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Don't forget her, please.

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Obligatory who?

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Is she from Niji?

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We’ll probably all forget her in a year’s time. Take your copium medication, she’s not coming back.

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who is this? Holostar?

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who is this person?

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Have not been following, do we have any clue what she supposedly did to deserve her firing?

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Most accepted rrat is that she worked for the Jap Gubment and didnt tell anyone. Apparently you are NOT allowed to make any extra dosh on the side if you work for honorable emperor

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She shouldnt have done drugs

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a shitload of coke and fan extortion. kind of based

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Damn, ridiculous if true

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Smoked pot, got arrested.

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How is that a serious breach of contract? Sure it may have been illegal, but why would the contract include something like that.

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>how is commiting a federal level crime a breach of contract
Are you people really this retarded?

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Remember magnetbros...

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I've never had a contract say that I couldn't commit felonies.

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That's because it's expected that you don't break the fucking law, dipshit.

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That is exactly my point.

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Since contracts are legally binding they'll always include a list of reasons that they could terminate it. I imagine a felony is one of the first reasons. Also helps the company cover their asses.

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I won't but only because ya'll won't shut up about her.

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is this like a new vtuber or something?

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Every single work contract has the basic clauses for termination. Commiting a felony is obviously on the list of terminatable offenses.

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i’d be suprised if we ever found out what she did

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If that really the reason. I'm just sad. So sad...

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Because its illegal anon.

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Anons have gotta let her go.

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She's gone

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I won't
I promise

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Literally who? Some Pokemon cosplayer?

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In America, this doesn't even have to be spelled out. Being convicted of a felony is always a justified cause for terminating a contract. I assume it's the same in Japan. However, I don't think she was convicted of anything. I think maybe VOMS just became aware of her status, and it might be just as illegal to hire someone known to work as a civil servant as it is to be that civil servant. For all we know, Mags just went back to wage-cucking it.

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Don't worry anons, Monoe (peace be upon her) will surely come back and grace us with her holy voice again. Meanwhile, we need to keep her in our minds by performing ascetic jitomic works, for instance >>1694508 is a great piece of Esoteric Jitomism.

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Her exercise streams were so erotic


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I fell asleep after the anniversary reveals and she was there to greet me. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Why do people keep calling it a "serious breach"? The original announcement only used "契約違反" without any reference to severity whatsoever.

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The official English translation Gyari posted worded it as "serious breach" - that's it.

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The official English translation Gyari posted worded it as "serious breach" - that's it.

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what >>1700011 said, you can read it here:

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Bear in mind it happened awfully close to tax season. My personal rrat is Gyari hired her knowing she was a civil servant and expected her to find a second job and quit or she just didn't tell Gyari. She may have even said she just wasn't going to file taxes on her streambux, which would have entangled anyone she told in legal trouble (accessory to fraud/tax evasion).

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At least she's not around to get a shitty new costume.

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I want the shitty costume

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It's the same in most countries, to prevent corruption

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I miss my dead wife. It's already been a month but it still feels as bad as the first day.

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please God give me a reason not to abandon all hope
there's nothing on the horizon to cling onto anymore
she's dead and gone in an instant, and just like that it's over
not even a fucking goodbye

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Huh. In America, you can work for the government and hold a second job only as long as said job does not present a conflict of interest to the government job. I would of thought Japan would have similar conflict of interest restrictions, but not outright bans on secondary employment...

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Thats because america is a shitland filled with jews.

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Happy Anniversary, Monoe
Wish you were still here

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The sooner you let her go the better anon. Cherish the memories.

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every memory i have is tainted by her untimely death
it only serves to remind me of everything i've lost, and how impotent we are as viewers
not only was there nothing we could do to stop it, but there's nothing we can do to stop it from happening again to the next one in line
it's muda.

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Who? She looks like that Seyana girl

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I really like the deadpan look any alive chubas for this feel

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yes, just imagine if we actually were fertile instead

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Maybe your seed would be stronger if you didn't spill it five times a day.

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It's not fair, bros.............

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I wish that was true.

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She left because she saw how shit her 1st year anniversary costume would be. Probably dressed like a chicken so she'd be called a "chick magnet".

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You feel it too, don't you?

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This thread is fucking depressing
My day is ruined

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It's only been 29 days since she died, anon.

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It feels like it's been less than a week.

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I counted every day.

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*inhales deeply*

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>the only thing I want to ask is the only thing I'm not allowed to say
It's cruel.

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>sad she didn't get a year one outfit
>the other two look like shit
Weird dodge

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Out of the loop, can someone explain to me what happened with her? how did she breach her contract?

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not her, just tmsk's accent color. check the voms site.

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No one knows.

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As the first vtuber to make me sad seeing her leave, I won't.
this character won't come back though. The person? maybe.

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dick is diamonds right now

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>accent color
This don't make a fucking sense, she wearing the colour pallet of her first model on her second one that don't use those colours and using them on the fucking badges that represent the members. I believe way more on the rrat that those models were made before Monoe leaving and Gyari just left that because it would be a pain to remove than on that "her colours" shit.

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>second one that don't use those colours
I always noticed it being weird so yeah,
GYARI probably changed the color. From VOMS to JUST TMSK

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Because Gyari

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She was an unknown, probably won't try vtubing again.

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please end up being wrong, she fucking loved her job
it was all she talked about from november to mid-february

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If the public servant-rrat is true, odds are we'll never see her again unless she goes fully independent. Laugh at wagecucks all you want, but any rational person would definitely think twice before abandoning a stable source of income for something as fickle as donation-funded streaming. Even moreso if you already have the "contract breach"-stigma over you.

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>YouTube erased
>Twitter erased
>none of her coworkers are allowed to talk about her
>you're not allowed to mention her
>no acknowledgement during anniversary
>no more merchandise of any kind
>no way to communicate to her, with her, or hear from her
How is this functionality different from Monoe dying?

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unironically who?

>> No.1723776

it isn't

she is fucking dead, so dead that those alive are banned and forbidden from talking about her.

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Why did it have to be her

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gyari even had them start a new minecraft server so all of monoe's creations are nothing but a memory now

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After seeing the new costumes, I unironically believe she insulted the fuck out of Gyari, and REFUSED to use the new costume.
That is the only thing that makes sense.

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My particular rrat that is newborn and I'm nurturing.

They were dating and she cheated on him.

>> No.1724224

One day her and Sex will return. If not in this life maybe in the next

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This one was hard to swallow, but not unexpected. What a shame.

>> No.1733501

More like as if she never existed to begin with.

>> No.1733917

was she even real? or did I imagine her all along? there is no proof anywhere of her.

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Has there EVER been an occurrence of a Vtuber returning to their character after a contract breach/"""graduation"""?
Holo, Niji, Vshojo, or otherwise?

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there was probably a new avatar for her for the anniversary of VOMS but they didn't show it because she was fired

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>Don't forget her

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