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>over 5 hours just reading superchats alone
How does she do it?

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superchat reading streams are basically just zatsudan

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Can this be the real thread.

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You jinxed it jerk.
Now I'll never be her heavy grocery lifting husbando.
Why can't you just let us be happy?

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Jeez she can get pretty negative. Already talking about not being a Vtuber.

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I wish I could get paid to read. I do it for free

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Every SC boosts their ego and gives them a dopamine hit. This isn't restricted to only Kiara either, this is true for literally every vtuber. Think about how normies on reddit, instagram, twitter, etc get when their posts get lots of likes. Superchats are basically likes that make you money. And vtubers bathe in it.
It's fair to say that vtubers are addicts and this is their drug.

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follow your passion and become a voice actor!.... or a woman

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Facts. And we all know Kiara is a sociopath so it’s even worse with her..

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>making money = drug abuse
more like crapitalism, am I right comrades

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You forgot to include (You)s in that comparison anon.
But yeah, that level of approval and constant positive reinforcement has got to be doing a serious number of their psych. It's probably even more than for most big streamers since the're so big and also have whole virtual/ideal identity thing going on. Plus if you buy the Yagoo's home for broken girls idea, that's just like another multiplier on top of the rest.

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off topice but I really hate getting (you)s. It's like the opposite of a dopamine rush and just pisses me off instead.

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Huh, weird. Feels similar as every other thing to me. Actually moreso since a frank anonymous opinion is more genuine

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I understand what you mean in a sense. When I make a meaninful post for discussion no one gives a shit, when I say dumbshit because I’ve been drinking all day then I get (you)s.

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Superchat pandering and reading is Kiara's one and only talent

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I screenshot my posts that get lots of (You)s.

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(You) mad, bro?

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>mfw when this anon is getting more (You)s than the most heartfelt and sincere posts made today

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This is incredibly good bait. I shall be stealing it for use in future threads.

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First time?

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Baited masterfully

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>Ame literally does 5-8 hour SuperSunday streams with viewer input on the BGM
I don't dislike chicken and she's certainly putting in effort, but this isn't unique to her

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I want Kiara to come here but only be able to see all the supportive/horny posts about her.

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Those aren't so bad, what makes me seethe is when I see a nice 3-4 hour VOD and it's only one hour of actual content

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But anon, the SC readings ARE the actual content

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go back

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They are just zatsudans. She always goes on tangents that last an hour and then is like "oh shit I'm supposed to read superchats". Also reveals a lot of stuff that we never hear from others about. ie. how her relationship to her manager is, what she does with the other girls off-stream, what she's planning for the future etc. etc.

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I know you're lying, but have a (You) anyway.

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