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>HoloEN TTRPG started on May of last year
>they've only done 6 sessions
>it's been announced that someone is dropping out
>extremely haphazardly try to wrap out the story for 3 PCs in one session (so possibly 3 out of the 4 players are leaving)
I was honestly shocked when I realized this started 8 months ago.
just like playing a campaign irl kek

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What happened to their unity? Is HoloEN declining? Is somebody graduating?

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yeah, i really like TTRPG's on Vtubers.

i just think too much stuff has come up and the girls and just girls....

I think Calli has what it takes
she needs to plan more, be brave, and come up with good ideas. killing characters is also not bad, you learn from that and adapt.
I also think Kiara (despite herself) and Gura shoudl go on to become future core TTRPG session members. Gura is dripping with raw talent, and Kiara, though a loudmouth, self-centered bitch, actually works as an internal group motivator and foil.

Some gals have it, some do not....

>pic is actually related.

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It's all really Calli's fault if you think about it. She's the GM so the story relies on her the most. For whatever reason, the past few sessions, she comes into as sleep deprived as can be. She didn't keep up the new session stream every 2 weeks thing. She pushes out that the season was double than intended during a filler arc that was split into 2 parts instead of 1 because of the aforementioned sleep deprived state. Then she says it's cut down to 3 sessions and says someone is going to leave. You praise her for playing long streams of Jump King, Pokemon and "finishing games" but when it comes to any collab streams, she's done diddly squat on that front and not just for the TTRPG. Also, distracted by her real passion in music isn't helping either.

The best thing they should've done was stuck to the original 5 part story after the tutorial sessions and treat it as a real season. That would be a consistent 2.5 months of TRPG if 2 weeks between each session was the norm with no long gaps, unless something really bad comes up that is. If the season was successful, then announce a new season to happen at a later time after she builds up the story beforehand. Repeat process while retaining the audience. It wasn't that hard to do but Mori fucked it up herself.

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Bet it's Watson. Comedic relief characters suck in the long run. One session every now and then is fine, maining one for an entire campaign is retarded.

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>time issues due to different time zones
>Sleep deprived GM
>Holo En having consistency

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You beat me to the punch. OP, for once, is not a faggot.

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She should've made the campaign really fucking short

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Yeah its seems that Gura and Kiara took to it very well. In hindsight the initial story could have been shorter in case one of them wasn't feeling the whole TTRPG thing (I think Ame stayed as long as she did because of hanging out with Myth rather than the actual game). Hopefully Mori has learned from this experience so the next campaign (IRyS,Council,ID) will be much better.

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It's almost like the host is garbage.

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Long form TTRPG is pain in the ass to manage, especially with newbies. She could've started with short form scenarios (3hr single session and done) like Fubuki has been doing.

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I have not watched any of those
or any DnD streams in general
is the appeal just that people are roleplaying and like, doing the voice?

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Male dick can ruin any female freibd group

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The only unique and interesting content Mori has ever done. Needed to be a regular fortnightly stream though to keep peoples interest.

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Mori completely fucked up the story after the tutorials. All of there were really damn good and although ive watched ever session pretty much every one after the tutorials has gotten worse and worse.

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The tutorials were amazing, I think one on one roleplaying like that is much more effective when you're streaming. I've always felt like having a group is just so you have an audience, but streaming gives you that audience already.
Being in a group really seemed to shut the girls down since you have to take turns and shouldn't dominate the session.
I would've loved to see more Scout exploring WoD. More Yuul stumbling around unravelling the darkness. Even Watoto felt better in the 1 on 1.

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That is all possible Mori is just not a good DM at all.

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The TTRPG was maybe a cool idea at first, but after the initial rush has worn off (everyone's character introductions over and the first few sessions done), it was kinda running of fumes and by the end it was apparent it had long overstayed its welcome and became a drag.

First obvious problem is the timezones. Due to the nature of Myth being spread out all over the world, getting a group together in the first place is like herding cats. When you have to align so many different schedules, it was never going to happen with sufficient regularity, so you got sessions spread out over multiple weeks and the girls forgetting everything again and again in the meantime. Also because you never could have a date that truly fits everyone, it was always gonna be too early or too late for some of them, so you always had one or more people in every session who were clearly tired, grumpy and mentally checked out.

Possible solution for the future - make a smaller, more focused group. Instead of trying to always include everyone (and thus being able to only very rarely get together), just pick 2-3 people, the ones who actually WANT to be there and contribute with sufficient enthusiasm, and most importantly are in the right timezone that they are actually awake for the session. It's much easier to coordinate with a smaller group.

