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What part of her contract did she breach to get fired? Info and rrats welcome.

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How should we know? Find us the original contract in the first place if you want us to speculate.

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She fucked a male.

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She's been smuggling drugs but she got found-out when her boyfriend gave her a rimjob right after a flight from colombia and it turns out the balloon tore and he overdosed

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she got caught havin hot sex with bigamee

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Might be having another vtuber persona (under another agency) or auditioning with another agency.

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No one noes besides Gyari, TMSK, Pikamee and herself, but the theories are
>lied about age
>underage drinking
>public worker
>streaming on another channel
>applied to another company
>selling merch on the side
>tax evasion
>variations of the above but wirh similar ideas
Personally I don't think it was streaming on another channel, applying to another company or underage drinking due to the time frame and way it was handled. The others are possible with varying likelihood.

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I forgot but also
>raped Pikamee with a tire iron

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VOMS doesn't do the idol schtick.

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Doesn't matter since every female chuuba will have their own rabid gachikois, regardless on how they sell themselves to their audience.

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It does matter though because it's not a contract violation. People might bitch but it wouldn't get her fired.

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she got caught with her tier 3 subs in a karaoke booth having sex.

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There is no info, only rrats. That post is all there is for legit info.

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Why do you think it was a real contract violation? Are you dumb enough to believe the company official rat? The fact that the rat claims the rest of the trio was asked and agreed to let her go means it was a not a black and white breach, but if it was not black and white she would have had a graduation stream and not just be wiped one day suddenly.

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You forgot the most likely option:
>Raped Pikamee in front of Gyari after suckerpunching Tomoshika

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>The decision was made by GYARI, the representative of the VOMS project.
huh, why did they specify it was specifically GYARI who pulled the plug and not use some corporate speak instead like "we" or "the management"? or at least "it has been decided to"

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It was drugs.
Pikamee and Gyari knew about her addiction to weed but let it slide, but once she started to smoke during a stream, she got the boot.

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they just "rent" the characters from gyari and otherwise act as independent chuubas. there is nobody else involved. he's just a musician who wanted to make merch money off his cartoon characters

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Wait, so the only person "employed" in VOMS project is GYARI?
So the business model is that they pay him a certain amount every so often, keep the direct streaming revenue and he gets the money from any merch?

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I have no idea how exactly they do revenue sharing on merch but from what I understand they keep all of their youtube earnings, he doesn't collect on that. there's a lot of rrats about the graduation but the only ones I believe are ones where monoe tried to monetize the character in a way he didn't approve of

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They found out she was Uto.

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>rapist vtubers
>"look, you can do it too!"

Now THIS is some incel fuel.

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yakuza affiliation

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Sorry guys my bad, but she really loved my 7.5 incher

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She got forced out by Kiara

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Probably the underaged thing. You can look or lie past everything else on this list with some PR except your age. They can't make a machine to make her five years older.

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She could be dead, would the situation be handled differently if it was the case ?

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She was never real

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She refused to have anal sex with Gyari during a routine VOMS orgy.
She has done it before but Gyari is too rough and she just couldnt do it anymore.

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So does this also officially confirm Peka has cushion for the pushing?

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Actually yes. Who else, other than stoners, get their drug tattoo'd on them? I've literally seen women with pot leaves on their body. I knew some autist who LOVES weed too.

She's part American, and Texan-American, so probably.

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It's asia buddy. Sega delayed the release of the latest yakuza game to patch out an actor whose likeness they used in the game because he admitted to doing cocaine.
Asians don't fuck around with any kind of drugs ever since the eternal anglo got large swaths of them addicted and destroyed their societies.

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Is Texas a different nationality than America now or something?

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everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.

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America is very big. A New Yorker and a Texan are very different. Although, an NYC-fag and Austin-fag are probably more similar than an upstate New York-fag and Austin-fag.

>t. Georgia-fag who's lived in Atlanta and rural Georgia.

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I forgot another but it was
>tried to meet a fan
I kind of get it, but I don't think it's as likely. Whatever it was had been an ongoing thing, and it just doesn't seem realistic for her to somehow get in contact and agree to meet with some rando. I just don't see a reason why this would be the case.
One of my friends got addicted and ended up dropping off from his hobbies and cutting out most of his friends at the time. All my other friends who smoke are fine. The key is to not be retarded.

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Golden Bat cigarettes, lolz.

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>Mano Aloe
i can see a pattern

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I can confirm this, also Gyari wanted her to start having her be an "assistant" for business partners that were producing keychains and stuff in exchange for discounts. The other girls are ok with it but she couldn't handle it anymore, the breaking point was one of the merch company executives finishing inside her mouth and then putting a mirror up to her face and having her say shit like "this is what im worth and made for" just freaky shit like that, she broke down crying and couldn't do it anymore so Gyari kicked her out of the group for not being a "team player" (his words).

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>Nips eat fried chicken for xmas

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yeah but if you mention it you'll get called an anti and told to take your meds...

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