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They were my favorite duo by far. Great chemistry and amusing moments. It's a shame about whatever happened between them that made them go their separate ways...

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moved on to better things a long time ago

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They don't have the same chemistry as PekoMiko.

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You're right, it's even better

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My latest cope is writing peComet.
Besides that, I wait.

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Death of Coco and PekoMiko finally got me to check out chuubas outside of Hololive

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Not really, I noticed Suisei looks down on Miko sometimes. Pekora never did that.

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Heck she even looks up to Miko

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Jokingly maybe, Suisei is one of the holos who respects Miko the most if anything

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I ship them

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Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! PekoMiko Daisenso wasn't my war! You asked me, I didn't ask you! And I did what I had to do to reunite them! But somebody wouldn't let us reunite them! And I come back to the /vt/ and I see all those micomet faggots in the PekoMiko threads, seething at me, spitting. Calling me schizo and all kinds of vile crap! Who are they to seethe at me, huh? Who are they? Unless they've been me and been there and know what the hell they're yelling about!

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take your meds ramblo

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Meds, now

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I keep it deep down inside and thoroughly enjoy myself when one of the retweets something pertaining to them and every little thing fuels my rrats.

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I want to like this pairing so bad since they synergizes great with each, but some reason I just can't.
I guess it's because if Miko sticks with Suisei, that means Pekora is stuck with fucking Marine.

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At first I thought it was a misunderstanding but then I just moved on. Pekora did a bunch of stuff that made me dislike her and I never felt the same about Miko's new model so it wasn't that bad. I took Coco leaving a lot worse but by then I was used to 2views so I just went full small vtuber.

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Pekora doesn't have romantic synergy with anyone besides Miko. Unless she finds a new pairing outside her usual circle.

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Same honestly. Suisei is one of the few who can keep up with Miko but something about it just doesn't click for me. Ironically, I think Miko works better with Kanata based on the few times I've seen them on a stream together.

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I just mastubated to both of them destrying my ass with their dicks

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I can see Miko and Kanata working, but honestly with Kanata I mainly want her to be known for her own content instead of being paired with someone else now that Coco is gone. I always felt like she had the potential for that, but never fully realized it.

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You know what would actually work anon. Miko Laplus. It literally writes itself.
It's a real shame that Cover doesn't have the amazing staff they used to.

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For me Suisei and Miko have great chemistry but none of Pekora's alternative pairings convince me, I guess the best option is Marine but Marine is... Idk something feels a bit off

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It's mainly because Miko and Pekora both naturally have that kouhai energy. Literally all it takes is another Holo acting alpha and they tend to break apart due to their introverted personalities. Suisei is just as extroverted as Coco and feels like she's too sociably intelligent for Miko sometimes.

However I don't think Suisei looks down on Miko. The pairing works because Suisei sometimes acts more childish than Miko which balances it out. Still, PekoMiko works better in my opinion.

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>Pekora did a bunch of stuff that made me dislike her
Such as ?

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I'd take MikoMarine over MiComet and PekoMarine

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I don't think I could ever see Peko in a romantic ship honestly Miko was the closest thing to it because they were so close. They were best friends for a long time as close as family and even today watching a Miko clip her mention her brother and sister made me realize that even moreso. Miko mentioned her nickname that her family calls her at home Mi-chan which I've never heard any Holo ever call her. Except Peko. I'm probably over thinking but I do still believe my theories 1) they dated and broke up causing this rift or 2) they are still dating and keeping it so secretive to not cause issues that they have take it so far it looks like they hate eachother.

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The bit with Marine making Pekora uncomfortable just gets old after a while. It'll be better if they did like a cute older sister/younger sister type relationship since Marine usually helps Pekora in any emotional support situations.

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Nobody was actually invested in this shit. All the PekoMiko stuff is just shitposting

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Lol they're not dating dude

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I just want to see Pekora, Miko, and Korone do an 11-hour stream together but I don't think I ever see Pekora stream more than 7 hours.

