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It's been 3 months

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people are saying early next month but i'm not entirely sure why

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Yandere Simulator of the 2020s

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Fiscal year?

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From what I understand, they're taking a bit longer than usual which makes me think that either they're being very careful with the process, or they're just going to release a fuckton of them all in one shot.

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It's still cooking.

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They're making candidates take mental health screenings and nobody is passing

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They're waiting for Cover's next big yab to tarnish some of Hololive's good will in the west.

The 25th is in a week...

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Are they looking for mentally healthy people or...?

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They are trying to convince pokimane to join them

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They are taking more time than they usually do for overseas. I think it's a good sign that they aren't rushing it out as early as possible like they did before.

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I'm optimistic. Nijis have a shitton of great lolis.

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I think it's usual for auditions and preparations to take this long. HoloEN was rushed out after the Aloe incident (Cover always does this. After some big yab happens, they'll drop some kind of good news as a distraction)

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This, its likely that thanks to the success of HoloEN they're trying to go all out with Gen 1 before they get more lax as time goes on.

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I imagine that after how successful HoloEN was they took this more seriously and changed plans a bit.

If their EN group is weak compared to Hololive it would be a major embarrassment.

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as the vtuber industry becomes more developed, there will be more shit on the backend to establish. proper employment forms and tax filings for the country they live in. at this point, neither Hololive or Nijisanji will just let people sign up and monetize themselves with personal paypal accounts on Streamlabs without all being established by their internal depts.

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Niji has been using their new recruitment procedure for a while, in fact I think they're going for a limited group first because of many reasons:
1. If it doesn't turn out to be as profitable as expected at least the costs are minimized.
2. In order to compete with HoloEN they need to find the best they can get, and since Niji's popularity in the west is lower they won't have an applicant pool as huge as them.
3. Unlike Hololive, there's no collab restrictions both temporary or inside their own company, making the need of other members to keep the group afloat less relevant.
4. Less people makes it easier to organize events/collabs.

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You joke but I feel like they're gonna do something like this. They saw gura and thought "let's get someone with somewhat relevant 'star' power" to compete. After seeing the reddit takeover, it's the kind of questionable, cheap corporate decision I can see them making.

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inb4 they recruit Porter Robinson's brother

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pulling in a known talent with an established commercial brand would be peak levels of dumb. a partnership? i can see that. but i don't see established streamers like pokimane drop everything to become an employee of a mediocre vtubing company.

the content they make don't even overlap that much other than "is a streamer"

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There's tons of streamers and youtubers who aren't at Pokimane's level but still recognizable enough to be a good acquisition. It's not a dumb idea if it works. Especially since unlike Hololive there's pretty much no content restrictions or subject matter that's too taboo for Nijisanji, and that's the kinda shit that normie zoomers are into. They wouldn't have to hide their alcoholism or stoner humor like Gura does.

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I think you're underestimating Nijisanji here. They're not incompetent, they know their shit.

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I wish I had applied...

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they are trying to pull more hype but there is nothing to pull anymore, barely no one remember they will debut

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Did you apply for Vsinger or HoloEN 2?

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You're talking as if Hololive and Nijisanji already didn't do that in Japan for known content creators.

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lmao mediocre vtubing company. Really shows how you only know about hololive, retard.

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NijiEN will do well if Riku gets lucky again and (miraculously) finds the English-speaking equivalent of Mito. Good luck with that though.

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There's nothing to pull because there's no announcement of a debut date, retard.

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how many have retired or graduated? that's right, it's literally just a revolving door that accepts mediocre talent because they know the streamer only needs to be active for 3 months to make a profit.

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If you don't have any tangible experience with livestreaming and had applied any later than the immediate days after the announcement you'd have been SOL anyway, so don't beat yourself up over not applying in the first place. Build your portfolio and prepare yourself to jump at the next opportunity the moment it surfaces.

t. Ghosted and bitter NijiEN-applicant

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nice cope faggot

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Honestly if he even finds the English equivalent of Hana Macchia it'll be very successful. Without the NijiID label she's more entertaining and a better English speaker than half the HoloEN's.

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I dont expect nothing good, wake me up when they debut if they do

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You don't even know how many retired, smartass. And you act as if 10 from hololive didn't retire, which is much bigger from a company with 60 vtubers while Nijisanji has 20 with 180 vtubers on all branches.

Yes, I know all of them from both companies had different reasons for retirement but this is not what you're trying here, you don't care about this matter or to have any info.

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vsinger and holoen 2 you have actual competition to nijien it was probably 3 or 5 people

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>And you act as if 10 from hololive didn't retire,
>1 was cut before a debut
>6 retired because the branch shut down due of china
so it's actually just 3 then...

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No one wants to be a Nijinigger , only seaniggers will be interested.

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Why is Tokyo Ghoul so popular? Literally all he does is play Apex

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> Yes, I know all of them from both companies had different reasons for retirement but this is not what you're trying here, you don't care about this matter or to have any info.

Did you ignore the part where I say that I know why they retired? I'm just doing like you, not giving any context. If I give the context for Nijisanji members, then the numbers become much smaller, like hololive.

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>t. Ghosted and bitter NijiEN-applicant
I have to ask. Male?

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Fuck 'em for baiting. The last JP "wave" (Q3/2020) they released was female only as well.

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Not like anyone can tell till the debut. At this point 100% of females posting that they were an applicant also got ghosted/rejected. Also the wave prior to Kirame/Meiro was all male.

