg. Tracing it upwards, what Aqua was doing comes to her in a sudden realization. At first shock sets in, then, a certain awkward shyness. As she thinks of it, the heat radiates from within her body towards her face, flushing it. She looks at Aqua awkwardly and she just looks away, unable to make eye contact.

>> No.1850603
File: 370 KB, 615x900, __pavolia_reine_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_pochi_pochi_goya__061338ec372de8388b7e1308fc327233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope if Risu comes upon this thread while stalking her own general she finds this and shows it to all of holoID and then Reine reads it on stream

>> No.1850984

>will never be kidnapped and forced to be reine husband

Why even live, great story tho

>> No.1851199

Fubuki finally found the one person that she loves and confesses to him but he friendzones her. Fubuki goes yandere and kidnaps him to mindbreak him with lots of sex

>> No.1852385

Absolutely superb.
>I always feel guilty when things take up 4+ posts.
This thread is for posting fiction, so feel free to do so. Seeing several posts with writing reminds me of the old CYOA days in /jp/...

Just keep at it for several months on the Polka thread.

>> No.1853157


>> No.1853322

I'm submitting this for Reine's next fanfic reading.

>> No.1853364
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>Look this up

>> No.1853564


>> No.1853957
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I don't know if I should be horrified or excited

>> No.1854804

Oh yeah, now this is S class

>> No.1856795
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Don't you fucking dare

>> No.1856917

I am simultaneously terrified and aroused by this thread

>> No.1857110


>> No.1857154
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>Have sex with Falre
>Hugged by Noel and able to press your face into her huge tits
I don't see any downside to this

>> No.1858329
File: 1.22 MB, 744x1052, Friendly dog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okayu presses her body to yours, deepening the kiss as you grope at her waist, feeling emboldened. The cat shivers at your grasp, mewling into your mouth as you squeeze and grope her, hands moving southward as she rests atop your lap. It was rare to get these moments of alone time with your girlfriend, and you intend on getting everything you can out of it. Luckily, Okayu seems just as 'frustrated' as you are with the lack of privacy and is on board with your plan wholeheartedly. As your hand finally grasps right on Okayu's ass, there's a knock on the door. The sexual tension immediately evaporates as Okayu breaks the kiss, groaning in exasperation as you do the same.

"I thought you told her we were going to be out?" You whisper. You feel a headache coming on. "Why does she know we're here?"
"I...I don't know. It's a dog thing, I guess," Okayu replies, wiping some of the sweat off her forehead. She seems almost grossed out by how hot and bothered she was without any sort of release. Sighing, she slips off your lap...but not before planting a small kiss on your cheek. "I'm sorry...I knew she was like this, but...this is worse than I had initially thought."

Okayu's ears fall flat as the rapping on your door continues, and with a tired sigh you wipe the drool from your mouth, reposition your boner for comfort, then get up, trudging over the front door as you mutter swears and promises of revenge beneath your breath. As soon as you unlock the door, you're attacked - the cockblocker in question quickly pounces you to the ground, running her tongue over your face enthusiastically as you can hear her tail wagging. With your horny brain still active, your dick twitches. You feel incredibly guilty as you regain your senses, wrestling Korone off you. The dog girl rests on her knees before you, face flushed as her tail beats against the ground. However, as soon as her eyes lock on to Okayu - who quickly realizes what's about to happen and merely opens her arms in acceptance - Korone quickly scrambles up and does the same thing to her.

"H-Hello to you too, Korone," You cough, bringing yourself off the ground. Any man would get turned on when a girl licks their face. It's normal. "Didn't expect you over so early..."
"I could smell you were home!" She cheerily replies, taking a break from coating Okayu's face in saliva. Okayu looks so unphased it's comical. "Okayu said you went out together somewhere so I was waiting! Then I could smell..."
"Us," Okayu quickly interjects. You get the feeling she was going to say 'arousal'. Okayu was leaking onto your leg. Goddamnit. "Yeah. W-Well, we're glad you're here..."

Okayu gives you a weak smile, and you return it, trying very hard to hide the frustration in your face. This is the exact reason why you've had such little alone time. Okayu and Korone are incredibly close - their stuff on stream isn't at all an act. They just aren't in a relationship. Okayu warned you pretty early on that getting involved with her meant dealing with Korone on the regular. 'Dealing with' sounds harsh, but it's just that Korone is incredibly protective of Okayu...to an almost obsessive degree, you'd wager. But ever since The Incident in which Korone threatened to lop off your fingers when she caught you (consensually, mind you) feeling up Okayu, things have been...better for you, ultimately. Okayu gave her a good talking to after that, probably the angriest you've ever seen her, stating that the two of you were together, in a relationship. That if Korone wanted her to be happy, she should treat you just the same as she treats her. Something in the dog's brain began to turn and shift after that. Now you may as well just be a second Okayu to her, given how friendly she is. The issue is that specific type of friendliness always skirts the borders of 'romantic interest', and, well...you're spoken for. Korone's prone to thirdwheeling...and getting a bit too intimate with that tongue of hers. Neither of you have the heart to tell her off directly. She's Okayu's closest, most caring friend. Neither of you want to fuck that up. As Korone continues to cuddle and dote on Okayu, you roll your eyes, taking a seat next to the two of them. Korone quickly drags you into the mix, pulling all three of you into a deep, shared hug.

>> No.1858351
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This was the sort of relationship you had. If you just had some more alone time, you wouldn't give a shit in the slightest. But the issue is that it's been months since you and Okayu have had the chance to have sex, and that certainly isn't from lack of interest or trying. It's just that every time you try, Korone is there. No matter WHERE you try it, Korone is there! It's gotten so bad you once had the idea to try and fuck in an alley somewhere away from home only for Korone to come zooping around the corner, 'conveniently' catching you right as you were finally about to get into the pussy's pussy! It's driving you up the wall! Your dick yells at you - not actually, of course, that'd be weird - to just get on with it and fuck one of them already. You look over at the pair of them as Okayu affectionately rub's Korone's head. You try to ignore the fact that the dog has her ass up, facing it towards you. You would never cheat on Okayu. You love that girl to death, and she feels the same way about you. You're confident in that. But every time Korone jumps on you, or starts squeezing and groping on you...something in you wakes up. And you hate that. You blame it on sexual frustration and file it away, sinking back into your seat.

"I have something to show the two of you," Korone cheerfully proclaims, switching her attention from Okayu to you. The dog grasps your arm, tugging it close to her. You try to ignore the feeling of her supple breasts pushing against you. "At my home. Would you like to come over later?"
"Hoh? That's rare, to invite us over," Okayu muses, watching the two of you with amusement. "I don't have a problem with it. Do you, Anon?"
"Nope," You reply. Getting harder to ignore it now. "I'm fine with it. What is it?"
"A surprise!" Korone replies with the same amount of zeal. She quickly leans into your face, planting a long, lingering lick up your cheek. When she pulls away, you can hear her panting next to your ear. Mmmmfuckstopit! "Something you'll both like a lot..."

Korone doesn't let up her obliviously sexual assault on the pair of you as the day winds on, leaving both you and Okayu covered in saliva and red in the face. She says her goodbyes, stating that she has to go prepare the surprise she has for both of you, as you stay on the couch. Okayu brings her face up from the arm of it, twitching a bit.

"I-I'm sorry about her," Okayu mutters, panting on the couch. "I keep telling her to tone it down, but..."
"H-Hey, no, it's fine...at least I'm not alone with feeling like this," You chuckle awkwardly. Okayu reciprocates, fidgeting with her legs uncomfortably. "Do you think she even knows what she's doing? All that tongue action and...y'know..."
"If she does, then she's a demon. Complete demon..."
"How...did you deal with that for so long?"
"A lot of masturbation," She says bluntly. She has the same flat look on her face as before. "Don't get me wrong, Korone's sweet and all, but we never crossed that line...y-you were my first for that, so, congratulations," She coughs. "But she never pushed it or even insinuated anything. I swear she would just...turn me on uncontrollably and leave. If it's intentional...then I double down on what I said. Demon."
"Y'know, if I weren't incredibly turned on, I'd be a bit jealous hearing you say that."
"You're the one pitching a tent from having a dog slobber all over you..."