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Suisei isn't really an extrovert she just has good social skills
She meshes well with Miko because they share the same dumb sense of humor
Miko said they don't have the same interests or likes but for some reason she feels comfortable with her, I think it's due to the fact that they laugh at each other's retardedness

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coco isn't really an extrovert, people tend to confuses extroverts with introverts that have charisma

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Back in highschool when I was fucking around with my best friends sister, we would avoid eachother at all cost and never talk except for cordials in front of the friend and would go fuck at a park where I would go every night to shoot hoops. We got away with it for 3 months until my friends decided the were going to go midnight swimming at the park we were at and caught us there together.

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I just want another PekoMiko OkaKoro stream.

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PekoMiko is well and alive. They are just taking a break.

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Pretty sure they just wanted to keep their true friendship out of Hololive so it wouldn't become a business friendship, it's why all Holomembers who seem to become close end up hardly collabing eventually because they want to keep their friends separate from their "friends."

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then why does Miko act like that around Suisei
if i was pekora i'd be upset if Miko was my gf but whatever
i agree with >>16426523

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Pekora and Flare work well as a comedy duo but they're in different circles now. Also Noel.

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Korone x Miko is stronger tho.
I dont even fucking understand japanese but that mario party pairing was fun to watch even without subtitles

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>that gif
Pekora is a fair bit taller than Miko IRL so she's most likely just patting her on the shoulder there.

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That's why I think the first theory is more plausible and Miko and Suisei are actually dating now.

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This, but retards think Miko is kissing her in front of thousands of people

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It's the Miko mouth for me. I've never seen them hug like that(atleast something not involving goofing off) either especially when it looks as a break time thing.

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she could be telling her good job

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Even if she is. Neither enjoy physical contact and are averse to it. They'll endure and tolerate it in some occasions, but in general they don't like being touched.
Unless it's each other, it happens naturally.

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miComet is kino, from the ground up. These two have immense respect for each other for a reason.


PekoMiko is sweet but I don't think they ever had the backgrounds for such a strong connection no matter how long ago their friendship started.

I might be wrong here, but to me Pekora just seems incapable of reciprocating the kind of friendship Miko wants. She certainly was able to at times, but something makes her unwilling or unable too often.

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2 of these threads in one weekend holy shit, I'm happy but my inner schizo could only get so hard
I'm still sticking by my rrat thought that they're moving together / already moved in together
I'm too lazy to list down my new clues, but I'll just say this, miko's recent eye problem could be caused by cat allergy, pekomama interacts with peko via line in the past but she once made peko some sweets to celebrate the sankisei concert, but why did she not do it after peko's birthday live? mikkorone 24 hour stream; miko was helped by subaru and korosan, who was peko's guest in her birthday live besides petobotoru? she could have asked them both during that time, just saying

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numberfagging, introducing her mother, reporting shitposts.
I don't hate her, at all, but I just stopped watching her streams.

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Exactly and that looks like they do it all the time it was quick and intimate. Could just be a hey Good job but idk because I don't have video of that concert to watch back which I'm sure would show the bigger picture. They were obviously in back alone the gif was obviously zeroed in on them with others in the front but how many girls back were they? What was going on around them ? Is it just like the NoeFure moments that were caught during these where they were spotted in the background ?

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jesus christ

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People here thinking they are talking behind the scenes, i think they made up after the fight they have, and now months passed without they talk with each other again.

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tell me how an idol, who's out for most of the day, break her monitor as serious as hers then? either she moved her monitor and banged it against something or she had a menhera episode and threw something to it
not to mention her wonky mic from december

>> No.16429021

But why, why Miko revealed she is a old sister and her parents call her Mi-chan, is Miko feeling depressed right now? And because of that some urge to tell the truth just kick in?

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I dont know anon, maybe she just try to hit a fly and landed a pekokick in her monitor.

>> No.16429371

Because her and Peko aren't speaking. And her and Suisei are possibly not as close as they make it seem.

>> No.16429412

>Miko feeling depressed right now
pure conjecture

>> No.16429440

>but I don't think I ever see Pekora stream more than 7 hours
When was the last time you watched Pekora? You can just go check out her channel and see that there are dozens of 7+ hour streams. Two of her Undertale streams last month were over 7 hours. One was 11 hours. I could totally see PekoMiKorone do an 11 hour stream.

>> No.16429478

Miko explained why she talked about her siblings just now, do you idiots even watch streams?

>> No.16429600

She also streamed 12h straight of Ghost'n'Ghouls, and some more.