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They had two waves in 2020, with 3 males in them. Their wave on Korea and ID also had males. You're overthinking.

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>And nobody is passing

Oh good

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I hope at least one member is a true fan and speaks Japanese so they introduce EOPs to lesser known JP members

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>>Live your best virtual life.
What a disturbing tagline.

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? How

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>There's tons of streamers and youtubers who aren't at Pokimane's level but still recognizable enough to be a good acquisition.
An example would be those ASMR/Roleplay VA people that got demonetized

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I'm still tilted they viewed my application video 5 times but I didn't get a follow up ;_;

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Because reality doesn't exist.

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I mean, 90% of those auditions won't have any follow up. Only a few will even be on a state where they will be contacted so every time you really should expect this to happen.

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I know there were tons of people that didn't get any views on their application so I took it as a good sign, and they kept watching it. Too much hope was given.

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I'd be pretty satisfied if they can somehow manage to get an EN version of Lulu.

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No HoloEN wasnt rushed out, Gen5's debut was the one who got delayed thanks to wuflu. 3-4months is usually how long it takes from the end of auditions to debut, this is true for both companies

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There's tons of streamers with Lulu's level of autism towards games but none of them are cute girls like Lulu or Korone.

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Yeah that'll be why they hastily rebranded the India branch to EN when they found out that India doesn't watch vtubers, or hired a bunch of Korean vtubers that all happened to be called up for the army within six months. They have thier own share of fuck ups, don't try and sell them too high.

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>the English equivalent of Hana Macchia
So Hana? She's a hafie American/Japan, bornt and raised in the US.

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I meant more in the unintentionally coming off as a horror sense

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It's an enigma

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No Hana is literally the worst person you could get for the en branch, unless you like the idea of a vtuber going on a rant about random social justice issues whenever they "can't keep quiet anymore" and "want to use their platform for good" in which case fuck off back to tumblr

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Has she done that recently?

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Nijisanji is sponsored by Sony which is NOW based in California, a company that censors Japanese game for "lewd" content but are perfectly okay with Last of Us 2. I'm sure there is some SJW fuckery happening in the background.

>> No.1639914

Once an sjw always an sjw. If she's done it once she can do it again

>> No.1639948

What did hana go on about?

>> No.1639967

have an example Hana being crazy?

>> No.1639991

that didn't actually answer my question but alright

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t. snowflake hurt when bigotry is called out
>i want my safespace where i can fap to cute anime girls

she hasn't and doesn't

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Sony Music is Japanese. If they're still keeping something like FGO running nothing will happen, and I doubt they have that much power to control Nijisanji anyway

>> No.1640069

dont reply to bait

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Nijisanji isn't sponsored by that Sony, retard. SIE (Playstation) is the only one in California. The Sony who invested on Ichikara was Sony Music Japan, the one that is in the music industry and also owns Aniplex, the fucking production and distribution anime company that also publish video games.

>> No.1640147

Calm down Hana, take it easy

>> No.1640176

anon... SONY thing is rrat made up by N*rukami. The investment is only from Sony Music. They don't evenhave the permissions to play the new Spiderman games

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What are the chances that NijiEN will have backup Twitch channels?

>> No.1640406

I mean Hana already speaks english, you don't really need to find another one. Now beyond trying to find another Mito, the EN equivalent of someone like Lulu would probably do gangbusters, especially if her voice is as smooth and soft and she's equally addicted to playing a wide variety of games until she beats them, all the while rarely losing her shit.

>> No.1640421

Could happen considering Kanae has a twitch channel.

>> No.1640491

Some NijiKR members stream both on YouTube and Twitch.

>> No.1640507

go back to your containment board racist
Yes that's what I meant, Hana is already perfect as an English streamer her main problem is the branding of NijiID holding her back.

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I'm guessing anons are taking note which of their indies up and disappeared. any candidates?

>> No.1640669

Lulu was a lucky hit since her roommate had zero streaming experience

>> No.1640815

You should've sent multiple applications, retard

>> No.1640817

I mean I guess it technically holds her back since it probably has newcomers thinking she only speaks ID, but when she poured her heart during her birthday stream it seemed like she loves the ID branch more than anything.
Truthfully I still wonder how she ended up in Indonesia if it's true she's half-America and half-Japanese.

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Possible next VSinger or NijiEN member?

>> No.1640937

An indie english vtuber just announced that they'll be graduating and holding their last stream in 2 weeks so that could be a hint that NijiEN is coming soon.

>> No.1641116

Let's see if her voice will come up in a few months.

>> No.1641220

You could say that about so many members in Nijisanji. At least Lulu had some useful experience elsewhere.

>> No.1641282

100% Nijisanji.

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Nigger faggot crawl back to whichever hole you come from

>> No.1641501

Remember the whole ethot thing?

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>Genshin Impact fangirl, retweets (Cover lost permissions)
>follows mostly Nijisanji or indie vtubers
>only Hololive accounts she follows are the official one, Moona, and Ollie
Looks like we found our first NijiEN, lads.

>> No.1641550

I don't understand why a woman wants to be a niji instead of holo in these times and grab all the easy SC money

>> No.1641568

If that's true expect the rest to announce their graduation soon. I'm sure Niji gave them a cutoff date to end by.

>> No.1641576

take the job offered by Nijisanji than wait and lose the opportunity getting rejected by Hololive

>> No.1641592

Not everyone cares about money, jew. Niji is just the better company.

