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Can someone explain to me what this is supposed to be? A joke? I'm completely lost

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>he doesn't get it

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Preparing for Holostars EN

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i don't yeah, so please explain

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Today's opposite day

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why do they need to prepare for it with gender bent idols

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Omega's plan to get the audience familiar with males

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>draw a man
>voice it with a girl


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too busy jerking off to San

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Are you mad? Sad? Want to punch something?
It's opposite day, so Kronii came-up with this collab idea.

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Softening up the unicorns here and on reddit.

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i'm not mad just confused, also wtf is opposite day

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Punch a wall.

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Lubbing up the butthole for Homostars. Harbinger means "a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another" btw

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no point in explaining it to people who only live in the moment

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>Holostars EN
Ohnononono cuckchads what is happening ?????

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You wouldn't get it . joker smoke

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Why are they so fucking hot?

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>tranny sana looks way better than the real sana

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Cover realised that they've catered to a type of grown adult that genuinely needs weening into the idea of seeing male anime characters on their screen that Council have to do this to 'prepare' them for StarsEN.

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Do you even check your calendar? It's opposite day. Literally what they did. Also, I'm guessing it's going to be pretty sure, an hour at best since Fauna, Kronii and Mumei have to do the Terraria collab soon after.

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are they? owl looks pretty awful, one is a shota and faunas face is fucked up. Others are decent i guess

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All of a sudden everyone wants Holostars EN after whining about not wanting it

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it's time

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Its over /vt/ council can no longer protect you

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they're all for tender het sex

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opposite day is not a rel thing u faggot

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>t. only watched EN
male opposites have been a thing forever, go dig up some JP host club streams

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So what. JP does GFE and yet EN doesnt. Why do we get the gay shit but not the good shit?

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Yeah, it's just a joke no need to be autistic

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shitpost against something long enough and public opinion will flip and start craving it

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>EN doesn't do GFE

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gay or straight

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just enjoy

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so what? there's a whole bunch of other meme holidays that came and went and nobody really bothered to celebrate them, but opposite day is to be celebrated? during this current period in time where people everywhere are speculating EN Holostars, Omega reminding people that holostars are part of hololive, and two council members doing a group collab with JP stars right after the competitor company having debuted a successful EN Male group? Just a coincidence right? nothing to think too deeply about! haha!

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Testing the waters for HolostarsEN.

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you took a lot of words to say "yes, yagoo authorized a test of starsEN"
I'm glad none of them are bri'ish. That was my big fear after the Nijis

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boipuss is very powerful

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Honestly, I'd be more for this if some of their voice changers weren't so fucking cringe. Also, Baelz' male design is fucking disgusting. Looks like straight BL shit. The others are at least cute or funny. Too bad I don't like Council but I admit at this point I'd sooner watch Fauna, Sana, Mumei or Kronii if they were these characters than their current ones since these designs seem more in line with the actual audience they are going for.

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Their mission is to oust every shotacon in Hololive that hasn't already been ousted.

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>Looks like straight BL shit
you know that's bae's jam, right?

She requested this look, tongue piercing and all. I guarantee it.

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>Checks Google on it.

What in the actual fuck, its real now? officially I'm a boomer I guess.

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Looking at Bae's MHR character, I really like Bae, but her taste is so....bad

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My main complaint is that the reveal stream was with the indicator #holopposite instead of #holotome

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HolostarsEN would unironically destroy JPholostars and nijisharts and unlike niji they can be kept on a leash

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January 25th is

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I hope you're ready to share aboard with female stans

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That's fair, it's just an unappealing aesthetic to me.

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they should of just taken the easy road and streamed and put up consistent schedules

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>Kronii came-up with this collab idea
This just strenghtens the ftm tranny rrat

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>what is opposite day
Seanigger detected

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>Sana gets mogged again
She cant catch a break

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We already are. There are tons of self admitted females and homosexuals coming from the niji threads spreading around the board.

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kronii and mumei should be switched

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Based enjoyer.

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What? He's the most peggable one there.

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>nijisanji EN debuts luxiem, huge success
>holostars opens their own EN account in reddit
>yagoo says they want the west to know about the stars too
>council suddenly pulls an ikemen stream
>kiara asks if chat would be mad if she collabed with males
anon you you can't cope forever, the truth is out there

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>her boobs disappeared in her kimono and gets a snake pet that is a stand-in for a penis
Its a strong rrat

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To be honest Stars has probably been in the works for a while. There was no reason for Omega to have a YT channel, or exist at all actually.