Also, it became ever more apparent by the end that Mori has totally lost the plot and basically just pulled shit out of her ass to haphazardly string the girls along. Again, same possible solution as before - just do smaller, more focused scenarios, instead of trying too overambitious overarching plots, come up with a fixed scenario that can be solved in 2-3 sessions max and then it's DONE (instead of dragging it out with ever more curveballs just to fill the air)

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Wish she could tell us who wanted out.
Ame never seemed that into it. Her origin story session lasted an hour less than everyone else’s. She also seems to hate streaming now, especially for long amounts of time, so committing to something that happens every other Tuesday for 3 or 4 hours was daunting to her.
Kiara loves streaming and loves collabing with her friends, but it’s possible she didn’t like doing them because they happened late in her time zone.
Ina is super busy outside of streaming and hasn’t been streaming much lately, but she also seems like a loyal friend who would commit to something even if it was hard.
Guru, like Ame hates streaming and commitments, but she always stands out in collabs. And she always put her best into role-playing as Scout.
Ame makes the most sense to me, but I could see it being any of them.

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>Having an alcoholic Chainsmoker as a GM
>Expecting their health and sleeping habits to be any good

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>>it's been announced that someone is dropping out
This is months-old dead rrat. Yes it was announced that someone is dropping but they were supposed to drop LAST SESSION and they didn’t. Last news is that nobody is dropping until the end of the campaign (1 or 2 session left).

>>extremely haphazardly try to wrap out the story for 3 PCs in one session (so possibly 3 out of the 4 players are leaving)
The whole campaign is supposed to be ended soon. So yes, the story is wrapping up for all 4 players, retard.

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>First obvious problem is the timezones. Due to the nature of Myth being spread out all over the world, getting a group together in the first place is like herding cat
Their job is streaming though. There's no reason why they can't stream at 3am if they need to. Plenty of Holos stream at midnight and sleep til noon or later.

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The appeal is mostly the same as videogame RPGs, you see a story unfold. How good that story is depends on the Game Master's skill and the players roleplaying well.

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People have their own schedules they're comfortable with. Throwing it out of whack every two weeks isn't good for everyone.

>> No.16753171

There are lots of jobs that have people working at odd hours and 99% of them don't pay anywhere close to what HoloEN are making. Whining about muh sleep schedule when you're getting paid 200k a year to create content is peak zoomer entitlement.

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They can, but many times some of them were basically in "just show up"-mode, and certainly not at peak (or even sufficient) performance levels.
Sure, you can say "well so what, then they should simply try harder to at least fake enthusiasm, simple, solved!", but that's not the personality types of the girls, for example Ame or Ina etc. had some very apparent mute "ugh.. why am I even here / just get it over with" sessions, and they can't fake enthusiasm to save their lives, never have, never will.

>> No.16753292

A horrible sleep schedule fucks you up mentally and the rest of your content plummets anyway, so that's a moot point. Not everyone has the same circadian rhythm. Sure you can work through it, but ask any wagie if that doesn't make them feel like a zombie on autopilot.
Better solution is for Mori to look for anyone outside of her gen that's actually comfortable with the schedule. HoloID and the aussies in Council are good options.

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Staying up late one night every 2 weeks doesn't fuck you up mentally. I've done zoom meetings at 2am with people from the other side of the world, it's a nothingburger. Stop trying to create excuses for them

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You act as if they had any obligation to continue doing this shitty TTRPG anyway, or as if that's their whole "streaming job" instead of only a very minor part of it.

But sure, so what, they are entitled zoommers, what are you gonna do with that realization beyond seething on an imageboard?

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>You act as if they had any obligation to continue doing this shitty TTRPG anyway
They agreed to do it and when you agree to do something you see it through to the end and don't half ass it because you get bored half way through.

>what are you gonna do with that realization beyond seething on an imageboard?
Make you seethe by pointing it out and enjoying the far superior JP branch

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There just wasn't enough engagement or investment into it. Long running ongoing multi-person collaborations require dedication. That just wasn't going to happen here due to a variety of factors.

Nice idea but shit execution after the tutorial.

>> No.16753544

Without any reflection on the holos this is just a dumb and awkward concept for a live stream. Probably would turn out much better if it was prerecorded.

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Tabletop shit is boring as fuck. It's no wonder it's taken so long, because I'd be pretty fucking pissed if I had to pretend like I gave a fuck about a shitty tabletop adventure while I have to somehow work in a day out of my schedule to roleplay and roll dice.

You can argue that someone in Myth is being a bitch, is lazy, or whatever stupid reason you want, but I think the reality of it is that this shit is boring and takes an absurdly large amount of effort and free time to complete a long-running scenario like this. I have no understanding as to how people stay invested with shit like this, just play a video game instead you fucking dorks.

