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This is what the catalog should look like. Notice how clean it is and how many threads I had to hide to get it like this.

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share your filters please

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>using filters

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Janitors please, I beg you. Longer bans for Kiara spammers

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>not using Tomorrow
Do you faggots really?

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kiara fags are in a chinese finger trap where literally all they have to do is fucking ignore and stop being batshit crazy schizos.
spoiler alert: they can't manage that. time to blame discord!

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>off-topic orange shit

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There would be fewer of them if you people would stop replying. At least point I don't even blame Kiara spammers; I blame their enablers.

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20% of the board is now unusable.

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>that color scheme
it's like it's 2008 again

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>Roommate posters

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it's called shift-clicking.

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Wow, /vt/ really loves kiara

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I don't reply to them, I learned my lesson from shamefully replying to schizo posts

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wow, so kfps really like making threads of their oshi, huh?

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I'd rather have Kiara/EN spam over a main branch member generating this much autism

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not enough OP

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You forgot to filter the Watamelon there

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shit is insane

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I miss watamelon posters

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>kfpschizo threads stay up
>any mention of the sanfrancisco 46er shark gets deleted
Not surprised, you just have to weather the storm. A shame some decent threads have to die for this spam though.

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>the power of ESL chicken autism making everyone seethe so hard they ramped up the falseflagging after a single collab stream
I guess this is what happens when your trannycow thread gets locked.

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I see you came directly from >>1529801

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you missed three

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It's all Kiara herself.

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>implying I care about split threads
I only posted here because it caught my attention. I never check Holo threads that isn't /hlgg/ because all the posters there are newfags that will believe every months old dead rrats every fucking time. Thwy must be ecstatic that they have new rrats that isn't 4 months old after that collab.

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At least the annoying orange threads were funny

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No they aren't, election tourist.

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Thank you Anon, learn something new everyday from lurking.

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Outed yourself as one of the said underage election tourists saying off-topic spam is "funny" under the guise of being an uninvolved, unbiased party, while actually being responsible for spamming it, hence the "based" derivative.

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outed yourself as a grape