As you cover your groin in mock shame, the two of you share a laugh. A bonus to being so close with Okayu and Korone both is that at least the two of you can talk about how incredibly handsy Korone is. The shame of that vanished a long time ago. Neither of you has interest in trying to take advantage of her for sexual purposes, though. The shame of THAT thought still exists. If Korone and Okayu both gave you the go ahead, you'd rut that stupid bitch into next week.

"Thinking something dirty?" Okayu teases, pointing at your twitching bulge. "Am I dating a pervert? Oi. Get that thing under control."
"Y-Yeah, yeah...sorry. She was extra aggressive today."
"Mm. True. I'll give you a pass for cheating on me in your head just this once," Okayu smiles, closing her eyes as she nods. "If you pet behind my ears. You know how I like it."

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Okayu tilts herself to the side, slowly falling as she lands onto your lap head first, looking up at you expectantly. You can't contain the smile blooming across your face as you reach down, scratching behind her left ear as she begins to purr. The pair of you stay like that for awhile until the appointed hour arrives. Korone lives a short distance away, living out of a bakery with a home attached to it. You find your way over together easily, having traversed the route many times on different occasions (such as when you had to carry the dead-asleep Korone the entire way home and tuck her into bed after she refused to wake up). Before you even have a chance to knock, the door is ripped open, and the two of you are dragged into an overly tight embrace. You swear Korone is grabbing your ass on purpose.

"Welcome, welcome! It's downstairs in the basement!" The dog barks happily, dragging the two of you with her. Neither of you have a chance to get in anything in edgewise as Korone continues to talk about how excited she is, how much you're going to love it, how good it'll feel...wait, what was that last bit? Approaching the stairs to the basement, she opens the door. She gives you both a wild grin as she stands before the entrance to the inky blackness below. "I can't wait! It'll be great!"

Mercifully, she clicks the light switch, and the great unknown below you is quickly illuminated. Heading down the sturdy stairs, Okayu grasps one of your hands, giving you a nervous smile. In the middle of the basement are two luxurious looking recliners, situated so that they face one another.

"Massage chairs!" Korone proclaims, giving a little 'ta-dah' style gesture as she points to them. "I won them in a contest and wanted to show them off!"
"Wow, that's...man, they look lush...what kind of contest was it?" You ask. Just staring at these things makes your muscles feel like jelly.
"Not important! Go on, go on, sit! One for each of you!"

You, personally, can't wait. Excitement bubbles up within you as you lead Okayu to the chairs, taking a seat in one as the sheepishly sits in the other. As soon as you get comfortable - which is almost immediately - you let out a groan of comfort. The leather on these is so inviting it's almost comical. And these are massage chairs? They haven't even been turned on yet!

"Hey, Korone, where's the controls on this thing?" You ask, fondling around at the arms with your finger tips, looking for buttons.
"Oh, don't worry about that! I'll take care of everything, so just relax."
"I...have to say, these are incredibly comfy," Okayu murmurs, melting into her seat. "But you didn't tell me anything about a conte-"

Okayu's cut off as heavy metal latches shoot out from the chairs arms, capturing her by her wrists and ankles as the same thing happens to you. Your heart leaps. You can't move!

"H-Hey, Korone?!" You yelp, tugging at the metal shackles keeping you pinned. Okayu is starting to panic. "Something's fucky with the chairs!"
"No, no," Korone coos, holding up a remote in her hand. Her grin seems...almost malevolent. "Things are going EXACTLY how they're supposed to go!"
"What kind of weird chair is this, seriously," Okayu mutters, still actively tugging at the restraints. "C-Can you take these off? They're scaring me..."

Korone merely laughs in response. It's not the usual laugh she has...it's something darker. More guttural, less mirthful. "Why would I do that? I finally have both of you exactly where I want you to be!"

Your blood starts to run cold. Korone casually strolls up to Okayu, kneeling down a bit before her. You can't see Korone's expression from this vantage, but Okayu's switches to one of fear. Without warning, Korone leans in, planting a deep kiss on your girlfriends lips. Okayu jolts, complaining into Korone's mouth as you start to see green.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing!? Get off her!"
Korone breaks the kiss as Okayu pants, tearing up in her seat as she does so, digging her nails into the cushioning. The dog turns to face you, a malicious glint in her eye. "Don't be so noisy! Your turn is next, anyway...are you that impatient?"
Without waiting for response, Korone is already upon you. Your anger breaks for a moment, replaced by a flash of fear, before Korone quickly sets in upon with the same voracity as she did your girlfriend. Planting a hand on your cheek, she holds you steady as she slips her long tongue into your mouth, staring at you through half-lidded eyes while she takes advantage of you. Though you try and wrench yourself away from the kiss, Korone's hand moves from your cheek to your throat, holding you still. The embrace goes on for what feels like ages, Okayu shouting at the pair of you from behind Korone, who finally pulls away, seeming satisfied.

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"Been waiting to do that for awhile," She casually remarks, wiping the drool off of her lips with her arm. "Either both of you are as dense as they come, or you're really not interested in me..."
"W-What are you talking about?!" Okayu yells out. Her composure is failing her... "Why are you doing this?! What'd we do?!"
"It's more like what you *DIDN'T* do!" Korone growls in reply, turning her face Okayu...quickly starting to disrobe. Your eyes widen as the dog strips herself quickly, face starting to flush. "I've been trying to get YOU to take advantage of me just once for years! Then you go and get yourself a boyfriend and he won't touch me either! Neither of you will! All I did was try and get you into the mood to suggest something but neither of you ever did! Am I doing something wrong?!"
"K-Korone, please--"
"No! I waited for you to touch me just once, but then I had to watch you crawl all over this guy," She says, gesturing to you. "And I'm tired of waiting for my chance! You *OWE* me this!"

The dog turns back to you, baring her fangs as she smiles, starting to pant as she gives you a once over. Fury is fully replaced by unease as she sets back in on you. You open your mouth to say something. You aren't sure what. Begging, cursing. Nothing comes out.

"So now, Okayu...you're going to sit there and watch as I fuck your boyfriend, over and over again!"
"WHAT?!" The cat screams, ears pinning back sharply. "NO! STOP! GET AWAY FROM HIM!"
"Nope~! I had to watch the two of you have all that fun, leaving poor little me out in the cold, so it's my turn~!" Korone replies sardonically. She holds up the remote, pointing it at Okayu's chair before pressing a button. Immediately, a loud vibrating noise fills the room, and Okayu jolts up in her seat, face turning red. She looks down at the chair underneath her, writhing uncomfortably. "Let that keep you company, okay? It's what the chair is ACTUALLY designed for. Be a good girl and watch closely! Cum lots from this!"

Korone once more drops to her knees, cheerfully humming as she begins to work on undoing your pants. Your brain finally thaws out.

"Stop! Korone, stop! Neither of us wants to do this!"
"So?" She replies bluntly, looking up at you with a comedically flat expression. She begins to tug your pants and underwear down... "I didn't want Okayu to get a boyfriend. I didn't want to watch through your window as you stuffed her full over and over again. I didn't want to have to resort to this, but if I don't, no one will ever make a move. So just relax...this'll all be an unpleasant memory soon, before we can all be together properly..."

Korone quickly brings herself into your crotch, setting her tongue out upon your flaccid cock. You twinge inwardly, looking up to Okayu. The poor girl stares on in horror as she weakly whimpers, still wriggling her hips as she tries to escape the vibrations below her to no avail. With practiced excellence - or perhaps dogs are just THAT good at licking things - the dog quickly brings you to an erect state despite your willpower doing everything it can to stop the advancement of blood to your groin. The flesh is weak.

