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Male wave soon,are you ready?

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I'll watch burger bro.

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Really going for that American audience huh

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saving this thread and the image to post when the debuts are happening.

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>american vtuber
>design has burger in it

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Please be real

>> No.14740331

If he tips his hat does he just tip the top bun or the whole sandwich

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unsurprising to see burger liver for niji sooner or later, they'll learn the importance of burgers in niji ecosystem from their senpais

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Despite how fake this is, I wonder how many vtubers think this about their model

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I wish this is real.

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So, any rrat on who got in?

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The only near-confirmation so far is Tora, who's a big Elirafag and has ties to Elira's PL.

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Please be real

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Well, in Nijisanji at least if they want to make an outfit their main model they can. So if someone really hated their default they have an out.

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I don't believe this is real, but god damn do I want it to be. The humor of a man with a burger forcibly stuck to his head trying to keep his cool would be amazing.

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Let's be real. It's all canadians.

>> No.14740552

I can't wait to see hotdog boy

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The funniest thing about this is that I've been so desensitized by vtuber character designs that I probably wouldn't bat an eye at the hamburger ikemen

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Which one is going to turn out to be a rapist and only be discovered after he fucked one of the livers?

>> No.14740671

if this really were true, what would be the most likely outcome?
>change/scrap the design
>fire/replace the leaker

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It is 100% real. I know because I'm in the same wave and we've all seen eachothers' models already. If any of you have seen 6Teen and know the lemon hat from that, the burger is basically that.
But it's only the second worst of our models. Mine isn't completely awful but someone else is Neapolitan ice cream. And not like the girl from RWBY.
No, they have the option to look like they took a cumshot to the cheek, have shit smeared on their forehead, or are covered in pink Danganronpa blood. Or all 3 at the same time. There's no "clean" option on the model.

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>we want the mutt audience

>> No.14740798

Are they going to target the male or female audience?

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lmao I fucking hope this is real

>> No.14740827

bf confirmed

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Male. It's literally always male. Part of Holostars's problem is that it started off as a "male idols targeted at women" thing, and that just doesn't work with the vtuber audience. Almost no vtuber has a majority female audience.

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there's no way that anyone from 4chan would get into Nijisanji much less two people in the same gen.

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You were fucked the moment you joined nijisanji. Should have stayed indie until VOMs makes VOMsRangers.

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Even if it isn't real, it should be. Because it would be goddamn funny.

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I'd wager that a lot more indies browse 4chan thank you think

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All sorts of people read 4chan. I'm not saying I believe the OP or that guy but I wouldn't discount the possibility of someone that posts here making it in. I hope for their sake the burger hat isn't real lol

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I really hope to god that this is real. Seeing NijiEN males compared to their ID, KR, or JP counterparts would be a genuine sight to see.

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>Ronald McDonald fast food vtuber
I'd support it (I know we already have Kiara but hamburgers>fried chicken)

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HEY YOU, WAVE 4. I know you're /HERE/.

If this is true. Comedy is the only way to go. Don't even try to be 'serious' streamer.

Start watching some standup comedians, comedy watch-a-longs, listen old radio shock jocks, watch a whole bunch of anime cartoons, read a bunch of absurdist comics mad magazine. Do the same for Japanese humor.

Whatever happens at your debut, happens. It's too late now.

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I will believe your Rrat and if it does become true, I swear to god. I will support you fucks to the moon.

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I forgot to mention the hair. But pictures speak louder than words. Obviously I'm not going to leak a screenshot so you'll have to make due with this

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kiara boyfriend

>> No.14741151

>hamburgers>fried chicken
Hmm, I'm not sure if I agree. I make some pretty good fried chicken

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women have better shit to do than waste their lives watching anime streamers

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If this is true, man..... please anons archive all of this.

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Assuming this isn't bait, I'm guessing that they gave the males the worst designs just so the gachikois wont be intimidated when the females collab.
That or its suggestive fujobait for people like Elira.

