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Ok, why was she fired? You people love to put your noses on shit you shouldn't. So at least tell me why she was fired.

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Underage, drank on stream

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She raped Gyari infront of Pikamee

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>Tax season in JP comes up
>It comes to light that oh, she lied about her age
>Contract violation, out she goes
>Mentioned on stream doing homework in current incarnation
There you go. The most likely one that doesn't involve drugs or anything truly nefarious except a girl being dumb and lying about her age.

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she overdosed on weed

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Pick your poison:
>She was underage
>Drug yab (just like Calli kek)
>She was a government worker (in Japan they're not allowed to moonlight as something else)
In any case she reincarnated so whatever it is they relatively sweeped it under the rug.

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I’d accept the choice of her being underaged, it’s the least horrifying possibility. Minor just suddenly wiped off the earth on one random day was scary though

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fucking underaged boys

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Slapped GYARI with unofficial merch while doing drugs and raping pika, she was 13 at the time and was working for the goverment
Some sources even say she could have been slightly mean to TMSK

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>slightly mean to TMSK

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literally nobody but her, pikamee, tmsk, and the faggot penguin know. fuck off.

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But I wanna knoooow I wanna know I wanna know heyeyeyeye

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If this is true, I really don't understand why Gyari couldn't have looked the other way instead of destroying her career. She shouldn't have lied, but it's not like it would have been a massive one. She was definitely at least 16 and it's not like it was illegal for him to employ a teenager. Several girls in the older gens of Hololive were younger than 18 when they joined. He should have just told her to delete any stream where she's drinking and agree to not drink until she's 20 while working with VOMS.

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Pikamee where are you, we need answers PLEASE TELL US

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GYARI seems to be very worried with legal stuff
Even then, her career didn't blow up, she gets like 200 live viewers as Ebosi and seems to be doing just fine, not much of a difference except not having merch/not interacting with VOMS.

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licked one too many magic stamps

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>why couldn't Gyari look the other way
1. Japs are insanely strict about contracts and contracts exist to cover that companies ass, not the employees and you can't just look the other way

2. That's employing a child worker if shes under 16, I don't know minor labor laws but most first world countries are insanely strict about them and have insane laws and regulations regarding them. I'd imagine japan is no different

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You forgot to include a tunnel and tentacles in your story

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There's no way she was under 16.
His "company" consists of only himself. He could've done whatever the fuck he wanted.

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I thought she smuggled drugs in thailand too

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>He could've done whatever the fuck he wanted.
A good chunk of the prison populace did exactly that.
>sacrifice your dream, job, security, and potential freedom, and all of that for all others under your employ, all for some retarded easily replaced girl who lied to you.

Stop being retarded and needlessly contrarian, there was no bad blood and whatever the issue was got swept under the rug, he took the kind option, stop pretending that endangering himself and others was the right option.

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was not menhera enough to let gyari groom her so he murdered her for daring reject him

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Government worker

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>career ruined

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she drank lean, ate hot chip and lied

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AGAIN. What would he be sacrificing? What law would he be breaking? She was over 16. It's legal to hire teenagers in Japan.

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2pbp. This should just be common knowledge on the board by now

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>I really don't understand why Gyari couldn't have looked the other way
You don't fuck with the IRS, and I imagine the same applies to the Japanese equivalent. If she says she's a certain age under her contract and she is not that age legally, that changes more than you can imagine.

>Several girls in the older gens of Hololive were younger than 18 when they joined.
Oh nevermind, you're unbelievably retarded.

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>Oh nevermind, you're unbelievably retarded.
Haato was still in high school and Shion was literally 16.

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GYARI made it seem like it would've threatened the entire operation, but we'll never really know.
There's no sense in worry about it, the whole thing is done.

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