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Currently on Reine's stream

>> No.17201369

The fight is hilarious but they might not realise that everyone else is done fighting and just waiting for them so they can carry on.

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Reine made her laugh, I wish I was Reine.

>> No.17201455

I kind of like growling, angy IRyS more than normal talking IRyS.

>> No.17201558

IRyS enjoying Reines and Mumei’s RP battle. Reine was great at improvising the situation

>> No.17201576

Her feisty growls are cute but I still prefer her sweet voice. I hope she feels better soon.

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IRyS where now

>> No.17201716

She's fine. She's already broken her doctor's no talking orders a bunch of times during this stream. The others started out teasing her and she snapped with "I'm not shy!" It was adorable... and probably set her back a week.

>> No.17201792

I'd keep an eye on Mori's chat

>> No.17201794

She's not fine. If she's fine that would mean she's teasing us by not talking and I can't handle that…

>> No.17201841

IRyS no don't show them our 1 year old baby yet

>> No.17201848

Nah it's ok it's for work.

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>> No.17202018

She doesn't have bronchitis or anything. Her doctor just told her to give her throat a rest for awhile. Talk less, not don't talk at all.

>> No.17202074

moomers with the uni lifestyle...

>> No.17202256

Imagine Irys squirming and wanting to talk so hard. Jojo topic and anime.

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>> No.17202507

She was told not to talk at all outside of work, so pretty much "don't talk unless you have to"

>> No.17202558

In Mume's chat/stream now

>> No.17202569

She's a singer by profession. Everyone knew she wouldn't be able to shut up completely.

>> No.17202570

I think Mori ruined IRyS for me. I can't watch someone fawning over a crackhead.

>> No.17202587

and yes this is "work", so she's doing what the doctor told her.

>> No.17202709

You're an idiot. I doubt she told the doctor that she talks/sings for hours as her job. If she had presented the option to her doctor that she could potentially take weeks off of work with no repercussion they absolutely would have told her to do it. They likely assume, like people with normal jobs, that taking time off work is not an option.

>> No.17202718

If it's for for "work" it's fine, so she should be streaming, right? What a retarded thing to say.

>> No.17202739

I agree, Calli's too good for that spastic little 2view.

>> No.17202754

She should be streaming right now yes.

>> No.17202756

(She will be a little poor for crack somewhat soon)

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>he still thinks any of this shit will get Calli fired
Two more weeks, amirite?

>> No.17202891

mumegg kek

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Take the mori shit to your general, fuck off from here.

IRyS baby btw

>> No.17202926

The tourism is so painfully obvious, my lord.

>> No.17202942

need Towa Baby but it's IRyS

>> No.17202970

Time to acquire all the overalls and annihilate anyone standing in my way.

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>> No.17202999

pacifier irys....

>> No.17203005

>Likes overalls
Yeah no surprise knowing she likes Luigi

>> No.17203019

Man, while they're having fun, the more competitive tournaments are just funner to watch. The Mario Kart tournies (EN vs ID, HoloCup) are actually fun because a bunch of them actually got sweaty. These level 1 pokemon battles are a complete meme

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>> No.17203069

She's still not over Luigi... We can never compete...

>> No.17203096

>mumei: "irys you have best naming capabilities"

>> No.17203106

I see your point but were you not entertained by Reine vs. Mumei?

>> No.17203143

Mumei's overlay is pretty bad...

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jobbingRyS for moomers...

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Now where

>> No.17203376

Your oshi is so cool friends...

>> No.17203379

So uuuuh Ollie and Mumei are out as predicted but because she threw, she's part of the 2 pointers. Dunno how the tournament system will deal with that. Neither does M*ri, probably.

>> No.17203405

IRyS' fertile eggs...

>> No.17203489

I call dibs, no takebacks

>> No.17203500

Future shit*

>> No.17203559

I really hate JoJo (fandom) with a burning passion but I kinda want to give it a chance because Irys seems to like it. Is it worth the watch?

