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She wants to be a NijiEN member so badly.

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She wants to fuck Luxiem so bad...

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i'd want to migrate too if my incompetent company couldn't do basic shit like securing game permissions properly

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And you people prefered to attack Kiara for months.

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Then let her. Lets see how long she last there.

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Stop all this fake unity.. Pink woman you are not unity

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Why wouldn't she? It's so much better than HoloEN that it's honestly kind of sad

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Kiara is just the same as her, do your orange woman reps.

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She'd probably have an easier time collabing with them as an indie with an avatar. I just don't see her doing well in Nijisanji either way.

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I knew someone was gonna make a bait thread after I saw this in global.

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Kiara hasn't been as retarded as Mori since she joined Hololive, do your reps.

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I knew someone was gonna make a bait thread after I saw this in NijiEN General

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Think about, Nijisanji EN didn't exist when she started. Mori may have considered Nijisanji compared to Hololive.

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>American using the word lad
Oh bugger off

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Has she shown any attention to the Niji girls?

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She is fat

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None at all.

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Welsh influence.

>> No.17667469

*lurking now

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I knew someone was gonna make a bait thread after I saw this on Twitter

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That's not entirely true, I think she replied to a Finana tweet once last year.

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Nah not about being retarded but being a fucking whore. I can't believe Cover employs people like those.

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Of course not, she only cares about interacting with males
She desperately wants either the niji males or Connor to fill her holes

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Then she should just do it.

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>last year

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She's kind of garbage as a streamer. Last time I listened to Mori was Sana's pokemon endurance and it was mostly drunk rambling

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I think she has replied to Pomu a few times when she has replied to her

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No reply to Finana who had just released her new original song that is miles better than Luxiem's song. I don't watch this girl at all, but the fact that she is clearly using Luxiem to trigger her antis piss me off.

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Of course not.

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Lusts for cock so badly*

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Has she ever been that excited about the Stars? Last time I remember her interacting with any of them was when Izuru commented on her King cover with Gura.

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Honestly NijiEN looks like a much better corp to join today. Cover really needs to change the EN management.

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That's our Mori!

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>change the EN management

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Said one of her New Years goals was to interact more with the stars but >we all know it's because she's a huge saviorfag and not because she genuinely wants to be friends with the boys

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not wrong but the things she needs to consider as a musician is that
>Niji is slower on musical streaming release than holo
>I doubt she could stay in JP under Niji contractual system

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That's Mori, yeah. She's better when she doesn't have to play a character, which is still why I don't see her doing good even if she joins Niji like some suggest. Especially if she has to pretend to stream with someone like Pomu or Selen, or stream with group events mandated by the company.

Its probably because of Omega and how little he does. Ame pays and does more to host holiday events than any of the management seems to be willing to help, she may as well be promoted at this point.

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Cover has more resources, Niji feels like bootleg hololive, even if their 3d models are better in some instances it always has that great value hololive written all over their events/vtubers. I'm not a tribal fag but thats how they come off to me.

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I know about her NY goals, but that doesn't mean shit when she barely interacts with the Stars or get excited about their big milestones but reply to any little thing Luxiem does. I don't remember her saying anything about the big live they had in December when even Polka talked about on stream (yeah, I know about roommate shit, but that was the first time she ever mentioned the Stars)

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>Niji feels like bootleg hololive
You're funny anon.

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Has it ever occurred to you schizos that maybe she's just patronizing the NijiEN members because she knows they can never pull as much views as HoloEN? Maybe she's like "Woo congrats for 3 million!" "But you'll never be able to have 10+ mil though, LIKE ME!"

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If she's gonna join any corpo, might as well just join VShojo in Twitch so you can get as much freedom as you'd like.

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you can take her

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Cover wastes money with useless projects, if you watched Aqua's live then compared it to any Nijisanji live, you'd see the gigantic gap of technology and production level.

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Laugh at SEAgros. SEAgro HATE


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>but thats how they come off to me
Dont forget how much emotional impact adds on to perceived value. If you watch Holo regularly, Holo events will feel so much more special than a Nijisanji one, vice versa.

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Yikes no can do bro

>> No.17668127

now THIS is coping

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I only follow 2views

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To bad nju exist, so yeah

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She can join but her music is ass

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Ever since you started watching vtubers? Or after you decided to look outside Holo?.