>> No.1641593

I'm all for NijiEN being a success, but goddamn if that isn't the cutest character design, graduating her is such a waste. I'd much rather see them shelve their old lives the way Coco did with Kson, so that if they feel like it, they can still stream on them every once a blue moon.

>> No.1641624

She wasn't wrong if you support vtubers but don't support female streamers w/o the avatar you're just being deceived anon. They're the same people hiding behind a filter. Many of them even have side jobs as e-thots.

>> No.1641686

It's uncharted territory. Could succeed and do decently fine, could fail horribly. At the very least, you'll have more permissions than Hololive, at the cost of being a smaller fish in comparison (but still likely bigger than their indie past life)

>> No.1641730

Christ look at all those people hovering in comments that admit to not knowing her

>> No.1641814

Nijisanjis debut with more costumes than the ENs have after 6 months (which is none lmao), and they can actually play more than 2 games and have competent 3D

>> No.1641830

i wonder what iinchou’s and lulu’s salaries are i bet they’re paying them a lot

>> No.1641842

they have more permissions than holo but every time I checked nijis streams most of them are playing Apex or Ark like lots of holos playing Minecraft or some FOTM (Uma Musume now)

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most girls find SC reading to be creepy and they can't handle the Hololive schedule

>> No.1641862

This is my experience with Niji as well. Despite their tons of permissions they're all addicted to Apex and Ark and it's boring as shit.

>> No.1641888

She have better chance joining NijiEN, Holo audition have so many competition already.

>> No.1641967

Yeah. The first wave of Holo debuts already had impressive pedigree but I'm sure their second audition attracted a lot of talent that only became aware of the brand after EN blew up. Odds of getting in are probably awful.
If she's the first Nijisanji then it sounds like they're actually pulling out of the modestly popular vtuber pool. I wouldn't be surprised if all their talent were people int he 100-300 viewer range.

>> No.1641983

Niji talents have more freedom in their content and a more flexible schedule. If you only wanna be a vtuber part time or don't wanna maintain the Disney-tier public image of Hololive then Niijisanji is a better choice. Like just last week Hana Macchia was talking about smoking weed live on stream and no one cared. Meanwhile Calli has to vehemently deny the obvious fact she's smoked weed because her employer would immediately fire her.

>> No.1641989

Yeah and it isn't wrong to put blm on your vtuber profile either, doesn't mean you should

>> No.1642016

Niji ARK is actually fun to watch since PVP is enabled and last year ppl started wars n shit

>> No.1642046

Genuinely couldn't care less if someone does that. Vtubers don't have a specific brand, someone can be into politics and a vtuber at the same time if thats the image they want to create. I probably won't watch them but they're free to do so.

>> No.1642106

Roa used to go on rants about Abe's birthrate policies and there was a guy sending meme superchat as Shinzo Abe.

>> No.1642133

What were the rants like? The thought of Roa being a man-hating rebellious bitch that refuses to procreate sounds funny as hell.

>> No.1642144

Now that you said this, I took a look and yeah, it's very likely she got into NijiEN.

>> No.1642194

like it's the responsibility of japanese parents to *do more* for the country

>> No.1642219

Depends on who you follow. Subscribe to Tomoe and you'll see Tomb Raider, or to Nui Sociere and she's playing Yakuza, FFXV and other stuff.

>> No.1642324

Honestly none of those sound interesting. Hololive has a bunch of Yakuza streamers even though I like Nui. FFXV could be ok I guess but generally jrpgs are shit for streaming.
Honestly the most fun is when they do games that are very niche but not totally gimmicky(plug&play), stuff that you can play along with as part of your character gimmick, like microsoft flight sim/dcs or train/truck simulator or w/e. The novelty of watching Alice play euro truck simulator with her model reflected in the truck was hella adorable.

>> No.1642375

It really baffles me how vtubers don't try to play new games. For example, Hololive has Sega permissions for months and some of them only played Yakuza series and I think only Korone decided to play different games like Altered Beast, Sonic, Crazy taxi, Streets of Rage 2, etc.

>> No.1642545

I actually laughed at that

>> No.1642588

I forgot to say but Shion and Lize play Genshin Impact. But overall it depends on the vtuber yeah.

>> No.1642656

I guess it’s a matter of sticking with what they know or something. Because you’ll get someone like Botan who’ll do a 3 life Zombi challenge or boot up Prey of all games, and there’s Lulu who will spend 11 hours beating Mario 2. I guess it really depends on the talent and how much they love games.

>> No.1642660

There's a couple factors I think. Primarily they're probably motivated by viewers and Minecraft/Apex/Ark/Genshin get the most viewers so they spam those. Additionally though they probably pick content that they're comfortable with since seeing someone play a game poorly and get frustrated/confused would be bad entertainment.

>> No.1642692

APEX is a popular shooter in nipland the way Fortnite is in the west, it's not a big surprise vtubers get addicted to it. The current ARK fad among nijis is a little less spontaneous though, they set a date to start a new company-wide "campaign" and form cliques, claim land and do PvP with each other. It's generating some fun moments and stories.

That said, while Nijisanji gets more permissions, they still suffer from being a sizable company in a country where publishers are less lenient towards game streams in general. You need to go indie (or western) to find better variety.

>microsoft flight sim/dcs or train/truck simulator or w/e
I would fucking love more niche stuff like this from vtubers in general. Simulators, management games, city builders, even TBS/RTS games, stuff that plays off their personalities a little more than what we usually see from them. Imagine a series of cross-company Civilization collab streams, with all the friction and scheming that's inherent to the game.

