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A thread for the discussion of the poet of Purgatory herself, Mori Calliope, as well as the members of her extended universe.

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as far as i know, ina planned on streaming dark souls 3 and had it scheduled as the surprise game the week she started hollow knight, but changed it because the permissions were put on standby, most likely by fromsoft by either:
>Catching up that Namco was going to give perms
>Cover went full retarded and wants the perms for JP too because EN cant have nice things if they dont benefit the JP's too

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Lets say you were in Japan and reconized Mori at a cube satan concert, or a 7-11 or some shit.

Would you approach?

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Gotta shoot my shot, no? Just don't approach as some starstruck fan salivating over the chance to meet his oshi, act like a normal human being.

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I've thought about this before. I have no idea how to do it without freaking them the fuck out. Not because I'm autistic, but judging from what the other holos who have almost been recognised have said, just knowing that someone has recognised you is creepy as fuck.

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Mori, are you surveying us!?

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>Approaching Mori

You're asking to get raped.

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The correct answer is to just approach her and immediately go for it, but without mentioning Mori or DD, because for this purpose I am a retard who has never heard of either of them and instead is interested in who she is as a person.

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No, but at least do a gesture of door opening or a small hello if walking past them. Don't stop and talk to them, they will immediately put you in the danger zone and your image tarnished no matter how charming you are.

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Unless she approached me first for some reason, I wouldn't try to interact with her because if I did I would 100% creep her out simply because I'm a fan

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the only situation where I would is in a place where people regularly meet like a bar

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What if Mori approaches you because you're a bald manlet and or a child?

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Act like you don't know who "Mori" is

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>Starting the shotacon timeloop again
Please don't

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Wouldn't approach but a CD signing at an event would be cool.

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Yes, I would tell her how big of a fan I was, thank her for all her amazing cubic music, ask her to sign my demonic postcard, and leave wishing her the best in her future artistic endeavors.

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But do normal human beings just approach random women in a gas station and make conversation? In Japan, no less?

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At a concert for her? Congratulate and praise her.
7-11? No

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>blurt out some random 4chan meme
>time it when she's drinking from a bottle.
>watch as she "guhs" out the drink like Triple H.

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>But do normal human beings just approach random women in a gas station and make conversation?
How do you think hitting on people works? How asking someone out works? That you're supposed to keep it within your social circle and never venture outside of it?

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Absolutely not. Why would I give away my position like that, ruin a perfectly good ambush? I instead hastily construct a box-propped-up-with-a-stick trap, bait it with strawberries and MCR merch, and wait.

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And pancakes, she likes pancakes.

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>reminder that Mori could probably be here.
>Is probably surveying us right now for topics later.

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Okay but what about the worst way to meet her.

>Go to Comiket post-pandemic in Mori cosplay
>Get lost and confused as fuck, because it’s Comiket
>Try to catch your breath at a nearby booth, don’t think too much about it
>You didn’t notice it was the Tamaonsen booth
>You didn’t recognize the suspiciously un-Japanese girl behind the counter
>A few minutes pass... you decide to buy something at the booth. The album looks familiar~ Why is that girl staring at me~
>Then, realization hits.

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Well then she better fucking peel her eyes open and heed my words when I say I fucking love you you stupid dumb perfect bitch fuck you you're so cute god dammit.

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>She realizes that you realized.
>Try to pass off as random weeb blonde.

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So never

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Once Comiket comes around after covid, do you think any of the Holos would try to secretly visit in disguise?

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Fantasies should be at least somewhat realistic at the onset.

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>tries to pass off as a Mori anti

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Can vtubers even give autographs if by a miracle something like that happens?

>> No.1568864

Schedule onegai

>> No.1568942

>plan to get DD autograph
>give her a blank CD Case to sign
>Put said CD Case to your Your Mori EP.

>When Mori makes it big, Auction the signed EP off Ebay.

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Noel and Marine have went to comiket before

>> No.1569259

>get introduced to Float Along.
>Immediately LSS

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I want her to sing more.

>> No.1569493

Thus returns the desire to very badly hurt the person who set back her singing.

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It's in my top 3, wish it was on streaming.

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You missed the flac.

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If it's after a concert, I'd totally ask for an autograph. If it was out in public, I'd just wish her a nice day and tell her she's doing good.

Better get my stuff out of the way because THIS genius makes their move.

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What is LSS if not a song living rent free in your head?

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I hope Mori is in a good mood for the zatsu. I think she should do some unique streams soon

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Yes, in the extremely unlikely event that I was in Japan and stumbled on Mori I would take my shot. Even if I fumbled it like a moron it would be better than regretting not doing anything at all.

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I'd casually express some words of support for her hard work then be on my way. And later I would hope that being a manlet with a deep voice cements myself in Mori's memory

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ok, so this week we have both the zatsu and uno collabs confirmed, what else do you think mori might put in the schedule?

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Please shit on me Mori

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Omori,Ao Oni, Zatsu, Uno. I think this week's pretty much decided

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Is this like a bot?

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No, I'm a person.

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anon, your ritual posting reps...

>> No.1571321

ritualposter that reminds Mori everytime she visits these threads what a lot of deadbeats want.

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She’s an aggressively stupid wigger so she would be very easy to manipulate and fuck. I would definitely approach her and fuck her even though I actually think her roommate looks and acts gross and I might be at risk for catching herpes.

>> No.1571465

I know, I but am surprised by the consistency.

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If im going to comiket my mind is 100% focused on dicking down as many fujos as possible, my dude.

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great image

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Anom she is way pit of your fucking league, her liking manlets doesn't mean she likes complete losers like /vt/ posters.

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Mori give us a sign that you´re here or I´ll start unleashing rrats

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Watching A Way Out #4
I think Mori may have been re-living her pear-wasp horror story.
There's a scene where she's screaming something like "it's my job!!! It's just MY JOB!!!!" at Kiara. Pretty sure she's still not over that experience. You can tell Kiara was not prepared for that baggage though as Kiara starts clamming, and getting sad in general shortly afterwords. Mori seems like she'd be really intense to keep up with in conversation while playing games.
I would love to see her and kiara play on a pvp ARK Survival Evolved server as a team with no cheat codes. Pretty sure Kiara would end up getting eaten alive by Mori before they reached the metal age.

>> No.1572458

show me your best rrats :}

>> No.1572465

I'm gonna fucking shoot you, anon.

>> No.1572582

coco, go for the collab already

>> No.1572606

>I would love to see her and kiara play on a pvp ARK Survival Evolved server
Coco get out of here, no one should play ARK.

>> No.1572813

I barely discovered Coco, but the more this board tells me about her the more delicious her deathclaw/dragon tale sounds.

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Is there a phrase for a feeling of uneasyness you get when something is too perfectly matched to your tastes?
I actively avoided hololive since I had first noticed it because everything about hololive matches perfectly with what brings me joy, but it makes me feel uneasy because things in this world are never this divine. It's always a trick. Now I've opened the door and find myself getting deeper in what my mind tells me is a venus fly trap, but maybe a harmless holo flower?

>> No.1573683

>Is there a phrase for a feeling of uneasyness you get when something is too perfectly matched to your tastes?
Too good to be true?

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>Enma/Jenma/etc keeps blocking the fabled Coco EN collab to save us from another 1000 years of dARKness

Thank you Enma

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>Watching A Way Out #4
Watching A Way Out #3
Now I see why Mori had to unleash her pear-wasp demons on Kiara. It goes back to the connect four game. Mori straight up warned Kiara that she was in for it after that second match. Kiara needs to look more into forshadow phrases when Mori starts dropping them.

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A toast, to the one (1) year anniversary of Alkatraz.

With that out of the way...
Current Doujin Merch
Side A
Side B
>acrylic stand

With respect to the original artist please refrain from reselling.
If you do end up using one of these please consider sending them a kind message.

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I saw Calli at a 7/11 in Tokyo yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything.
She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen wine bottles in her hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “miss, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bottle and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bottle and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>> No.1576322

the huhs could have been guhs

>> No.1576431

which part was this?

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All very nice. One year of a really good EP and start of her chain of successes, long may it continue!
Damn that suit looks fly. Kind of want to see art of Mori in it.

>> No.1577667

>any sign of life, Mori?


>> No.1578093

>bait with strawberries and MCR merch
absolutely flawless strategy but it pales in comparison to mine

Kidnap a dwarf and tie him on a fishing pole. Douse him with cheap dollar store wine.
the dwarf is me because I'm a manlet

>> No.1578290

The people at the Tamaonsen booth are gonna be K's and his homies

t. Dropped by their table in 2017

Also, if you wanna get Mori points make it a Ringo or Jin cosplay (Ray works too if you're somehow a 7ft fridge of a guy)

>> No.1578411

Fucked if I know lmao, you tell me.

>> No.1578442

Kek, nice

>> No.1578713

>try to approach her
>immediately out yourself as a doxxbeat because why else would you approach her
>have her literally run away like you know she can
For those bragging they could totally pull it off, I'd love to see them try (not).

>> No.1578844

>mug and stand

>> No.1578898

>because why else would you approach her
Because she's attractive?

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Good day to you, based Kawaiiopeposter

>> No.1578941

Fair enough. So how'd you go about it in a konbini?

>> No.1578988

I don't fucking know. Make small talk like everyone else does when they're flirting.

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File: 1.33 MB, 1500x1500, 1608196638521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>like everyone else does when they're flirting
Yeah, this part right here.
>I don't fucking know.
Fair enough, have a good fucking day.

>> No.1579098

Loudly and repeatedly start screaming "SEX!"?

>> No.1579189

I don't know see what she's buying and ask about it then go from there

>> No.1579226

mori's pre-chat for the zatsu is up. also
>that description
kek i missed this dork

>> No.1579365

naturally anything's an excuse for the dadfags in chat. i hope all these daddy issue fuckers realize that they're dumping their issue on her and she's got enough problems to deal with as it is

>> No.1579424

>that description
Kek indeed

>> No.1579442

>IblisIvories deep in MV work hell
Hopefully that kills some rrats.