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Sorry holokeks Shu is a nijifag supreme, he will never respect a holowhore

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Since the start my frist vtuber was mirai akari

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I didnt even think about this.
She's literally only doing this to "trigger unicorns" lmao. This woman is garbage

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Congratulations, you now know why the board keeps calling deadbeats cuckbeats, because they keep cheering and enabling her shitty behavior.

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I would prefer if she didnt, she would have negative chemistry with the girls

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It's not really about NijiEN, she's just obsessed with males and wants to show it all times. She never gave a shit about the Niji girls.

I bet even her"""friendship""" with Mouse is only due to Connor.

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Twitch is far worse for music production.

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How do you think I feel?, I have to deal with this pink menace more than I'd like.

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hey at least she doesnt have to suck cocks and wait one year to get a new outfit, well maybe just connor's

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In JP maybe not in EN.

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Thanks for taking a bullet for us holofags
t. Nijichad

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Falseflag deadcuck.

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Mori was never really a lesbian, so no.

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I only saw that Aqua got her live while niji had to cancel theirs

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Fish deserves less.

>> No.17668565

No she can't, you can say what you want about the NijiEN girls but at least all of them show some semblance of professionalism and mental stability.
This woman should stop streaming and get a hold of her life before she keeps fucking up and inevitably ends up dragging others in her shitshow.

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>I only saw that Aqua got her live while niji had to cancel theirs

>> No.17668628

i'm glad that you enjoyed your wall live, stay like that

>> No.17668629

Wow, rude, don't use my Oshi to shitpost.

>> No.17668630

>Every company must consist of toxic rivalry or ban interactions altogether

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thanks, she was cute and healthy

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Its not about being a lesbian. She's pretending to be supporting other vtubers but really she's just trying to clap back at people over the "male collab" thing

>> No.17668708

Any hololive's live is a failure, even hardcore fans were a tad let down by their ani live last year. I don't know what the fuck they are doing with all that money

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no I just think she wants to be a man

>> No.17668739

>wastes money with useless projects
Anycolor isnt really better about that. (yume no graphia)
Both companies are startup, trying stuff out to figure out what works is essentially the point, especially when they are leaders in this 'new industry'.
This is why I feel indifferent about idol side of thing since its a medium beaten to dead already.

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You can just watch the ones from last year. Since any of them were miles better than anything from holo.

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She's ugly as sin, not even a slampig. I don't think any famous male streamer other than Connor who has a cucking fetish will pay attention to her.

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The cabaret club was closed not because it wasn't making money, the tickets were selling out, they closed it down because the shareholders saw that as an actual whore house.

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NTA but both LazuLight and HoloMyth got their first outfits 7-8 months after debut so you've really pulled that one out your ass.

>> No.17668891

All those dox photos must have been flattering angles because she hide her ugliness well

>> No.17668893

why watch the lives from last year when the recent homos debuts mogs in quality the last nijis debuts by far?

>> No.17668911

>Cover wastes money with useless projects
This. But it's kinda expectable since there's no similar experience in this new niche.

>> No.17668934

she got really fat

>> No.17668949

Oh wow she's actually fat. Thought it was just memes

>> No.17668957

Yeah, and the fact that they have to close it down because of their oversight is a waste of money just like their first CN branch and their IN branch.

>> No.17668977

She used to be hot. She literally admitted she gained weight recently

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>> No.17668985

It's a clap back but it's also because most Japanese men aren't interested in 5 foot 6 giantesses like her.

>> No.17668999

well, yea, its pretty much hostress stuff which is touchy, even though they tried really hard to make a point about it not being 'virtual kyaba'.

>> No.17669019

Except you can't actually join NijiEN unless you're in Elira's circle or are a chink.

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Aah, you are a starnigger. Nevermind, stay salty for the rest of your life then, I'm glad Luxiem is doing so well, because I can see you fags being even more spiteful recently.

>> No.17669114

>IN branch
>waste of money

>> No.17669137

why dont she do her faggotry on her other account

>> No.17669173

good, bye.
give us elira in exchange pls
she actually knows japanese and could collab with jp holos without me cringing unlike kiara

>> No.17669179

She know that Anon why do you think she going to the gym

>> No.17669203

Her goal was to trigger specific people

>> No.17669253

We're not giving you Elira, Holobrony, and she wouldn't want to leave the more relaxed friend group in a thousand years anyways

>> No.17669255

to suck dicks?

>> No.17669259

You mean the beggars? Because no Stars fan is really salty that the agency known for having popular male vtubers has popular EN male vtubers.

>> No.17669266

Mori's music work is all directed by her so speed won't be an issue. She writes them herself and has her own mixers and producers. Niji's pace won't be a factor at all.

