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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>15211980

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Story Anchor.
Post 'em if you got 'em.

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Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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>As many posted fics as prompts last thread
Christams brought out the best of this thread. Nicely done lads.

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(You) turning Gura into shark sashimi and soup

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Deboning (?) Gura by blowing out her back

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Sharks don’t have bones.

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Eating Gura reminds me of that cannibalism thread.

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Finding a chuuba you thought hated you masturbating while smelling your jacket she stole.

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Bonding with Lui simply by virtue of her being one of the only JP holo girls you can communicate with.

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Hello Moona's brother

We really need a properly made Moona's brother fic

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Bonding with Lui by crossdressing and gaslighting her by insisting there is no female you, while your female self begs for Lui to save her by uniting the two 'twins'.

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Ah forget it, you wanted HER to masturbate. You're boring.

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This but Lui is abusive and ruins any chance of you having kind of relationship with the other holos by mistranslating you.

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why are you like this

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This… is actually quite interesting. (You) slowly get ostracized by fellow Cover employees as Lui intentionally mistranslates to keep you all to herself. When other bilingual staff notice something weird, she threatens them to keep them quiet about it and along the way, you become a shell of your former self because of how the rest of the staff treat you, thinking it as justified, while becoming dependent on Lui as your only friend. dunno if I’ve read something like this here, maybe I just forgot

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Convincing Aqua to let you train her asshole!

Making her lay over your lap with her ass up while you flip up her skirt and lightly prod and tease her butthole for hours on end!

Lightly spank her butt to relax her sphincter and let you slip a third finger in! Hearing her moans as you stretch her to the limit!

Forcing Aqua to wear increasingly large plugs all day long to get her used to larger and larger penetrations! Teasing her when her inner thighs are sticky with juices after a day nice and plugged!

Spend hours shoving anal beads up her guts and taking them out one by one in front of a mirror so she can watch as her ass pushes each one out!

Finally make her beg for your cock and spread her cheeks all on her own! Fucking Aqua's ass until she's a drooling mess and can't live without anal stimulation!

Aqua's asshole!

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I like the cut of your jib

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>Lui panicking and sabotaging her coworkers whenever they make an effort to learn English

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Pekora being raped by her older brother in revenge for drinking his milk.

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Pekora raping her older brother and drinking his "milk".

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Pekora and Moona having sex with their brothers.

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Pekora has a brother?

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Yeah, me, but I'm also her father.

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Pekora and Moona's brothers having sex with each other.

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Explains her boobas

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It all went to her bum.

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Decided to do this one. It's my first time so any feedback would be appreciated although I already know the title is stupid but I couldn't think of anything.


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Fuck I forgot to include tags in my post, typical me.

Mori Calliope, Vanilla, Enemies to lovers (kinda)

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This reminds me a lot of the fics on ao3 in both a good way and a bad way. The bad thing is that the grammar is a little off and there's some missing comas which I don't personally mind but others might. The good thing is that it's short and sweet and Mori is characterized pretty well. I also liked the enemies to lovers aspect of the fic. So overall it was worth the read and I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see more of your work.

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Basically what >>15343472 said. You tend to drop commas when the sentence starts branching off into a new topic. That aside, taking the time to build up the tension before resolving it was well done. Nice and short fic.

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Progress report?

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Almost there. Just a few more minutes... maybe a couple more than that, since I stopped to write this comment

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By the way, AA is away right now, yeah? He'll have some catching up to do, so I figured I might compile the story links and corresponding posts of each previous thread into the new story anchor until he's back, just so he doesn't have to trawl through each one on warosu or wherever.

Tags: Fubuki, Subaru, NSFW, NTR

Tags: Fubuki, NSFW, Christmas

Tags: Lamy, NSFW, Lactation fetish, fluff

Tags: Suisei, SFW, Fluff

Tags: Ayame, SFW, Fluff.

Tags: Pekora, SFW, Fluff/Romance, Christmas

Story in thread

Story in thread

>>15234757 (Title + tags)
Story in thread

Two new links to replace existing ones.

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Not all heroes wear cape, thank you for your contribution anon

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Halfway done on my fic about a 2view that I like.

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I'm here, but thank you.

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Am I going crazy? I distinctly remember a post about you being away for Christmas with one of your kids.

I must be going crazy.

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It's a little short and I feel like there should be either more from the actual smut to make it something that one can fap to or more from the build up and the hated relationship aspect.
As it is, it feels a bit lacking; but for a first attempt it does show promise in your ability to write.

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This is a reupload of the copy I had downloaded:
Is that the right one?

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Taking Korone to a baseball game and observing as, luck being what it is, her favourite team loses and she lets loose on the profanity.

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As far as I know this is the most recent version of the hololive futa cock description thing. Pretty sure the last update was this since it has IRyS.

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So this is an AmeSame fic that's supposed to start off Gen 0 Gets Buff, which I am still trying to write. To the original requestor, I imagine it's far from what you had in mind since it's only the very beginning, so apologies for that, but I'd figure I put something out that might be interesting by itself and just show it's still in the works. As I said, I'm planning on bringing some other chuubas in, so that's why it plays out like this.


Tags: Ame, Gura, Drama, Comedy

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Woops, forgot the anchor.

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He said he was busy, not absent.

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I think I might be retarded because this fic confused me. Like, on one hand I think I understand what you're going for but on the other I have no clue. Other than that everything was fine and I liked the plastic lemon reference. I don't like nitpicking so I'll only harp on one thing. Doesn't Ame have a pocket watch and not a stopwatch? I guess it could be a not all rectangles are squares type of thing but I don't know. I do want to see how the mystery unfolds though.

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This is shockingly good given that all I've known from your previous works was the stuff in pseudo-shitpost 'style'.
I get the gist of what you were trying in having Ame travelling through timelines trying to chase down a Gura, and some worldbuilding regarding what a 'roommate'/'reincarnation' means in the context of the story but I think you may have started it out a bit too confusing that currently as a single snippet it's a bit confusing.
Very excited for the nest part, this is a really strong start; even if it has a few missteps in being a bit confusing.

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Foreman Spike here. What I love about your work is how much effort you put into putting a cohesive story around what admittedly is a very niche fetish. My cord idea was seeing Sora Roboco Miko and Suisei extremely buff with humongous pecs, and seeing AZKi insanely musclebound with giga-hyper pecs. Everything on top of that is going to be spellbinding, I'm sure.

BTW (mods please don't delete this) if you are trying to work "roomates" into the story, AZKi's roomate Nayuta has been making music for a decade and a half and has her own mystic thing going on

I appreciate the hard work and effort put into crafting a story around this. I look forward to the payoff.

END MY RANGE BAN PLEASE. Having to duck into a library before work to send feedback sucks.

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Pretty cute, albeit a bit brisk near the end. Thanks for filling my prompt! And with my oshi even though I didn't specify her

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Look at that lil' fennec. Perfect for daughterwifing

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What's in the works, writeanons? Bonus question of the day, how was your Christmas, anons?

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Dusting off the long-delayed next CHapter. That holiday special lit a fire under my ass.

>> No.15364711

is that an answer to the first or second question?

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>> No.15365201

I knew it.

>> No.15365759

"I don't understand daughterwifing" says a man who wants to be sonhusbanded.

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Is there any way you can write a New Years fic without including fireworks? New Year isn't special like Christmas or Easter with a defining trait. I'm wondering if /wg/ will try and wip something up for new year

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Yes! Yes! I'm a sicko who wants to see Anon and Pekora have their first kiss!

>> No.15366868

Turned up to a Boxing Day dinner I wasn't excited about, but the hosts were nice and I just watched Koyori on their TV. One of them offered me a job tutoring their kids too, so that might be something.
Working on Gen 0 Gets Buff, which I now realise may be stupidly long.

Nah, I probably didn't make everything clear enough wrote as if everyone has the plot in their heads. Gist of it is Ame searching for Gura (the actual character, as though she were real) but throughout different universes she exists only as her roommate (so basically just our world). And yes you're right it should be a pocket watch.

Yea, hopefully what I wrote above kinda explains it, though of course the story itself should do that. This is basically a draft of the very beginning so I might tweak a few things when I release it completely.

