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>Unique yet adorable design
>Fun and chill streams
>Pretty easy-going almost all the time
>Also very shy when it comes to singing but she does it anyway like an absolute chad
>The biggest drama she ever had was when the magnet graduated
>Collabs with Hololive, Nijisanji and even Kizuna AI
>No one hates her, either you love her or you just simply don't care for her content
Why is she so perfect bros?

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She is, dare I say it, the queen of v-tubing.

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She's your neighborhood friendly pedophile

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She didn’t even have a history of being a streamer. GYARI struck gold. Simple as.

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You forgot a few:
>Lost her VOMS trinity
>Horrible new redesign promptly followed.
The downsliding into Pikawho has begun.

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That's another thing that really shocks me, that girl had pretty much no online presence at all.
Not like she would make any if she wanted to anyway, given that she used to be so fucking bad at technology (and even today, she still kinda is). Just how the hell did Gyari meet these girls and got them to jump in the Vtubing train?
>inb4 he created them in a secret basement lab

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I consider her top-tier, along with Coco from hololive, for their entertainment value to both EoPs and JoPs and generally laid-back and friendly attitude. I'd definitely get into an unmarked van if pika asked

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I want to think he heard her talking with friends at some place, heard her weird mannerisms and kettle laugh, and struck a conversation with her.
Though that would be seen as weird, and I'm sure she'd be freaked out. It is a mystery.

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>Lost her VOMS trinity
Anon, we all know magnet was nothing but dead weight. Nothing has hardly changed since she graduated.
>Horrible new redesign promptly followed.
What we get to see of it on stream is cute and hardly changes from the original design, come on now, don't be a fag

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Pikamee is amazing. One of my favorite. The kettle laugh is the cherry on top.

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I'm torn between her and Korone.

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She's your childhood rapist

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She can rape my childhood any time.

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you are not a woman

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I hated her because she began pandering to twitter clipfags. She probably improved since then but when I gave her a try the last few weeks it just hasn't been too great. Her hiring her fans to moderate the chat felt really fucking weird to me too which was when I decided to dip out.

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>Her hiring her fans to moderate the chat felt really fucking weird to me
Do you even begin to understand the huge amount of chubas who do this? Why would that be weird in any way, shape or form?

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Anyone with sub-500 concurrent viewers is fine for that. Pika is bigger which makes it look weird to me. It's the difference between indies I watch who have fans which were promoted to mods and bigger indies I watch who use nightbot / no mods at all.

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I don't really get the problem. Pikamee's chat is probably one of the best chats i've seen. other Vtubers have fans as mods too like Coco and Matsuri

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This >>1780253
Hana Macchia even opened a Google Form to recruit mods

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Pikamee talked about her previous work with GYARI in one of her drinking streams.

She talked about her time being GYARI's production assistant for that Horse mask dude. I think his name was Baken.

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>Gyari met Pikamee through a one-night stand situation

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Interesting back story

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Coco's chat started to look like a normal chat after she give mod to her oldest and most loyals fans, and when she used nightbot like half chat got banned without reason

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>Why is she so perfect bros?
Doesn't she suffer from racism due to being half-American.

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Only if shes a half nigger.

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>Anon, we all know magnet was nothing but dead weight.

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>Friend died
>Get a cat
>Cat has some freak mutation and doesn't have long to live
why is pikamee so suffering

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In exchange for her success and the admiration she garnered the universe must balance it out with a few misfortunes

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wtf i need to watch pikamee...

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I loved the magnet as much as the other five guys who knew about her, but it's true anon

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Whats her other half? Chinese or Jap? It feels like if she was half-jap, she would've already been learning it when she was a kid, not when she was learning to play yakuza

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Half American and half Japanese anon...

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>It feels like if she was half-jap, she would've already been learning it when she was a kid, not when she was learning to play yakuza
Aren't you confusing Pikamee with Coco?

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Yeah sorry, my brain flipped and thought I was in a coco thread

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coco is so amazing it’s hard not to think of every thread as a coco thread

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He's upset that he's not a mod. He wants to mod for a girl (preferably an indie) so he can stalk and rape her.

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The boke and tsukkomi are both important, it can't be only high energy people, I hope GYARI opens up more auditions, but it's already been an year and nothing

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Indonesia has town rapists too?

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Her name's Iofi

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Hey, lofi may be friendly and she may be a pedophile but
Wait, what was the third thing they said?

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>but it's already been an year and nothing
Wasn't Monoe fired less than 2 months ago?

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