>> No.17669275

is a deep voice and bri*ish accent really all it takes to make women wet their panties?

>> No.17669276

IN livers were performing better than a lot of ID ones, despite debuting later. The branch failing was entirely on the management.
Which is kinda funny considering how its the opposite in ID's case, their management is generally regarded as great by their talents.

>> No.17669284

What kind of Texan uses the word "lads"

>> No.17669304

I dont care about homos nijitranny but facts are facts no matter how much you cope

>> No.17669314

No they were not. Vihan was pulling one digit numbers

>> No.17669330

She’s replying to Shu though. Who has an American accent and is an awkward nerd

>> No.17669338

IN as in India

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I wonder who she picked that up from...

>> No.17669353

The type who grown up watching Anime and boondock saints

>> No.17669363

No need to backtrack, no holofag give a fuck about the stars, let alone would watch that pure faggotry that was their 3D date and think "yes, that's good!".

>> No.17669403

I know, but saying that IN was a waste of money is a stretch. They had only 3 people there, and Noor was a staff.

>> No.17669404

How much economic hardship did Mori really suffered?
>Went to a private school
>Golf camp
>Visited Jamaica, Ireland. Rome?
>Private college?
>Arts major
I am a third worlder, so my standards are different. But in my country these things are only done by the rich.

>> No.17669414

oh wait I confused luxium (the focus of the original tweet) and vox

>> No.17669418

Going to the gym isn't going to do much if she keeps chugging bottles before starting streams anonchama. That big puffy face is already proof she takes a few more drankies than she lets on.

>> No.17669440

Private school should tell you everything

>> No.17669453

not sure about economic hardships but she's the daughter of divorcees and was raised by a single mother for a time, so that's guaranteed recipe for menhera later on in life

>> No.17669456

You're trying way too hard.

>> No.17669484

You don't understand how pampered Americans are. She once talked about how she didn't have money to go to Japan and she raised that money by... working two months at McDonald's

>> No.17669498

NTA but apparently private schools and colleges are actually the cheap option in Japan while public schools have high tuition rate

>> No.17669503

And having someone who only her friend because she let Mori eat her food didn't help

>> No.17669517

Idk there are plenty of women that don't get along with other women. They get all petty and catty against each other. That's probably her problem.

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NijiEN feels like a better corpo to join as a male for the moment, who knows how much unicornfags will harass you if you were to be in HomoEN, or worse, openly collaborate with them.

>> No.17669528

She's so dumb. When she should lay low and let drama die down, she inflames it all over again.

>> No.17669530

Why is it the only topic that matters to you is sex? At this point you seem like you're projecting what you want to see

>> No.17669550

I've always wondered why there's little to no interaction between ame and Mori. Ame probably hates her privileged guts lmfao

>> No.17669551

whoah an actuall nijisis on her period
I will take elira to hololive and there is nothing you can do about it
become holosis now

>> No.17669560

>private school
>In NA
eat the rich.

>> No.17669567

Yeah it would take at least a year here.

>> No.17669618

>Raised in the USA

>> No.17669634

I hate this bitch more everyday. Privileged white pigs will suffer.

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If only Mori was lesbian......

>> No.17669655

ITT SEANiggers living on mud huts

>> No.17669659

If setting up an overseas branch cost peanut then we would see more of them unless you believe the 3 of them somehow can breakeven the cost to set up the branch

>> No.17669678

whatever makes you happy, must be sad living from past glorys and coping 24/7

>> No.17669702

Murrican here.
This is quite privileged even for our standards. Private school puts you in the top 10% of income brackets automatically. Ballet is expensive but she quit before getting seriously into it. Golf is an expensive sport for anyone even kids since you pay for all equipment out of pocket. Most Americans don't go to Europe since it costs like $2000 even to go for a few days. Private unis in the US can cost upwards of $70K per year. Yeah, Mori's family is loaded.

>> No.17669709

Are those things commonplace for working class americans?

>> No.17669715

Goddamn I love how mad Mori makes some of you

>> No.17669743

you dont get it anon, youll never get it. You are no rapper

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I like whores. They put out and their cunts feel good.

>> No.17669788

Bullshit, you hardly pay rent with McDonald's

>> No.17669792

No because the USA isn't 3rd world unlike the SEAniggers who should've been nuked

>> No.17669823

>public school
>in USA
Not even once. If you're kid isn't getting groomed by a tranny/drag queen in the library then they're getting indoctrinated to be commies by their genderfluid non-binary teacher that goes by Xim/Xis. Homeschool your kids if you can manage.