>> No.1579470

Considering the argument this morning, there's no way she wasn't reading the thread.

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That guy who doubted my deduction should apologize here.

>> No.1579500

Bring your cap so you can be based, grudgeposter

>> No.1579517


>> No.1579525

>"mommy milkers" in chat
Well that's one way to counterbalance it.

>> No.1579531

Here's hoping that the MV and new song would be epic electro swing.

>> No.1579545

God, Mori is so fucking cool.

>> No.1579622

isnt the electro swing a song she plans to do for the anniversary though?

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holy SHIT

>> No.1579641

Oh fuck

>> No.1579643

Drakengard 3 playthrough, when?

>> No.1579659

>The reveal was she was working on 2 MVs.
This dork...

>> No.1579680

Mori, please don't kill yourself from overwork.

>> No.1579681
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>Sadistic smirk
>Blood on her face
>Some of the flowers dying

>> No.1579704

I want her to choke me

>> No.1579737

I need to stop fucking around and pre-order the CD already but I really don't want to go out to put money in the bank. This is the downside of only ever dealing in cash.

>> No.1579799

please use a different font, Mori...

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Mori as a reaper: The utmost professionalism because her job is a vital one, she rarely hesitates...still there are moments where she does feel sad for someone's fate and wants to try to comfort them in those final moments. Perhaps those souls are among those that elect to become her Deadbeats.
Then there's others where the person was genuinely bad and she takes glee that she is the one sending them to their judgement. Maybe even letting her anger show as a way to make sure they go across the river already scared of what awaits.
Then there's the few who are the so-called frequent fliers, where the underworld is more a revolving door but it's those who Mori can get to know more since there's more than one encounter.

Fitting that is her role, it's a work which is never done.

>> No.1579963

Gacha Batman is pure soul from start to finish

>> No.1579986

Is this MV regarding Ijimekko Bully or is the MV for a song we don't know yet?

>> No.1579997

I still want to believe that she was actually relaxing a bit yesterday

>> No.1580006

We don't know yet. Speculation has it for Red, but it could be Ijimekko Bully, or even one of the others.

>> No.1580017

>"Guh" is such a deep song it needs an MV to help you digest the lyrics

>> No.1580020

She didn't say which song will be the MV for.

>> No.1580039

>it's a work which is never done
Ha. Gotta wonder if it was on purpose

>> No.1580040

I guarantee 99% of the thread, myself included, is stuck in the middle and can't cosplay any of them without it looking hilarious.

>> No.1580057

I'll be laughing when this turns out to be true.

>> No.1580062

God I miss her so much

>> No.1580065

Most logical way (if we assume that for some reason she isn't wearing a face mask) would be to go up to her and say "wow, there aren't that many foreigners in Japan, let alone such cute girls. Sorry to bother you, but I just couldn't stop myself from coming over to tell you this". Based on her reaction you either fuck off or she'll laugh and you'll convince her to go out for drinks. From here you either treat her as a separate entity from her character or wait a couple of months (again, assuming she actually develops a friendship with you), and one day casually bring up her streaming career and just tell her you adore her for everything she does and all the hard work she's putting in

>> No.1580103

>T-Pain walks up to the ToS booth dressed as Ray to get his copy of Your Mori signed

>> No.1580261

Mori how do you constantly keep over delivering? You're gonna die.

>> No.1580278

But anon, she's death

>> No.1580314

what did i miss again?

>> No.1580413

I'm confident she's gonna come back feeling bubbly again. I need that Mori again

>> No.1580482

The tl;dr is basically two people arguing that both the Sissy rrat and the MV rrat were both groundless rrats and neither should be passed off as the truth without explicit confirmation. Lo and behold, Mori posts confirmation of the latter less than 24 hours later.

>> No.1580713

oh yeah, i saw that shitshow in the global thread, though i still have no idea what this sissy rrat is even about, though i prefer to believe that it's referring to that manlet who did something to distance himself from DD

>> No.1580875

I missed everything again. Global just moves too fast.

>> No.1580880

She is going to kidnap whoever shows up as Jin. Running away with him under her arm.

>> No.1580885

My flight is booked.

>> No.1580910

Naturally anything's an excuse for the dadfags in chat. i hope all these daddy issue fuckers realize that they're dumping their issue on her and she's got enough problems to deal with as it is
I don't want to be that guy but she cultivated her audience and reaps great rewards from the audience which she has cultivated. If it was too unbearable she'd have to be the one to adress it, or choose to go offline as many entertainers do when they find they no longer find interest in maintaining the audience which they have so carefully cultivated.

>> No.1580960

>reap great rewards from the audience which she has cultivated

To be fair she was getting a shit ton of super chats before the dad shit. No excuses for the dadfags, they deserve their heads on the chopping block.

>> No.1581005

>no schedule for this week but she'll let us know very early when they'll happen


>> No.1581031
File: 8 KB, 249x249, dyrbi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1581047

well, at least she gave us a heads up

>> No.1581056

>autoplays SSS after Unlimited Gosling Works

What's the worst song pair you can think of, /doxxbeat/?

>> No.1581061

I'm okay with this for this week, but please don't make this a regular thing, Mori. I need schedules. But thanks for the early heads up.

>> No.1581068

>Mori was the first to drop schedules entirely
Great, can't wait for this to become a regular thing now.

>> No.1581083

I'm curious how early she'll let us know.

>> No.1581184

Fuck you, retard. Most people have obligations and need planning, not like your lazy ass.

>> No.1581188

Has she done a karoke for this song yet?

>> No.1581194

>Most people have obligations and need planning
Such as the people who want their oshi to post schedules so it doesn't interfere with their work. Fucking retard. You didn't plan out your post half as well as you thought you did.

>> No.1581195

they do but Mori is kinda chill with it and probably blissfully unaware there are people with actual daddy issues in there Plus with shit on her plate she probably doesn't care as well. I suffer but whatever, she knows some peopel are annoyed by it and at most she only treats it as a gag and isn't actually serious about it

>> No.1581197

I'm okay with her putting up the next days stream reservations before she goes to bed.

>> No.1581216

you cant sense sarcasm on here by now? fucking breather.....
anyway i thought other girls did a week of no schedules before. I was sure ame had before?

>> No.1581218

>No schedules
I'm prepared for no streams at all.
I hope this won't become a regular thing.

>> No.1581226

Umm that was sarcasm, no?

>> No.1581231

What are you tripping on? I was saying that schedules are the more preferred.

>> No.1581239

i meant mouth breather. fuck you

>> No.1581240
File: 223 KB, 1024x1449, 20210315_223218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been stressful for her recently, so I can't fault her to stream whenever she can make time.

>> No.1581248

You don't know how alpha i can be.

>> No.1581252

>Moona's entry on the chuuba feet tag

>> No.1581256

>It's been stressful for her recently
And why is that exactly? Could it possibly be something she did to herself again?

>> No.1581259

>you cant sense sarcasm on here by now
When people show up here regularly and say the same shit unironically? Sorry, no.

>> No.1581267

Well, I hope she doesn't use the "I'm stressed" excuse next time.
But you know how women are.

>> No.1581289
File: 873 KB, 1050x1400, 20210315_233939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got faith in our boy

>> No.1581318

I don't. And I'm not that usual professional whiner.
This sets a precedent I don't like, and that I can easily see being repeated.

>> No.1581326

>wow, there aren't that many foreigners in Japan, let alone such cute girls. Sorry to bother you, but I just couldn't stop myself from coming over to tell you this
I think I just physically flinched a little. Then again, this might have to do with me projecting and thinking you're unattractive. Big ups if you can manage it.
Time to put that money where your mouth is, then.

>> No.1581333

Plus, her schedules gave her some semblance of organization, and she desperately needs that to work well.

>> No.1581349

Yeah, well, that makes one of us in this conversation. The constant rescheduling, low energy streams, and lack of substance in her worst weeks don’t exactly inspire confidence. If you’re struggling with structure, removing it isn’t going to suddenly make you more productive. I’m predicting 3 streams, maybe 4 if she doesn’t back out of the UNO collab at the last minute, and that’s it. At least one will be rescheduled and there won’t be notice until an hour before it goes live, thus ruining the plans of anyone who made an effort to show up on time.

>> No.1581376

So the fixed streams for this week should be: Chatting, UNO, T1, Omori (on the 20th)

>> No.1581553
File: 202 KB, 315x500, 1607503089089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw actually wouldn't mind her streaming way less because then I'd get a chance to drift awy and let go of the obsession, or at least make it have less of an impact on my everyday life

>> No.1581595

>I can't be happy so I must ruin things for everyone else instead
I truly and honestly wish for nothing but terrible things in your future. Just the absolute worst events imaginable, I want you to be a victim of them one after another.

>> No.1581699

>must ruin
I'm just saying I'm not angry, anon-san. Hope you can find whatever helps you calm down.

>> No.1581748

And I'm just saying instead of wishing for something to happen so you can fix your life even if it's to the detriment of everyone else you should fuck off and go fix it without ruining the experience for those people. You are absolutely the "If I can't have fun, nobody can" type of person and within two posts I already can't stand you.

>> No.1581750

Oh yeah, Japan doesn’t do daylight saving time so this stream is 1045 EST. Too bad about no set schedule, I was curious about how long before she notices

>> No.1581757

Notices? Funny.

>> No.1581765

Guys, it's easier on home turf. Proceed like so:
>Kidnap moistkr1tical or however it's spelled
>Threaten him to offer Mori an in person collab at his place
>You guys actually vibe pretty good and wind up buddies
>Mori gets there but you and Charlie are such bros at this point that you both basically ignore her
>Actually never mind

>> No.1581774


>> No.1581808

You do you anon, but sounds like you have a big case of the gay

>> No.1581870

>ywn cuck your oshi

>> No.1581909

I mean, she is a cuck. She sang it in that one song.

>> No.1581913

wew lad I ain’t seen autism that concentrated in a long time

>> No.1581960

Now replace the nipple jokes man with HatRider, and you might be on to something.

