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>Invites guests on to her show
>Spends 70% of the stream talking about herself

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Because she has a huge ego, is a retard who can't pick good questions and has an overprotective fanbase who aren't able to criticize her and suck her pussy every time.

t. kfp fan, fuck all the hugbox on kfp discord.

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Kiara moment

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I try to like her so much but it's so painful whenever a guest brings up a topic and Kiara immediately swings to "Yeah actually that happens to me too, in my case..." and starts blathering on about herself. Like getting banned off Youtube. It defeats the entire purpose which is to get to know thew JP holos better, but we only ever end up learning about Kiara.

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Mel is cute. That is all.

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Tbh this is how Kimmel/Colbert do it so I cant be too hard on her

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I mean, what else were you expecting from her?

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Same reason she ruined the collab yesterday by killing everyone and talking over them. It's all about her.

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I actually missed this episode because I forgot and was too busy anyways. Looks like I did not miss much.

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why do you do this to yourself anon... why?

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My sister loves those faggots and watches them on blast every night

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>Spends 70% of the stream talking about herself
So that's why 30% was boring as fuck

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To be honest, I forgot she was still doing this 'show'

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I rarely cringe, but when Gura got emotional and Kiara didn't even let her finish one sentence without interrupting her and blaring stuff like "Aw, are you crying?", I felt bad for her genmates to have her as a fellow member

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That happened? what the fuck

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It’s one thing you had to make another kiara thread, but you had to make another holotalk thread?

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I really like Kiara's solo stuff, but I'll probably never watch her collabs again.
I saw parts of her last collab with Gura and Subaru, and while those definitely had their moments, most of the time I was looking I wished Kiara would shut the fuck up, because she was so rude. You could see both Gura and Subaru were just silent or trying to go along to make it not so awkward.

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during the don't starve stream around 34 mins in on Mori's stream I don't have the exact time, but I looked at guras POV and she looked pretty sad about Kiara just yelling past her.

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In Gura's stream, around the 1:19:30 mark, she opens up about how thankful she is and so on, but Kiara won't stop commenting on it like an obnoxious late night host, before changing the topic to her doing karaoke stream later that day.

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I get the feeling that Kiara is on the verge of having an epic gamer moment and because she's a native English speaker they won't go so easy on her like they did with Miko and Rushia.

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Yeah fuck that birdcunt I wouldn't even hurt her, just ignoring the bitch makes her bleed the hardest. I spit.

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>has an overprotective fanbase who aren't able to criticize her and suck her pussy every time
That's a bit harsh, all of holoEN has overprotective fans. I actually like that Kiara can be annoying and rude, it beats being a concernfag and gives fans and haters more to talk about, hence the constant influx of fans.

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Same but it's my brother.

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>she's a native English speaker

Anon, I...

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I guess, ignoring is what the other HoloEN girls learned to do when collabing with her. She's like the drunk uncle who forces himself on other family members.

>> No.1520064

Did anyone try to reel her in

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She thinks she's the allfather of holoEN. Because she's the one who collabs with Pekora! She has the JP connection with Holotalk. She is the center that holds them all!

I need a drink.

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you need meds

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It's not Kiara's fault that she's the most interesting Hololive member

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You don't even need to bait them they come to you

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Kiara is ESL. Her first language is German.

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So not even Mori tried to reel her in?

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she gave up on Kiara long ago. Pretty early in Japan.

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Yup, Kiara antis bait themselves at this point

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On a serious note, I do wonder whether eventually someone will crack from her attitude and tell her earnestly to shut up or the like
I do think at least it's heading that way, and they are all human...someone is bound to have enough sooner or later

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there was an awkward pause, no one else was talking they all went silent aside from saying dont cry
im not even a kfp but what else should have happened

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hmm no new posters
>it was just awkward
>not kfp
Kiara takes over Gura's time to talk. Seriously Gura talked for less than half of Kiara before Calli talked, and then SHE JUST KEEPS TALKING
>what else should have happened


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That's just objectively wrong. It's more something like 90-95% talking about the guest.
Anyone who claims otherwise is a faggot who didn't even watch it and just plays along to rrats again.