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not that anon, but isn't that only US thing?

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the trans rrat is stupid.
She's just gender non-conforming like Kanata.

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True. Unlike their fem alternatives, I'd only fuck Sana in this case lmao

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>To be honest Stars has probably been in the works for a while. There was no reason for Omega to have a YT channel, or exist at all actually.
Omega is HoloEN A-chan for all intents and purposes

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>people genuinely don't know about the opposite day
This has been a thing for over a decade. I remember learning about it from cartoons 15 years ago, if not even more, when I was a child. Where have you anons been all this time?

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Sana beeg.
San smol.

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Thats what people thought he was going to be but he doesnt do anything that Hololive Official twitter doesnt already do. Which is just tweet.

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LOL nope. Nijis already grabbed the female fanbase. Homostars won't be able to collab off corp like Nijis and HoloEN management is fucking terrible. They will be a pathetic flop in comparison to Luxiem.

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It's to test the waters.

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I want to fuck male!Bae so badly...

>> No.17117367

Nijifag here, this is cute and hot, why is everyone so pissed? Did you react the same way when SMOK did shota voice stream, I saw that clip and it was also cute.

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Burgers should really stop thinking everything fucking revolves around them. It's simply not a thing outside of the NA. Furthermore, I googled it and there are only retarded holiday sites which list every possible holiday from all shitholes of the world and EN wiki article that says nothing about January 25, just states it's a child game. The only other wiki article is in Bahasa Indonesia, kek

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People actually like A-chan though
Nobody likes Omega and he adds nothing of value to the council and just leeches attention off of them
Would prefer if he just fucked off and EnMa became the the EN version of A-chan which is how it should've been to begin with

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>and unlike niji they can be kept on a leash

And this is exactly why they will flop. Cover wants the yume money now but they are too late and this time won't get the #1 and pandemic buffs.

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> I remember learning about it from cartoons 15 years ago.

Anon, are you serisouly asking me to believe that something which whole purpose was to fuck around with Squidward is an actual thing in the real world?

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lol and moomer's male keyhole dress is fine? take meds for blindness anon

>> No.17117791

Cope nijishits it's over for your seanig branch

>> No.17117861

Huh, I did not know that but now that you point it out, that actually makes sense.

Most people don't know that's a real thing, I didn't until just now.

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Your cope is going to be hilarious.

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The meme is certainly a thing but people actually doing opposite day and it being a specific day? That has never been a thing.

>> No.17118182

AAAAAHHH Ame sent us to the worst timeline

>> No.17118209

kek agreed

>> No.17118326

A joke + a high chance of them dropping an announcement about HolostarsEN auditions.

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This is unironically cringe. What was the point of this? Why did the bother wasting money commissioning the art for each member? I was actually starting to like the council and I just did a 180

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Their worse impression of a male voice would be better than these filters

>> No.17118738

It's opposite day anon, you're supposed to LOVE it. You can start bashing it tomorrow.

>> No.17119241

Some more events after Luxiem success:
>Most media about holostars published only in English
>Holostars official website update has only 1 language available - English
>HoloEN girls and and omega dropping a shit-ton of hints
>Holostars and HoloEN open indefinite auditions that is highly advertised on Hololive's western resources.

>> No.17119510

Of course it's opposite day. Kronii is actually streaming.

>> No.17119748

Mumei looks like the guy who pretends to be on your side but stabs you in the back and revealing he was a double agent relaying info to the enemy

>> No.17120018

Doesn't look like fans like this version of council meeting. For now, it got worst ccv except for Sana's second council meeting stream. The only thing that would save it is an actual announcement of HolostarsEN.

>> No.17120023

Made me think of the teacher character from Yu-Gi-Oh GX who did exactly that.

>> No.17120103

I hate maleshit so fucking much

>> No.17120200

part of yagoo masterplan for the upcoming Holostars ID

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yes, they are boys all along
here's a (You)

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Then Krono is like the other teacher who was a douchebag but their heart was in the right place.