>> No.1642711

Playing the same games as everyone else is favoured by YouTube algorithms even if the game itself isn't popular too, since recommendations will send you from one Niji to another that way. Long one game arcs are basically a symptom of the system.

>> No.1642774

Here or in twitter?

>> No.1642795

Calli could lose her visa if she talked about weed.

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File: 38 KB, 600x314, Hanaisretarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rumao, fuck off faggots

>> No.1642843

Detectives are at it again.

>> No.1642853

getting a lotta incel vibes from this post. dont shoot up any asian spas on your way to the MtG tournament tomorrow bro.

>> No.1642859

She uses pekora and other holos as subscribe button and donation thing tho

>> No.1642867

Hololive wont accept everybody. Theres only couple of spots.

>> No.1642892

>muh incel
Anything else to add faggot? you use that word so much it lost any meaning, retard. Hana lost so many fans already she bleed like pig.

>> No.1642894

>I would fucking love more niche stuff like this from vtubers in general. Simulators, management games, city builders, even TBS/RTS games, stuff that plays off their personalities a little more than what we usually see from them. Imagine a series of cross-company Civilization collab streams, with all the friction and scheming that's inherent to the game.
all of these games are MASSIVE debuffs.

>> No.1642916

It's sounds like you're not looking very hard. Ark is going to be fotm for a few weeks because it's a company wide thing. Same with Apex and CR cup. It's like complaining that almost everyone is only playing Mario Kart the week a Mario Kart tournament is scheduled.

I mean just yesterday you can see Gaku playing some niche freem game, Goose Game, Little Nightmares, and Infection Maze. If you go back a few more days there's Puyo, Mario Sunshine, Nintendo Labo 3d, Mario 3d land, Hanako, Nijionaire, Niji league, Headliner, Ever Forward, Passportout drawing, Donkey Kong, etc. even assuming you don't want games like Dark Souls, BotW, or Pokemon.

Also a lot of their appeal is just talking or collabs where they just do random shit like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HghpCecTVyw without playing anything.

Civ or a grand strategy game isn't happening simply because they aren't popular. The closest you're getting is Ibrahim playing Nobunaga's Ambition and I don't think many people sat through 11 hours of that. A few in KR and ID also played AOE2.

Mirei actually played Cities Skyline
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKxmSUo0IG4, but they can't just stick with a game that could take up 100+ hours that gets no views.

>> No.1642919

>can't speak english
>accuses others of being wumao
indog hands wrote this post

>> No.1642936

based Hana calling out incel misogyny, i will now watch your streams

>> No.1642964

Hell I like a lot of niche genres but I have no idea why people expect them to make for good content. RTS, maybe sure. But so much of those other genres is spent thinking or waiting.

>> No.1643030

exactly. they are great games to play, they're not great games to watch. the only RTS that even gets views now is Chess, after Starcraft died in the west.

>> No.1643111

>You need to go indie (or western) to find better variety
as other anons posted you can find corporate vtubers like Korone, Botan or Lulu that have variety in their content and doesn't want to stick to the same 2 or 3 games most of the time

>> No.1643143

Hololive has had a bunch of Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster streams lately though and I'm not sure they were huge debuffs. Sure in general non-fotm games or ones that involve thinking are debuffs but if it's someone like Marine or Pekora who takes advantage of the downtime to be funny or incorporate their character into the game then it can be really good.

>> No.1643312

>Same with Apex and CR cup
the problem is that there is always a fucking Apex tournament in Japan, at least the MK tournament was one per year

>> No.1643352

>all of these games are MASSIVE debuffs.
I get it, but it weirds me out somewhat. People claim to be into vtubers for their personalities, but when they play something outside their ordinary repertoire, even if it might suit the vtuber well, the viewers just melt away. Most aren't even particularly good at any of the games they usually play.

>> No.1643380

Kana for NijiEN. She said she won't but she could just continue on as normal with them since I believe they don't expect collabs and you're free to do what you want for the most part.

>> No.1643406

She also follows Marine, Pekora and some homos but yeah

>> No.1643493

It's not so strange. Every vtuber has fans who'll watch anything they do that'll talk about them and then fans who're weighing what they're doing against other vtubers. It's the latter group that vanishes, and they're often the majority by necessity.
Then certain content is legitimately just better at showing off a vtuber than others. Like the RPG debuff is always debated because people like Nui exist who subsist off of RPGs but what it really comes down to is that a lot of RPG streams by vtubers ends up getting caught up in the vtuber just reading everything off or getting too into the game.

>> No.1643550

>when they play something outside their ordinary repertoire, even if it might suit the vtuber well, the viewers just melt away
Those people are just trendhoppers and only care about the game and not the vtuber.

>> No.1643555

Kiara's regular streams catch like 6-8k.
Kiara's JRPG streams catch like 2k.
there are people who watch because they like their oshi and want to support them, but in the west, there's a huge gap. if it's not entertaining to them, they're not gonna watch it, oshi or not.

>> No.1643572

Sorry I was busy fucking Rin's tits

>> No.1643734

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the whole being an "idol" thing. People not into that stuff wouldn't want to join hololive

>> No.1643785

Mori is too autistic and tryhard ghetto to even survive in Nijisanji.
During a Scarface watchalong it was so obvious she was holding back to throw the word nigga at one moment that unironically came out really cute at the end.
While smoking weed will definitely cost her working visa in Japan, for western standards is nothing compared to the tryhardness she did in her past life.
That was truly yabai.