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lmfao this rules

>> No.14741196

I hope to god this is real, Burgerbro is going to be my new Oshi.

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PLEASE be real
PLEASE be a gringo

>> No.14741218

We got leaks for Council here (Mumei's design), why wouldn't we get for NijiEN?

>> No.14741222

they should force the males into assigned homo pairings with flirting mandates
you're gay4pay and you're putting on a show

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>Jannies deleting posts


>> No.14741298

>give male clown design so goslingnigger wouldn't feel insecure about their oshis playing games and collab with males.
Actually this is genius. I kneel Riku-sama

>> No.14741338

Joe is one of the most erotic males in NijiJP and literally has a clown design.

>> No.14741353

Remember to play this on your debut.

>> No.14741385

>another elira's nepo
God fucking dammit

>> No.14741458

Females have nesting behavior too (it's why they will by dozens of shoes they don't use). It's more that nobody has seemingly cracked the code for them like with dudes.

>> No.14741502

Make a shoe vtuber

>> No.14741542

I've gone insane trying to find the Ronald edit of the K-on! opening. Why did I never bookmark it?

>> No.14741562

if they can somehow harness the power and fervor of female k-pop fans. it's out there. but is it possible to make them appealing to girls in such a way? as a vtuber, this may be impossible

>> No.14741571

i hope this is real and this thread be leaked to Niji's top brass and they graduate your asses before you even debut
too many "here"fags

>> No.14741587

its always
>elira's nepo
but like all these guys and girls were friends with pomu too, i guess she is the board favorite when it comes to nijiEN though so she gets none of the blame

>> No.14741590

Oh yeah, I'm not saying male idol type things don't work in general. Kpop is insanely popular for a reason. It was just a dumb idea for a vtuber group in the current market (and doubly dumb as a side thing for a female idol group. Most of your word-of-mouth would be coming from a demographic who isn't your target audience and has little overlap with it socially.)

>> No.14741618

Anon literally like, at least half of NijiEN have done everything short of going "HI /vt/! I'M OPENING YOU RIGHT NOW AND READING THE NIJI EN GENERAL"

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Most burgers taste like shit

I just want a burger that's actually good

>> No.14741679

>Fast food Mascot
Go full Jack in the Box

>> No.14741700

>That or its suggestive fujobait for people like Elira.
People who say this don't know how fujobait works.
You don't make fujobait, you just have men interact (ideally as close friends, but them even being in the same room will work in a pinch) and the fujoshi take it from there. There's a reason shounen is so popular with them.
I mean hell, even with Elira one of her favorite pairings is Gon and Killua, isn't it? Perfect example.

>> No.14741718

>*she's just the board favorite

Elira is the most liked (Selen doesn't count she is a meme and would have been gura if she had debuted a year earlier) Nijien among those of patrician taste, her love of trannies notwithstanding and also the natural leader.

Pomu is like those kinds of people who have 'quarter life crises' where they realize they wasted their life so far and lose their shit. Pomu is completely retarded and brags about living in Japan but all she speaks are words her Japanese senpis taught her. Because she's retarded. No one would believe Pomu is some kind of mastermind.

>> No.14741740

>Nijimale design with permanent cumshot
God I wish

>> No.14741745

God please let the shitposts be real for just this once

>> No.14741779

Are they really debuting a gen on Christmas?
I know in nippon land christmas is just whatever and even some sex fest shit for normalfags over there,
But for most westies is a holiday, christians or not.

>> No.14741817

It's funny like, literally two (2) members could reasonably be called """nepotism""", and they basically auditioned together rather than being two separate incidents.
All of Lazusydia came from the same auditions, so it makes no sense there, meaning it's literally JUST Enna and Millie. At least unless we're imagine Elira had some pull before she even got in.
And then you factor in that Millie was one of the most well-known indies, and that Enna is a very good singer and, well, it's obvious how stupid it is.