>> No.1582169

I wish she was at least making the MV for herself, but knowing this fucking dumbass she's fucking up the plans for both her Holo side and personal side to be a fucking groupie because Dyes/TopHam JUST HAPPENED to plan a tour/release around the biggest yearly event in every Holos schedule
jesus christ, girl, you not only need to learn to say 'no', but to learn to say 'sorry, I couldn't deliver, I had own shit to worry for'
it's not like you can't pay for the contract breach 10 times over

>> No.1582258

>contract breach
Holy fuck, I'm slackjawed. Wipe the slate clean, this is the international prototype standard for bullshit in these threads from now on. I'm genuinely impressed by how well you've outdone yourself with this one.

>> No.1582288

Again, the whiner outdoes himself in being more pathetic

>> No.1582310



>> No.1582333


>> No.1582354

Damn girl what the fuck

>> No.1582356

she really is fucking retarded

>> No.1582378
File: 378 KB, 1638x2048, 1612176261933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this hardworking dumbass, what a G.

>> No.1582383

Calm down, she's only done the illustrations. Sure, it's work too, but not as much as making the animation/PV.

>> No.1582400

this is hardly even a "mv" too more like a picture book

>> No.1582405

I am so tired of this.

>> No.1582410

If Mori delivers on all of these, while streaming. My knees would be obliterated

>> No.1582427

There is a point where being hardworking crosses a threshold over into being retarded and no longer being a cute character trait.

>> No.1582428

>that camera movement in 3dCG sections
>the most intense part of the song being scat
Somehow I find this to be hella funny

>> No.1582432

You know she will.

>> No.1582448

Mine wouldn’t. I don’t kneel to people who kill themselves and then get all depressed and stressed out over it.

>> No.1582456

You know Kiara dared them to do it

>> No.1582466

all FAKE TYPE songs sound the fucking same the more I listen to them. They all follow the same structure

>> No.1582489

>all songs sound the fucking same the more I listen to them. They all follow the same structure

>> No.1582499

Ummm... Anonchama, they're literally like Ali-Project or ClariS

>> No.1582511

you really thought you were being smart here didn't you?

>> No.1582528

Aight so she did the character sprites for this one and is/will be doing subtitles/effects for the Mori one. What's the third one again?

>> No.1582560

3rd one iOS allegedly her song for Dyes' album.

>> No.1582568

Supposedly a Dyes one for his Tokyo Neo Swing album

>> No.1582603

Ah shit, right. "Based" if true.

>> No.1582647

>Mori's monitoring /hlgg/ and this thread.
>Literally clarifying that she only did illustrations

>> No.1582689

Stop fucking around on /vt/ and go draw up an actual schedule.

>> No.1582701

Mori please just take the fucking credit for fucking once, Jesus Christ, FUCK

>> No.1582727

It's a lost cause trying to explain things to global,they clearly don't give a shit nor they watch streams
t. deadbeat that wasted time in the current thread
It's pretty much confirmed, but we will know next week
This reminds me i need to buy Fake Land already

>> No.1582781


>> No.1582811
File: 65 KB, 594x743, 1611898198999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

being loyal to your 'friends' (not that they look like particularly good ones from what Mori herself says) is nice an all, but if it comes at the cost of people who pulled you out of wagiecaging you really should take a long look in a mirror

>> No.1582824

>kills the sissy rrat
>Then burns the corpse with this FT MV

That guy who did devil's advocate against the MV Rrat should neck himself after this.

>> No.1582865

There's a lot of obvious shitposters in global at the moment. You can see it with all the talk about how bad the current collab is when it's not nearly that bad. Don't let it get to you

>> No.1582878

Just look up the album at cdjapan, it's literally written there, that she's the doing the MV for the song.

>> No.1582885

Fuck off ghost rider.

>> No.1582896

Shhhh, anon. The whiner was the one who wanted a drama with Ao so that the latter is the villain of his k-drama fic were he's Karrot's Knight and shining armour.

>> No.1582903
File: 151 KB, 877x898, 2420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't make it about yourself, deadbeat~

>> No.1582914

Her loyalty is to making stupid decisions that put her two steps back on everything but whatever she she’s not directly working on with laser focus.

>> No.1582920

It’s called “having a style”, Anon.

>> No.1582935

We never fucking needed Devil's Advocates in this thread with the amount of mad rrat dead that already infest the place.But that anon thought better.
This definitely kills it, agreed

yeah, you're right,just wanted to inform some people that actually cared, but oh well

It's written in a weird way to be honest, it's almost like it's describing her as a rapper AND as the MV artist famous for female royalty and mister container of valuables.The promo video from Dyes does confirm it though

>> No.1582948

>Knight and shining armor

Really my guy?

>> No.1582961

Well, she is also rapping on the MV track.

>> No.1582964

He’s an ESL SEAnigger with a distinct posting style, don’t take him seriously.

>> No.1582971
File: 134 KB, 857x1200, 1612012262562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm making it about the 1 million deadbeats who subbed, the 10k who keep regularly showing up to pretty much every stream, the 2k that toss a monthly-wage equivalent at her every other stream
I understand she wouldn't be here, doing this if not for those guys in the first place, but it is once again directly damaging her growth and progress that started happening on January and clearly even fucks up her own personal mood

>> No.1583013

Please understand, brain damage caused by lack of sleep and all. Better for her to work on projects that do nothing for her than to focus on herself or the people who are interested in supporting HER, not the thousands of groups she feels obligated to lend a hand to.

>> No.1583034

>bro just abandon your old friends, we, your new friends, are much better, I mean look how much money we're giving you

>> No.1583044

I'm betting her mood wasn't really destroyed by the fact that these MVs exist. It was destroyed by the fear that she'd let them down at a time that they were in the limelight again.

Again, it isn't about you. The moment you demand something out of your oshi is the moment you stop making her your oshi.

>> No.1583051

Don't forget me, the one who will give her many beautiful children.

>> No.1583077

>there’s no middle ground between abandoning your old friends, one of which barely even gave you the time of day before you became somebody, and just not jumping on every single opportunity to work for them whenever they ask even if it’s to the detriment of your actual fans

>> No.1583079
File: 3.40 MB, 1863x1230, Tandemoon Rendezvous [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fv8f3rl.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1583100

How about demanding she hold herself to the same standard she says she does? Does that count?

>> No.1583112

If you're not here for Mori's worst, you don't deserve her best.

>> No.1583113

they could still mix it up more

>> No.1583156

Why shouldn't I? Maybe small, but I'm part of her life now. So yes, it may be selfish, but I want her to myself, because I fucking care about her.
She can't do everything, she shouldn't overwork herself. It's time to chose, to prioritize. That time was months ago.

>> No.1583162

Her worst was supposed to be behind her when she dropped scythe swinging. Things weren’t supposed to somehow get even worse than that.

>> No.1583164
File: 315 KB, 511x501, mori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this dork.

>> No.1583177
File: 140 KB, 975x632, 1605410824975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be saying it in a different tone if they really seemed like friends, but more like people who got to milk a talented fan while paying a small lip service of attention when she specifically asked for it - which comes from statement of Mori/DD herself, not just personal head rrats

also, it's more than just money. the Hololive gig won't last forever and entertainment is fickle - the fact she's making grands today doesn't mean she won't end up like Mel or Choco some day. the best time to build her brand while also doing her actually PERSONAL (DD related) projects, and not doing janny work for other people is exactly now

I'm going to absolutely stick with her through thick and thin and years after Hololive even, but it does bum me out that she might be damaging her future for the sake of people who only care now that she made it

>> No.1583184

Again, you literally don't know what her standards are. And mind you, that's what stressed her out. She does hold herself against a very steep standard, which is why she can do this. Have faith in her.

The only reason you are whining is that you yourself are not invested on both sides.

>> No.1583193
File: 512 KB, 1970x3359, Erbu3uaVkAILq6_.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that's something I could see weighing her down. I'm gonna support her, whatever she decides to do. Except for running herself ragged, I don't want my boy getting burnt out or sick.

>> No.1583201

Hey, maybe this is the middle ground, and they're asking even more of her.

>> No.1583206

>Thing work
>thing make dosh
>grug do more of thing
>grug make more dosh

>> No.1583286

>Again, you literally don't know what her standards are.
She lays out most of them in her streams, particularly when talking about work, her imposter syndrome, not putting out enough content, etc.
>The only reason you are whining is that you yourself are not invested on both sides.
Please fuck off. I was listening to her back when she was trying and failing to self-advertise on /mu/. Being busy isn’t an excuse. In fact, here’s that from Mori’s own mouth: https://streamable.com/m2xs0o

>> No.1583294

Which is why she slept almost this whole day. If this was last year, she would've not slept and would try to power it out.

Also kudos to both And and Ina for preempting Mori's non-scheduled week.

>> No.1583312

From the zatsu after the ibasho stream, it does sound like Mori is describing someone badly, who these people are is everyone's guess. But I'm just happy to see she's back again and and promised this is the end of her freelance work that she said she was booked for until May. Will she occupy herself with even more freelance work? Who knows but I'll try to keep my trust in Mori for now. I hope she's healthy man.

>> No.1583326

>Which is why she slept almost this whole day
do yu rely belieb

>> No.1583350

anon, I'm invested in both sides but I'm not as invested in fucking AO and Fake Type as I am in her
I prefer her music, I prefer her as a person since she actually speaks a language I understand and I'd rather see her build on her success rather than slaving away for people who made 0 songs about her when she was putting them into millions of views and suddenly make 2 when she effortlessly outpaced them and was ready to leave them behind

>> No.1583352

This anon gets it, being a fan, I want her to succeed and build herself, not seeing her work to the bone that won't benefit her own career. She already made her friends a career with an animated MV that went tens of millions of views on YouTube. This is like, if blue Nyanners continued collaborating with bathwater e-thot, because her work is part of what made her viral/popular.

>> No.1583360

Yes. Radio silence and feetposting confirmed that she's just chilling out and slept the whole time after the MV for the FT song was finished.