Wait, are you the requester? Either way there will be flexing so don't worry about that and thanks for the kind words. Roommates don't come in as their own characters that much, but we'll see what happens

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The midnight kiss.

>> No.15367013

That thing where your uncle checks how much your penis has grown since last New Years

>> No.15367114

Nayuta as in the EastNewSound one or someone else? I don’t speak JP nor watch JP Holos but I do listen to some JP music
Futa Sana and Kronii x (you) at the beach still, finally have some time off so I should be able to finish it eventually

>> No.15367136

The Suisei piece I did got me thinking about doing another home date story with another chuuba, but more along spending the entire day and not just dinner. I'm just trying to decide if I want to do Subaru or Kanata.
Christmas was alright, listened to r/a/dio, drank, and regretted it the next day like I do every year

Thank you for the feedback.

>> No.15367617

So far no one has written a good Kanata. You won't be the one to do it. Just go Subaru. I bet you're going to do a tomboy for her anyway so either way it will be off so doesn't matter

>> No.15367883

You sound like me and my doomposting on /biz/ about my shitty investments.

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Sex with Polka.

>> No.15371395

The closer I am to being done with that Risu fic, the more likely I am to tackle the failed date with Polka prompt. I'm pretty worried on how to tackle her personality though.

>> No.15372073

>polka dot granny panties
Mine phallus.

>> No.15372407

Tags: Rushia, Subaru, NSFW, Surreal, Necro

>> No.15372516

it be a snuff fic, ladies and gentlefolk

>> No.15372525

Slowly working towards the completion of a story when time allows. 101 pages, 48k words.

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>48k words

>> No.15372724

Anyone ever write their story out of order? I'm guessing it would have to be quite a long story, but even then, what makes you do it?

>> No.15372933

>48K words
Damn anon, how close to completion are you? Also good luck.

>> No.15372934

I'm at 70k

>> No.15373078

I'd say maybe 60% estimated before any revisions and I'm guessing it'll be maybe 130/40 pages when it's done. There's at least two more areas to traverse, some stuff is meant to happen, etc.

>> No.15373311

Godspeed anon.

>> No.15374025

Absolute fucking legend.

>> No.15375247

Haven't felt a need to do this with any of my pieces of fanfiction, but it's something I do often with the story I've been working on the past 17 years or so. Reason being that I have never actually written down much more than a couple beginning chapters, but already have an outline and ideas for things that happen all the way at the end.
While I don't have a cohesive 1-2-3 collection of texts I do have dozens of documents with short paragraphs detailing events and outlines for posterity. When idea strikes and I get inspiration for something, I just add a blurb or two to keep things for when I finally get around to it.

>> No.15377374

Yea, at least for my fic it just works better to write some of the scenes I've actually thought about more then to worry about the very next one that's bogging me down.

>> No.15377435

what the fuck dude, are you a masochist?

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>> No.15379236

This was strangely compelling. I don't feel like the internal narration really conveyed the fact that this is really what the narrator wanted since it stayed pretty 'neutral' but other than that this was very engaging despite the subject matter.

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Rushia comforting you when you are at your lowest and trying to convince you not to commit suicide

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>> No.15382237

> Gist of it is Ame searching for Gura (the actual character, as though she were real) but throughout different universes she exists only as her roommate (so basically just our world).
I'm gonna be honest I didn't catch that at all and thought Ame had just jumped into a timeline where the holoEN thing had never happened and thus she was never the shark.
Thinking about it that explanation does make more sense gven that we also got some lines from Gura's head thinking Amelia was a cosplayer.

>> No.15383083


>> No.15386145

>strangely compelling
Thanks anon that's pretty much what I was going for. I can see what you're saying about the narrator, I botched the plot since I had a reason for him acting like that but I didn't mention it. Oh well there's always next time.

>> No.15389750

I know writing about pitfucking is hard but...

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I want to pitfuck mikochi..

>> No.15390387

Its about wedging your face in their sweltering fragrant wakipai you pound her into the matress

>> No.15392346

"Nyeh... Are you really going to do this?" She slurs her words more than usual as she grows more and more nervous. "Weirdo."

"Miko, please, it's all I ask. I'll do anything you want."

Her green eyes fidget about and she clears her throat. "V-very well." She slowly raises her arm, allowing it to rest just above her head. As Miko sits upon her knees just ahead of you, her upper chest is only slightly lower than your groin, but no matter. Quickly dropping your pants to the floor and exposing your raging hard-on to the air, you hold onto the base in order to manipulate it where it needs to go. "Oi, aren't you a little excited here?!" She raises her voice upon noticing just how stiff you had become.

"Don't blame me! This is your fault. Do you have any idea how wild these sideboobs drive me?!" You bend your knees in order to rub your tip up and down the softness of Miko's exposed breast. She chews on her lower lip but doesn't pull away. "And these smooth, alluring pits of yours. I'm at my limit here!" You trace the curvature of her breast until your cockhead falls into the literal pit of her arm - immediately enveloped in both a slickness and a warmth that are out of this world.

"M-Miko gets it! Okay, fine." Her voice grows meek and she tilts her head as to give her a good view of your perverted acts. On occasion she fails to suppress a giggle, always followed by instinctively pulling away when your cock tickles her a bit more than usual. But the more you rub your length up and down the more the slickness of her sweat is replaced by the natural lubricant oozing from your tip. "Ugh... Feels a bit gross..."

"Feels amazing to me..." Finally, you grab onto her wrist and lower her arm. "Stay still, Mikochi." Walking behind her, you place a hand on her arm and another on her opposing shoulder, bending your knees for access and slowly inserting your cock in the crevice of her armpit. "Uooh..." The warmth is incredible, and the mixture of fluids makes it so her skin is smooth and slippery and so welcoming. Before long you're bottoming out your hips against the back of her shoulder - the tip of your cock well past poking out the other side.

"Hah... This is way too perverted, neee." She complains, though her breaths have become shorter and the blush on her cheeks deeper still. You angle your hips in such a way that each time you bottom out, you poke her bountiful titflesh.

"Miko, um, can you lift your breasts up for me?" You ask through ragged breaths, a serious look on her face that seems to help her oblige. With a vocal grunt, she hugs her impressive tits from below and squishes them together so that you can now have her slick armpit stroke your shaft while angling your cockhead into the soft fold between her breast and chest. Your thrusts rock her body back and forth, poking and prodding her all over as you bottom out and smearing precum all over her pearly skin.

"Ugh... You're throbbing... Are you close?" She furrows her brow, looking up at you as you smack away like an animal in heat.

"Ugh... Yeah, real close..." Pulling back slightly you enclose your glans into her armpit once again and pick up the pace with short strokes, the softness of her muscle, skin and flesh jerking you pleasurably and triggering nerve endings you didn't even know you had. Miko teasingly puts more force into the mix, creating an even tighter armpit pussy for you and finally sending you over the edge. "Augh, Miko! I'm...!"

Your first shot explodes in the confines of her armpit, coating the small crevice in white, your hips thrusting in and out so quickly in anticipation for the second shot that it foams lewdly and drips all over. Your second shot comes out as a single rope of continuous cum and plasters Miko's sideboob from top to bottom, dripping down her clothes and leaving behind a wet sheen on her skin.

"Ah! Hot, hot!" She chews on her lip, your hips coming to a halt while final spurts exit your slit to pool in the bend of her arm just below. With a step back, you finally pull out amidst heavy breaths and an immense sense of satisfaction.

The girl turns around to face you, pouting wildly. "Augh... It's so thick and slimy..." She raises her arm to look at the mess you made and giving you a glance at your handiwork - thick strands of semen dripping down her reddened armpit, pooling together in the small crevice connecting it to her breast before drooling down her ribcage and inside her dress, droplets staining the yellow ribbon at the front.

Her other hand scoops up the semen dripping down her breast, looking at it curiously. "Nyeh... Next time at least let me take off my dress... It's all stained!"

You shake your head negatively as your member starts to harden once again. "No can do - the outfit is the best part."

"Oi! Pervert!"

She might complain, but the coy smile on her lips doesn't lie... Perhaps you'll take a stab at her underboob next time.

>> No.15392686

Whose clit do you think is the biggest? The smallest?