>> No.17203576

>3-way tiebreaker matches because IRyS threw for the memes
>Sana encourages it

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This little amount of IRyS only made me miss her more, fuck this

>> No.17203631

I think it can be fun with how absurd it can be, but yeah its fanbase is cancer

>> No.17203634

It's good, if you like reading manga though, that's better(the art style is very different and it's a big thing that makes it good). Either way I highly recommend it, you'll have fun.

>> No.17203652

She'll be on Bae's stream tomorrow, no worries.

>> No.17203658

>Is it worth the watch?
first and third part are kinda painful to watch bit there is nothing like jojo, that can be a good thing or bad depending of your taste

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>> No.17203716

I hope she isn't. I wish she would take resting seriously so it's not going to be 1-2 weeks of breaks every month or so.

>> No.17203720

It's fine, it's just the fanbase that's not worth interacting with.

>> No.17203792

I am where you are, all the mainstream attention jojo got made me dislike it from the get-go, I don't wanna touch it at all but I've been thinking about it because IRyS will probably talk about it in the next mengen. Guess I'll watch season 1 and see how much I wanna kill myself afterwards.

>> No.17203802

jojofags are the bronies of anime
just read a few a of the manga volumes and laugh at poorly drawn muscular gay men

>> No.17203954

Watched a couple episodes of season 1 and dropped it because it was fucking awful, people kept telling me that it's really good once you reach season 3, but i honestly don't want to watch through two seasons of that.

>> No.17203969

Heh she'll probably last 2-3 months before it gets that bad again.

>> No.17204063

I doubt it, she didn't even take a full week off if she's going to appear in Bae's stream. It would be nice as well if she were to come back from her break and stream for her fans, instead of appearing in other peoples streams.

>> No.17204071

Why doesn't AZKi have these throat problems? Is it because she streams so much less?

>> No.17204072

It gets good on Part 2, Joseph is arguably the most fun protagonist

>> No.17204121

IRyS vs. Sana part 2 ikuzooo!

>> No.17204133

I was pretty happy with debut IRyS, who said she didn't watch it. Was a said affair when she started liking it. Probably M*ri's fault.

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>> No.17204215

Azki doesn't stream as much

>> No.17204217

She doesn't sing as loud either.

>> No.17204244

NO, it is not worth it. You do not want to get roped into that fanbase that is pure cancer.

Jojo is the 3rd most cancerous fanbase in the world behind Sonic the Hedgehog and Nijisanji.

>> No.17204292

You can enjoy things without engaging with the fanbase

>> No.17204343

Yes. Streaming is a lot of use of your throat. And even when she does stream, she's not nearly as talkaltive.

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>3rd most cancerous fanbase in the world behind Sonic the Hedgehog and Nijisanji
>and Nijisanji
I audibly laughed

>> No.17204860

IRyS has the worst luck.

>> No.17204875

More GrowlRyS!

>> No.17204888

Yep, it must be the streaming hours. Not like AZKi & Nayuta release at least 6 times the amount of music, have regular karaoke streams, guest-star in songs of doujin circles and hold down a full-time job to cap it off.

IRyS injured herself singing too much in a short period of time. In fact, she doesn't know how to sing without hurting herself to begin with. It was the YTMW that finished her off, which fell right after the studio sessions for Journey. She said on stream afterwards that she recorded for a crazy amount of time, like 10h. Must've been countless retakes because she wanted to do her best.

>> No.17204966

Bless you Kyogre for making her laugh.

>> No.17204976

>autism activated

>> No.17205009

She didn't sing that much. If she wasn't streaming in between it should have been fine.

>> No.17205019

"I can't trash talk IRyS! I love her too much"
You sure enjoyed torturing her though

>> No.17205045

>get that turkey

>> No.17205070

She can't talk back either :(

>> No.17205131

You do realize that there would be singing practices in private in between recordings? The recordings in a short time fucked up her throat.