>> No.1643795

Isn't that because she lives in Japan where you could get jailed for that shit?

>> No.1643817

They were right to get Korean vtubers, it just took them a while to learn that if they're taking Koreans, should've taken them for esports. Bora the best.

>> No.1643883

Because everyone expected Holo EN to fail due the idol approach since that shit only works there, yet here we are.
However, Subaru said, for international branches, Cover's looks more into the applicant's porfolio of content than the musical abilities.

>> No.1643943

Nobody cares about skill unless you're a youtuber/streamer who is about skill. My expectations for watching a Chihiro or Kuzuha APEX stream are not the same as when I'm watching someone like Ras.
The whole "idol" thing is so overblown. "Non-idols" are also singing and dancing because thats another source of revenue they can get. Stereotypical idolfans already exist in droves for non idol-things like even wrestling. What the fuck does it even mean to be an idol anymore?

>> No.1643981

>What the fuck does it even mean to be an idol anymore?


>> No.1644017

Whatever you say schizo. Like you expect anyone who speaks English to casually say nigger like a native japanese speaker and not get backlash for it.

>> No.1644138

I'm just saying that hololive's whole gimmick is that they're streamers who are also idols, in the traditional japanese sense. Like love live or imas. That's their image.
Nijisanji doesn't have that connotation. Their image is more variety TV.

>> No.1644296

I think this proves you can't compare ID branches to any other branches overall.
Holo ID overall is more lenient than JP and EN. The main example is that all of them can collab with the homos or any other male with no problem, even with the Nijis ID as well.
Also their conversations topics can be more open as well like Moona talks backstage stories when she used to be model once in a while and Anya had a bunch "love consultation corner" streams.
Overall you can't compare the ID branch because it seems, no matter the company, is the most lenient one.

>> No.1644423
File: 64 KB, 895x465, Hana....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine going from one of the top english speaking vtubers to a literal who, but its okay because she's based lmao

>> No.1644451


>> No.1644476

Both of you, reading comprehension reps, now!

>> No.1644501

She did well when she was one of the few known English vtubers. She has a lot of competition now even doing worse than the dagger now.

>> No.1644998

Seiso as an idol standard died in the 90s.

>> No.1645162

>Gen5's debut was the one who got delayed thanks to wuflu.

Literally what part of setting up a streamer would be delayed by the kungflu? Everything can be accomplished from home.

>> No.1645192

You will never be a woman.

>> No.1645219

Japanese work culture, please andastando

>> No.1645250

She's happier about it than you think, anon. She never wanted to be bigger than the others or be that popular.

>> No.1646545

Cover HQ workers probably wouldn't have been able to get to work causing delays as everything had to be done by remote. Japan's shitty tech infrastructure is not suited to doing everything where everyone is scattered and not physically on location.
Assembling computer parts was a bitch at that time, especially mobo's, cpu's and gpu's. State of emergency causing delays etc., etc.

>> No.1646581
File: 28 KB, 975x275, 6038468934868346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>only 21k

>> No.1646606

APEX strong!

>> No.1646662

Get woke go broke

>> No.1646787

Just because it can be done from home doesn't mean they have the equipment and infrastructure set up to do so, on top of which the wuflu really started hitting Japan the week after the auditions ended which threw a big wrench in cover's plans to have gen 5 be an idol unit.

>> No.1646802

That sounds like a massive cope

>> No.1646832
File: 123 KB, 721x848, 59029378587237525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NijiEN going to be below Vshojo at HoloID level views.

>> No.1646968

Even HoloID numbers wouldn't be that bad for developing the brand. Most of the NijiJP's are even less than HoloID anyway.

>> No.1647310

Who are you using at most here? Give a few examples.

>> No.1647424
File: 457 KB, 1096x621, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1647644

This is superchat ranking..

>> No.1647704

No it's not it's maximum concurrent viewers the last 30 days. Reine/Ollie had collabs with HoloEN that gave them higher viewership than some of the "best" NijiJP girls. If you scroll down even further you'll see the rest of the Niji roster that avg like 1-2k viewers on a good day. One of my favorites, Alice, usually gets less than 1k viewers sadly.

>> No.1647727
File: 33 KB, 522x526, Critfail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm calling bets now, RyuuseiNova is gonna be up a shit creek going NijiEN. Niji has lack of traction overall in EN and this is a fact.

My speculah:
-As a result, much lower subscriber/view count from the get-go, probably no higher than a huge chunk of indies.
-NijiEN probably won't allow a Twitch channel either
-She will be focused more on bridging JP/EN audiences with JP only streams more.
-Her avatar will either be not as good as her old one, or be no better than most of the mass produced Niji avatars (ie, pick a premade), or just be unappealing or generic (Bobon's Niji ID batch, or Chigusa's batch where one of them took a drastic costume upgrade to get out of the schoolgirl abyss).

>> No.1648232

What's the site?

>> No.1648299

Anyone that expect Niji EN to have hololive numbers are retards. It's going to be slower and have less viewers for obvious reasons. Although I still expect them to reach 100k much faster than any other overseas branch.

> -Her avatar will either be not as good as her old one, or be no better than most of the mass produced Niji avatars (ie, pick a premade), or just be unappealing or generic (Bobon's Niji ID batch, or Chigusa's batch where one of them took a drastic costume upgrade to get out of the schoolgirl abyss).