>> No.14741843

bros wtf why did the jannies delete, is the rrat true

>> No.14741857

At first I was ready to shit on these lads but if they are any good I will support them just because I think people will virture signal support but not show up to streams. I refuse to be a NijiEN fan and wish nothing but graduation on LazuLight, Obsydia, and Ethyria but I will give the males the best chance I can.

>> No.14741875

Yeah all the neckbeards are going to be home alone contemplating the rope, perfect time for a debut

>> No.14741876

Probably not. They'll do a Christmas celebration with the existing livers (instead of awkwardly shoving in a new group) and then we'll get wave 4 sometime early next year, if I had to guess.

>> No.14741913

On one hand cringe tribalfag, but on the other hand based man lover.

>> No.14741914

Is this what you seek?

>> No.14741948

You are my savior, anon. Good fortune will come to you in 2022.

>> No.14741959

>hates burger hat
>makes 4channel post leaking this element of the model
>show rigger
>rigger now forced to remove burger hat
If you're a male, it still confirms your /here/ status. Might want to change that.

>> No.14741978

There is at least one Nijisanji male with 50% female viewers. How does he do it?

>> No.14741993

Like Vladimir Lenin once said, people would believe anything on the Internet especially if you'll claim it's a quote from someone famous.

>> No.14742019

God please be real, let meme magic be real.

>> No.14742087

Of the current roster, Pomu only knew Elira (same audition), Rosemi (same audition), and Millie.
Meanwhile, Elira knew Pomu (same audition), Rosemi (same audition), Selen (same audition), Millie, and Enna.
Elira had connections to 5, Pomu only had connections to 3.

>> No.14742159

Free, Rakugo, Kuroko, ...

>> No.14742163

He'll be fine, Astel has Afro and he's pretty popular

>> No.14742230

Pretty much all the worthwhile indies got their start in /wvt/ at some point, unless Nijisanji went for the facecam turned vtubers market or the twitter bandwagon hoppers market, and honeslty I don't know which is worse

>> No.14742258

Astel's Afro is optional

>> No.14742284

knowing niji they could get 1-2 failed apex pros

>> No.14742290

I will support the NijistarsEn bros

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The shit are you talking about, they already exists. It's just that there aren't that many of them so they can't put up the numbers like hololive but the obsessed ones are really obsessed.

>> No.14742441

Now find English ones

>> No.14742476

>standup comedy
It doesn't work well on vtuber form. Only comedy that works is unintentional ones that fits with their character.

>> No.14742488

Then you have to make it yourself, unironically
Frozen pre-made patties are fine to use (fresh ground beef has a tendency to turn into a little bland meatloaf if you don't shape it right)
Fry a couple pieces of bacon and use the grease to cook the patty
Havarti cheese (make sure you put it on in the pan while the second side of the patty is cooking, to get it nice and melty), fresh white onion, a little ketchup and mustard, and chopped jalapeño
Enough to make Gordon Ramsey weep.

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this is the best I've got.

>> No.14742537

This is the greatest mental image ever.

>> No.14742592


In my theory the English ones are actually guys who are gay and the other females are most likely weebs and are quiet about it. I’d say it’s a fairly even split of those two.
I could be absolutely wrong on this so feel free to dispute my theory.

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Holy newfag, reps now

>> No.14742618

I appreciate that you're evangelizing for the pan here, burger anon. Grilling is fun but you really can't beat the pan

>> No.14742653

nijien bros just don't do fujobait it doesn't work except if you are good at fps or games in general

>> No.14742655

Jesus christ.

>> No.14742666

Damn I can't believe Kiara joined NijiEN just so she could collab with Pomu.

>> No.14742674

Again, don't know what's worse, my burger model or a gen member who's oblivious to 4Chan but is a clear favorite by the managers.