"See? Look at how hard he is!" Korone looks back over her shoulder, teasing your girlfriend cruelly. "Did you think I never noticed? I could smell how wet you were earlier! I can always tell just how badly the both of you are turned on! Not once did either you think to try and use me, right?!"
"P-Please, Korone, stop," Okayu pitifully whimpers, starting to cry despite her face being so red. "I'm sorry! J-Just don't do this! Leave him out of this!"

straddle you, shaking her ass behind her mockingly. Though she's looking over her shoulder, you can still make out the malevolent look. She's sneering.

"Are you watching? Hey! Take a good look! I'm gonna steal your boyfriend~!"
"Get him off? Okay! Burn the sight into your memory, please!"

The dog drops her hips in response. She lets out an exaggerated moan as you're pushed inside of her, the stimulation forcing your hips to buck upwards. She clenches around you as she starts to pant, tongue lolling out of her mouth, giving you a lecherous look. Okayu screams behind the pair of you as Korone raises and drops her hips harshly from the offset, giving you no time to ease into it. There's nothing warm or tender about this - it's just to try and make you cum as quickly as possible!

"L-Look! Look, Okayu! He's fucking me~!" Korone moans out, throwing her head back. It's hard to discern if she actually feels this good, or if she's just playing it up to hurt Okayu. "Finally! Finallyfinallyfinallyfinally!! No more waiting! No more teasing! No more being left out! No more!!"

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"Been waiting to do that for awhile," She casually remarks, wiping the drool off of her lips with her arm. "Either both of you are as dense as they come, or you're really not interested in me..."
"W-What are you talking about?!" Okayu yells out. Her composure is failing her... "Why are you doing this?! What'd we do?!"
"It's more like what you *DIDN'T* do!" Korone growls in reply, turning her face Okayu...quickly starting to disrobe. Your eyes widen as the dog strips herself quickly, face starting to flush. "I've been trying to get YOU to take advantage of me just once for years! Then you go and get yourself a boyfriend and he won't touch me either! Neither of you will! All I did was try and get you into the mood to suggest something but neither of you ever did! Am I doing something wrong?!"
"K-Korone, please--"
"No! I waited for you to touch me just once, but then I had to watch you crawl all over this guy," She says, gesturing to you. "And I'm tired of waiting for my chance! You *OWE* me this!"

The dog turns back to you, baring her fangs as she smiles, starting to pant as she gives you a once over. Fury is fully replaced by unease as she sets back in on you. You open your mouth to say something. You aren't sure what. Begging, cursing. Nothing comes out.

"So now, Okayu...you're going to sit there and watch as I fuck your boyfriend, over and over again!"
"WHAT?!" The cat screams, ears pinning back sharply. "NO! STOP! GET AWAY FROM HIM!"
"Nope~! I had to watch the two of you have all that fun, leaving poor little me out in the cold, so it's my turn~!" Korone replies sardonically. She holds up the remote, pointing it at Okayu's chair before pressing a button. Immediately, a loud vibrating noise fills the room, and Okayu jolts up in her seat, face turning red. She looks down at the chair underneath her, writhing uncomfortably. "Let that keep you company, okay? It's what the chair is ACTUALLY designed for. Be a good girl and watch closely! Cum lots from this!"

Korone once more drops to her knees, cheerfully humming as she begins to work on undoing your pants. Your brain finally thaws out.

"Stop! Korone, stop! Neither of us wants to do this!"
"So?" She replies bluntly, looking up at you with a comedically flat expression. She begins to tug your pants and underwear down... "I didn't want Okayu to get a boyfriend. I didn't want to watch through your window as you stuffed her full over and over again. I didn't want to have to resort to this, but if I don't, no one will ever make a move. So just relax...this'll all be an unpleasant memory soon, before we can all be together properly..."

Korone quickly brings herself into your crotch, setting her tongue out upon your flaccid cock. You twinge inwardly, looking up to Okayu. The poor girl stares on in horror as she weakly whimpers, still wriggling her hips as she tries to escape the vibrations below her to no avail. With practiced excellence - or perhaps dogs are just THAT good at licking things - the dog quickly brings you to an erect state despite your willpower doing everything it can to stop the advancement of blood to your groin. The flesh is weak.

"See? Look at how hard he is!" Korone looks back over her shoulder, teasing your girlfriend cruelly. "Did you think I never noticed? I could smell how wet you were earlier! I can always tell just how badly the both of you are turned on! Not once did either you think to try and use me, right?!"
"P-Please, Korone, stop," Okayu pitifully whimpers, starting to cry despite her face being so red. "I'm sorry! J-Just don't do this! Leave him out of this!"

Turning her attention back to you, Korone brings herself up. She leans over you, wrapping her arms around your neck...before she starts to straddle you, shaking her ass behind her mockingly. Though she's looking over her shoulder, you can still make out the malevolent look. She's sneering.

"Are you watching? Hey! Take a good look! I'm gonna steal your boyfriend~!"
"Get him off? Okay! Burn the sight into your memory, please!"

The dog drops her hips in response. She lets out an exaggerated moan as you're pushed inside of her, the stimulation forcing your hips to buck upwards. She clenches around you as she starts to pant, tongue lolling out of her mouth, giving you a lecherous look. Okayu screams behind the pair of you as Korone raises and drops her hips harshly from the offset, giving you no time to ease into it. There's nothing warm or tender about this - it's just to try and make you cum as quickly as possible!

"L-Look! Look, Okayu! He's fucking me~!" Korone moans out, throwing her head back. It's hard to discern if she actually feels this good, or if she's just playing it up to hurt Okayu. "Finally! Finallyfinallyfinallyfinally!! No more waiting! No more teasing! No more being left out! No more!!"
>fucked up a copy whoops

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Korone lets out small huffs and wuffs as she drives herself down upon you, the walls of her vagina contracting around you as you shiver. "And really, you're a man! I know you were staring at my ass earlier! Why didn't you just pin me down and fuck me?!"
"I--" You begin, taking a deep breath. Persevere for your girlfriend! "I'm in a relationship! I can't do that!"
"You're in a relationship with US!" She replies, picking up the pace. "Don't hold back! Do whatever you want with us both! C-Claim us both!!"
"He's not dating you, goddamnit!!" Okayu shouts out again, her anger flickering again as she lets out a low groan of pleasure. The chair continues to vibrate under her... "He's mine!"
"He's OURS, the same way YOU are ours! We all belong to each other! You just need to learn that fact!" She shouts back, glowering over her shoulder before looking back to you, her expression softening. "We're a package deal, no matter what she says. I won't hold it against you...you didn't know! But now you're going to fucking learn."
"Korone, please..." You struggle to stay coherent. Your abuser lets out a little sigh as she slows her movements, unwrapping an arm from your shoulders as she instead brings the hand up to your cheek once more.
"You're going to keep fucking me," She begins, stating that very matter-of-factly. She begins to build up force once more as she speaks. Your balls start to clench. "You're going to cum inside me, over and over again...you're going to do allll this while Okayu watches and cums her brains out...until she's so horny that she doesn't care anymore. Until she doesn't care which one of us gets our hands on her. And when she doesn't care anymore, there'll be nothing left to hold you back, right? You can let it all out...all those dirty thoughts you had about me...both of you. We can all be together...enjoying each others bodies, loving each other...all of us. Don't you want to have two girlfriends?"
"It doesn't work that way! It--"
"Shhh," She cuts you off, nibbling her lower lip as she starts to ride you with the same force as before, occasionally grinding her hips upon you. You're gonna cum... "Just focus on feeling good...let go of those silly thoughts! Let it all melt away...and stop holding it in! Fill me up already! Stop trying to act strong for her! She's already came twice!!"