>> No.16429615

Miko still makes thumbnails for Pekora's streams from time to time, so at least we know they're still talking to each other

>> No.16429617

Also you forget Miko told everyone she was moving the the next fucking day Peko says she wants to move.
Also Miko moved closer to the studio (closer to Suisei KanaCoco Rushia and Noel) and Peko has serious talks about moving with guess who Rushia and Noel?!?

>> No.16429894

and noel said it's the most serious she's seen peko iirc

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Is this some next lv brain damage?

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What the fuck this thread is full of mentally ill people
touch grass and take meds

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You already forget that Goro-nyan destroyed any chance of Pekora moving out? A smart move from Pekomama.

>> No.16430155

Really? Now you gonna tell me the sanatorium is full of crazy people?

>> No.16430158

It's a self-defense mechanic. Eventually you're too invested in something that the only way to preserve your internal sense of sanity is to double down, no matter how ridiculous it is and no matter how ridiculous you seem to the rest of the world, because actually accepting and admitting the alternative after all you've invested in it, is worse.

>> No.16430160

it's a schizo thread, what are you expecting?
it's the weekend, leave us be, it's a fine excuse for not touching grass today

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No this is shit that I have watched myself and read through the Nousagi mad lad that does pastebin Peko summary

>> No.16430361

remember the time when pekora started cooking on the daily? that sounds to me like she's proving to her mom that she could take care of herself now, asian parents don't mind their kids living with them till they get old, but they also don't want to sabotage any growth they could see them having

>> No.16430401

Exactly I spend my days peacefully in
/MiComet/ and every time someone brings up Peko I get blamed. LET ME FUCKING SCHIZO FOR ONE DAY DAMNIT.

>> No.16430455

She can be considered as one of the jrpg/rpg holos too. Games most of which have long playthroughs. She even used to stream twice at times before.

>> No.16430460

I hate the micometfags, but you're a fellow schizo and we could jack each other off today
cheers mate

>> No.16430561

Cheers. I still believe both of them being weird since Christmas is a tell they aren't talking again though.

>> No.16430586

both DQ8 and DQ5 frames are up fellow schizos
analyze every detail as always

>> No.16430651

>Pekora and Miko have matching thumbnails

>> No.16430656

The last Pekomari collab at the end of 2021, Marine talks about going to Pekora house and saying hello to pekomama, at the beginning of the new year Pekora was busy with her birthday stream and we have no evidence of Holos talking about Pekora moving out.

>> No.16430762

Miko goes well with anything.

>> No.16430766

Maybe just maybe she was really wanting to move out with Miko but her mom convinced her not to and that's why when we got the lonely Miko tweets we got the sad Peko RT?

>> No.16430819

that's the reason I said that either she's planning on moving during her eventual break this late january/early february or that she already moved

>> No.16430834

Seeing how they interacted as naturally as they always have during undokai prep and actual undokai, this is the most reasonable and logical conclusion. It's obvious they still get along. That and seeing the schizos, spammers and /u/fags PekoMiko attracts I don't really blame them for wanting to keep their friendship off stream.

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OR (even I'm ashamed to stoop this low) she could be saying that "why are you lonely? I'm here"

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meanwhile miComet hang out offline all the time

>> No.16430899

Unless Pekora moves out with Miko, her cat and her mom.

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You schizo idiots don't even make sense, first you say they've had a fight and aren't talking anymore, then you say they are living together, then you say they are because Miko still makes thumbnails for Pekora, make up your damn mind
My rrat that's barely a rrat is that they are still good friends off stream, they decided to keep their friendship like that instead of interacting on stream for reasons only they know (maybe it was rabid fans becoming too much for them, maybe there's another reason). Their few on stream interactions in the last year and Miko making thumbnails for Pekora supports this
Also I don't think they ever dated , are dating or any romantic shit. Their friendship is very sweet though. And I doubt they'll have a one on one collab in the near future because shipfags will ruin it as usual.

>> No.16430960

Pekora masturbates crying to the videos Suisei sends her of Miko eating her out

>> No.16430968

that's mostly just dykes being delusional
I think suisei hangs out more with towa but you fuckers never mention it

>> No.16431020

>micometfag telling someone to go back to their own thread kek

>> No.16431035

That is our secret, we have no info, so reality can be whatever we want it to be.