>> No.1583369

in the end as long as she's getting paid who cares though honestly. for this mv she just did a few little pictures.
the only thing it interferes with is her hololive streams.. we'll see if it continues to

>> No.1583414

If any of you are truly concerned go to t3 and scrub her for it. Don't whine here and do something about it.

>> No.1583439
File: 1.85 MB, 2480x3508, beaniemori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's why I don't mind if she puts off a stream to rest and I do believe she did.

>> No.1583440

I mean, I probably will when there's another member stream, whenever the fuck it happens because we can't even tell anymore because schedules became too much effort for the week
and maybe next one
who knows anymore, the stream of work appears literally neverending

>> No.1583454

>pay $25 to bring up roommate shit and get your post deleted
Anons in here always have the best ideas. Are you the same guy from yesterday that was egging someone on to start harassing her roommate’s twitter account too?

>> No.1583464

This, all these people need to walk the walk and give her an ARS t3 akaspa that puts the problem in the spotlight.

>> No.1583513

I love my comfy wife.

>> No.1583532

>Can't articulate questions that hide stuff.
You can even aka your concern and tell her to take it easy.
Why is it always the extreme?

>> No.1583541

If only I have the balls to do it, why do you think I'm posting often here in 4chan as "anonymous" in all places?

>> No.1583561


>> No.1583571

Explain exactly how you would hide it, not only in such a way that’s subtle (or what you think passes for subtle) but is still forward enough that Mori gets what you’re actually talking about. Please, show me the way. I’m dying to see this.

>> No.1583590

'the only time you seemed really happy and satisfied was January'
'coincidentally the only month you supposedly weren't involved in freelance work'
'just saying'

>> No.1583599

Jeesaz why are you guys so entitled. Holos have gone awol for longer with no apparent reason and nobody complained. Mori's not even on a break, she just has to stream less due to work. And no, it's not even fucking remotely close to a contract breach, otherwise shion, mel, ayame, miko would've graduated a long time ago. Her last stream was 3 days ago and she already has a stream planned for today. You don't even know how people whose oshi are indie vtubers feel

>> No.1583600

"Hey, there comes a time when being a hardworker stops being an attractive personality trait and starts becoming detrimental. Prioritize yourself, eat well, sleep well and all that.l"

>> No.1583620

What would be even the point of her lying? She'd feel even more guilty while she can just say she got more reaper business and that's it. So yes, she was resting.

>> No.1583642

And that's the difference between you and her. She always rolls the dice, be it hell or high water, no pun intended.

Weak willed individuals who keep making excuses and mental loopholes to explain away their selfish aims have no place for her time.

Maybe examine yourselves first before saying that Mori is doing too much. Because simply putting this issue to light is light years away from going out to Japan alone and making it out there.

>> No.1583644

anon, read the thread
people aren't upset over her being awol, people are upset over her DOING IT FOR NO MONETARY COMPENSATION for the sake of not even her roommate channel, but people who used her as cheap MV generator ever since she came to japan
the same people that made her go 'don't meet your idols, they might not be as great as you think' as both Mori and DD

>> No.1583651

Holos don’t talk about how they want to stream more and then don’t. The Holos who carry on as their roommates don’t allow that life to constantly interfere with Hololive. Even the ones who have actual obligations they have to uphold, not just things they put upon themselves out of stupidity, do a better job of holding things together. Being. Busy. Is. Not. An. Excuse.

>> No.1583676

I love the constant idolization and glamorization of working yourself into depression. Are you an American by any chance?

>> No.1583722

No, shitstain.

>> No.1583731


>> No.1583732

thats a narrative i don't agree with. she's getting paid for these projects thats 100%. Is it as much as if she just prioritized hololive? Thats questionable. But she enjoys doing it regardless

>> No.1583773

>has problem with her
>Doesn't have guts to aka it.
And here's the problem. The whiners themselves are spineless

>> No.1583778

Even though I wish my boy actually took some time to chill, not posting on twitter doesn't mean she isn't autistically working on other stuff for no good reason

>> No.1583825
File: 84 KB, 400x300, 747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thats 100%

>> No.1583836

Just keep it fucking simple with "Really looking forward to the EP and now the mystery MV. Can you stop killing yourself now, please?"

>> No.1583839
File: 104 KB, 1200x936, painmori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the same people that made her go 'don't meet your idols, they might not be as great as you think' as both Mori and DD
Can we stop this?
Do you really think she'd be working with them for this long if this was about THEM?
the ones she is making content for are her friends and shit, she is not being coerced, or tricked into anything.
Let's not treat her as some kind of mentally weak kid.
She is at a point in her life where she is revaluing her priorities and goals.
And she even told us what she decided going forward.
We heard her,whether you believe her words and are willing to give her time, is up to you anons.

Give her a break and wait some will ya? Aren't we all skeletons?
Nobody is dying from content drought.
This shit is tiring.

>> No.1583841

>give money to support someone’s declining health, both physically and mentally
Enablers might actually be the lowest form of life. You’re actually proud that Mori’s killing herself slowly.

>> No.1583854

Would you like to see the fucking Pay Slip?

>> No.1583872

Just stupid then, got it.

>> No.1583902

Ohoho, there it is, the excuse of a coward who just whines and becomes a cuck about it.

>> No.1583913

>money mori is just gonna completely do free work for anyone with all the other shit she has going on
even if theyre that close theyre gonna pay her anon.

>> No.1583920
File: 46 KB, 1000x1000, pocketmori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plus i love how you all forgot that she said there are going to be things happening from the last week of the month onwards on the hololive side.
She has things planned for us and her, other than the merch and the EP.

She specifically worked herself to death until now to have everything ready and done, but noo, let's complain, again.

>> No.1583938

>Do you really think she'd be working with them for this long if this was about THEM?
yes, because she shown repeatedly she's stubborn and runs herself ragged over bad decisions simply to stick to her guns

>> No.1583948

I get the feeling that her "Don't meet your heroes" is specifically about Kokorobeats

Given what she thinks of cheaters from The Room and all, and the...let's say, issues that happened with Tamaonsen, it might have come as a shock to her if she only got into ToS after the Yab.

>> No.1583952

She said she’d be done with this kind of shit when she quit teaching too and that she’d have more free time. Neither of those things came true so why should I believe them now?

>> No.1583975

Why not? She certainly never mentioned getting paid. I could easily see it being an exchange of favors (MV work vs track production).
Not to mention what used to be common consensus regarding the topic until recently.

>> No.1583979

I'd have a more positive outlook on the Holo side things if the tour faggots didn't make day 1 literally 2 days before her EP release
it feels like they keep aiming shin kicks at her career out of badly masked envy and she's just too good of a person to realize

>> No.1583986

The Morinaissance is coming.

>> No.1583998

Okay, ESL-kun.

>> No.1584014

>It's the same damn whiner larping as a protobeat

No actual Protobeat is upset over shit.

>> No.1584022

I remember people saying this for all of January too. That sure didn’t age well lol

>> No.1584028

O fuck, this makes sense.

>> No.1584053

I can't take you two seriously,K's? really? because he cheated on his wife, and she said she doesn't like cheaters in a fucking movie watchalong?

What kind of fucked up rrat breeding plant do you have in your head, anon?
And she was into Tos way before the breakup.

Except she never said she was going to stop freelance back then, she just went from 3 to 2 jobs. You know it as well as i do.

good job retards.

>> No.1584060

I like how losing an argument immediately brings out the ESL tag to invalidate things.

>> No.1584072

I was making a janny joke again, I didn't actually think she's doing those completely uncompensated
but I'm pretty sure they're still paying her DD rates and not Mori Calliope rates, when the value of every minute of her time probably went up like 100-1000x times ever since September 2020

>> No.1584092

>no true Scotsman
Speak for yourself. I'm a fan of Mori and DD, not Mori feat. all of her friends, every single one of them. I do not, and have never, given a shit about FT beyond knowing they're that group she loves.

>> No.1584108

Yeah, sorry I'm not wealthy enough to be able to casually send a girl 100+ bucks, because that's the only chance that she'll actually see the message, who's working herself to the bone for leeches, who didn't give a shit about her until she got famous and are now squeezing out shitty MVs out of her which directly hinders her development as an individual musician and a streamer, that she should focus more on her own interests - a statement she has been slammed with for the better part of the 6 months she's been in HL because not only has she expressed the fact that it's her fault for taking so many projects,albeit not shitting on the recipients as we do here, as well as her fanbase constantly telling her in the most indirect way that she should ditch those previous fucks and focus on herself

>> No.1584116

No, I call you an ESL because you use words you clearly don’t know the definition of. Would you prefer to just be called retarded?

>> No.1584133

Based if true. It's gotten a bit difficult to keep up with all the gossip here not knowing who half of the people discussed are.

>> No.1584137

She basically never did anything but the few fan made MVs for free.
Most of the equipment upgrades she had over the years (Like the Cintiq) were because of payouts from MV work.
FT and everyone else did commission her and pay for it.
Why is this something we are doubting again?

>> No.1584142

>that's the only chance that she'll actually see the message
just a casual fucking reminder that she reads *literally fucking everything* you send her and only reads Reds aloud, and even then, she's branching out to lower-tier donations. Fuck me, you people are braindead.

>> No.1584146

And she'll say "haha, yeah, your boy is totally done with taking more work!" then proceeds to take more work. Like always.

>> No.1584159

I would, because time and again I'll be proven right, just like the last time when I got shitted on for deducing the MVs.

>> No.1584194

you're out your gotdamn mind anon

>> No.1584222

as I said, I'm not doubting she's getting paid
but I'm pretty sure the amount she's getting paid didn't change despite her profile and time as an artist became massively more valuable
it's kinda like a gig musician making it big and releasing million dollar albums but still breaking their back to give 10 concerts in their local city bars, getting paid 300 bucks for each

>> No.1584226

I will never understand people who think just because I'm a protobeat that means I'm somehow obligated to like every single person Mori's every come into contact or collaborated with. I don't make my entire fucking personality revolve around what Mori does or does not like because that's insane. Of all of them, the only ones I can say I'm an actual fan of are Ririsya and Milky. I don't care about Dyes, I don't care about FT, I don't care about the majority of people in her "extended universe", and none of that somehow revokes or runs counter to the fact that I was listening to her music before most people in this thread even knew she existed.