You look over to Okayu as your dick throbs within Korone. Sweat pours off her as she continues to twitch and moan, eyes starting to roll up into the back of her head. Trying as hard as she can to hold on as she digs her nails further into the chair's arms, she focuses on you. She begins to spasm once more as she watches your cock plunge into her best friend over and over. "D-DON'T...DON'T CUM!! DOO-OHHH!!-N'T CUM! DON'T!"

Okayu lets out a screaming moan. As you watch her, your brain fires off the 'go ahead' signal, and you relent to Korone's assault. Your hips buck up as you clench everything, cock erupting within the dog as she lets out another loud moan, eagerly accepting your seed into her womb as she starts to contract around you, her own orgasm finally hitting as she 'wins'.

"Okayuuu! He's cumming! He's cumming so much!!" Korone pants in exaggerated bliss. At least, you think it's exaggerated... "I-It feels so good! He's breeding me!"
"NnnnnnnOOOOOOOUHG!! OFF! G-GET OFF!" Okayu shouts once more, apparently grappling with a fourth orgasm, eyes fixated on the point where you and the dog woman are connected, tears streaming from her eyes. There's a puddle forming under her, leaking off the chair... "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! GET OFF HIM! NOOOO!"

Malevolence flashes across Korone's face once more. As she leaves you panting on the chair, the dog quickly slips off your lap, keeping her legs tucked together as she moves right back over to Okayu. The cat looks up at her with as much anger as she can muster through her repeated orgasms, still throbbing and twitching.

"You want his cum out of me that badly?" Korone mockingly pouts.
"Nnnngh!!! Nnnot yours!" Okayu responds, trying to communicate the best she can. "Mine!"
"Then," Korone trails...teasingly opening her legs. She steps onto the sides of the chair, forcing Okayu's face into her groin! "Get it out of me! You can have whatever you can lick out. I'll be getting more, soon...unlike you, I'm willing to share!"

Okayu wastes no time. You watch as Okayu quickly begins to work her jaw, plunging her tongue into Korone deftly. The dog girl lets out a whimpering moan, planting her hands on the back of her head, going so far as to grind against her mouth. Something like jealousy flares up within you...but it's weaker than before. The puddle under Okayu grows larger.

>> No.1858560
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"God, I've been wanting you to do this for years!" Korone moans out, twitching in pleasure. Okayu lets out another muffled groan. Just as soon as it begins, however, Korone pulls away. Okayu absentmindedly licks at her lips, cleaning herself the best she can of Korone's arousal...and a bit of your cum. Your dick twitches in approval.

"See?" The dog says, starting to move her way back over to you. "How good it feels when you stop acting like you aren't interested...? When you just let loose and do what you both want to do?" She begins to straddle you once again. You throb in anticipation. You can't find it in you to complain. You know that both you and Okayu had less than wholesome fantasies about Korone. Maybe the dog has a point? As she begins to hold you once more, that licentious grin returns.

"Don't worry. We've got a long night ahead of us! Korone will keep you both company...okay? Now let's work out more of that pent up stress..."

Your girlfriend continues to cum opposite of you as Korone takes position over you once more. She glares down at you, running her tongue over her lips. You're ashamed at how hard you are so quickly after you came...but it feels so good to finally get some sort of relief that shame is inconsequential. Placing a hand on your head, Korone pets you softly.

"Good boy. Do good for your girlfriends, okay?"

I really didn't want to try and write out several hours of mind numbing sex. Please understand.

>> No.1859629

Wow really good anon I really enjoy when okayu screaming "no" , can you change the setting for gdocs? It say I need to request access to open it.

>> No.1859690

Try now. Guess I fucked it up.

>> No.1859741

It works, thanks anon

>> No.1861366

The thought that there is a non-zero probability that they can find this scares the shit out of me. Even moreso that we have everything conveniently archived for them.

Oh dear god, please don't lynch me for what I've written

>> No.1861401

>Oh dear god, please don't lynch me for what I've written
which stories are yours?
cant be that bad right?

>> No.1861521

Just don't think about it. The more you think about it, the more power you give it, and the closer it comes to being willed into reality by directly affecting the novosphere. The idea that someone could theoretically go out of their way to send Reine my story about her is bad enough, I don't want Kiara to read all the shit I wrote about her abusing a poor KFP employee.

>> No.1861567

Now we need a story of a vtuber abusing anon as punishment for writing abusive fanfics about them

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Gaslighting, blackmail, and alcohol with Ayame.

The workday has finally ended. You and your colleagues were quickly wrapping up today’s work. After all, today is going to be a very special night to party with everyone. All of you decided that this week would be an opportune time to go barhopping throughout the city, challenging each other to see how many bars each of you can last. This offer was even extended to anyone in the office which made it no surprise that even some of the Hololive girls wanted to join in.

Back during the first days of your job, you used to be nervous to get anywhere near them, let alone talk to them, but overtime, you’ve grown to see them as close associates or even good friends, and as such, you were no longer afraid to socialize with them. You went up against Lamy for a drinking contest (and lost miserably), posed for a photo with Ayame, got into an argument with Pekora about footing the increasingly expensive bill. Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last very long for you as the alcohol quickly took control over you.

After the 2nd bar, you were already the first to drop out from the party. It was already too difficult to see, hear, or stay awake at this point, but you didn’t want to ruin everyone’s good time this early in the evening. You snuck out before anyone noticed you left or even paid your bill and tried to find your way home. However, the constantly twisting roads, blinding lights, and the occasional wall made navigating down a street difficult on its own. You fell down on a sidewalk somewhere in the middle of nowhere, unable to keep yourself awake until you heard a vaguely familiar and gentle voice.

“Oh, there you are. It’s not responsible of you to run without paying, you know.” It was the Ayame, oh thank god. You tried to ask her for help, but everything you said came out as an incomprehensible slur. You felt her finger poke you in the cheek a few times before lifting you on her shoulders. “Oh? Need some help? Don't worry, I can take you home? Nobody will notice that we're gone. Maybe tonight can finally be our lucky day together,” she giggles to herself as she watches you pass out.

The next day plagued you with unyielding headaches plagued but soon, the pain didn’t matter as much as the realization that this isn’t your bed, this isn’t your apartment, someone was on you, and your clothes were missing. How did you get here? She said she was going to take you home, but this isn’t your apartment. The wall, tables, and the desks all contained merchandise of the oni, making it apparent that she brought you to her place instead which would mean that you’re sitting in her bed which would also mean that the person on you would be… oh no. You pulled the blanket which confirmed your fears, the little oni was asleep with her arms wrapped around you, wearing your shirt.
What can you do to survive this? You tried to wiggle out of her grasp hoping to get away before she notices, but your rustling only woke her up in the process. She stirs and slowly opens her eyes to meet your gaze. While you looked into her eyes in fear, she gave you an uncomfortably warm and cheery smile. “Good morning, sweetie,” she told you, giggling at the nickname. You hesitantly replied, “G-good morning. Is this…What am I doing here?” You tried to inch your way off the bed, but she merely tightens your hold on you, stopping you in place. She continues making eye contact with you, burying her smile into your eyesight.

No use in trying to deny anything. You immediately tell her that you don’t remember what you did that night and that you were sorry for you did. Your pleas only made her laugh a bit, “You forgot everything? Even about how you confessed that you’ve always loved me? About how much you wanted to go out with me ever since we met and that this was the happiest day you’ve ever had?”

>> No.1861999

What? That doesn’t sound like you, atleast, not you when you were sober. While you were a big fan of the Hololive idols, they were colleagues, associates in the office. You insisted that you wouldn’t dare do such things to any of the idols and that you only saw them as good friends. The oni, displeased with your defense, only replied, “You don’t believe me? You always seemed to have a hard time remembering, so I made sure to record every moment we spent together!” She lets go of you and picks up her phone from her desk.
She searches looks through her phone before showing you the contents, “See, maybe this will refresh your memory.”