>> No.17669835

it was some fancy restaurant not fucking mcdonalds

>> No.17669849

Lol wow, this is way more privileged than I imagine, as a burger I guess it makes sense. Anything really involving the arts is considered "Daddy's money" type shit, especially when you have someone to fund a dogshit Arts degree

Hell no, this is an uncommon middle to common upper middle class upbringing. I grew up in a nice house, but fuck me if my parents could ever afford a nice trip to Europe. My parents made a really decent living but to send my brother so an amazing Ivy league tier school for his future they still needed to take out loans.
Even if she went to a Catholic private school those still cost a lot

>> No.17669868

I attended a private school and paid 15k a year. But I still didn’t do all that other stuff she got to do. She’s lived a really comfy life

>> No.17669880


>> No.17669933 [DELETED] 

You better be playing U/W or U/B otherwise I'ma just load up on big green uncounterable and hexproof beatsticks and murder you that way.

>> No.17669936

> She wants to be a NijiEN member so badly.
Wrong, she specifically wants to be a Hololive member who has sex with a NiniEN male

>> No.17669956


as if you can join holoEN without being Ina's art friend or a gook friend lol

>> No.17669965

I know, I meant it as an unrelated trivia I wanted to bring up on the topic of private schools
hence the "NTA"

>> No.17669996

Go back to /pol/

>> No.17669999

She can fuck off. We don't want her. We'll take Kiara, though.

>> No.17670010

Stuff like this just enables shit about her not caring about Hololive. Should be celebrating people in your company before competitors' no-association whos.

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>Has she ever been that excited about the Stars?
How fucking new?

>> No.17670094

>fancy restaurant
> it was an applebees

>> No.17670099

It was applebees or olivegarden, cant remember which

>> No.17670101

You could have just told us you're a high school dropout anon

>> No.17670104

>We'll take Kiara, though.
It'll cost you Selen. Deal?

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File: 241 KB, 435x382, F8BF510B-26C3-4241-A45F-53733F374F04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yume was monetarily successful, as I understand it. It was legal incompetence that brought it down - the hostess aspect is close enough to cabarets/clubs that you need to have a corresponding legal backing for it. Anykara didn’t bother with that, and management shat its pants and shut down the branch at the first sign of trouble.

I think it’s sad. There’s lots of lonely people who just want Yume provided - talking with women, nothing lewd -,so it’s a very interesting niche to fill.

>> No.17670119

Okay starnigger, enjoy your homoflops.

>> No.17670158

internet drama in a nutshell

>> No.17670169

College dropout, but ogey.

>> No.17670198

Is public education in the US that bad?
I thought all this time it was just internet memes

>> No.17670200

And she barely talked about any of them after it. Didn't say anything about any of their originals, about 1st ACT, 3D debuts, absolutely nothing.

>> No.17670239

It's actually not that bad and I grew up in the south, he sounds like your average retard who got a GED because he didn't wanna do homework or learn a 2nd language for two years

>> No.17670281

Well, their kids gun down other kids like every month or so, can't be very good.

>> No.17670307

Not american. But to my understanding americans spend a ton in public education only to get average results, compared to other countries.

>> No.17670314

In her few tweets with Vox she has interacted more with him than with Rikka in her 2 collabs and song combined

>> No.17670319

all public education is bad unless you're in some european country america's isn't especially behind but for being the richest nation on earth it's pretty bad

>> No.17670324
File: 696 KB, 3720x3228, 7BD47B93-8F6D-44EA-A601-C9C553C5AA71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Selen ‘There’s only one thing worse than a rapist. A child.’ Tatsuki.

Why would you want her in Hololive? She’d be miserable under management censorship.

>> No.17670343

This is why we need holostars EN, so they can dick this menhera down and reign her in

>> No.17670530
File: 152 KB, 879x1200, 1643502524418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've said it before and I'll say it once again, Box is going to collab with Mori and it's going to be lit

>> No.17670545

This is what some anon said as a silver lining after luxiem debut, that they will draw mori attention from TT fags, but lo a month later she retardly pick a fight with fucking nobodies to defend TT still, only graduation can reign her in.

>> No.17670561

Here's a better answer than le guns

Is it bad? No it's still better than most places on earth
Is it great? No because despite how much government money and taxes goes into it, compared to most developed nations on earth it is extremely average.