>> No.17205136

Her giggle in that last battle was worth it bros...

>> No.17205178

IRyS is what you would call a talented amateur. She taught herself how to carry a tune but not how to sing from her diaphragm or take care of her throat. She desperately needs legit singing lessons.

>> No.17205214

Still the recording schedule was something a singer should be able to handle. Her problem is that she streams for 6 hours right after waking up without any vocal warmup and screams a lot in her streams.

>> No.17205242

I thought she was already taking vocal lessons at some point. Did she stop?

>> No.17205282

She loves us too much. That's all there is.

>> No.17205289

She went for the initial consultation and never went back.

>> No.17205305

So they are gonna ask and get Pokemon Legends perms then?

>> No.17205317

All she went to was like an orientation or something. No actual lessons yet.

>> No.17205327
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>> No.17205345

So where is Irys now?

>> No.17205368

I'm sure they've already asked but Nintendo are notoriously litigious about permissions. I wouldn't be surprised if they're shot down Friday morning.

>> No.17205370

Cuddling with me.

>> No.17205373

In Mori chat

>> No.17205375
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with the wigger

Fuck the turkey!

>> No.17205385

They already have perms. A couple of holomems already have Arceus on their schedules

>> No.17205400

Nintendo aren't but the pokemon company is.

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>> No.17205532

In case you missed the gg's from last thread

>> No.17205541

She's really struggling to chat with them.

>> No.17205576

chair clattering.jpg

>> No.17205618

IRyS is a true extrovert. Not being able to talk is eating her alive.

>> No.17205647

It's more that she likes to stream too much.

>> No.17205761

She really needs to take voice lessons, I would rather have her stream less, and proritise voice health and longevity than to have longer streams and then take weeks of breaks.

>> No.17206162

Thanks for clipping this. I'm gonna make it for a while now

>> No.17206299

god reine voice is so sex

>> No.17207085

Yea, because she loves us too much

>> No.17207198

How is this enough to send me into gosling overdrive, god, I can't live without IRyS anymore...

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>> No.17208017

I love IRyS and she loves us she loves me more though <3

>> No.17208033

she only love us for our pokemons..

>> No.17209146

I don't want IRyS to join Bae's outlast stream, I want IRyS to play it herself...

>> No.17209721

Actually, yes. Do you like fun? Jojo is fun.

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what is the name of this chansey?

>> No.17209747
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>> No.17209977

EggonoRyS. I think it was supposed to be "Eggonomics" but she wanted to add -RyS to it, I believe.

>> No.17210103


>> No.17210106

schedule doko?

>> No.17210227

until next week i think...

>> No.17210274

I fear the same. Please get better soon IRyS :'-(

>> No.17210324

Maybe a day or two after the CHADcast.

>> No.17211731

Don't give up on giving things a chance just because it's mainstream to be contrarian. It got popular for a reason
Related segment https://youtu.be/taU4uvAilGg?t=4334

>> No.17211819

Watch parts 1-3 in order and then pretend everything past that doesn't exist, stand creep ruined the series

>> No.17212086

But i like to be a contrarian, it's fun.

>> No.17212265

you do realize that being contrarian is mainstream, right? Literally you and everybody else are contrarians.

>> No.17212347

Not really, the contrarian picks are still less popular than the mainstream ones. See IRyS.

>> No.17212423

Keep telling yourself that, I am a contrarian myself and I know that what I am doing is the main thing literally everybody else I know does.

>> No.17212500

Don't shitpost with my oshi. IRyS isn't a contrarian pick she is just debuffed by not being part of a gen.

>> No.17212536

That makes her the contrarian pick.

>> No.17212703

I just got really annoyed when I saw multiple Jojofags on the comment section when i listen to my dad rock on youtube. But it is my fault for reading comments in the first place.