>> No.1584292

Then you're probably one of the fans garnered by Dwayne Johnson.

Because the entry sequence was usually being an FT fan.

>> No.1584311

>Most of the equipment upgrades she had over the years (Like the Cintiq) were because of payouts from MV work.
I take it you can confirm the purchases roughly coincided with the MV releases, right?
Shit, maybe I did buy into a rrat. But now I'm scared to change my mind because for all I know I'd be buying right into another one.

>> No.1584315

More midbeat than Protobeat, I see.

>> No.1584323

nah, Mori outright mentioned she got her tablet due to one of her MV jobs in the recent drawstream

>> No.1584341

What is the market price for a fully animated MV anon?
Does any of us know?
Commission work is as always:
The artist has a standard base fee and everything else is contracted with the client depending on the complexity of the work.

This kind of speculation is a waste of time.
So now she should get,what? 5k more than what she had gotten when she started?

Her time might be more valuable but that doesn't change anything,to be honest.

Pretty much yes,and there is the fact that she literally mentioned that in the dagger drawstream

>> No.1584345

Not to mention that she had a PS5 before holo

>> No.1584361

Anon, your time reps...

>> No.1584383

>Not to mention that she had a PS5 before holo

The ps5 launched in November anon

>> No.1584388

Anonchama that is just winning at the reservation gacha.
Not even Cover can grab PS5s for the talents.
That and Sony hates their guts

>> No.1584460

Are we really grading people on how much of a fan of hers they are now? What a fucking joke.

>> No.1584480

Working hard is supposed to be fulfilling. There's satisfaction in producing something, fulfilling your role in society and not being a "deadbeat" kek. You're not an overprivileged european right?

>> No.1584501

>Anonchama that is just winning at the reservation gacha.
Not even that much. She bought one at an absurdly marked-up price because she really wanted to play Demon’s Souls Remastered.

>> No.1584518

That you can’t draw a line between working hard and working yourself sick constantly worries me. Do you know you’re supposed to have a life outside of your work? I know Mori doesn’t, that’s why she’s like that, but I’m wondering if you do.

>> No.1584535

>Mori is monitoring this thread, based on the timing of her tweet concerning the MV.

>> No.1584549

this kinda shit is why i don't go outside

>> No.1584560

Alright I guess I'll just take your word for it. Can't really be bothered to look for the timestamp right now, especially if it's in the part I did watch and I forgot/missed it like a retard.

>> No.1584587
File: 539 KB, 2048x1058, 1600850999867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori, I love you but you better take it easy after you're done with all this shit.

>> No.1584592

Good, I hope she takes some of this shit to heart.

>> No.1584620

Here's something that people aren't pointing out: Her character art is still her work. People seem to be forgetting the Artist part of this. It's not like she's not getting any rub from this.

Also if you really want to stick it to FT, leave a dislike.

>> No.1584671

>no replies
you know what, you did good deadbeats

>> No.1584754

She has time to go to the gym, go on twitter. You're also forgetting that since rona happened, the line between work and free time gets more blurred as more people are stuck at home. She can rest, cook or do some other shit in between working. If she feels to tired she can just take a nap. It's not like she has to go to an office and work overtime. She's doing fine in the comfort of her own room. It's one of the benefits of working from home. No need to worry, she even has her own kitchen now, nobody knows how she actually spends her day. Maybe she spends time in between working to rest or cook up a meal

>> No.1584779

>cook up a meal

>> No.1584805

None of this applies when you remember for one second that she literally worked herself into (self-admitted) burnout and damn-near depression.

>> No.1584815
File: 2.36 MB, 1893x4093, F3088AC6E2824728B920CD56406B8B72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I gotta have confidence like my boy says.I'd wanna play GG with her since I'm trash.

>> No.1584836

Being sad you let your friend down isn't clinical depression, stop equating your fragile self as mori

>> No.1584861

She made french toast, that requires at least three steps to make. It counts as cooking to me

>> No.1584892

>everyone calls it depression for the past two weeks
>but now that it doesn’t suit your purposes anymore, she was actually never depressed at all
So transparent.

>> No.1584957

Don't you remember her first song *and* the Deadbeats EP was entirely composed and mixed by K's. If she thought K's was "not as great", why would she risk her debut with K's rather than ask for a music prod. from Hololive contacts.

>> No.1584978

Everybody gets burnt out and depressed at some point. Mori's not some fragile zoomer, she'll get over this, that's why she's my oshi. Stop glamorizing and idolizing her fragile side. She knows how to take care of herself, that's how she's able to get this far

>> No.1585020

That's why she SC'ed him during one of his recent livestreams right? She must hate him so much to make time to watch his streams

>> No.1585051

>She knows how to take care of herself
That we’re having his discussion at all post-October is proof that taking care of herself is so far out of her skillset that she’s not allowed within a 30ft. radius of anyone who has it.

>> No.1585070

Because on the professional side, K's is truly top tier. Still, Mori's double standard is a bit disappointing.

>> No.1585107

At least she's getting better at it

>> No.1585125

at the end of the day shes only human too

>> No.1585143

She got this far through self-abuse and stubbornness, not at all because she can take care of herself beyond the basic human instinct of not starving/dying of dehydration.

>> No.1585165

So since when is concernfagging because of roommate's work is better than concernfagging due to long stream hours?

>> No.1585181

Take it easy. Mori never forced any contributers to give her their contributions. Nobody is entitled to Mori. Her presence is privledge to those that are lucky enough to enjoy it. Mori is going to what Mori does or she wouldn't be Mori and we wouldn't all be in this thread together enjoying the same space.

Also Mori has hours and hours of perfectly good videos to watch on youtube for free over and over. You're burning the flower instead of enjoying the beauty of it.

>> No.1585185

Mori, just because we're saying you can't consistently pump out good shit on two hours of sleep doesn't mean you should take it as a challenge.

>> No.1585192

>She knows how to take care of herself
anon...have you never watched her streams or do you have them on mute? these threads are literally discussing how she CANT take care of herself (not in the same sense as gura). if she could there wouldnt be tens of autists here, including me, worrying about her physical and mental health, as well as her work ethic

>> No.1585224 [DELETED] 

Doing it with three fans while having a wife and child is still a shitbag move and there's no excuse to that.

>> No.1585235

It’s not concernfagging because I respect her decision to kill herself with side projects. It doesn’t stop me from calling her a retard either.

>> No.1585246

The real explanation is he was one of the people who thought Villain was about trannies

>> No.1585252

Sorry, meant it about K's

>> No.1585271

the only thing that has changed is that she isnt doing scythe swinging lessons
LITERALLY nothing else because she still does freelance for her "friends' but now even more thanks to having more free time

>> No.1585312

Back then she said she's only doing it for friends anymore and now she said she stops doing it completely. So yes, I believe.

>> No.1585319

I'm convinced you guys are falseflaggers. She's not a fucking toddler. It's almost impossible to overwork when working from your home. Tired? Just take a nap. Hungry? Order something or take a 30 minute break to cook up a meal. She's an adult. Seems like you guys are never going to be conviced unless she streams her entire day as proof that she can take care of herself

>> No.1585327

...Okay, how do you figure that? Because the only difference between now and October is one job, and she made up the difference for that by deciding to work on three MVs on top of everything else she HAS to do.

>> No.1585331

it's one thing to dedicate 10 hours to playing games and having fun with a fanbase that supports and interacts with you
it's a whole other beast to work yourself half to death for someone else out of some feeling of necessity while letting your own career(s) rot

>> No.1585356

Because she already admitted, that she's gonna stop now.

>> No.1585377


>> No.1585379

>Tired? Just take a nap
Are we still talking about the same woman who admitted that she would get low single digits for hours of sleep? I just wanted to check.

>> No.1585392

and can you tell me what has changed from switching her customers being whoever they were before, let's say, new year's, and now that it's only her friends?

>> No.1585414

Talk is talk. I believed Mori when she said things would be looking up but here we are, talking about the same things that happened in October & November because they keep happening.

>> No.1585417

>It's almost impossible to overwork when working from your home

>> No.1585425
File: 1.01 MB, 697x1200, file_7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need her sexy voice singing Devil Trigger asap.

>> No.1585433

sorry, i meant if there was a change from her saying it would be only for friends and now

>> No.1585437

So you want a stream that requires a ton of preparations, right fucking now of all times? We'll get it, be patient.

>> No.1585450

>No Schedule

Really spending a lot of time on those boring projects huh Mori. I hope she quits this shit after her final "tour"

>> No.1585454

Are you two still at it?
Your concerns have been answered multiple times.
We get you didn't like the replies you have gotten, but can you stop timelooping in the same goddamn thread?

>> No.1585456

>Tired? Just take a nap
>Mori sleeps for a single-digit number of hours in a week
>Hungry? Just order something
>has had at least one mention on stream where she brought up forgetting to eat
Mori is a womanchild, my dude.

>> No.1585475

>reminder that falsehatters are larping as Protobeats

>> No.1585490

She won’t and we know she won’t but we have to pretend right up until the literal second she talks about the new freelance project she’s working on and how your boy’s working in crunch time again.

>> No.1585524

Honestly, I really don't give a fuck about this anymore, because this is a pointless timelooping argument. If you can't see her changing, the problem is with you.

>> No.1585526

it's hard not to timeloop when we're literally in the same situation is we were in october

>> No.1585534

Even a feral child knows to rest when tired and eat when hungry, these are the basic instincts of any living being.

>> No.1585553

Are there people still pushing the ao rrat even though her recent tweets killed it?