>> No.15392864

Agh, ahh my peanus horts so freaking bad...

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>> No.15395020

Biggest? Coco. Smallest? Shion

>> No.15395684
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there you go pal

>> No.15395736

Biggest? Shion. Smallest? Coco.

>> No.15396349

Very nice, made me very horny.

>> No.15396741

How bad a story is considered not worth posting here? Because I wrote a Christmas special for GB Watson when I was really drunk after a Christmas eve party and it's really retarded. It's a bunch of fighter jet autism mixed in with a dream I had. I would go edit it until it's good but Christmas be long over by then, and it's not really worth me trying to fix it. I honestly don't know if I should post it or not, it's doesn't make much sense to read but then again it's 7k words and i kinda want to just throw it out

>> No.15397033

There have been some pretty dogshit stories posted here before (by me) so I'd say post it. I know I'd read because I like jets and I hope there's a throwaway line about how shit the F-35 is.

>> No.15397389

That greentext is ancient at this point.
Also feels strangely incomplete without the rest of the prompt the promptspammer put next to it a few months ago.

>> No.15397850

Fuck it, Might as well get this out so I stop thinking about it. Also, no F-35s, we're flying two-seaters for this one.
GB Watson Christmas special, to add to the pile of other Christmas stories
Warning you guys know, not a very good chapter, pretty retarded. It's not edited thoroughly, doesn't make much sense, and you can tell I just kinda gave up near the end. This is a big flash-forward to very far into the rest of the story's future, so canon or not is up to interpretation.
Tags: Fubuki, Kurokami Fubuki, Mori, Ame, crack-fic?, borderline /ACG/

>> No.15398013

>no f-35
Already off to a great start.

>> No.15399152

God, please...

>> No.15399999

I'm gonna be honest with you, this is way too much plane autism for me; although the santa discussion at the start was pretty fun.
Can we get a status update on those chapters you write in advance?

>> No.15400471

I was kinda expecting a hand-to-hand combat scene with Santa trying to kidnap and wrap you up for one of the girls

>> No.15400685

Depending on how you classify it I think a fic that takes place 'after' New Year's Eve would still be a New Years fic.
Which to explain would be like a fic that trying to find out about/the consequences of what happened last night during New Year's Eve. It would obviously have a different tone compared to something taking place during New Year's Eve but it would be a way to not include fireworks.

>> No.15401719

if the author of the journey home is still here, i just busted a fat fucking nut to that story. god bless

>> No.15403436
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Wake up... Please...

>> No.15403604

five more minutes

>> No.15404060

Waking up to Polka giving you head...

>> No.15404317

Waking up to Polka chewing your dick off... Cumming rivers of blood as your arms grow weaker and your conciousness starts to fade...

>> No.15404469

Its early. Time for bed.

>> No.15405811

I am, and very happy to receive the highest of praise. Much appreciated.

>> No.15405913
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>Much appreciated.
that's my line

>> No.15407050

Out of curiosity, I looked at it too and blasted one off in like 15 minutes. Improvements I might suggest are much more detail on the minute sensations and little reactions in body language - one of my favourites is a chick making small gasps every time you twitch and shoot off another rope - but I wanna focus on the positive here, because that bit where you're like, asking her to have sex and she says no but relents after you sneak a hand into her trousers, and then the really awkward penetration in order to be as surreptitious as possible... this was SPOT ON, basically how this kind of scenario would play out IRL. It was crazy hot to me and after reading the whole fic I went back to this part to finish. Great stuff, anon.

>> No.15408731

Bump before I go to sleep.

>> No.15411218
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>> No.15412419

Yeah, I’ll definitely try to flesh out those moments more in future ones. And thanks for being so specific in your positive feedback. It’s great to hear what you got right as well, and probably as useful.

>> No.15414930

>8500 words of basically kissing and a blowjob scene
AAAAAAAHHHHHH all I wanted for Christmas was to learn how to be descriptive while still being brief. Oh well better luck next time.

>> No.15415346

If there's not more than one cumshot in 8.5k, it's a bad fic.

>> No.15415895
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You have my attention.

>> No.15416806

There is an "Amelia x Astel" story listed in the archive, but the link just leads to an error saying the file has been deleted. Does anyone have a copy? I'm curious.

>> No.15417374

>nice quint
Yeah, it so be like that when I'm not thinking clearly, makes me wanna play some Project Wingman though.
For the actual story, I'm at near the climax of the first big fight I think. Not really sure if my action scenes are any good, but I try not to have it run long for too long, or it'll just bore me while writing it myself. I'm still about five chapters ahead, but I might not update for a bit due to irl stuff, I'll try not to let it slow me though
That requires actual plot structure and planning which I was not disposed to provide, I still don't know why I wrote what I did.

>> No.15419904

Live, damn you!

>> No.15420636

I'm awake, I'm awake...

>> No.15420898
File: 1007 KB, 906x642, 1640468537469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What should I write smut about?

>> No.15420983

Moona's sweaty, spandex covered breasts

>> No.15420997


>> No.15421015

Koyori deepthroating

>> No.15421049

Submissive Korone or Botan

>> No.15421125

Watame offering you her pits

>> No.15424227

Why is Chief Executive of making girls cry still up, AA?

>> No.15424288

Azki, non-con

>> No.15424556


>> No.15424571


>> No.15424896


>> No.15424990

Thought I took care of it but apparently forgot to hit save I guess. Nuked it and Amelia x Astel in the process. Sorry for the delay.

>> No.15425713

+1 from me, also have this for inspiration:


3D within.

>> No.15426670

literally a fucking faggot
cannot wait

>> No.15428438


>> No.15429876
File: 31 KB, 536x365, 1638056716430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15430213

Fuck it, posted in /∞/ already but have my attempt at beach lotion play with futa Sana and Kronii (lotion meaning futa cum)
https://rentr.y.co/zpfn4 (remove the extra stop)
Greentext format, tried to get better dialogue this time but it’s still my usual style, feedback welcome I guess but don’t expect anything spectacular I do this for fun and when I’m horny pls undastan
t. Sekkusu of /∞/
p.s. more futa fics onegai

>> No.15430274

Link broken.

>> No.15430414

Rentry links get flagged as spam now, it’s broken on purpose - remove the . betwen r and e. Hopefully they change this because it’s a pain in the ass

>> No.15430441

oh ok my bad.

>> No.15430498

Is this the one or are you not ready yet?

>> No.15430671

Any feedback is good, but I’m not sure this is that different to my older fic other than an attempt to have believable dialogue without just quoting clips. I think I tailored off a bit towards the end but I though the first bit was decent, I wrote the thing over a few hours but across multiple days, trying to re read when I was slightly less horny and could focus more. You can tell me what you think if you want but I don’t mind, I’m confident my writefagging is good enough for Kronii threads as long as I stick to chuubas I’m used to (especially Kronii and Fauna)

>> No.15430736

Also I phoneposted the entire thing as is my standard. I probably should be typing but I honestly find it easier to do it on the phone

>> No.15431031

I have never watched Kronii nor Sana, but I'm going to guess that won't really matter. Generally, I don't give short feedback, but I'll check it out later to see your progress.

All my fics recently have been phone posting, it's not that bad but not using Docs can be problematic at times. Clearly you don't use docs on both platforms so it shouldn't be too much of a debuff for you.

> more futa
Can only pump out so many. Want to write other things too. Don't think anyone else is writing futa here so yeah. I'm only human.

>> No.15432130

Actually, fuck it. If I get a good futa prompt I might write it right now. No EN2 or JP6.

>> No.15432669

The rest of sankisei holding down Rushia and teasing her because of her giant futa cock.

>> No.15433279

Being used as a sex toy by the publicly seiso and privately perverted idols Sora and Suisei, who train your throat every day as a holo intern!
Or being stalked and raped by futanari IRyS after meeting her at a con or something along those lines

>> No.15433762

The second one gets my vote.

>> No.15433866
File: 349 KB, 3079x1227, BA36F2F0-B770-486F-BCF6-7DF395048784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bonus points for innuendo about filling anon with hope and drinking IRyS’ banana milkshake. FutanarIRyS…

>> No.15434121

I just wrote a Sora smut fic and a Suisei fic not that far back either so I'm a bit against it. Irys is hot but I mostly count her as EN2 given that I don't know her very well.

