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What happened to Haachama, /vt/? She was once the bigger holos in early 2020. Now, she's nothing. She’s been declining heavily and we have to do something to save Haachama from it. What can we do to save her? We just can't let this continue, or else Haachama will be fade into obscurity.

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go tell that to people who care

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Realistically she needs to go to another company but then she would lose her uniqueness.

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You can only save those who want to be saved anon...

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Everyone's numbers have declined. The market has been further saturated (even by Cover themselves) with no real new influx of fans. It's only natural that everyone would recline quite a bit as viewers spread out.

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No, you keep this garbage out of the thread.

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Haachama is doing fine, she's just in university. And despite that she still makes more money than OP will ever do.

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Your English reps chammers

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Mental ill numberfags can't appreciate a comfy slow chat.

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Is this a receipt? I don't read moon runes.
Do they tip in Japan? Or is this tax?

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>What happened to Haachama, /vt/? She was once the bigger holos in early 2020.
People are tired of her menhera antics. if she would just act like she did in the game shop ep, she would be moonshotting right now, but everything needs to be some menhera art school production so she can feel again. It also doesn't help that she's whoring herself out in university to try and find that special someone.

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stop bumping your retarded thread fag

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Japanese VAT is 8% on food, beverages and certain newspapers and 10% on everything else.

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Deadcucks stop

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She just need to attract more coomers, that’s all. She was using a seiso loli thumbnail for the video in the OP, which explains the low views. It’s sad that Haatons are nothing but braindead coomers. The pigs at Haachama general don’t give a shit about her other than how she makes their dick rock hard.

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I just want chama to be okay.

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Will you continue creating exactly the same thread every day?

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She is

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But she isn't, anon. Haachama was the Star of Hololive, a beacon in which inspired others and one that tens of thousands of people would watch her. Now, she has so low views, that it's doubtful she would ever recover. She has fallen so low, I worry for her.

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You dont worry and you're not even a true numberfag. That stream in OP had 8k likes while it was still going on. You're a shit stirrer eager for (You)'s. That's why you keep bumping this thread.

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Looks like you were right. Haatons don’t care about Haachama.

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haachama is not going to be able to be saved while she has her god awful sleep schedule

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she's cringe like her fanbase, maybe she should try to be authentic

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Haachama touching grass every day.
Soon she will be free of vtubing and graduate to become a normie. Please be happy for her.

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>free of vtubing and graduate to become a normie. Please be happy for her.
a normie in japan is being a office woman and that is a fate worse then death. so no, i wont be happy for Haachama to have a significant downgrade in her quality of life by being a office woman

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She's fine. If Fubuki and Aqua can return to popularity, Haachama can do that too. She's pretty busy in real life and she's can't stream daily like when she was in Australia. Hence, the decline in views.

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If Korone can't there's no chance for her

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Deal with her mother who refuses to let her make a career out of what she is doing and forcing her to waste her time in college instead.

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She doesn't need to be saved, just let her do what she wants

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chama said that wanting to go was her decision

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Chama who?

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Actually play games

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Doesn't matter. She owns the company. YAGOO works for her

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I'll watch her if she moves to Twitch and streams in English

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Anon, we both know that's a lie. Chama wanted to be a voiced actor.

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Not a whore?

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Brain-dead coomers? Exactly the same might be said about Marine's and Noel's fanbases. But I don't see anyone complaining about their repeatitivness. At least in case of Chammers it isn't her only schtick. You have to try harder antichama or at least do your vod-reps cuz you have no idea what your talking about

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She's in university so who knows? Maybe she goes to group dates. It's for the best though. She needs to find a man to help her.

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But a bunch of her recent streams just got privated. Something is amiss.

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>But a bunch of her recent streams just got privated
Is Chama okay? She’s not graduating is she?

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Haachama will save you and then eat you

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I want her to eat me. We’ll be together forever.

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Fuck Haachama.
Bring back Haato.

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only a good long vacation to INDONESIA can save her..

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looks like the move/uni is not going well......

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the state of this shitty board has been so sad lately...

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>wake up
>vods nuked
holy shit she does need to be saved

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She doesn't need to be saved, at this point I don't think she really wants to be a vtuber anymore.