>> No.1520386

Mori never let Kiara break that barrier between friends and more than friends.

>> No.1520424

Collabs seem infrequent enough that they'll be able to tolerate her for an hour every few weeks.It's not like they have to deal with her every day.

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>im not even a kfp but what else should have happened
Kiara should've shut the fuck up and actually let Gura express herself in her own time rather than autistically trying to fill in small gaps with her own voice

>> No.1520620

>Kiara should've shut the fuck up
tough luck bud

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I mean tbf Pewds is an ESL as well.

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Then when Kiara's turn to thank everyone came up, it was all about her. The others were thanking the other genmates, their chats, and the rest of Hololive. But, then here comes Kiara, and her sappy deluge was all about her.

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>is a board about vtubers
>spends 70% of its time seething about kiara

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They won't because they are on close terms and not bothered by it. It's only the viewers that get fed up with her

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I have seen all of Kiara's and Mori's streams and unfortunately came to the conclusion that Kiara is a psychopath. I have a degree in psychology and know how to analyze human behavior. There just so many evidence you wouldn't believe it...
If you watch Kiara and have at least some information about her past you would know the following facts about her:
1) She is an extremely rational individual. Although she puts this "cute Kiara mask on" during the streams, it is impossible to hide the fact that all of her decision making comes from a cold logical calculation.
2) It is impossible to predict Kiara's behavior. I don't mean that she is insane, I mean that psychopaths usually have a tendency to be unpredictable. If a normal individual has a certain "standard" behavior, Kiara doesn't have one.
3) She always lies, and she does it unconsciously.
4) Kiara never takes responsibility for her words or actions. In her mind it's always someone else's fault.
5) She always tries to get more for less work. It's especially visible when you look at her RPG gameplay. In a psychopath's mind there is always a way to get more resources from a system.

Here I will propose a hypothesis that I simply call "The great chicken conspiracy". From the start Kiara knew that she is less talented, capable and competent than other EN girls. And I also suggest that she was the one who proposed this whole "relationship between Mori and Kiara thing", Cover is too incompetent to be so forward thinking and you know it. From the very beginning her plan was, and to the certain degree still is to leech from Mori's popularity.
You probably will ask "Why Mori and not someone like Gura who is more popular?"
Simple my frens Mori is an outkast, a loner, a dork. She was never popular among people and she never had real friends. Mori is inexperienced individual when it comes to relationships and Kiara like a deadly predator knows about it. From now on I want you all to pay closer attention to our psychopathic chicken.

You will all see what I mean during her Nier playthrough. Pay attention to her reactions during 2b moments.

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Because deep down they all secretly want to fuck her.


>> No.1520971

They really have a lot of patience
Then again, a requirement for the job

>> No.1520978

>is a supposedly regular human being
>tries to argue in favor of a vapid BLM whore that cant even into basic human emotions

>> No.1520984

And both of them make noticeable mistakes when speaking English

>> No.1520997

I'm sure Mori has more friends than you think, anon

>> No.1520998

i remember the thread this shit pasta was first posted

>> No.1521004

>I have a degree in psychology
Stopped reading here

>> No.1521019

I do not think you know what 'not being bothered by it' means. You only need patience if it irks you.

>> No.1521045

can you prove that it doesn't?

>> No.1521051

>Kiara BLM whore
Give me some info on this rrat anon.
Im Venezuelan and therefore have a grudge against BLM and their supporters.

>> No.1521087

How about the endless praise they're gushing on every stream? Can also ask the same, can you prove that they do?

It's all viewer perspective. What you perceive doesn't reflect what the EN girls do.

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Her roommate's twitter is full of BLM supporting retweets.

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closest we ever got was the first minecraft collab.