Bobon and Chigusa's batch have great designs.

>> No.1648350

I'll spoonfeed your number craving

you can choose weekly, monthly, daily

>> No.1649231

So, what I'm seeing here is that Kuzuha had more viewers in live than any hololive? Chihiro with 400k subs got more viewers than Korone with 1 million?

>> No.1649320
File: 69 KB, 1080x345, Screenshot_20210318-023209_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Korone has lots of dead subs that subscribed to her because the Eekum Bokum memes but never watch her

>> No.1649484

Say hello to your first NijiEN.

>> No.1649526

she wasn't supposed to be a popular holo but the meme videos and the SOP raid gave her subs, of course these people barely watch her

>> No.1649538 [DELETED] 

I feel like many nijiJP is underrated.
What can be done to boost them?

>> No.1649606

Unironically making clips. People hate it here but it boosts chuubas a lot.

>> No.1649624

You can make more individual threads for some nijis in /vt/ and spoonfeed newfags

>> No.1649642

It's kind of crazy how much so many hololive members sub numbers have grown while the people that actually watch the streams barely moves.

>> No.1649650

Memes. Like ogey, haachama, boing boing flat or anything that can be viral See lulu eldritch stuff those stuff eops like not pure japanese shit like other nijis do

>> No.1649676

Are you sure it's not because she streams retro kusoges and play for 10+ hours

>> No.1649706

meme subs, it's better to enjoy the content and not to be a numberfag

>> No.1649711

Rather they stay with no english audience than with a meme spouting one.

>> No.1649739

That too, she does fucking 12 hour streams at 10-11 PM.

>> No.1649755

You will never be japanese

>> No.1649783

Some games attract viewers and other games filter them out, but in the end she always want to enjoy the game with her audience

>> No.1649801

>enjoy the content and not be a numberfag
If only people would actually listen to this ...

>> No.1649813

There is a lot of stuff like that though I think, just they are japanese fan memes. Just thinking off the top of my head Kenmochi make a joke about getting arrested for loli or tell him to record a voice pack. Gil tell him to stream. Ibrahim fuck up his name. Gibara monkey. Detawane Akina. Yokunai with Kagami. Kazaki losing heroine. :fire: Maimoto :fire.

>> No.1649892

calling debi a koala

>> No.1650033

and there is already a numberfag bait thread using that site >>1649732

>> No.1650094
File: 239 KB, 455x469, Moona 12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Replying to obvious bait
Come on, anon. You're better than this.
Clips. Definitely clips.
A surprising amount of people hate them, but a LOT of people got into Nijisanji/Hololive/vtubers in general through clips, so focusing on that seems to be a good idea.

>> No.1650140

Saku sumo wrestler is one that's thoroughly spammed in Youtube comments by her small EOP audience.

>> No.1650168

Korone always gave me the impression of having the most live viewers per stream so this is weird asf. It's always Pekora, Marine and her in my mind.

>> No.1650228

I don't think there is any reason to dislike clips themselves really. It is more the weird impressions people can get from them if they just watch them that is annoying and that gets even more intensified when we are talking about poorly translated clips. People not understanding the context getting the wrong idea when they fill in the blanks themselves, people arguing over single words in translations as if it were the actual words the streamer used when the translation is garbage to begin with, people acting as if a clip from years ago just happened last week, people thinking that one thing that got clipped is wholly representative of the person.

>> No.1650265

Yeah, I think the better answer is "good clips", as in ones that have the intention of boosting said liver in question, as opposed to trying to boost their own channel with shitty speedsubs or pushing some dumb memes into the clip.

>> No.1650292
File: 51 KB, 282x278, Mother2Part4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the proof that she has a small loyal fanbase (this stream wasn't shadowbanned)

>> No.1650587

Korone has around 6-7k members so yeah it checks out. Her regular audience gets filtered out by jrpgs which is not surprising since it happens to almost everyone.

>> No.1650614
File: 774 KB, 1021x702, jrpg debuff is real.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot to attach this

>> No.1650685

How does that work anyway? Do you send in applications under several pseudonyms and then go "oh this is my real name actually" if you're even considered, or do you just spam the same over and over hoping they'll think you're dedicated rather than a tryhard?

>> No.1650719
File: 65 KB, 271x277, dq3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jrpg debuff
not always

>> No.1650769

What is the viewer number in these pictures representing? avg/max concurrent viewers?

>> No.1650856

yes, but remember that she does SC reading at the end of the stream so the average is lowered

>> No.1651070
File: 245 KB, 399x667, jrpg debuff 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why didn't you post the follow up stream? Her viewership starts off strong and then drops off with each subsequent part, the same pattern applies to her Mother 2 playthrough.

>> No.1651153

I think that happens a lot with story driven games generally just because people dont want to watch the 2nd part if they didnt see the first.

>> No.1651624

Oh yeah naturally, was just curious because I've never seen something like that, what website is that?

>> No.1652073

she twitted that her 2nd stream will be only for leveling up and some casino (https://twitter.com/inugamikorone/status/1370778334930427904)) and she streamed outside her timeslot (like 8 hours early) and that was because some "fans" complained about her first stream has too much gambling (https://twitter.com/inugamikorone/status/1370778334930427904))

>> No.1652094

the second twitter link is wrong

>> No.1652942

God I wish chuubas would get the message already and drop RPGs
They are the dullest thing to watch, even worse than Apex

>> No.1652978

I think its pretty nice if you are a strong fan of them, seeing how they play it is interesting in itself, but can be boring if not

>> No.1653039

>Noooo you can't enjoy a game feature
Why are people like this?