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>they literally talk about being on calls together all the time
>get exposed by shiraken as hanging out offline all the time
>PekoMiko have 0 ineteractions
>make up entire narrative in your head
>I am sane

>> No.16431128

we we're given no info but were presented with random puzzle pieces and no reference so we just connect the pieces with matching color and shape to make a somewhat recognizable image
this >>16431035

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>> No.16431222

They have to train hard, to make this corporate duo looks natural like pekomiko.

>> No.16431227

>it's why all Holomembers who seem to become close end up hardly collabing
Yeah just like how Korone stopped collabing with Okayu right?

>> No.16431265

>micometfags blaming someone for bringing up pekomiko on their containment
that's what they're doing on every pekomiko thread and now they're seething lmao

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>> No.16431332

Because she met Suzy at Hololive. But she's known Peko for years

>> No.16431375

Fun fact MiComet thread started as a PekoMiko thread then became PekoMiComet then we split and PekoMiko became shit post central and then newfags cried when we tried unity again and the crybabies shit it up so it split again. And here we are. Now you can't even mention Peko without a shit fit. And yeah I'll put my fucking tripfag name back on just as proof of the existence of the beginning of MiComet threads.

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>micometfags posting in a pekomiko thread
>pekomikofags posting in a micomet thread
every fucking time, why can't you fags behave?

>> No.16431445

have you not seen peko's autistic moments when micomet is together? ice boat track, mario party and the sudden one block collab with marine when micomet collab in minecraft?

>> No.16431510

I've missed you baseballanon
OP sealed /pekomiko/ and I though I'd never see you again

>> No.16431573

Society tell us to behave, they are lying, you are lying, i just need the voices in my head, i know everything about pekomiko.

>> No.16431590

timed tweets again
fuck these two

>> No.16431607

Here's the thing, if Pekora is really Miko's gf then Miko is a shitty gf.

>> No.16431624

miComet thread started because someone made "I love miComet" thread though

>> No.16431638

miComet is so fake it hurts to watch. It doesn't work, it's inorganic, and leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

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This thread is fucking funny

>> No.16431693

just lurk and let us be
whenever someone mentions pekomiko in either /miko/ or /peko/ threads, we always get ignored
it's been so long since we've had another thread as schizo as this so we're pumped

>> No.16431733

Miko doesn't need a gf, Miko needs a harém, the ultimate goal of every eroge.

>> No.16431817

Everyone kept crying about my Tripname probably the faggot I just gave all the (You)s to right now.

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>we've had another thread as schizo as this so we're pumped
ngl as much as I bitch and get upset one twisted part of me enjoys the mess that happens in micomet and pekomiko threads when either pair is brought up... maybe i'm kinda masochistic

>> No.16431864

She's already completed the Pekora, Suisei and Korone routes. Who's next?

>> No.16431895

we've already talked in the past about how miko is building her hamer irl with peko being the osananajimi, suisei as the stacy bitch, ko'one as the older sister, subaru as the genkichara etc...
was buried a long time ago

>> No.16431940

https://youtu.be/k4R0-yR2SC8?t=111 so so fake it's unbearable

>> No.16431955


>> No.16431993

Koyori her cute supportive kouhai who might be Miko's easiest route ever because 35p

>> No.16431994

This is the first time I'm complaining about your trip but why exactly do you need it?

>> No.16432040

we're all schizos inside and this is the only thread we could be the real schizos
most of us behaves in our respective threads so we're bound to erupt at some point
so glad OP made this thread

>> No.16432098

coz faggots in the past pekomiko threads called him an anti and his tripname is his proof of being a pekomikofag for a long time

>> No.16432148

ok the Marine Pekora one block collab was promoting hype for the 3rd gen live. I believe there was a rrat of it was intended to be a different 3rd gen combo and suddenly switched to pekomari, but I don't remember the details

>> No.16432325

Should all of us get a tripname to prove that we're not an anti then?

>> No.16432374

I created the PekoMiko timeline which in turn mad lad fanfic Anon created the PekoMiko ntr that gets dropped sometimes. Which basically started the hard push of MiComet. Not intentionally on my part.

