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Imagine if all hololive jp got consolidated to one channel where every streamer would get one/half hour stream slot. It's on 24/7 filled with variety segments, interviews, singing and pranks. Streams could have re-runs to fill slots with staff translating them.

Would it better for the talents or not?

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A lot of holos don't live close to the studios and doing 3D skits would be a problem

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No live content and having it be year old content, it could work. But you arent gonna get variety since permissions destroy any variery.
Also it would cost way too much with no actual benefit since reruns dont give shit and clippers would just steal all the work and profit.

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There would be no more endurance streams or long games like Jump King, no more collabs with 8+ people like Among Us, Mario Kart tournament or big events in Minecraft, less variety streams as >>16214524 pointed out. So I think it's a shitty idea in general, too many cons and few pros.

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It sounds like you're proposing some sort of "Holovision" channel. Tell me, will there be regularly scheduled advertising breaks in the middle of the segments so that people tuning in for hours on end will have time to use the restro- I mean watch advertisements?

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Would be a good idea if we were still in the age of the television
Only getting a single hour isn't enough to build a character
Perhaps only for the weekends?

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Sounds like a hellscape that would fail in two months.

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>single channel TV
look, our current TV has like 30 channels and it's still in decline...

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That's pretty much just my youtube recommended at this point