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I'm still mad you turned this into a general

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Kek that sora one was good

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Collective works so far (that I have on hand):
https://pastebin.com/asvcqDLL - Stuff I've thrown together
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind anon with links to previous threads
>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction?

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fucking this
same with the fat thread and koro lewds thread, wait a couple of weeks at least until we have some new stuff instead of just posting old shit over and over again

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>New content made practically daily
>"wait until you have some new stuff!"

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"Omelas", by Anon, ft. Fubuki

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Google doc to all the major writing comps and archives of the past threads

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Is there any Kiara emotional manipulation stuff?

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anons why do i find vtubers being abusive weirdly hot while disgusting at the same time please help me

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I was looking forward to shit the catalog with ryona pics but now all you fags post itt instead of browsing the catalog

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Mostly blackmail manipulation but also >>1612210

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that's more outright domination then manipulation, but i'm not complaining

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Your sense of control wavers as you sprint down an empty alley, taking a sharp turn as you attempt to create as much distance between you and Botan as possible. You made the fatal mistake of trying to slink away after work, when she gave you specific instructions to meet up with her after. You refused to be her prey...only to end up enraging her in the process, foolishly locking yourself into this situation. The streets are empty. You are alone. As you clear the alley, the clattering of trash cans behind you fills you with even more panic.

You are being hunted.

Sweat pours off you as you pant, quickly moving into another alley as you do everything you can to keep the sight-lines between you and your pursuer broken, trying to wring out any advantage you can over one of Hololive's apex predators. Your ears ring. Your lungs burn. Your legs start to cramp. Bursting through the narrow area between buildings once more, you hastily move up the street, trying to find another spot you can slip through. The skidding of shoes behind you gives you a pretty good idea of the distance between you and Botan. Not enough. You turn at the bend ahead of you, but just before clearing it, burning pain erupts across your back, causing you to scream out in pain as the lioness narrowly avoids grabbing you, landing a swipe across your shoulder blades instead. You look back at her, gritting your teeth in agony as you continue to try and run.

Her eyes are focused into pinpricks, with her mouth curled into a wild grin. Droplets of your blood slowly slide off her nails as she twinges in excitement, letting you get a head start...before she resumes her offensive, bounding after you. Further stress fills you. She's *fucking toying with you!*

Terrified beyond all rationality, you sprint in a panic, clumsily avoiding everything you can while you struggle to maintain control of your faculties. Another alley ahead of you catches your eye - one of the several dozen in this awful, winding city - and you all but dive into it, desperate to get away from Botan. As you head deeper and deeper into the alley, you turn at an end of it...to be greeted by a brick wall. The ringing in your ears grows louder as your heart somehow beats even faster. With a loud roar, Botan pounces. You slam into the wall back first as she pins you there. Your sense of control breaks completely as the lioness laughs, digging her nails into you painfully. Her tail swishes behind her as you begin to tear up.

"Please," You wheeze, trying to avoid breaking out into sobs. "Please! I'm sorry!"

The lioness wordlessly takes a hand from your shoulder, curling it into a fist and sending it directly into your stomach. You dry heave, tears leaving your eyes alongside spit from your mouth, before she repeats the action, this time grinding the fist into your stomach. You nearly vomit, before Botan sending a knee into your groin causes you to dry heave a second team, assuring you that there's nothing you could expunge even if you wanted.

"I said that I'd see you after work, didnt't I? We could've done this real easy...real nice. But no, you couldn't do that, could you?" She asks in an almost mocking voice. Her anger isn't exactly veiled. "You tried to run. You tried out to run from *me*."

You can't respond through the pain. Botan retracts the fist from your stomach...only to lean into your shoulder, sinking her fangs into you. Oh, God, please no! You wheeze out a scream of pain as she gnaws on you, struggling against her grip ineffectively. When she pulls away - luckily without a chunk of you in her teeth - she grins at you. Blood drips from her jaw as her smile grows, showing off the red teeth within her mouth.

"Now we have to do this...could've had a nice, relaxing night at my place...but I guess I need to remind you that you're owned now..."

The lioness removes the hand keeping you pinned, only to settle on grasping you by your throat rather than your shoulders. Your hands rush up to grip at her wrists as she effortlessly lifts you, holding you above her while she giggles. Botan uses her free hand to all but shred your top, exposing you to the air. Holding up her hand, she stretches her fingers for but a moment...before putting her index finger out, the nail glinting deviously. Humming, she jabs the nail into your chest, forcing out another choked scream from you...before she begins to drag it, letting you gurgle ineffectively in her grasp as she slices you, seemingly enjoying taking her time to make you spasm in pain.

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"B..." She trails, seemingly finished as she pulls the bloody digit from your body before jabbing it back in. "O..."

Your vision darkens as your pain threshold is breached over and over again. The lioness continues to drag her finger in patterns you can't see before stabbing you again, cutting your chest over and over again for what seems like ages. Though you can't see it, you're sure you're losing a lot of blood...

"...N!" Botan proclaims happily, releasing the grip on your throat without warning. You crumple to the ground in a heap as you gag for air, sputtering through cries of anguish. She pays you no mind as you pathetically struggle to stand, instead taking her phone out. You hear her tapping on the screen as you look at the wound on your shoulder, vision blurred. You can see the bite marks pulsing in a weak stream of red down your entire arm...and the puddle below it. The clicking of a shutter and the flash of light catch your attention as you look back over to the lioness. Seemingly satisfied, she turns the phone to face you.

Crudely scrawled across your chest in jagged, uneven letters, is 'BOTAN'. The wounds burn somewhat worse.

"Now you won't forget. Right?" She asks. Without waiting for an answer, she leans down, grasping you by your waist. You try to let out another scream of protest, only for it to come out hoarse and quiet. Botan laughs as she lifts you up...slinging you over her shoulder.

"Yelled yourself hoarse? That's fine. Just means I won't have to hear you complaining. Come on. Let's get you patched up at home."

With a content huff, Botan begins to carry you out of the alley. Though you struggle and fight her grasp, she doesn't bother to even react to the movements, keeping you restrained effortlessly. Despite your best attempts, the lioness has claimed you.

No plans to turn this into porn. Just thought trying to run from Botan was humorous in how utterly futile it would be. Sequel to https://pastebin.com/6mnbfxiP - hopefully you enjoy.

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Thank you for another masterpiece, anon!

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Abusive Pptenshi punishing you with Powerful pp when

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You are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you.

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I was on my way to read for blind orphans at my local hospital when I was assaulted by this figure...

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Seconding this

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sort of requested in the last thread but Gura kidnaps Ame and then manipulates her into helping abuse (You)

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We need a continuation where (You)'re no longer in her life death most likely and her life is crumbling to pieces. Her only pillar of support had faded away and she can only lament your absence

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>Kiara is locked in Ina's basement for exponentiation
>Ame and Gura are fucking in Mori's kitchen
>Mori didn't have a coffee cup thrown at her
>Ina sexually assaulted an unconscious Kiara
What in the actual fuck is this story?

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Seconding this

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Someone write one where during their Uno stream the EN girls get mad at each other which escalates into them beating the shit out of each other

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id rather someone write that one of them takes her frustration over the game out on (you)

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>Kiara is locked in Ina's basement for exponentiation
Earth covered in Kiaras, due to Ina's chicken farm exponential growth...

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>Vaguely discernible features

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Yeah wtf man

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Seems this thread isn't meant to be, bros...we've tapped the creative energies too hard...

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Personal request. Yandere/Menhera chuuba (doesn't matter who, feel free to user a lesser used holo) confronts you for talking to another or something stupid. She's about to stab you until you look like swiss cheese, but you know the exact words to say to turn her into mush in your arms. Like fliping a switch from wanting to kill you to beinging all lovey-dovey in a instant.

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Things I'm doing but aren't posting anytime soon
>Kanata abusing you in order to get you to leave her and becoming increasingly disgusted with you when you fail to do so
>Watame gaslighting you so she can live her depraved lolicon fantasies through you, then discarding you when you become a liability

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One of the best parts of the yandere trope. Hoping someone makes this.

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>you will never get decked by Okayu after you accidentally take a swing at her in a fit of rage

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Well written garbage is still garbage.

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seconding this, the Yanflip is fucking great

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I'm beginning to wonder how many chuubas who exhibit anti-social and violent behaviors behind those avatars. I like reading through some of this. But I can't help but think some of them do indeed have violent tendencies.

Could you imagine if there were actual vtubers reading these screenshots and decide to enact them?

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Imagine how fast viewers would volunteer themselves

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you are garbage

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No, seriously, everyone kept sucking that story's dick and i finally read it and it's fucking awful. Were you just saying that because the author lurks here?

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this makes my penis become the big penis

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We literally write a bunch of new content every day, what the absolute hell are you on about?

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Throwing your weight backwards, you narrowly avoid Polka's wild slashing attempt, sweat pouring off your forehead as you do so. Polka sniffles through her anger, bringing the knife back down and around, soaring past you as you deftly dodge her assault.

"Polka, I'm serious! I wasn't doing anything with Nene! I just had to deliver some papers!"
"I told you to watch 'only me'! That means no looking at other girls!!" Polka screams in response, tears pouring out of her eyes. They're starting to dislodge the little eye decorations she has... "D-Don't try and lie your way out of it! You're sick and tired of me! But I won't let you go!"

You furrow your brow as you smoothly duck a slice aimed at your neck. That one took a few hairs off! Seems she isn't listening to reason. Letting out a disappointed sigh, you begin your counter attack.

As Polka brings the knife down once more, you quickly shoot your hand out, catching her wrist with yours. Her visage flares up in anger as she brings her other hand up, but you grasp it as well, holding her still. As she sobs and struggles against you, gritting her teeth in anger, you begin.

"Why would I need Nene when I have the best woman in the world right here, at my side?" You coo, giving her a disarming smile. You know this smile works because this isn't the first fucking rodeo you've been through.
"W-What?" Polka asks. Right on cue. She looks at you, still filled with hurt and contempt...but confusion. An opening!
"I know I didn't stutter, though sometimes addressing your beauty leaves me at a loss for words..." You continue, groaning internally. You hate this soap opera shit, but...

Polka's struggling stops as she slowly begins to flush, still pouting at you. It's working.

"D-Don't...don't try and sweet talk your way out of this, I know that-"
"That I love you more than anything else in the world?" You interject. "I know that you do. But sometimes you need a little reminder, don't you?"

Not waiting for a response, you give Polka another smile, leaning in close to her. She freezes up as you stop outside of her ear, starting to shiver in your grip. Seal the deal.

"I love you, sweetie," You whisper into your girlfriend's ear. She jolts as you do so, letting out a weak murmur of embarrassment. "I only have eyes for you. Always have, always will."

Pulling back from her ear, you plant a soft kiss on her forehead for effect. Polka's face, already red, becomes an entirely darker shade as you do so, dropping the knife, luckily avoiding cutting either of you on the way down. Instant KO. Giving up any pretenses of attacking you, she pushes herself into your chest, rubbing her tear-stained cheeks against your torso as she holds you.

"Y-You mean it, right? You only love me?" She asks incessantly, clinging to you. Her face is so red you can feel her skin burning through your clothes.
"Of course, Polka..." You respond. Your words are genuine. "Why would I need anyone else? I get to wake up every day next to my soulmate. The funniest, cutest, sweetest girl in the galaxy..."

You lay it on thick, sure, but the effect is instant. Polka giggles into you, cuddling you like a stuffed toy as you kiss the top of her head, running one of your hands down her back.

Conflict resolved. Relaxing into your lover's arms, you decompress. Just another day, you guess.

Maybe it'd be better if you primarily worked with the Holostars...

Something short since no one else seemed to respond to it. Hopefully it's something you enjoy.

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Hag thread, huh?

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>pastebin flagged all of my shit

Fuck! Recommend me alternatives without filters that are convenient to read from. Control+C has an awful interface.

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Then of course there's this one.

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Google docs is what everyone seems to use. Other than that we can go back a decade and a half and use mailing lists

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Docs may unironically be your best bet. Have a pastebin link you keep updated with stories you right. Fucking pieces of shit fucked me hardcore with that SMART filter shit.

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I don't want to reveal my google account to everyone or get another google account...

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>right instead of write
Sorry dude. I can't think of any other sites like Pastebin. It's fucking bullshit but it is what it is.

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>I don't want to reveal my google account to everyone or get another google account...
Wait, does it show the email address?

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is this thread just cringy fanfics?

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Yes, and?

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>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction?

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Yes, and also lets anyone suggest edits. Awful.

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You can turn that off, actually.

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10/10 probably wouldn't have read if it wasn't poruka

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You can ignore a lot of technicalities as long as the concept is decent and the characters behave as you would sorta expect. And well shit's shocking and sorta in character so it's well written as far as fanfiction goes.
Which is all trash to begin with.
>t. former 12 year fanfic writer

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Yeah, but it can only be shocking to a finite degree until it turns into either edgecore or shounen.

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God your such a good writer. Please keep making more of this. I would like it to turn into porn, but if you won't budge I won't try.

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I saw a few people around using hatebin.com

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Odd site but could work. Thanks anon.

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I'm afraid of smaller projects because they can just die randomly.

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Emotional manipulation

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Kino as fuck

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Would love a sequel to this fic with anon running off with some other holo to seek his "warmth"

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It'd been a few weeks since the encounter.

Nobody really believed you when you told them about it and, honestly, you couldn't really blame them. If you hadn't experienced it firsthand, you would find the whole thing pretty unbelievable too. Even now, you could recall the pain that shot through your body. You could recall the feeling of the pavement as you curled up helpless on the ground. And, you swear, you recall the way she looked at you, eyes filled with disgust, as if you weren't even worthy to exist in her presence.

But... maybe you WERE wrong.

You definitely felt pain that day, that was unmistakable. But... maybe something else caused it? Something more believable than your favorite vtuber suddenly assaulting you out of nowhere, at least. You WERE pretty tired that day after staying up late watching her stream, so maybe you were just confused? Maybe you were just distracted thinking about how great her stream was, and then you ran into a pole or something and your brain just got everything all mixed up. That... also sounded kind of dumb, but it was a much more believable kind of dumb.

You were just about to write off your experience and move on with your life when suddenly... you heard it.


Fear filled your heart as you spun around wildly, trying to pinpoint the source. Not in front of you. Not behind you. There was nowhere she could've been hiding and yet the sound felt like it came from everywhere.

And then you looked up.

You looked up just in time to see her pretty princess heel collide with your face and send you crashing down to the very familiar pavement.

"Surprise, motherfucker!"

Luna ground her heel into your forehead, a look of annoyance on her face as if to say "Don't you dare try to forget me like that". And then, as if to make certain that you recalled your first meeting correctly, she gave you another swift kick to the balls. You were a bit woozy and disoriented, partially from the impact of your head hitting the pavement and partially from the resulting blood loss, but the pain you felt then was unmistakably familiar.

You apparently blacked out soon after. When you woke up again, Luna was gone.

This one was going to be a lot harder to explain.

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Good job, thank you!

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Kiara leans in, planting another heavy, lipstick-coated kiss on your lips. You moan into her mouth, albeit briefly, before she pulls away, raising and dropping her hips as she holds your cock between her slick thighs, squeezing against it with them. The firebird wasn’t exaggerating in that story about sweaty thighs, and frankly, you’re so fucking glad it hurts. You're starting to sweat and pant yourself, a bit of drool hanging in a heavy strand from the corner of your mouth. Doing this in Kiara's office is somehow far more perverted than doing it in front of coworkers. It's not even The Usual Room anymore...it's somehow...closer. More private. Your "relationship" with Ms. Takanashi has only deepened since you tried to defend yourself. What started as blackmail and rape has turned into you anticipating her touch. Yearning for it. You've thoroughly devolved into a drooling masochist...at least for whatever sort of deviancy Kiara wants to put you through. Though the true nature of your relationship with her is unknown, the intimacy drives you wild for more. You've noticed that hugs and kisses have been far, far more prevalent alongside the usual groping and fondling. Hell, she even pat your head once. You're almost elated...but...

Is this Stockholm syndrome? Or maybe she's just exploiting your desire for love? These...aren't mutually exclusive. A troubling thought. Kiara smirks at you, face red. Her thighs squeeze you tighter, dragging you away from the thought.

"That's a good boy," she whispers. The chair under you creaks as she doesn't let up her assault. "You like my legs, don't you~?"
"Kiara, I'm..." You barely manage to whimper in response. Pleasure begins to reach a plateau within you. "I'm gonna cum..."

Giggling, the Phoenix leans back into you, dotting your already orange lipstick covered face and neck in more kisses. Every time she presses her lips against you is almost torture. You don't want her to stop. You've been...conditioned, you think. None of that matters as much as the rapid onset of orgasm. As Kiara furiously drops her hips upon you, she pulls you in for one last, deep kiss. The sensation proves to be far too much as you reciprocate the embrace in a touching display...as you cum so hard you shoot upwards, raining down sticky ropes of seed upon your boss's thighs. Kiara giggles into your mouth as you do so but doesn't break the kiss, swirling her tongue along yours as she stares at you through half-lidded eyes, sweat rolling down her flushed cheeks. Your heart skips a beat, passion burning within. Just how do you actually feel about this woman...?

The door is roughly kicked open, causing both of you to jump as your train of thought is completely derailed. Kiara turns first, jaw dropping.


Eyes widening in horror, Kiara grasps your shoulders, tucking you to her chest as she throws her weight to the right. You fall with her, still trying to parse the situation...as you see a scythe come spinning above you, embedding itself into the wall. Oh. OH. Releasing you, she scrambles to her feet as you speedily regain control of your senses, doing the same. Takanashi takes a place between you and the pink haired woman currently cracking her knuckles, eyes *literally* glowing red. Mori Calliope. The Rapping Reaper. The Terror of Tokyo. The Master of Muff-diving.