>> No.14742696

Ahahaha nice

>> No.14742749

neither since changing anything will cause anycolor to spend more

>> No.14742766


To be fair she probably didn’t know 4chan was this toxic.

Looking at the structure of her post she genuinely thought this was a chill place. Possibly like reddit.

>> No.14742787


>> No.14742916

I wish Selen would read even one of my depraved fucking posts about the unspeakable things I would do to her if I got her alone in a love hotel.

>> No.14742970

I always laugh at how they're treated like circus animals.
Okay Oga, here is some money. Now dance like a monkey for my amusement.

>> No.14742995

Whatever you say mate. If AC is giving Wave4 comedic designs then they were expecting comedians. BE FUNNY!

>> No.14743001

God damn it, why couldn't they just be nice to wosemi. Now she probably hates us.

>> No.14743030

she's a grifter anyways so who cares?

>> No.14743040

Well Selen is the most confirmed here (and she's not even really hiding it), so she probably has.

>> No.14743073

you're a confirmed faggot so who cares

>> No.14743166

Selen my love... hahahaha.

>> No.14743186

I love that guy.

>> No.14743188

Its for the best that she doesn't come back and just does her own thing. People love her here, but she doesn't need to try and pander 100% to this site, lest she turn into a full on /here/tuber.

>> No.14743204

If you're going to say Elira "knew" Selen based on a couple of twitter interactions then you can certainly add Shannon onto Pomu's list.

>> No.14743217

Riajuu should shine.

>> No.14743222

>Wears a shoe as a hat
>Says "shoe" at the end of sentences

>> No.14743236

selen has the least sex appeal out of nijien but you keep doing it anon i'll support you

>> No.14743254

Selen was VIP in Elira's Twitch chat

>> No.14743278

what do you mean
I would do unspeakable things to her and none of the other NijiEN girls.

>> No.14743344

That's where you're wrong. When it comes to vtubers, I like to go by the horseshoe theory of practical sex appeal. The ones in the middle are actually the least sexually appealing, while the ones who're "traditionally" less sexually appealing have a certain appeal that elevates them to the level of the most sexually appealing.

>> No.14743417

There's no code to crack, because women don't watch streams. There are streams for real sports, esports, speedruns, normal video game playthroughs, softcore and hardcore pornography, "social" tittycams, CCTVs, deer parks, fat people sleeping, fucking everything except anything that women would care about. Women don't watch streams. It's not a female activity.

>> No.14743430

Counterpoint: Make up tutorials and cooking streams

>> No.14743462

But who are we kidding her you really saying you don't think Pomu knee one the best friends of two vtubers she was very close to who was also a vtuber?

>> No.14743475

My sister watches Animal Crossing and make up streams. I best an astrologer could probably pull in a lot of women with horoscope streams

>> No.14743497

counterpoint, why do you think so many females become vtubers? Because they watched female vtubers and they're the closest thing to female to female friend simulators that arent 100% catering to solely men like on twitch.

>> No.14743517

also add product reviews and "blogs"

>> No.14743524

a man and his narrative are not soon parted

>> No.14743527
File: 760 KB, 1582x754, 1615939496426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean...

>> No.14743552

>I best an astrologer could probably pull in a lot of women with horoscope streams

>> No.14743566

They probably all been hanging out on the same discords for ages and shit.

>> No.14743615

based nigger poster hopefully she didnt take it the wrong way

>> No.14743616


>> No.14743621

By that logic wouldn't someone like Yashiro have a ton of sex appeal? I don't really see it.

>> No.14743646

Assuming shit like live streamed makeup tutorials exist, they are dwarfed by streaming content watched near-exclusively by men.