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It's Cover shitting on the people who made them what they are in the West and throwing us under the bus. They squeezed out all the money and attention they could from us, and we are no longer needed. They'll just throw us aside and HoloEN will be the same bullshit like NijiEN, who did it first.

These shenanigans are just them testing the waters. And I feel insulted, because this is an insult. They're signalling that they don't give a shit about anything except money, and so the Idol illusion is no longer in their interest. They will bring in actual males and they will do collabs, and our thoughts on the matter are irrelevant. I regret ever getting into vtubers and I'm utterly sickened by how casually they decided to fuck us. This whole vtubing business is bullshit of the highest order and I feel like a fucking idiot. I should've known better. I should've been more careful.

Fuck Cover, fuck hololive and fuck vtubing.

>> No.17120976

I think these kinds of things were done for the longest time among JP chuubas, where they play a different character on top of the character they already play.

>> No.17121184

Neither is your social life.

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Fuck you.

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Fucking kek.

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Yeah, no, this isn't the case here at all. It's clear what the actual purpose is and other Anons picked up on it too. This is just Cover shitting on us and trying to convince us we should like it.

No, I won't tolerate this garbage and I won't tolerate being abused by a fucking company that lured us in with false pretenses and then threw us aside. It's not just about my memberships and SC's. These moves are shitting on my idealism and the very reasons why I watched HoloEN and vtubers. This isn't just about being taken for a fool, it's downright amoral how they exploited us.

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Thank you based Luxiem

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>> No.17122011

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

>> No.17122058

damn Sana be looking like that sheeesh.

>> No.17122177

Don't care, just want homo Fauna to beat the shit out of me and call me names.

>> No.17122183

take your meds bro

>> No.17122277

its a PSYOP attempt, to make you love males.
>OMG theyre just like the cute and funny female talents but with boy voices! I could get into this!

>> No.17122569

But what about Red-kun?

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I think I might be bisexual...I haven't experienced these feels since Kanae

>> No.17122670

This. It’s clearly just to break down the idol image and ease people into the idea of starsEN and male collabs.

>> No.17122700

But I already like the homostars. I will never watch male ENtubers.

>> No.17122758

You're right but you should also be ashamed of yourself for falling for it. It was obvious from the moment an EN branch was created this was where it was going.

>> No.17122853

Go buy an over the counter tinfoil hat and youll feel much better anon.

>> No.17122937

do you vomit every time you look in a mirror?

>> No.17123017

I thought this was a dumb gimmick but if it gets rid of schizos like you, it's extremely based

>> No.17123066

To be fair Kanae is universally sexy

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I hate that some stupid anons will actually believe this

>> No.17123673

Sexuality is a meme, if the fact that you can be attracted to drawings didn't clue you in, there's no saving you. People choose what they are willing to have sex with.

>> No.17123768

Increasing acceptance for HolostarsEN.

>> No.17123841

if it's any consolation, that kind of person already doesn't go outside or contribute to the gene pool

>> No.17124048

I'm not interested in men.

Well, I guess I'm a fucking idiot. I genuinely believed that there's finally something for me out there and I fell for it. I guess I was wrong. There really is nothing. Cover just exploited my naivete. I stopped watching anime in the last few years and to me this was the last form of media I enjoyed. I was into "cute girls doing cute things" and it was natural that I'd enjoy idol stuff. Or even just the dream of it. I was never interested in the chuuba's private lives. But I came for the image, the dream, and the fantasy, and it nourished my idealism about life and the world. I genuinely respected and thought highly of these girls (Myth). I thought they were extremely talented and saw vtubing as an artform in which they excelled. But I guess that doesn't matter, because there will be male collabs, there will be Holostars and all the other bullshit I was never into. I never watched any other form of streamers or gave a single fuck about them. I don't even know who popular streamers are except something as obvious as pewdiepie.

Cover squeezed us all like a lemon, and now they're throwing us away. That's the bottom line. I didn't support them to watch men, to watch male collabs or collabs of any sort for that matter. And I thought they understood that, that they understood who their audience is and why we're watching them. This shows that they did but don't care. It shows they're an amoral, cynical, exploitative and vile company. And I hate them. I hate them for lying to me, for exploiting me, for making me believe there's some actual goodness out there. This was my last shred of trust in anything. I believed in the dream. I just wanted to watch Gura laugh, or listen to Ina lull me to sleep. I wanted to believe and did believe there's still good people, good women, out there. But there are not. There is no one out there. I was and am completely alone. There is nothing but evil out there.