>> No.17223690

that wont cave her

>> No.17224380

then why not just quit?

>> No.17224406

She is stuck in a contract, that's why she is doing her best to force Cover to fire her.

>> No.17225343

there must easy as fuck ways to get fired why not do that?

>> No.17225591

Sadly, Chama is not very bright. That is also why she is failing university.

>> No.17226886

pretty sure she could think of something that would get her fired faster

>> No.17226901

She should just be a full time Vtuber.

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Why Indonesia? Why not Australian

>> No.17231953

Fuck Haato. I want Haachama.

>> No.17232387

I think it might be copyright, at least one of the nuked vids had Disney songs and she's been doing a lot of singing

>> No.17232586

Probably the equivalent of "come to Brazil".

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She can't be saved, she can never regain her popularity. And when Haachama realizes this she will delete all her VODs from YouTube.
She won't even do graduation, she'll just cease to exist as a vtuber.

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I have no respect for the english language.

>> No.17235202

well maybe for that one but the others should be fine

>> No.17237123

no thanks, we don't need chama getting raped by seanigs

>> No.17237167

People got tired of all her try hard being crazy shit, it gets repetitive and there’s so much you can only do before it goes stale

>> No.17237226

you are wrong and it shows that you don't actually watch her, tell me what's the last thing that you saw of her which you consider "crazy"?

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I hope she’s graduating, anyone who wastes food because of le terrible cook XD deserves a fate worst than death. I’ll dance on her corpse when she graduates

>> No.17237321

I’m not wrong, you’re just a faggot in denial, “ohh I hope she’s okay :(“ grow a pair Op she doesn’t know you exist and is getting dick down in college as we speak

>> No.17237383

She eats the food anon...

>> No.17237402

keep seething fag, you literally just confessed to the fact that you're pulling this and your previous claim out of your ass.
I wonder who your oshi is anon

>> No.17239259

>I wonder who your oshi is anon
Akai Haato.

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she's dead

>> No.17241754

Typical buttblasted haatard response.

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She can be saved.

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She tipped the domino that made Coco quit, delayed IRyS’s debut, reduced Fubuki’s income by half, and got 6 of her coworkers fired. Even if you moralize about how she did nothing wrong, that’s a lot to put on a young girl who already had family issues.

>> No.17245470

How do we save schizos on this board?

>> No.17246571

You can't.

I caught all of those except the six coworker part. What happened there? Just behind the scenes managers or something?
Either way, she's in no way responsible for whatever mentally ill chinese do.

>> No.17246855

Only until she shits you out.

>> No.17247156

She herself probably sees herself as responsible though.

>> No.17249241

she's having fun being a uni student in a country where she can actually speak the language now, this vtubing shit doesn't matter anymore to her

just be happy she's actually happy now instead of using her vtubing gig as an escape from how bored she was in Australia

>> No.17250262

Survivor guilt

>> No.17252514

> six coworker part.
anon, the china branch.......

>> No.17252963

think of poor fubuki's gacha

>> No.17255349

I loved Haato so much, I endured the cringe feet streams because she was so cute. Apparently you footfags and creepypasta niggers couldn't help but make her a numbersfag, she never recovered. I feel like she never will try to be normal. She's holding onto some hope that these people will come back after her schtick got boring.

>> No.17258659

what will happen today i wonder

>> No.17258877

She is not, but that's obvious she have the feeling of "I fucked up everything"

>> No.17259699

chama why are you sad, whats wrong?

>> No.17260094

They unironically enjoy Haachama's split personality bullshit. Early/Mid 2020 was prime Haato.

>> No.17262354

Haatons are just coomers

>> No.17263044

she wanted to leave but got peer pressured into continuing, she is not lasting another year.

>> No.17267607

God, I hope she gets the help she needs.

>> No.17267738

She's reclining because she's not streaming as much because she's in school

>> No.17268830

I can see your skeleton hands typing...

>> No.17269644

It's a receipt where the Haaton went to McDonald's and created a combo that spells out Haachama

>> No.17269723

You haven't watched a single Haachama stream and it shows. Nobody goes to a stream because of the thumbnail ass hat. The reason it shows low views was because YouTube hasn't been showing the real numbers for a while

>> No.17272634

My rrat is that she doesn't really enjoy being in Hololive anymore after Coco graduated. Not that she hates being there, just that the flame isn't there anymore. She brings up Coco quite a bit and was the first Holo to acknowledge Kson on a tweet. She really misses her.