>> No.16753621

You're the only one seething. I actually think that the TTRPG was also shitty, but I don't dress it up in some inane demands that you "just continue because you agreed to it, and that's a legally binding contract you know?!" (ffs, we're still talking just about some anime girls larping a fucking table top roleplaying game, it's not like they're essential society workers), I rather they put it out of their misery, and if they ever want to do it again they should learn from the failure and adjust solutions so it doesn't happen like this again. (My ideas were simple fixes, a smaller more focused number of participants and less meandering scenarios, there, done, you won't run into the same issues again and won't have to appeal to any selfimportant sense of "obligation")

>> No.16753945

The real problem is they're playing fuckin WoD

>> No.16754022

>I have no understanding as to how people stay invested with shit like this, just play a video game instead you fucking dorks.
>I have ADD/ADHD and/or zoomer attention span similar to that of a goldfish, combined with commitment issues
Maybe try to get invested in something for once in your life

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>just play a video game instead you fucking dorks
jus consoooom vidya

It's okay if you don't get any fun out of TTRPG but don't act like your small brain opinion is superior behaviour.

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>just like playing a campaign irl kek
Exactly, if they aren't going to get paid extravagantly like Critical Role then they will quit. Humans just fucking hate having a consistent TTRPG game.

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I’ve never paid attention to any TTRPG things.
I tuned in the stream just to give them a ccv.
I did this to my friends as well.
They start playing TTRPG together 5 years ago.
I spectated them in the second round and I didn’t understand it at all.
It might be a great game but screw it, it takes too much energy for me to learn a new game so I didn’t pick it up.
They played the game in 5-7 parties in a row and never felt this disconnected with my friends.

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They are fun, but you might need to be the right kind of nerd to enjoy it I guess.

>> No.16754829

Mori, Kiara and Gura were all excellent together. They just need to cut down the group size. Ame is honestly just a boring wallflower and the only entertainment anyone got from Ina was when Mori kept flirting with her and she dropped her spaghetti.

>> No.16755041

Post your dream TTRPG group
>Calli DM

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>The tutorials were amazing, I think one on one roleplaying like that is much more effective when you're streaming. I've always felt like having a group is just so you have an audience, but streaming gives you that audience already.
>Being in a group really seemed to shut the girls down since you have to take turns and shouldn't dominate the session.

I think a system like Tenra Bansho Zero would handle this problem - usually only one or two PCs are present in any given scene, with the other players acting as "stagehands", and you roll for acting prompts whenever you enter a scene. There's also a mechanic where any member of the group can hand another an "Aiki chit" in response to good roleplaying, which could be modified so that viewers can also give Aiki by superchatting.

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Her mistake for picking a stupidly long-drawn out game and expecting it to be fun or keep interest.
Unless you have equally autistic TTRPG fans around you, you pick short and simple every time. Period, no ifs or buts.
If your rules are counted in double digits, you fucked up.
Note that I mean literally "around you", not online and in different time zones. That makes it infinitely harder to operate a game long term.

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mori dm

>> No.16758616

Kiara would 100000% lose her motivation to play if even her fucking pet owl died, even more if her character died.

>> No.16758940

this but unironically

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Calli should have killed off Gura the moment it became clear she was trying to ruin the game to live her fetish of choking people.

>> No.16761320

Kiara-Ame-Ina unity has never been stronger. Gura has always marched to the beat of her own drum but has no issues.
The problem is the homesick one who is latching on to any white English speaking person “trapped” in Japan with her rather than doing her job

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It might also gotten to Mori how interest died down/complaints per session(outside of the delays) of the audience, with how lenient and forgiving she got. Kiara in a position to get really fucked up since she's hypnotized? Just gets tied up. Ame got heavily damaged? Vampires stop after getting hit on the eye. Ina and Gura are in the presence of the vampir leader that's way stronger than them? They just play a game of cards to get away. Kiara suffered some trauma/debuff? Just give her the jitters that are promptly forgotten in later sessions. Gura's character is being touched by a ghost that had voodoo dolls of them? She just lost some years in her lifetime.

>> No.16762350

Being a DM burns you out. What she should have done instead was run a pregen campaign where all she had to do was study the module instead of coming up with new original material.

>> No.16762770

Watoto was definitely better as part of a group, he's pretty much designed to bounce off of other people. Scout definitely works better on her own, though, her lolsorandumb murderhobo antics fuck up group dynamics really easily. Tiara is an actually well designed character that works as both part of a group AND solo, although that's pretty easy to do when Kiara basically just copypasted herself into the game, and Yuul barely exists, but works better when she's on her own and is forced to actually DO things.

>> No.16762849

Fubuki has ttrpg streams??

>> No.16763202

This was my favourite thing to watch at first when it came out. Now it's just wasted potentiel. A shame.
If there is ever a season 2 with different people, that shit needs to be either weekly session of 2 hours or biweekly and last 5 hours.
And none of that "we're all busy so we're skiping that week's session". The delays killed the hype for both the players and the viewers. It's important to keep the rythm.
Mori you're probably not Reading that with all the shitposting on you right now but if you do, please consider it.

>> No.16763418

Glad I never bothered watching after kiara's character intro

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