>> No.1653113

>Vtubers should only play stuff I'm interested in watching
Just change streams. It's that easy. Stop watching if they're playing something you don't like.

>> No.1653829

>thread devolves into holotalk
every time

>> No.1654043

as any non hololive /vt/ thread grows longer, the probability of devolving into a hololive thread approaches 100

>> No.1654204
File: 125 KB, 631x698, debuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

numbers thread?
how can holowhores can complete against the chad japanese only king?

>> No.1654480

Welcome to the hololive board

>> No.1654656

>concerningly lax and hands off management, especially outside of JP and CN branch
>Seniority Issues
>Still has a CN branch
Not saying Niji is a worse company, but there's definitely a more complicated trade off than "Niji good but less money, Holo bad but lots of money"

>> No.1654930

Its an English speaking website. Unless you're discussing an EN speaking Vtuber the threads going to naturally drift towards the few JP Chuubas English speakers actually watch, which is basically just Hololive. I'm sure Holo threads naturally drift towards Niji threads on Korean and Chinese language websites, but as it stands you're posting on Hololive homefield.

>> No.1655089

2 of those things aren't even bad and the third is irrelevant.

>> No.1655616

Ichikara needs to pay more reaction channels to watch their videos first, no one is going to watch Nijisanji EN if they don't even know what Nijisanji is in the first place

>> No.1656035

>nijifag brings up hololive to show them how thier apex fucboi mogs hololive members in views
>"why are you guys suddenly talking about hololive reeeee"

>> No.1656246

t. Chumbaby

>> No.1656376


>> No.1656385

t. Chumbaby

>> No.1656388

Actually yes

>> No.1656439

>>Still has a CN branch
no one cares about the reddit dragon

>> No.1656456

The fuck are you on?

No, seriously I don't knwo what you are evn trying to say or imply

>> No.1656491

t. Chumbaby

>> No.1656972

>on Korean and Chinese language websites
Lol no, nijiKR is basically completely irrelevant in Korea and their only successful talents are the ones who speak Japanese, and the Chinese prefer their own vtubers

>> No.1656999
File: 69 KB, 256x269, dq3-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon she's streaming dq3 now and her avg/max viewership is better than the last one

>> No.1657170

I think nijiEN has a lot more chance to include male irl cam streamers, has any of those stopped streaming lately? Giru hasn't streamed for a week

>> No.1657221

>and the Chinese prefer their own vtubers

They like Lize and Sasaki a lot. Lize can speak a bit Mandarin

>> No.1657346

don't forget Alice

>> No.1658487

NijiEN will be successful because there is still market for EN males vtubers

>> No.1658660

This happens to every youtuber ever. First and final episodes of series always get more views.
Also supposedly the algorhytm doesn't like to push videos that have "part [number]" in the title.

>> No.1661399

Japs are absolutely gay for Dragonquest. It's one of the biggest franchises over there.

>> No.1661492

>2000 Dragon Quest VII
>2004 Dragon Quest VIII
>2009 Dragon Quest IX
>2012 Dragon Quest X
>2017 Dragon Quest XI

>> No.1661501

Minecraft sport day season 2

>> No.1661554

I have no idea what the fuck your post is supposed to indicate. Long periods of time between releases does not correlate to anything else.
The fact of the matter is that DQ is a franchise that until recently was only really popular in Japan. And which japs are absolutely gay for. Hence the high viewership despite it being an RPG.

>> No.1661564

Fine, I'll try XI. Are there romance options?

>> No.1661579

It's been 8 years since the last GTA game was released.

>> No.1661652

>Hana Macchia: "Simping for virtual girls is still simping"
>Gawr Gura: "Simp? Don't you mean Shrimp?"
There's a reason Hana went back to obscurity.

>> No.1661663

Because she said the word simp?

>> No.1661690

I'm saying that if it was that big then surely it'd get more than a single release every year. FF spams spinoffs.
You made me look and it has indeed been 8 years. I'm sure that's a counterpoint to what I said, but I'm too preoccupied with feeling old to register it.

>> No.1664373

DQ has had plenty of spinoffs too? If anything it's smart since it stops people from being burnt out on the series with how time demanding RPGs are

>> No.1671848

That's it? You people are fucking retarded.

>> No.1672347

Sutudyingu Enrigisu

>> No.1672429


>> No.1672755

you're mixing up obscurity with a cancerous EOP fanbase nigger

>> No.1673248

"Any port in a storm" is well and all but just because tumblr commuted sudoku doesn't mean its a good idea to move to 4chan

>> No.1673668


>> No.1676503

I approv of shiina abuse

>> No.1682792

Hey yandere sim released in A form.

>> No.1683436

Why are people like this? Is it hard to imagine that people don't like watching a streamer openly being a dick?

>> No.1683947

They are deciding by process of elimination in a battle royale. As we speak a bunch of EN candidates are massacring each other while Mito and Kanae watch to judge which ones stand out.. . In Minecraft ofcourse

>> No.1684097

this looks like a 3ds home menu

>> No.1691715

Second week of April.