She showed everything she had saved, not just the shots of you at the party but shots she took ever since you met her. You saw every single photo from you two at the office to pictures she took of you working and even photos of you on your day offs. Every photo she took getting closer to the present until it showed the photos of the night when she carried you here. The photos started with her snuggling with you then holding your hand then guiding you towards her bed. Each photo became progressively more alarming as she gets more and more intimidate, getting closer to you as she strips you further down. The final shot culminated with a video recording of her doing it with your unconscious self.

If she went as far as to take these photos, then that means…She had been stalking you and even worse she was using this as leverage against you. She leans towards you, proudly waving her phone in your face, “That’s right! Do you remember it now?” she giggles at the thought, “If you have trouble remembering, I can send these to everyone else and let them remind you!” This wasn’t her usual cute, bubbly nature. Everything she said was threatening and calculated.

This was blackmail very clearly saved for you, but this has to be a bluff, right? “Wait, this would hurt you too! If you show this to everyone, then this would ruin your career too!” This was the only defense you could use. Maybe you could scare her into deleting the photos and pretend this never happened. After all, this type of controversy would hurt her more than it would hurt you, but your arguments didn’t faze her.

“Aww, so you do care about me that much?” Her grin turns into a big smile, going as far as to reveal some of her fangs, “Are you afraid that I’ll get hurt if I show this? Then, if you care so much about me, you wouldn’t mind keeping this our little secret, okay?”
It was a trap, and you fell for it. She wasn’t afraid to use this against you or rather, she knew that you were too afraid to fight back. After all, it was either give in or risk career suicide. The only thing you could do at this point was play along. “Y-Yes, it’s fine. We don’t have to let anybody know about this, at all,” you reassured her.

Her tone changes back to the cheery attitude you were familiar with, but you don’t know if that attitude has been a façade this whole time. “I’m sorry. I’m having trouble remembering last night too. What did you tell me last night?” she looks at you, waiting for you to answer.
“I…That… I love you and that I’m happy you were there for me.” It’s over for you now. You can tell she’s savoring every word you give her.

“And we’ll be together forever because…”

“Because.. After all, you’re my…girlfriend,” you notice Ayame’s face turn slightly red after hearing that.

“Then it’s settled!” she leaps to your side and gives you a long kiss on the cheek. She holds her phone up high in the air with an audible *snap* coming from her phone. “And don’t forget, if I see you with any other girl, then I will let everyone know,” she puts her arms around you and shows you one last picture: It was the one she took she took of you two back at the bar. You two had your arms around each other giving the camera a peace sign. “Don’t we look so cute together?” she asks.

>> No.1863562
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The worst part by far, is the fact that only one of them would have to see all this, before they inevitably start sharing with other holos and it gets spread to people that never would've browsed this place in the first place.

Think about it, they're used to hornyposting and antis. But they're not used to being depicted as like evil monsters, at least not in a way that makes it so personal and relatively realistic compared to most femdom stuff and porn.
Plus these stories are just naturally emotionally gripping. It'd feel so weird to read one and then talk with the person its based on. They'd have to spill the beans just to have an explanation for why they're acting odd all of a sudden.

>> No.1864095

So... Are we the baddies?

>> No.1864173

>But they're not used to being depicted as like evil monsters
While it is true than in some stories written here they are depicted as such (Towa, Noel, Watame and AZKi come to mind), by and large they are depicted as flawed, damaged people.
Like Polka keeping you captive because of her insecurities and fear, Matsuri self-harming for the same reasons, or Aqua being emotionally dependent. Even Kiara's actions in her series, which are pretty despicable, are borne out of jealousy and insecurities.
And there's some stories where they are manipulative but aren't straight up evil, like Korone molding you into the perfect hag breeder or Botan just being horny and having predator instincts.
Not to mention the stories in which they aren't even manipulative at all: Coco spilling her spaghetti in front of you, Marine being her horny self, and Korone going overboard with her boxing on you which she regrets inmediately after.
Or maybe I've just got stockholm syndrome for the chuubas, I dunno.

>> No.1864238

Anon, be honest with me, have you worked as a horror movie script writer in the past? It's funny how the (You) in the story is basically a horror movie MC, him and his girlfriend follow a jealous, possibly mentally unstable individual into a basement that has 2 special chairs prepared and he immediately sits down.

>> No.1864293

I doubt you will have anything to worry about. Since it’s really just a bunch of talented writefags hitting a niche to flex their skills a bit

Except maybe Reine.

Keep going tho. I’d be a shame for all this writing talent to go to waste.

>> No.1864353
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Woah mama

>> No.1864368

>You wrote a story online about me kidnapping an anon saying sweet things about me online, that's so sweet, I think I'll kidnap you
I can see it.

>> No.1864397

I don’t know what it’s like to be rich

>> No.1864440

Well, you know, (You) didn't have any reason to think Korone was anything other than just aggressively friendly and oblivious. How could you have known it was a trap? Who even makes James Bond style trap massage chairs? It's Acme level shit, really. Unfortunately for (You), the entire time Korone was hardcore gunning for your dick and Okayu's cunt, in a sort of passive-aggressive way. Just imagine this but in Korone's voice, played on loop 24/7 in her head. https://youtu.be/lV0KmZKyUzA

>> No.1864564

Okay, I need context for that lol

>> No.1864857
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I would just more curious as to all the tourists who would come here and see all the shit we draw

>> No.1864887
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am retarded

>> No.1864924

>No little Oni to bully you

>> No.1864937

Now I kinda want a continuation where the sight of Korone NTRing her mentally breaks her and, in sheer yandere rage, manages to free herself and brutalizes Korone before taking you to an isolated place in order to keep you safe and away from anyone who would steal you from her.

>> No.1865479
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Ina when?
more specifally something like Ina hurting you when empowered by the Ancient Ones (who slowly consume your SAN) but then caring for you when she is normal. Wah.

>> No.1865515
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>> No.1865601
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Ina abuses Lovecraft while he calls for his stalwart companion to assist him

>> No.1865709

You get kidnapped by Ina and after awhile, you almost manage to escape, but are stopped by her pet, a black cat named Ni-

>> No.1865854

Still waiting for someone to write a yandere Ollie story

>> No.1866154
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Thanks Anon, I for one will drink the ink.

>> No.1866398

>He actually wants to get addicted to the """natural""" ecstasy and aphrodisiacs Ina pumps out of her tentacles to keep her chosen lover docile while also protecting their mind from the horrors of the Ancient Ones but at a terrible cost

>> No.1866872

Original requester here, this was perfect. Great job, dude!

>> No.1867586

Glad you enjoyed it. Hard to think I'm nearly 30 chuuba stories deep, but it's been fun.

>> No.1867610

Bless you anon.

>> No.1868112

Bless all the writer anons on this thread

>> No.1868281

Great story anon

>> No.1868461
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Great writing, we need more gaslighting stories in this thread. Do you have a name for the story in mind? For the archives

>> No.1868966

Which other holos could gaslight too?

>> No.1869061
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https://controlc.com/d9c7e16d theres been a Subaru one, also I heard another anon talking about how they could see someone like Shion doing it too

>> No.1869933

Shion using dark magic to gaslight you

>> No.1869972

Shion gaslighting by using her small size and claiming no other women can satisfy you like her body does

>> No.1870496
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>https://pastebin.com/qyizgSi2 - Watson's Test Pt. 1

>Watson's Tests Pt. 2




sO mUcH pAIN.