>> No.1521165

>endless praise
My oshi Gura has only individually pointed out Ame and Mori. Kiara gets passing mentions when all of the ENs are being talked about

>> No.1521246

Whether you like it or not, that still includes her. The girls aren't fed up or even annoyed at her, at some point you're going to have to accept that.

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>> No.1521265

Pretty sure only Gura and Kiara have THAT level of overprotective fanbase, I saw DeadBeats whining about Mori's occasional airheadedness and they know she is cringe, Takodachis are usually chill, and back in jaypee days when Holo tried to invade the entire board, some if not most Teamates are against posting in the Ame individual threads.
>B-but the ones making those threads are falseflaggers!
Then prove it by stop picking fights with the schizos, stop acting like your oshi are the only ones with antis. Suisei schizos and falseflaggers are way more horrendous back in September in jaypee until her new cover came out that Hoshiyomis almost completely moved out to vt and learned that its so easy to just not engage with the trolls and report them instead now that this board have better moderation

>> No.1521305

Thanks, i did my reps. Definitely never watching anything with her in it again at the very least

>> No.1521324

I mean even without the BLM roommate shit, her general attitude and narcissism is good enough reason not to watch her. It's no different than watching an attentionwhoring roastie streamer on twitch.

>> No.1521357

>B-but the ones making those threads are falseflaggers!
They were. You can't really use that shitshow to prove anything about a fanbase. Mods refused to delete threads.
I mean I agree with you a bit. There are levels of whiteknight in a fanbase. Kiara is clearly at the top, then Gura.

Is Suisei posted an abnormal amount on global threads? I feel like she's mentioned an unusually large amount by you niggers.

>> No.1521368

>Makes thread with objectively false, easily counter-verifiable info
>Doesn't get slammed for it

>> No.1521413

I dont post on global much, I main katakana thread so I dont know. But I do know some people did try to pitch Hoshiyomis and Cumbuds against each other twice.

>> No.1521452

She's not native english speaking. And the type of person she is would be the complete opposite of gamer moment. More likely bringing up the 3 letter primate acronym

>> No.1521535

Yeah i didnt watch her because i found her personality annoying from the start but this is pretty sad to see, means cover screening is not taking into account concious/unconcious subversive agents, not that it matters much since we are all pretty much fucked and its just a matter of time anyway.

>> No.1521551

Maybe kiara is infact a loudmouth that cant carry a meaningful conversation if her life depended on it. Ever thought of it that way?

>> No.1521579

I doubt you watched the thing at all in that case. Nor know how talk shows are supposed to work.

>> No.1521584

Or it's all just bullshit and lies because reckless hate needs a target.

>> No.1521651

Not every talk show needs to be jimmy kimmel

>> No.1521723

As far as I've seen most of the talk shows have the host doing the talking at least 50% of the time unless they're like debate moderators.

>> No.1521790

I dont really watch talkshows but what I'm sure of is that most holotalk watchers sont watch it to hear kiara talk 50% of the time. Shes there for translating what the JP talent said not shoehorn her own shit in

>> No.1521883

I'm including that to the at least 50% in this case. After all, while the guest talks in Japanese, Kiara has to discuss with the guest, ask the questions and translate what she said to the audience. It'd be impossible to go under 50% in that case.

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i think im starting to see the argument for just straight up pre-recording the stream, and kiara just providing on-screen translations for when the guest is speaking, because yeah too much of the stream is dedicated to translating, and as someone that used to work as a translator (spanish/english kek) i know doing that shit on the spot is stressful as hell.

>> No.1522025

>Anyone who claims otherwise is a faggot who didn't even watch it and just plays along to rrats again.
You mean like most people on this board?

>> No.1522067

Yes, sadly.

>> No.1522088

Natural reaction honestly. The bigger the hate the more compelled the fanbase feels to protect their oshi. In a way, antis shit up the board with the things they want to get rid off, just proves how retarded they really are.