Half of the TakaMori pairing. Your dick is still wet from the 'Taka' part, who is currently attempting to defend you. Oh, dear God, it never occurred to you that you were cucking the grim reaper! Or…*A* grim reaper!

"So, little chicken decided to go and get some pork, huh?" She sneers, menacingly stomping forward. "This is what you were doing? *Who* you were doing?"
"C-Calli, l-let's just calm down for a moment, I can explain!" Kiara interjects, clearly being thrown out of her element. "It's not what you think!"

Calli gives Kiara a look that could wound a lesser man. Hell, you're wounded and it wasn't even directed at you. Splash damage.

"I...What the fuck could you possibly mean with that, kusotori?!" She asks, visibly baffled. "You were *literally* riding his dick! How could I possibly misconstrue that?!"
"I, er--" Kiara stammers. "I-I wasn't doing anything like that! I was...I-I was trying to find someone to share, like you discussed before!"

Silence falls over the room. Calli stares at Kiara right alongside you, the Phoenix almost physically shrinking. You give a slow blink.

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"What?" You ask. Calli looks over to you for a moment, her expression softening.
"What he said," Calli agrees. "What?"
"T-The other week, you were talking about how y-you...wanted to try a...y-y'know, a threesome! So I...I-I was seeing how he performed! He kept making passes at me, e-even when I told him I was in a relationship, and--"
"EXCUSE ME?" You interject, temper actually flaring. Bitch, WHAT? Kiara spins her head back to you, giving you a very, *very* stern look of 'shut the fuck up.' She continues.
"--And though you know I could only ever truly be in love with you, I thought about what you said, and...h-he's your type, isn't he? A little on the shorter side...sweet face...pale..." She trails off. You ignore the arrow in your pride with regards to the height comment.

Calliope turns her eyes away from the sweating phoenix, staring at you instead. She runs her eyes up and down your body a few times, expression softening further, but still scowling. You feel very naked as she does this...only to quickly realize your dick is still out. You hastily cover yourself in embarrassment, starting to blush. The action gets a chuckle out of her.

"I...won't lie, he's not bad, Kiara," Calli trails, turning her attention back to her 'partner'. "But couldn't you have like...warned me first? I was ready to take both your heads off! At least you'd come back, but, y'know..."
"I-I'm sorry, Calli, I wanted it to be a surprise...you're not mad at me, are you?" The phoenix pouts, sidling up to the reaper. With a sigh, Calliope plants a hand on top of Kiara's head, giving her an affectionate ruffle, though somewhat aloof.
"No, no...it came from a good place, I guess..." she mutters...turning her attention back to you. "Hey, runt. You do good?"
"I...er, what?" You ask nervously. This is all moving a little fast. Calliope rolls her eyes in response.
"You make my girl cum?" She asks bluntly. Kiara's back straightens almost instantly. Sheepishly, you nod in the affirmative. "Good. Then you're alright in my book, I guess."

How the fuck are you getting away with this?

Kiara looks back at you, giving you a devious grin. The 'all according to plan' grin. Keikaku doori.

"So, I'm gonna fuck him next, right?" Calli asks nonchalantly. Both you and Kiara freeze, the latter turning to face Calliope. The reaper quickly tugs down the front of her breast window, allowing her chest to spill free. WOO THEM SOME TITTIES, THANK YOU YAGOO! "I mean, technically you had a go already."
"I- WAIT, HERE? NOW?" Kiara squawks, head swiveling between you and her 'girlfriend'. "C-Can't we do this later?! It's the middle of the workday!"
"...And you already fucked him in your office. In the middle of the workday," Calli retorts. "I don't think you care about that. You got your rocks off, he got his off...on you, it looks like...so I'm next. All that shit just now really stressed me out..."

The reaper strides past the currently panicking Phoenix, and right up to you. Though you know she's 5"6', she still seems...taller than you. You chalk it up to grim reaper magic, rather than accepting the fact you may be a manlet. Fucking HoloMyth. With a smirk, she lifts one of her hands up, cupping your cheek with it softly. It's...different than Kiara's, that's for sure. Much less burning-fire-beneath-the-flesh and more of a cool breeze. You wince, suddenly incredibly nervous. You were a virgin before you started working here. Sure, Kiara’s practically fucked you in every position imaginable, but you’re by no means confident in your abilities. At least you KNOW Kiara’s body. Now...you’re tasked with fucking the ‘other woman’, dirty homewrecker that you are. With a grin, she pulls you a bit closer to her...pressing your face into her exposed breasts. Kiara watches with intense jealousy.

"Y'know, she wasn't lying when she said you had a sweet face," Calli begins, still pressing her exposed chest into you. Her skin isn't cold, just...disarmingly soft and invitingly temperate. Kiara is at the upper end of the temperature spectrum, almost feeling feverish at all times. A stark contrast to this. Cool side of the pillow. "She really did nail my type with you...even if you're shaking like a leaf. But, hey, I like someone I can bully a bit...heh. It's okay, little guy...touch me. You'll know when I'm about to bite."

>> No.1653427
File: 174 KB, 850x1263, The raping reaper haha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As Kiara stares daggers at the back of Calli's head, you nervously comply, bringing one of your hands up to the thin fabric covering the reaper's rear, tentatively groping and squeezing it. You open your mouth for good measure, taking her nipple into your mouth as you do so, hoping to cover your bases as you lift your other hand up to the free breast, kneading it. You've been doing it with Kiara - and only Kiara - for so long that you're almost uncomfortable doing it with someone else. None of your weak point knowledge could apply to this...but Calli's soft moans of encouragement seem to stifle that fear while stoking the growing heat of arousal growing within you. Licks of flame erupt around the Phoenix as she watches. You aren't sure if she's pissed at you or Calli. Either way, she quickly stomps over, wrapping her arms around the both of you.

"L-Let me help!" she demands. Grumbling softly, she takes one hand to grasp you by the base of your already-erect cock, as the other slips its way up the break in Calli's dress...pulling it it to the side enough to reveal that the reaper is nude below it, a tiny amount of pink bush on display. This girl is either a pervert or never in public for long. Your cock twitches in the phoenix's hand, and Kiara gives you a smug grin, slowly stroking you as she presses her fingers into Calli's pussy. "There...you weren't seriously going to leave me out, were you~?"
"Nah, of course not," Calli chuckles, seizing for a moment as she stifles a moan. "But I knew it'd get you all fired up."

Calli presses herself closer into you, bringing the head of your dick closer to her sex as Kiara works on the pair of you. Kiara gives you a look - something between apologetic and immensely jealous - out of Calli's view, resting her head on the reaper's shoulder as she holds her from behind. "You look like you're feeling good...do you feel lucky? Getting to be with two idols now? Fucking your boss wasn't enough for you, was it?"
"Hmmph. For a runt, he sure gets around, doesn't he? Can't think of how many people would kill to -nngh...- be in this situation right now...so don't squander it."

This started with rape. But even then, you know there are still degenerates who would've thrown their own pants off at the idea of getting blackmailed like this. Kiara withdraws her fingers from Calli as the reaper lifts her left leg a bit, wrapping it around your waist as she holds you for support, Takanashi wrapping her now free arm around Mori’s tummy to help hold her up. Pulling your face from Calliope's breasts, you look at her as she stares into your eyes for a moment, the tough girl routine seemingly melting as her cheeks flush. Pushing in just a bit closer from Kiara's goading, the tip of your cock is forcibly rubbed against Mori's dripping vagina, causing the reaper to flinch as she holds you.

"C-Come on...stop teasin' me, you already had your fun...just...stuff me already..." She mutters, having trouble maintaining eye contact with you as she fidgets.
"Aww, I wanted him to see you get all embarrassed a bit more. It's cute, really!"
"J-Just do it!"

Either used to taking commands or just aroused out of your mind, you comply, rocking your hips forward and sliding yourself into Calliope, who lets out a guttural "urk!" of surprise at your rough intrusion. Kiara gives you that same look of jealousy as before, furrowing her brow, but relents, instead using her free hand to take up the wet breast you were no longer groping, still supporting the twitching Calli as she begins to pant. Mori clenches around your length, her face flushing further as she winces, still trying to avoid eye contact with you.

"H-Holy shit, Takanashi...you...fuck, you really picked a good one...g-god..." she stutters, shaking against you. "Fooo...fuck, nearly...nearly..."
"Mhm. I have a good eye, I know," Kiara laughs...before looking at you. She moves her mouth wordlessly, glaring at you. You've gotten pretty good at reading lips over the years, and boy, this is a clear message. 'COMPANY. PROPERTY.'

Ignoring the foreboding message, you give Calli's ass another squeeze, slowly starting to thrust up into the writhing woman wrapped around you, drawing another groan out of her. Kiara begrudgingly does her part, flicking and pinching Calli's nipples as she pushes her forward into you, dry humping against her backside to force the girl to cooperate with your movements. You get the idea that Kiara wants this over as fast as possible. With a huff, you sink your fingers further into Mori's cheeks, gripping them as you start to thrust roughly, giving it your all.

>> No.1653448
File: 1.12 MB, 850x1133, Will she give you a thank you toot though.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"OH!" Calli blurts, almost spitting a bit on to your cheek. "F-FUCK! Wait, fuck! C-Calm down! T-This...this is too much, too fast!"
"Keep going!" Kiara interjects, grinning madly as she watches Calli wriggle and shake in pleasure. "Fuck her! Fuck her until she can't walk! Until she can't talk!"

Calli clenches around you as she lets out an almost pained 'HRRK!', convulsing around your cock as she orgasms. Kiara seems incredibly pleased, almost cruelly tweaking Mori's nipples to drag out the orgasm for as long as she can. Content with Mori's orgasm, you relax...quickly succumbing to your own oncoming wave of pleasure. Fucking your way through Calli's orgasm, you start to pant. Kiara's eyes go wide.

"Y-You're not-" She begins, eyes widening as she stammers.
"Gonna cum!" You shakily answer in response. This is it. You're going to cum inside Calliope Mori!

Kiara all but rips your cock out of Calliope as she quickly moves between the two of you by dropping to her knees and crawling between Calli's legs, much to the surprise of you both. As Calli rears up a question, Kiara effortlessly takes your cock in her mouth down to the balls, gagging on it as she roughly begins to piston her head. Calli watches in horror as your dick vanishes into the bird's throat repeatedly, and your brain sends the go ahead to your balls to let the dam blow. Though not where you thought you were going to cum - you are, in fact, NOT going to cum inside Calliope Mori (yet anyway) - you moan out in a mix of confusion and pleasure, releasing your second load into Kiara's waiting mouth. She lets out an almost relieved sigh as she relaxes, greedily slurping and licking up your seed as she plays with your dick in her mouth, flitting and teasing against the frenulum as you shiver. As your orgasm finally comes to an end, your boss slowly releases herself from your dick, cheeks full.

"W...What the fuck was that about?" Calli asks, still looking on in horror. "Did...you not want him to cum in me...? Or..."
Realization washes over Kiara's face as she almost immediately begins to sweat again. Bolting to her feet, she gives you a look...before, almost hesitantly, leaning in to Calli. Calli opens her mouth to complain, but is swiftly cut off as Kiara brings her lips to hers. You watch as Calli tries to wrestle Kiara off her at first, before quickly realizing what Kiara is doing. The bird's cheeks begin to deflate, somewhat...

As the kiss breaks, Calli is left panting. A strand of both Kiara's spit and your cum barely links the two together. Holy shit...

"G-Gotcha...okay, yeah, that's...that's way hotter..." Calli mutters, deeply flustered. Turning to you, she gives a slight smile. "Yeah. Yeah, that was good. You get my pass."
"See?" Kiara asks, proudly puffing out her chest. "Nothing wrong! Just wanted to find someone you could enjoy, haha!"
"Yeah, I...sorry for jumping to conclusions like that, Kiara...that goes for you, too," Calli continues, giving a small bow in your direction. "...So, when's next time?"
"Really, thinking I was cheating on you and falling in love with one of my workers, I'm almost h- next time?" Kiara asks, doing a double take. "There'll be a next time?"
"I mean...yeah?" Mori asks, giving Kiara an incredulous look. "Wait, what was that stuff about-"
"R-Right! Next time! U-Uh...give it a few days? We'll work something out later!"

Seemingly satisfied with the answer, Calli shrugs. She smiles over to you again, still having trouble looking you in the eye as she chuckles to herself. "Alright, then...It's been fun, but I'm expected somewhere soon. I'll, uhm...see you again, okay? And you later, Kiara. For now, I gotta go."

Saying her goodbyes, the reaper dislodges her scythe from the wall, fixes her clothing, and bows before leaving. You wipe the sweat from your forehead, grinning from ear to ear.

"Man, that was clo-"
"GOD! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!" Kiara yells, the aura of heat once again exploding around her. "YOU LOOKED SO...INTO IT! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?"

The bird marches up to you, pointing at you accusingly. You raise your hands in mock surrender, incredibly confused.

"W-What?! Didn't I do what I was supposed to do?!"
"Well, yeah! But...you didn't need to look like you were having so much fun with it," she pouts. Wrapping her arms around you, Kiara leans in, planting a long kiss on your lips. You try to ignore the fact your cum was just there. "You belong to me, remember?"

>> No.1653485
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The bird buries her face into your chest after, holding you silently. Anxiously, you reciprocate the embrace, holding her to you.

"Hey, uhm...Kiara?"
You swallow nervously. "...Do you actually love me, or--"
"Not saying," She giggles, tightening her hold on you. "You should know by now."

Maybe it is Stockholm syndrome. Maybe it is just conditioning. Maybe it's something far worse, like Kiara using Ina to influence your emotions or some weird Color Out Of Space shit you could never hope to truly comprehend without calling upon Lovecraft's cat for assistance. But with an answer like that, one left up to your own interpretation...you're satisfied. It's the closest to a 'yes' you think you'll get for awhile. Holding Kiara Takanashi closer, you stay there for awhile, enjoying the gentle embrace as she soothingly rubs your back. Man, you love your job.

I had no intention of making it this long. I'm so sorry. The chicken got into my head again. Consider it a second sequel to the stories listed in https://pastebin.com/asvcqDLL concerning Kiara. God damn it. Hope you enjoy.

>> No.1653543

I am actually writing a short continuation of it, are people interested?

>> No.1653562

There's been plenty of people asking for it. I'd certainly say to go for it. By any chance, did you write anything else? A compilation paste of all you've done so far would help a great deal for archival purposes.

>> No.1653615

Eagerly waiting for a continuation!

>> No.1653695

Several things that people repost every thread. I am in the process of migrating things from pastebin because they got flagged.

>> No.1654068

Goddamn, what a mix of Stockholm Syndrome, humor and fluffiness. If you get any more ideas go ahead and write them, doesn't matter how long the end result is.
Imagine if each time she fucked you she was imbuing some of her essence in you, slowly making you immortal just like her. Imagine her becoming even clingier and more desperate to never let you go after she realizes it. She could love someone and not have to watch them die after a mere century...

>> No.1655170

i came

>> No.1655950

n u t

>> No.1655974

While I'm not the Anon that wrote the original story nor I'm the other anon writing a continuation, your suggestion gave me an idea, so I went with it.

He always came across as a blight in your routine, a constant reminder of the mistakes you made in choosing him. There were many others like him, but you never remembered why you chose him or why you chose to get married in the first place. He was plain, ordinary. He had no aspirations or value as a person. You always dreaded seeing him whenever you returned home, seeing what else he wanted to do to waste your time, your money, and your life on. That was until you came back to an empty home. It was unusual; ever since moving in, he rarely ever leaves your home especially if he knew you were coming back soon. After all, he had no reason to leave unless it was to waste more of your steadily declining funds. No job to attend to, no responsibilities other than watching your home, so where did he go?

Whatever, it didn’t matter. This was a moment you haven’t had in a long time. You finally have a good time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in your own home, thinking anymore about him would be ruining the free time you have left until he returns. You pull up your laptop and check your stats. It was the usual decline, but still, it didn’t bother you as much. Your job was still perfectly fine. You just wanted to keep your fans and friends happy. You set up your stream as usual and entertain the fans you still had, the ones that still love you after all these years.
By the time you finished streaming, it was midnight, and yet, your home was still empty. Your phone was silent. He never called or texted you, not even when you two were together out of fear of disturbing you. He knew your boundaries and, more importantly, his place. But now, something changed with him. You clean yourself and settle into bed. He’ll be back, you were certain. You were all he had in his life. You held up your hand and showed off your wedding ring. It was all the proof you need.

Your home was empty the next day. You were getting fed up with this bullshit. It’s clearly a trap; you were certain about it. He’s waiting outside for you to break, to give in and admit that you need him, but no, you won’t give him that satisfaction. You were better than that, better than him. You refuse to send any text messages or look any further into where he fled. Soon, he’ll realize how stupid he was and come back. You just had to wait until you see him return and beg to be let back in.

Hours go by, still no sign of him. It still didn’t matter to you. You had to start streaming soon. You know he’ll be watching you. He watches every stream, and you knew that. He desperately clung to you whether it was online or in-person, so you chose this moment as an opportunity to remind him of his place. Stream starts, you make sly comments about how much you’ve been enjoying the empty home. You talk about how free you are to meet with anyone else and do whatever you want. The viewers love this, of course they did, it showed that he was no more important than the rest of his fans. He’s probably alone watching you, regretting the day he left you of all people. You had no reason to treat him any better. So, why did you choose him in the first place?

