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Did you just make this thread so people would tell her this was a bad idea?

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Its not a bad idea per se, since her goal is to gain more audience, but, she will have to scour a lot of the content involving 4chan references in her recent streams if she truly intends to go mainstream.

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Our daughter is growing up

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Will you still watch your daughter when her chat is 90% redditfaggotry?

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Creating her own subreddit seems pointless, but it'd probably be a good idea to post in one of the related subreddits like the vtuber one if she ever intends to have an audience outside of this place.

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Yes, i just hide chat

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That's the price of growth. Reddit isn't even the final frontier of stupid-chat. That'd be the facebook groups that will lead into mexicans and BRs.

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As long as I still like her content I will still watch her.
It seems like Twitter already fills the role that a subreddit would have and more since she makes announcements and communicates with fans there.

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She shouldnt make her own subreddit at this stage isnt there a subreddit for vtubers? she should make a post there and when she grows big enough she can make her own

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Wow, our daughter really pumped us dry then cast us to the side... Just like real life

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There's already people trying to make her say shit like "ice wallow come", that ship already sailed

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If the content is mostly the same yes. The 4chan engagement was the hook, but her personality reeled me in. She seems like a genuinely fun person with a low-key shit stirring side. A cool bear.

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>just close your eyes bro
>just plug your ears bro

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just use the thread if reddit finds her

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That's the reality of being a dad anon, giving your kid advice so they can live independently without needing your help anymore. But be proud that you raised them well.

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There's https://www.reddit.com/r/VirtualYoutubers/ but most of the posts only get a couple replies at best. It does seem that there's a lot of lurkers that use it to pick up indies though since every japanese vtuber that posts there gets a few EOPs in their chat even if the reddit post gets no reply.

There's a small handful of japanese vtubers that have managed to build a consistent EOP audience from there by sheer nature of posting there every single time they stream.

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Do you not watch hololive/niji or any decently popular vtuber for that matter?

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Yeah looking at it there are 1000 users active at the moment its a good idea to make a post there in my opinion like you said they are lurkers im certain she will get a few viewers checking her out

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When ANY vtuber gets big enough you lose the sense of intimacy that was had at the beginning. But holding her back from growing is selfish and anti behavior, just accept that and enjoy the time you have now to be so close.

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>actually watching corporatetubers

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It doesn't matter if you can see the chat yourself.
The comments she'll read and respond to will come from reddit.
The games that get suggested to her will come from reddit.
And you better believe that the ENVtuber leeches will come along too.

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Anon, she isnt going to get 100k reddit users overnight, calm down at most it will be around a thousand.
Leeches are unavoidable, it is up to the individual to know how to handle these.

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I can't be assed to make a twitter account. What's the vote count at?

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>at most it will be around a thousand

More like a hundred. That's what most of the reddit-groomed japanese vtubers can get.

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Woah, didn't expect no to have that decisive a lead

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The better question is would you daughter still stream if you couldn't provide her with enough money?

If the the answer is no, then she's gonna need someone else to provide for her to continue streaming.

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I voted no because of the wording she used. It is not a good idea to create her own Reddit community because nobody would visit the subreddit.

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We don't know if she really meant make a subreddit or just make a post on a subreddit due to the language barrier, so that also confuses what people are voting for here.

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I only watch vtubers with under 10k subs. Once they gain more than that I stop watching them and move on to the next one. It's just not the same once they amass a certain level of popularity.

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>making Reddit community
It seems pretty clear to me she meant a subreddit.

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>/vt/ likes reddit now
what the fuck, fags?

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I expected more to be honest, this poll tells me
that most of her followers are devoted since this site hates reddit.
Also surprised no one has pointed out all the
they/them/pronoun vtuber leeches that attached to her early on and got a follow out of it.
Dad has truly been kind.

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Gaining fans by exposure including in Reddit is objectively the right move, but we all know too many people here will say no because they want Beatani all to themselves, or if anything else, not have Redditors take her away from them.

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>/vt/ likes tolerates reddit
Only because cute and funny bear wants to grow anon.

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As suggested by someone I changed the proportions to make my drawings more "uoh" worthy, well I think I finally landed the loli style, also yeah this is asanagi inspired because I saw people discussing comission him art eh other day and the guy banks like 75k yen, it's insane.

Anyway my idea is to make her jacket less waking on the beach, her dress fluttering in the wind a little giving us a peak but blocked by a kani... (skipper added for comedic effect as per suggestion of someone). The uncen ver will remove the kani. That's it, yah like it?

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If it means my daughter will grow I will tolerate it

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Looks pretty good Anon! I think you forgot the censor the lower portion...

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what do you mean? the kani is in the way...

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>well I think I finally landed the loli style

Hips are still a little too defined if you're going for the loli look. You wanna decrease the hips to waist ratio for that

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Not really very "loli-esque" in my opinion but it's still pretty good.

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then I still have more learning to do, in your opinion which artist draw lolis the best, maybe I could learn their style. I mean I took into consideration reducing her breast even though I prefer them normal to big...
I like the wide hips though...

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>*hits pipe*

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Don't listen to him. Wide-hipped lolis exist, and it's even a selling point for some of them. Straight tube bodies are boring and unattractive. What you've got looks really nice.

As for being more loli-esque, I would mostly recommend that you make her appear shorter. I'm not sure how to explain it explicitly (maybe it's the long legs?), but her body frame makes it look like she's a young adult. Perhaps curtail the "tone" a bit since she looks quite fit in the upper half.

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Posting on reddit is a good idea. They are more like 5chan though.

>> No.1758125

>They are more like 5chan though.

Maybe if all of 5ch were ID-only.

>> No.1758133 [DELETED] 

you'd get ABAYO'd by a meido

>> No.1758151

If you can learn to make the 'chubby loli with wide hips' body style you will become a legend fren.
Best of luck in your reps drawfag

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I meant the community. They are the face. Unlike 2ch. Or is it 2chan. I don't remember.

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she already has rip offs anons we need to do something https://www.reddit.com/r/VirtualYoutubers/comments/m7lbsx/very_cute_and_funny_bear_she_name_is_lisa/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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I don't think she really has hips like that but I guess you can't really tell.

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You need to let go anons, we knew this day would come.

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Beatani wants to build a reddit community so that way we and them get into fights for her amusement! Remember that we don't own the bear, anons.

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She has to grow at some point, and i want her to be happy. I hope she still will be close with us when she gets bigger, she comes from 2ch after all.

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4chan loves leddit now, get with the time's gramps.

>> No.1758233

it's the opposite, futaba (2chan) is the face while 5chan is more akin to 4chan as a community (despise 4chan being a clone of futaba)
I'll try my best
so reducing the length of the legs eh? I'll see it that works

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off-stream threads never fail to be absolute garbage

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Beatani is way cuter. Anyway, that vtuber has been around for 4 months and it doesn't look like her Reddit thread got much engagement. Her English introduction video has a few hundred less videos than pretty much anything else in the past week, nothing to worry about.

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There are somethings you just need to understand. Even though we control the culture of the internet, we are in a place that people are not allowed to talk about. If you want to get popular, like really popular. You have to go to reddit.

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Good job anon, I cummed hard to this.

>> No.1758344

She didn't post on 4chan. That's her problem.

>> No.1758364

I can see her cute and funny.

>> No.1758388

What the fuck

>> No.1758424

The reddit post got deleted.

>> No.1758457

Hm, I'm not so sure now. I opened both her model and your drawing up to compare the two, and though art styles don't necessarily translate one-to-one, the proportions seem on track with her design. You can certainly still try it, but I would imagine it comes together its finished.

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This is somehow really sad, i feel kinda bad for that copycat

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Why do you need beatani to be on reddit? Why does she need reddit for?

>> No.1758505

She would get torn to shreds if she did. Literally a soulless knockoff without any of the inherent charm that the original has.

>> No.1758519

someone could just post that small description thread and a link to her channel/livestream whenever she goes live to reddit to see if it makes a difference.
better us than someone else posting.

>> No.1758534

>Literally a soulless knockoff without any of the inherent charm that the original has.
She's not a copy retard. That vtuber has been around for longer than Bea.

>> No.1758538

Are you fags blind or just retarded? This is not a copycat. She's been around for longer than Beatani. Do you take every post you see for truth?

>> No.1758561

Or we could just not do that.

