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>Members only
Poorbros, how do you cope with these kind of stuff?

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By not caring at all.

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Usually I just wait for a torrent

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You can't afford $5 a month?

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By heading over to /t/ and grabbing the few members-only stuff I actually care about.
Which reminds me, I need to go get Gura's members-only christmas chat, heard it was excellent.

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uh you pick one girl typically and then just pay 5 bucks a month?
or you learn to use qbit like a 21st century human?

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Join membership with ARS

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it was anon. it had plenty of cute moments

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protip: pay 5 dollars and consume, cancel and repeat a couple months later.

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think of the members badge...

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I am sure she will do some non members ASMR when she gets better at it. She only did that 1 other ASMR with Koyori right ? or am i wrong about that.

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Stop being poor

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I'm only membered to my oshi and I pirate everything else.

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everything's either on nyaa or t

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you cant even afford one meal of burger every month? just how poor you are?

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wait for the rich to share the mega

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I am curious, but asmr by people who's streams I watch a lot too distracting. Unless it's my oshi where just hearing her voice makes me happy.

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Not better than rain videos.

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Wait, she already got membership?
How long ago did they debut?

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just saw this thread and 5 minutes later i'm listening to it for free

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Gosling done right

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Nyaa is dead, suikebei is dead

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I'm dead. It ain't no joke.

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>Only financially supports oshi
>Doesn't give a penny or view to worthless whores
>Oshi is a sex hag
You're too based for this board. Leave.

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what's that?

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No it's not.