Finally, the stream ends on a strong note. You were beaming with confidence that he’s falling apart after realizing his mistakes. You check your phone for an apology, but it’s silent as usual. You went about your day but kept an eye on the door. Listening for a knock, but the hours went on with no activity. You look at your wedding ring again. You can’t help but wonder if he took it with him.
You’ve waited for hours now. Anger and frustration boils within you. Maybe he forgot how to come home. He hard a hard time finding his way back home ever since he moved in. Maybe, you should go-No.

Don’t give in. It’s what he wants. If he didn’t know how to come back, then maybe he should have never left you in the first place. Yes, this is his fault, and you aren’t going to forgive him that easily.

>> No.1656009

Hours become days. Still missing. Days becomes weeks. Still gone. This creeping feeling of dread and fear gets to you. You don’t leave your home these days aside from the bare essentials and food. Whenever you do leave and come back, you make sure to check every corner of your place for any sign that he snuck in, pretending as though nothing happen but no, he’s not there. He’s never there for you. You start to feel something awful, the threat of loneliness. You miss your old home’s atmosphere, being able to come home to see someone wait for you. You miss looking forward to seeing what surprises he found. Your phone remains empty aside from the offers to go out from your colleagues. You keep declining their offers as nothing matters more than seeing him come home. In return, you send him a message, asking him where he is.
Another day, another week, another empty home. Again and again, no sign of movement other than your own. You sent one message, then another, then 2 more, then 20. Each time you send one, you get no response. That shitty phone must’ve broken down, I knew I should’ve given him a better one.

The game you thought you had going on is long over. You admit defeat, you need him more than he does for you but why won’t he come back? Any anger or resentment you had has long since eroded into dread. You try to search for him online, but he has no traces. Ever since the harassment, the death threats, he erased all contacts he ever had on social media. You look deep into the archives of your fan’s discussions to see if they dare did anything to him or found any sign of him. Whether it is by courtesy or not wanting to remember you had someone special to you, they don’t ever speak of him. His presence is completely absent, but you keep searching for any sign of activity. It’s the only thing you can do now.

It has become a habit, no, an obsession to stare at his old drawers and cabinets. Everything he brought with him or bought with your money was taken away to wherever the hell he went. Every closet and drawer that he took up was cleaned out. You can do nothing more than stare at the grime and dust that marked the only trace that he left something here with you. You stop bathing and barely sleep now. All you ever want to do is watch the door, look at your messages, and hold onto your ring. It’s the only thing you have left of him. Where did you go? Please, come back.
Another morning, you can’t help but remember the times you had with him. You can’t help but look back on how he left. He was so loyal to you up until that one day. It never sat right with you. It was too fast, too clean, too thorough of a job to move out. That’s when it hits you: Someone interfered. You remembered before you met, his old friends. You remember meeting him with his friends, having to put up with their acts to get close to him. Everything makes sense now. They were jealous that you had him to yourself. They hated you, resented you for winning him over. They wanted to drive him away from you. Yes, it was all their fault. You kept him at bay, but it was a mistake to let him cling to his loose ends, but you can fix this. You just need him back.

You dig further into the internet, not to search for him directly but through his friends. Every possible name, every message they sent, every image they posted until finally, a success. You found him. After months, you finally found a picture of him. It’s a group photo of him and the other parasites at a house party, celebrating a promotion he got for work. After all these months, you were finally able to see a sign that he was still somewhere. His smiling face, his cheery demeanor, you can even clearly see he still had the wedding ring on his hand. It was a sight you missed so much, the best thing you’ve ever seen in months. You hugged the phone as tight as you can to you. Not only did you find him, you can clearly see who were responsible for this. It wasn’t hard to find out where they were either. These people had the audacity to proudly post shots of their home and where they lived. They were practically bragging about how well off they became with him. These people were worthless lowlifes and yet, they believe they deserved him more than you. Doesn’t matter, things will go back to how they were soon, no, they will be better. Once you get him, you won’t let anyone take him away. All you had to do is remind him of who you were.

>> No.1656026

Go down this street here, turn this avenue that way. You followed the directions on your phone to find his address. It wasn’t difficult, but it has been a while since you’ve left your home, and it’s difficult to see during the night. However, this was the only opportunity to see him return home alone. You wanted nobody else looking at him. They had enough of their share, you deserved your turn. You hid yourself, watching the alleyways for minutes. This was nothing, you’ve spent months waiting for him to return home, and now you know he’ll be here for sure. You listened in on every road and sidewalk until you heard footsteps. Those familiar footsteps, it was definitely him. You step out to finally see him. He stops and stares at you with an expression you can’t read. You reach out to him not out of fear or hatred but one of desperation.

“I-It’s me. Don’t you remember?” you call out. You get closer to him to see his face. He tried to look away, he didn’t want to meet you eye to eye. He tried to look away, but you can see the fear in his eyes. You kept getting closer and closer while he freezes in place, not knowing what to do. You’re so close to getting him back, you just need to grab him and never let go. When you finally put your hand on him, you can feel the warmth melting away all your fears, but when you look at him, it was like he broke out of a trance and immediately runs away. After all this time, after all the effort you went to find him, he still chooses to run away. You’ll need to tie him up and keep him close after this.

He screams for help, but you keep chasing him. He tried take detours, but you were able to keep track of him. He tries to outrun you, but it’s futile. Despite your deteriorated physique, you are more than capable to keep up with him and better yet, you were closing the distance. You were able to get close enough to grab him and hold him down. You finally got him in a chokehold and keep his mouth shut. It was a dream come true. You can finally keep him forever. You keep choking him until he passes out. Unconscious but not dead. It was finally done, you can carry him back home to where he belongs. You remembered why you chose him now. You hated this feeling of being left alone. You wanted someone who cared for you the way you cared for him. He may have betrayed your trust and your loyalty, but it’s all forgiven. You’ve changed now. You’re certain he’ll appreciate the new you better than ever now.

>> No.1656977

Enjoyable read anon, I've been looking froward to a continuation of this story, but now I want more.

>> No.1657729

Great stuff anon.
Now for an yandere Fubuki continuation.
Plus a heartbroken Fubuki continuation at (You)r death.

>> No.1658081

I can't believe you actually fulfilled my request. Thank you so much.

>> No.1658669

Excellent. This story looked like (You)r realization that staying together was going to be bad for you both so you decided to wipe yourself clean out of her life, hoping maybe without you being there she can be happy and get her life back on track. And things indeed were working well, she was recovering her numbers back to what they had been back in the golden ages, and unmistakably felt more like her old cheery self lately in streams and collabs. You would know, living with her for so long allowed you to pick up on her unique body language and mannerisms. Her doing her well and her best inspired you to work hard and make something for yourself. So you may one day reunite, with stable foundations to make one big happy family. And then she found you.

>> No.1659049

>listen deadbeats
>you dont want me
>no the real me
>it wouldnt end well
>i cant always stay conscious when i get angry
>like black-out mad
>the last guy i was with took off on me because of it
>still feel bad about all the bruises i gave him
>....hope hes doing fine

>> No.1659972
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Damn, this is good! I always wanted to fear Botan, but she's just so cute. Your work made me happy

>> No.1660158

God this make go diamond

>> No.1660345

Seeing her break really enjoyable thank you

>> No.1661895

She understands now. She realized she had been wrong to treat you the way she did. She won't make the same mistake twice. She'll shower you with her love forever, wether you want her to or not.

>> No.1662409
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this makes want a fic about one of the tiny holos bullying you for being even shorter than them

>> No.1664302

>you hate this soap opera shit
only part i could say anything negative about because personally i love saying that type of stuff to a gf
10/10 thanks man

>> No.1664827

>Already being slowly twisted into finding your abuser endearing
>Now immortal with them
>>>Still cucking Calli
Haha h-hot
No problem. Thanks for the idea.

>> No.1666769


>> No.1667965

i'd like an unironical [Kills you in japanese]

>> No.1668369

google pulled nothing, i dont know the context of what youre talking about

>> No.1668483

try looking for [Kills you in spanish]

>> No.1668784
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oh shit lmao im retarded thanks

>> No.1670948

Kino I'm excited to think of the aftermath what happens if You tell fubuki you wanna break up/get divorced

>> No.1671252

First time I found a thread that replicates my thoughts perfectly.

>> No.1672653

Man, this ruled. The slow realization and break down that she drove away the one person who loved her was sublime. Thank you for your contribution; it's quite great.

>> No.1672897
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>> No.1672938
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>> No.1673025


>> No.1673121

I'd propose on the spot.

>> No.1673634

>cucking Calli
The best. Truly, TakaMori exists for the purposes of NTR.

>> No.1675717

Need a story where rushia shows you a positive pregnancy test but you don't remember ever having sex with her

>> No.1675905

Thanks. My original intention and idea was to show that the (you) in the story was bailed out by a group of old friends, and I had planned it to end with (your) friends pushing Fubuki away as a parallel to the original story yelling "Get your hands off him." It would've been fun to add more parallels to the original story. Someone who saw herself as a "wife but not a friend" going against people who were "friends." I originally did want this sort of ending where she tears down the walls, but (you) were gone. They took you before her.

But I found it just as interesting to explore a weak link and show why a yandere would isolate their love interest from another.

>> No.1676489

Is this cuckshit or reverse rape?

>> No.1676531

latter. And you're fucked, literally.

>> No.1676768

The Yandere loving part of me loves the current ending - the one where even if you finally get out of an incredibly abusive, toxic relationship, the person comes back to take you by force, now realizing how badly they actually need you. Though it makes me wonder. With how she is now, actually willing to do everything she can to hold on to you, to make you feel loved, will she actually change? And if she does, how will (You) feel about it? Bitter and untrusting? Or cautiously optimistic?
And to think, the original author is working on something himself. This story got a lot of traction.

>> No.1677674

>Koopa’s clock starts to tick faster
>goes insane and stalks one of her several hundred mommy milkies-type fans
>only realizes after several months of totally consenting marriage that he’s infertile
This idea seems too autistic, but makes me chuckle

>> No.1677718

It doesn't matter how you feel about it. Stockholm syndrome will kick in eventually, and you'll realize that you never needed your supposed "friends" who took you away from your (now) loving wife. Besides, it's not like she'll let you go ever again.
The continuation retroactively turns the original's message into "be careful what you wish for". You wanted Fubuki to love you. Well, now she does. Only far more than you ever imagined, or what is healthy.

>> No.1678032

Abusivw Botan gf who holds your stinging, writhing body close after her outbursts!

>> No.1678124
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Yes, excellent. Lovely story and patrician taste, Anon. Never thought I'd be into an obsessively kind and loving Fubuki, but here we are.

>> No.1678608
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>> No.1678639
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>follow up

>> No.1678653
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>> No.1678880

Anybody have the korone one where she makes fun of your penis?

>> No.1678971
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This one? There were two.

>> No.1679017

lol that’s the one

>> No.1680050

>targets your biggest insecurities to assure you that no one else will ever want you
Which girl would do this?

>> No.1680330
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there was a Rushia one last thread where she pissed (you) off so much that you beat her, but then you immediately realize after what you did was wrong as she blackmails you with it

>> No.1680646

Aqua, Rushia, Gura, and probably Kiara

>> No.1680770

Seconding this. Barring that Gura could literally take chomps out of you.

>> No.1680813

I need more of that shit, i want to beat up hologirls so much

>> No.1680874

This one?

>> No.1680910

What about (You) overpowering one of the bigger stronger Holos after getting fed up with her pushing you around all the time?

>> No.1681228

Need one where gura is suffering from success she thinks is undeserved and needs (You) for validation... Or else off goes a limb.

>> No.1681240

Seconding this onegai

>> No.1682149

Sexual validation

>> No.1682261
File: 705 KB, 2732x2894, KoroneYubiYubi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You wake up
>Blinding light directly above you
>You try to move but something holds you down
>Find that your legs, arms and body are strapped down to a table
>Looking around you see jar upon jar filled with severed human fingers
>The smell of rotting flesh fills your nostrils
>Try to wrestle with the straps but only cause them to dig deeper into your skin
>Groan in pain as you hear footsteps close in on you
>You see a girl with brown hair and a familiar pair of dog ears
>The girl smiles at you as she raises her hacksaw
>"Korone needs those yubis of yours... you don't mind if I take them, right?"
>She raises the arm rest up
>"Yubi...yubi... yubi..."
>Presses the hacksaw to your pinky finger
>You try to reason with her but she ignores you
>Korone pushes forward and cleanly slices the finger off in one go
>You scream in pain as she bends down and picks up the freshly removed yubi
>"Okayu.... she'll love this...! She has too... right?"
>Still recovering frim the first amputation as you feel the saw be pressed against your ring finger
>"I need them... more.. MORE... MOREMOREMORE-"
>The second cutting felt even more painful than the first as the saw would become embedded inside the finger bones, requiring her to pull the blade away to begin cutting again
>The process is repeated for each of your remaining fingers on your hand, the pain being enhanced each time as she increased the force
>She ignores your pleas for her stop as she keeps removing the finger after finger
>By the end your only barely conscious, your hand nothing more than a bloodied stump
>Tears were flowing down your cheeks and you could only muster up quiet sobs after expending your voice by screaming earlier
> As she begins to walk away you could hope she was going to finally put you out of your misery
>"AHHH! I almost forgot!"
>The dog girl stops and walk back towards you
>Your brain freezes in place as you feel your other arm be raised in the air
>"Silly me... I almost forgot to do your other hand! Korone can't be having perfectly good yubis be going to waste... "
>The pit in your stomach sinks to a new low as she raises the saw, readying for another round of slicing
>"Don't worry.... this dog wont kill you... there's still soooo much stuff I can get from your body! Your TOES.... your HAIR.... your EYES! I CAN GIVE THEM ALL TO OKAYU!"
>You could only scream as the saw grinds through your flesh once again

>> No.1682508

...Gura, is that you? You do deserve your success, you know. You're smart, funny, witty, charming, amazing, a total cutie pie, and a sweetheart. Not only that, you're also a hard worker with a good work ethic. You did NOT trick us into liking you. We haven't been fooled. And, no, this isn't some grand prank of the universe. Honestly, little shark, have a bit of faith in yourself and in your fans. We like you for who you are. If you decide that you need a change of pace we'll stick by you, no matter what. Do the things that *you* want to do, sweetheart. Your success is well earned. Stop denying it. Stop denying *us*.

>> No.1683086

>HoloPred gets a taste for (You)r blood
>Everything from kissing to sex results in you getting bitten in some way or another
>The angrier she is with you the worse the bite
>Starts to frenzy if she's denied it for too long

>> No.1683254

can someone post the "Gura beaten up by ame* picture

>> No.1683307
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>> No.1683355
File: 292 KB, 631x367, AME1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1683373
File: 1.06 MB, 1041x1080, FREN5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1683391
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>> No.1683416
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>> No.1683441
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>> No.1683739

Panting and shaking, Korone looks at her hands. Fists blooded, knuckles raw. She swallows hard, and glances at the door and an incredible pang of guilt hits her. For a moment she feels debilitatingly sick to her stomach and doubles over. But there's also something else there, something hot and mean and dark and...and alluring. She takes a deep breath and lays down on the bed then, tentatively, aw if ut were her first time, she places a hand between her legs. Wetness. She jerks her hand back as if she had been burned and stares at her fingertips, rubbing the sticky juices. "What the hell was wrong with her?" She thought to herself. After a while a knock on the bedroom door.

You stand there for a moment listening. "Ummm... sweetheart?" Nervously you swallow hard. "Dinner is ready, I've made-" The door lunges open and Korone's figure fills the frame. Surprised and startled (and a bit frightened) you jerk back. Amber eyes flash, and her brow knits together. She inhales sharply and starts to say something, but settles for just giving you a glowering glare. Uncomfortable, you lick your lips, feeling burst skin, and shuffle your feet, then turn and retreat down the hallway. From behind you hear the sound of footsteps and your back stiffens just a bit. A huff and Korone places a hand on your shoulder. "Relax. I'm so-" she pauses "I'm not mad anymore. Lets eat, ok?" You smile and nod, happily. "I'm not that great of a cook, but I did my best, honey. I hope you'll enjoy it!" The edge finally starts to leave your body. Maybe, just maybe, you've appeased her for today.

>> No.1684341

>Moral of the story: Next time be a better househusband and make the doog her dinner. Lest she awaken to DEEP DARK FANTASIES.
hopefully she won't try and find fault with everything you do to justify to herself bearing you up daily and feel like shit afterwards, right?

>> No.1684431
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>> No.1684650

Fucking superb work, anon. Please make more Yandere shit. Some ID girls like Iofi or Reine could do.

>> No.1684752

>Oh silly you, you just ran in the general direction of my punches!

>> No.1684776

will she cause you permanent brain damage and give (You) apology sex? Probably because of how horni she must've been after punching (You)

>> No.1686370

>fanfic of a fanfic of a fanfic relating to the "reclaimed by fubuki" continuation of the original FBK story where she earnestly breaks down sobbing in agony and apologizing to you over and over as your resentment melts down from lingering feelings of love and loyalty resurging while seeing how terrible she's been without you

>> No.1688384

Again said this before but Imagine how horriying an abusive ollie could be

>> No.1689021

This thread is pure cringe

>> No.1689250

This thread is pure KINO

>> No.1689803

any yandere rushia-fic that some anon made?