>> No.1758573

And yet, she is now trying to steal Beatani's schtick without understanding why it originally worked in the first place. Very knockoffish behavior. It's her own fault that this will be the perception going forward.

>> No.1758580

well my intention it's not to translate her artstyle 1:1, even though I can, I fear she would look too much like a stick figure and would be much appealing (to me), honestly I like more meat.

>> No.1758605

>And yet, she is now trying to steal Beatani's schtick
How? By speaking english?

>> No.1758614

she should collab with beatani
bears cute n funny together

>> No.1758616

Cute and funny meme.

>> No.1758629

She didn't make that post on reddit.

>> No.1758634

i love our daughter even this one is older, became a slay the spire fag. This one plays apex, popular shit.

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>my desire to keep her to myself vs my desire to see her grow and prosper
I'm sorry anons, I voted yes because it's objectively the best way to rocket her to 10k. I don't like the idea though.

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>I like the wide hips though...

Well it's ultimately your art, but the four things that convey (female) age in art are breast size, head-to-body ratio, waist-to-hips ratio, and limbs-to-torso ratio. Here's a quick mspaint mouse-edited example of what would happen with a little waist, hip, and leg-resizing, for example

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I'm sorry for making this thread...

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every single time

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Still needs to be flatter and have shorter legs desu.

>> No.1758766

Anon, she can have developed breasts, She isn't a true loli, she is a legal one.

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If you want a loli style don't copy Asanagi, he's more hype than skill and honestly more like "babby's first ryona artist." A lot of his works have pretty ridiculous anatomy. Copy someone who draws more uooh-worthy lolis. Here's some examples of good loli artists from artists I'm following:
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2364506 (warning lots of guro)
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/13302316 (warning some furfag stuff)

Not telling you to conform to a specific style or anything, but Asanagi's style is just very unique to himself and fairly hard to copy.

>> No.1759020

Her 'cute and funny' wording on that reddit post is what im referring to, anon.
No need to be so butthurt.

>> No.1759046

>dropped off the face of the earth a year ago

>> No.1759072

As usual with loli artists he probably got a real job or a real artist job and stopped doing loli as a result. Just be glad he didn't delete his Pixiv like Japanese artists love to do when they "move on."

>> No.1759295

I like Atte Nanakusa lolis. I don't think the style works for beatani though

>> No.1759332

if you want "uoh" art type, check out Pandaclip

>> No.1759352

I honestly think that it would be a good idea for growth. But first and foremost Bear needs to learn her way around the YT algo.
Miniatures, titles, keywords, descriptions. Those short videos some chuubas are posting are also not without a reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeAP3myTJ7A

>> No.1759364

Pandaclip artist is a master of loli art, and you can't convince me the otherwise. (you can order a nsfw commission too)


>> No.1759542

>Why do you need beatani to be on reddit? Why does she need reddit for?
You're good dads anons.

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Fuck me. Here is the reason.

>> No.1759636

Yeah, the influx from here is pretty much over. She's not big enough to get organic sustainable growth through the algorithm so she needs to advertise somewhere else.

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What would she expect from reddit?
Every single post on r/virtualyoutuber ends like this:
>1 to 3 comments max
>saturation, your post is sandwitched between hundreds of other girls who thought this could be a good idea
>no hope for your post to be bump

>> No.1759719

That subreddit is a waste of time. You're better off advertising on the specific subreddit for a game you're playing maybe. Especially one that has a large subculture behind it like Touhou. Though different subreddits have their own rules on self-promotion and might delete your post it's better than relying on /r/virtualyoutubers, no one fucking uses that sub.

>> No.1759733

Reddit doesn't have any rules against spamming your shit, so if you do it often enough it still works. There's a literal babiniku on there that's managed to accrue 1k reddit EOPs by advertising every single stream of his

>> No.1759742

You and the others can change that by leaving a upvote and a comment.

>> No.1759746

>implying I have a reddit account

I ain't a homosexual like you man

>> No.1759747

You know you could make an account and mass upvote it like a good dad would.
Im not touching reddit though.

>> No.1759766

That would get you banned for vote manipulation. The reason other people get away with it is because they buy years old accounts with a long post history that they use for vote manipulation so nothing seems amiss. If you did it with fresh accounts you'd get banned very quickly or your upvotes just get filtered out as bots.

>> No.1759773

Wouldn't you do it for your daughter?

>> No.1759780

Cute and funny clover bear, if you are reading this, give us a heads up so we can upvote your reddit post.

>> No.1759787

No you dumb hoe we're more like 5ch. Futaba is more like Reddit. They said this

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>> No.1759833

Anon 5ch is significantly larger than futaba. Futaba is just a small otaku forum, 5ch is the board all the normies post in. It has like 100x more daily active users than futaba. The main reason futaba is notable is because it was one of the first imageboards and its software is open source for anyone to use.

Really dumb how no one bothers to learn imageboard history, they should teach this shit in school.

>> No.1759900

>they should teach this shit in school
Imagine a teacher writing endless lines of "desu" on the blackboard.

>> No.1759930

Would it make sense to look for artists that do commissions and post them on Twatter? We could ask them to do Beatani drawings, as an alternative to making a reddit post. I like Numenoko and they don't seem to have a very obnoxious audience.

>> No.1759943

If she does do the Reddit post then she should do a small video clip of her speaking English in her adorable way. That's the only way I could see her potentially getting a few more eyes on her stream from over there.

>> No.1759949

5ch ranks 95th in Japan in traffic, it's gone downhill and is nowhere near norm tier anymore.

>> No.1759983

Imagine a teacher going through the eras of 4chan's history from "mudkipz" and "anonymous" and "firin mah lazor" and how it all ended up devolving into...whatever this current shithole is.
It'd be genuinely interesting to see if any proper academic explanation can be derived for how such an innocent and fun shitposting den for 16 year olds got so political and uptight over a span of like 15 years.

It's still larger than futaba ever was. Most of Japanese net users live on Twitter these days and don't really use forums.

>> No.1760191

I have an extreme aversion to Reddit but even trying to be objective and ignoring that, I feel like going there won't do her much good. If she just posts in the page dedicated for virtual youtubers, she'll get lost in the sea of a billion others trying to gain traction by doing the same. If she makes her own page, it'll be a ghost town because for anybody still growing you need that niche userbase there to build it up and most of her fanbase is people here that, like me, don't like or use reddit to begin with. And beyond that her relationship with 4chan will probably paint a target on her back for a place like reddit to take aim at. It just comes across as more risk than reward to me.

>> No.1760231

Agreed. Best we can do is watch and like to give her a boost in the algorithm

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>> No.1760283

As society became more polarized over ideological and racial lines, so did this place. That is the only real explanation. Oldfags upset about this are like the guys upset that their fun action movies from the 80s/90s don't exist anymore and the new ones all have feminist and leftoid propaganda in it. While some desperately clung to a status quo others were pushing for what they wanted to see happen, and guess who won in the end? Stagnation is death.

>> No.1760310

Would you like me to post you and the other anon's ideas publicly on her "Reddit nay or nah" tweet in Japanese? I'm that okay-bilingual guy on her streams. That's the least I can help as a fellow listener.

>> No.1760367

she can read english just fine, anon. that and she's probably already in this thread anyway.

>> No.1760381

5ch is not for normies.
There are also more chana in Japan than just those two.
And nowadays most of the boards on Futaba are dead. Not all of them though.

>> No.1760406

Yes, we should look for other source of viewers for her. I'm fine with sharing her with more nips

>> No.1760442

Best if she picks up more japanese fans sooner than later really. They are more autistic about their vtubers than we are and might not join up if they think she belongs to EOPs only.

>> No.1760503

I don't think 4chan ever was just innocent and fun.

>> No.1760504

I mean, she does rely on g-tl and deepl a lot, hence my question. I still remember in previous threads she interacted, she had trouble digesting through all our posts here.

>> No.1760561

I can pay for some commissions, but I don't follow artists closely other than Numenoko, who is already in a similar position as Beatani, so no many extra Japs. I would love to hear what other artists are available for that.
Also, it would be nice if she OK 'd the idea a-la >>1760310 since we don't know if she'll mind the "unwarranted" attention. She probably doesn't care if she's desperate for subs like most vtubers, however.

>> No.1760619 [DELETED] 

4chan wasn't exclusively like this. Remember operation wallstreet? Remember channology? Remember Kony? I know you will blame goymergay that it became """""politicized"""" but that's just how the way it is.