>> No.14743668

>Okay Oga, here is some money
Sending request with SC on oga is pretty useless since he only speed read them at the end of the stream. Heck you don't need money at all to ask Oga to do something. His zatsudan stream is like an S&M play with the chat so you just need to know how to tease him right

>> No.14743689

I mean like if they branded themselves primarily as an astrologer. Doing horoscopes for every placement on your natal chart, that kinda thing. There are a lot of popular youtube channels like that

>> No.14743692


>> No.14743710


>> No.14743713

They do exist, and yes they are dwarfed by male dominated steaming content but that does mean that the audience exists, it's just smaller so you need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

>> No.14743724

Those are just playlist views if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.14743735

I still love Sana, even if nobody else does.

>> No.14743744

>Full of seaniggers

>> No.14743769

Only applies to females

>> No.14743771
File: 1.32 MB, 1307x679, 1625613611560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her actual views for her horoscope videos aren't exactly doing that hot either.

>> No.14743796

>make unique content!

>> No.14743828

>adjust your strategy
It's not viable when you consider the returns. There are millions of men watching streams, but a vtuber's audience is a fraction of that. The number of women watching streams is at least a magnitude smaller than the male demographic, so you're gonna draw a fraction of a fraction with a vtuber aimed at women.

>> No.14743849

Glad i'm a holobrony and not a nijikek. The moment HoloEN introduces males I'm out - thankfully, that will never happen.

>> No.14743858

I just hope she likes doing them enough where shes not put off by the lower viewcounts.

>> No.14743863

Take solace in the fact that you are a male chuuba so nobody will ever see your shit model

>> No.14743865

It's easier to be a successful vtuber than a normal streamer.
The pathway right now for normal streamers is to grind one game and get really really good at it gaining an audience before turning into a variety streamer. Vtubers can start off being variety streamers and gain from there.

>> No.14743867

anon you can make a viable living as a streamer with just 100 average CCV, even a fraction of that small audience can be a viable target to aim for, especially since the operating costs for a vtuber is pretty much nothing. Don't leave money on the table and all that.

>> No.14743913

These threads are creative ways to drive up hype. It's all a marketing ruse to make us interested but I won't fall for it. They will have normal, bishi models but gaylord voices and will bait paypigs. God bless them for hustling but I will not be made to look like a fool.

>> No.14743927

>anon you can make a viable living as a streamer with just 100 average CCV
What kind of money are these people making?

>> No.14743936

based schizo skeptic

>> No.14743982

Elira didn't even know Enna and Millie applied

>> No.14743991

minimum wage at that level, if you have a real job it's a healthy addition to your income.

>> No.14744008

Oga made $3500 dollars in the last fifteen days and his ccv hovers in the 3-500 range so you tell me.

>> No.14744023

There's no way the male branch are themed around food but I want you to know that if this is real I'm going to support you with every ounce of my strength.

>> No.14744039

All me

>> No.14744060

so operating poorly of a single data point, 7k a month but pare that down to 30% after cuts and it's 2.1k, not including additional revenue streams (ads, etc)

>> No.14744162


>> No.14744188

I unironically wants this to be the case.
There are no good homo fanservice EN chuubas

>> No.14744194

This thread is made by a NijiEN intern. Why wasn't it posted several weeks before and only now? They want generate hype from here and now everyone will look for the burger

>> No.14744201
File: 1.49 MB, 2324x764, 1639674883630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14744211

They're pretty shit at marketing

>> No.14744218

I mean just think, if you get an average of $20 per viewer (which usually includes one or 2 guys who donate $100 regularlly, but still) a month that's $2k. Not bad, although obviously not much if you live in a major city.
And if you stream 4 or 5 days a week that's very reasonable, since a lot of people will just toss $5 over every couple streams. If you double that you're basically hitting an average American monthly income.

>> No.14744223

No, you aim at gay dudes. Gay dudes watch streams too.

>> No.14744236

Hang in there, hamburglar.

>> No.14744237

She's as anti-numberfag as it gets. I'm sure she likes doing them as she has said numerous times that she just wants to stream whatever without obligations.

>> No.14744253

"WAVE 4 WHEN" NjiiEN threads get posted basically every day, what do you mean?