>> No.15434392

Alright, how about full-mast captain Marine letting her cabin boy (you) play with her cannonballs? After all cannons need a ramming rod every now and then, just be ready for an explosion
Reine’s a peacock and I’ve seen little futa art or fics of her but I don’t watch her enough to do any. Otherwise I’m stumped atm since EN2 is all I usually do. Go with your heart anon

>> No.15436390

>Catching Marine masturbating with almost comedic strength after she excuses herself after another 'I'm horny~' outburst which isn't just because it's funny but because she's actually rock hard

>> No.15440161

Moona's plush, grabbable belly

>> No.15440665
File: 170 KB, 850x1039, __nanashi_mumei_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_saple__sample-862411a46c1c7d2ffad479f58c50b0e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey so, im pretty new into the writing stuff and i wanted to put down an improvised story with moomers and kronii's berry shenanigans, very rough stuff. Could someone part ways with some of their knowledge on what to do and improve?

link here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17ndeYr5oPIgm32-EhgvAtSraQdjzjZ5oOmjvRwXE1lw/edit?usp=sharing

thank you in advance! (it's meant to be something of a fluff/suggestive story, contains a bit of stuffing)

>> No.15441275


>> No.15441625


>> No.15442128

Not really critique but you should publish that instead

>> No.15442328

thats adorable

>> No.15442645

Sorry for the retardness but how do i do that?

>> No.15443054

Gave it a read because it's always good to see new people trying to create content so I figured I'd give you some pointers. I'm not good at critiquing but here goes:

1) Use the Publish button under File - will make it so you can share stories anonymously without anyone prying into your account. Just a better option all around.

2) Proper paragraph indentation makes it for a better and more concise experience for the reader, and makes it easier to figure out where one paragraph ends and the other begins.

3) Separate your character's dialogue into their own paragraphs even if you explicitly state who's staying what - it's less confusing and as a rule of thumb it's good form anyway. Paragraph 3 has both Kronii and Mumei speak in the same block of text.

4) In paragraph 4 you failed to capitalize Mumei's name, and there are a few other situations where this happens.

5) In paragraph 5, "or whatever tool could help her get this owl gone rouge away from their personal space: To her surprise however, she was met with…a very different tool instead." - first I think "rouge" is a typo, but the use of a colon here is odd, I think a semicolon is more appropriate for what you're trying to do.

6) There's a lot of repetition of both names and words; it's not a terrible thing especially if you're just starting out but it's something to keep in mind as you write more. Example:

"Not a second later passed before Mumei eagerly pushed all those berries down Kronii’s mouth, stuffing the clock’s mouth with notable force. "

First you can omit "later" there and replace it for "had" so it flows better, but you could also simplify everything after the comma by saying "stuffing it with notable force." instead, or "stuffing her with notable force", because the subject of focus is known and there's no ambiguity coming from how the first part is worded.

Outside of that there are a couple past tense mistakes but that would be too nitpicky and I'm sure you can spot them on your own as you reread your text. It's not exactly one of my fetishes but good first attempt, anon.

>> No.15443361

Quick and easy grammar nitpicks:

>it was almost like she was about to pass out
Better written as "almost as if"

>... in front of her, so much so, that even...
When you finish a complete sentence and want to use a participle to continue the thought, use a semicolon or period. So, in this case, "... in front of her. So much so..." or "... in front of her; so much so..."

Aside from those easy tricks, you seem to have a fair grasp on character dialogue and general structure so I can't complain about a maiden work. I just recommend reading and absorbing as much as possible, and ideally not from writethread stories.

>> No.15444157

ooh boy, i got a lot of homework to do then, thanks a lot for the pointers anon, i'll make sure to put them to good use as soon as the sun rises. I developed the bad habit of "filling" my answers ever since i was studying in university and ever since i say way more than i need.

got it, this might give me some flak in the long run but i'm ESL so i was a little nervous when writting it down, glad to see i wasn't totally fucked like i was expecting to be.

Anyways, thanks you two, i'll get back to work as soon as i get some sleep

>> No.15444610

Don't worry about it, you have good fundamentals for english, and those tiny details will just build up over time

>> No.15444650

I say a lot more than I need too but as long as it has purpose, I don't think it's necessarily bad.

Just re-read what you wrote, even out loud if you need to and think about how the words flow as you speak them and it should give you a pretty good exercise to figure out where in the text you are being redundant. Editing is very important.

Repetition is bad, but none of us are scholars or trying to write literary masterpieces and reworking what we want to say in order to avoid calling attention to the same topic multiple times is wasted effort, but what we can do is be creative with our use of words. To pick on the "mouth" example above, you could always replace it for "cavity", "gullet" etc., because they convey similar things.

Remember to have fun writing as well.

>> No.15445323

I wanted to pick up writing as a way to de-stress myself from drawing every single day, something else to occupy my head with during the down time between preparing the materials for the next project. So far, i had a lot of fun so far putting things into the paper and letting my mind flow, more satisfying as well. In regards to the mouth example, i did in fact consider the use other words, but i was afraid that i may have used the wrong words and gave the sentence a different meaning.

Eitherway, thanks a lot for the help, anons! Hopefully i'll be around tomorrow to ask for more feedback

>> No.15445744
File: 37 KB, 441x695, images (47).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You finally had it, a chance to get away from it a and start life anew. You were fired from your job and the bills were starting to pile up. Out on a walk at the docks, thinking about life, that's when you saw it, a poster on one of the pillars, badly nailed onto the rotting wood at the creaking pier; recruiting for a trip around the world on a pirate ship! No prior experience needed, only how to handle a mast and polish some wood(?). Perhaps it was an ordinary shipboy's job of cleaning the decks or something along those lines. Either way, it would be fun to sail the seven seas. Better than what your life looked like now anyway, so you went home with the poster, dreaming about the interview to come, next day.

When morning came, you rushed to the spot the poster said to go to, and there it was; a full sized pirate ship, swaying on the ocean waves as the salt water splashed about. You waited for a while, but no one came. The ship seemed empty, but you decided to yell out anyway: "Hello? Is anyone there?"

Suddenly someone jumped out from the crow's nest, sliding down the ropes with a carefree and eccentric pose. She landed on the deck with her high heels, then made her way towards you, hips swaying about.

"Ahoy!" She yelled, "You saw the poster, didn't expect anyone to come, honestly. But enough of that! You're here, and that's all that matters, right?".

She was a beauty, busty and with thick hips, dressed in crimson red and wearing a pirate hat, she even had a cool eye patch to go with it. A complete pirate look, save it for parrots and limb replacements.

"I'm Marine, and from now on, I'm going to be your captain! T-that is, if you're brave enough to sail with me!... ", she paused, thinking for a moment. " Uhm... Y-you are here for the interview... right?" Her confidence had dropped to low heights.

"Yes ma'am!... I mean... Aye, captain...?"

She cleared her throat and recomposed herself, putting back on her smile, albeit more timid than before. "G-good! That's the spirit, me hearties!... C-come inside, I'll uhh... ask you some questions."

You stepped onto the ship through a plank and followed her into the captain's cabin. She sat onto a wooden chair and set her feet onto the table with a loud thunk, then grabbed a bottle of rum and poured the two of you a drink. You took a swig and realized it was just tea.

"So... what brings your here into my ship? "

"I'd like nothing more than to travel the seas with you, captain. I'll do anything for it!"

"I-I see... well, I appreciate the enthusiasm. One question then... uhm... h-how good are you at sucking?" Her voice lowered in volume reflecting her shyness.

"...At what now?"

"W-well... I happen to have a job for you on this ship, and... it involves some... s-skills, so I need to know if you're up to the task."

"What sort of skills?" You asked. She gulped nervously.

"Y-you know... like stroking... licking... and sucking... that kind of stuff."

"W-what the hell is this? Some sort of gay porno shoot? What are you talking about, sucking, jerking, licking? Sucking what?" You were bewildered, about to hit the door, but you gave her one last chance to explain herself. Maybe you got it wrong.