>> No.1760675

I think you might be right. It certainly wouldn't hurt. I get a feeling that Bear is pretty bright to get the gist of everything, but a lot will probably elude her.

>> No.1760743

She can follow along with simple english convo just fine on stream, the reason she often uses translations is because she isn't confident whatsoever in her pronunciation and wants to work on that so she is more easily understood.

>> No.1760795

If she gains traction from reddit she'll have to change how she acts somewhat since that site is full of normalfags and she won't be able to reference this place either anymore since they still basically view us as "le scary haxors".

>> No.1760870
File: 626 KB, 500x281, 1615297096771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to come off like I'm being possessive and say she shouldn't give it a shot but I really don't think it'd do her any good either. If she wants to grow, sticking to a consistent schedule and constantly interacting with fans on twitter/youtube/twitch will probably work just fine. Posting on reddit might bring a quick boost in popularity but it'll be a very fickle one and that's a huge "if" if it'd happen at all to begin with instead of just being ignored.
Also I kinda worry they'd eviscerate her over all the clover stuff and try to ultimatum her into abandoning us for short-term growth. Not that I think she would, she seems genuinely appreciative of us, but still.

If Beatani's in this thread the best advice I can give is that a small but loyal fanbase is more important than a large one that'll leave you in the dust once something new comes along. Slow growth may not feel like it's going well at the start but it'll pay off in the long run.

>> No.1761014

>a small but loyal fanbase is more important than a large one
This. I think substantial growth is good as a long term goal but it's better to focus on what you already have instead of simply trying to grow as fast as possible. Of course there'll always be numberfags who think otherwise.

>> No.1761058

Beatani was talking about looking into making merch a week ago anon, she is trying to be proactive and not just settle in too comfortably where she is. Which I can understand.

>> No.1761070

>Posting on reddit might bring a quick boost in popularity
No, people there just leave an upvote and instantly forget about the post, they don't even ask questions to the poster.
No need to be concerned about reddit. The overwhelming majority of subreddits, including the vtuber related one, are inactive. So nothing will happen.

>> No.1761125

Basic merch is pretty easy and cheap to sell nowadays.

>> No.1761284
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>she'll have to change how she acts somewhat since that site is full of normalfags
I find that even the 'dad' business is lowkey yab for someone from the outside, who wouldn't know where that came from. It's wise that Bear usually includes "other members of the family. 温もり vibes are a cool gimmick for a wider audience on the other hand imo.

>> No.1761493

True, but not all change is for the better

>> No.1761538

This is kinda true,
Also I'm wondering, after our daughter gets a better understanding of everything, do you think it is possible for her to collab with my turtle mom?
Not that they HAVE to, but if they seem to have good chemistry I would love to see it. And they both have a connection to this place.

>> No.1761539

It's all about visibility, isn't it? Getting a higher profile artist to make some art of her would go a long way

>> No.1761581
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Let me direct some of your attention to this vtuber for a sec. I only occasionally watch her for the archived ASMR streams, since they're pretty good among other indies out there with similar content and equipment. Any time she plays vidya or does collabs it averages around 1~2k total views post-stream, and average live view count is around 100 ish (when I saw her play Little Nightmares 2), similar to Beatani. But whenever she does ASMR it's 10x the amount. My point here is, you anons are right that short term growth isn't everything. She may want to engage in networking over time to gain more views, and maybe speak more Japanese if she wants to gain more JP fans. Remember Hirasaka Mei? Similar situation. Beatani in comparison can appeal to those outside of here, but she could attract the "mature type", not the "attention seeking Latinos" that some of you are worried over. And I agree I wouldn't be entirely comfortable with three different languages in chat if she starts pandering to Spanish speakers like some chuubas are doing now. What are your thoughts on this?

>> No.1761603

People might find her from her twitch streams so there's that, and I think making clips and uploading them to yt would be good. i.e. YAH compilation, kani moment, her being cute

>> No.1761640

i dont care what language she panders to i'm there to watch the streamer not their chat.

as long as she doesn't hide who she is and just filters out all the redditors by being herself, nothing will change. those who approve of her will stick around and those who don't will move on. it's really not that big of a deal unless she suddenly decides she prefers being "seiso", in which case she probably never liked us in the first place.

>> No.1761726
File: 280 KB, 576x714, 1615800743347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stagnation is death
Yes anon that is true, however, us oldfags want to see change, just not regression which is what leftoids unadvertently seek.
I already lost my country (Venezuela) to leftist subversion and from the looks of it things arent getting any better for the rest of the world.
It really is strange to be seen as a madman or far rightoid by most people when i explain to them their progressivism is just rehashed communist subversion.
Vtubers are one of the only entertainment media places left where the influence of communist propaganda is comparatively small, the same is true of 4chan which is why i linger here.
I'll go take my meds now dont worry.

>> No.1761745

inadvertently* my bad

>> No.1761757

yeah uploading more short-form videos on off-days like the amazon gift card taste test could help

>> No.1761761

this isn't the board for your politics anon, the entire point of that post was that injecting politics into non-political boards is bad.

>> No.1761802

SERJ is itching to draw art of her. Never fought the /k/ crowd would also join the bandwagon. I'm sure Hews may also be interested. I know at least one /a/ based Discord group I'm in are keen on her already. That's where some traffic is already coming from to watch her streams.

>> No.1761822
File: 14 KB, 402x260, キャプチャ 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if the semi-bilingual guy who was going to compile the ideas went to bed already. I decided to send Beatani a DM myself. asking her if it's okay to ask artists for art of her. Let's see if she thinks it's an OK idea.

>> No.1761841

this. I come here to get away from your right vs. left bullshit that bombards me every second of my life otherwise so shut the fuck up and let me have this.

>> No.1761856

>/a/ based discord group
We live in interesting times...

>> No.1761876

If she wants to expand her audience, doesn't plan on changing content & can keep a handle on chat, I don't see any issues.
Creating a sub would be an exercise in futility, even the Gura fan sub only gets 5-10 posts a day. virtualyoutubers is oversaturated as hell and self-promotion posts won't get anywhere without a gimmick of some sort.

>Posting on reddit might bring a quick boost in popularity but it'll be a very fickle one and that's a huge "if" if it'd happen at all to begin with instead of just being ignored.
That's what happens with FotM indies here as well. Beatani's subs to live viewers ratio is extremely high and unfortunately I doubt it'll hold up over time.

>> No.1761880

I feel like I know you. Have a friend just like you, from Venezuela or Columbia but currently in West Canada as we speak. He appreciates the culture of 4chan and anime/Japan in general.

>> No.1761892

It's gonna be okay, I don't think theres a need to ask her

>> No.1761911

There's nothing inherently wrong with discord besides the fact they're sellouts. Back in the day /v/ generals had fucking skype groups for LoL and shit.
I also had a 4chan friend from Venezuela that was heavy into vn's and anime. Lost contact about 8 or so years ago when the country went to shit though. No idea if he's still alive but if he is he'd probably love vtubers.

>> No.1761930 [DELETED] 

/a/ has a discord group? You sure it's not IRC? Jesus Christ.

>> No.1761965

My apologies, meds have been taken. No more politics from me.
I don't live in Canada but im sure your friend is a good lad. Have a good one anon!

>> No.1761985

A lot of 4chan discord groups out there. There is one for /ck/ run by a certain dinosaur, several /k/ ones, local /cgl/ groups, and some /a/ ones. All of em contain respective /pol/v/k/ck/vg/ channels though.

>> No.1762020 [DELETED] 

>There's nothing inherently wrong with discord
I hate the clique-ish behaviour that it encourages. It's also the reason why i hate IRC

>> No.1762037

this is a valid opinion but if you hate discord yet love IRC you are retarded because discord is just IRC with a new coat of paint.

>> No.1762080

>All of em contain respective /pol/v/k/ck/vg/ channels though.
This is the reason I avoid most of them. Even in private discord groups for extremely topical stuff you can't escape /pol/ and /v/ shitposters.
That's a good point, discord always turns extremely cliquey. I still use it for smaller groups of like 10-12 people to minimize cliques but any server with more than like 30 users will inevitably turn into cliques or everyone orbiting the single female or polfaggotry. IRC is like 10x worse though since everyone there is by definition a socially stunted 45 year old virgin that's probably been there since the 90's.