>> No.1522094

>there was an awkward pause, no one else was talking they all went silent
this is a fucking lie, gura WAS talking until kiara interrupted her 4-5 times before gura gave up


judge it for yourselves, lads. dont listen to kfp liars

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most of KFP should be gassed but Kiara didn't really do anything egregious here; just an extrovert doing extrovert shit, nothing really malicious.
Might seem kinda obnoxious to introverts like us, but extroverts would probably find the way, for example, ame interacts with kiara as cringe/obnoxious.

>> No.1522296

>nothing really malicious.
looking at her numberfagging and her cheap attention whore tricks to get subs/views (re-debuts/singing to small milestones, supacha begging), its malicious

>introverts like us
dont lump me in with your pathetic self, kfp. I'm an extrovert that is why I can clearly spot when fakers like kiara pop up who pretend to be helpful but aren't.

here, she realize gura was about to steal the show and derailed her because she wanted to be the face of "emotional thank you" and didnt let gura take that from her.

this is 100% calculated based on her greed for views/subs.

>> No.1522315

>can't pick good questions
give me an example of a good question you wish she asked Mel. go ahead, just one

>> No.1522320

i'll apologize for assuming you were an introvert if you apologize for assuming i was a fucking KFP

>> No.1522329

>so mel senpai, what do you think of stalkers

>> No.1522352

Kiara is a fucking thot and emotional nutjob. I bet she started having premarital sex on the regular in middle school.

>> No.1522394

that's a pretty safe bet considering how she turned out

>> No.1522926

Plus you could get more topics discussed since your not translating what the guest said, or what the host said to chat.

>> No.1522944

exactly, and it would offer more opportunities for genuine bantz between the two, which I think is something everyone wants from this show.

>> No.1523265 [DELETED] 


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>> No.1523494

>No one cares Kiara

>> No.1523547

Why are schizos getting psych degrees?

>> No.1523590 [DELETED] 

Oh shit that's right

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During the first minecraft collab, there's a was a part was Kiara wouldn't shut up and Calli said something like "Could you please be quiet?" and Kirara got really quiet. Also pic related.

>> No.1523619

I've had a lot of shitty coworkers over the years and I've only got in 2-3 legitimate "fuck you" "fuck you too" arguments in all that time. And this is working with people 8 hours a day 5 days a week, not a few hours every couple weeks.

>> No.1523716

>At this point this is just the general Kiara anti thread with all the rrats being discussed openly
As long as it stays here instead of schizos threadspamming again I guess.

>> No.1523775 [DELETED] 

Gura confirmed for Ame's dog?

>> No.1524454

It takes one to know one.

>> No.1524529

Is this real??

>> No.1524756

Cause Mel is boring as fuck

>> No.1524810

This happens every holotalk though, and arguably every kiara collab

>> No.1524865

Kiara is a secret democrat spy trying to destabilize our wonderful democracy with slight BLM influences and Cover explicitly looks to avoid these, yet Kiara was so good at hiding that they missed it and now are forced to let her take over Hololive with her leftist agenda.

>> No.1524910

>he doesn't know
it's not even dox reps, Kiara will merge with her roommate accounts soon enough

>> No.1525015

she went quiet for 10 minutes after mori told her that. it was beautiful

>> No.1525053

kiara is the most annoying roastie whore to ever touch hololive, and i've watched a fucking nyanners strea,

>> No.1525057

*touch vtubing

>> No.1525072

I'd say Kiara is worse in the open while Nyanners is worse behind the scenes and historically.

>> No.1525089

i think objectively speaking, aloe was a bigger whore

>> No.1525186

Aloe was just horny, Kiara was a cosplay slut that wanted to get into the idol business. There were definitely days when she swallowed more semen than water

>> No.1525221

She's definitely eaten an ungodly amount of pussy for one thing.