That's when she got up from the chair, walked over to your side with a deep blush on her face, and slowly lifted her skirt. You could not believe your eyes, she had a bulge on her panties (which were not pirate themed, talk about immersion ruined).

"U-uhmm... I'm talking about this...? Y-you said you'd do anything..." She was flushed, looking away from you and speaking in a very soft tone.

"I may have said that but this is... not what I had in mind."

"I... I understand. Forgive me, forget what you saw here. Y-you can have the rum for wasting your time..." Marine lowered her skirt down, she was feeling guilty, but also sad.

"B-but hey! It doesn't have to be like that. Maybe we can sort something out. I don't really have... any other options, so to speak. And sailing the ocean sounds pretty fun." As you said that, her eyes beamed with hope, but then slowly turned to a more sexual stare.

"A-are you saying what I think you're saying?" She asked. You pondered for a moment, remembering the bills and all that stuff. Finally, you made your choice.

"Aye, captain."

Not even 10 minutes later, you were on your knees, wondering when did you steep so low. Marine stood in front of you, panting wildly as she shakingly removed her clothes, one by one. You asked her to keep the pirate stuff on, and she complied. It made it less awkward; plus pirate girls are hotter.

She struggled to keep her balance on her high heels as the ship swayed from side to side, it also made it hard for you to stay on your knees which scrapped at the floor, so you removed your shirt and used it as a carpet for what was to come. The time of truth arrived as she dropped her skirt to the ground, revealing her cock in full mast. It wasn't tiny, but it was definitely on the smaller side.

>> No.15446121

Fuck, too autistic.

>> No.15447682
File: 169 KB, 1242x1323, 1616456954523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15448297

Didn't have much to point out that wasn't already mentioned. There's some tense changes in there and some phrasing that has already been pointed out. Consider starting new sentences instead of piling different ideas into the one sentence with commas, since it can be awkward to read sometimes.

I think that it's mostly nitpicks is a good sign. Those will smooth out with more writing. That aside, just wanted to say liked the story. Short, sweet and very cute interactions.

>> No.15451073

Small cock futas are better than big cock futas, change my mind.

>> No.15451345

Friends --> Enemies --> Lovers plot with a chuuba!

>> No.15451763

Small dick futa is the only acceptable futa.

>> No.15451897

>not wanting your oshi to dom you and mindbreak you as she dicks you down with her superior cock
Good work anon, pretty close to what I had in mind, looking forward to a potential sequel
t. made the prompt

>> No.15451942

I'm not a sub.

>> No.15452679

I want her to try, but fail and get shown how to actually use a cock while being teased about her lack of sexual talent.

>> No.15453566

Fair enough. I can understand your taste, my preference is the other way around so I can see where you’re coming from

>> No.15454770

I want to see this Marine get fucked to orgasm every day.

>> No.15455586

Having sex with Fubuki and raising kids with her until she finally gets a "Shiny baby"

>> No.15456880

My mixed heritage will finally pay off

>> No.15457276

Anyone have any tips on writing about laughter? I want to write a pippa story but I don't know how to include her unique laugh.

>> No.15458034

I remember some advice I found regarding writing about laughter. Only use the extended/full written form of how your rendering the laughing for the first time and afterwards only use at needed points of emphasis. Otherwise just have it be mentioned and not expanded on.
In regards to your specific situation; there's probably a community consensus on how her laugh is 'rendered', use that unless it doesn't exist yet.

>> No.15459285

The best way to write laughter is to write about them getting tortured instead. Try having both her tendons cut and her asshole corkscrewed.

>> No.15461603

I mean I realize this is 100% posted as a joke but I think this does actually illustrate my point >>15458034 since in a situation like that writing and rendering out the Full Scream would not look or read good. Instead rendering it out once to color how the reader thinks of how they're screaming out in pain is enough for any subsequent use sans a big moment that needs it for extra impact.

>> No.15462420

>I mean I realize this is 100% posted as a joke

>> No.15465186

Kanpai with Azki to celebrate her becoming a member of Hololive.

>> No.15466417

No one knows how to write Azki. If I'm being honest she's more mysterious than Anya, because at least with her we can summarize bitch with bad manners. Azki is bland and unknown.

>> No.15467289

I definitely know more about Anya's personality thanks to Sports Festival.

>> No.15469545
File: 1.54 MB, 1011x826, 3zbdc0bFUG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would very much like to see any kind of breast play with Watame in this outfit that accentuates the sheep's massive rack. Her huge fucking knockers. Enormous millky titties. Gigantic juicy mammaries. Heavy motherly orbs. Delicious milk bags.

Paizuri, breast massages, breastfeeding. Anything fluffy and breast related.

>> No.15469876

I want this but not just breast related stuff. I want to see a fic of babymaking sex with her in this outfit because fuck this outfit makes her so goddamn breedable.

>> No.15469953

what they said
breed the milky sheep

>> No.15470281

I'm perfectly ok with this too.

>> No.15471750

I must be turning Welsh right now, because I want to lick her woolly crotch and suck her udders until she bleats.

>> No.15473382
File: 185 KB, 1069x600, WatameNightFever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That wakipai

>> No.15473575
File: 1.59 MB, 1617x1040, Wakiiiiiiiii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So many wakipais to enjoy...

>> No.15473907

I got you, Anon. This however is a little short but I wanted to practice some breastplay/boobplay stuff.


Tags: Watame, NSFW, lactation.

As always, let me know what you think.

>> No.15475765
File: 75 KB, 639x946, 1640806464646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Short but satisfying. Well done.

>> No.15475791

NTA but holy fuck did fondling Watame's sweaty tits make me hard. Very nice for how short it is

>> No.15476148

This was a really good and short story. The only complaint I could think of was how a lot of verbs should've been in the past tense. Other than that I really enjoyed reading about Watame's boobies.

>> No.15476182

OR here. Damn anon, this was painfully short for how good and hot it was. The reactions, the descriptions and the buildup was great and got me in the mood instantly. Few things get me more stiff than a girl spraying milk everywhere as she orgasms and you delivered. I will definitely make good use of this story if you know what I mean.

>> No.15478593
File: 138 KB, 850x1179, NoelFlex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noel reluctantly giving paizuri, only to find she really enjoys doing it and won't give you a breather.

>> No.15478631

She hates men, stop being delusional.

>> No.15478954
File: 1.03 MB, 230x326, pekodab.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bad news, /u/-schizo...none of them do

>> No.15479266

>Noel and Miko hate men
As interesting as all the stories exploring this rrat have been, a little variety would be nice

>> No.15479354


>> No.15480502
File: 822 KB, 700x700, 1638844024706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a fool if you truly believe the raped and bullied girl who openly hates men, is a menhera who cracks her wrist punching stuff in rage fits and has one of the most famous lesbian relationships in Hololive is actually just pretending.

>> No.15480598

shitposter begone

>> No.15481012
File: 114 KB, 795x800, 1636818234991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta but you're talking about the same one who shakes her tits around and wiggles her butt while doing ear licking asmr on NND for a bunch of dudes, yeah?

>> No.15481350

Turns out I had a copy of it in my own archive. Don't know if it's okay to repost other anon's so sorry in advance if I offend anyone. Tags: Ame, Astel, Gura, NSFW


>> No.15481519

I'm offended

>> No.15481613

I'm offended that you're offended asshole.

>> No.15482346

Offend deez nuts

>> No.15482596

I’m just happy to be here.

>> No.15484768 [SPOILER] 
File: 167 KB, 466x659, bulge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bulge was quite pronounced against her transparent black leotard, the shaft's soft pink color just barely peeking through. You could see it twitching, wanting out from the tight clothing as well as her erect nipples up above. Marine's thighs were sweaty and covered in other fluids, her breathing was heavy and hot, she was almost thrusting her groin against your face from the anticipation. She slid her gloved fingers into the leotard and pulled it aside, letting her erection out into the air.

Now that you had a good look at it, you could tell it was at most 4 inches in length. Not particularly girthy, with the foreskin being pulled back from being erect. Her cock was by all means, not impressive in the slightest. You could smell the musky scent of sweat and smegma emanating off of it. Though strong and almost foul, you felt yourself getting hard to the smell as well.