>> No.1762095

>this is a valid opinion but if you hate discord yet love IRC you are retarded because discord is just IRC but centralized and censored.


>> No.1762120

Not a fan personally, because they creep the shit out of me, but damn. Those ASMRs do reel people in, don't they?
>oriental woman, please whisper in my ear softly in a language I don't understand.

>> No.1762123

God I'm so fucking selfish. I just want the streams to be as comfy as they have been forever, but she wants to grow. I didn't realize I was going to have a legitimate father experience. No redditor is worthy of my based daughter bear.

>> No.1762124

idk discord has a policy against loli but ive been posting loli hentai in random servers for years and never got any shit for it.

>> No.1762178

Afaik, they dont have ways to automatically detect this yet so they rely on user reports, which is why small servers can get away with almost anything.

>> No.1762179

That just means nobody is reporting it.

>> No.1762225

It's probably going to be okay, I'm just being cautious about not making the whole thing come out of left field. I need to figure out how the commissions work for other artists anyway, and spend time on the WIP I posted yesterday.
Discord (the company) also claim all the data you send through their apps is theirs, or something along those lines. I don't recall anything like that happening with IRC.

>> No.1762242

>reddit reddit reddit
>numbers numbers numbers
>discord discord discord
Wow, nice thread guys.

>> No.1762259

I want to cook steak for my daughter.

>> No.1762271

>general thread for a indie vtuber during NA and EU dead hours and no stream to discuss
what'd you expect?
besides the reddit stuff is directly relevant to her since she was asking about reddit.

>> No.1762272

It's dead hours anon...

>> No.1762284

Its even better when you understand the language.

>> No.1762292

It's all because there's names attached to your posts. Irc, discord, reddit, that's the entire issue with all of them

>> No.1762334

Addendum: I had to post with a trip code on occasion for legitimacy reasons and people were talking about fapping to me even though I'm a dude so yeah. It's a personality cult

>> No.1762550

On a microwave?

>> No.1762634

Beatani is perfect. Smart, kind, cute, funny!

>> No.1762678

Are redditfags the cunts who spam simp and have simp in all their names? Those people are the worst after spics.

>> No.1762695

They even call themselves simps when supporting a vtuber which by difenition is insulting the streamer.

>> No.1762751

>are redditfags the cunts who spam

>> No.1763467

I don't know, for me simp came and went pretty quickly, werent simps supposed to be people who throw tons of money at female streamers to catch their attention? I gave 10 bux to beatani but don't consider myself a simp

>> No.1763847

I feel like the bear is getting a little greedy, she needs to come down to planet earth and realize that no amount of shilling on reddit and 4chan will get her 10k on youtube in 3 months. Even company vtubers, like meruru struggle with 30 liveviewers per stream and 4k subs after 3 months from her debut.
The only way that could be approachable on youtube is IF a decently popular clipfag talks about your channel on their community posts or clips one of your livestreams. I've seen it happen to one en indie vtuber and she managed to reach her 5k sub goal a lot quicker that expected because of it, now she has minimum around 100+ liveviewers every stream.

>> No.1764103

That's not being greedy, it's just misjudging the possibilities.

>> No.1764176

Yeah I regret using the word greedy

>> No.1764193

They don't give a shit about indies most of the time, she won't get much traction there regardless.

>> No.1764233

There's nothing wrong trying to exploit reddit by making a thread there, they barely give a shit about anything non niji/holo anyway, so at worst it's like 10 new people that won't change her audience.

>> No.1764252

Reddit will get filtered by peropero and kani. My daughter is too based for them.

>> No.1764303

how so? making a subreddit would get nowhere, but posting a thread is fair game, it doesn't mean someone become a reddit vtuber just because they shilled themselves once over there with probably a mere 200 upvotes and 15 comments
use every tool you have to get traction without being obnoxious, what matter is what you make your community be in your streams

>> No.1764368
File: 665 KB, 879x856, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

loli with wide hips are the best

>> No.1764398

>oriental woman, please whisper in my ear softly

>> No.1764431

this man knows whats up

>> No.1764448

I support your words, but that chest is just blasphemous.

>> No.1764501

I have an old reddit account because it's the only place that had discussion about some games I liked
I'm sure many others have reddit accounts for the occasional post too, having an account doesn't mean you're an active redditor
I'm sure she could get enough people like me to boost her thread

>> No.1764815
File: 97 KB, 611x565, 121453452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Two pairs of ears or only one?

>> No.1765135

You completely forget that one thing is having a sudden boost and another keeping the viewers, she's proven to be way more entertaining than the average indie and that works on her favor, even if it's just 10 more people she will greatly benefit from any kind of publicity. No matter how good you are, cases like Nina where she grew out of nowhere are way too rare.

>> No.1765315

Dads... I'm not sure if I'm ready to let our daughter be flooded by the lowest common denominator.

>> No.1765364

we need to up the fan art output then

>> No.1765383 [DELETED] 

You're talking about Kami-sama?

>> No.1765442

This won't happen, posting on reddit doesn't magically get people flooding to you, for indies 99% of the time the thread just is 50 upvotes and 4 comments

>> No.1765524

But our daughter is so amazing, who the fuck wouldn't love her to bits? I'm convinced anyone who sees her falls in love within seconds! Is that not how it is? Am I just being a retarded dad right now?

>> No.1765539

You'd be surprised, I've seen countless quality indies having 0 tractions over there
It's the wolrd of indies, tons of diamond in the rough never ever get any attention

>> No.1765561
File: 422 KB, 900x900, A smug bear.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I commissioned someone but she can only deliver at the end of the month. I'm doing my part

>> No.1765785
File: 192 KB, 1193x1913, EwVuGc5WYAACxrf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1765836

Once upon a time, the vt subreddit was once like this board, discussions about other vtubers. Until one day, vtubers realised that by advertising themselves on reddit, they could get a boost in numbers. Soon more and more vtubers came to the subreddit to advertise themselves in hopes of a boost as well. Eventually, there were so many vtubers advertising themselves that there wasn't much of a point anymore. And I honestly hate that the vt subreddit is now just a shithole full of advertisements. At least here in 4chan I get to read entertaining rrats even though it's all pulled out from other people's asshole.

>> No.1766041

I don't understand why they can't just make another subreddit focused on advertising and ban that stuff from the main one. There must be people in such a big site that wants to talk about their favorite indie without being flooded with 2views. Or maybe the posting culture is different and things like generals are alien concepts over there.

>> No.1766376

At the end of the day I just want to do what makes the bear happy. God I don't want to see her big bear eyes looking at me sadly or hear her voice asking me something sad. Being a father is fucking hard, I wasn't ready for this.

>> No.1766511

Yeah, I don't want to see her sad.
I hate that faggot that wrote in her replies that he would leaver her/stop watching. Keep that shit to yourself ffs

>> No.1766609 [SPOILER] 
File: 40 KB, 431x404, 1616341199808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1766821
File: 201 KB, 451x543, 1615990563603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw that shit and it legit hurt me to think of her seeing that and getting sad thinking we're leaving her. What the hell is wrong is me? I ain't gosling but I really do want to leave a good impression and help this virtual bear grow. are these parental instincts?

>> No.1766877

Fucking self-obsessed cunts acting like she owes them something. I'm probably not going to like everything my daughter does either, but if she only did what we asked instead of having fun that's not even Beatani anymore.

Seeing this on stream is my worst nightmare, dad...

>> No.1766937
File: 872 KB, 2048x2025, 1616101529990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she's planning on expanding, she also better be ready to look the part, and get some moderation going.
Her current stream layouts/assets are pretty rough and barebones, need a lot of work. Many with good production quality may not get popular, but it does play a key role in getting there and consolidating your position.
And a healthy community/chat is cultivated from the very beginning. Shouldn't be afraid of banning idiots, even when small. But that depends on her, if she wants quality or quantity.

>> No.1767153

>I hate that faggot that wrote in her replies that he would leaver her/stop watching. Keep that shit to yourself ffs
I really hope that was one of those people tying to get her to say dumb shit, if they fuck off they wont be missed. Actually it doesn't matter either way; someone willing to abandon their daughter just for thinking of doing self-promotion on reddit wasn't actually a fan in the first place and just wanted to latch on to the latest fad.

>> No.1767413

Don't worry, it's just one faggot. Though the overwhelming no vote is a tad bit concerning...

>> No.1767500

She can and will read this thread, it's not like you can hide our hatred of reddit.