>> No.1692080
File: 337 KB, 1200x1044, EsZG6m8XYAMTDeU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's another anything women seethe over is mysoggyknees episode

Women hate V-tubers in general unless they themselves are a V-tuber and even then they seethe over Hololive for being more successful than them. The amount of times I've talked to my GF and female friends and they just fuckin seethe over Korone or Luna is ludicrous. It's an actual weird thing in their brains. They just can't stand to see other women be successful. And that's not just in V-tubing.

>> No.1692717

If your video had views that means they saw something in but you weren't the exact fit for their current wave. My best advice is to just make youtube videos and get some practice in making content so you can make a bigger impression on them next cycle because chances are they might remember you.

>> No.1692901

Wait, you actually got views on yours?

>> No.1692957
File: 131 KB, 286x242, 1589003076803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think you're underestimating Nijisanji here. They're not incompetent, they know their shit.

>> No.1693032

that's 5 more than mine

>> No.1693077
File: 181 KB, 389x339, 1601334120483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you'll have more permissions than Hololive
So how's them monetized capcom game streams?

>> No.1693590
File: 43 KB, 812x144, Fuwa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty good.

>> No.1693686


>> No.1694562
File: 182 KB, 850x1275, max-power-max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my application video 5 times
Anon, you must have been a close call. Keep doing what you're doing, obviously you must be doing things right.
Keep applying to Niji and other virtual groups, you might have a future.

>> No.1694566

I guess a limited, cohesive group is the right approach for them. Cohesion is important here since otherwise you end up with HoloMyth, where you have 4 sololives and... Kiara. You can argue "yeah, but HoloEN is successful" but imagine if this was NijiEN, they would flop hard. In fact, HoloEN lost a significant amount of momentum since debut (some of which is normal of course) and their retarded management isn't helping either.

>> No.1698228

You know that Ichikara makes 10x more money than Cover with just JP, right?

>> No.1698287

its probably a toss up but more likely nijji

>> No.1698320

where did you even come from when did we get a fucking incel and anti incel fucking anon war this shit is so fucking fake most anons dont really care here about sex

>> No.1698349

its unironicly a woman thing its the same in any career field

>> No.1698498

Please have an amazing avatar

>> No.1702115

Can't you read?

>> No.1702207

the stuff on the streamer's end probably wasn't impacted too much, but I imagine there were delays involved on the management side as the rest of the business transitioned from working in an office to a remote work setup.

>> No.1702511

Mindlessly repeating it ad nauseam will not make it any more true.

>> No.1702610

One of the SeaNiggers I know, keeps boasting around how he is going to join NijiEN and plans to join HoloStars EN (if thats going a thing).

If anything, if that fucker succeeds, I'll just say that Niji will get a cancerous fucker who doxxed and ruined an indie vtuber group cause his oshi won't give him the attention is craves the most.


>> No.1704563
File: 641 KB, 1207x825, Mint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another random Graduation announced, Nova also mention on stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAme32mk5Xc

Did Niji get another one?

>> No.1710114

tsk tsk tsk

>> No.1715232

The different branches of Sony have literally nothing in common asides from the name, dumbass. They've even had conflicts before to the point of different branches sending lawsuits to the others.

>> No.1715299

Nobody gives a shit about Niggji so sadly they didn't receive a simple application

>> No.1718828

Nijis have been playing Resident Evil and Monster Hunter for ages

>> No.1719261

Yashiro has went through like 10 Megaman games last year.

>> No.1719408

>anything, if that fucker succeeds, I'll just say that Niji will get a cancerous fucker who doxxed and ruined an indie vtuber group cause his oshi won't give him the attention is craves the most.
Kind of based. Why are you mad?

>> No.1719427

They're on the way, just check out what big indie wvt are graduating in the coming months and you'll get your answer

>> No.1719547

None of which are monetized tho

>> No.1719565

I guess your right, Nijifags needs an idol that does what they do best.

>> No.1719609
File: 197 KB, 900x832, 968683463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not monetized kekekek

>> No.1721134

>Nijisanji is bigger and has more connections and permissions than Hololive
>Also nijisanji: Can't monetize capcom games while Hololive can

>> No.1721831

Let's see a holo play RE first.

>> No.1721857

Oh I'm sorry you were saying?

>> No.1721889

Oh shit

>> No.1724442

Hololive and Nijisanji both shilled Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection for Capcom. Hololive gets the permissions first, is Pekora that strong? When she played DQB2 the game sold out in stores and then her Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection stream trended on twitter because of her fans buying the game to bet against her,

>> No.1726971


>> No.1727275

Hololive had 3 sponsored streams in February: Mio x Capcom collab and Pekora/Korone Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection

>> No.1727820

Pekora did a 12 hour sponsored stream as well.

>> No.1727929

not gonna lie, blanket permissions for Capcom games is pretty impressive, hopefully one of them would play Dino Crisis

>> No.1728250

and some of them are still playing Uma Musume and Apex again

>> No.1728697

I can, who the fuck is "fuwa minato"?

>> No.1728766


>> No.1729884
File: 264 KB, 401x477, 1599275201419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1729904


>> No.1729966
File: 25 KB, 194x194, 1594634170528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want free advertisement from VTubers, there's only one company with massive global reach and that is Hololive. Soon every publisher shall kneel.

>> No.1730695
File: 24 KB, 424x424, 1599394337538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

joke's on you we love hags

>> No.1735634

> massive global reach
> channels smaller than 90% of the youtubers

Vtubers are niche, faggot.

>> No.1740025

I prefer that they play games they enjoy instead of games they may not like