>> No.17273125

I think I stopped caring around the time she got this stupid fucking outfit. The split personality gag was neat like once. Dont think I know anything about her activities after she went back to Japan.
I do hope chammers is happy though.

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you cant get these retards to understand like that, gotta post shit like this that even they cannot explain away with shitty rrats

>> No.17273593

The fact that people have to try so hard to even make a """""coherent""""" thread shitting on her goes to show how rent free she lives in the minds of some schizos, but it's literally just a couple of people samefagging and bumping up the thread with retarded shit because they know how unironically dumb a post like this is.
But well, it's still better than the mori barrage

>> No.17275364

What does that prove?

>> No.17275744

It proves that you're a retard.

>> No.17275954

59 posters, mayby 5 of them watch Haachamaa streams

>> No.17275969

This. You simply cannot be more right.

>> No.17276093

Thank you, yes this is perfect
That you're a retard. How the fuck do you get 22k likes from only 3k views. Don't get me wrong, I love Fubuki and she's been dominating this month, but Haachama has been nerfed by YT so much it's not funny

>> No.17277771

here's the rrat, what kind of power could suppress YT to do that other than by the Chinks?

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>> No.17279664

How can we save her?

>> No.17281291

i don't know

>> No.17281833

Doxfag here. Just ordered a pepperoni to her address.

>> No.17282019

but she literally moved house this week

>> No.17284593

chama doko

>> No.17286336

how do we save her

>> No.17286390

Work several jobs, make a bunch of youtube accounts and member with as many as you can indefinitely.

>> No.17286394

The schizo shtick ironically got predictable.

>> No.17287403

Won’t that just postpone the inevitable.

>> No.17287913


>> No.17288572

What do you mean no? It’s clear as day that Haachama has lost any spark she might have had on being a Vtuber.

>> No.17288813

That's why you flood her with money. Enough to show it's the only way.

>> No.17290150

if you say so

>> No.17290444

Can't blame them, Haato and her alt are both 10/10 designs even if the person behind them acts like an edgy teen girl all day.

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File: 561 KB, 1000x1412, chamaass1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17294314

you have to let her go

>> No.17296705

I can’t let her go. I love her and I want what’s best for her.

>> No.17299373

I want to breed this retard.

>> No.17302287

chama doko

>> No.17306054

Please don't make more retard babies. The world can't take it.

>> No.17308032

No, just go to the haachama general and its all coomers.

>> No.17310036

in this the haachama thread now?

>> No.17310777

The whole Haachama vs Haato "lore" shit dragged on for too long and caused some people to lose interest in her. In general her content just doesn't feel that fresh anymore. It feels like she's going through the motions of being a streamer.
She's apparently quite happy, and still has a ton of fans, so I'm glad for her. Other vtubers have drawn my interest away from her, though.

>> No.17311673


>> No.17311828

Did it really though? She didn't even peak during that arc, ccv kept going up every stream until Cover axed the concept.

>> No.17312015

Susan's just fucking with her numbers and she has uni. Her total views are still decent considering how irregular her uploads are.

>> No.17312409
File: 185 KB, 850x1309, prettycutechaachama_(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck where did my retarded daughter go... 面倒くさい 女達 I miss her so much...

>> No.17315955

i honest believe that a hiatus is coming and im fucking dreading it

>> No.17319118

Why is that?

>> No.17319767

the last time she nuked a bunch of vods and went silent on everything was right before her big hiatus in june

>> No.17323572

Why doesn’t she just quit already? It’s obvious she hates vtubing.

>> No.17328414

>Susan's just fucking with her numbers
Stop blaming Susan, its time you blame Haachama for her own action.

>> No.17328500

If she never went full skitzo she would still be fine

>> No.17328937
File: 2.73 MB, 2353x3166, Akai.Haato.full.2849901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these fags still crying schizo

You realize she's dropped the whole schizo shit right? Oh wait you faggots don't even watch her anymore and just cry schizo. Seriously get help your obsession with her being a schizo isn't healthy

>> No.17329480

anonchama...since the writing of >>17275954 which was 22 hours ago, only a handful of IPs have increased and it's probably the same dumb fags restarting their router to not be outed as retards who got kicked out of /hlg/
it's fairly obvious who actually watches streams and who doesn't so wasting your breath on these fags is unadvisable

>> No.17330623

But if she never want full schizo she would t have gotten so big.