>> No.1767557

>Beatani reads all my posts where I gush over her and post screenshots of her cute expressions
At least we're anonymous...

>> No.1767585
File: 81 KB, 535x565, ff7e00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope she doesn't mind it

>> No.1767674

I will never abandon my daughter! Call me a faggot call me a retard but I will not be a deadbeat

>> No.1767750

I hadn't seen this one. That's a really damn good sketch.

>> No.1767782

>Though the overwhelming no vote is a tad bit concerning...
A good chunk of her fanbase is made up of people, if not necessarily from here, then at least of the same mindset. If she's lurking this thread then she can probably figure out why we have such a strong bias against Reddit. And if she isn't or can't, then I'm pretty sure some people explained their reasoning in the comments already.

As long as she knows it's not that we don't want her to grow so much as we don't think it's a good idea for her to try that approach (either because it won't work out well or because it'll cause problems) then I think it's fine.

>> No.1767890
File: 85 KB, 198x198, 1600148677284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1767940

In my case, I voted no because I don't really think she'll be able to get much traction there until she gains more subscribers the hard way. So it's not worth fussing over Reddit at this point and potentially getting discouraged when she doesn't take off the way she wanted to.
Though I'm sure there are a bunch who consider themselves part of the "old guard" of 4chan that have been visiting since around 2012~2014 and voted no because rebbit bad!.

>> No.1767955
File: 537 KB, 557x657, 1615680687624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Beatani definitely makes me feel things no other vtuber has before. I wouldn't call it a gosling thing though, maybe more akin to a father wanting their daughter to succeed.

Why would you draw this, why would you hurt me so.

>> No.1768019

>Beatani definitely makes me feel things no other vtuber has before. I wouldn't call it a gosling thing though, maybe more akin to a father wanting their daughter to succeed.
It's because she's been interacting with /vt/ (on an even deeper level than say Risu), so what you're feeling is actually tribalism.

>> No.1768211

Is that you Fettuccine? I noticed the tiny katakana in between her legs which may or may not be pronounced as Fettuccine. Nice sketch by the way, whoever you may be.

>> No.1768290

Tribalism is cool!

>> No.1768328

So is tribadism.

>> No.1768358

Beartribe bros...

>> No.1768367

>getting greedy
I'm fully convinced the numbers she states are just a joke

>> No.1768422

to be fair tribalism isn't inherently bad. you just gotta know when to embrace it and when to let go before you start going full crabs-in-a-bucket about it

>> No.1768455

>to be fair tribalism isn't inherently bad
I wasn't implying that, I was just stating the matter of fact.

>> No.1768471

Call me crazy, but I get the impression the bear is more interested in tribadism than tribalism.

>> No.1768523

>kani in a bucket

>> No.1768557

>click random video
>the reason I want to learn Chinese is because I think Chinese sounds cool
I think bear ears work differently from human ears.

>> No.1768579

I'm probably just being defensive since I only ever hear it used in a negative context by people that don't understand knowing what your tribe is (and that "your tribe" goes a lot deeper than superficial things like where you're from or what you look like)

>> No.1769038
File: 41 KB, 400x400, 1615967529392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gyaru kuma

>> No.1769094
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 1615966717490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okinawa style

>> No.1769126

Now this is a true polar bear (their skin is black).

>> No.1769184


>> No.1769772
File: 791 KB, 1400x1000, e45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1770226

Thanks for the motivation anon.

>> No.1770278

This is perfect for glancing at while doing reps.

>> No.1770399

I'm gonna put this in my home gym.

>> No.1770843

my new wallpaper, thanks.

>> No.1771075

this is cute, would protect

>> No.1771754

Maybe it's because I'm seeing her with "a father's eyes" but I feel that if she continues practicing her english, in a year or so she can become a valuable asset for any vtuber company.

>> No.1771818

I would agree. She's better than, say, Korone as a jp who speaks English, and has the energy and charisma to succeed

>> No.1772364

eh, there's plenty of jp/en bilingual vtubers who are fluent in both and still get almost no views or subs. it sucks.

>> No.1772572

being bilingual is definitely helpful, though that raises the question of if she even wants to get picked up by anyone or stay indie. while it's great to turn it into a career, some people are happy to just stay as hobbyists. There's also the factor that being indie gives you a lot more freedom in what you do, and that's one of those intangible benefits of any business you don't realize is missing until it's too late once you sign on with a company and the restrictions start raining down on your plans.

>> No.1772711 [SPOILER] 
File: 269 KB, 1552x2609, 1616356403901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: made her legs shorter, dropped the Asanagi style for the eyes, I also changed he hair do the bangs resemble more the original bangs yet I don't feel like make a chubby loli on this opportunity, I tested and I can make it as suggested but I want her to be toned and well defined on this opportunity. I'll start with the clothes, bg and kani censor.

>> No.1772840

I like it.

>> No.1772858

>dropped the asanagi eyes
First time checkin but wish I could have seen that

>> No.1772881

How long until she does a 4chan meme review to compete against coco?

>> No.1772985
File: 230 KB, 964x708, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also thinking on giving her a different more smug expression

>> No.1773102

What 4chan memes, anon?

>> No.1773117

this is much better, good work anon

>> No.1773263


>> No.1773293

4chan rrat review

>> No.1773559

that sounds like a dumpster fire waiting to happen
and that sounds like a graduation waiting to happen

>> No.1773648
File: 510 KB, 808x537, 1613993242113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1773676

isnt that what Narukami basically did and got banned over?

>> No.1773685

"[board] sings" reaction series

>> No.1773957


>> No.1774485


>> No.1775076

Pure sex

>> No.1775378

Yo I donated to her via streamlabs
Does it really doxx you? Maybe she knows where I live and is planning to rape me

>> No.1775405

Don't you want that?

>> No.1775499

Prepare yourself for the dragon dildo

>> No.1775555
File: 366 KB, 528x528, 1609367298522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> left on read

>> No.1775758

This is top cute

>> No.1775776

Gyaru Bea does things to my dick ya

>> No.1775934

it was cringe to waste your time asking the streamer. what kinda streamer is gonna say "sure go spam artists begging them to draw me!"

>> No.1776006

She already kinda did.

>> No.1776016

then just go do it lmao

>> No.1776706
File: 245 KB, 2048x2048, smug kuma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello dads...
if anything I learned from the MBTI stream, she is a confident person and don't afrai to di things she believes and likes. if she want to promote in reddit, that's totally fine by me

>but dad, the normalfag from reddit might ruin the chat
we and Beatani can manage the chat muting or blocking distasteful viewers. also she already mention abt how she doesn't hate normie and want all to get along.

>it won't get any traffic there
but it's worth a try

>reddit is bad
Agree, but generalize them as shitty EOP isn't wise. Beatani deserve all the chance to be more success.

I know it's hard for us, but we should respect her choice in objective way.

>> No.1776812

As long as she's happy I'm happy, it would be sad to see chat change and all but if she is happy and can keep doing what she wants it's ok

>> No.1776896

for the alternative, we can make some art of Beatani with other chuuba, post them in twitter with both of their #art hashtag, and hoping natural relationship grow on them. leading to collab, and then more exposure.

Im thinking abt Pikamee, they seems like will get along.

or Nene, for bear duo (but im not sure she will accept collab from non-collab)

>> No.1776970

Hopefully when the Holofightz anon starts the indie invasion angle, she can be part of it. That would certainly boost her popularity outside of here.

>> No.1777242

I already miss the bear, dads. Anyone come up with some fun things to ask her? Last q&a was really short.

>> No.1777318

I have like tons of questions in my head, I just didn't realize we had to use the box last time

>> No.1777373

ask her if shes a virgin so all the dads can collectively kill themselves when she denies it.

>> No.1777384

I have thought of some options for her to collab with people that can speak jp and en like kureha or karin_chan (she is pretty small tho but its the japanese girl with the best english i ever heard). They seem like nice girls too.
Lets be real that pikamee and risu are far for happening for now. ID girls would be ideal tho because they are familiar with this place as they lurk here. Kureha managed to collab with moona irc so if things go well it isnt that impossible.

>> No.1777416

last q&a i think she forgot to refresh or didnt want to answer a lot of questions so she could do something else, a lot of us asked her things but the questions didnt go through

>> No.1777452

Y'all need SimpleDiscordCrypt.