"I guess it wouldn't be too hard to jerk it off. Gotta ask though, when was the last time you showered? " You looked up to the girl standing before you, ignoring the twitching cock right up against your face.

"W-well... I kind of had to sell my apartment to buy this boat, and I've been staying here ever since, s-so... t-two weeks, two and a half, maybe?" She stammered out as she counted the days on her fingers.

That explained all the shit lying around, clearly not pirate themed. She was living here for two weeks now without showering even once. She could apply perfume everywhere, except for her cock. She noticed your hesitation as you thought about if you should continue or not.

"B-but I took baths on the sea a couple of times, of course! I just didn't clean there because uhm... The salt feels weird on it."

Great, she doesn't clean her foreskin, now that explained the smegma. Before she could disgust you any further, you decided to just go ahead and do it. You grabbed her by the cock which made her jump in surprise. It was already wet from how musky it was, which was quite disgusting.

"A-ah... You're really going to stroke it... ~" Marine muttered under her breath.

You weren't too thrilled about touching someone else's cock, but since it was hers, somehow it didn't feel all too wrong. She was cute, and really fucking sexy too. It just felt... right. And so, you started jerking her off. Your movement wasn't too sharp, but you knew how to please yourself and this wouldn't be any different. Simple motions, stroking up and down with a firm grip, from the base to the shaft again and again. Though you didn't think of yourself as particularly good at it, Marine seemed to be in pure bliss. Every bit of touch altered her breath and sent waves of pleasure up her body. Her legs were wobbly and she struggled to know where to put her hands, so she rested them against the table, stuck out her hips further and let you do your work. You noticed there was an awful lot of precum drizzling out of her already. Just as you began to speed up, not even one minute in, suddenly...

"I-I'm going to... Ah~!"

With little warning, Marine thrusted forward as her butt fell on the table, and she started blasting small spurts of cum, one after another, gripping the table for support and moaning out in pleasure. You didn't even realize what was happening until you felt the warm gooey slime dripping off your hand. There wasn't much of it, but the way it stuck to your fingers made it feel way thicker than it was.

"W... what just happened?" You asked, bewildered.

"Ah~ S2... Ah~... s-sorry, I don't usually... b-blow this early...b-but it felt so good...~ S2" She was breathless, you could see her shaky legs and how exhausted she was. That really did feel amazing for her.

"Well, so I'm done here already?" She suddenly snapped out of her trance as you asked that, almost grabbing you with her hands as to not let you go.

"Ah, wait! Y-you know... I heard it feels r-really good to have it s-sucked...a-and to suck it as well..."

You could see where this was going. You looked at her cock again, it was still hard, but now most of it was covered in cum due to you stroking it while she was still blowing. It glistened with precum that lubbed it all around, as a drop of semen drizzled out from her urethra down her frenulum. The scent of sex permeated through the air, filling your nostrils combined with the stench of her musky cock and the smell of cum. This situation...was arousing. Her sweaty body, her ragged breathing, the deep flush on her face as she didn't know where to look with her deep crimson eye. The nipples of her particularly large breasts peaking through her sexy skin tight leotard, the juices leaking down her thighs from her own arousal, running all the way down her legs. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Ah~... p-please do... S2"

Her cock was throbbing in anticipation once again, seemingly even harder than before. Her arousal was reaching an all time high, it wouldn't be long until the situation escalated...

>> No.15487242

bro holy fuck that shit must be beyond rank

>> No.15487750

Oh man this gave me a quick stiffy but sadly it wasn't enough to make me bust a nut. The smut is good but it was a bit too short for me. The fact that you ended it before it the sex kinda blue balled me.

>> No.15487990

I wish I could better describe the thick stench of her unwashed musky cock. Words can only go so far before you get out of overpoweringly arousing smell into purely disgusting stench.

>> No.15491721
File: 2.26 MB, 281x281, 1639711254182.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh uh! no page 10 yet!

Name a fic you think is underrated!

>> No.15492117

The one I'm about to post.

>> No.15492298

Girl of Emptiness

>> No.15492525
File: 650 KB, 2893x4092, horse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>inb4 literally who?

Tags: Tomoe Umari, NSFW


>> No.15492895

Literally who?

>> No.15495180

Based. Ina Horror is a still relatively untapped market around here.

I recognize your writing habits, author of Day of the Ollie and The Insane Ramblings of a Sane Person. I'm not familiar with this chuuba at all, so on that end I can't say much, but the setting is pretty interesting. You do fall back into the "long winded explanations of things that shouldn't be the focus of the scene" problem that were an issue in your previous works, like with the history of horse girls or the drill instructor explaining where the stables were, and either some internal thoughts from Anon or something else to break up the dialogue of them to make them read more like an actual interaction and less like pressing the talk button an NPC and being given their default dialogue.

The sex itself is alright, though the dialogue is a bit stiff, and I think the descriptions of actions almost entirely being in long paragraphs split up by the talking is what makes it seem that way.

>> No.15496091

Kintsugi. I like the blend of drama with the idea of Cover being this all-powerful zaibatsu

>> No.15496754

You'll have to indulge me when it comes to my long winded explanations of things that are entirely nonsensical . It's a trope in anime/manga that I really like. Otherwise, thanks for reading my story about a chuuba that hasn't even livestreamed yet (she makes youtube videos).

>> No.15499198

Ahh, well I suppose that it's just not my cup of tea then.

>> No.15500323

The Risu JOI fic if only because of the fucking edited model shots used in it even if the monologue did fall apart the more sexually charged it got.
Also 'Hero's Fall', loved the concept and wish it got expanded on in either like a prequel detailing the journey or a sequel about a group of heroic holos coming after him.

>> No.15500739
File: 133 KB, 466x508, cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You put your hands around her cock once again, the wet and sticky fluids around it made the sensation quite offputting, but not like you expected anything else from it. You glared at her cock for a moment, thinking about how you wanted to approach this. Marine started to become inpatient.

"W-what are you doing? A-are you not going to...?"

Just then, you formed a ring around her cock with your fingers and in one fell swoop, wiped out all the cum, smegma or otherwise that was formed around it. The sensation sent a shock up Marine's spine, making her muscles contract all over as she let out a strained "hngh!".

You looked at your fingers, covered in all kinds of nasty fluids. You wiped it off on her coat that was lying on the ground. Marine seemed like she wanted to protest, but she kept her mouth shut as you ruined her clothes with her own smegma.

But enough about the disgusting stuff. Her dick was clean, surely now it would be fine to suck it? As you turned your head to it once more, you knew that was not going to be the case. The smell was still quite overbearing, and her endless stream of precum from horny she was had already slobbered itself all over her cock again, making it wet and sticky. You decided that it was now or never, and so you plugged your nose and went in for the job.

At first, it was pretty uneventful. A lick here and there on the tip of her shaft, getting a taste of it, watching her reaction which was undoubtedly amusing and also really hot. Then, you put her cock inside your mouth, just the head, and you began to lick it while inside. Marine strained herself to not immediately blow as the hot and wet sensations of your mouth and tongue sent her into a moaning fit. Her head was much more sensitive than before, now that she already came once. As you took it deeper into your mouth, the taste of salt and unwashed musk made itself present, her smegma, amongst other things, a really strong taste, musty, thick, bitter and slight sour, almost like some sort of warm spoiled cheese dipped in battery acid. It was repulsive, you almost gagged at it, but the act of plugging your nose was going a long way. You knew there was no way you could do this for long though, and so you sped up to get this done with already. You grabbed her small testicles and began to fondle them as you held her cock with your other hand whilst you bobbed your head up and down on it. Marine put her hands around your head and held hard for support. She was guiding your head forward, but not consciously. She did it in rhythm to the thrust of her large hips for maximum pleasure. Her cock was small and easily fit whole into your mouth, which meant it wasn't that hard to please her.

Suddenly, you felt an unfamiliar twitching inside your mouth as her movement sped up, her moans grew louder and her cock slightly bigger. When you realized what this meant, it was already too late. Marine wrapped her legs around your head, holding your head in a press as she forcefully mated with it. Your nose was pressed right against her groin, you could feel the strong smell of sweat, commonly noted as the smell of sex, filling your nostrils. Then, came the cumshot. She flooded the inside of your mouth with her extremely salty and bitter sperm, clearly she had a terrible diet. Her hands grasped your hair with as much force as she could muster while she blew all she had into your throat, her sweet but loud moans echoing through the docks. A few final spurts landed on your tongue and mixed with your saliva as she rested with her cock fully inside you and her body atop your head.