>> No.1525258

What do you think caused her aversion for men and obnoxious politics? Polishing hairy little yellow mushrooms every would do a number on anyone.

>> No.1525270


>> No.1525272

Like others have said, hyperego.
She must be really different off stream for the others to be so friendly with her, else I really don't get it at all.

>> No.1525304


>> No.1525417


>> No.1525422

how is it malicious who's harmed by it you retard

>> No.1525425

Too much stinky director cock also helped

>> No.1525648


>> No.1525678

always has been, newfag.

>> No.1526231

why a venezuelan has a grudge against BLM? I somehow can see why but I lack info about it

>> No.1526389

Orange bird is on the right side of history?
Nice. I just subscribed.

>> No.1526674

Nice you can make her viewer count go up to 3001.

>> No.1526718

Orange woman bad, upvote if you agree.

>> No.1526843

kek BTFO

>> No.1526879

>blatant lies that never happened
Do Kiara antis really?

>> No.1526970

The leaders have strong ties with Maduro and have provided ringers to act as "impartial" election observers for him.

>> No.1527395

It's all they have.

>> No.1527455

Kiara is just a young maiden that can't into basic emotions, she just feels as a tryhard. I don't really care too much about her, but her recent breakdown after seeing Usaken HQ and being reminded that Moona became everything she wanted to be was glorious.
Hermano, compatriota, camarada, por favor no mezclemos a Maduro con nuestras chuubas. Saludos desde Argentina.

>> No.1527531

I don't believe it is ego, or if it is ego it is driven by fear and narcissism as opposed to confidence and strength. Her self centered bahavior comes from her out of control insecurity. If you look at her roommates tweets it is especially painful to read. She does cosplay modelling and cannot even look at herself in the mirror or in photos without being consumed by self hate and doubt. As others have pointed out she is an emotional mess and her own worst critic.

Being at the center of attention is her coping mechanism. It comes from weakness not arrogance.

>> No.1527878

Its the cost from working on company, you need to tolerate these kinds of stuff if you want to survive

>> No.1527985

Keep being denial, you will face the truth sooner

>> No.1528098

>Person in denial trying to say others are in denial instead
You're from one of those countries where seeking mental help makes you unemployable, aren't you?

>> No.1528383

In reality the point of holotalks is to boost Kiara's views. That's why she'll never bring in homos.

>> No.1528421

KFP's fanbase is bad enough in a general sense to actually turn people against their oshi. The only other fanbase that really comes close is, funny enough, Pekora's.

>> No.1528589

What makes it bad in your eyes? Seeing glimpses of KFP in names from people in chat?

>> No.1528648

The overly defensive nature of KFP mostly. Especially here, the one place where fans are usually willing to criticize the holos (much to Ame's benefit if you believe the rrats that she took feedback from us seriously), you see a lot of posts telling off people that would dare criticize Kiara's behavior with a spectrum of buzzwords and excuses, especially when it's something reasonable like "hey Kiara should let other people talk".

>> No.1528724

as one of only a handful of non sperg people on this board, I can tell you that there are a lot of great ways to bridge levity to sad conversations
A friend of mines father passed away some months back, and I made it a point to make sure we talk about the funny memories of our dead relatives

Kiara isn't a good socialite, she just talks a lot

>> No.1528741

I'm pretty sure almost any fanbase would get defensive in a similar manner. You must've noticed how hard she gets attacked compared to most on /vt/, so it's obviously much more obvious than for most others though. Because so many of them are wild narratives instead of any valid criticism, the threads keep living on.
As for actual proper criticism, it's seemed all okay really. Hell they've complained on the fan thread themselves about how she's been too loud thanks to her mic settings as of late.

>> No.1529139

Adding to that KFPs just can't learn to ignore bait and take everything personally.