>> No.17332690

Her real face is ugly.

>> No.17333244

Is the schizo slurping haatard mad that people are calling the schizo whore a schizo? Get a load of this faggot.

>> No.17334241

She wants to graduate and an hero for Taiwangate.

>> No.17336037

She already got a Taiwan gate?

>> No.17336232

Blame her based on what? Blame her for still getting good numbers despite this shizo thread? Yeah, I think she only has herself to blame for her success.

>> No.17336316

>The one retard who keeps seething about Haachama definitely hasn’t watched her content
Wow shocker

>> No.17338671
File: 244 KB, 946x2048, Akai.Haato.full.2807437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay mad faggot I hope she continues to live in your head rent free. I'll keep watching her and enjoy her streams. You'll keep getting pissed off like the absolute loser you are and I'll always be laughing at you every time you get assblassed whenever you see her.

>> No.17340263

>Blame her for still getting good numbers
2k views aren’t good numbers.

>> No.17343219

whose ready for no stream tomorrow!!!!

>> No.17344831

She needs to stop being such a menhera.

>> No.17345132

Just a small update for any pigs who dont use twitter looks like she did a small like spree earlier today.

>> No.17346731

She should go to sleep already. Her slee schedule is fucked up.

>> No.17347315

Could the reveal be a reason for a decline though?
I've thought only a small part of viewers actually care about such things.

>> No.17347462

Based stream watcher

>> No.17347604

she's fine up until she overdoes that fake laugh

>> No.17347746

She's 20 and in college. Usually this is the age young people actually start thinking about their future more seriously and she's probably having a crisis thinking if she'll be doing vtubing for the rest of her life or study and then find a shit job that won't even make her a 1/3 of the money they could make by a single day of streaming.

>> No.17348604


>> No.17351182

She wanted to be a voice actor, why go to college?

>> No.17351183 [DELETED] 

her numbers were going down before that

>> No.17351240

because in japan if you don't go to college you're a worthless subhuman

>> No.17353691

God, what a terrible mindset. And its sad because Haachama has potential in being a voice actress.

>> No.17354005

While that may, she has also seen the writing on the wall with the vtuber boom compared to the absolute trash pay VAs get in Japan if you aren't the top of the top. Just imagine how many nobody VAs decided to become a 2view seeing that even being that low of a vtuber probably pays better than their VA work.

>> No.17354848

Hololive management ruined her creativity, very sad

>> No.17359175

today's the day in nip land! the day of the song contest, do you think that she will show up? cause i don't

>> No.17360616

does it matter to her? she had 300 viewers on bilibili days

>> No.17361447

>acts like an edgy teen girl
She literally is one. She turned 20 and had a drinking stream a month or two ago.

>> No.17363372

>she had 300 viewers on bilibili days
She could have had more if she didn’t cause the Taiwan incident. Again, all of this is self-inflicted.

>> No.17369019

wheres chammers... i miss my daughter-wife, i want to see her be a retard on the internet

>> No.17369152 [DELETED] 

Haatards being braindead thin-skinned sycophants? Say it ain't so! It will never stop being funny how hard haatards screech and scream at even the slightest criticism being leveled at their dysfunctional schizo whore despite being the most EOP bunch of fucks out of all the JP girls' fans. Watch streams? More like read seaniggers who translate streams.

>> No.17369684
File: 571 KB, 1919x1079, 1628488255548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17369704

It can be explained by EOPs who leave likes then fucking off. The same shit can be observed with the EN girls.
Just face it, she has shit audience retention.

>> No.17374815

She has made it clear that the edginess is part of her character identity. She pretends to be bad but sometimes in doing so she actually annoys the part of her audience who take her too seriously. See the 10000 yen question stream. Sometimes the edginess is tacked on like the "smoking" stream that was just music composition.

>> No.17375592

>taking anything a compulsive liar says at face value

>> No.17375679

show me a comparison that supports your evidence. I can't find a single one on holo poi.