>> No.1690470

...id like to see (you) getting confused by the constant switching from hostile to affectionate and eventually being conditioned that being beaten will lead to something good to the point where getting beaten gets (you) rock hard, at first youre both disgusted with each other but eventually accept the reality that this is how the love between you two has shaped and achieve some inkling of happiness from that realization

>> No.1692434
File: 133 KB, 850x601, 7333b3c25ad20dce789d0207671d708e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need one of Lamy getting drunk and getting jealous of your coworkers which leads to her attacking you in her drunken rage. Then the drunk depression sets in and she grabs your head and holds it against her chest sobbing and begging you to never ever leave her or look at other woman but Lamy. You've already given up a long time ago you literally can't live without her whispers or listening to her heartbeat...

>> No.1695864

Bump for anon getting lovingly beaten!

>> No.1697727


>> No.1699099
File: 16 KB, 429x421, ErXY7ZzVgAADI1D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(This is a continuation of Omelas, which, in turn, is required reading, and available at https://controlc.com/b522f7a0))

There were no mirrors in the shack proper, but the surface of the mountain spring served as one all the same. Fubuki couldn't help by examine her face every time. The signs of aging were getting visible. Slowly yet inevitably, her body was catching up to her soul. Fubuki filled up a second bucket, stood up and started slowly, carefully walking back up along the twisting path. Cold mornings like this were always a good time for metaphorical reflection as well.

It was cold. Not to blame just the nasty, bone-chilling Northwestern wind or it being the cusp of November, or Fubuki's habit of dressing somewhat light — it was a lack of human warmth that was felt particularly sharp, both physically and spiritually. How long has it been? Her appearance could always have been improved with a bit of glamour if she hadn't swore off magic entirely, but frankly that would not even have been necessary. She still maintained enough of her natural charm to have it be fairly easy to pick up a mate for a night, it would just take a short hike to the nearest town that has a bar... but, of course, she already knew meaningless sex would not fill the one hole that she needed filled. Mio... the feeling of her skin was still fresh in her mind. Or any of her other friends. The thought lingered in her mind, and she was struggling to dismiss it. They were gone. All gone.

She cut off all contact a while ago. Should maybe have invented some ridiculous reason, started a big fight, but she did not want to hurt any more people ever again more than necessary, so she simply disappeared. They were worried about her, no doubt, and that was a cause of concern, but they would never find her, she was an expert at Strings Unattached and other anti-tracking wards, had to be, with her previous line of work. Though, funnily enough, she was taught more than one thing by a certain former star of hers from the United States, a self-taught sharp-toothed amateur who got people to not even remember her name correctly, everyone just remembered her as "her". Even her parents, which was the sacrifice. Magic was built on awful trades, like paying a healthy tooth to cure your flu, and you needed a good reason to make most of them.

There was, of course, a reason she was doing all of this in the first place, and not one she would explain willy-nilly, partly because of its absurdity, partly because the explanation might make people empathize with her. And she would need to, because how else would you answer the awful questions that would have been asked sooner or later?

Why weren't you at the hospital? Not once?

Why weren't you at the funeral?


Simply disappearing might have provided some with the obvious false answers to this question, but coming back after would expose its falsehood. More importantly, there was someone that needed the answer to this question the most, and in fact asked it so many times. Three letters and a question mark.

There was a game that she played a while ago. It was a fairly obscure American game, one that didn't have a passable Japanese translation, so she had someone translate it for her live. It featured aliens — horrible, slavedriving, murderous aliens — that ravaged through the galaxy, crushing every army and ignoring all pleas for mercy, except for one. "This is wrong. Why are you doing this?" The words, they called it. There was no particular outward reason for them to do so, other than the fact that the first time the plea was uttered, their feelings for the victim were so strong that they... didn't call off the genocide, exactly, but stopped to rationally explain their actions. She heard the words once, from the same person that helped her play the game many years ago. She didn't bother with an explanation. She really was worse than the evil aliens. Always has been.

The problem, of course, was precisely she couldn't explain. Risky, unstable, horrible little conjuring, so important and load-bearing, and it had two lynchpins. Locus and lamb. There were maybe five or six people in the world that could properly cast it, and most of them knew it by the more modern name, Locus of Joy. Modern and inaccurate, not to mention redundant — the locus becomes the Locus? And the lamb becomes... oh, right, intentionally not mentioned. Have to not be too attached to the sacrificial animals. It doesn't even bring joy either, not as such, it helps take away and redirect negative emotions, that's not the same as meaningfull improving people's lives. Not to mention she couldn't meaningfully fix the underlying conditions. Two major financial crises one after another, worst suicide rates globally in fifty years, someone had to have done something. Anything. Just touch people and take their sorrows away, even for a bit. Take and give.

Sorrow's Anchor.

And the anchor was Beloved.


>> No.1699140
File: 3.27 MB, 1500x2095, cbdfded6339788bb6ed56fd1bfb4359739c311f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Beloved! Your eyes, filled with light. Your skin, warm and smooth. Your voice, ambrosia for my ears. Every inch of your body, in front of my eyes when I close them, I sleep with my eyes open because I'm not worthy. You were fine with this. You were. Fine. With this. Years of this. You did not even raise your voice at me. On your deathbed you were fine with this, sorrow gnawing at your bones. You wanted to see me. You asked every day if I've come to visit. That was all you wanted. I denied it to you. Horrible little conjuring. You did not even need an explanation, you would have happily volunteered, but you're not supposed to be a volunteer, you're supposed to be a sacrifice. Knowing why I do this would have given you relief, the backlash...

Fubuki rubbed the marks on her wrists and went back to chopping turnips. She tried to follow Beloved fairly soon but couldn't. Stopped herself, actually. It would be unfair to end so easily. It would be fair for her, of course, to never find him again, but that was not about her, she owed an explanation and an apology. Factually speaking, what she did was a net gain, but atonement is not a rational impulse. She went completely off the grid, in more ways than one, got a large enough sum of cash out of her possessions to last her a lifetime with rational consumption, and moved here. No human contact. Very minimal amenities. It would be a lie to say she didn't break her austerity more than once, but eventually she settled. All she had for human contact was the shopkeeper down the hill she bought tea and vegetables from, who was too thoroughly unpleasant to bother asking what his name was. It was incredibly hard. Horrifyingly enough, though it always seemed, out of the corner of her eye, that Beloved is at the table across from her, or sitting in the chair, or just behind that tree or another, it did not affect her behavior one bit, as she trained herself, forced herself, not to react to the presence of the anchor, and old habits die hard.

The old fox took a fork and started digging into her meager meal, only to drop it on the ground, suddenly interrupted. She doubled over, gasping for air. The influx of stomach pain lasted approximately about an aeon this time, but disappeared as suddenly as it started, leaving behind dull throbbing. She picked her fork back up and went back to her meal, her eyes full with tears — mostly pain, but not entirely.


Soon, Beloved.

I will see you again soon.

>> No.1699239

My other work for this thread:

"You have to take your meds!" https://controlc.com/d9c7e16d — Subaru/(You), gaslighting

"Gloves off" https://controlc.com/7d56a79a — Suisei/Aqua, physical abuse, self-harm, co-dependency

"Omelas" (obviously) https://controlc.com/b522f7a0 — Fubuki/(You), intentional emotional neglect

I take requests.

>> No.1699351

also i apologize for just having magic be real for no reason, this was out of line in a fanfic about a literal demon fox

>> No.1699485

So what Fubuki did was choose the world over her love in the most extreme way possible; cause pain to her beloved until death in exchange for assauging the world's troubles artificially without fixing the problems causing those troubles.
She followed her head, which told her it was worth it. Now, in self imposed exile, she's following her heart which tells her that it was not at all worth it.
Personally, I'm happy we got a continuation from the original author and another from someone else; before knowing that she was using magic, the other sequel made a reasonable assumption of how the story could go forward. Also variety is good, we get an atoning fox and a yandere fox.
We have an actual vampire sucking you off, a dude getting raped by a phoenix while cucking a grim reaper, and a time traveler inserting herself retroactively into your life; I'm pretty sure magic is on the lower end of the ridiculousness scale.

>> No.1699511

One about Rushia or Ollie would be cool. You can't escape from one of them even by dying and the other one can't be stopped by it.

>> No.1699532

Don't worry about it. Hololive is terrifyingly magical.
>We have an actual vampire sucking you off, a dude getting raped by a phoenix while cucking a grim reaper, and a time traveler inserting herself retroactively into your life; I'm pretty sure magic is on the lower end of the ridiculousness scale.
I regret writing none of those.

>> No.1699612

>raped by a pheonix will cucking the grim reaper
Im new and where is this at?

>> No.1699624

>Personally, I'm happy we got a continuation from the original author and another from someone else; before knowing that she was using magic, the other sequel made a reasonable assumption of how the story could go forward.
This is by no means the canon ending, and not one I initially envisioned when I was writing the original (my assumption was that it was a psychological mechanism that her life would simply crumble without, but I made the concept more literal and wanted to give her a chance at redemption, as uplifting as dying of cancer alone in the woods without help or medicine can be).

Also I will fulfill a request of the first person to guess what spell I'm referencing.

>> No.1699702 [DELETED] 

Scroll up. It's four posts on this thread.

>> No.1700998

Man this thread is something

>> No.1701427

If you're here, would you be fine with a small continuation to this working off the post you made here? >>1677718

>> No.1701524

Oh, I'm not the writer of the story, I just wrote >>1677718 though if the author wanted to continue off of that I'd be honored.

>> No.1701769

Ohh, I see. Alright, just don't want to step on toes. I've got nearly 20k characters worth of emotional breakdowns going in Pastebin. The idea of having your emotional vulnerabilities and desire to be accepted and loved exploited by someone who wants you back, even if they mean it sincerely, is heartbreakingly intriguing.

>> No.1702411
File: 1.78 MB, 1280x720, rushia[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fcuj40v.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1702478

It's a dichotomy. They love you yet they hurt you. You want to trust them but don't want to go through the pain again.

>> No.1702721

oh no she has two right legs

>> No.1702725

I assume the former star is referring to Gura but what’s the game?

>> No.1702796
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it was just a question of time

>> No.1704473

I've been waiting for a talented writefag to continue this collection.

>> No.1706197
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Can I get uhhhh

Korone grooms (You) because she's desperate to fuck you and get knocked up, but not desperate enough to take it from you by force.

or maybe an alternate ending where she does

>> No.1706683

both is good

>> No.1706833


Sorry, but I'm out of ideas for continuing this. It's easier for me to imagine how an abuser would think, but a lot more difficult to write about how a victim breaks down.
I don't have any ideas on what I could do.

>> No.1706893

I just wrapped up something based off it and the follow up, IE a perspective on how (You) felt and then "reunion" with Fubuki and how it breaks down the emotional walls you put up, if you'd like.

>> No.1708605

That sounds so hot, imagine her passing (you) around to the other hags to get them all knocked up

>> No.1708628

I would also appreciate a story like this.

>> No.1708682

Sounds like a /hag/ anon, I highly approve of this patrician taste.

>> No.1708712
File: 1.16 MB, 1200x769, bullet UOH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

immense need

>> No.1709089

Not him but I would love if you did.

>> No.1709236

More stories are always appreciated.

>> No.1709322

immense SNEED

>> No.1709709

Won't if the author isn't okay with it, for courtesy reasons.

>> No.1710852

What's sneed? Is it like Chucks?

>> No.1711042

Mio mama getting (You) addicted to her breast milk

>> No.1711086

I would like to second this

>> No.1711338

Give me a QRD on the HoloHags

>> No.1711396

Hope a writefag fills this one

>> No.1711824

I would visit the /hag/ thread, they do a better job than I would.

>> No.1712268

If I knew next to anything about them I'd jump on the opportunity to write five-six bang scenes in a row, but I feel like I'd be doing them a disservice.

>> No.1716293

God that sounds hot

>> No.1716919

Imagine Mio getting angry at whatever little mistake you made and backing you into a corner and wailing on you. Then she realizes what she's done and showers you with affection just to do it again tomorrow

>> No.1717313

Anyone have some abusive Twap?

>> No.1717456

Groom how? Like, raises you and influences you grooming? Or just mannerisms and such?

>> No.1717571
File: 107 KB, 242x288, pika UOH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

groom as in she can't help but try and manipulate and mold your personality and attitude into something she can control and likes

>> No.1717871

Kiara will never groom you into becoming her perfect mate why bother man

>> No.1718103

maybe she wont do that to you retard but its already happening to me as we speak

>> No.1718203

Reference to Gura being undoxable and her previous persona being referred to as HER, yes. The game is Star Control.

>> No.1718744


>> No.1721904
File: 334 KB, 1280x1811, shaaaark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're panting for breath, out of energy, you had been running for hours, but you just can't seem to get away. The feeling of horrible dread wells up in you as you try to catch your breath as you hear something wet dragging across the ground. the stench of old limburger cheese and dying fish assails you yet again as you see something small shuffling in the darkness.

Gathering up your courage you shout out, "Gura, please no! I didn't touch your toes, I couldn't I mean you smell so..." your please cut off imediately as a trident stabs deely into your thigh. and you fall to the ground unable to run any further.

The ripe fishy-cheese smell grows stronger as you struggle to stand up to run again, when the trident stabs you in the back, dropping you to the ground. struggling on the ground to crawl away, the wet dragging noise gets closer, until the stench gets so overwhelming you think you might pass out from the smell before the bloodloss. as your mind swims in the noxious vapor, you clearly hear in a high pitched child like voice "hewwoo, why you ruunnnin?" before the trident stabs one last time and everything fades to black.

>> No.1722778
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Yandere Aqua who's jealous that you're hanging out more with her friends instead of her please

>> No.1722806
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"No, not that one," Korone says, ears drooping softly as she can see the small hint of disappointment on your face. Her gaze is drawn to a white dress shirt to your right, and you can see the spark in her eye. "I think this would look great on you!"

Holding the green tee up by the hanger, you look over to the top in question. You furrow your brow, but quickly relent. It's not your style, sure, but...well. Korone likes what Korone likes. Mocking surrender, you hang the shirt - featuring your favorite band, Anon and the Mous - back on to the rack, grabbing the your girlfriend picks out. She slides in to your side, leaning into you and planting a gentle lick on your cheek. You grin sheepishly in response, rubbing the back of your neck with your free hand. Your embarrassment only seems to fuel her delight.

It's been a weird few months with your new girlfriend. The age difference was something you got over fairly quickly, as you're not one to judge, but you feel like things have been progressing rather...fast. Within five months you were already living with her, learning how to cook things you'd never heard of for her, learning to cook IN GENERAL, getting a better sleep schedule, getting more and more into exercise and the like...all because of her. You don't think it's anything worth complaining about, necessarily. You're healthier, you're well rested...and apparently now your sense of style is getting an upgrade, too. Hell, Korone even pulled some strings to get you a job at Cover, and you're flying through the corporate ladder with regards to promotions and the like. Your life is on the up and up, all thanks to her. She's quick to point out little things that could make your life easier...even if it's not exactly to your liking. You don't really feel button ups - or dress shirts, whatever the difference is - that much. Sure, you dress appropriately for the office, but you'd like to at least dress down on the days off... but, if it makes Korone happy with you, you suppose you don't have reason to complain.

Arriving home, Korone wraps her arms around one of yours, tail wagging enthusiastically.

"You've changed so much," she coos, rubbing her face into your shoulder sweetly. "You make me so proud..."
"Jeez, Korone," you flush, reaching over to pet her head. You run her hand over her ears softly, scratching gently at them as you do so. "It's all thanks to you, y'know. You've done a lot for me...helping me be a better person and all. I don't know how I could repay you."

As soon as you say that, Korone stops her head rubbing and shoots you a look.

"Are you taking ideas?" she asks in an almost...sultry voice. Something within you twinges as you nod. "Then...do you wanna come to bed with me?"

She shoots you a grin, cheeks starting to flush as her tail continues to wag. You don't need to be a fucking rocket scientist to pick up on the vibe she's giving off, and you hastily nod in agreement. Taking your hand, Korone takes the lead, bringing you to the bedroom the two of you share. Your heart starts to pound as you barely contain your excitement. You and Korone, despite being a couple for awhile...have yet to have sex. You never pressed it much, as Korone gave you a very good reason; she wanted it to be absolutely perfect. You aren't sure what you've done to deserve this, but Korone leads you forward with so much zeal that you get the impression she absolutely cannot wait. Moving into the bedroom, Korone turns, her face a deep red as she pants, tongue hanging from her mouth. She quickly presses herself into you, pulling you into a deep kiss as she gropes and grasps at you, fondling everything she can get her hands on. Your heart jumps once more as you're caught off guard by Korone's licentious behavior, especially after everything about it being perfect. You had thought it would be something relating to romance. As she continues to take certain...liberties with your body, however, you quickly dismiss the thoughts, getting caught up in the moment.

>> No.1722830
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Korone's long dress (shirt?) is practically torn off immediately as the bitch in heat (the proper term, mind you) disrobes, a wild look in her eye. You can't tell if this is a thing all the beast women go through, or if it's just a you thing. As Korone starts to claw at your trousers, you get the hint and undo your belt, trying to free yourself of your pants before they're ripped to shreds. You're incredibly embarrassed as you free your throbbing dick, much to Korone's delight. You open your mouth to try and say something - anything that could maybe slow the situation down a bit - but Korone barks happily, cutting you off as she positions herself. With her ass in the air, she wriggles her hips enticingly, tugging her panties down. She's visibly dripping with arousal. "Fuck!" she yips excitedly, actually reaching back behind her as she spreads herself open, face pressed into the mattress as she continues to pant, staring at you intently. You gulp, nodding as you take position behind her. The sound of your heartbeat nearly dwarfs out the heavy pants and barks to 'hurry' as you line yourself up with Korone's pussy, placing one of your hands on her ass. You've only ever felt it through clothing...skipping straight to this almost feels like you're cheating. Korone apparently tires of waiting and shoves her own hips back, forcing you into her all at once, and you're knocked out of that line of thought.