>> No.1777473

Moona seems to collab with literally anyone who asks.

>> No.1777498

Ollie would be a good choice too

>> No.1777809

We should let her stream alone for a month or two before beginning to think too much about collabs, even hololive does not even allow collabs in the first month except for same gen because they deem it important for the talents to get their own core fanbase first before starting to flood the fanbase with fans from other talents. I think this is wise because if a huge procent of your fans are originally from just 1 other vtuber that will really negativily impact the fanbase because the procentage of people who are dedicated will be very low.

>> No.1777899 [SPOILER] 
File: 350 KB, 1552x2609, 1616367534756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1777936

Very noice

>> No.1777949

A nitpick I know, but it would be cool if someone adept at live2d would fix up the back of her model's head a little. It looks off compared to the quality on display otherwise.

>> No.1777980

Can we get a hairy pussy version with an untamed white bush please?

>> No.1778011


>> No.1778031

This but with hairy armpits too

>> No.1778104

> she just told me it's okay
Unfortunately I think a lot of the artists I know will have already used up their slots for this month. I insist: if you guys know of any artists that might be free soon, let me know, I'm more than willing to shell out some bux for our daughter.

>> No.1778109

>hairy lolis

Absolute degenerates.

>> No.1778125
File: 50 KB, 598x343, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1778140

the guro artist in >>1758869 has commissions open if you wanna fulfill her R18G request.

>> No.1778155


>> No.1778216

she already has bush down there... I just don't feel like getting banned

>> No.1778230

The chat can't change if a "culture" is already in place, newcomers will adapt to please her and the rest of the chat.
And maybe some redditors will eventually realise that >we aren't a bunch of hackers doing nazi shit all day long and randomly saying nigger no matter what topic is being discussed.

>> No.1778251

I don’t understand what she’s trying to say. Someone translate.

>> No.1778259

she never does things without consulting her viewers, i hope you faggots dont abandon her

>> No.1778281

>newcomers will adapt to please her and the rest of chat
Kek, very funny Anon.

>> No.1778285

I'm not sure what she's trying to say but I still feel called out

>> No.1778337

She should be able to see the full name and email address you have on file with PayPal in her transaction history and email confirmation. That's probably enough information for someone really determined to figure out your street address, but I think you can probably trust your daughter.

>> No.1778348

She knows you watch other chuubas and she wants to work hard for a nice place for you and her to relax at when not flirting with other chuubas.

be good to your daughter.

>> No.1778365

She's saying that you probably watch and support a lot of other vtubers, so she she's trying to find more dads so you don't have to feel pressured to support her all the time.

>> No.1778370

try this one

she drew loli decently, and likes bear loli too

>> No.1778380


>many gfs
follow lots of vtubers
>maybe i am your only daughter
maybe you are only watching me
>you may not come home
it is okay if you watch them and not me
>need bigger house
Even you leave me i wanna grow bigger and you are always welcome back
>womt be using reddit

>> No.1778391

That's our daughter, dad... it's okay.

>> No.1778398

check out https://skeb.jp/

>> No.1778399

Okay, so, I think she means that she knows she isn't /vt/'s sole "favorite" streamer, so she wants to grow more and be worthy of more subs? And then confirms she won't be using reddit because of the negative poll response?

>> No.1778440

It's a normal behavior. When you want to socialise with a group you tend to act like the group.

>> No.1778481

I don't care about any damn whores when I have a based daughter like Beatani. God damn Twitter polls

>> No.1778541


>> No.1778555

My take on removing the imagery:

"Dad, I know you watch a lot of other streamers. Maybe I'm the only daughter, but maybe you will abandon me and not come back for a whole.
We need to grow the channel so it can still survive even when you leave for a while.
I will try to work for it, but i wont be using reddit for a while"

So basically i guess she is afraid we will abandon her and if we do she wants to have a bigger audience so people will still watch her when that happens.

I'm still not sure about this though, I'm maybe wrong

>> No.1778577

I'm sad that she is scared of being abandoned

>> No.1778579

Thanks anon-dads. Will jump in and figure out how to leave a request as soon as possible, although I understand they might take a while to finish it and share, but as long as they have some sort of catalogue to show their fans it should help. We get extra Beatani fanart for ourselves, too.

>> No.1778629

>So basically i guess she is afraid we will abandon her
well now I feel bad, I'd never abandon my bear daughter.
I just don't think going the reddit route would do her any good is all

>> No.1778697

we gotta talk to her... this is our daughter bros...

>> No.1778714

I have a couple of questions I want to try and ask her, hopefully next time

>> No.1778732

do you think she'd even understand this if someone sent it to her

>> No.1778741

Purely for reference, koopa tried to shill a bit on reddit as well, with the full support of the thread, and it didn't necessarily result in a lot of new viewers. Take that as you will.


>> No.1778750

Yeah, she's clever and gets most of the memes.

>> No.1778762

>w*stern vtuber
there be your problem

>> No.1778770

I think she saw the leaving faggot that replied on her twitter post

>> No.1778785

I know it doesn't make sense, but Beatani needs more Japanese viewers. People on reddit aren't going to get her jokes and will probably get angry about her referencing loli. If she wants to grow without having a terrible fanbase she needs to get attention from elsewhere.

>> No.1778799

There are no more Japanese viewers to go around. She jumped on the EOP dick and will need to ride it out to the end.

>> No.1778801

It’s pretty self explanatory desu.

>> No.1778807
File: 31 KB, 1024x994, 1613348302321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1778817

she is such a good girl

>> No.1778819

The only one going 'menhera' is you. Take your meds.

>> No.1778825

>bea says she won’t be using reddit
>thread still won’t shut the fuck up about reddit

>> No.1778849

desu reddit promotion posts aren't necessarily there to attract new viewers. They're there to bait new subs, which are worth something to small channels. A frontpage post translated to about 100+ new subs in a single day.

>> No.1778861

nah, it makes sense. the world's a large place, even if she was struggling to gain a Japanese fanbase before it might be worth a second try now that she's gotten her foot in the door a bit.

>> No.1778865

4chan is scared of the word "reddit", purisu anderstando

>> No.1778870

she will stream in 3 hours right?

>> No.1778874

>thread still won’t shut the fuck up about reddit

That's literally the state of being when it comes to 4chan.

>> No.1778935
File: 197 KB, 1280x720, schedule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please just check the schedule, she posts it on twitter and pins it, so it is very easy to find.

>> No.1778948
File: 2.66 MB, 2448x2448, 1615950189702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit really? I'm not sleeping until I tell my daughter something nice after that post...

>> No.1778956

Of course dumbass, she made it the toppic and the thread is talking about that

>> No.1778990

I hope you faggots didn't make our daughter cry.

>> No.1779010
File: 64 KB, 235x269, 1615485087455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>general discussion about reddit is on-topic because she vaguely considered making a post there

>> No.1779015
File: 275 KB, 502x538, 1602740786166.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I find it odd that you guys are larping like she's your daughter. She's an ambitious, calculating grown women. Get over yourselves.

>> No.1779018 [DELETED] 

Ok that actually made me laugh. Sasuga bearchama

>> No.1779048

If she were that calculating and smart she wouldn't have picked this place to be her primary audience.

>> No.1779058

She plays into it herself and calls us dads, so its fine really.

>> No.1779062
File: 290 KB, 700x600, 1606368193955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And artia is a CCP dog. Your point?

>> No.1779074 [DELETED] 

Bearcunny's channel is run by 2 or more people?

>> No.1779081


It's likely a response to that guy who said he was leaving because she talked about advertising on reddit.

>> No.1779088

nice, just wanted to make sure

>> No.1779094

If I ever have a daughter, I'll like her to be exactly like that.

>> No.1779116

No this artiafag just doesnt understand english grammar. The whole channel is driven by herself as for as we know. And the only other person we know that knows about her irl and her channel is her sister.

>> No.1779119
File: 25 KB, 590x232, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how autistic do you have to be to reply with something like this
if you're in this thread kill yourself

>> No.1779140

honestly I'm still not sure if she actually has a sister or if it's just her way of saying her roommate

>> No.1779147

i believ

>> No.1779148

>that username
>that avatar
>that tweet
holy shit what a faggot he must be 12 years old or something

>> No.1779149

I'm multistream drifting, it was a typo.