The one statistic that has scared people to shit is that in Math and Science the US has stagnated for close to 30 years now

>> No.17670567

Mori, come home to nijisanji where your own fans won't attack you.

>> No.17670583

I don't think even Voxxy could carry that collab

>> No.17670643

Have you ever watched a Kiara stream? Of course you haven't. Selen is no worse than Kiara. She would be fine.

>> No.17670676

Enna and Millie have done most of their own work, and they've released plenty of music in their couple of months in NijiEN. Mori would be more than fine, especially if she sticks to using her previous contacts like she did for her first EP in Hololive.

>> No.17670737

>thinking the thinskinned bitch would make it to Nijis
Fuck her, she should stay Holotrash

>> No.17670755

It's actually pretty interesting, in my country private education is ridiculed and is seen as only for people who want a diploma but are too stupid to go to a public school.

>> No.17670780

>Luxiem x Mori collab
>most hated vtuber group after Vshojo collabing with pink woman bad
Do you want this entire board to implode?

>> No.17670787


>> No.17670791

I've never imy e ever searched mori or anything mori related on Twitter, and the only person I follow there is haachama but for some reason I STILL get recommended anti mori posts and I have no idea why

>> No.17670802

At least she doesn't yuribait and open being straight

>> No.17670832


>> No.17670838

most private education in America is either a for-profit motif or has a religious undertone to it

>> No.17670856

Can't be worse than the day Bubi collabs with Mori after his debut

>> No.17670857

>this entire board to implode
thats the idea

>> No.17670885

>most hated vtuber group
By what metric?

>> No.17670891

The only people that hate Luxiem are wet blankets from hlgg that don't even give the boys a chance

>> No.17670924

>new original song that is miles better than Luxiem's song
It's not.
Also triggering antis is based, if you can trigger faggots that seethe over you why wouldn't you do it

>> No.17670935

but that's me too and I don't talk like that. I didn't even grow up that far from where Mori did

>> No.17670960

Go crap out another rap about it.

>> No.17671009

I think Mori might be too autistic to fit in at nee gee sawn gee. Imagine the bullying

>> No.17671021

She feels bad for the Holostars but she doesn't really care about them. She isn't Rrat, she's not really a fan. We can't blame the language barrier, because Ame and Mumei don't care either.

>> No.17671022

The fanbase might be annoying but the boys themselves are pretty funny if you give them a chance
And also ignore any yumejoshi baiting they do

>> No.17671028

Why doesn't she just collab with all those people on her roommate account?
And on that note when the fuck will she finally do a cover of Libera Me from Hell with Ironmouse?

>> No.17671068

Public School is fine, its the kids who are retarded. Smart kids do just fine in public school.
Hope schooling is for narcissistic parents who don't understand how stupid they themselves are

>> No.17671109

Petra gets bullied literally every time she's on screen, and they already get along well with Rosemi who's a massive autist. She'd be fine.

>> No.17671115
File: 1.30 MB, 2000x2829, 1634556492011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thread about an amazing song thats highly praised by acomplished vtuber musicians

>not a single sperg itt posted a link to the topic of the thread itself

Common retards, at least do the bare minimum...

>> No.17671132

Because no one cares about Karen the fat wigger living in japan
People care about Calliope Mori from Hololive English
And that’s what eats Mori up inside

>> No.17671154

It really varies from state to state. It should be better than it is considering the US owns the money printer

>> No.17671189

Nah I'm gonna fap to Goober feet instead

>> No.17671208

I know that and I stand by what I said. She would not be able to take it

>> No.17671284

Something like this comforts me because my oshi is insecure and knows most of his fans will follow him if he leaves. That means he’ll never graduate :D

>> No.17671321

Mock the homofags all you want but at least when I watch Roberu or Astel I don't have to hear constant zoomer lingo and dead memes. I will give you credit and say that Ike and Luca aren't bad.

>> No.17671382

>if you can trigger faggots that seethe over you why wouldn't you do it
Why exactly do you gain out of it other than smug satisfaction even though everyone else laughs at you?

>> No.17671417

Burgers are uniquely retarded, they dump truckloads of money into their school systems and yet the people are still dumb. It must be something in the food.

>> No.17671451

And both of them manage to take bants in stride, compared to seeking out mean superchats and owning the haydurs by directly playing into their hands.

>> No.17671493

I've already been brainwashed to enjoy zoomer lingo by the girls so it's not really as noticeable for me I guess

>> No.17671495

Luca just won't shut up about pog. He's surprisingly okay outside that.