>> No.16432395
File: 428 KB, 800x748, 1612986774709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you even get a tripname

>> No.16432484

if you want to then go, I don't want a trip name coz I'm hated by some people as the one that started the moving together rrat, hairpins are their new matching item and the hikosan room rrat

>> No.16432512

The day of Senchou has something else planned and Peko was supposed to be doing something Minecraft related. MiComet was the only ones on server besides Choco. Peko then got Senchou to cancel her slot and guerilla one block.

>> No.16432536

Doing my peko search now. I used to ignore or kick you guys out of peko's thread because of the repetitive timeloop attempts, nice to see you guys are finally doing things on your own places.

>> No.16432578

go back to your subreddit and stay ther

>> No.16432580

probably this
i learned a similar thing when i tried to start a business with my friend in highschool, dont mix business and friendship

also since they were friends before hololive theyre prob so used to each other that collabing doesnt have the same novelty and energy as if they collab with new people

you have to be mentally handicapped to think theyre in a relationship

>> No.16432598

fucking hell man, they're dogpiling you over there

>> No.16432604

>Which basically started the hard push of MiComet.
micomet already had supporters before that ntr fic but sure keep believing everything micomet related in this board is due to pekomiko

>> No.16432667

Wait, I can see now, how could I be so blind?
Miko and Pekora came up with a plan to keep people talking about them, they know eventually people get tired and stop promoting other duos, so they came up with the best plan, the biggest outreach for the least effort, stop any collaboration without giving a reason , confused people will search for the answer for eternity and never let the duo die.

>> No.16432736

I'm a regular there anon, I regularly bump the thread with peko images
I'm just civil and don't start schizo topics coz I know I'll get ignored
and also the last OP sealed this thread coz micometfags keep on invading so we got no choice but to lurk

>> No.16432948

Anon, I've seen this rrat with the exact same wording so many times it stopped being remotely interesting. You don't have to repeat it every time you think you see an opportunity to do so. It convinces noone, not even yourself, and saying it again and again won't make it any more true.
I don't think Suisei meshes with Miko as much as others say, I'd say Pekora is a better fit, but even though I don't really like either of them, it seems like all three have made their choices so why do you persist?

>> No.16433049
File: 295 KB, 1073x768, Screenshot_20210924-204109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll admit I did post the Peko holding Mikos hand in there.... I like you Nousagis you've never given me trouble over there although I take off my trip when I visit. But I did always post with my favorite PekoMiko.

>> No.16433085

this is the very definition of cherrypicking. them tweeting with minutes of difference happens less than it doesn't

>> No.16433177

coz we're also split up between shipfags and kinofriendshipfags
micometfags are pure horny dykes and 0/10 men who gets off to ntr

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PekoMiko was fun but I've moved on
They're moved on
It's your turn now anon
It's ok

>> No.16433250

have you turned on your notification for their tweets last month? they did it almost daily and now it just stuck to us so we bring it up whenever the do it

>> No.16433297

this is a schizo thread, if you're afraid to be a schizo, just lurk and let us be

>> No.16433366

And this is evidence of them living together? also again, it did happen, but way less often than you wanna believe. Including this month

>> No.16433473

>And this is evidence of them living together?
I never said it was, I'm just stating the fact that it's almost intentional

>> No.16433562

Yep they always tweet at similar times in the morning but during the night the 3 of them post all together. But then again it could be they are the only ones I have all notifications on for besides my en Oshi.

>> No.16433585

>hey Usada let's tweet at the same time so schizos keep pekomiko alive
>great idea
I buy it ngl.

>> No.16433688

>fucking Marine
Lucky rabbit

>> No.16433829

Or maybe one of them just want to get closer again after they break up.

>> No.16433962

reminder that marine is peko and miko's close friend and is probably their confidant
also, hikosan probably know something

>> No.16434060

Actually just need one of them to make this happen, you just need to know what time your target make the post

>> No.16434147
File: 1.04 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220108-193339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah it's more like let's RT and like things with subtle PekoMikos to keep up the hope. And it works. Pic related.

>> No.16434253

it's probably miko if true
but that makes it more interesting, one of them can't move on

>> No.16434339

oh, there also that pekoshirt that miko rt'd with mio and shuba

>> No.16434415

PekoRushi is a perfectly fine friend てぇてぇ pairing as long as you aren't looking for lesbian love or yuri but just rushia liking pekora a bit too much as a friend.