"GWUAOH??" You yelp out in response, knees nearly buckling. Korone clenches around you; it feels like an oven clasping on your dick as she groans, drooling into the mattress as she continues to wiggle her ass, coaxing you into her teasingly. All but whimpering as you try to regain your composure, you grasp Korone's hips, causing her to let out a soft moan of anticipation.
"Mate!" she barks out again, looking back at you with a feral grin. "Fuck me!"

Driving your hips forward, you shove yourself up and into your girlfriend, swallowing your expectations. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? As she continues to moan and wiggle, tail going wild, you pump your cock into her, gradually working yourself into a rough rhythm, giving a shuddering moan. Every impact of your dick causes the dog girl to let out a 'yip' as she stays bent, starting to bite at the bed sheets. Emboldened, you pull Korone back against you as you slam your hips against hers, brutally fucking the poor dog girl as you let loose. Were you your old, less healthy self, you feel like you would've came already, at this intensity. But you persevere with relative ease, even as Korone begins to cum around you, attempting to milk you for everything you're worth.

Powering through Korone's orgasm, you take a hand from one of her hips and slap her plump ass, getting another low moan from the girl as she continues to twitch and convulse, pushing herself back against you in time with your rapid thrusts. After a moment more of this, she relents, slamming herself back against you and grinding roughly, staring at you amorously. "Cum!" she demands, attempting to milk you as she wiggles her hips. "Inside! Inside!!"

The rational part of you very quickly ascertains the fact that cumming inside is bad. You learned that in school. The rational part of you is also not in control. Keeping up your nearly painful pace, you thrust into Korone over and over, finally letting go as you let your pleasure reach a peak. With an awful groan, you shove yourself in deep, filling your girlfriend with your seed as she screams out in ecstasy, lifting her leg just a bit as she kicks out. She finally collapses in a heap, content to just pant as you ride out the waves of bliss within her, making sure not a drop is wasted as you sigh in content. As your cock just barely wilts, she falls off of you, twitching erratically on the bed. You can still see the red hand print you left on her ass...

"Man, that was..." You begin, taking a deep breath. "That was...some first time..."
"Mm...perfect," Korone replies. She rolls over a bit on to her back, tongue lolling out of her mouth as she vents heat, "I was waiting so long for that..."
"O-Oh yeah?" You ask, somewhat sheepishly. You're glad Korone can speak in full sentences again. "We could've done it earlier..."
"It was *sooo* worth the wait...you were like an animal...a perfect mate."

Before you can reply, she spreads her legs a bit. At first you think it's an invitation... before she pulls out her phone. She brings the device between her legs, and you can see the photo she's taking from your vantage, her filled pussy starting to leak a bit of your cum. Huh?

"Hey, what are you-"
"Shhh..." Korone cuts you off, giving you a smug look. You suddenly feel uncomfortable. "You're perfect, now...it's time."

>> No.1722886
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Tapping on her phone and ignoring your questions of 'time for what?' despite your repeated asking, she finally finishes doing...whatever it is she's doing. Tossing the brick aside, she instead casually beckons you over, patting the spot next to her. Furrowing your brow, you let out a sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed before laying back, snuggling up with your girlfriend. You're glad to have finally crossed that line with her. It's all thanks to her that you're where you are now. Fit. Good job. Happy. Hell, beyond happy, now. Content, you kiss her cheek, much to her enjoyment.

The bedroom door slamming open very quickly takes you out of the moment. You jolt upright as Korone lazily sits up, seeming mostly unperturbed by the occurrence. Fubuki quickly scurries in, head going every which way as she looks around the room. As she settles you on you, she grins wickedly, taking a pouncing stance before jumping! "MAN!" yells the tiny fox, opening her limbs wide to catch you. You realize all too late you played directly into her ploy. It's a fight!

Korone scoots a few inches to the left of you as the small fox attacks you while you grapple with her, watching you with amusement. Looking over to the door, you see more figures slowly pouring into the room. Botan, Mio, an incredibly embarrassed Watame...some brown elf? What the fuck is happening!?

"K-Korone?! What's going on?!" You shout, fighting for life or death against the fox in your hands. Why the fuck is she so squirrely despite being a fox? Is this Risu in cosplay? "Why are they here?!"
"Because," Korone casually replies, resting one hand on her cheek as she giggles. "You're ready. The fruit of my efforts...finally ready for harvesting! Self-sufficient, virile...the Ultimate Mate! The perfect man to breed us before menopause!!"
"WHAT?!" You yell out in response, attempting to keep the fox on top of you clothed.

Botan quickly shoves her way to the front, pulling Watame with her, who she quickly shoves forward by her shoulders. The sheep looks like she's five seconds away from death, her face a deep scarlet as she watches Fubuki attempting to mount you. You forgot you were naked from the waist down. "Fubuki, get out of the way! Watame's ovulating! We don't have much time!"
"R-Really, Botan, it's okay-" Watame tries to defend herself, eyes locked on your still wet dick. "I-I can wait my turn!"
"Don't be ridiculous! It's the perfect chance!" Adidas Lion retorts. She shrinks quickly when Fubuki turns her head, a look of fury painted across her visage.
"BACK OFF!" Fubuki hisses, ripping her shorts off. No panties. Scandalous! "IT'S BEEN OVER EIGHTY YEARS SINCE I LAST GOT THE CHANCE TO MATE! I HAVE SENIORITY, DAMN IT!"
"Really," Mio muses, ears twitching idly as she watches the goings on. "I would've thought Fubuki much more restrained...though I guess we all have our needs." She looks over to you as you meet her eye, giving you a polite smile. "Do your best, Anon! You've got a long line here!"

As Fubuki begins to win your struggle, the rest of the women slowly close in on you, looming over you as a fit of giggling breaks out among them. Korone grasps one of your wrists as she pulls it off Fubuki's arm, tugging it downwards as she begins pinning your limb down to the bed. You look to her in horror as she merely smiles back. She's kind enough to take her hand off your wrist and instead grasp your hand directly, interlocking her fingers with yours.

"You'll make a great papa," she coos softly as the rest of your limbs are grasped and pinned, the rest of the girls talking and giggling amongst themselves. You feel a hand coaxing your manhood to an erect state. "And it's not cheating. So enjoy yourself. Okay?"

You don't have a chance to reply before the sensation of Fubuki impaling herself upon you rips all the air out of your lungs.

I feel like I rushed this. I maybe did. I never got the OK to put out the other Omelas-inspired story so this is technically the second thing I shat out today. I don't know shit about Flare. Hopefully you enjoy anyway.

>> No.1723095

Forgot to quote others because I'm stupid. See >>1722806

Will work on it tomorrow. How Yandere we talking here? Brutally violent? Quiet stalker type?

>> No.1723218

I feel like Aqua isn't the brutally violent type at all but she'd probably eventually kidnap you after stalking and slowly forcing her way into your life.

>> No.1724452

> I never got the OK to put out the other Omelas-inspired story
Anyone has blanket permission for additions to anything I write.

>> No.1724563

You're my hero. How are you so good at this??

>> No.1724600

Lmao the twist

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This is literally The male fantasy

>> No.1725190

I mean. The original wasn't my story to begin with. Go ahead. If I'm having trouble, sure, go for it.

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This is an (unofficial) continuation to >>1655974 I cooked up. Maybe I'm just sentimental.

ou held on to the ring out of some foolish sense of hope, you suppose.

Though you knew it was just that - foolish - the sentimental part of you couldn't let it go. The memory of her smiling face as you slipped the ring on to her slender finger was one of great comfort for you even in the darkest times. Spitefully, you admit, it still is. The logical part of you resented you for it, of course; how could it not? A cruel, tangible reminder of the past. Of all the time lost, all the hatred you were forcefully made to swallow, like burning coals festering in your stomach. The wounds your skin had to heal but mind was forced to endure. Some of the wounds still linger, now. Emotional damage always does. Sometimes for days, sometimes years. You are well-acquainted with it, given your time with Fubuki.

Your stomach sours. Acid begins to churn within you as you even recall her name. Heartburn to complement your heartache. Fubuki. Your wife. The woman you dedicated everything you had to; whose touch you craved more than anything, whose intimacy you missed so much it drove you to tears on more than one occasion.

The woman who you left behind. Whose life you just...exited, one day. Poof. Up in smoke.

You stayed with her for so long. So, so long, after her personality shifted and changed. After the love between the two of you died...at least on her part. When she decided that you should be the sole thing in this damnable world that she should resent. You were there regardless. You were there, shamelessly holding on to that childish hope that if you just kept doing well, just kept trying, that the woman you married, that you loved more than life itself would come back to you. Every shout, every scratch or bite, everything that hurt so badly would be forgiven if she would just look at you with the same warmth she did oh so long ago.

But it never came. No matter how many tears you wept, prayers you made to an uncaring God or deals you made with Devils, your one desire was never granted. Up until the day you left, she never once, even by accident, did anything you could safely quantify as 'loving' since the day the woman you knew died and was replaced by the terror that stalked your home for years. The thing wearing Fubuki's skin, but devoid of her heart. The shambling shell of what once was.

It had been a few months in the making. Your friends - dear to you that they were...still are - obviously had become worried about you the more and more you gradually leaked to them about the nature of your relationship. You hadn't spoken to them in so long, it was quite a shock when one them managed to find your number and called you. After you had married Fubuki, you were gradually isolated from the rest of the world...not by choice. People were furious that their perfect idol had someone in their life. They didn't care about how you felt about it, or how she felt about the hate you were getting as a result. Jealousy twisted and blinded them, turning them into raving lunatics. You bore the brunt of it, distancing yourself from any and all forms of social media. Only your immediate family, the little of them that remained, had your contact information. For the first time in a long while, you were no longer alone. You kindled the flickering flame of companionship, fostering it. It's what lead to this.

It had started by accident, in an almost drunken fugue of despair as your sense of control finally snapped in half, and you tearfully vented to them on the nearly-broken piece of trash you call a phone for what seemed like hours, head spinning as your pulse pounded erratically as the anxiety attacks you were so familiar with claimed you once more. Their tone was deadly serious when they informed you that you were in an abusive relationship. Something about that - that you were in an abusive relationship - never really occurred to you until someone had actually said something, as foolish as it sounds. A light switch being flipped on, a crashing wave of realization. Something akin to Battered Woman Syndrome? You weren't sure. Still aren't. You'd been alone in it so long that you never gave it much more thought beyond 'I miss my wife'. But you were no longer alone. You had people you could talk to. People who gave you something resembling affection and positivity, albeit only platonic, but it was better then the absolute nothing you had been embracing for so long. When they suggested that they bail you out, 'rescue' you from Fubuki, you remember being...hesitant. Terrified, even. Just up and leaving? Abandoning everything you've known for the past several years? Could you really do that? Leave Fubuki entirely? Even now, it seems unreal. The swiftness with which they arrived, just barely after she left that cold Winter morning.

>> No.1725247

How tight the embraces of reunion were, the warmth you felt, the joy...the cold, bitter emptiness of looking back upon the place you called home for so long, silent and soon to be free of your presence forever. They reasoned with you that you deserved better than this. That what she was doing was wrong. They were the catalyst that gave rise to resentment. To hurt, to hatred...and they were right. You know you didn't deserve it. You know you did nothing - and that absolutely nothing - could warrant such treatment. And so, you chose to do what you should have done, so much earlier...or so some part of you says. You left. With a final, lingering look, you softly closed the door behind you. You whispered a goodbye to nobody in particular. It's not like she would've paid it any mind had she heard it, anyway.

It was nearly a month after your 'move' - you called it that rather than 'rescue' because it made you feel better about the entire sordid affair - that she finally deigned to ask you where you had went. Bile rose into your throat as you saw the message. A perfectly normal 'Where are you?', displayed on your broken screen. Your pulse quickened as you stared at the text, feeling incredibly ill. You had so much you wanted to say in that moment. So much you could've given back to her in turn. Anger, sadness, guilt, longing - the last one you aren't proud of - but you ultimately decided to stop before your panic attack took hold properly. The first message you received from her in...well, ages, that had anything relating to concern for your well-being in it...and you erased it. A simple swipe over the cracked glass, and it was gone. It was so...empowering, emboldening, that you could just choose to ignore it. That you had something resembling control, again. But the sentimental part of you once again screamed. Sentimental or simply broken beyond repair. 'Look!' it shouted into your ear, desperate. 'She still cares about you! We can fix this! Things can go back to normal!'

You quashed the thought, idly rubbing the wedding band still on your finger as you looked up to the door, staring at it in contemplation. No matter how many times you wanted to take it off, you never did. It felt wrong to do so. It...and what it symbolized...were still important to you. Though you'd never admit it to your friends, who encouraged you to start dating again, to try and get her out of your mind, you would often find yourself stroking the ring out of habit whenever something stressful arose. A ritualistic form of self-soothing. It made you feel better...even if there was some strange residue building up on it. The silver was tarnishing in an odd fashion. You remember picking silver because it complimented her hair. She teased you over it for months. It was sweet.

As time marched forward and you slowly became more and more independent, the messages continued to come. You never bothered to read them - you didn't want to relapse into the panicking state once again - but you noticed how frequent and fearful they became in the brief snatches of text you were forced to gloss over before you could dismiss them. Almost begging. You could've just blocked her number. You could've changed your own. But just like the ring, it felt...wrong. Some part of you still wanted to cling to her. Some small, stupid part of you. You hated it. You hated that despite everything she did, you still loved her. Why? How could you love someone who did naught but take advantage of your loyalty? Your kindness, your passion, your hopes and dreams...your love? Eventually, the messages stopped. You weren't sure if you were meant to be glad or saddened. You buried yourself in your new job to avoid thinking about Fubuki as much. And, gradually, it began to work. There was something within your chest, now, more than hurt and longing. The faintest sparks of sincere joy. Accomplishment, happiness...self-worth. You even managed to do so well you managed to get a promotion. You were *good* at something after years of being told you were lacking at best, less than useless at worst. You were finally becoming happy again. Without her. All on your own, by your own merit, own skill. It felt so, so good.

Which is why the terror of encountering Fubuki again is still so fresh within your mind. That, and the fact that it was so recent. Right before...whatever happens next.

>> No.1725265

It was another late night at work. Expected of you now. You burned the midnight oil so frequently it may as well have been your normal schedule. The streets were always empty so late at night; it gave you a chance to reflect. To mull over the choices that brought you here. How much you sacrificed for happiness. Lost in thought, you wandered your usual route home...when the shuffling of feet besides yours caught your attention, carried on the cold breeze. From ahead of you slunk out the hunched form of a woman from an alley. You tensed. Someone homeless perhaps? Or worse, a prostitute's solicitation? It wasn't until you saw the ears that you realized who it was. Terror and fear shot through your system...mixed with grave concern. It was Fubuki, but...God, she looked so...pitiful. She'd lost thirty-five pounds, easy, when she was already quite slim, leaving her looking sick and emaciated. Her hair looked to be a matted, unwashed mess, and deep dark rings were carved below her eyes. This wasn't the person you had left behind. This was something far worse. What happened to her?

“I-It’s me. Don’t you remember?” She called out to you. Her voice sounded so pained, as though she was struggling to hold back tears after not talking for months. The question was almost insulting. How could you ever forget? No matter what she looked like, she was still your wi- Fubuki. Shakily, she approached you, stretching her hand out softly. You remember freezing on the spot, filled with conflict. She looked so miserable, so malnourished, so...tired. Had you done this to her? Had you actually made her worry so severely for you in your disappearance? Or was it as simple as she had grown so used to you taking care of her that she lost the ability to do it herself? Or, worse, was it a trick? Something to make you let your guard down? Gently, she placed her hand upon your cheek...something resembling a smile breaking out across her face. The ring was still on her hand. Your heart leapt out of your throat. The ring was still on her hand. The ring was still on her hand. Same as yours. It was there.

You wanted so badly, for but a moment, to just hold her in your arms. Your wife had come back to you. Things would be okay.

But you knew the part of you saying that was the same part that convinced you to be complacent with your abuse. Complacent with spending every day in silent sorrow, waiting, hoping. Complacency kills. Turning on your heel, you broke out into a terrified sprint, forcing yourself away from the touch you've been craving. You couldn't let it happen, not again. You hadn't posted anything about your location to anything that could be linked back to you. Legs burning, your mind races. How did she know you were here? How did she know what route you took home? The sinking feeling of dread pours over you as it finally clicks in your head that she tracked you down and was *actively stalking you* to get you alone. Looking back over your shoulder, you could see her gaining speed. She was catching up. She may be out of shape and sorts, but she's still a predator. You remember yelling out for help before she pounced on you, clasping her arms around your neck. You remember struggling as she whispered apologies into your ear, cutting off your air supply. You remember the panic dissolving into a hazy mess as you gradually lost consciousness. The last thought you had was of comfort, ironically. Joy that Fubuki had finally embraced you again after so long. Then darkness.

Your mind retraces the steps that lead you here, to...wherever you are, over and over again. Internalizing it. Filing it away to long-term memory. Something hits the switch in your head. Gears begin to turn, machinery whirring to life. Finally, your eyes begin to open. The first thing that strikes you is pain. Your head pounds as you cough, throat still sore. Your wife choked you unconscious. You try to move your arms to feel your throat for injuries...only to discover you are bound. As you come back into control of your faculties, anxiety starts to well up within you. Looking around, you try to get your bearings. You're in a room. A room that seems...familiar. Fighting the brain fog as you slowly wake up more and more, you squint. You've been here before, but you can't remember. As you look down, though, you freeze. Coiled around your leg - clinging to it for all she can - is Fubuki, weakly sobbing into the fabric of your trousers. You let out a gasp, and she looks up to you. She looks like a complete mess.