>> No.1779155

Fuck him

>> No.1779157

Seriously fuck this guy

>> No.1779160

If it were kiara, he'd already be doxxed and killed on sight

>> No.1779162

she has a friend that watches her streams too irc

>> No.1779179

Please don't speak her name in here.

>> No.1779199

imagine being this scared of a hypothetical redditor

>> No.1779224

I can't right now but I will as soon as I can but hope you guys said nice things to her

>> No.1779253


>> No.1779273

If you like undertale you are a redditor.

>> No.1779324

She spent 3 weeks trying to attract Japanese viewers, and I think maybe she had a couple dozen watching her Slay the Spire vods. She said plainly that the reason she went to us was because Japanese viewers don't watch indies.

>> No.1779349
File: 346 KB, 1000x773, 1612245696425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I'm getting pretty frustrated with you guys. The amount of backseat vtubing and micromanagement going on in here is off the charts. Just because she RPs as your daughter doesn't mean you own her. Swatting down all her ideas to grow her channel just because it offends you or breaks containment is probably pretty discouraging for an indie. Especially when she knows you fuckers will abandon her the moment she does something wrong and she'll be left all alone after investing a lot of time and effort into her channel while most of you will completely forget about her and go back to watching Hololive.

Be a little more understanding and encouraging. Even if promoting herself on reddit or discord or twitch or whatever probably won't lead to new growth, at least it's something she can experiment with on her own and learn from. Take a lesson from real life, if you're overly controlling towards your daughter she'll just grow to resent you when you're the reason she feels confined and stifled.

Not trying to be a saviorfag but we should really cut back on the metagaming and acting like a vtuber agency, stick to the content and interacting with the vtuber instead of talking around her as if she's not here reading these threads.

>> No.1779398

Is this your first indie pump and dump? It's the same thing every time.

>> No.1779402

It can heavily depend on what time the thread was posted.

Use a Reddit metrics site, figure out when the sub is most active, then make a thread. No point making one if it's at a time when most people are working or asleep.

>> No.1779428

how new

>> No.1779442

I mean, her poll was "should I create a Reddit community" which I took as her asking if she should created a subreddit. That's a bad idea because the subreddit was barren. I'm sure I'm not the only one who chose "No" to this. Had the question been about trying to advertise herself on Reddit then I would have said "Yes" because the she has reached saturation here with little more chance to grow from /vt/ alone.

>> No.1779561

>while most of you will completely forget about her and go back to watching Hololive.
I'm offended you'd think I'm a hololive fan

>> No.1779574

should she start playing minecraft? she can make a server and play/build together with us

would that be kino? playing with daughter and pero pero her?

>> No.1779637

>while most of you will completely forget about her and go back to watching Hololive.
Quit projecting. I'm never abandoning my daughter.

>> No.1779638
File: 108 KB, 723x807, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Out of curiosity, I went to see some of the more recent posts on r/VirtualYoutubers, and this is the first thing I see.

Needless to say, there are better ways for Beatani to get her name out there. A consistent schedule and steady flow of fan works really helps, the latter of which having more "virality" to it since it can be spread on social media easier.

Basically, keep watching, liking, and creating cool stuff for her. Every little bit helps.

>> No.1779644

Thats actually a decent idea but i get the feeling there's be a lot of trolls and attentionwhores that just follow her around the map like with every streamer.

I'd prefer if she just found some other vtuber friends to play minecraft with, I don't trust anyone on this board to not be a retard.

>> No.1779664


>> No.1779680

does she like minecraft? I wouldn't want her to start playing just for the sake of trend hopping but if she enjoys it, it'd be a fun stream.

either way opening a server for fans seems like an accident waiting to happen, though really that's true of any game with an open chat room or an ability for strangers to undo any work you do. maybe if she just treated it like a world of anarchy and didn't let the chat display on screen (not sure if that one's even possible, I stopped playing like a decade ago.)

alternatively she could just hold off on minecraft until she can find other vtubers to collab with by playing with them?

>> No.1779711

She asks for advice anon and people give it, why does this upset you? And let me be blunt, the Beatani fanbase has better generals than other indie vtubers where people are begging /vt/ to give them a look and a sub. We try not to push her on people because we know how annoying that behavior is.

>> No.1779810

It mostly annoys me because I've seen enough vtuber pump and dumps to realize this thread is falling into the same cycle of overanalyzing a vtuber's growth and it becoming not fun anymore for the casual fans who will stop reading the threads and stop watching her content if it ever does reach the point of turning into some soliciting scheme to give her more subs.
If she asks for advice that's fine and all but just keep that in mind imo, that's all.

>> No.1779837

I really do feel like the best way for her to grow (assuming she wants a slow and steady growth of people that will stick around and not a huge burst that'll all leave two weeks later) is to just stay consistent and active on youtube/twitch and whatever social media she uses already (namely twitter) instead of going other places explicitly to promote. A lot of beatani's appeal is in her sincerity and you kinda lose that when people can tell you're just there to ask for subs and nothing else.

>> No.1779855
File: 29 KB, 314x252, comission.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just came back from reach out to the artists mentioned so far, except for とらいし and ikazu401 since they already mentioned closed commissions in their descriptions. It's the first time I'm asking for commissions, but I imagine it's better not to bother the artists with closed commissions until they're available for something.

>> No.1779866
File: 306 KB, 589x530, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1779870
File: 278 KB, 2039x1378, ExCvj50VIAYi90K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

angery bear

>> No.1779883
File: 108 KB, 1076x260, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1779885

That's cute

>> No.1779895

She got a lot of extra viewers when streaming Touhou on Twitch I think. She should try to stream games on Twitch and non-game content on Youtube maybe, or just alternate the game streams sometimes. Their discoverability is shit but there's people who check the game categories for very specific games that no one else is streaming and will check her out as a result.

>> No.1779897

she really is one of us

>> No.1779921

she dualcasted on both last night and outside of some microphone issues at the start it went just fine

>> No.1779947


This bear is so talented. I really love her cute art.

>> No.1779955

For the guro artist I recommend showing him her cannibalism concept of Beatani eating herself with a feral face and claws or something. Maybe have it be Beatani eating her color swapped sister instead since that's pretty close.
I thought she shut the Twitch stream off? I didn't watch Twitch to check though.

>> No.1779972
File: 165 KB, 303x384, LetThatSinkIn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder how many /vyt/ residents are here, it's no surprise there's a lot of people that likes to play IRL [email protected] but I agree she should do what she wants to do.
That goes for you faggots too, she may ask again for our opinion in the future but you have to realize being stuck with the same fanbase will do more harm than good.
It's not like either she or us can't take bullshit, have some fucking faith.

>> No.1780021

Fair enough, but I do think Beatani goes beyond the usual flavor of the month archetype vtubers. She might technically be a loli but she isn't playing one in the least. People are drawn to her personality and sense of humor which aligns with ours unlike other suddenly popular indies where the character design and cuteness is all people ever see. When you come to like someone for mostly superficial reasons you will of course not be very invested over time.

>> No.1780026

Who is everyone cheating on the beat with?

>> No.1780042


>> No.1780054

>Sad Fox.jpg

>> No.1780066
File: 98 KB, 365x530, Screenshot_2021-03-22-08-39-42-660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.1780084

My fucked up sleep schedule that makes me sleep when she's streaming
You fucked up bro

>> No.1780087

it's more like the archetypical daughter jealous of her dad's new girlfriend

>> No.1780115

Yes, I'm on my way to cut you a new hole

>> No.1780147

>not following her on your R18+ artist database account

>> No.1780185
File: 128 KB, 480x527, McDonalds wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this would be hilarious.

>> No.1780210

Wow her art is so cute...

>> No.1780212

>she checks your follows for girls and peroperos them in front of you later

>> No.1780281

Me during Omori streams and donation reading.

>> No.1780489

>My daughter x my wife
i am diamonds

>> No.1780562


>> No.1780593

I want fanart of Beatani NTRing dad with dad's waifu

>> No.1780655
File: 25 KB, 599x346, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you fear your daughter?

>> No.1780680

>dual wielding headpat loli

sounds good

>> No.1780743

Page 9 already. Are we having another thread for 2hu?
Fukken saved for reference, if I hear back from any of the artists.

>> No.1780761

woah, she's actually a pretty good artist. Cute artstyle.

>> No.1780766

end of thread reminder to do your slay the spire reps

>> No.1780798

While you dads are fooling around with girls I will take care of my bear sister. Someone in this family has to step up and provide the care and affection Bea-tan needs.

