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>Redditors will defend letting their oshis collab with 3D males to the death
>If she ever collabed with Richard Spencer then they'd flip their shit and try to cancer her
Why are they such fucking hypocrites

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>making up imaginary scenarios that will never happen
Why is OP such a faggot?

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We don't know. Go ask them maybe.

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>cancer her
Anon-chama your Engrish reps....

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>he thinks spencer is relevent to the movement as against someone like nick\ jlp \ taylor

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I did. This is /vt/ isn't it? Where all the reddit immigrants congregate.

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I thought the leftoids at Reddit love Richard Spencer now? All he says are leftwing things.

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Doesn't matter, he's someone that makes them seethe. The point is to try and incite a small amount of self awareness in the cucks who get upset about "incels" and make them realize there are people they would not be ok with their oshi collabing with regardless of gender, and that Connor is to vtuber fans as Richard Spencer is to leftoid tranny progressives.

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>/pol/ getting uppity again after their cancel campaign against Nina failed so badly, she's now the face of Ethyria.

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They’d flip their shit over much less, like a collab with anyone who made a seemingly positive tweet about Trump..

They’re not really defending letting their oshi collab with males. It’s just their fear of being called an incel is much greater than their love for their oshi.

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Because you posted that picture I thought richard was the joker so I was wondering why everyone freaked out, a polka joker collab would be funny
who even is this

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>Richard Spencer
He is pretty much on (((their))) side now bro, time to update your /pol/ software to 2022.

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Because they are illogical fucking retards, and in the end its not even about being correct or not a hypocrite, they don't have the intelligence to be self aware, they want basic things, basic dopamine feedback from winning, utter hedonism too as well.

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Exactly. It's quite funny in a sad way to watch all those altright figures slide either to Uncle Shlomo or to Anglin-tier retardation.
Collab with Anglin would at least be funny though.

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i'll be honest. i don't know half the thing you're talking about

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>Redditors like them because they do things that redditors agree with, but if they did things that redditors didn't agree with then I bet reddit would hate them!
Low tier bait. I refuse to believe a human typed this unironically.

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Got something for you guys

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Did he discover meds?

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>Unicorns are actually closer to being chads than the redditcucks

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Anon, is this “/pol” in the room with us right now?

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that's it? just an essay of thanks?

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