>> No.17671517
File: 301 KB, 1542x840, NijiEN vs HoloEN Dec21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's better for females too. When you compare Council revenue with Nijis it's almost the same while Nijis also don't have to deal with most of the bullshit Holos have to. Yes Myth is still ahead but only because they were the first EN wave ever. Nobody is going to catch up to them.

>> No.17671526
File: 545 KB, 810x860, 1625977456586.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Between that and the fact that Mori applied as a joke and didn't take the job seriously at first, it would make sense in retrospect.
>implying she had to pay rent or bills at home

>> No.17671588

I honestly hope she graduates soon. She'd clearly be happier in other places, and Hololive just brings her stress. In light of that, it's hard to feel like she considers her Deadbeats anything but just a source of income at this point.

>> No.17671598

I hate council, don't speak for me you retard.

>> No.17671602

>"cool song bro"
>200+ posts of people pulling each other's hair

>> No.17671614

I'm gonna start watching the Stars more. The homos are our homos, and I will defend our territory.

>> No.17671624

Don't forget about streamlabs donations, which both the girls and boys have been getting in spades recently.

>> No.17671629

Did she interact with Male NijiENs before "that supa" or did she just start after it to spite the unicorns?

>> No.17671663

It's the only Mori thread that hasn't been deleted so everyone is using it to discuss everything at once

>> No.17671693

What a poor poor girl I need to give her money now!

>> No.17671718

Council barely streams lol

>> No.17671736

You really should, they don't deserve the shit everyone gives them

>> No.17671768

From the looks of it she still loves it at holo
Though she might be more aggressive from now on, just like at the other place, she talked about

>> No.17671771

Yeah with Streamlabs most of NijiEN is ahead of Council. But Council has higher vod numbers so it's probably about equal in the end.

>> No.17671828

>oh my gawd these boys would totally understand me
>no one gets me
>I'm not like other girls
Why is Mori such a basic fucking bitch? Why is she so self centered?

>> No.17671836

What's worse is that the song in question sucks because none of the guys save Ike are singers.
The other songs are much better because the girls are singers.

>> No.17671860

Define aggressive. As in streaming more often, and more passionate about her job? I hope so, when she's 'on' she's enjoyable.

>> No.17671909

American middle/upper class like to LARP about poverty when they no longer rely on their parents for money even when the fallback safety net is there.
t. middle/upperclass American

>> No.17671919
File: 59 KB, 560x747, 1937 Haruna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rich idiot with super easy life who thinks she actually has it hard.

>> No.17671922

Why is she the center of your identity on here for that matter?

>> No.17671928

>most hated vtuber group
They seem pretty liked here in actual Niji circles to me. The only seething I see about them is from freshly-migrating unicorns that barely watch the NijiEN girls anyways

>> No.17671959

Now that you mention it, Council may have more views per video but since NijiEN girls do like 2x more videos their advert revenue is probably the same too.

>> No.17671964

Everyone wants a tomboy gf until they realize tomboys hang out with guys

>> No.17672013

Ike is too good for Luxiem, it's embarrassing

>> No.17672025

Don't worry, he'll fill the dead space with FNAF autism.

>> No.17672066

Jesus, so she was lying this whole time?

>> No.17672070

i dont want another one of mori's unironic simpleton followers to ever say she "works hard to reach out to her japanese colleagues"
lol no she doesn't, shes given up and its so obviously clear as day she's now entered the "bitter expat leaving soon" phase of her journey
she doesnt do her reps anymore and is homesick, so whats the next best thing? talks to the chink canadians across the isle cause you suck at talking to people of your own biological sex

>> No.17672101

She followed vox when he debuted but the twitter interactions started after the superchats, it's obvious she's not ''holding herself back'' anymore

>> No.17672152

Mori from Hololive EN.

>> No.17672163

Source for any of this?

>> No.17672164

It's not just her own biological sex, otherwise she would lean heavily into supporting the Holostars. She just nopes out of anything involving anyone who doesn't speak English.

>> No.17672217

When I visited burgerland I was really envious, i went to south carolina which has a really nice sunny subtropical climate that makes you want to touch grass, everything is huge there, their roads, buildings and homes are fucking huge it feels so much more spacious and rich than my country. But realistically I think you need a ton of money to really enjoy the burger life. And now these girls are living the dream, getting paid to play games wih their friends... so the more I envy them the more I seethe when Mori complains about mundane shit.

>> No.17672222

Why? Is it because americans love the rags to riches narrative? Do they want to be self made men? In my country being poor is embarrassing.