Your vision was red. You felt your eyes pulsating out of their sockets. They darted around the room. No one. Blood everywhere. You looked down and you could see the veins bulging out of your arms. Your limbs were intensely shaking. Your breathing was erratic. You ground your teeth together so hard it felt they were going to crack. Your lungs felt like they were on fire. Every breath you took burned your esophagus. You wanted it to stop. Anything to make it stop. It. Hurt. SO. MUCH.

“Ugh, this is starting to get soooo boring…”

That voice.

Your eyes darted immediately to your right and she was sitting on an empty table. Amelia Watson. She was fumbling with a watch in her hand. In the other was another one of her syringes. This time it was one of the red ones. Nononononononono. Please. Not again. You pleaded in your mind because you knew you could not speak. Over the hundreds of injections and beatings you learned this lesson. It would only lead to more pain. You just wanted no more pain.

She hopped off the desk and walked over to you. You couldn’t see her face. Her head was tilted down to the floor. Her hands were shaking. From your vantage point you could see a snarl form on her face. Snap. The syringe in her hand shattered under her pressure. The red liquid spilled all over her hands. It reminded you of your blood from the previous beating. Watson dropped the glass shards and needle on the ground and, with an ear-piercing screech, threw her watch across the room. It harmlessly bounced off the brick wall and landed on the floor undamaged.

“WHY. WON'T. IT. WORK?!?!”

>> No.1870527
File: 981 KB, 1240x1754, WatsonPunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your blonde haired torturer screamed this as she raised her leg. Your vision flipped as she kicked you square in the chest and both you and the chair went backwards. You coughed up some trickles of blood. More. PAIN. Watson quickly stormed over and began furiously kicking you. Over. And over. And over again you felt the impact of her boots. You mentally screeched with each kick that slammed against your body.


She leaned down and punched you in the face.


She took the discarded needle off the ground and stabbed your arm. You felt the needle imbed itself deeply in your flesh. MORE. PAIN.

“WHY.... Why… Why wont you accept me….?”

Her voice turned soft. Accept her? What the hell does she mean? You searched your mind for an answer. But there was no result. Only more pain. That's all there was.

“I did this all… for us…”

As she said this she reached down and wrapped her small hands around your neck. She began applying pressure as her tear filled eyes filled your vision.

“But why....? Why don’t you accept it?! TELL ME. WHY!?”

You felt your brain shutting down. Too much stimulation. Too much information at once. Too much pain. Lack of oxygen. It was overwhelming. You almost felt at peace as she continued to squeeze your throat. Maybe you’ll die for real this time. The cycle could finally stop. As you let out wheeze, however, it seemed to pull her out of rage induced frenzy. She immediately let go and backed away. Watson looked at you with a horrified expression. She grit her teeth as she ran over and grabbed her thrown watch. No… No… Please…

She pressed the button and again time was reverted. You were again in the chair. Upright. Everything was returned to as it was. But the memories remained. The pain remained. Despite your body being physically returned to its original state, the pain would begin again the instant you regained consciousness.

“Don't worry… soon I’ll have something… and everything will be alright. So just keep holding out for me... alright?’

Watson said the last part so softly you barely even heard it. You could only cower as she reached for another one of her syringes, the familiar azure blue, and the experiment began anew.

>> No.1870611
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Wrote this in the format of your mental sanity being drained, might make a Pt.3 for an ending

>> No.1871054

I'd be up for a part 3. I'm curious as to how this will end up. Is she trying to make some sort of love serum?

>> No.1871916

Please more Hololive black ops stories

>> No.1872065
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incredibly UOH anon...

>> No.1872168

The only thing that gets me in these stories is the "Hololive" logos, when it should be "Cover".

>> No.1872244


>> No.1873221
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My goodness...

>> No.1874399
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"One fish...two fish...red fish...blue fish..." A voice in the other room reads softly, a pair of small giggles following. Turning the corner, you see your wife, Amelia, sitting in her favorite recliner near the fireplace, your children sitting before her and watching in awe. "Black fish, blue fish, old fish...what comes next?"
"New fish!" The children reply in unison. Amy seems particularly proud while Nonny, your son, simply breaks into another giggle fit.
"Good! Very, very good! You've been paying attention," Amelia beams before she notices you. Her face explodes into a warm smile. She's just as beautiful as she was when you married her fifteen years ago, grays be damned. "Look, daddy's here!"

You smile, kneeling down as both of your children bolt up to you, clinging to your body. Your heart aches as you clutch them to you, embracing them as if your life depended on it. It hurts so badly. The last time you got to hug them was...

"You being good for mom?" You ask, holding back tears. The pair of them, oblivious to your emotional state, nod happily. "Good! Good...do you mind if I have some alone time with her? I need my batteries recharged."

Amy pouts but nods, dragging her younger brother with her as he complains about not finishing the story. Slowly, Amelia closes the book, and the two of you are left in silence save for the crackling of logs. Her smile softens somewhat as she looks up to you, tears softly streaming from her eyes. You move to join her, kneeling down next to her, resting your head on her shoulder as she reciprocates, holding you to her.

"I miss them, Amelia," You say as your voice cracks just the smallest amount. You wonder how they're getting along. Hopefully, Nonny's growing into a fine boy. "But I always look forward to seeing them so much, even if it feels like my heart is breaking in two."
"I know, honey," She replies, softly grasping one of your hands in hers. "They're bigger now...n-not by much, but..."
"But this is what I remember, right?" You respond, voice hitching in your throat. Amelia sadly nods in response. "I wish I could be there for them..."
"D-Don't worry, we're working on it! We've...we've made progress with it, but..." Amelia trails. As she starts to sniffle, you wrap an arm around her. You can just barely register the warmth of her body. It takes a lot to hold yourself together.
"Amelia, please. You can't keep doing this to yourself. It's--"
"Don't. Don't say whatever it is you're going to say. Unless it's something positive, I don't want to hear it."
"Honey," You begin, sitting up a bit. She looks over to you as she grits her teeth, staring at you in anguish as she continues to cry, holding back sobs. "I can't stand seeing you like this every time. It's not worth watching you deteriorate like this...Look at you. You look like you haven't slept since the last time you did this...You're not still trying to solve it with time travel, right?"
"What am I supposed to do, then?!" She yells, breaking down completely. She clings to you as she weeps, sobbing into your shoulder. "We're so close! I know we are! R-Rushia's doing everything she can! Gura's searching everywhere she can in Atlantis for leads, Ina's making deals, Kiara's blood and feathers are working wonders, Calliope--"
"But what about you?" You cut in, still struggling to stay composed. "You're falling apart. You can't handle the stress of this anymore, Amelia...it's going to kill you, too."
"I don't care! At least then we could be together properly, not like...like this..." She continues to sob. The room around you flickers for just a moment. Time is running out. "I just...I just miss you so much! We can do it, we can--"
"Amelia..." You trail, clinging to your wife. She feels so distant.
"I'm not letting you go! I won't stop until you're back!"
"Amelia!" You shout with more urgency. You're slipping. You can't hold on much longer. "Amelia, listen to me!"
"Just a bit more...j-just a bit more! You'll be back soon, I promise, then--"