>> No.1585562

It's about time we bully this whiner out of the thread. Don't care if he spills his bullshit out to hlgg

>> No.1585580

tell me then. what has changed? what did mori change in her schedule from her debut, to new years, and to now? all i can see is her switching out scythe swinging for working on more side projects

>> No.1585602

You miss why it’s a time loop in the first place; because Mori once again proved incapable of caring for herself. You’re obsessed with dismissing things just because they’re a time loop by refusing to acknowledge that the conditions have barely changed.
>but she’s dying a little LESS so it’s improvement
Great! I’m thrilled. Talk to me when she isn’t stressed out of her mind on projects she chose to be a part of despite knowing, somewhere in that dysfunctional brain of hers, that she didn’t have the time.

>> No.1585606

Yes, forcing the `shes a slave to FT, by extension, Ao.

Again this is cope for people that desperately want to be Mori's hero against the big bad Korean-Drama tier villain who they assigned Ao as

>> No.1585630

Should I spell it out for you that she literally said that this is gonna be her last freelance and then byebye for it forever.

>> No.1585650


>> No.1585660


>> No.1585679

I think you very much enjoy creating people in your head to argue with.

>> No.1585682

Believe what you want, I don't care anymore, you're the retard here.

>> No.1585688

she's been saying this same shit for the past 3 months though. it's kind of hard to believe someone who says that she WONT do something, DOES it, complains about being busy, said she WONT do it again, DOES IT AGAIN, and complains about being busy...AGAIN

>> No.1585719

And I said we’ll see. I have no confidence in her holding to that because there will always be one more friend, one more big project she doesn’t want to miss out on, one more favor she owes, this, that, the same old story. I’ll believe it when I see it, not just because she told me to believe this time for real.

>> No.1585720

Then maybe just stop watching her and leave? Nobody would miss you.

>> No.1585734

Isn't this what it boils down to?
Coping that FT is somehow evil.

>> No.1585751

If you don't believe her, why are you even watching her?

>> No.1585764

She will stop doing freelance after April. She’ll just replace it with taking every MV and art request from Hololive. You will have this same crunch time can’t stream too stressed shell of a girl. Forever.

>> No.1585783

The problem is that you’re conflating saying with doing. Mori can say she’s done with freelance all she wants, it means nothing to just say the words. Actually put them into practice if you want people to believe it. I remember when she said she was going to start saying no to people and got better at doing that, now here we are with her working on 3 MVs, two of which have nothing to do with “Mori”

>> No.1585784

Finally. Someone with common sense. If you can't keep up leave. Simple as.

>> No.1585807

I don’t believe her specifically because I watch her and have learned better. It’s why I keep my expectations on the ocean floor, because at least then she can’t let me down.

>> No.1585830

Fuck me, I guess antis and falseflaggers finally found out how to make this thread unusable. Attacking her directly didn't work so it has to be under the guise of being concerned for her wellbeing.

>> No.1585852

Honestly I believe she will stop taking commissions from FT for a simple reason: they won't make more music.
She might invest time in her roommate's projects though.

>> No.1585882

I'm complaining exactly because I WANT TO WATCH HER AND ENJOY HER STREAMS. are you a literal buffon who can't comprehend how negatively all this side shit influences her mentally and subsequently fucks up her streams? I'm not saying I only care about her HL content, but it's through it that we can see how she's doing
You can't tell me that her overworking herself on side shit good for her

>> No.1585895

I have no concern for her wellbeing because she doesn’t either, and caring about someone who doesn’t care about themselves is a waste of time. Overworking yourself to your heath’s detriment doesn’t make you above reproach.

>> No.1585908

It's really nice to read some doomposting and falseflaggers before going to work.

>> No.1585926

No, you just outed yourself as a Fairweather fan, get out of /guh/

>> No.1585930

I'm really excited for the upcoming stream

>> No.1585951


So you admit you expect nothing from her but constant disappointment, and don't care about her in general. Just fuck off then. Leave and eat shit. No one fucking wants you here, and you clearly don't want to be here any more either.

>> No.1585971

Just because you're happy collecting your cuck bucks from the dole, doesn't mean everyone else should waste their lives avoiding the work that makes their dreams come true.

>> No.1585992

Here's your last fake (You)s, I hope nobody else will be stupid enough to give you more, because it's truly pointless.

>> No.1586009

>sports fans have experienced century-long title droughts.
>Three week down time from Mori makes some "fans" cry

>> No.1586012

I’m sorry, I thought expecting things and having expectations of her in general made me entitled? So which way do you want it: entitled because I expect her to do the things she says she will or in the wrong because I took the thread’s advice and stopped having expectations?

>> No.1586045

Sports fans are fucking losers who live vicariously through their team, that’s why they use language like “we won”, “we’re the champions”.

>> No.1586059

The moment you demand something out of your oshi is the moment you stop making her your oshi.

Have this pearl from earlier upstream and fuck off from morig already.

>> No.1586074

Anon, you're proving that you're worse than they are.

>> No.1586076

And those people can work themselves sick chasing after their dreams, which coincidentally involve making someone else money, and then wondering why they feel miserable.

>> No.1586086

look on the bright side, we definitely cut down a few bad grass because of this.

>> No.1586089

>The anniversary wasn't cancelled


>> No.1586097

By having no expectations, I demand nothing. By your standards, I’m the perfect fan.

>> No.1586117

I’ll look on the bright side when you learn English and I can’t pick your posts out of a line-up anymore.

>> No.1586152

I should have clipped this back in ze day when she said it, but this right here is why I'm disappointed. It was one thing for this to happen when Hololive was an unexpected success and she was transitioning to her new life. However, the simple fact is that she hasn't lived up to this mindset which I'm sure upsets her and also is bullshit to the fans that have enabled her to go full time. https://streamable.com/t0vvl9

>> No.1586163
File: 69 KB, 500x1199, karimori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to cull rrats, but i entirely expect that the concern fag and insane rrat maker to stick around and create more trouble

i demand you stop being in this thread and you stop following Mori,nobody wants to know or cares about what you think.
Find someone more suitable for your pretentious concernfagging ass.
Plenty of indies, plenty of holos and whatever nijis are

>> No.1586198

Not a concernfag, I fully support Mori’s stupid decisions to work until she drops from exhaustion. That’s what makes me a real fan.

>> No.1586234

This weird obsession you have with calling yourself a "real" fan is frankly worrying.
You are not getting any sympathy or support from here. Get lost already

>> No.1586235

Except she's been like this since forever. What did you think she was doing when she was a full time teacher?

Again, your full time will never be better than her part time.

>> No.1586266

Just ignore and stop replying to the idiot.

>> No.1586281

But you’re the one obsessed with trying to delegitimize others for the sake of strengthening your argument. Because everyone who disagrees with you can’t be a deadbeat, right? You are the one who flipped on a dime and went from saying I’m not a real deadbeat for not expecting anything to saying that because I expect nothing that also makes me a fake fan. Or so it goes.

>> No.1586284

>ITT: person still in denial about picking the wrong oshi.

>> No.1586308

My full time gets my work finished on time without me having to take a siesta halfway through, sleeping for three hours a night and chugging coffee to keep my eyes open. I’d say my way works out better for overall happiness and maintaining low stress levels. But hey, the glamorization of being overstressed, overworked, overtaxed, and exhausted 24/7, am I right? That’s the real dream there.

>> No.1586318

Your oshi picks you, though.

>> No.1586325

Way to reveal yourself, flip

>> No.1586328

she literally quit her job as a teacher because she knew she couldn’t do it forever, what level of history revisionism is this?

>> No.1586356

I guess the mocking tone flew over your head. Though she does like them short so maybe that’s a good thing.

>> No.1586364

You stupid Reaper. I'm going to beat your ass.

>> No.1586377

It's just one falseflagger, ignore him already ffs, this has been going on too long.

>> No.1586382

Because it was superseded by Hololive. Also, congratulations on ruining your whole argument by pointing this out, since it proves that she can put a hierarchy of importance to her different jobs.

>> No.1586385

If that shitty apex Collab wasn't going on and someone posted about the MVs in global you just know that the shitshow there would be 10 times larger except without the concernfag veil

>> No.1586415

now she should try putting hololive first on the hierarchy instead of making it take a backseat to freelance all the time

>> No.1586449
File: 97 KB, 1024x768, guhstridermori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Because everyone who disagrees with you can’t be a deadbeat, right?
I disagree with plenty of deadbeats and anons here, nobody is acting like you do.

>And went from saying I’m not a real deadbeat for not expecting anything to saying that because I expect nothing that also makes me a fake fan
You've been arguing with ~3 different people,at minimum.
Let me spell it out for you,
you should not demand anything and you should not have "expectations" that you can hold over her. It's not how this works.

she does content, you follow what she does if you like, if you disagree the direction she is going, you leave.

Either you are in for the ride or you are not.
Fans can only support her,we are not KFP trying to "change our oshi because we know what is better for her".
So why are you complaining this hard again? I haven't seen you tweet at her about this, SC her, or leave a comment.
All you do is cry about how you hate what she does in the only place where she cannot see or reply to you.

Get a grip.

>> No.1586456

>Doesn't appreciate her literal influences

>> No.1586465

This Freelance shit is getting old.

>> No.1586507

Notice that again, we're experiencing this at SEA times.

Also notice the concernfagging over breaking bones by overworking as if she's on a third world country.

>> No.1586511

the discussion here or the actual thing?

>> No.1586528

>appreciate people you don’t give a shit about and their music that you also don’t give a shit about because someone you like also likes them
do you have a single opinion that’s actually your own?

>> No.1586532

The actual thing. Like, you have a well paying job now you can devote your full time you. Whats with this side gig

>> No.1586534

Man this thread will probably be unbearable until next week.

>> No.1586549

It's always like this anon, she has a stream in 75m, shit will get better after.

>> No.1586571

Bonus points if all the projects she made are successes.

>> No.1586577

>you should not demand anything and you should not have "expectations" that you can hold over her. It's not how this works.
And I don’t, because I expect nothing and demand nothing. Why is it so hard for you to accept that your logic was flawed from the onset? You’re going in about demands, I state I have none, but now that isn’t enough, I have to not demand anything for reasons you approve of.