God, please let the War start. Please.

>> No.17124062

Kanae is a Woman, Mondo already did the research for us

>> No.17124107

>Are you mad? Sad? Want to punch something?

Bizarrely aroused.

>> No.17124236

This stream is horrible
I hate male voice

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i wish this is a pasta anon

>> No.17124493


>> No.17124496

It isn't. I don't hide behind irony like everyone else does with everything. If it hurts, it hurts.

>> No.17124563

who on stream was it who said "Basement? Niiiice."

>> No.17124617

Council was a mistake. They sound as bored as they are boring to watch

Zero chemistry

>> No.17124742

>There is no one out there.
There are companies with explicitly stated rules that they won't talk to men and you chose to follow Hololive that has no such rule. You are strange and pathetic.

>> No.17124809

I thought it was Krono

>> No.17125218


>> No.17125326

they just got graduated so it doesn't matter
the female voice yab was too strong

>> No.17125342

Yep, this is what I beleb since the beggining

>> No.17125385

9/10 stream
I laughed my ass off multiple times, I wish the game didnt disconnect as often as it did.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how cucked is EN?

>> No.17125434

>See you around niggas
What did he mean by this?

>> No.17125484

i literally saw a woman post earrings she made of her oshi on a thread a while ago. be scared.

>> No.17125495

this means they will redebut

>> No.17125656

Are we gonna rank these traps and femboys or not

>> No.17125798

I hate trannies so fucking much

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Everything DOES revolve around US. Every country belongs to America.

>> No.17126227

You really need meds and you just need to look at history to know that was never real anon. Cover did plenty of collabs with Nijisanji in the past, luckily the holocaust of 2020 took down most of those VODs. Even then though, the Holostars collabed with some Hololive members even before Myth debuted.

>> No.17126384


>> No.17126413

My hololive hobby is pozzed

>> No.17126439

Plenty of Japs hate A-chan.

>> No.17126459

Shall I start playing pumped up kicks?

>> No.17126469

This was a joke but more than that an experiment to prepare the EN audience for EN males and gauge the waters on how well it would be received
This stream was a success so expect males soon and full-force mixed gender collabs with EN girls all the time and be prepared to be called an incel and a unicorn a lot

>> No.17126476

What the fuck gay zoomer bullshit is opposite day?

t. amerifat

>> No.17126587

I'm tired of people trying to force men into this shit, whether its the fans or members themselves. Hololive is never going to be the same again when more men get introduced especially EN faggots

>> No.17126594

had to close this shit in like 10 seconds it sounded fucking horrible it's like they were too scared to actually sound male so they just had this completely fucking retarded voice mod slapped on

>> No.17126650

Uh, most of the people who post on 4chan are the ones calling you an incel and a unicorn. It's been that way now for a long time.

>> No.17126819

that's a surprise. why?

>> No.17126954

>Pretending people outside of America matter
Anon, please. The adults are talking. Besides, its not like anyone else has a soul.

>> No.17127506

Kiara already on Twitter pairing up HoloMyth girls with the HoloCouncil males. Trying to get everyone used to the upcoming policy change that will allow female members to openly declare that they're in an IRL relationship already, and to make it against the rules to send flirtatious/suggestive/romantic messages to a talent who is in a relationship. A lot of female vtubers believe that it's time for the stigma of already having a boyfriend to go away, and that in the future, they want to be able to go on stream and talk about their date with their boyfriend the night before, and still have a ton of fans and make a ton of money off superchats

>> No.17129045
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>> No.17129682

they succeeded bros... the homokeks are moving their goalposts. we are closer to the gaypocalypse. I'm gonna enjoy watching this.

>> No.17129759

I mean, that pretty much majority of shota va.
And it can work for Vtuber as well, Yuuki Chihiro's Chii-kun manage to attract her female non APEX viewer into membership.

>> No.17130268

Anon, females are fickle. As soon as they see a shiny new toy, they'll drop the old one immediately. Whether this is done by StarsEN and/or a future male NijiEN wave, we don't know.

>> No.17130443

this is what your average Holo-EN-only fan looks like.

fans of JP talents know holostars collab with Fubuki all the time and they don't act like a spoiled manchild on vt.

