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New Years Edition (come visit the shrines and make a wish

>Active server:
yubicraft - vt.yubi.market


>How to install/play:

>Upcoming Events:
Lunafes @ January 4th
BuildFes @ from now until January 8th

>Last thread

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Rare tag spotted

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NijiCHADS will run this server in 2021.

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>Lunafes @ January 4th

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Happy new year guy's

Your the reason I keep coming back to this board

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Kek same, I only go to /vt/ to bump this thread

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Nice subject, anon

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I have a fully functioning shrine with ema and omikuji on my world on bedrock if anyone wants to celebrate the new year on ps4 with me.

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Should I jump?

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As smart as my oshi

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>Build biggest map art in the serb to date
>Build it upside down in dynmap
>Not even Pomu

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We have 4 on our server, come do it with us

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really a different breed

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Ame is so cute when she eats bread.

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Tribalfaggotry is for /#/, here we are all yubibros

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if its for her, dew it

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Divegrass manager here, letting you know I signed up /ybc/ for /vt/ League 2!
As hosts not only do we play first, and get this slick /ybc/ inspired logo for thte tournament, but also get to have themed referees AND a secret second team to be used as the Final Boss for the champions to play against!

Of course that requires us to come up with a second roster, so I'll poll you with suggestions later on. For now, just GET HYP!

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>Pekoland, Rushia, Ameville, Takos, Haatons, chumbuds
Itt's always the same groups getting nods in the team. You do know other tags exist, right? Yubicraft isn't just those 5 places

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Reposting for new thread, nanora! And a special arigachu to all the yubi-crafters who helped test the games over the past few days!

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some astronomy shit i've been testing. the Sun is at this position at exactly 8:00 AM in the Dynmap.

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/become/ infiltrates the hfz watchalong

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honestly surprised the schizo pomu tree isnt there

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what tag was it

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Maybe build something iconic and recognizeable instead of and making more generic pixelart

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I can't build

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It's coming

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sheep shagger claims his first victim

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>omaruza tent and caged bloop included instead of bea dam, tower of unity, pomu tree, kiargonath, or coco statue
i know you cant please everyone but come on kek

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2 of those are already represented in the stadium, the others would not work as outlines. also I like, gave you all plenty of time to make your own logo or propose designs. Be the change you want to see, anon

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Anon, have you seen the matches? Kiargonath and Coco statue are already in the stadium itself.
There will be future VT Leagues, meaning there will always be chances to make new logos and show different stuff, besides we don't want to spoil everything either, the idea is to tease people a little so they come and see stuff on the server by themselves

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Will yubicraft be redeemed or will we be conquered by the french again?

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Another french will win it

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I miss akukin's black dildo

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Meiro's grave made on a small island next to Graduation Island (she would tarnish the main island) come spit on her grave!

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Too fancy for Meiro

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yeah where's the lava covering it

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I forget, who was meiro? was she that lewdtuber?

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The one that "stole" Roa's quip, then commited sef-graduation.
Just Niji bully-menhera culture stuff

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why is she crying?

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Super nene thirst

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playing with transparency for that "stained glass" look.

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Im out of creatividad I cant build anymore...

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I would cry too if my fans were dads

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can I join whatever team I want or do I have to ask someone

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Pick the one without the dragoons in it

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and then sabotage it

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>3.7 million subscribers
>dead faction
really makes you think

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Amazing didn't thought it would actually look that good.

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That's a really nice done logo

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Wool farm full speed ahead

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Lag machine full speed ahead*

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Who could be behind this mayhem

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That huge upside down Pomu pixel art is the culprit!

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>That huge upside down """Pomu""" pixel art is the culprit!

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if you build a basedjak on the server you're actually banned

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>three massive wool projects all going on at the same time

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What a bunch of niggers

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what's the third one?

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Stay mad, nigger

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only two large ones I know of, one isn't entirely wool though

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So much melanin in your skin you fucking sweat it

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I miss you bros. I was on earlier today to show my sister the Sanadome and will be back in a couple days.
What have I missed out on these last few weeks?

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Kiaramalaykum brothers, the Al-Taqanashi Mosque at 663,-924 is now open to visits and praying

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Hope you didn't have the chat open

Nothing much, lot of new people joined, someone built an upside-down "pomu", and people just doing projects like autism holes

Lunafes is soon and speed king is coming back, which I'm sure you've seen in the thread

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>they dont know

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>exposed hair
can't be having that

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South of the Deadbeat fish market is Weeman's Manor, named for a dude whose bed I stole since he has been inactive for a while. On the small chance he returns he may find his cave dwelling destroyed for terraformation, however I kept his stuff and moved them into this house with his sheep and a potato-wheat farm. Weeman, if you're reading this, super sorry.

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Border crossing between KFP zone and Deadbeat Town. It's a Schengen zone situation

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when do the tanks come out?

>> No.15803379

I like to think of Deadbeat town in its Maoist stage, they'll come after the Dengist stage.

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today is a day of rejoicing, for we have gotten a new Sapling

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Make him prove he misses fauna, server needs more water

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Oh nyooo sabachan

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yubicraft more like boobiecraft

>> No.15815853

yubicraft more like woolcraft

>> No.15816464

yeb moment

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>> No.15817883

Is the server down?

>> No.15818098

Yep, OP ran with it

>> No.15819066

OP's twink boyfriend here,
He's using the money you guys made him by playing yubicraft (secretly a cryptominer) to take me on a cruise.
We will be gone for a while and will have lots of drunken gay sex. Will send pics

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Lunafes in 11 hours right?

>> No.15819690

Idk it's AT 7PM EST

>> No.15822285

It's back up

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Sounds about right, get your boats ready

>> No.15827278

I can't wait to drag my team down

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Any quartz block farm?

>> No.15835051

Piglin gold farm > trade nuggets to Watamage for Quartz shards > craft into Quartz Blocks.

>> No.15836314

"final" version of paper 1.18.1 is finally out, I'll be updating that in a few hours

>> No.15836348

just make sure its done before Lunafes mr op (or done after the event)

>> No.15839886

Will probably be after, would be cutting it close to do it right before

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