>> No.1586608
File: 131 KB, 1000x976, 1602177899399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shit will get better after

>> No.1586631
File: 96 KB, 1080x881, 1615851193620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree, I don't expect or want her to make anything else after this. Fuck this dumb bitch making free content I didn't ask or pay for.

>> No.1586638

anon don't be too optimistic.... shit might get worse after the stream.

>> No.1586654

true. when not only your "main" job, but also your other life both take a backseat to freelancing, it's time to at least decide what your priorities are

>> No.1586669

And there’s the hyperbole to cap it all off. I accept your concession.

>> No.1586709

As i said in global, after she is done with the MVs people will kneel.Hard.

You have been complaining about what she does and how she does it the whole thread, anonchama.

You have both demands and expectations, and a clear vision of what YOU want her to do with her career.

If you were an happy little skeleton with no issues why would you keep replying?
Just go on your merry way, no-complaints-happy-with-how-things-are-anon

Hey, from everything we've seen last week the worst of her Cursed Night has passed,the worst i can expect is comments on how she was low energy.
But it's a zatsu, no?
A dose of Mori being cute as shit is going to flare up all the ghostlings for a while.

>> No.1586714

I wonder how lucitan feel, probably okay since she like both sides.

>> No.1586722

>Mori being cute as shit
*being tired as shit

>> No.1586733

so when do these threads usually get archived? i've never actually experienced it with /morig/

>> No.1586739

Someone forgot how good the fake sleepy asmrs were.

>> No.1586784

not him, but still
>As i said in global, after she is done with the MVs people will kneel.Hard.
i would want nothing more than this to be true and for mori to disprove any and all concerns people have about her

>> No.1586788

Thank you for telling me the intent of my own posts and what I actually want. Clearly you know better than I do, and it’s just convenient that what I want perfectly aligns itself with your argument. If you can point out a single post of mine where I DEMAND something of Mori, I’ll send a $500 akasupa when the stream goes live. Please, breakdown my post and explain all the subtext and double meanings that illustrate the true intent of my words.

>> No.1586836

Good. Now fuck off. If you want to peddle this narrative then go back to hlgg where you belong

>> No.1586868

Sad to see that you’ve got nothing left. I’ll wait for you when she announces her next freelance project in a month.

>> No.1586908

And we'll gladly wait for it.

>> No.1586923

Of course you will, you’ve been well-trained by now. Caring about Mori is the afterthought, the roommate is the main attraction for you.

>> No.1586935

The absolute state of /morig/....

>> No.1586950

>Already moved the goalposts

>> No.1586968

I hate this place so fucking much.

>> No.1586970

The absolute state of Mori Calliope, you should say.

>> No.1586975

Same here. See you again tomorrow!

>> No.1586983

So you good?
Then why do you keep replying?
No problems with me, the thread,or Mori herself.
You could spend your time better than this.
You and your other friend had your concerns answered way up high, and that wasn't enough for you because simultaneously you have no expectations of her because you don't want her to disappoint you AND that you expect her to go back on her word and not do what she said she is going to.

You've built a Mori in your head and you are pissed others are telling you things are not going the way you expect them to be
and quotes:

and we can keep going upstream for the whole chain.

Grudgepost us in a month.

Wait wait wait, Oh so now that is what it is?
Are you the only one that cares about Mori in this thread?
Are you by chance the one that wanted to beat up hatman?

>> No.1586999

just stop taking the bait

>> No.1587021

Not everything is about AO or somehow revolves around him. I’m not Mori.

>> No.1587023

100% right, but i'm having fun, this guy is legit mental.

>> No.1587028

I just think Mori bites more than she can chew with projects.

>> No.1587068

You mistake expectation for predictions. I predict she’ll fail at her self-appointed task at refusing freelance because she’ll aways find a way to justify it to herself as to why this one time is okay. I have no expectations as a result. One leads to two, see?

>> No.1587236

just to clarify
i dont know if all the other replies are the same guy, but >>1585580 is me
i'm tired of this fucking timeloop so dont (you) me just to repeat your "it's gonna be different form now" points

>> No.1587290

it’s directly proportional to the number of DD tweets per thread

>> No.1587338

If you're already at it, how about just go someplace else, and never come back?

>> No.1587480

Easy come easy go
Easy (You), rrat flow
Eeenie meenie minie mo
Falseflag, get that dough
Solid gold, doxx and sage, samefag and repeat
When they speak about the Anti, man they speaking about me

>> No.1587496

who are you to tell me what to do?

>> No.1587523

Your Dad, Guh

>> No.1587571

sorry to disappoint but i'm not one of the autistic dadfags

>> No.1587618

Give FT views to shut up the falseflagger.

>> No.1587661

Start the fucking stream, Mori.

>> No.1587679

Get up in the global, fuck discussion, gotta pump the hate
Fuck the mods, be a fag, blow the thread up in your face
Fuck a smart reply, just a (You) will do just fuckin fine
Image slot, paste a line, damn this rrat is genuine.

>> No.1587705

>moririn, stop rappin' start streamin.

>> No.1587755

>If you want a schizo amongst your fans, stop rappin' and start streamin'

>> No.1587785

I’m not going to watch your stupid celebrity ha, ‘celebrity’ crush, Mori. Get over it and him already.

>> No.1587801

It was just a strong suggestion. Alternatively, you can also neck yourself, if that's what you prefer.

>> No.1587889
File: 119 KB, 564x838, EwmlVVNVcAgTmo3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This artist is pretty based. But I guess it's a given when his name is "abs connoisseur".

>> No.1587911

i still have streams i want to watch, so i probably WILL neck myself when my oshi graduates or i lose interest in vtubers

>> No.1588005

If it had curly hair instead of straight, it'd be perfect as J-chad instead of 'good art that you can only tell is Mori from the beltbuckle'.

>> No.1588068
File: 297 KB, 768x768, 8x3w428cbg451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Looks at FT MV
>It's static art animated
>Stress was indeed about Dyes' MV.

>> No.1588102

we don't need this discussion anymore man. mori's about to stream....after a 10 minute delay of course

>> No.1588112

what part of "THREE" do you not understand?

anyway streams on

>> No.1588116

I just want Mori to bite me.

>> No.1588119
File: 221 KB, 1639x2048, 1613373384114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I gotta wonder how people in chart are able to react to everything. I look away and Mori already said something in chat.

>> No.1588121

Don't forget to ask her how she is, deadbeats!

>> No.1588130

...in 10ish mins

>> No.1588134

Always do buddy

>> No.1588140

You got it, moririn

>> No.1588148

She "only" did the illustrations for it.

>> No.1588150

Fool me once... you'll never fool me again.

>> No.1588156

No, I already know she's "le depressed"

>> No.1588169

I understand that there were three of them. But only one of them involves her full attention.

The FT one is literally just her drawing rendered on 3d by another person, while Mori's is likely handled by the artist who she asked.

>> No.1588221

>tfw this is happenning.
>all while she's secretly completing the HoloAlt MV

>> No.1588236

Inb4 some braindead congratulates her with an SC on her new MV.

>> No.1588257

I mean, she DID announce an EP MV

>> No.1588260

Hey, why not? MV work is already leaking into Mori’s streams, might as well go all out.

>> No.1588263

well, deniable plausibility because she announced the MV for an EP song. So unless you specify, you're going to get the stock "you're welcome" reply.

>> No.1588284

What's wrong with congratulating her on her Mori one? I didn't actually expect an MV with the album art but I'm excited because I also greatly enjoy the album art.

>> No.1588305

Damn, she was thinking about everything, our boy is truly several steps ahead of the retards.

>> No.1588320

i was unironically expecting her to delay it judging by the :45 stream time

>> No.1588321

Kek reminds me of the song freakout from her seemingly ambiguous tweets in the past

>> No.1588340

Damn this BGM is bangin.

>> No.1588355

>image OST BGM

>> No.1588391

Wow, youtube is fucking broken.

>> No.1588392

>about to sleep
>mori streams
guys... enjoy the stream... without me... zzz

>> No.1588413

Sleep tight

>> No.1588447

Good night, Mori.

>> No.1588465

That was an interesting noise.

>> No.1588466

Works completely fine here in eastern europe, dunno what's wrong with your strems.

>> No.1588487

>it's just flash animation and still images

What the fuck happened here?

>> No.1588505

Of course. I would tell her I'm a fan and congratulate her on her success. She'd probably get tepid and I would leave it there. If not I'd offer to buy her a drink and leave it at that.

>> No.1588596

>maybe fly to another country and watch?
Shoutout to all the IM SWIMMiNG TO JAPAN psoters

>> No.1588632

Mori no!

>> No.1588635

>She drinks Corona

>> No.1588652

This dumbass drinks dishwater.

>> No.1588663

>she's been recording something too

>> No.1588664

I am literally only aware of this because of the meme name, can I get a quick rundown?

>> No.1588679

it's mexican beer

>> No.1588689

it's just a shitty mexican beer.

>> No.1588693

im gonna have to rely on live updates from here because youtube is being a bitch

>> No.1588724

>it actually was a break
>she hated it

Well, I guess it kinda worked.

>> No.1588729

Mexican beer, not that great but it's whatever. As she said it's better with lime in it.

>> No.1588733

>I don’t know if I should’ve taken that break
Every single retard who told me Mori is an adult who can handle herself just fine owes me a fucking apology.

>> No.1588737

So she actually went on a trip for the last day

>> No.1588749

i recommend you go to global because i doubt we'll be discussing it as much here

>> No.1588752

>she was about to say she's good at Uno

>> No.1588794


>> No.1588795

Much appreciated, I won't buy any.

>> No.1588813

>144p gang!

>> No.1588818

pretty sure there was one anon and 5-10 others telling him he was full of shit

>> No.1588852


>> No.1588867

>Mori is causing an /hlgg/ split literally right now

>> No.1588874

Use one of the 50 billion free VPNs, you dumb SEAnigger.

>> No.1588914

>I wanna try some shark one of these days

>> No.1588940

>holy shit, Everything that Akechi-anon said was true.
>deduced that she was on the trip
>deduced that it was the MV that's giving her trouble.