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Yes... yes... here's your (you)

>> No.17215418

What happens if I pull the black part?

>> No.17215455

post the superior version

>> No.17215522

The robe falls off and you see her fat hog in all it's glory.

>> No.17215571
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Fucking perv, I mean these black parts.

>> No.17215615

Have you noticed that artists never draw Irys in her natural art style?

>> No.17215635

best en hands down

>> No.17215722

IRyS will react erratically and the robe will still fall off

>> No.17215899
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>react erratically
Like what?

>> No.17215945

Most of them are not good enough to do it even if they wanted to.

>> No.17216104

You think its superior because of the white trim instead of the black trim don't you? Very racist.

>> No.17216144

Thank you for the compliment.

>> No.17216253

Someone has the list for IRyS sighting on today's tourney?

>> No.17216396
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Artists are drawing IRyS sipping on lean already...

>> No.17216420

Do you think IRyS misses us as much as we miss her?

>> No.17216472

Not really no.

>> No.17216493
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IRyS' dad is seiso.

>> No.17216538


>> No.17216555


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I don't see her on any social platform, so I guess not.
I bet she is like KAngel from this new game. Having sex with her tulpa, taking drugs, watching anime and trash talking her fans, because she hates herself and we are her reflection

>> No.17216669

She's only watching anime but the point still stands.

>> No.17216706

yeah, with me

>> No.17216733

IRyS, please stop your tulpa.

>> No.17216805
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>> No.17217179

She should have been sipping on dat sizzurp in the first place to help her throat.

>> No.17217241

Anything ingestible like cough syrup, throat coat, honey, etc. won't reach the vocal chords so I don't know if it could have an effect.

>> No.17217328

It's a cough suppressant, at least it helps with that.

>> No.17217893

Irys pee...

>> No.17218131
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Grinning like a retard for the past two hours listening to "GG, GG".

>> No.17218545
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Wonder how she deals with daily life now? How does she buy things from the konbini? God, imagine she speaks to the clerk with the same voice on the GG clip.

>> No.17218709

Isn't that just the usual hue of her hope soda? Not everything is about calli

>> No.17218770
File: 67 KB, 232x204, 1643069942399.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She probably would just go like this

>> No.17218940

Everything is about Calli. She will only show up on Calli's streams or play Jump King from now on. She will also only talk about JoJo when she talks to us about anime.

>> No.17219074

Wait, that's redjuice? Dayumn!

>> No.17219416


>> No.17220582

She obviously has someone else (Me) to buy things for her.

>> No.17220589
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>> No.17220742

I bet she just talks to them normally. A few words during the day aren't going to make a difference and she probably doesn't want to appear weird.

>> No.17221552
File: 1.06 MB, 1000x1785, 20220122_023003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17222368
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What's the general color of IRyS' hair? Purple?

>> No.17222567

Purple hair with a dark blue-purple base and magenta highlights.

>> No.17222778
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Thank you anon. I couldn't convince myself that IRyS' general hair color is purple. Seems Dark Red to me this entire time.

>> No.17222951
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>> No.17223241

can you explain the IRYSoshy phrase please?

>> No.17223298

She is shy, that's all there is to it.

>> No.17223401

I wonder why IRyS doesn't like youtube community posts. It would be a good way to keep us updated in these dark times.

>> No.17223478
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>> No.17223500

She already uses Twitter, but members only posts would be nice too.

>> No.17223540

It's nice to get a sign of life on Twitter but she doesn't share much on there.

>> No.17223574

May be she forgot it exist.

>> No.17223647


>> No.17223662

she just hates us

>> No.17223999

She's less parasocial than I thought I guess, not that I ever thought she was GFE of anything like that.

>> No.17224152

She can be parasocial if she wants to be. I still remember that time her chat stopped working.

>> No.17224666

That's fine, that happens to me all the time.

>> No.17224696

I like getting emails about members only community posts.