You lifted her tiny body up and put her back on the table to catch your breath and spit out whatever you could from her thick baby batter, covering the insides of your mouth in its full sticky glory. The taste was stuck to your tongue, and the feeling of her warm cum sliding down your throat was forever cemented in your mind.

"Ah~ t-that was... amazing..." Marine panted out, short of breath.

"Whatever... I'm never putting anything phallic in my mouth again. Is that enough to satisfy yo-" You looked at her cock and unsurprisingly, it was still hard.

"Well, shit."

"M-maybe you can... p-put it in your b-butt? I heard it feels really~ good, you s-should t-try it." She let out a nervous laughter, her dick twitched as her imagination ran wild.

"Uh, not happening. You know, I pleased enough cock, maybe it's time you repay the favor, huh captain?" It was true, you were tired of sucking cock, especially something that disgusting. At least she should have the decency to wash it.

"W-wh-... what do you mean by that? Does that mean... you're going to f-fuck me, with your big burly hands and your thick c-cock?~" She rubbed her thighs together lewdly, biting at her finger with a really lewd look on her face.

"I'm going to show you what a real cock is like. I'm taking over this ship."

"No please~, don't take my ship, I'll do anything~" She was roleplaying...

>> No.15501573

To the anon making Fox Family Christmas, I've been saving my nut since christmas eve in anticipation for the greatest nut I'll ever release when I read your fic.

>> No.15502298

...this won't be the domination loss I'm looking for is it?

>> No.15503081

I swear if you fuck me over and this doesn't end with (You) buttfucking this stinky pirate whore I'm going to kill you.

>> No.15503548
File: 971 KB, 400x300, 1629668938397.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope the story will be worth your self-inflicted blue balls, anon.

It's up to 10000 words so far, and I may have been a little bit ambitious in how much depraved shit I could cram into one story and there was a point where we needed to stop and have clearly passed it. But let's keep going and see what happens.

>> No.15503844
File: 264 KB, 1023x1571, 1A27167C-FAA5-4A28-8880-1AE7D7158A4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my god

>> No.15504579
File: 1.55 MB, 600x338, 1639145816405.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll sleep on it.

I was going the "fuck the futa" route because that's what people here like but I'm having some doubts. I'll see what future me thinks.

>> No.15505107

>10k words
Fucking hell, this is for a christmas special?

>> No.15505502

The Perks of Working for Uber Sheep

>> No.15506007

I’m enjoying it so far even as someone who heavily favours futa dom.
>captain Marine will never plunder your booty and swab your poop deck

>> No.15506067

We already jerked and sucked her off, it's time to put this failure in her place

>> No.15506219


Apologies for it being short and perhaps unsatisfactory, but I did mention that this was more of practice for writing breastplay. The full course meal will have to come some other day, unfortunately.

>> No.15509851

I await with a rumbly tumbly.

>> No.15512483

Sleepy night.

>> No.15512575

Back to work tomorrow. No more shitposting.

>> No.15513256

As far as corrections go:
In paragraph 5, it’s “IRyS” not “IrYS”. You can either put the apostrophe right after the “S” and just leave it like “IRyS’” since it’s more proper or you can leave it like “IRyS’s” since this has also become acceptable. And this is just a tagging thing but don’t forget to include the “NSFW” as tag since despite what it may obviously imply ”vanilla” doesn’t count. Plus it may attract more if you do.

As far as everything else would go:
So personally there’s not much to objectively wrong with this work. Like you said, it might not be the best title but it’s fine for a short story like this. Plus it being cold and Mori being reaper at least make it barely work. Though you could do more with that in the story if you want the title to have more meaning.

I personally would’ve added maybe 1 or 2 more paragraphs of sex before they climaxed just so the payoff is a bit more worth it and matches the length of the build up. I also would’ve tried to do work a little more with their relationship as (perceived) enemies too since it is what makes a third of the “enemies to lovers” trope with the latter too being the transition to lovers and the lovers part. But again, it is intended to just be a short one, this is fine too.

Speaking on that, the everything from start to finish was pretty well done for a short and to-the-point story. Enough was done to establish the “enemies” part. It didn’t really waste time on the story getting to that point and after the mutual climax, it ended clearly and concisely enough with them now dating. It’s good for a quick-fic and shows a lot of potential and promises but a lot of what it does, it doesn’t enough. Though more could be done if revised, the idea and premise of the story did deliver.

The part where Mori’s masturbating is pretty hot. You don’t seem to be the type to type sounds but maybe something about her moaning or revealing something embarrassing with her knowing the self insert was there could help naturally progress the story. Granted, I don’t know if the protag would easily believe it or would be skeptical but if the latter, maybe a her giving a bj with her pants down to express it could be lessen the gap between “caught masturbating” to “p.i.v. sex” and progress from enemies to lovers without seemingly like it “skipped a step” or “went to fast” Just an idea though since I don’t know your intent (or taste) but I at least thought I’d give a general example that fit within the parameters of vanilla.

Also, small but well worth the mention, the spacing of the sentence between the first and third (technically second but I’ll count it as the third) paragraph and the very last line, showing the importance of those statements was a small but nice touch. Not a lot of people do it but it can really help emphasize important parts if not separate different enough subjects.

All-in-all, good one. Especially for your first one and keep it up. Maybe I’ll get started and do one if I’m feeling inspired and like a prompt well enough since I’ve never done one before and it seems like fun and since I’ve been interested in doing so for a while, so why not? Any ideas since you’re the one who inspired me? Not bad for your first time?

>> No.15513442
File: 942 KB, 1412x787, 1640632797920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm spending new year's eve alone to take care of my dog so I guess I'll use that time to pump out my smut. Or just sleep. At least it will be better than the past few days.

Hopefully there will be some good prompts that inspire me to write but I'm not counting on that too much.

...Who am I talking to?

>> No.15513506

Your readers, of course! Since this is apparently your blog. Where's the subscribe button?

>> No.15513609
File: 85 KB, 220x248, 1639695313631.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty tired don't mind me.

>> No.15514248

Who’s also admitted to being a brocon and a shotacon right?

>> No.15514738

Shotanons watch out she's coming for that Vienna sausage

>> No.15514761
File: 897 KB, 1200x849, 95140025_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bet Korone's pussy is ultra tight.
Imagine this warm, slippery puppy cunny wrapped around your shaft as she crushes your hips against hers with a wrestler leglock and whimpers in your ear for more.

>> No.15515033

Do people not realize that women who work out are on average just about as strong as your average man? If you have any sort of muscle at all, her being a boxer doesn't mean shit. Call it unfair, I call it science.

>> No.15515081

This is pekofaggot-tier levels of stupidity. Yes, I work out - and some of the women at my local gym could probably snap me in two, particularly the female powerlifters.

I wouldn't fuck the female powerlifters though...

>> No.15516123

I think I fucked myself with the direction of my fic, it started out as just as a fairly normal smut and now it transitioned into a Mio dom fic. I don't think both work so I need to choose between either.

>> No.15516196

I love both types of dom as much as the next guy, don't get me wrong, but I cannot for the life of me imagine Mio dom. Sounds two opposites, like hot ice. Unless you're talking about maledom, which I'm all for.

>> No.15516885

oh is korosan a powerlifter now?

>> No.15516910
File: 36 KB, 330x370, 1457096555244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15517965

Fubuki made a deal with Kurokami to get her Shiny luck to change. Now it's time for Kurokami to get her payment.

Futanari, Futadom, knotting

>> No.15519762

Hardly, the flow of text makes it really easy to get your imagination going and immerse yourself, so I enjoyed that a bunch.

>> No.15520512

If dog's pussy were a dogpussy, would you guys still?