>> No.1588946

The cynic in me immediately thought, is this a fucking roommate dogwhistle?

>> No.1588965

Huh, J-chad watching and commenting to Mori directly on discord

>> No.1588984

It's the Alt song.

>> No.1588991

she's prerecording a Mori takeover in the middle of the concert

>> No.1588995

forget what i said, meidos are apparently on a fucking smoke break

>> No.1589076

>She hasn't seen her multi-person boyfriend in three days
>acts like this


>> No.1589118

>it's a "this happened to my friend" situation
Tell us, Mori, why didn't you give that cowboy a chance?

>> No.1589121

>all you guys arguing about MORI VS ROOMMATE FREELANCE
>CLERO gets mentioned again

all your fault, /morig/

>> No.1589153

I hate this dumbass
mori love

>> No.1589163

apparently mori sent her instruments to get fixed, also got their images remade, as in they're higher quality

>> No.1589184

I missed that part, what did she say?

>> No.1589192

>mori's too busy to pick up her harmonica from under her desk
did i get that right?

>> No.1589210

Anon, she broke it.

>> No.1589231

>These really heavy...spikes on my shoulders
Kek Mori

>> No.1589260

"I'm not against [...] the pain, that's cool."

>> No.1589334

lmoa i dont pick up on these things often

>> No.1589367

>mori tried to post the entire bee movie in YT chat at some point
she's autistic alright, just like everyone else

>> No.1589404

Her giggles

>> No.1589425

that's my girl

>> No.1589438

Moririn, you scatterbrain...

>> No.1589467
File: 8 KB, 401x61, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree, it's fucking adorable.

>> No.1589468

>I'm actually feeling really good now
Moririn, I hope so

>> No.1589481

>Akechi anon
>is also Keichii anon
>is also Kira anon

who the fuck is his oshi? Mori or Hoshi?

>> No.1589494

someone dropped a 500 aka
btw the recent spam is primarily from me, i took it upon myself (for some reason) to keep >>1588693 up to date

also, she wants to finish omori on sunday and is "allegedly" better mentally after taking the trip, plus thinks she can do longer streams (5-8 hours)
anon, tell me to stop if you dont care/ can watch the stream yourself

>> No.1589519

Mori is being very cute and lovely today, glad she's over her depression arc.

>> No.1589529

>Ao Oni drinking game

>> No.1589534

>knows about the anon who's not watching the Omori stream.

>> No.1589537

So it really was a dicking huh..

>> No.1589538

Apparently I'm on a 2 minute delay to you guys

>> No.1589570

....side effect of a VPN?

>> No.1589591

>put it down for good

>> No.1589592

By me

>> No.1589593

No, just a flip.

>> No.1589610

What are you talking about?

>> No.1589633

i didnt fucking hear due to lag, what would be consequences for if something happened?

>> No.1589640

The earthquake on Luzon might've killed some wires.

>> No.1589641

>Mori is literally here

>> No.1589646

>You're not my MOM guys

>> No.1589648

>You're not my mom!

>> No.1589659

Our daughter's almost done with work, fellas

>> No.1589688

I cannot wait to be proven right.
>not a lot after that
>literally confirming that there’s more
Never mind, she did it for me.

>> No.1589700 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 596x431, 2f0e81972304309b7f00951f3272a0c7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told you guys, I would be vindicated again.

>> No.1589726

>avatarfagging yet again

>> No.1589742

>moririn wants to go on a picnic

>> No.1589773

>Do you want to have a picnic with your friends?

>> No.1589788

lmao, she's planning a pet review with j-chad to filter out the potential yab ones

>> No.1589790

>I like all pets *giggle*
God I love this cute dork

>> No.1589828

Mori's maternal instincts being projected on animals!

>> No.1589832

>didn't even realize it was White Day


>> No.1589839

>friendship with pekora ended, frienship with okayu started.

>dunks on white day.

>> No.1589845

>didn't give a shit about white day
>totally forgot it existed

Clero: mogged

>> No.1589860


>> No.1589870

>I'm starved for pets
God, this woman needs a baby inside her right fucking NOW. By me

>> No.1589884

Mori you pure hearted dork..

>> No.1589889

>bringing this fag up again
in absence of monetary compensation etc.

>> No.1589894

also, she's debating whether she wants a cat or a bunny, needs to ask the landlord
personal take, fuck cats. they're so overrated while bunnies are underrepresented >>1589773
i unironically wanted to with my uni friends at the start of my bachelor's a while back, but shit didnt look possible so i gave up

>> No.1589947

>good thing I have both Edge and Chromium
>install free VPN on Chromium for YT, load 4chan on edge.

>> No.1589977

>they really believe

>> No.1589984

>pillow between legs

>> No.1589992

mori loves pillows and cant wait for their merch pillows to drop

>> No.1590006

Cuddling in bed with Mori...

>> No.1590009

>It's luci's daki.

>> No.1590011

>When I go to sleep, there's pillows everywhere. I need one to hold, one under my head, one between my legs, and others all around me. I just need to be enclosed in pillows!

>> No.1590016

>needs to be covered in pillows
God she needs to be held and cuddled so fucking bad
by me

>> No.1590037

>I love dolls, stuffed animals...I need to be enclosed in pillows...

>> No.1590066

you mean by me? i WILL fight you over this

>> No.1590075

Flipbeats hows the stream? Eternal loading on my end but i can watch other vids fine

>> No.1590077
File: 325 KB, 1198x669, KEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this really is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

>> No.1590101

Ok guys, people who sleep with lots of pillows are lonely and depressed

>> No.1590109
File: 101 KB, 800x800, EuG-CgUVkAA0gNC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

try my strategy.

>> No.1590111

I'm gonna kick your ass.

>> No.1590112


>> No.1590116


>> No.1590138

>at least 3 of us
works intermiittently and with a ~2 minute delay

>> No.1590147

I sleep with three. Head, legs, and back just because I don't like having my back exposed.

>> No.1590156

I only have one standard pillow

>> No.1590167

>Minecraft fishing and chatting
>Ao Oni
>Omori Finale
>Uno collab
>Members only just chatting
>1 or 2 more

>> No.1590186

>a whole week of guerilla streams.

>> No.1590190

something about the upcoming streams, she plans to do MC fishing streams and collab with gura on cuphead, potentially phasmo again (correct me if i heard anything wrong anons)

>> No.1590219

>Mori melting under a barrage of compliments
Good job, skelebros

>> No.1590220
File: 771 KB, 970x545, 1615579556536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you're cute
>no u~

>> No.1590236

literally was monitoring us.

Which means

ONE QUIZ Anon was Mori all along or stuff.

>> No.1590241

>doesnt have enough time this week so potential ASMR and karaoke streams are for next time

>> No.1590244

Until Mori talks about makeup and what she should wear for our date there is no stopping this train

>> No.1590247


>> No.1590262

>JP collab

>> No.1590283


>> No.1590295
File: 456 KB, 621x576, is this some kind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>three months later
>wake up
>birds are singing
>sun is shining
>eat a balanced breakfast, do my reps
>wind down to a Mori stream
>stream starts
>no guh
>"Good evening my deadbeats, it's your girl"
>soul shrinks
>heart rate goes haywire, brain shrivels up
>look for my devil-sided dice
>it's got angel wings instead
>open window to an hero
>superchat all my life-savings before I jump

>> No.1590297


For more information, see: >>1566207

>> No.1590347

>wants to do a german duolingo study stream to impress kiara at the next collab

>> No.1590403

This is so out there, but I'm actually gonna have lots of fun if I manage to catch it.

>> No.1590405


>> No.1590410
File: 224 KB, 1350x1050, EoWbklEVQAEMy4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love you, you dork

>> No.1590421

also,i didnt know where this was going so i alternated between sans' and DD's monologues

>> No.1590475

>RIP got 15 mil and mori is in dispelief
>making an MV for her EP
>hopes that by may she'll be done with everything so that she can prioritize streaming full-time (obligatory DYRBI)

>> No.1590477

She refused jobs!
Learning to say no with Mori!

>> No.1590489

>you gotta choose what you say yes to
You are literally the last fucking person on Earth to EVER be saying this. To anyone. Ever.

>> No.1590494

I want to believe

>> No.1590524

>Mori MV also has animation

>> No.1590547

>prefers to "get nowhere while trying instead of getting nowhere by doing nothing"
also, she's FINALLY reevaluating her life choices and genuinely trying to fix her priorities

>> No.1590548

I will tell myself it's real until we learn she's working on three EPs in tandem

>> No.1590572


>> No.1590591

>motivational mori
I can't bros. I given up so long ago I can't listen it makes me feel so worthless

>> No.1590595

Another BASED comment?

>> No.1590596

I choose not to believe.

>> No.1590602

unironically same but still, at the back of my mind i really want to believe she means it and wants to achieve it

>> No.1590606

I always believe my boy

>> No.1590630


>> No.1590632

I want to, but I don't at this point.

>> No.1590639

Mori taking me to the ranch to milk me!

>> No.1590666

>Dr. better than father

>> No.1590681

Don’t feel too bad, motivation doesn’t matter for much if you don’t actually do anything with it.

>> No.1590699

>Doctor Mori
>Oh noooooo
>Better than your father

>> No.1590705

>Lunch break at work
>Check too see how the stream went, it’s still going?
>Seeing all this chatter about cute, happy Mori
Welp, guess I’m going to go home, get drunk, and go full ghostling over the VOD.
I always believe in my Mori.

>> No.1590724

Mori wants to see you succeed and so do we, fellow deadbeat. Start small and do your reps even when you don't feel like it (but don't overdo it like our boy)

>> No.1590733

I need this shit for my alarm clock

>> No.1590735

>we have a DO YOUR FUCKING REPS speech

>> No.1590737

>mori giving viewers recipes for breakfast, the egg-in-a-piece-of-bread fried

>> No.1590743

>"GET yer ass up"

>> No.1590784

>GET yer ass up, ya got SHIT ta do!

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