>> No.16434435

That's why I believe Peko was upset about MiComet Minecraft. And called her closest Miko confidant to stream with her.

>> No.16434587

pekorushi is like sister hanging out, peko doting on rushia as a little sister is kino af
it's like mikkorone but less chaotic

>> No.16434726

Yep also she was liked the Tom and Jerry PekoMiKorone cut.

>> No.16434733
File: 710 KB, 529x731, pekoshirt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally found it, fucking hell

>> No.16435175

And they have to notice it right? They aren't just liking it I'm sure they are checking comments on it and the Peko one the like 3rd comment down is a picture of Miko in her sweater and the artist confirming it.

>> No.16435445

predicting the weather by looking at goat entrails thread

>> No.16436118
File: 548 KB, 600x901, 1642189157736.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Schizos, come home.

>> No.16437334

For me it's exacty as it looks.
Even tho Miko has something good going with Suisei, PekoMiko just can't come to terms with the state of their relationship, broken and damaged, and it affects them.
I'm coming.

>> No.16437595

Isn't it finally time for you to open your eyes and see the reality?
They never collab, they never talk about each other, they never invite each other to their respective 3D Lives, they never call in to each other's totsu, and they didn't even do their fucking Christmas collab tradition.
>b-but the likes and retweets
It's more likely that they just think the fanart is cute and decide to like/retweet it than whatever schizo theories you came up with. Remember that they also like and retweet dozens of other fanarts, it's very possible that they just don't put that much thought into it.
It's clear that something DID happen and it made them drift apart. The fact that no one in hololive questions their relationship means that they know something that we don't.
It's time to accept that relationships don't last forever and they've found their own collab group now. You can stop clinging to this dead ship and find something else to enjoy

>> No.16437702

You’re the reason we don’t have PekoMiko anymore

>> No.16437851

Replaced by the superior peComet

(a picture was supposed to accompany this post but I couldn't find any good art)

>> No.16438016

>hikosan probably know something
This, the only person who probably knows is her

>> No.16438150

I'm not because I have what I like to call 'common-sense' to not pester them about it.

>> No.16438245

>just rushia liking pekora a bit too much as a friend.

>> No.16438264

don't forget marine, korone and okayu
reminder that okapeko happened when mikkorone happened

>> No.16438497

it's obvious theyre still on good terms
it's also obvious they aren't each other's main friend anymore
it's likely nothing dramatic happened and they just drifted apart over 2021

>> No.16438532

And so it starts.
Miko DQ5
Pekora DQ8

>> No.16438714

Not much to say really. One time Rushia's chat asked her what she thinks of HoloX or something. She went silent for a few seconds then started talking about Pekora instead. Cute and funny stuff like that.

>> No.16438942

Rushia likes pekora as a friend but lacks common social sense. She responded to a question about gen 6 by talking about pekora instead. She links and retweets pekora's perspective in collabs recently instead of her own. Inserted herself into both usaken and now petbot. Talked about liking Pekora's smell and she would want to live with her. Rushia does behavior which she probably views as normal but comes across to others as not what just friends would do and a bit too infatuated with pekora.

>> No.16439168

Nothing dramatic?
-Peko completely glossing over Miko in Hololive alternative
-Miko calling her out on stream for ghosting on discord
-Peko the entire time MiComet tested the ice track.
-And finally one that wasn't super dramatic but got people asking what happened again: the Mario kart where Peko was racing like shit then joined MiKorone and relaxed and Miko did the opposite was racing great then got too nervous or excited and shit the bed. Then during the Senchou MiKorone race Senchou commenting weirdly that Miko hit Peko as Miko was trying to say yesterday's friends are today's enemies but accidentally says yesterday's enemies. It definitely seems like something caused a rift. PekoMiko 2021 was the reason I did my reps to get a timeline of when it all went south.

>> No.16439344

peko and miko singing our anthem... teetee

>> No.16439451

UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I hate this timeline

>> No.16439815

Makes sense. If I worked in something as they do, where my personality and attitudes are also part of the "work" and provided entertainment for fanbase, I would try to keep apart what is truly special to me in private and to my personal life only. Otherwise you'd get fully consumed by work and not have a single inch of privacy anymore

>> No.16439933
File: 397 KB, 2013x603, Screenshot_20220114-213144__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This makes me both happy and sad.