>> No.17224748

This is her job. You can like your job but she would be just fine without it.

>> No.17224854

What does it matter? Plenty of holos have a deeper parasocial relationship and it's their job too. I'm not really complaining. It's good if she has people in real life to talk to. I just need to set my expectations accordingly.

>> No.17224911
File: 42 KB, 570x590, 1637873464730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder. She says that streaming relieves her stress and it is true. Last pokemon grinding stream she was more genki later than at start. Maybe she thought that she is way too much into parasocial relationship and decided to use her health break to stop with that a little. Like an alcoholic that realized she has a problem and now tries to check it. It is going in the right direction guys, don't worry. She WILL be bigger Gosling for us than we are for her. We are at the last straight to groom her into GFE chuuba

>> No.17224947

Good to know, Satan.

>> No.17225502

IRyS said she loves me...

>> No.17225686

Because Irys has bad management

>> No.17225764

Not everything is management's fault.

>> No.17225904

mostly management fault

>> No.17225937

The health stuff is all on her.

>> No.17225971

I hate >us, too.

>> No.17225973

While she does loves streaming, she's not that active everywhere else. She also schedules herself with a good amount of breaks here and there every week. It's only during longs breaks that she spams streams but that's just because she feels she needs to make up for lost time. During her break days, she goes out. She still has her hobbies that are outside of streaming. She is also quite close to her family. All of those factors will eventually stop anyone from going mad obsessive and parasocial. Another factor is the fact that Cover has her butt on a platter. She's bound by her Vsinger contract so she's bound to do IRL Concerts, 3D events, EP recordings and Promotions. Those things are all down the line so I would suggest to buckle up and enjoy these moments while you can. She's going to be forced to do the Suisei Route up until what we have as the current Suisei who streams twice a week regularly. Once she has her 3D, this is going to be inevitable because Cover knows money and engagement is driven a lot by those 3D concerts.

>> No.17226053

t. management

>> No.17226573
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>> No.17226641
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>> No.17227884

She growls at them.

>> No.17228109

so there's no wordplay/puns I'm not understanding? naruhodo ne

>> No.17228180

I took my meds.

>> No.17228524

What a coincidence, she told me that last night on bed

>> No.17228919


>> No.17229073
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>> No.17230259

Did anyone save timestamps for the irys noises from last night? I caught her giggling during the mumei reine battle but that's it. Does she make noise in everyone's stream?

>> No.17230702 [SPOILER] 
File: 402 KB, 2480x3508, 20211112_092451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17230926

mori's probably has the most noises, check in the minutes right before and after battles for the majority of them, and the growls in sana's stream when she started using the cheese strategy

>> No.17231835

I wish he'd finish it, but I know how much of a pain it is to finish something.

>> No.17232790
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Time to sync up with IRyS and sleep until her stream.

>> No.17233882

IRyS is amazing, ive seen a lot of ppl moving away from her just cuz she has m*ri as her friend
and you know what i dont want that bitch anywhere irys either but the thing is that irys isnt a kid she may act a lil pon every now and then but she still is an adult, she isnt just gonna get influenced by some major alcoholic wannabe "gangta' "

i believe in irys and ik she has ppl other than just m*ri in her life, like c'mon shes super fun to be around

im sure she gonna be just the same irys i love cuz shes not a complete retard like m*ri, shes gonna be fine unless m*ri like actively dopes her drinks or whatever but i dont think m*ri a fucking villan so that isnt gonna happen

i love IRyS and im never gonna leave her side, no matter how fucked up of a person she "associates " with

>> No.17234071
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>> No.17234213

who dis

>> No.17234311

When's IRyS?

>> No.17234332

Cinnamon roll from second Love live. Her name is unironically You.

>> No.17234344

in 5 hours on Bae's channel.

>> No.17234385 [DELETED] 

lmao, i need watch lovelive

>> No.17234442

lmaoo, i need to watch lovelive

>> No.17234621

i'll let her go soon

>> No.17234987

Why? She just tweeted yesterday Ike she isn't fully healed yet.