>> No.17672255

Because it's easier to con a man than it is to convince a man he has been conned

>> No.17672320

I don't understand.

>> No.17672329

Speak English you fucking retard, what the fuck does this even mean?

>> No.17672472
File: 114 KB, 250x250, 1623013597387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She just nopes out of anything involving anyone who doesn't speak English.
Then why doesn't she collab with Haachama?

>> No.17672490

Wow, what a fucking poser. I live in the United States and grew up decidedly middle class and that all sounds very bougie.

>> No.17672501

Culturally, relying on your parents is seem as shameful in America. It's part of the whole personal independence thing.

I wouldn't know because I haven't watched a holo stream in ages, but has she ever mentioned her relationship with her parents? I could easily see them cutting off support after she decided to fuck off to Japan and chase her weeb dreams.

>> No.17672523

here's a better answer, it's because in America the """ideal""" person to look like is the "self-made man", you're self sustaining, you have a steady job, now ask yourself, well, why is that a big deal? Shouldn't that be everyone in an ideal world?
Because when you tell people you "came from nothing" they look at you like you're a hardworker who worked your way up the ladder of life and finally found solace after putting your nose to the grindstone. But when you tell people you were born in a middle class suburb with a private religious school education and the free ability to test out your merit in the arts (considered an actual privilege in America), nobody will think the same as above.
Basically, it's a con job of her self image. Why act like you've had a good life when you can just feign poverty like most Americans actually are suffering through?

>> No.17672604

Any proof to this? If it's true then she didn't face any hardship. It also gives another reason to laugh at her for trying to rap, the other reason being a white woman.

>> No.17672621

Almost like moving to a foreign country where you're treated like a unicorn because of your skin color, just so you can exploit yourself as a sideshow for locals wasn't a good idea

>> No.17672658

I honestly don't know. It could happen eventually. The only case where I could imagine Calli collaborating seriously with another Holostar (besides some big collab) is if Human Breeder got good enough at English.

>> No.17672663

Dude just trust us, no one lies on the Internet.

>> No.17672699

Collabing with Coco and Coco calling Mori a crack whore really mindbroke Mori

>> No.17672777

Americans are poor people coping by telling themselves they can be rich. They admire rich people who used to be poor (because they see that as a goal) and they hate rich people who were always rich (freeloaders who didn't work hard) and poor people who are content being poor (bums who don't work hard).

>> No.17672801

Sounds like an incel excuse

>> No.17672881

Tomboys are based, simple men can't understand this. Mori is a different case though.

>> No.17672896

You can just search in warosu you know. these are usually stuff talked about in split thread

>> No.17673033

She can suck all their cocks, but leave the other girls out of it.

>> No.17673118
File: 291 KB, 220x196, 6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she wants to be less successful

>> No.17673209 [DELETED] 

Oy vey

>> No.17673268


>> No.17673290

please, let her leave, Yagoo, I beg you

>> No.17673354


>> No.17673356

>that feel when you know Mori is fine and will be a part of hololive for years to come

>> No.17673437

she wished mysta a HBD, just after almost forgetting about ame´s

>> No.17673456

I think google saw my /vt/ activity. Youtube is recommending me clips of Mori's roommate even though I never even knew her name before.

>> No.17673467

Mori is a straight girl who is highly attracted to males. The Luxiem boys, or the TT guys, she gets a thrill when she talks to them.

>> No.17673483

Why would they? She's still their biggest money maker. Controversy here doesn't matter if it doesn't affect their streams.
She'd have to pull a Coco and leave of her own accord, but even then she's smart enough now to not leave.

>> No.17673494

nah, it's the deadbeat kiddies pushing it on the algorithm
>omg le ebin face reveal stream whoaaaahhhh
>she's just like batman! 2 personalities omg

>> No.17673508

>center of identity
What did you mean? Do you understand the narrative mechanics of a green text? That it can be an alternative perspective?

>> No.17673584

Stop this shit, id absolutely hate it if she fuckin polluted nijien with her bullshit

>> No.17673652

Considering her manager has a blindfold on at all times and Omega seems to not give a shit about what she does compared to her colleagues, she's your problem now dude

>> No.17673696
File: 244 KB, 543x475, 1623026676769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coco knew the truth about Mori being a fake, that's why she left her mic on at the end of that collab.

>> No.17673710

I would love it if nijisanji created a special branch for people like Mori and Kson to join.

>> No.17673724

Suprise this thread still alive, so, what are we discussing here?