>> No.17130529

holostars got less balls than eunuchs

>> No.17130780
File: 66 KB, 285x281, sip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep, that's what the nips said about Chronoir, I'm sure they'll be dropped aaaany day now...

>> No.17130863

Only for united states, not for all America.

>> No.17130978

anon, you really don't know about loyal fujos?

>> No.17132148

Preparing you for what's coming.

>> No.17132881

I wasn't talking about that particular subgroup within fujos. It's women in general.

>> No.17133016

Last time I checked, Chronoir wasn't a proper "wave" or "gen".

>> No.17133461

Omegatranny's master plan to make unicorn get used to male hanging around EN

>> No.17133486

Do Vox or Mysta look British?

>> No.17133999

They ARE British.

>> No.17134093


>> No.17134228

… that isn't what I asked.

>> No.17134358

Holy goalpost moving

>> No.17134476

They sound British and that's all you need to know.

>> No.17134502

"See ya, niggas!"

>> No.17134565

I don't like this but I do think shota Sana is really cute.

>> No.17134684

Yeah but my point is that you wouldn't be able to tell from avatar design.

>> No.17134714

What does that have to do with women dropping something for a new thing? People have said this about any fujo oriented vtuber in Nijisanji yet their fans never left

>> No.17134772

Mysta is Filipino.

>> No.17134973

I'm ready for the sheer comedy when the ENStars we get have worse designs than this one.
Peak soul will be if these were early peaks at them, albeit wearing Council cosplay.

>> No.17135249

Because Luxiem is a proper wave.
I'm talking about women in general.
Anyway, only time will tell for sure.

>> No.17135395
File: 164 KB, 400x416, 1629857669289.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, the fact that they're a wave holds a lot of power over women liking them, makes sense. Only time will tell that they'll drop them, male vtubers in Nijisanji will lose their female viewerbase aaaany day now... just wait.. anon will finally be right after 5 years

>> No.17135531

unsubbed from all of them
not even a unicorn, just found this whole idea so revolting

>> No.17137683


>there's finally something out there for me
im pretty sure that's how the fujos feel now that there's FINALLY more male content and people are seeing how big this market is. there's plenty out there that don't care for female content either.

>> No.17137809

Goodness gracious, karma will pay you a visit soon, Melinda.

>> No.17137887

>a joke?
Yeah no shit, your first guess was right.

>> No.17138086

This year for sure!

>> No.17138092

The JP girls do this shit all the time, you baby

>> No.17139298

I am absolutely gay now. San and faun are my oshis. Is krono a nigger?

>> No.17139822

posters on here unironically don't watch streams and don't really care about JP talents as much as they do with EN, but yeah that's a good point.

>> No.17140127

no, he's just very racist and jealous of san's magnum rocket

>> No.17140206

For the same reason you hate omega

>> No.17141417

Dude is mental. Mori and Kiara collabed with men before, mori even collabed with holostar a few times.

>> No.17141542

I want that hung shota cock to helicopter as he bounces on my dick with faun giving my balls a foot job and both of them talk down to me.

>> No.17141581

I wanna fuck BoySana only finding out its a boy midway through/Ball deep and not stopping even when Sana finishes first

>> No.17142062

I want to feel san's rocket pump my stomach full of boyseed. This is the best collab these 5 have ever done.

>> No.17142330

>Do you even check your calendar? It's opposite day.
I have lived in the United States my entire life and never heard of ANY specific day being formally opposite day, much less January 25th. In grade school, "opposite day" was just some shit you said any day you wanted to try and get away with childish arguments.

>> No.17145681

Well contraband, in 2022 'opposite day' is an excuse to post amazing content and your plea of ignorance just leaves you open to ridicule. You fucking out of touch retard.

>> No.17148211

Stars EN

>> No.17148331

It's... fun? A lot of holidays are stodgy and obligatory. If it's a stalking horse you're free to react negatively, which you are.

>> No.17148708

>What was the point of this? Why did the bother wasting money commissioning the art for each member?
a joke probably. i really doubt hololive is hurting for money my man. they admited last year that they had troubles spending all their income since they weren't ready for such a big boom

>> No.17149048

Why do americans think the entire world knows about their meme date?