>> No.1780850

When's the daughter mod coming out?

>> No.1780873

I left this to the end of the thread to ask.
Who if anyone would you like to see her collab with?

>> No.1780901


>> No.1780908

Ideally someone around her level so they can actually become friends who make it a regular thing.

>> No.1780910

I had that idea but I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to go about that kinda thing. I mean even if I had the art assets to use I'd still need to come up with a gimmick for a beatani character and then do proper testing to balance it properly and I'm no game designer, man.

>> No.1780914
File: 167 KB, 1280x720, 1614939755243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They can bond over being lolis that love lolis

>> No.1780931

I can draw and design the card, but we need someone with good programming

>> No.1780943

There's that Pochi daughter that's playing Omori right despite it being completely in english. That might be fun they at least have similar tastes in one thing

>> No.1780963

The only other indie I follow is Ririsya and the two personalities couldn't be any more different, but that does make me curious how a collab between the two would work and Riri's largely English speaking audience would be charmed by Beatani's English translation and genki personality I think.

>> No.1780966

Is she calling out the hypocrisy of the anons who didn't want to share her with leddit but, follow a ton of other vtubers?

>> No.1780984

if this was posted on reddit as a generic [cheating on your favorite vtuber] post it might actually get traction

>> No.1781067

and for those who are unaware who topsis is

>> No.1781098

Never seen a vtuber more pumped and dumped than yuki...

>> No.1781100

Less than 1/3 of the cute and funny bear's subs have listened to her cute cover.


>> No.1781141

don't look at me man, I've listened to it like a dozen times.

>> No.1781199

it was so sad. She used to have 300 viewers tops but the stalking incident happened. Streamed on Fanbox for a while but thanks be to the Lord she came back on youtube. Most of her EOP following are gone but some probably remained, albeit inactive in her chat

>> No.1781250

also adding that she isn't really a gaming chuuba and she doesn't stream videogames. She does guitar and (sometimes) english practices exclusively

>> No.1781271


>> No.1781283

It happens all too often... I hope Bea is different.

>> No.1781285

What happened to her?
Her english streams seem to be popular.

>> No.1781292

She need to start playing AoE2 and start collabing with some famous AoE2 players. AoE2 vtubing is still an unexplored niche

>> No.1781313

Our daughter is so good... I'm gonna tear up dads

>> No.1781339
File: 841 KB, 716x714, 1598274904964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What happened to her?
gone for a month because someone was stalking her. She moved into a new home apparently

>Her english streams seem to be popular.
because it's an English stream, anon

>> No.1781487

That's just beatani being herself. Probably.

>> No.1781915

That was one of the first things of hers I watched, it's very cute.

>> No.1781938

Nigger heil hitler and take down the internet

>> No.1782007

i kneel

>> No.1782303

The "Thank you" at the end really gets me.

>> No.1782358

>I already lost my country (Venezuela) to leftist
To populists.

>> No.1782364

next stream's in like fifteen minutes
someone should make a thread

>> No.1782414

I have a commie friend from Venezuela and he says there are problems but liberals, Americans and rightoids are waging war on the country...

Anyway I just did my Beatani reps for today and I'm happy

>> No.1782478


>> No.1782501

Get the poltard ranting out of your systems right here and now please in this thread.

>> No.1782541

i dont like gypsies

>> No.1782545

If that were possible poltards wouldn't be so insufferable. Easier to just tell them to fuckoff on sight than asking them to behave.

>> No.1782551


>> No.1782577

"Already" being years before you were even born you dumb schizo poltard.

>> No.1782689

is there a stream link

>> No.1782694

Huh, not seeing a Youtube stream and Twitch is offline. Wonder if plans changed.

>> No.1782703

I cant find the stream anywhere either

>> No.1782706



>> No.1782710


>> No.1782732

good for background sounds while jacking off to her

>> No.1782735


Remember to like the stream, dads

>> No.1782737

Its up now on both twitch and youtube

>> No.1782763

Is she shadow banned?

>> No.1782783

Streaming her on Twitch and Youtube simultaneously.

>> No.1782784

I got it on youtube twitch and twitter

>> No.1782800

I think whatever thing she's using to simul-stream on twitch and YT doesn't let her set up streams in advance on YT

>> No.1782805

>only 11 youtube viewers
Anon pls.

>> No.1782821

She didn't have the stream link up early on YouTube or tweet it out so I assume most people had her Twitch up and are now watching there.

>> No.1782822

No numberfagging allowed please

>> No.1782827
File: 171 KB, 505x528, Screenshot_2021-03-21 Subscriptions - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On youtube? Looks fine to me.

>> No.1782848

She's got more on twitch right now, C'mon youtubefags

>> No.1782853

she really needs to start announcing when her streams are live on twitter

>> No.1782902

why she sounds like moaning??!

am I just the only one horny here? damn

>> No.1782937

Her "fucking" is adorable

>> No.1782938

People underestimate the amount of reddit-tier faggots browsing 4chan. And no, it's not a new thing.

>> No.1782955
File: 179 KB, 434x404, cute&funny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to hell

>> No.1782973

That's just how Japanese girls sound, anon.

>> No.1782977

Not letting her go to reddit was a mistake. There's barely 25 people watching her right now. She could've hit 10K subs already if it wasn't for 4chan gatekeeping her.

>> No.1782990

yeh someone needs to make her aware of something so obvious

>> No.1783029

The stream wasn't announced so people couldn't set up notifications / know to check in. So instead of it being in people's recommendation feed throughout the day it's only going to be there if they happen to check in now.
Creating a subreddit does not magically get people visiting it.

>> No.1783038

now its impossible because she is focused on the game, maybe when she tweets something or later

>> No.1783052

The viewers are split between Youtube and Twitch, she has more on the latter

>> No.1783056
File: 46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1783075


I wanna send her an aka so bad bros

>> No.1783080

There's 45 more viewers on Twitch. 70 viewers at the start of the stream when she didn't pre-schedule it or announce it on Twitter is pretty good. It'll go up as usual, most of her streams are like this.

>> No.1783089

there's more people watching her on twitch. Plus, this isn't announced on her youtube and some of the holos are currently streaming

>> No.1783091

It's because she split her viewers, now people have to choose between shitty youtube and twitch.
If I was her I would stream games on twitch exclusively and talk streams on youtube....

>> No.1783092

streamlabs, bro

>> No.1783098

>10K subs
If it was that easy everyone would know.

>> No.1783108

I love her "や" so much

>> No.1783110

wait, maybeand it would be better if she promote in the subreddit of games she playing

like Slay the Spire and Touhou subreddit. It's really rare to met chuuba who stream those game

>> No.1783144

There's nothing wrong with splitting her viewers, it makes no difference. As long as people are watching her she'll grow on both platforms at the same time.

>> No.1783145
File: 6 KB, 801x85, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you stupid numberfags at least remember that youtube's viewer counter is broken shit, if you're gonna come in and spend more time posting about it instead of the actual stream.

>> No.1783151

use streamlabds. Do you really want to give youtube a cut of your donations?

>> No.1783153

Her onegai is so cute

>> No.1783161
File: 128 KB, 409x410, 1613952370991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These moans

>> No.1783163

Somebody started another thread already so move to that one soon.

>> No.1783189


>> No.1783233

>you can eat me with strawberry jam yah, im a toast

>> No.1783235

>making a new thread before the old one dies
Why though?

>> No.1783251

It's mostly because she's competing with popular holos, the deadbeat dads have mostly fucked off, and it's early in the stream. Also late on a Sunday so those of us with jobs (inb4 "lmao") are sleeping soon.

>> No.1783265


>> No.1783270

because this thread is on page 10 and she's live?

>> No.1783321

Barely anyone is using the new thread it seems. Better to wait until the old one dies so everyone migrates at once. Plus this board is slow so page 10 lasts awhile.

>> No.1783377

I don’t understand numberfags. Bea obviously doesn’t care about numbers that much so why do you?

>> No.1783434

I have to get some sleep, but the rest of you dads better hold the line tonight

>> No.1783478

People are trying to hide their fear of seeing her become irrelevant by becoming numberfags and acting all "eh! I knew she would decline!! Before all of you :("

>> No.1783525

Bea was talking about numberfagging all day today. I understand why some dads are upset. I don't think she cares. But I would love her to get a bump.

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