>> No.17673736

your entire post smells of discord tranny

>> No.17673750

Kson has zero interest in ever becoming a corporate product again, why do people push this

>> No.17673824

>Almost 300 replies discussing a tweet reply
Mori mindbroke /vt/

>> No.17673835

They probably mean your identity on here is based around hating Mori. Based on your post, I can kinda see it.

>> No.17673848

She doesnt have to be anyones problem

>> No.17673861

this never happened

>> No.17673905

And /vt/ mindbroke Mori, basically made for each other

>> No.17673920

She actually said "Are you okay? You look like a crackhead right now"

>> No.17673989

Wasn't that after the supa?

>> No.17674078

She has talked about all these things. It is not even darklore.

>> No.17674180

or maybe with enna?
o wait, someone on management forbid it, shit

>> No.17674216

being successful ≠ being happy, she probably trying to achieve second

>> No.17674285

I guess I meant more assertive
She's being more open about what she's liking and disliking from what she said in the other room, and that she DOES want to keep playing with her friends, she's fake about that she does appreciate her comrades at her job

>> No.17674322

never happened schizo, newfag

>> No.17674348

No she wants to be succesful, she's simply not successful in the way that she wants

>> No.17674386

Is this a falseflag or is this the classic "pretend to be retarded to get a link spoonfed"?

>> No.17674415

unironically the second one

>> No.17674440


>> No.17674451

Imagine if omegafaggot hadn't blocked Kiara's collab. NijiEN collabs would have been commonplace by now, and people would have been much more comfortable with Mori talking with the NijiEN boys at this point.

>> No.17674515

>Mori is a straight girl who is highly attracted to males with BIG NUMBERS.
It's not just that she's into males. That's understandable, and there's reasonable ways with dealing with that. But the pattern to notice here is not that she's "attracted to (ANY) males", because she's not exactly shouting out and sucking off small unknown unpopular dudes, but only those with the sufficient numbers. Twitch ecelebs, anitubers, and now I guess the Nijimales after they've proven themselves to be more popular than the girls, they're in her strike-zone to attach herself to.

>> No.17674530

Mostly just how Mori sucks.

>> No.17674535

And Ame literally was on the verge of being homeless, Jesus no wonder she has a heart of gold compared to this bitch

>> No.17674578

Holy shit, how do y'all manage to pin every blame imaginable on him, this isn't even defending him this just doesn't make sense
He both does everything horrible and also doesn't do anything? For fuck sake

>> No.17674593

> heart of gold
do teammates really? ame is a bitch

>> No.17674626


>> No.17674637

Not our fault you got in trouble being an idiot

>> No.17674669

I hate HoloEN with a passion and am an unapologetic unicorn and I don't mind Luxiem. Mostly because I don't follow NijiEN girls and don't care if they cuck their fans.

>> No.17674679

If Ame's a bitch Mori is the whore of Babylon

>> No.17674689

> muh charity scam

>> No.17674716


>> No.17674803

Yet can't prove otherwise

>> No.17674896

>Admitted to being a valley girl
She definitely wasn't poor

>> No.17674946

KFPenis so angry they need to create 300 anti threads

>> No.17675027

I'm not a KFP and haven't been making them, but I will say that I'm pleased to have an acceptable outlet for my Mori hate now.

>> No.17675172

Depends. To get 4 pieces of a log, you need to do 3 cuts.

>> No.17675279

It was a trial of fire (pun absolutely intended), an evil necessity, a mere stepping stone for our Great Leaderchou to rise above and show how good she was. Look at how /vt/ lauds her now and regrets ever shitting on her. Viva la Kiara! Viva!

>> No.17675441

kneel cuckbeat

>> No.17675738

It's funny every time.

>> No.17675935

She's replied to some of them @ing her but I don't think she's ever publicly initiated.

>> No.17676104

Man, I fucking miss that bitch

>> No.17676449

She obviously used Luxiem just to trigger antis.
I hope they would stop giving her attention.

>> No.17676462


>> No.17676619

She doesn't give a shit about antis.

>> No.17676837

Not gonna lie, I feel for what she was going through (I don't watch her btw just Holofans can be pretty bad) but at this point she must know how this looks and the fact she doesn't attempt to contact the girls just makes me want to agree with you.
The worst part is Luxiem can't ignore even if they wanted to because it would look bad on them.

>> No.17676924

Sounds fucking based.

>> No.17677085

I hope Shu doesn't get hate... he is a little autist

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