>> No.15520876
File: 658 KB, 504x900, FH3YuoUaQAMLIZ4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiara fucking.
Fucking Kiara.
Bed-breaking breeding with the bird.
Primal pounding of the phoenix pussy into pleasure-addled putty.
Loud, hard, fast, hedonistic SEEEEEEEX!

>> No.15521010

I wouldn't call it a christmas special, but more "Ideas that have been swirling in my head for six months wrapped in a convenient Christmas theme".

Though if I don't hurry, it will be New Year's and get stale.

>> No.15522166


>> No.15522197

Mori bullying (You) (not sexual but like mental/psychological abuse)

>> No.15522532

As long I dont have a dick in my ass I'm ok. One finger is ok tho

>> No.15522574

If you dont know how to fight and dont go serious about it I think even a fat in a wheelchair can fuck you

>> No.15522613

Killing Kiara in the middle of sex. Let your dick in while she's coming alive again. Everytime you do this you both have the biggest orgasm ever

>> No.15522878

That's how it starts anon...

>> No.15523100
File: 100 KB, 850x1202, MarineSnow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marine unexpectedly showing up at your house because she doesn't want to spend New Year's alone.

>> No.15523488
File: 30 KB, 445x472, FA7C76E3-B817-4338-9CB4-86695CB9CE17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On the one hand, I’m pretty sure there’s already a story about this.
But on the other hand…there could always be more. And I’ve yet to write anything truly depraved. Maybe I should fix that.

>> No.15524806

The more I read about this, the more I want it to come out. Especially since I'm the original author, I wanna see what sort of depraved shit you're gonna write about Miyuki

>> No.15525865

>Major inspiration has struck for the New Year's bittersweet MW chapter and writing is well underway.

This sure does bring back some memories from it all. Hopefully it still stands up as well as the previous chapters. Will have it done by New Year's, of course.

>> No.15526156

Yeah but the sex part takes only a very small part of the story (the ending) the rest of the story it mostly how she treats you like shit because of work. So please write about it anon

>> No.15526487

Absolutely unacceptable. Now I HAVE to fix this.

>> No.15527789

I can’t wait to experience agony just to feel alive again

>> No.15529824

uh oh

>> No.15531671

Hah, I was the first person to egg you on to take it in the oyakodon route so I at least owe you this much!

I still remember how you were hesitant about it too. Now my desire to not disappoint is fired up again. Now where did I stash the Ritalin...

>> No.15534287
File: 75 KB, 850x478, CocoBaby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baby Bump

>> No.15534537
File: 2.03 MB, 2880x4093, 1640871718199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motivation levels optimal and holding steady.
Proceed at will.

>> No.15534909

I'm going to cum on this rabbit.

>> No.15535515

Who would be the best HoloMom?

>> No.15535619

Aki because she already is one or Mio. The holo I want to turn into a mom the most is Aqua, though.

>> No.15535718
File: 623 KB, 1216x719, BotanSmile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bet Button would be a good mama

>> No.15535801

Bit too late for that

>> No.15535851
File: 493 KB, 2480x3508, BotanTricycle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's never too late!

>> No.15535893

Mio. Calli. Pecks. Aki. Okayu maybe.

>> No.15537388

I think she's too autistic to have sex.

>> No.15537439

Probably. But there are ways.

>> No.15537446

deadbeat cope

>> No.15537448
File: 113 KB, 1024x1024, 1619571985350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most milfs, hags, and Kanata

>> No.15539602
File: 14 KB, 460x612, istockphoto-493569825-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A dramatization of Ollie and the finger.

>> No.15540444

Not a prompt.

>> No.15540675

Not an argument.

>> No.15540706

Trips of truth. It’s not a prompt.

>> No.15540763

waste of trips

>> No.15540797

A dramatization of the Ollie fingering “rrat” where you are the one doing the fingering.

>> No.15540830

Please stop bumping guys I wanted to write a story here

>> No.15540841

Lamy, if she could avoid drinking for 9 months. Though I imagine she may be the type to get post-partum depression easily for a while, after that is settled she'd be a loving, doting mother.

Pekora unironically, she loves kids and despite her shut-in tendencies I imagine she would shape up once the hammer dropped.

Watame, no further explanation required.

Mio, she already is one, she just needs my semen to officiate it.

>"Oh lawdy I found my ADD medication I'll be so productive writing tonight"
>Family has other plans
Well then.

>> No.15540867

oh, the earlyfag is back. that's why there's a sudden increase in posting.

>> No.15540934

fuck he beat me to it too

>> No.15540958

New thread

>> No.15541395

What are some good examples of smut in the archive to help me learn how to write it?
Alternatively, what is your favourite smut story in the archive? And, if you can answer, why?

>> No.15541886

>good examples of smut
Anything by the Brazilian Buttfag - Foxfriend and the overly nice boyfriend, Sleeping Beauty, Mouthful of Fox, Milking your Wolf (i think, i can't remember), etc
Recent smut by MWanon - Foxes over Ducks, >>15473907, Elfnog
the chief reason i've chosen these two is because of their attention to minute detail and sensuality, two incredibly important attributes for smut as they are key to not simply painting the scene in the reader's mind, but immersing them in it as well. the buttfag is also an incredible teacher if you want to learn how to write anal
>what is your favourite smut story in the archive? And, if you can answer, why?
this is probably a poor indicator if you're looking for something to assist you, because there are several popular stories (like petting your fox) which were written by people dipping their toes into the smut pool (although mwanon is inexperienced by self-admission)

>> No.15542057

What the hell is a Brazilian buttfag?

>> No.15542186

a title i've started thinking of him by because of his propensity for anal

>> No.15542274

a hero for anal lovers like me

>> No.15542309

Ah i see, i thought you meant the pekofag but he doesn't do anal so i was confused

>> No.15542352

Some kind of chupacabra?

>> No.15542395

i don't think of him at all

>> No.15542803

Finally some good fucking food

>> No.15542854

I'll finish it next thread. I'm horny for the horny captain's tiny little futa cock, but for some reason I can't bring myself to write it all in one go.

>> No.15543276

Archive's at 104659 characters of the 200000 limit. Got a long ways to go before another Rentry page will be needed at least.

>> No.15543556

Won't last more than half a year at this rate, assuming the thread lasts that long

>> No.15543594

oh yeah
shouldn't have forgotten: just about anything by AA. dude is both talented and skilled, and it shows in his prose

>> No.15545271

Interrogation is still pretty high up there for me, despite being one of the really old fics here.

>> No.15545612

>Foxes over Ducks
I just nutted to the christmas special again. God damn.

>> No.15546393

Why do you keep nutting to the same stories and saying the same compliments

>> No.15546555

Sounds like someone's jealous, anonchama

>> No.15546649

I am, but really its always "i nutted" and nothing more why say it 20 times?

>> No.15546657

In like a philosophical sense?
I guess because in a way they're similar but still different; the stories may have familiar elements but there's enough novel changes that I can appreciate them.
Unless I'm hilariously misinterpreting your words about stories here being similar.

>> No.15546710

because the writer of said story would feel pleased

>> No.15546763
File: 217 KB, 666x666, 1640321310172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw insectanon is probably still busting nuts to the story I wrote.

>> No.15546805

Don’t flatter yourself

>> No.15546834

Two days ago, in fact. Eventually it will run dry - you can't fap to the same material forever - but it's still a wonderful gem right now.

>> No.15546866

He really ain't. It tickles all the right places, anonchama.

>> No.15546884

Oh man, that reminds me. I asked for a prompt and it got made by two anons and I haven't nutted to either of them in weeks, maybe months. When I'm feeling for a quick nut I always go to the same 3 fics. Kinda feel bad for them now because I remember both of them didn't feel satisfied with how their stories turned out.

>> No.15546933

...the unbirthing fics? Was that weeks ago? Feels like it was recently. I dunno.

>> No.15546966

Yes, they made you nut, but have you made the authors nut in return?

>> No.15546982

kek, i was right.

>> No.15547060

Nope. It's "Woops" and "Polishing Shion's spear". Way older than that unbirthing stuff.

>> No.15547085

Dunno. I know the Brazilian Buttfag at least opened one of my works at some point.

Yes, I really loved it. Thank you again.
Still got thirty bucks with your name on it.

>> No.15547161

Don't think I ever made AA nut unfortunately