The realization is instant, and you wish you could slap yourself for being so ignorant. You're home.

"B-Beloved, you're..." She begins, a sincere smile forming across her face. The smile she used to give you. The smile you wanted to see so badly again. She said 'Beloved'. Your pulse picks up. "I-I'm so glad you're back, I..."

>> No.1725280

She begins to sob again, face twisting from joy to misery once more. She scrambles off the ground and to your torso, wrapping her arms around you as tight as she can, almost crushing your ribs. She stinks to high hell, her hair looking worse than you had initially thought. You remember how you would brush it for her, much to her delight. It was one of the things she held close to her as a pride and joy. To see it in this shape...

"Fubuki, what...happened to you?" You ask, thinking out loud. "You look terrible..."
"I...I couldn't..." She whimpers between sobs, pressing her face into you. She's shaking so terribly... "I couldn't sleep, I couldn't...I just watched the door waiting for you, I..."

The fox becomes incoherent as her sobs deepen, choking and gasping for air between pained wails. It strikes you how...bad you feel for her. You internally guffaw. Logically, you know you should be furious right now. Or terrified. Being both is also a valid option. So why are you so fucking concerned? Fubuki continues to shake and cry. Finally, she lets out a yell.

"I'm sorry!" She crudely spits between sniffles, all but screaming into your shoulder as she continues to weep. What? What did she say? What did she say? Pause. Pause! What did she say?! "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was so mean! I'm sorry I drove you away! Please!"
"What?" You ask in reply. Your mind slows as your emotions begin to run rampant. Repeat. Slow down. "What did you say?"
"I-I need you! I...I thought I didn't and I was wrong! I took you for granted and I didn't realize what was wrong until you were gone! I can't...I can't stand living without you! Nothing matters BUT you! I'll be better! I promise, please! Please stay! I need you! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!"

Your ears start to ring. She'll be better. She needs you. SHE NEEDS YOU! NOW! IT'S TIME!

No. No, no. Shut up.

"I love you, I...I couldn't stand it without you! I looked everywhere! I tried so hard! It took so long!"

SHE'S COME BACK TO YOU! SHE'S HERE! Shut up. Please, shut up.

"Every second without you hurt so much! I was an idiot and treated you so cruelly but I'll be better! W-We can go back how it was before!"

That one hurts the worst! Shut up! Shut the fuck up!! You can be her husband again. You can-

"I want to be your wife again! I want to have you hold me again, I-"
"SHUT UP!" You finally spit, voice ragged. It was directed at her just as much as it was yourself. Just the act of yelling hurts. Your nostrils and eyes burn as tears begin to form. A crack in the wall appears. "How can you fucking say that to me after everything you did?!" The dam finally breaks. A wellspring of sorrow, years in the making, begins to spill out. White rapids sweep everything else away. "Every single day I did everything I could for you, waited, hoped, PRAYED that you would give me even the slightest, smallest amount of affection, of love, of ANYTHING other than contempt AT BEST, and now you say this AFTER I finally have enough of it and leave?! D-Do you know how much it hurt? How badly I wanted you to just...just do anything at all to show me that you still cared?!"

You thrash against your restraints as your expression twists into fury. Sadness and wrath swirl around each other, never mixing. Oil and water. Tears pour from your eyes as Fubuki continues to sob, yelling apologies over you as she continues to cling to you. The flames of hurt continue to blaze. You resume shouting through the agony. You sound terribly dry.

"It was never good enough! I supported you, I cooked for you, I tried everything I could to be good to you, and all you did was tell me to fuck off if I was lucky, or hurt me if I wasn't!" You continue. Your heart cracks as the tears you spill become thicker. You're almost crying as hard as Fubuki now. It feels good to say this, but it feels like you're rolling in broken glass. "Every second, every minute, every hour of every day denied the comfort of your love, your warmth, your gaze...why should I ever forgive you?! I gave you YEARS of my life for nothing but hurt in return!"

You tremble with righteous indignation as Fubuki finally goes silent, sobbing into you as you desperately attempt to regain your composure, stifling your sniffles even as the tears from years of suffering in silence are finally expunged from your system. A long quiet falls over both of you, accented by weak gasps for air between near-silent sobs. The anger burns away gradually, smoldering out as the thin girl holds you as tight as she can. Like you'd vanish if she let go. Slowly, she begins to rub her hand between your shoulder blades. You open your mouth to bark something at her, to berate her for daring to TRY to comfort you, before she speaks.

>> No.1725305

"I know...I know I did so many...terrible things. How awful I was to you. I know that...that no matter how many times I apologize, it won't magically make things better," she trails. You can hear her starting to sniffle again. Why does it ache? "But...s-some part of you still loves me, doesn't it? I saw the proof of it...It's still on your finger."

Weakly, the fox pulls herself back from you with a great deal of effort. Her eyes are absolutely bloodshot and she looks as if she's struggling to stay so far from you, but she slowly lifts her shaking hand up and in to view. The ring you bought her, that you were so proud of finding, is still on display. It's the cleanest part of her body right now...though the silver of the band looks wrong somehow. Worn. Tarnished.

"Every day...I'd stay by the door and wait...just...toying with this," she says softly, staring at the ring on her finger as she brings her other hand up, rubbing the sides softly. An uncomfortably familiar action. "I remember...how embarrassed you were when you knelt down, nearly losing balance, even though you said you'd been practicing kneeling quickly and properly for days, clumsy as you are...and how happy I was when you slid the engagement ring on. I only ever felt happier when you put the wedding ring itself on, later..."

The pain in your chest grows worse. The comforting memory of your wedding day. The promise that you'd care for Fubuki no matter what. Meekly, she looks up to you. You can hardly see her through your own tears, at this point. It was a happy memory. It still is. That's the Fubuki you remember. The Fubuki you want so badly you'd do anything to get back. You washed your hands of her. You moved on. You left. You have a life now. You don't need this. These are objective truths...and yet...

"And now...I know how stupid I was to get so deeply involved with work, to just...push you aside like that, to force you to take all the anger and hurt I had..." she continues, slowly closing the distance between the two of you. You don't even flinch. She kneels down just a bit as she slowly resumes the embrace she let go, not as horrifically desperate as before...but gently. More intimately. You wince as you try to fight the feelings of...joy. Please... "I was terrible to you...you're right. I...was so smug and sure that you'd be back, that you needed me more than I needed you...but when you didn't come back, when I was alone...I-I realized how wrong I was..."

The hug tightens. It's everything you've ever wanted. Why does it hurt so bad? Why do you feel so warm?

"I...I really, truly love you...a-and, I want to make it up to you. I want to... be with you again...no more distractions, no more obsessing over work, no more..." She hesitates. The grip on you tightens. "No more anything that distracts me from being the wife you deserve, not whatever I was before! E-Even...even if I need to quit, i-if we need to move somewhere far, far away from everyone and everything else, anything! I'd do...I WILL do...anything I need to do to have you back with me, in my arms, safe and happy, happy with me, with US...s-so...please..."

She looks up at you once more. Your head swims as Fubuki's face once more twists into an expression of agony, even if she's trying to smile through it. She's trying so hard for you. So, so hard to put on a happy face through everything whirling within her, just for you. The idea that you can empathize with her makes you sick. No one should feel that way.

"Forgive me...o-or barring that, if not yet, just...give me a chance, my Beloved...please...please..."

You stare at Fubuki, looking into the shimmering pools of her eyes as you search for something. Sincerity? Deceit? You aren't sure. Your throat aches. Your legs still cramp from when you were forced into running. Your heart still carries the scars of years of abuse. She has no right to ask this of you, you decide. Of course you'll refuse her, you resolve. You're your own person, now. You don't need her. You don't trust her. It won't be better. It can't be better. She had her chance and blew it. You open your mouth, just in time for your volition to fail you.

"...Do you really mean, it Fubuki?" You ask, voice cracking you speak with tentative wonder. Once again, you want to slap yourself. What? No! What the fuck are you doing?! "Can...we really go back to the way things were? Do you promise?" No! Stop, fucking stop! You're sabotaging everything you worked for!
"Please," Fubuki exhales, an exhausted smile forming on her face. For the first time in...God, ages, she looks genuinely happy. Happy with *you*. But why do you care so much!? Tell her off! Live your fucking life! "Please, please, I want nothing more than that...I-I know what I've done wrong, it'll never happen again, I promise, just...please..."

>> No.1725390

You nod hesitantly to your wife as something inside of you continues to scream at you. You're a fucking idiot. You're beyond fucking stupid. You're WILLINGLY going to go back to someone who hurt you. Why? Why?! Fubuki tightly hugs you as she hastily crawls up and on to you, sitting on your lap rather than just kneeling before you. The thought that you're making a mistake races through your neural pathways over and over again.

"Please..." You begin. "Fubuki, untie me, I..."

Without wasting a moment, the fox's hands dart behind your restrained form, undoing the rope bindings keeping your wrists together. Immediately, you wrap your newly freed arms around the fox as she greedily embraces you in return, once more sobbing...though this time in happiness. You join her as you finally immerse yourself in the warmth and love you've been denied so long, almost drowning in the intoxicating sensation. Reaching up to pet her head and rub her ears, your wife laughs softly in between the choking cries of glee, running her hands over your back as her tail whips into a frenzy. Your heart hurts so much you wonder if it'll kill you. But even if it did, you could die happy.

You don't deny that you're a fool for trusting this. You'll gladly take whatever insult you can come up with. You don't care. Nothing matters more than this. Tentatively, Fubuki breaks the hug for a moment, looking at you warmly...before she begins to lean into you. You twitch with joy as you reciprocate, leaning in and finally kissing your wife for the first time in ages. Without breaking the kiss, Fubuki takes one of your arms off of her, grasping your hand with hers as she clenches it so tightly you're sure there's a chance the claws on the edge of her thin fingers will pierce your flesh. You don't care. It doesn't matter. Nothing else could ever matter as much to you as Fubuki does. More than anything, you want to believe in this. You want to believe in her. You want this to work. And, just maybe, it can. You just need to open your heart. You need to trust her. It aches so bad. Ripping scabs off an open wound.

So why does it feel so good at the same time? You aren't sure. As Fubuki coats your lips and cheeks in hasty, happy kisses, the only thing left on your mind is hope. Hope that maybe things will finally be better. Hope that this is real. That this is what you've been waiting for, for so long. That all of this will finally have a happy, peaceful ending. The two of you can move on. You can have the love you lost back. You can have it all again. You can be with one another forever. You cling to that hope, that dream, just as tightly as you do your wife.

Please let this last. Please. Please...

Fuck SMART filters. This was a long one. Sorry for taking up so many posts. I hope you enjoyed it - especially the original two authors. You guys rule.

>> No.1726754

I'm in awe, amazing work anon!

>> No.1726988

Ah yes, emotional rollercoasters, my favorite.
I like how their situation and roles have reversed. Before, you walked on eggshells and did everything you could so that Fubuki only told you to fuck off and not beat you up. She was the abuser and you were the servant. Now however, it's her who's going to be very careful with what she says and does, because she knows that you've left her once and you can do so again. The abuser role has switched over to you even if you don't realize it and don't plan on using it.

>> No.1727106

I'm really enjoying this, thank you anon

>> No.1727892

We really need a continuation to this, Do we succes at puting some children to those wombs?

>> No.1728540

Abusive mommy chuuba gf

>> No.1728559

I want a mio part

>> No.1728746

just had an idea for a more tech savvy chuuba tracking your every movement and punishing you whenever you make some perceived transgression, however its almost always misinterpreted and so (you) have to explain yourself, making her flip from pissed to lovey when you do so. could be wholesome

>> No.1730673
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I requested abusive Twap several weeks ago, here's part 1:

>> No.1730716
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Towa being abusive part 2:

>> No.1730772
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Part 3:

>> No.1735806

Can someone make an alternate ending when *you* stick to the brain and say no?

>> No.1735848

I fucking love this thread

>> No.1738365

Before these series of threads, I've never saw the appeal of these types of scenarios. After reading and spending time here, I unironically, grew to understand and enjoy these stories. I appreciate the writers and posters who make the threads as great as they are. Thank (You) being for here.

>> No.1740828

Your welcome bro

>> No.1740867

It can be assumed yes. You have been turned into Korone's perfect breeding machine with a 100% impregnation rate.
I don't know anything about Mio or Flare, and barely anything about Watame. If someone wants to do it themselves, they've got my blessing.

>> No.1741102
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>> No.1745265

Hag loving at its finest!
It's wonderful, thank you friend. I really love all of these Fubuki neglect spinoffs.

>> No.1745360
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You stare at Fubuki, looking into the shimmering pools of her eyes as you search for something. Sincerity? Deceit? You aren't sure. Your throat aches. Your legs still cramp from when you were forced into running. Your heart still carries the scars of years of abuse. She has no right to ask this of you, you decide. Of course you'll refuse her, you resolve. You're your own person, now. You don't need her. You don't trust her. It won't be better. It can't be better. She had her chance and blew it. You open your mouth, volition and composure working together in tandem. It's for your own good.

"No. Never, never ever," You whisper, the flames of hate mounting up within you again. "You took everything from me...my dreams, my future...my wife."
"B-But I'm right here, Beloved, can't you see?!" Fubuki yelps, starting to crack. "I'm here!"
"You think just making empty promises means I'll just put aside everything you've done to me?!" you shout. The flames rise. "All I did for years was trust you, and you spit in my face! You did everything but mock me for being stupid enough for staying with you!" Tears pulse out of your eyes. Wildfires. "I hate you! Y-You're a fucking monster, no matter what you say! We can never go back to how we were *AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!*"

Finally, Fubuki shatters completely. The Fox looks as if she's been shot, staggering from side to side, barely catching herself on the corner of a cluttered nightstand.

"...What?" She asks in a voice so quiet you can barely perceive it. "Eh...? What...did you say...??""
"I said I hate you! You ruined my life!" You scream out between sobs. "You can never undo it! You can never, ever take it back, you can't fix it, you can't make me feel any differently, no matter how many times you apologize, no matter how bad you try to make me feel, no matter how you try to prey on my emotions! We're through! W-We've been through! I'll never love you again!"

You finish, panting for breath as the pain within your throat gets worse and worse. Fubuki stands silently, staring at you as tears continue to leak from her eyes, her face twitching. Without warning, her expression lightens. A smile unfurls across her lips...as she begins to giggle. Something about her face seems...wrong.

"Oh, dear. You've always been so funny," She begins, light and bubbly. What? "Of course you love me. You're just hungry and grumpy."
"What?" You ask, thrown off guard. "Fubuki, fucking untie me! I'm leaving!"
"Not with an empty tummy, you're not!" she cheerfully replies. The fox bounds over to you with terrifying speed, leaning down to kiss your cheek before you can reply. You feel immensely sick. "Just stay put and let me make you something. You still like omurice, right? Aqua gave me a recipe I never got to try..."
"Fubuki! This isn't funny! Get these ropes off me!"
"It'll be a bit, since I need to go to the store...but you don't mind, right? You've got plenty you can do at home. I'll take care of everything, so just relax.

Fubuki keeps giving you that same cheerful smile, staring at you longingly. As you look to her in fear, you finally identify the issue. Her eyes no longer have that same hopeful glint they had earlier. They look hollow and sunken.

"Then when it's ready, I can feed you...like our first date. Remember? We can spend time together, just like we used to...it'll be perfect."

Ignoring your yells, Fubuki happily bounds out of the room. The door slams shut behind her.

Short, takes place at the end. Here you go bro.

>> No.1745376

How would an abusive Koopa even work? Force her medical debt on you?

>> No.1745581

Not the anon that requested, but thank you for the broken yandere Fubuki.

>> No.1746731

Will her eyes get their light back after sockholm sets in and you admit you love her or will she stay broken forever?

>> No.1747470

The latter makes more sense, but I like the former because I'm mushy. Though that'd be a completely separate encounter of Fubuki coming to terms with the fact she kept you hostage and essentially mindbroke you into loving her again.

>> No.1748176

>coming to terms with the fact she kept you hostage and essentially mindbroke you into loving her again.
No need. The brain is amazing at repressing information that could be harmful. She'd simply rationalize the situation as "oh he simply remembered why he loved me in the first place; I just helped him with it!" and they'd both be happy like in the non-yandere ending. The fact that they're both broken on the inside will never come up because they'll never even realize it.

>> No.1751126

I like your way of thinking, Anon. Always have the good taste.
How light-hearted do you want this, if I may ask? I'm working on it now and it's slightly comedic. Could always steer it back into serious, frightful stuff if you want.

>> No.1752233
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It's up to you writer Anon, i don't wanna restrict your creativity too much

>> No.1755357

Thank you for fulfilling my request anon, seeing fubuki lost it really enjoyable

>> No.1755988
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Your phone buzzes once again as you let out an exasperated sigh. Your friends give you a concerned yet understanding look, nodding to you as they lean back into their seats, enjoying their drinks as the conversation is once again put on hold. Of course, it's from Aqua. It's the fifteenth one in the past thirty minutes. Asking where you were, and when you were coming home, if there were any other girls with you, etc. Oh, this one asks you to pick up more ketchup on the way home. That's important. Giving a polite response to Aqua, you assure her you'll be home soon. You omit the part where you want to tell her that if she'd just leave you be, this would be over a lot quicker, but you know that'd just lead to things you really don't want to deal with. Pressing 'send', you pocket your phone, apologizing. While they insist it's fine, it's not hard to tell that they think you're dating a crazy woman. Worst part is, you're beginning to believe they aren't wrong.