>> No.1874428

"AMELIA!" Calliope shouts, bringing the detective to her senses. "Amelia, it's--"
"...T-Time ran out already?" The stupefied detective asks, looking around the room. Gone is the familiar living room. Gone is the fire, the comfortable chair. Gone is...Anon. Tears continue to pulse from her eyes as she stares dumbfounded. Kiara and Ina avoid looking at her directly while Shion and Rushia pant in a corner, their magics apparently expended. The illusory room is gone once more. "But...w-we were barely there for--"
"You..." Calliope begins, almost getting angry...before she sighs, kneeling down a bit. "You can't...keep doing that. You can't keep trying to bring him back before we have something permanent ready. It's harder each and every time. You're just kneecapping yourself."
"No buts, Watson. Yes, we're doing everything we can, but...every time you bring him back like that, you're ripping part of him away. Permanently."
"Y-Yes," Rushia blearily mutters, attempting to sit up right. "The pall of death is only a temporarily crossable barrier...so far. Though the more you attempt to bring him back through it permanently, without the proper precautions or a vessel, the more damaged the soul will become, until it is unrecognizable..."
"Then why can't we just get him a body?!" Amelia yells, anguish starting to flare up into mishandled anger. "I-If it's that simple, couldn't we just patchwork together something like Ollie?!"
"That's exactly the problem, Amelia," Rushia sighs, finally managing to stand up, though she staggers. She seems to be in pain, grasping one of her eyes as she continues. "It's NOT that simple. If it was just a body, then yes, anyone could be bought back easily, but souls and the forms they inhabit are...fickle. There's more to it than anyone understands..."
"Which is why," Calli steps in, planting a hand on the detective's shoulder. She flinches. "You can't just...keep doing this. I-I know that you miss him, that you need him, but you're ultimately hurting him more than you are helping him..."
"Am I just supposed to wait, then?!" Amelia shouts, pulling her arm away from Calliope as she scowls. The Reaper merely looks on apologetically. "Everything...everything so far hasn't worked! I can't--"
"The more you selfishly cling to him like this, the greater the chance that he'll be lost forever!" Rushia yells, suddenly very angry. Amelia shrinks. "Don't you understand that?! Not only are you marring his essence, ripping away parts of who he is, you're also causing him a great deal of grief! Didn't you see it?! Or were you too busy feeling so sorry for yourself that you ignored his pleas as he tried to comfort you, telling you to stop?!"
"Rushia!" Kiara yells over, but the Necromancer continues. She's beyond angry; she's livid.
"It's torture for him! Do you even think about how he feels about this!? He even said that watching you like this tears him apart! Listen to him, listen to us, and cease your childish behavior before everything we've worked for is for nothing!"

Amelia stays silent as Rushia finishes, the tiny Necromancer still furious as she storms out of the room. Concerned, Kiara follows, chasing her as Ina continues to meditate, tentacles twitching erratically as she does so. Calliope once more plants her hand on Amelia's shoulder...before moving in for a full hug. The blonde begins to sob once more, with enough force to begin shaking.

"C-Calli, please, tell me it'll be fine..."
"Look, I won't lie to you..." Calliope lingers, looking uncomfortable. "Chances are slim. His soul isn't going anywhere, I...worked out a deal with the boss, but...you're asking to bring someone back from the dead. Even with all of us working together, that's no small feat..."
"But there has to be a way," Amelia weeps, leaning into the disquieted woman. "W-We have all sorts of magic users, demons, everything in between! There has to be--"
"I'm not saying here isn't! Don't get the wrong idea. It can happen. The world's a big, terrifying place. We have people from OTHER worlds which are just as scary, if not scarier! But you need to be patient. Rushia lost her cool, but...she's right."
"But Calli, I-"
"You need to let go. If just for now. Please. He loves you. You know he loves you, he knows you love him. That's more than most people get. I'm not saying give up. I'm saying...just give us time to work. For his sake."

The pair of them stand there, one barely supporting the other, as Amelia continues to weep. She knows they're right. She knows they know more about the afterlife and its nuances than she ever could. But still, her heart continues to rip in half. She continues to try and bargain.

"Please," She pleads, limply clutching to the reaper's robes. "J-Just one more day, please...not yet, I can't, just...please..."

>> No.1874487

"Please," She pleads, limply clutching to the reaper's robes. "J-Just one more day, please...not yet, I can't, just...please..."

Though Calli shakes her head, she continues attempting to soothe Amelia. This was the last time they'd do this. They decided that before they even started. Amelia continues to beg and plead regardless. Just one more day. One more day with the person she loves, and she'll be fine to wait until something can be done for good. It's a deal she's struck a dozen times. If she has her way, it'll be a dozen more.

Less actively malicious abusive, more "Is making everyone she can try desperately to bring you back from the dead while forcing you to watch them break apart" abusive. I realize only now that it reminds me of the Rushia story from earlier. My shower thoughts ripped someone off. Shit.

>> No.1874683
File: 373 KB, 1800x1274, __nekomata_okayu_and_rengoku_kyoujurou_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_mikan_chipstar182__abae695ace46487aa3ca1f1c08aa9b60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want this bad.

>> No.1876849
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holy FUCK

>> No.1878141

It's like an unofficial sequel to Rushia's story, maybe thats why she got so angry, because she experienced it first hand

>> No.1878148

Good job anon, really enjoyed it

>> No.1878542

Has anyone ever thought of using Kanata for abuse or yandere?

>> No.1878592

So far there has only been one story involving Kanata

>> No.1879130

Anon be hones, did i make it?

>> No.1880420

I wonder if they will read it out loud in their streams.

>> No.1880486

Hoping that anon still is working on this.

>> No.1880524

Anyone interested?

>> No.1880644

I prefer a more subtle yandere Okayu. Where she's friend with an anon and she's interested in him, but he's not interested in her due to him being taken by someone else.

>> No.1880715

Still working on it, just trying to figure out how I want to go about it

>> No.1880750

Fucking kino, anon. Please write them having sex (femdom preferred).

>> No.1881468

God this is good. I desire more Ayame

>> No.1884249

An Ame story that's not about her being a huge bitch? In the abuse thread? That's new.

>> No.1885035
File: 1.37 MB, 1600x1900, Lulu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





request from the past few threads but can anyone do on Lulu?

>> No.1886236

I don't know how you'd write Lulu without it being hardcore in the horror field.
Maybe. If Amelia can stop fucking around and being impatient, there's a decent chance.
>Femdom preferred
>It's just a team of snipers aiming at you from every possible window to make sure you don't do anything stupid so Reine has to take the lead thinking you're just nervous

>> No.1886453

>She thinks she's been feeding you too much greasy food because five pimples have appeared on your face out of nowhere

>> No.1886755

I do like the idea of the girl actually being really nice and loving to (You) but the people around her ready to body bag you if you make the slightest slip so simply being with her puts you in extreme danger

>> No.1888330

Then it turns out that she threatened them all to act like that so they would come as the insane ones instead of her.

>> No.1890072
File: 744 KB, 1156x1200, 77631998_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best part of Lulu is that most of the fear is pretty much just paranoia, and she has to convince people that she's perfectly normal
Even though she secretly likes it. Especially when it turns her boyfriend into a quivering mess, and she did nothing more than smile at him.

>> No.1890745

Roboco GF getting a virus during an update (Cover, in all their incompetency, never installed an antivirus) and sending certain sections of her "mind" into haywire... including her love for you.
You know have a paranoid, clingy, enamoured robot girlfriend who will assess your existing and future relationships with other people and eliminate all threats that could get between you and her.

>> No.1890884
File: 1.56 MB, 1566x2214, Robutt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1891562

I made that prompt because that story already existed actually. Rapey femdom abuse Roboco is good; but I was suggesting a "everyone you interact with will be killed by your GF and it'll be your fault" kind of mental abuse.

>> No.1891657

Would taking a bath with Roboco be the same as taking a bath with a toaster?

>> No.1891690

Hopefully someone who knows something about Roboco will pick this up.

>> No.1891740
File: 395 KB, 540x584, Baqua.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Author of that original Robo one, I'll make a part two to that story with your idea. Might have to post it on the next thread if this one hits the bump limit beforehand

>> No.1891786

Depends on how well insulated she is. Her legs seem iffy but I don't see any cables or entrances except on her feet and I'm pretty sure those are for rocket flying and not taking electricity.
One thing's for sure though: bathing with her must result in very high comfiness considering she can act as a bath heater. Imagine cuddling her while we're at it too.
Prompt guy here. Thank you and godspeed anon, I eagerly await what you can put out.