>> No.17375831

Can't watch her anymore. She is getting her brains fucked out at uni. Hurts way to much.

>> No.17376314

I don't even watch haachama but you sound like a mentally ill freak

>> No.17378655

i am shocked that she hasn't done any twitter spaces since her last stream

>> No.17379813

You sound like a buttblasted haatard.

>> No.17382566
File: 894 KB, 3024x4032, __akai_haato_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_rei_magnifico__1518a0659eabdbfde1933afae23ae629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lmaoing at you life hope you stay unmedicated and never find happiness schizoshart

>> No.17384162

Just accept the fact that your shitty thread has failed and stop bumping it with a retarded post everytime it reaches page 10 you fucking fag

>> No.17384208

Why are you like this?

>> No.17385998

Because they got no other argument otherwise.

>> No.17389067
File: 37 KB, 1024x570, 1643218955484m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's why if cover ever makes a stars EN one of them needs to rush getting the mcyt community it's got millions of horny teenage girls and other demographics stuffed to the gills the also all have extreme sexual repression and sexy anime streamers who are totally down for porn being drawn of them is the perfect solution. I've thought on this alot with the proper networking and plays we could see a new golden age as the sheer influx will inevitably cause vtubers to be put into everyone's recommendations.
I've schizophrenically theorized and planned over this for far too long

>> No.17390852

>mcyt community
Minecraft? It didn't work in gathering a large following for males, how would this work with females?

>> No.17390893

she went insane after EN came out and she realized she wasn't special for speaking English and in fact actually pretty bad at English so she tried going with being crazy to stand out

>> No.17392821

She's already irrelevant.

>> No.17392948

Haato has sex with dogs and routinely fucks black men.

>> No.17393991

Well since were not getting the music contest, post some shit from the hashtag so at least the artists get a few more hits.

>> No.17394941

This one could work as a nice mild bgm.

>> No.17395228

And now the schizo experience.

>> No.17395564

Did she really demonetize herself? If yes, wtf is going on in her brain?

And does she have a manager?

>> No.17396085

Yeah. Superchats were working for a while on prechat, she confirmed it was self imposed a few times since. She even suggested wanting to turn off members but couldn't figure it out.

As for why, I dont know. Maybe a response to the aka bait criticism, maybe she wanted to stream without the pressure of financial incentive, or maybe some avant garde crap. All it really proves is whatevers in those early gen contracts is built far far different.

>> No.17398828

Damn, poor guy went the extra mile this time

>> No.17399454

i think the earliest that we are going to see her again is fed 17th

>> No.17399843

I like this one

>> No.17401540

>turn off members but couldn't figure it out.
I think she also realized it was a bad idea, because it would reset people's membership streaks/durations.

>> No.17401872

chama changed her name on twitter and pfp but changed the pfp back to white

>> No.17402037 [DELETED] 

chama tweeted from her "other" account, the fuck are you doing chama

>> No.17402224

Wonderful. Get ready for graduation time loop 810

>> No.17402763

Everytime she touches that acc my anxiety goes up...

>> No.17403383

Check out the artist's comment of this good art

>> No.17403866

What are the odds of cover forcing her to not stream because she's doubling down on the fact that she doesn't want to turn her SCs back on until Feb the 17?
Sounds pretty plausible to me since she had a couple of streams since her self imposed demonetization that could've gotten her a fair share of SCs, off of the top of my head would be her funeral to her ASMR mic
Even if she's still gaining money, she's still losing them money as well

>> No.17404027

That would be weird. Since She doesn't get income as well if she doesn't stream. On the other hand, if she keep streaming, at least she can build up momentum and get lots of sc on Feb 17

>> No.17404324

thats just great....

>> No.17405346

Close to 0
Plenty of corpo vtubers, even in Holo EN and JP have disabled SC for whatever reason. They have that much freedom with their channel at least.

>> No.17405447
File: 300 KB, 764x693, image_2022-01-30_175452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is her twitter profile a Sunrise or Sunset now?

>> No.17405585

What did chammers have to do with Irys debut?