>> No.17235036

Bae asked her and she won't let her down. I believe!

>> No.17235278

I'd honestly be disappointed if she chose to keep appearing on other people's streams when not fully healed while her fanbase sits and waits for her.

>> No.17235303

Zoomer is back? Kek.

>> No.17235322

Her fans can watch her on other channels, that's not really an issue.

>> No.17235501

Not everyone likes Bae or Mori

>> No.17235584
File: 5 KB, 299x168, sweating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i guess i really am stuck here
(how did you know)

>> No.17235603

You're the only one that types like a retard.

>> No.17235613

Yeah, i don't like either of those.

>> No.17235652

Rrat was Bae is Ollie nepotism somehow.
Won't Irys' numbers only be hurt more and more the longer her channel lies dormant anyhow?
Not to mention youtube how yt algorithm reacts to dormancy.

>> No.17235700

Sorry for typos, busy atm.

>> No.17235707

Who cares about any of that. It would just be nice if she saw herself well enough to stream that she would do a return stream for her fans.

>> No.17235756


>> No.17235779

Yes, she really should have done the unarchived rebroadcast or the mute stream just for the algorithm.

>> No.17235813
File: 415 KB, 634x768, 1641016455501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like i said before, write properly, you give away who you are when you post like it's discord.
I don't really mind you being here but, at least make an effort into adapting to this websites culture.

>> No.17235982

She doesn't understand stand or perhaps doesn't care about any of that. She thought about doing a mute stream or rebroadcasting karaoke. For you parasocial bros hers what you got: one tweet a day or so.

>> No.17236022
File: 8 KB, 300x168, thumbs up anime girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ill try my best to learn, i think i should lurk around and google stuff, hope i dont bother you too much

>> No.17236068

Do your best, kid. No one is born knowing.

>> No.17236101

These long breaks are going to cure me of my parasocial fantasies but it's a painful process.

>> No.17236377

It builds up resilience, hold strong brother.

>> No.17236391

why didnt she get a kimono?

>> No.17236490

The details were in the announcement.

>> No.17236612

i'm new, what announcement?

>> No.17236660

I just feel like it won't be as fun now that I can't freely gosling over her.

>> No.17236795

thanks anon

>> No.17237570
File: 1.68 MB, 940x964, Odo (踊) - Ado[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9ufwg9.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17237895

It kinda bothers me that she didn't do any of those, especially since she came up with the idea herself. Maybe she was busy IRL. She still has her grandma situation to take care of after all. She had time to watch parts 1 and 2 of JoJo though.

>> No.17238134

I can imagine that, especially from her phone late into the night or thru long afternoons if Grandmother doesn't exactly get up from her hospital bed

>> No.17238154

would you flick her forehead?

>> No.17239107

I would kiss her forehead

>> No.17239182

I would pat her forehead.

>> No.17239238

[News] Fauna showing love and appreciation for IRyS on her members stream.

>> No.17239339

based unity fauna

>> No.17239474
File: 39 KB, 360x360, 1639746410773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll provide timestamp tomorrow, i am on a bender and got work in a few hours. Other than that, take my word for it.

>> No.17239541

Who cares about a random mention in another stream?

>> No.17239709
File: 292 KB, 1431x2048, 1640354116013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some do. Fuck you anyway.

>> No.17239898

Me, I care

>> No.17240060

>Watching other holo EN members only streams

>> No.17240181
File: 86 KB, 720x456, Screenshot_20220127-140827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm member of these girls, problem?

>> No.17240279

what extension is that

>> No.17240412
File: 21 KB, 147x179, 834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For android.

>> No.17240521
File: 141 KB, 720x1448, 835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So far the best application for phone users.