>> No.1529169

>reckless hate
Please say your post outloud before you hit send lmao, it's embarrassing

>> No.1529295
File: 40 KB, 607x287, mamaloni1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not recently because they cracked down on it, but KFP's spammed a lot of other girls stream chats to talk about doing something with kiara
The funny thing is when KFP's were doing it to kiara herself, she started getting pissed off and told Ina and pic related to yell at KFP's not to talk about collabing

>> No.1529563

based kiara

>> No.1529625

Isn't Kiara against any non-Hololive collaborations?

>> No.1529789

Is everyone just gonna let the mistranslation on "What is kapu kapu" slide? Really antinigs? Chicken doesn't know what is amagami and mistranslated what Mel said into a yab. CHICKEN HATE GRADUATE SOON

>> No.1529819

>Assuming that antinigs actually watch her streams

>> No.1529869

thanks for the fuel, kfp retard

>> No.1531350

You take that back, faggot. You can call me a retard but don't you ever call me a KFP. I don't watch chicken except in collabs. And even then only sometimes. I hate her voice so I'm an anti by definition.

>> No.1531393

>he thinks the antis actually watched it
>he thinks the antis speak Japanese

>> No.1531487

>I don't watch chicken
based. sorry ill take it back.

>> No.1531539

fucking rude anon, you can't just call people KFP

>> No.1531709

Finally a reason to hate Kiara

>> No.1531933
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>> No.1532167

Not the one you asked, but why her 3D model is different than her Live 2D is a good question that I did and kiara didn't pick.

>> No.1532382

>3D model is different than her Live 2D
It looks the same. Your question is bad.

>> No.1532518

>How does chocos lips taste?

>> No.1532791

got a timestamp? minecraft puts me to sleep.

>> No.1532795

Because it's a huge holocost.

>> No.1532947

on the left - genuine criticism and reason for that criticism
on the right - blind defense of their oshi's mistakes
hmm, not exactly duality.

>> No.1533137

Y'all really hate this bitch, huh?
I'm just tired at this point.

>> No.1533946

i'm trying to vote but there's no option

>> No.1534428

On the right, discussion and ignoring the schizo rrats.
On the left, people interpreting events in ways they can find more reasons to hate orange woman.
If you think for a moment that Gura or anyone resented Kiara for saying Aw are you crying? You're a schizo. Why don't these post evero mention that on the same breath she said "Don't cry" while everyone else went Aww I'm going to cry too and Ina made a Dad joke?
Do you really think Kiara deserves 10 daily anti threads? Who keeps making these threads? SEA or not these people are seriously mentally ill. Why would anyone dedicate so much of their time to hate on someone?

>> No.1534668

are you still going with the "its 1-2 IDs hating kiara" rrat?
and you've not only melted down here but derailed the discussion instead of discussing your oshi in /hlgg/

>> No.1534689

Not the one you're replying to, but what's your explanation to what's happening to the board right now then?

>> No.1534707

>calling a reasonable post a "meltdown"
you're terrible at gaslighting

>> No.1536917

why are kfps so afraid of sea?

>> No.1537002

Water beats fire.

>> No.1537514

Kek that's good

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>> No.1540445

Hmm, pretty based

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>> No.1540787

>fire beats grass
>Kiara kills comedy
sasuga pogeymon

>> No.1540809
File: 280 KB, 687x458, holo meds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that OP needs to take these.

>> No.1541148

>cosplay roastie
>joined idol group
>tons of money
>now a vtuber
It's almost as if the signs have been pointing to her being egotistical this whole time

>> No.1542806


>> No.1543925

That's not how you use upvotes in 4chan.
Lemme show you how.


>> No.1546351
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Are you blind, retarded, or possibly both?

>> No.1546383

You need to get a new image, you've used that one to death

>> No.1547408

Honestly, the only par that really ticked me off was when kiara said, "Omg Gura, are you crying?"

And the way she said it was like "You shouldn't be crying over something like this." Especially because she said, "Don't cry Gura."

I don't have a vendetta against Kiara, but she needs to learn to keep some comments to herself. It's just basic etiquette.

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