>> No.17405658

I'm fucking creasing, this looks like something one of my aunts would use as her Facebook profile picture

>> No.17406755

Chana does weird things sometimes

>> No.17406895

Has she done any member post in the last few days? I'm starting to get worried about her, she's starting to do weird stuff again

>> No.17406960

I''m starting to think somebody really does need to save her

>> No.17407170

>Chama followed her account with another account

>> No.17407235

Do any other Holos do that? Not that it matters, and no, them following kson does not count

>> No.17407416
File: 115 KB, 1959x1029, af0b90662eaa8420246cb3d19babec3b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Graduation incoming...

>> No.17407436

I'm thinking she might be preparing to collab with dragon

>> No.17407646

Does she mean mamachama took the pic or arranged the flowers?

>> No.17407754

That's not a photo...

>> No.17407935

Why are you such schizos? Why don't you take your medication?

>> No.17408636

That's my thoughts too, but who knows

>> No.17410327

We need to save Haachama.

>> No.17410386

Pfp update (again) and now a rabbit.
So much for fucking sleep reps.

>> No.17410786

The pfp change was hours ago
Not sure what's with the rabbit
By the way since haachama is being active again maybe we should do an actual general and not camp in this thread

>> No.17410872

>maybe we should do an actual general
Yeah, no. Let the schizos stay here until something actually happens.

>> No.17411049

>>17410872 This, tweet activity is not equal as streaming, also her activity has been pretty weird, so schizos are guaranteed if you make the thread

>> No.17411215
File: 152 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20220130_131810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed, look what it's doing to mago

>> No.17412339
File: 38 KB, 512x512, 1631780347611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Let the schizos stay here until something actually happens.
ok, did chama just doxxed her mama?

>> No.17412539

Yes, her mother is a floral arrangment

>> No.17412592

It's a painting retard
And it has a signature in the right corner

>> No.17415599

>chama just doxxed her mama?
She did it again? How many times is it now?

>> No.17418349

I just looked at her Twitter and I get the feeling that Haachama is trying to distance herself from vtubing.
It's like her hobbies like camping, photography, traveling have become more important.

>> No.17421598

>It's like her hobbies like camping, photography, traveling have become more important.
Those are group hobbies. Bros… does Haachama have a boyfriend?

>> No.17424166

Yeah, me

>> No.17424456

Jesus Christ, are we back at this "Chammers can't be chuuba anymore because she doesn't live in a Australian bunker anymore" timeloop? You people are fucking insane. Like literally murder yourselves.

>> No.17427112

Why do you haatards keep ignoring all the signs? Stop being in denial.

>> No.17431255

>does Haachama have a boyfriend?
It's a good thing that she has a boyfriend, it will give her some stability and she desperately needs it.

>> No.17435695

Haatards being thin-skinned sycophants again. What's new?

>> No.17435846

Then we move to the main thread and discuss why she's such a menhera piece of shit there.

>> No.17435905

>random image from a Kare furniture shop.
Weird taste, but ok.

guess she's decorating.

>> No.17435918

No she's graduating.

>> No.17435942

kek SEAnigger samefagging.

>> No.17435951

good luck

>> No.17436041

kek haatard seething

>> No.17436110

It's not samefagging when I'm replying to different posters retard. Being a haatard must automatically lower your intelligence by a factor of 10.

>> No.17436323 [DELETED] 

Come on SEAnigger, seethe more.

>> No.17436621

Is the haatard bleeding out its anus again?

>> No.17436954 [DELETED] 

SEAnigger is so very angry because his/hers tranny ass is hated here and especially in 5chan because his/hers Japanese is so shit.

>> No.17437240

Is the haatard projecting his inferiority again?
>hers before noun
Of course.

>> No.17437463

Does anyone have the screencaps of the time when 5chan schizos laughed anti-chama out of their board and then he came back here thinking no one would know?

>> No.17437558

Typical haatard behavior of diverting attention to things that never happened in order to save face.

>> No.17437720

Antichama is a different poster. You’re dealing with that one schizo who seethes every day about Haachama and has to cry about it on the board.

>> No.17437729
File: 1.04 MB, 640x586, 1639540228273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17438019

She destroyed her JP audience by doing English streams.

>> No.17438269 [DELETED] 

She didn't made that many EN streams to begin with.

>> No.17441725

Can her Japanese audience be saved?

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