>> No.16439944

It would make sense if wasn't for the EXTREME lengths they'd go to avoid each other for most of the year, not even saying the name when the other person was on screen, like they didn't exist. That is not normal.

>> No.16439985


>> No.16440033

4 (5 if you count that one thread yesterday) threads talking about pekomiko on a span of 20 hours
see this shit? this is what happens if you don't let your inner schizo vent from time to time

>> No.16440106

Miko tried to rape Pekora and things got awkward ever since

>> No.16440195

What is it about PekoMiko that makes you still cope 1 year later? They always seemed cute together but I never got romantic vibes between them

>> No.16440196

I mean I think everyone has been building up since sports festival. After then it dropped and we've all held our inner PekoMiko scizo at bay and these recent big events are what blew it over.

>> No.16440325

You wouldn't get it.

>> No.16440456
File: 136 KB, 441x673, Jitomi_Monoe_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We all have our follies...

>> No.16440524

Timestamps or clips pls

>> No.16440540

micomet is the same schizo shit

>> No.16440570

>peko and miko independently streaming dragon quest at the same time
what did they mean by this

>> No.16440572

put it into words
if you can't then you have completely abandoned reason and reside fully in the realm of emotion, cursed forever to chase something that is long gone

>> No.16440659

Their relationship is special, even amongst Hololive. The implicit trust they put on each other was extremely deep. They'd act on certain ways and have certain behaviors that would only show around each other and no one else, even after a year later and Suisei being in the picture.
They'd always be arguing, bickering and having fun together, which made the intentional, unintentional and off-screen TeeTee that would be leaked by themselves or someone else even more special.
Honestly I could go on for a while, I write on my free time after all.

>> No.16440685

Take your Meds. Holy shit. You ever think that you guys are the reason they don't talk to one another? I'd ignore you too if I was them.

>> No.16440703

nah man, they're way worse
they're like some cult believing in fanfic bible or some shit

>> No.16440721

Rent free

>> No.16440781

gtfo then or just lurk, this is a schizo thread yet you're asking someone to take meds?

>> No.16440808

But at least they have actual interactions to go on while this thread has... Liking fanarts and tweeting within minutes of difference sometimes

>> No.16440822
File: 1.36 MB, 3153x4096, 2n8iji2ctw261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PekoMiko were my entry into Hololive. I saw the nigga clip like everyone then looked up more clips. Watched their Minecraft shit as a newfag clip watcher and I never went back. They were great for a stupid laugh just like if I wanted something cute and romantic I'd watch OkaKoro. I never shipped them but when I would dig into why they stopped colabing all I got was
Which annoys the fuck out of me for so many reasons. So I did reps watched basically every stream and every translated untranslated clip I could find that had something involving them (one I really still need someone to fully translate because I'm still an EOP although I'm learning and it is important clip to my relationship theory) and that's when I began to believe it was more than just a friendship.

>> No.16440824

And MiComet has a general despite Suisei and Miko also having generals. Really makes you think.

>> No.16440833

No need to cope. both of them choose to moved on. so do i.

>> No.16440871

Yes I will ask. Your gay ass thread is not a safespace.

>> No.16440956

Nobody wants shipfags in their general, for good reason.

>> No.16440997

Pekora probably told Miko to play DQV when Miko is making the thumbnail for Pekora's stream

>> No.16441023

coz those fuckers we're born out of the pekomiko threads and hoshiyomis that are /u/faggots
OP just sealed pekomiko threads coz they won't stop invading and shitting up the thread everytime

>> No.16441027

yesterday Miko was about to fade away after everyone abandoned her and you'll never guess who showed up right in time to save her

>> No.16441076

When you mention micomet in the Suisei general they tell you to fuck off. When you mention micomet in the Miko general they ignore you or tell you to fuck off. When you mention pekomiko in the Miko general they tell you to fuck off. When you mention pekomiko in the Pekora general they actually reply to you and discuss shit. Really makes you think

>> No.16441095


theyre streaming dragon quest at the same time so they can see each other once they finish streaming

>> No.16441143
File: 65 KB, 1080x689, KWAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too bad Miko couldn't keep her hands to herself causing Peko to distant herself from the one she looked up to in Hololive

>> No.16441174

>implying that they never ignore us or told us to fuck off
they usually just let us schizos have our time when the thread is dying so we don't shit up the board when they're streaming

>> No.16441180

micomet has almost daily interactions and enough content as a unit for a general
pekomiko is so dead the threads devolve into drama and shitposting because there is nothing to discuss

>> No.16441194

They don't want you in the Pekora general either.