>> No.17241232

Maybe not members, but I like to hear what other girls are saying about my oshi

>> No.17241933

They are unity Chad, they're not going to fuck your oshi.
but I will…

>> No.17243989
File: 212 KB, 768x768, 1634194198074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17245563

So...Will she be on rrat's stream?

>> No.17245632

I'm watching this again. What a cute dummy she is.


>> No.17245661

compute deficient...Rys

>> No.17248203

I'm the one who kept saying IRyS wiould show up on Bae's stream but in reality it's probably unlikely or she might just show up in the chat.

>> No.17248316

She won't, it's early as fuck for IRyS

>> No.17249304

yeah the only way she would join is if the stream was 3-4 hours later

>> No.17249591

IRyS really needs a man who can set her straight, and that man is me.

>> No.17250805

>Bae is crying
Irys help her for christ's sake

>> No.17250857

Fucking this.

>> No.17250936

Jesus Bae is a horror lightweight.

>> No.17251044
File: 117 KB, 463x453, 1630466289482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god she really is crying

>> No.17251071

I need a woman who can set me straight and that nephilim is IRyS. I'm so happy she's my push. I'm on the straight and narrow, finally sorting things out, going to the gym, etc. If it works I won't have much time left to watch her (except when I'm up early like now).

>> No.17254100
File: 220 KB, 1280x978, FIxrjNfaUAUpYeI.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS can handle horror games better, right?

>> No.17254344

Re:Village in casual mode. Does this count?

>> No.17254389


>> No.17254595

Ah those moments where her swear filter goes out the window.

IMO, she ought just unleash her potty mouth with impunity.

>> No.17254596

It depends on the horror game. She needed ina support in the past.

>> No.17254768

and then the ina betray her...
INA HATE! also i hope both of them get better soon i miss them T_T

>> No.17254773

Watching bae plays outlast is making me want to IRyS to play it too.

>> No.17254852

We need another Ina collab at some point that one was fun and the whole reason IRyS got into Initial D and Eurobeat.

>> No.17256468

I really feel she needs a full devil time, where she just lets it loose.

Not sure what the whole seiso obsession is about. I hope it's not something dumb like Cover thinking that EOPs think VSingers need to be seiso.

>> No.17256682

That was her in Carrion

>> No.17256955

She likes being girly and cute.
It's just that she also likes to play with her chat's feelings.

>> No.17258125

I hate you niggers so much. If you want someone that swears just watch 99% of the rest of the streamers.

>> No.17258237

This, IRyS picked the "seiso" gimmick by herself. Let her be, if she wants to swear she will

>> No.17258356

It's not even a gimmick, she's just naturally seiso.

>> No.17258377

Filtered. JoJo cannot be enjoyed unless you unironically enjoy the cringekino in the fandom.

>> No.17258416

I'd like her better if she acted like a vshojo-tier whore.

>> No.17258501

Go watch nijisanji, any twitch vtuber or Marine then. Her past self acted about the same way so thats just how she is.

>> No.17258648

>naturally seiso
Are we watching the same streams? I dunno if I'd call it a gimmick or just her doing her best, but it definitely doesn't come naturally

>> No.17258789

How is she not? She doesn't swear and never talks about anything gross or sexual.

>> No.17258842

Why? She's better than that. She doesn't need to denigrate herself to the low standards of others. She has a great personality and a talented voice (a voice which drives me crazy just by her sweet utterances by the way). Why does she need to act like a vshojo-tier whore? I now realise contrarian anon is onto something maybe IRyS is the contrarian pick?

>> No.17259564

I admire her for her restraint. Especially when her acting skills are so bad.

>> No.17260400
File: 1.69 MB, 2500x2500, FKI5UhcVcAAWbw1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really miss IRyS, hope she gets better soon...

>> No.17261720

7 days no IRyS 7 days no IRyS 7 days no IRyS 7 days no IRyS 7days no IRyS 7days no IRyS7daysnoIRyS7days7days7days7days

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