You've been heading out with work companions more and more lately. It's been a blast...for everyone but Aqua. You live with her, so it's not like you slink off somewhere to be with other women, but whenever you mention you want to go out, she always pouts and lets out a low 'neeee' of disapproval. You always promise to spoil her a bit when it's over, and that normally gets her to relax. But even if she lets you go, she does this! Groaning internally, you take a deep drink of the mug in front of you. Ice cold root beer. +1 Morale. The evening continues like this for the next hour or so, needing to stop every so often to appease Aqua. Sheepishly, you excuse yourself, leaving early. You're embarrassed more than upset. A long talk is in order, later...

You head to the supermarket. Despite being...not angry, but peeved at Aqua, she did request you pick up more ketchup. The girl goes through it so quickly you need a bottle at least once a week. Browsing the aisles idly as you lazily make your way down to the condiments, you look at some of the different brands they have on display. Store brand, Heinz, Hernz, Hunts, Annie's, Fanny's...it never really occurred to you how many of these there were. Which one did she like again? You blink, memory short circuiting after examining the different bottles until they all subconsciously blend together. Cautiously, you reach for Annie's. The phone in your pocket vibrates. Retracting your hand, you sigh, pulling your phone out to see what Aqua needs now.

'No, not that one! Get Heinz! Annie's is gross!'

You stare at the phone in awkward silence. Slowly, you look around...but you're alone in the aisle. With a huff, you roll your eyes. Tapping a few buttons, you dial Aqua's number, not even bothering to put the phone up to your ear. Some cheery pop song - one Aqua herself participated in, judging from the vocals - blares in the aisle next to you, drawing an excited yelp from the other side. Bingo. Making your way to the other side, you see a woman in a pastel pink hoodie and surgical mask, desperately tapping at her phone screen. With a sigh of relief, she finally manages to quiet the ringing...to jump in fear as she sees you. Your eyes narrow. You've seen this woman before.

On more than occurrence, even. Hell, she was at the restaurant you were at earlier!

"Aqua?" You ask. The girl shrinks. "Are you serious? Have you been following me?"
"I-I'm sorry," the woman says, very poorly putting on a masculine voice. "You must have me confused with someone else."
"Yeah, right," You say, furrowing your brow as you close the distance. The girl seems to be terrified. "Just a coincidence that I called you and your ringtone started going off, right? Have you seriously been stalking me?"
"S-Sir, please, you're frightening me! I don't know who you're talking about!"

Fed up, you reach up, tugging the hood off the girl...revealing a head of blonde hair. You freeze.

The girl screams before running off crying, thoroughly terrified. You swallow anxiously. Running back to grab the bottle of Heinz, you quickly make your way through a self-checkout before security descends upon you.

You awkwardly shuffle home, incredibly embarrassed and almost guilty. You work through the busy crowds of the main street - one of the fastest ways home on foot - as it's early on a weekend. 7:30PM. Coming up to a cross walk, you wait with a group of others for the indicator to change so you can cross without risk of isekai.

>> No.1756064

Something behind you takes a deep huff of your hair. You jolt, spinning to see...nothing. Someone next to you gives you a look, eyebrow raising. You weren't imagining it. You know you weren't. You could feel it; it was a physical sensation as much as it was an auditory one. Someone moving next to you drawers your attention back to the street. Looking across the walk way, you see Aqua standing there. She gives you a smile. You open your mouth to yell something. Before you can, a bus drives past her. She's gone by the time the bus moves out of the way. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You pick up the pace on your journey home, resolving to get there quickly.

Unlocking your door, you quickly step in. As soon as you lock the door behind you, a pair of slender arms wrap themselves around your torso, nearly causing you to jump up. Aqua huffs in content as she holds you, starting to chuckle in between joyful 'neeee's, rubbing her face into your back.

"Welcome home!" She chirps. "I missed you! You took a long time getting back this time, are you-"
"Were you following me?" you ask curtly. "Like, when I was out?"
"Ehhh? Why would you think that?" You turn your neck enough to see her as she looks at you innocently.
"...How did you know I was grabbing Annie's instead of Heinz?"
"What do you mean? I only asked you to get ketchup...but Heinz is better, so you did good there..."
"No, I mean", you begin, wrestling yourself out of her arms enough to turn to face her. "You texted me AS I was grabbing the bottle! Like you were watching me! Look!"

Pulling your phone out of your pocket as Aqua tilts her head, you quickly bring up the messages between the two of you. She moves in a bit next to you, watching you work. Bringing up your messaging app, you see...that no such message is there. Your blood freezes.

"Where is it?" Aqua asks, looking at your phone screen. "...H-Hey, are you okay? Your hand is shaking..."
"It...it was here...and you were there in the street, earlier..." You whimper.
"Hmm? No, I wasn't...I never left the house today...n-nor most days, but you know that," She responds. She places a hand on your arm, giving you a concerned look. "Is something the matter?"

You don't respond as you stare at the phone in your hand. It was here. You know it was. You saw it...so where did it go? Shakily, Aqua tightens her hold, starting to pull you towards the bedroom.

"Okay, you," she begins, looking nervous. "Come on. Lay down a bit."
"N-No, Aqua, I'm...I-I'm fine, honest, it's--"
"Neeee, don't give me that! You look worse than I do if I don't get my coffee! Come on!"

Your girlfriend pulls you into the bedroom before patting the bed, urging you to sit with her. Nervously, you do. She wastes no time laying her head on your shoulder, wrapping an arm under yours.

"No more going out for awhile." She says bluntly.
"No more. It's messing with your head...you're even seeing things, now..."
"A-Aqua, that's not related-"
"Was it happening before you started going out?" she asks, cutting you off.
"...W-Well, no, but-"
"So no more! A-At least for a week or two..."

You try to say something, but Aqua tightens the hug on you, giving you a pleading look. You frown...but sigh.

"Okay...if...you think it's related, sure," You concede. Could it really be? You don't see how, but frankly, you don't want to fight her on it. You know what you saw, today...or, thought you saw...you aren't sure anymore. But Aqua *is* correct. Maybe this is only the first time you're noticing it.

You doubt Aqua could've done any of the things you experienced today. So what the fuck is going on in your head?

>> No.1756149

She doesn't respond, but instead hugs you tighter...falling on to her side and taking you with her. She cranes her neck a bit to kiss your lips, cuddling you close as you smile nervously, reciprocating the embrace. Aqua could never do that kind of stuff. You're sure of that. This poor little borderline-NEET is too dorky to do anything like that...which makes you uncomfortable, even though you're with her now. What's wrong on in your mind...?

. . .

A few hours pass with the pair of you like that, holding each other and resting. Finally, he dozes off. Smiling, you lean in, kissing the top of his head as you carefully move away from him. Sitting at your desk, you pull the little program window up. Sure enough, his messages are all displayed there. He's been faithful, assuredly, but...you needed to do something drastic. This was a good, clean way of making him stay home. No arguments, no fuss. No more being left here alone while was out...with other people. Sure, he'd be a little scared...worried he's seeing things, worried he's being followed...which he was, to be fair, but now he thinks he's just going crazy instead. You can deal with that, easy, since it's not directed at you!

Getting remote access to his phone was the easy part - the PIN was your birthday (cutie that he is) so it didn't leave much in the way of security. Keeping it running was the hard part, but so far it'd been easy goings. The poor girl in the aisle next to him sure got it rough, but if it meant he didn't find you, you didn't care. It was a close call, though...but he luckily wasn't watching his back that closely. Just a pure coincidence that she happened to be a fan. It could've been worse. She could've noticed you in your disguise. Ball caps and sunglasses really do work, just like the movies say they do. They don't lie!

Really, though, Annie's? Gross. Beyond gross.

The really hard part was the bus trick...or lack there of. You're capable of short bursts of great speed, but endurance...not so much. Your legs are going to hurt for days...but it sure must've looked scary! You saw it in an anime once, but you can't really recall which one it was. He got really quiet when he mentioned seeing you in the street...so it had the desired effect, you think. At least for now, you have your soon-to-be-husband back for the weekends! No more sharing with those stupid coworkers. He has duties to attend to! Like loving you!

The bitch who sniffed his hair is as good as gone though. Reine personally said she'd see to that. You cross your arms, fuming in your chair as you grit your teeth. Honestly, what kind of freak would do that? In public? Disgusting! Oi! Get your own boyfriend!

I scrapped several drafts of this. Admittedly not to happy with it, but I'm a man of my word if nothing else. Barring this, I hope someone else takes it up. Thank you if you enjoy it regardless.

>> No.1756213

So this crap attracted the same uber autism that map did a decade ago? I remember all those fanfic those guys wrote and here we are

>> No.1756736

Who sniffed (You)r hair?

>> No.1756833

Someone completely unrelated. Some pervert. You were standing in a small group, it's possible someone to your flank moved quickly in a moment of opportunity where they wouldn't be spotted. Think train molestation but without the hand-down-pants part.

>> No.1757228

Thanks for the hard work! Yandere Aqua is such an underrated concept that i wish artists and writers explore more.

>> No.1757783

God shes such a dork even as a yandere i love it.

>> No.1760405

where do you think you are?

>> No.1761084

Who the hell do you think you are?

>> No.1762817
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Unwrapping her arm from yours, you and Kiara leave the premises of KFP with the other employees, your shift ending and the restaurant closing down for the day. They still don't look at you, nor the boss, but frankly you can give less of a shit about them. Kiara leans in, giving you a lingering peck on the cheek, before she smiles.

"So, going home?" she asks casually, taking a moment to stretch. You don't say anything out loud, but after everything you did today, you're surprised she's not as limber as possible. "Or going somewhere else? Maybe...with some*one* else?" Her eyes narrow a bit at that. Uh oh.
"No, no, I'm going home, don't worry," you reaffirm, causing her expression to soften. "Gotta take the train today. Bus is out."
"Oh? I could give you a ride, if you like... I think you're more than capable of paying me for a little taxi service," Kiara teases, giving a brief jerking motion as she licks her lips. "Sound good~?"
Blushing softly, you shake your head. "It's fine. The train rides have been sort of...enjoyable, I guess. Been catching up on audio books, at least. So, that," You pause, pointing to the hand she was just gesturing with with a smirk, "Will have to wait until tomorrow, sorry to say."

Kiara mock pouts for a moment before she smiles, nodding to you. Reaching up a bit, she ruffles your hair before the two of you say your goodbyes, going your separate ways. You wonder if you should feel strange for courting your rapist. No matter how you feel about her, that thought still sticks into your head. Close as you are with Kiara now, as much as you love seeing her every day, feeling her touch you, getting able to touch her...that's still undeniable fact. You met her through rape. Your mind lingers on the thought as you start the walk to the train station. You just missed the last one until another hour at least passes - caught up with Kiara again, as usual - so you'll have a bit of a wait at the station.

Making your way inside, you get everything sorted out, moving to a bench near your boarding area. You almost feel a bit depressed now, the more you think about it. You wonder if it's a self-esteem issue. Were you so desperate to be longed for, to be loved, that you would really settle with someone who took you by force under the pretenses of blackmail happily? You admit, you were lonely. You were for awhile. You...didn't exactly have a great childhood. Nor many friends. It's not unsurprising that romantic aspects were out of the picture for you, growing up...and into your mid 20s. But is this really where you want to be? At the whims of someone who abused you, just because they give you attention? She took your virginity from you, for Christ sake. Emphasis on *took*. By force. It's not like you even care about that stuff, but still. An announcement from the intercom overhead breaks you out of your funk, indicating that your train has arrived. You were having a good day, too. Sighing, you head down on to the boarding platform.

There's a decent crowd here gathered. The bus you took was one of the more popular routes, so the idea isn't exactly shocking. As you wait for the doors to open, you let out another mopey groan, quiet enough so that no one else will hear. Really...your abuser. Someone in a relationship, as well. Even if you were to move past what she did to you and get Calli out of the picture, she's immortal. She'd outlive you. Forcing her to watch you grow old and die. But aren't you fucking getting ahead of yourself?! Hey! Don't fantasize about marrying her! That's not the point here! As the door opens, you groan internally, moving in to the train. Someone in particular catches your eye. They move in behind you. Someone in a heavy hoodie with the hood up with a beanie below that. You can't tell anything about them, their face obscured by a surgical mask and a pair of dark glasses. They look like someone up to no good...but maybe you're being judgemental.

As the train fills, you're pressed up in a tight corner, staring out the window as the train begins to settle. Filled to what must surely be capacity, the vehicle departs, and you begin the long ride home. Though you resolved to let the thought go, it bumps and bounces around inside your head, leaving you focused on the subject. You're bumped and prodded idly within the packed box, drawing a small grunt of annoyance, but nothing that erupts into full anger. Just an eventuality. During a particularly rough bump, you feel someone collide into you, nearly knocking you off balance. Their arms wrap around you, and you stammer out a question, asking if they're alright.

There's no response.

>> No.1762830

Their hands tighten around you just a bit. You feel incredibly uncomfortable...
"E-Er, sir, excuse me-" You begin. The hands on your stomach pull you closer.
"Don't make a move," a distinctively female voice replies in a hushed tone. "Or I'll scream so loud the conductor himself will have to show up. I'll say you were trying to fondle me. That carries some serious charges, if you didn't know."

Frightened, you freeze up. You can see your reflection in the glass of the window before you...and the face of your assaulter. The same person who you said was most likely up to no good. Their glasses glint deviously in the fading sunlight of the window. You were the chosen target all along. Maybe if you weren't so busy sulking, you would have noticed them. Their hands begin to rub slowly up and down your torso, groping and grasping at you.

"Please," you whisper, terrified. "I-I don't have any money and my phone's a piece of shit. You won't get anything from me worthwhile..."
"Shhh," the voice replies. One of the hands trails southward. Your eyes widen. "You've got a fine prick on you, don't you? That's all I want. Be good and stay quiet."

Your limbs lock up. Oh God. Oh god, no. It's happening again...

The woman behind you lets out a low laugh as she begins to fondle you through your work trousers, fingers delicately tracing the outline of your cock. Her digits run up and down the length teasing, attempting to coax you to an erection through the fabric. The woman presses up against you more directly.

"You're all alone back here, with me. No one's going to help you..." The woman trails, sliding her other hand up your shirt from below, running her warm palms against your skin. "You're a good little bitch boy, aren't you? You reek of sex...not that these virgins would know what that smells like." She reaches up enough to pinch one of your nipples, the hand on your groin starting to undo your belt.

This isn't happening.

"The silent type, huh? That's okay too...I want to see how quiet you can be when I'm working this monster you got back here..."

Undoing your belt and zipper both, you hold back on yelling for your assailant to stop as she exposes your cock to open air. She grasps you by the base, giving you slow, long strokes as you whimper. Despite your best attempts to stay flaccid, the stranger wins your flesh over, coaxing you to stiffness. The woman behind you giggles, leaning into your ear.

"That's right...you like it, don't you? Being used like this...I can feel you twitching when I tease you, too~...You're a trained little slut. I'm hurt I'm not your first...but glad I won't be your last. Something like this is made to be enjoyed..."

Grasping your dick once more by the base, she wiggles your dick for emphasis. You can hear the sound of her licking her lips behind you as she starts to stroke you again, still toying with your nipples. You wish Kiara was here. You should've taken her up on her offer. As the woman behind you continues to pleasure you, you stifle a groan, much to her delight. She draws the hand from below your shirt, instead grabbing yours. She pulls it back as you limply comply. You feel sick as she begins to use your hand to grope her through her loose fitting clothes. The wetness on your hand disgusts you. Watching her reflection, you watch her drop the pretense as she tugs down the front of her pants completely, using the length of the hoodie to obscure her lower half as she anxiously forces your hand down to her exposed pussy. Swallowing dryly, you resolve to get this over with quickly, plunging your fingers within her, not even bothering to wait for a command. She inhales softly, but loud enough for you to hear as she softly bucks her hips against you.

"Y-Yes," she mutters, jerking your cock faster. You hate that she's making you feel this way. She's so aroused her body heat is spiking. She's almost hot to the touch. "You know just what to do, don't you? I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you. That look on your face, that way you carried yourself...you were thinking about them, weren't you?"

The woman behind you picks up the pace as you ignore her, attempting to finish her as fast as possible. Her breathing's become quickened.

>> No.1762846

"The person who took you for the first time. Did you cry? Did you beg? Did you try to bargain with them? Did it excite you when they told you what they really wanted out of you? Did you feel disgusting when they wrung the cum out of you despite everything in your body telling you to stop? You got so hard, so quick for me...because it turns you on, fucking whore. You want to feel lusted after...for someone to just take advantage of you, to use you like a toy...dirty fucking masochist. You gonna cum, slut? You gonna-"

You grit your teeth, your face bright red, as the molester's words ring true. True enough to cause you to cum without warning, letting out a pathetic whimper. Even after fucking Kiara on and off all day, this woman manages to make you shoot hard enough to impact with the wall, your knees buckling as you start to tear up. The woman behind you squirts the smallest amount into your hand as she furiously works your aching cock, milking you for everything she can as she orgasms, whispering words of degradation and encouragement in equal measure while stroking you through your convulsions.