>> No.1892182

>that paranoia comes in where you both have sex and she begs you to cum inside but you agreed to safe sex but she leg locks you leaving you with no way to escape and after sex she tells you she was on the pill... Or was she?

>> No.1893559

What kind of thing do you want from this? I'm trying my hand at it now. I have something going but I feel like I could just drop it here and now at despite everything in your body constantly telling you to run away and her fondness for scaring you, she's completely normal and loves you very much.

>> No.1893761
File: 487 KB, 600x800, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about a story where Noel, a dashing knight in shining armor, saves you from a horde of monsters and you become absolutely smitten with her?

Except it turns out she's been stalking you for months, looking for an opportunity to save your life and sweep you off your feet because she desperately wants to take you home and bear your children - and she won't take no for an answer.

Sorry that all of my ideas keep involving yandere girls and impregnation lmao

>> No.1893895

Never apologize for being based

>> No.1893998

I'm glad someone appreciates it. Hopefully a writeanon picks this up.

>> No.1894229

Not that guy but have her scare even during sex. knowing the right amount of terror and horni to apply to flare up (You)r reproductive instincts to leave descendants behind, resulting in the penis becoming the big penis, which she likes.

>> No.1894366

This thread is so fun, the whole expanded universe with Cover Corp Dark Ops legit made my day, we need to know more about the daily lives of these poor people that have to satisfy every one of the Vtuber-Himes requests with violence, would be potential for some really entertaining reads

>> No.1894461
File: 24 KB, 463x453, 1612739548288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the rrat in me hopes that one of these requests is from the actual vtuber themselves and are getting off to these works

>> No.1894810
File: 96 KB, 218x195, 1616678570862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

theres a very high chance the residing treerrat has clicked on this general at least once
she could even be in this very thread right now

>> No.1894867

I don't feel like doing anything sexual for this one. The Korone one tapped out my horny supply for the time being.
Glad you liked it. Stories of working as an expendable black ops unit for increasingly unstable women sound fun.
I'll see what I can do.

>> No.1894876
File: 351 KB, 594x761, 1614644171796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>inb4 she does a reading of "Prisuner" live on stream

>> No.1894898

I'd be fucking honored honestly.

>> No.1894917

Here's to hoping you're in the mood for something like that in the future.

>> No.1894959

You're a gentleman and a scholar. Good luck!

>> No.1895056

>yfw being Hololive's Specs Ops agent
>basically kidnapping boys and sometimes girls for chuuba
>Most of Holo girls are some kinds of supernatural beings so your wetworks is basically to reduce damage from having something like Ayame's oni on a rampage and wipe out a district or something similar
>pay is decent but seeing how these women are ticking timebomb turned you off from relationships for now
>having fun drinking one night with your buds
>until one of them pulled a tranquilizer gun, one with a taser and one with a baseball bat trying to take you out
>Evening involved you basically taking out a bunch of your buddies in a unit like a fucking Metal Gear game
>Nearly finished off your captain in epic fist fight
>Until you got pound by Botan from behind
>She is aiming for you from the start
>The whole death matches galore has been her way of entertaining herself and seeing you barely survive each fights turned her on
>Your last thought was the sight of her knocked you out with a choke and promise to take care of you from now on
>At least from experience, you know that you won't be miserable in the future.
I am working on my resume for an internship right now so I don't have enough time for a full write-up. So this greentext is the best I can do, sorry about that.

>> No.1895067
File: 10 KB, 250x242, 1613961070313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of those are too vanilla for me

>> No.1896372

What are you looking for then?

>> No.1896463

either a heavy beating/torture WITHOUT aftercare or something akin to permanent chastity/castration

>> No.1896581

You're looking for a vtuber version of Girls for M. Don't you.

>> No.1896649
File: 204 KB, 458x502, Risa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we talk about the earlier volums

>> No.1896809

And what characters could be fit for something like that? Genuinely curious (all I can think of right now would be something along the lines of the Suicopath going Lorena Bobbit on you or Ollie eating your brain cause zombies do that lol)

>> No.1897190

>living punching bag
Noel Botan Korone
>Torture (needles, pincers and other bloody stuff)
Ayame Kanata Luna
>permanent spiked cage
Coco Kanata Kiara
Shion Rushia Ina

>> No.1897260

>Kiara spiked cage
oh thats fucking ho-
hard pass, i dont want her screwing other men on me

>> No.1897395

She doesn't like men

>> No.1897414

imagine Noel not being able to control her super strength and she accidentally crushes your pelvis ahah ooooohhh nooooo haha how terrible

>> No.1897608

I'd say Gura's the perfect fit for findom

>> No.1897882

>she hasnt had good dick

>> No.1898858
File: 147 KB, 1440x900, __kiryu_coco_and_kiryuu_kazuma_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_ostin0127__c72f20fcf82e1b29c469872a69e8f72a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Story where your family's business is behind on "perfection" payments and Coco takes (You) as collateral?

>> No.1899062

She used her influence to make people avoid your family's business so she could take you and groom you into being the perfect yakuza and husband.

>> No.1899182

revenge plot starring (You) against Coco but love eventually blooms on the battlefield?

>> No.1899253

Only if this plays during your final clash.

>> No.1899265

>Be martial artist
>Run a dojo
>Got financially pressured into serving Coco as her bodyguard/right-hand man.
>The sheer humiliation and shame of being a strong, righteous man who could fight his way out Kiryu HQ like a fucking badass but still forced to dance on her hand and eat out from her hand (figuratively and sometimes literally)
>got constantly called and doted on by her despite you feeling intense self-hatred and humiliation
>Word on the street call you her watchdog while Coco teased you by calling you her little puppy.

>> No.1899288
File: 270 KB, 600x602, 5c5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn feel pretty good after a successful job
>ywn be terrified when Coco wants to peak to you privately, thinking you must have screwed something up
>ywn be left speechless when she decided to "reward"
Pain peko

>> No.1899583

>Another thread on autosage
Nice. Fun stuff.

>> No.1899927

>ywn turn the yakuza princess into a yakuza queen by marrying her
>ywn take out the frustation your incompetent subordinates bring upon both of you on each other by having wild violent sex
>ywn spend ten minutes after cuddling and assuring each other that you didn't mean any insults you may have said
>ywn unwind after a long day of (violent) work by making sure the new yakuza game is accurately portraying the business... which actually means:
>ywn watch your badass yakuza wife have a blast and goofily gush over the game and tell you how cool kiryu is
>ywn watch her turn her head down, face flushing, and hear her whisper "but my hubby's cooler"
Fucking kill me.

>> No.1902223

Please do go on

>> No.1903297

Yes and yes. I need to see this!

>> No.1904524

I'm okay with death by snu snu as well.

>> No.1906252

Maybe we should start turning these into a general fan-fiction/writefagging thread instead of focusing strictly on abuse. Gives people more freedom and creativity that way.

And as much as I love some of these stories, the abuse wears down on your mental state after a while. Sometimes you want cute, comfy, fluffy stuff instead.

>> No.1906385

We tried that before but the thread was split into abusive and general fanfiction. Wouldn't hurt to try again, assuming everyone's in agreement and the threads don't splinter again.

>> No.1906437

The thread also wasn't as active and thus not much was achieved

>> No.1906492

Wdym? We've been hitting the bump limit quicker with each thread

>> No.1906538

I meant the thread where we tried to make a general writethread instead of abusive chuuba thread

>> No.1906556

We'd prob have to make it very clear that the general is both abuse and general fictions, cause if not then it'll split again

>> No.1906577
File: 450 KB, 498x426, MatsuriJam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I thought you meant this thread, am retad

>> No.1906765

Yeah. You'd have to put 'Abuse' in the title or someone who missed the memo would make another.

>> No.1908044

Real quick, what kind of world do you want this to take place in? I just now started but was curious. Modern day with monsters because of Hololive members fucking up the fabric of the world with their backstories? Or a medieval setting?