>> No.16441333

Compared to the Miko and Suisei generals they are definitely nicer and willing to discuss pekomiko
Maybe some of them are shippers or just invested on their friendship, but aren't as hostile as 35p or hoshiyomi when you mention their ships

>> No.16441340

and shipfags make a narrative to every single one of them
we might be down on numbers, but every single one is kino af

>> No.16441488
File: 76 KB, 1024x1024, 1640396734504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im just here for the friendship

>> No.16441525

a whole year of kino such as liking a fanart with Miko's sleeve in it and tweets at around the same time
truly I am in awe at this display of undying love

>> No.16441602

>But at least they have actual interactions to go on
This. If only pekomikofags had actual interactions to build off of they could spam high quality posts about how much sweaty sex marathons the two are having and imagine what it’s like waking up to eachother every morning

>> No.16441621
File: 190 KB, 2048x952, 1642174144424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16441701

>funposting bad
>400th timeloop rrat good
your life must be miserable

>> No.16441722
File: 136 KB, 874x898, 1641221433845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The hair pins are the new meta

>> No.16441779

muh narrative

>> No.16441834
File: 1.01 MB, 210x210, 1629181624602.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit they also both have a skirt and something on their head

>> No.16441885
File: 172 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20211221-162120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16441894

PekoMiko Christmas 2022 confirmed

>> No.16441922

3 sudden collabs during sports fest
pekomikkorone marika
in sync pekomiko moment in their first pokemon streams and mario party (suisei even commented on how they're in sync during the mario party one)
matching thumbnails (even some mengen ones)
pekora also acts like a cute kouhai only around miko and miko acts like a reliable senpai around peko (first impromptu birdman darts)
shit lives rent free to me

>> No.16441991

And you know it's fine we can vent out here and not shit up other threads but wait till the pop up parades drop as a Duo. Like OkaKoro. PekoMiko will be back. It may be to shill shit but it will be the most Kino corporate mandated shill stream we will ever see.

>> No.16442015

not really

>> No.16442065

>nothing confirmed
High dose of hopium

>> No.16442156
File: 587 KB, 700x1340, 1640852494612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh, it was during one of her Pokémon streams. Can't remember exactly which one and I'm not sifting through hours to find one specific thing. Sorry. Someone drew it though.

>> No.16442217

Did Miko really raped Pekora?

>> No.16442268

They were shown together during the live stream of the upcoming stuff the only thing that was confirmed though I admit is Mikochi's panties.

>> No.16442309
File: 16 KB, 246x246, 1613005740749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at this point who cares. about a majority of this board wasn't around when it did happen.

>> No.16442381

Believing they are going to do a collab just to shill some pop up parade figurines is the high hopium. It's not like they are promoting an important event. And they can talk about it in solo streams.

>> No.16442466

It would just be an impromptu thing. Like running into eachother during Minecraft and joining call and being the same old PekoMiko just building their hype up. That's the shill stream right there.

>> No.16443438

wait what did i miss

>> No.16443476

I'm already in the "Acceptance" part.
I've already started to see why they (or the management) decided to seperate themselves somewhat - it becomes bad and/or annoying for the girls at some point due to many retards in chat constantly treating them like inseparable beings, endlessly mentioning 'the other one' even when nothing was related to them on stream (this still happens to Pekora and Miko even now in their chats), constantly asking "when's the next collab", "is she also going to be on X stream", "WHY isn't she also on Y stream" and other bullshit like that.
There has to be some independence to the girls...
...And so I have absolutely no idea why does it seem like the management is fine with basically Miko and Suisei becoming pretty much the same thing as PekoMiko was. And as fun as they are, I really don't belieb in all the "something really bad happened between Peko and Migo" rrats.

>> No.16445662

Miko for not enjoying it.
Learn to let it go. Nousagi bros..

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