When it's finally over, you choke back tears, trying to stay quiet as the woman wrings everything she can out of you. Content that nothing more is coming out of you barring another orgasm, she pulls her hand away from you, and you do the same, your fingers and palm soaked in arousal. The woman lifts her mask enough to stick her tongue out, feverishly cleaning the cum off of her hand as you watch. You feel numb. Before she can say anything else to you, the train mercifully pulls in to the platform of your destination and slows to a halt. Without so much as a word of goodbye, the woman joins the masses leaving the train, and after fixing your clothing, you follow. Your walk home is in a fugue. As soon as you get into the door, you break out into strained sobs. Why you? Why does this keep happening to you? What have you done to deserve this?!

Panic begins to take hold of you as your body shudders from the agony of having held back everything during the train ride. Scrambling for your phone, you quickly type in Kiara's. She's the only person you have. The phone rings once. Twice. Three times. Four times. Fi-

"Hello?" she chirps on the other end. You hesitate in responding, sniffling loudly. "Anon? What's wrong?"
"C-Can you...can you come over? Now, please? I..." You hesitate once more, coughing as you begin to sob. You don't want to say it. "I need you, Kiara, please! S-Something...something happened, on the train, I--"
"I'm on my way. Don't move."


You curl up on the floor, holding yourself in a desperate attempt for comfort as the minutes stretch on. Your thought process is akin to harsh static. Nothing is discernible. Everything hurts. The door to your apartment swings open as Kiara rushes in - you never locked it - and hastily makes her way over to you, kneeling down. Her face is the picture of concern.

"Anon! Anon, honey, what happened?!" She asks, flipping you over to look at her. You have trouble meeting her eye. "Did someone hurt you? Were you robbed? Anon, talk to me!"

You cling to Kiara, sobbing into her shoulder as she looks at you in bewilderment. Tearfully, you struggle to recount your experience with her. As soon as you mention the molestation at all, a mortified look falls across her features. She stares at you for a moment as you shiver and weep, head pounding in agony, as if she's struggling to figure out what to say or do. Silently, she tucks you back into the embrace, squeezing you for all she can as you cry yourself nearly delirious, holding on to your first abuser. The parallels between them aren't lost upon you. But at least this one is here for you. As the thought crosses your mind, your crying begins with renewed vigor. You cling to her, holding her, until you tucker yourself out completely. Exhausted, you stay there for awhile with her in long silence.

>> No.1762872

"...I'm so sorry, Anon..." Kiara whispers, clinging to you. "That...sounds so awful, I..."
"Please...c-can we not talk about it? Not now, I just..."
"Yeah. Yeah, no, it's okay, I'm...sorry for bringing it up...i-it can wait."
"Thank you..."
"...Tomorrow, you're coming with me. No complaints. To and from. Got it?"

Too tired to complain, you nod to her...when something strikes you.

"...How did you know where I live? I never told you..." You ask tentatively. Your head still hurts. Kiara stiffens.
"W-Well...I'm the boss. I've got access to employee records...I just cross referenced your info with them, is all..."
"Mm. Okay...Kiara?"
"Can...you stay the night? Is that fine? I just...don't wanna be alone right now, as stupid as that sounds."

The phoenix smiles, leaning down to kiss the top of your head. It makes you feel fuzzy inside.

"Of course, silly," she coos. "I just need to get something out of my car. Is that okay?"

Meekly nodding, you begrudgingly release Kiara, letting her stand up. She pets your head affectionately, promises to be right back, and leaves the apartment. Quietly, you relocate yourself from the floor to the couch, waiting patiently. At least Kiara's here. At least Kiara cares about you. At least you have her. She's here because she wants you to be okay. Because she loves you. The urge to vomit once again rears its ugly head.
Leaving Anon behind, you eagerly bound out to your car, flicking the trunk open. The same dark hoodie you donned on the train ride sits bundled up in a heap with the glasses on top as you grab your change of clothes. Something easy to sleep in while still being cute. The orange matches your hair, and the little chick pattern on the fabric is to die for. The plan worked out swimmingly. Doesn't that poor boy know that trains are dangerous? All sorts of freaks and weirdos on there. He should know by now that he's safer with you...when he's with you willingly, of course. It's all about him WANTING to be with you. You made the offer, and he said no. Sadly, that was the wrong answer! Silly boy he is. But, it's okay! He's learning. He called you. He wants you to stay the night. You grin to yourself. You were his first choice. He had barely been inside three minutes before he called you. It hurt to just sit out here and wait to feign the travel time, but the result was worth it...even if you need new panties, now. God, that cum shot was *great*. If he still had that much in him, he should've let it out inside you before you left...ugh, a waste, honestly. But it's okay.

There's always tomorrow.

Not sure if 'chikan' has a name for when it happens to a dude or if it's a blanket term, but I think the pun is funny. I want to fuck the chicken.

>> No.1763365


>> No.1763638

Is it bad that I saw the twist coming immediately after he entered the train? And how did he not recognize Kiara? She has a very distinct voice and he's been intimate with her for a while now.
On a more positive note though, I'm convinced she is actually in love with him as opposed to just wanting a boytoy, given that she said it hurt to not rush in to comfort him ASAP. My guess is that her insecurities make her subconsciously believe that she's unlovable so she feels she needs to go with other methods, and her clinginess makes it so that not wanting to be with her for any reason breaks her and makes her do the kinds of things seen in this story.

>> No.1764400

Honestly was expecting the molester to be Amelia or something but the twist just made it even more messed up

>> No.1764773
File: 1.41 MB, 1000x1415, Ame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats what I actually thought originally, and when Kiara went to her car she meant she was gonna confront Ame but then it showed her to be the real culprit

there should be a part to this saga where Ina and Ame kidnap you on your way home from working at KfP and take turns using you, Ina using her tentacle juice drugs and Ame injecting you with her weird vials while fucking you

>> No.1764974
File: 1.34 MB, 2667x1756, __watson_amelia_and_ninomae_ina_nis_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_inuzuka_nr__0853242fd6649b7e45ce4c6a3d3169c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could see this

>> No.1765350

>there should be a part to this saga where Ina and Ame kidnap you on your way home from working at KfP and take turns using you
Or as I call it: Phoenix-assisted suicide.

>> No.1765455

Did anyone save the Sora posts?

>> No.1765684

check archives at >>1613392

>> No.1766039

Holy shit dude this series is amazing.
>Oh, dear God, it never occurred to you that you were cucking the grim reaper!
That absolutely killed me.

>> No.1769433
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request from the last thread but can anyone do on Lulu? Feel there's a lot of potential with her

>> No.1769787

I just realized that I went out of my way to write the audience insert as gender neutral in the sequel even though in the original he's explicitly mentioned to be a husband

baka my head

>> No.1770102

My intention for the voice was to be that it was Kiara putting on a different, maybe deeper voice, or with a different cadence on top of it, accented with the sounds of a busy train full of people and the train itself going over tracks helping to mask any warbles or inconsistencies in it, alongside the shock of the situation leaving anything (You) heard unimportant as your sense of control over your body was broken from now being raped for the second time in your life while dealing with the insecurities from the first time.

>> No.1770411
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kek. this guy moans when he signs his checks, when he does his taxes, when his dad died he "stifled a groan".

>> No.1770578

Valid criticism. Repetition and patterns are something I fall into easily. Try to break it but habit is habit. Thank you for pointing it out. Helps me remember to check myself.

>> No.1770704

Tbh everything feels better if You moan a little

>> No.1774609


>> No.1776911

A lulu that wishes to be treated as a human being instead of what others think she really is. And (You) treat her as a real human bean and she loves you... very, very much.
And to be fair lulu in fanart has two setting, unsettling/creepy or sex

>> No.1777864

Is this a continuation from another story? Absolutely brilliant either way!

>> No.1778397
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I know Reine has that meme of her being part of a powerful family or something

But something about her design, her voice, her personality just makes me imagine her being ungodly ripped and crushing me to death with her monster thighs, and mockingly asking "You like that huh?"

>> No.1778739

Just the other Kiara stories. Glad you enjoyed. Probably going to slow down on posting so much garbage. Feel like I'm drowning others out.

>> No.1779122

I disagree.

>> No.1779304
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put the pessimism in the bag.

>> No.1779364

Nonsense, the Kiara employee abuse is one of the best stories on these threads, right along with Friend's neglect abuse story.

>> No.1779479

Unlike other anons I'm gonna agree with you, only to be a contrarian asshole, though.

>> No.1779861

please god

>> No.1779923

Imagine Rushia keeps ressurecting you out of love even though you just want to die and your soul eventually expires causing her to be unable to bring you back. Imagine how heartbreaking that would be for her

>> No.1780138

Please don't feel like you have to stop, your works are incredible! But be careful not to burn yourself out, take breaks when needed.

>> No.1781763

Here's another idea. Ex-gf chuuba (again, doesn't matter who) is so expert in her wordplay, that even though you swore you'd never talk to her again, she's got you driving to her house at 3am.

>> No.1781851
File: 2.70 MB, 1654x2339, SoraEyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could see someone like Sora doing this, or other less outspoken chuubas

>> No.1781956
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>> No.1781976
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>> No.1782166
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>> No.1782277

>korone encourages you and beats you up at the same time

>> No.1782407
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I know next to nothing about Rushia except she's soft and sweet but also a bit clingy. I also made my own lore for the post part because I don't know her lore. Sorry if this doesn't live up to your expectations.

I'm back. Those are the first words that drift into my consciousness as I lie on the altar in Rushia's workshop. No longer having the energy to cough with any strength like I used to, I simply gurgle slightly on the vile mixture of blood, bile, drool and whatever ungodly tincture my wife thought to try this time to breathe some lifeblood back into my soul. Taking the time to move my tongue lazily about my mouth, I hope the slight sounds I make are enough to tell Rushia her most recent revival effort "succeeded".

As a man who lived in a world where science is the dominant medical craft over magic, I never knew just how much the soul contributed to the maintenance of the body. But from what I've picked up from Rushia's muttered ramblings as she desperately replaces my organs, without the soul the body will decay at an unnatural rate.
Due to being from a world without magic, my soul is almost pitifully weak compared to even a common villager from Rushia's world. I'm simply not capable of coming back repeatedly. Every revive takes a chunk of my soul to return my body to a functional state, but the window I spend alive is getting shorter and shorter as I run out of soul to give. I only made it through about six or seven meals before my heart failed this time. Even though Rushia has only been feeding me once a day recently, that means I only survived about a week. My time is running out, whether Rushia wants to admit it or not.

Judging by the sound of her stifling her sobs as she tries to make herself proper to welcome me back to the land of the living, I'm assuming Rushia is still in the "or not" stage. How she looks currently breaks my heart, despite her being behind my current condition. She seems unsteady on her feet as she walks toward me, the color all but gone from her previously rosy cheeks. Her hands are unusually icy, and from the looks of it she hasn't changed clothes or slept since my last death. I'm not familiar with what rituals she needs to perform to maintain her own body, but she seems to have halted them to keep a better eye on my condition. A bad cut she got peeling vegetables for a meal I had two week ago is still covered in a bloodied bandage, so her wounds are no longer healing. She seems to be suffering just as much as I am, just a little less visibly.

>> No.1782430

After a complete blood transfusion and a laundry list of restoration spells, she feels comfortable enough that none of my organs will immediately fail to make me a meal. I hear her shout at her undead minions from upstairs that the ingredients they found aren't nearly good enough for me. She's been taking out her frustrations on them, angry that she was unable to siphon energy from their souls and transplant it into mine. Whether that is even possible seems uncertain, as she has never heard of a necromancer capable of the feat. After relocating me to our bedroom via her most capable skeletons, she sits at my bedside and begins to spoonfeed me a mashed up version of my favorite food. I have long since lost my sense of taste, but I still take some comfort in her tender bedside manner as she smiles warmly and chatters on about our last vacation together when I was still in a condition to travel. The dialogue is a bit forced and she struggles to look me in the eye, but mealtime is when she is most like how she used to be.

As I listen to her talk about just how happy she was in the past, a tear wells up in my eye and rolls down my face. I used to be angry about the torture she has put me through, and told her as much when I could still speak, but I grew to understand just how scared she is to be alone. She is closer to sixteen centuries old than sixteen years old, and if what Marine once told me in a drunken stupor is true, she cannot die even if she wanted to. No matter what condition her body may be in Rushia's soul will persist in the world, fueled by her seemingly limitless magical energy. It is an unavoidable fact of the life of Uruha Rushia that she will see every person she has ever loved die.

Rushia seems to misinterpret the tear running down my face as an accusation against her, and she drops my meal on the floor before folding in on herself, quietly whispering, "I'm sorry" into her palms as her delicate shoulders begin to tremble. If only I could speak to her and tell her all is forgiven. I would like nothing more than to love my beloved as I used to. But I have to sit in silence as she tries to explain herself.

"I-I'm scared of death. Isn't that silly?" Despite the self deprecating giggle that punctuates her sentence, her voice is still hoarse and shaky.

"It's like a farmer scared of his cows. But it's true. I never needed to be scared of my own death, but other people? They're so…fragile, yet pretty. I just wanted to use my powers to preserve them, like drying flowers so they last longer. That's not wrong, is it? That's why I became a necromancer. I wanted the things I love to last as long as me." A bittersweet smile crosses her face as she says this.

"I've gotten rather good at it, haven't I? Flare, Noel, Pekora, Marine…I've brought my party members back plenty of times. They may not last forever, but they'll be around for a good long time. But you…" Her eyes slowly meander across my body, tracing the scars, bandages and atrophied muscles with her eyes.

"I've failed you. I can't save you, and I'm too scared to lose you. I'm just a girl scared to lose her first love. Can you forgive me?" She glances into my eyes, a shred of hope welling to the surface.

>> No.1782454

Despite my weakness, I'm prepared to make this right before I go. My vocal cords may be dried, but I have enough strength left in my thumb to move it with some effort. I point my eyes to it with as much intensity as I can muster, and Rushia picks up on the message quickly, placing my hand on her face. I used to trace letters on her cheek, little messages between the two of us nobody else would know. I start to trace the first hiragana I need for my message, but she shakes her head.

"I know your Japanese is slow, don't waste your energy. I learned English just for you".

I begin, unable to nod to show my agreement.

I can already feel my heart stop again.

I don't even have the energy for my hands to shake anymore.

If adrenaline works on the dying, let it fuel me.

My eyes can't stay open, they fall against my will.

I can't feel my hand, I just pray it hasn't fallen from her face.

I'm past the point of no return, I'm spending my own soul to finish these last strokes.

It hurts, it hurts so much.

Let my last embers keep you warm, my love.

And then it all goes dark.

>> No.1782603

Unironically got a tear or two out. Not the requester, but thanks, Anon. Good stuff.

>> No.1782630

*pachi pachi*

>> No.1782649

Wow, I really appreciate the praise! This is actually the first piece of real writing I've put out online, so that means a lot. Something about this prompt just really grabbed me.

>> No.1782715
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Depressing but good read anon, maybe you should do a sequel where you see the direct aftermath after (your) death and her reaction to it

>> No.1782818

You've got talent, in my opinion. It's a great contribution! Incredibly depressing, but I think that's the point, so your portrayal was horribly poignant. Would you mind if I put in a pastebin or something like that for archival reasons? We've hit bumplimit.

>> No.1782883

Not at all! I'd be happy to have the story preserved in a publicly available form. Anyone is free to repost it too, if they feel like it.

>> No.1782912


>> No.1782932
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Damn, already at the bump limit, these threads keep flying by

>> No.1782949

Not a Rushia fan, but GOD let me be inmortal to be all the eternity with her

>> No.1782972
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I'll take a crack at it on the next thread

>> No.1783033

https://pastebin.com/6Js5gA9T Here it is. I'll throw the link into the rest of the content Paste up top in a separate section for other pastes to make sure they're kept somewhere they can be found handily. If you want to give it a title, though, please let me know. For a first piece published online, it's damn good.
Lot of stories posted in this thread. It's nice to see peoples creative energies powered up.

>> No.1783177

Thank you anon, great stuff. (You) have teared up another anon here.

>> No.1783202

Let's stick with something simple. I'll call it "My Last Days".

>> No.1783242
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Added it to the general archive >>1613392

hope to see you keep posting anon

>> No.1783255

>"You're so TALENTED" punches you in the face
>"I LIKE THE WAY YOU MAKE COFFEE" breaks a bottle of beer on your head.
>"I LIKE IT WHEN YOU MAKE ME MOAN DURING SEX" Gives you a backbreaker lock
>"I LOVE HOW KIND YOU ARE!" throws you off a cliff in minecraft

>> No.1783303
File: 47 KB, 720x720, 397a2c9af77ed8987f308c5f533d5287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Done and done. Thanks pal.
Grabbing the link from this too. Thank you for your work as well. Archival stuff is important.

>> No.1783343

Fuck, my heart. Someone please give him anime protagonist bullshit powers so he can come back to life miraculously thanks to the power of love and make him immortal.

>> No.1783403

This is depressing as hell and exactly the type of shit i love from stories. Good shit anon. I'll see ya'll in the next thread

>> No.1783952


>> No.1785810

>tfw no Noel gf to beat you when you don't do whatever she asks
>tfw Noel will never slowly force you to be her house husband
>tfw you will never subconsciously force yourself to enjoy your new life just to deal with the drama

>> No.1786161
File: 454 KB, 1200x1600, flex_hard_tricep_steel_chain_break_by_rentb_d6agq1r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine trying to do business with the Pavolia family, and you get to discuss things with Reine herself.
You feel honored that they would be so direct with you, but at the same time you can't help but feel like you're gonna be talking to some kind of spoiled princess, rather than someone who actually worked for what they have.

Then you actually meet her and she's some kinda Medaka-like ubermensch that could break your spine with her bare hands.

>> No.1786604

need this so bad