>> No.14744271

I heard the new gen will debut only January 15 though, why would they shill it so early?

>> No.14744281

lmao it's just cope

>> No.14744286

I thought we hated the guy on the left.

>> No.14744287

It cant get worse than gen3
I cant think of a single scenario how it can get worse than gen3 (yes even the burger hat, the shit design means nothing if he has the personality to carry him)

>> No.14744298

Why, who is he?

>> No.14744305

are you sitting in both threads, posting the exact same things and shitposting poorly

>> No.14744327


>> No.14744341

I hope they hired some hentai artists. Many of them have over 100k+ followers on Twitter but are two-view live-streamers.
A vtuber model and working for a name brand company can greatly raise their notoriety as a streamer

>> No.14744374
File: 71 KB, 563x560, 8f0b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fast Food gang lets go

>> No.14744480

Other than dumb rrats is there even any confirmation that Wave4 will have males?

>> No.14744485
File: 45 KB, 480x733, preach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe in you nijibro, I pray for your wellbeing and wish for your success. Amen.

>> No.14744496

I have nothing against him (aside from all tripfags being scum), but he also reincarnated (into a poorly rigged, literal 2view babiniku, for some reason)
He's not even hiding it, I checked a VoD of him playing with the same friendgroup and the others literally put Hazard Hornet's head over his new character on their streams.

>> No.14744535

you are a fucking idiot

>> No.14744574

Literally the fucking announcement for the male english auditions

>> No.14744600

He's just menhera. He thought that people only watched female vtubers so he became a babiniku and became even less popular. The fact is that he's just a boring streamer and he should just focus on being a rigger instead since he's actually great at it.

>> No.14744604

He could be friends with Ha Yun!

>> No.14744699

based pervert

>> No.14744707

The talents have said themselves that Wave 4 is guys

>> No.14744737

It's actually
>don't be black

>> No.14744744

Oh, that's too bad. Guess I won't watch NijiEN anymore.

>> No.14744760

Doesnt count

>> No.14744763

Why only stop now? NijiEN has been collabing with guys for months

>> No.14744802

Just feels different. Collabing with outsiders vs making males part of the group. It almost gaurantees more offstream interaction, and will encourage flirting and shipping.

>> No.14744867

Get fucked, I want you waifu niggers out of the fandom. You have holoshit, now go back there and stop spreading your GFE cancer into my niji shit.

>> No.14744884

>It almost gaurantees more offstream interaction, and will encourage flirting and shipping.
So basically, what some of the NijiEN girls have been doing for months already. We know that Selen talks with rpr and ipn off-stream often, Reimu has been getting shipped with HaYun (NijiKR) for a while now, and Nina can't stop talking about men.

>> No.14744930

That's not different from the shipping going on with other branches.

>> No.14744936


>> No.14745006

Do you even watch any of their streams. They all talk about how they talk and play games with male livers from other branches offstream.

>> No.14745018
File: 260 KB, 716x720, 1491363574158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really feel it could put off a lot of people especially paypigs. Just look at the IPN hate. But we'll see.

>> No.14745022

Here is the thing when you only do one horoscope, you'll mostly get those people. People want to know about their sign.

>> No.14745049

Good point, hopefully the new male nijis do poorly so Hololive won't get any stupid ideas.

>> No.14745051

Thank fucking Christ. The only thing I'm mad at here is that they took so long to get rid of you retards.

>> No.14745101

Explain Oga

>> No.14745122

It's very different actually since people will think they interact 24/7 on discord and maybe IRL.

>> No.14745135

She still posts in the NijiEN thread though

>> No.14745144

My mom works at Niji EN PR team, they are going for the woke twitter crowd so all the "male" talents will be actually "they/them"s and fakeboys.

>> No.14745148

Damn right. Hololive is for GFE, Niji is not. Faggots who only watch them hoping to feed their delusions deserve it. There’s literally a whole other market for what they want, and they charge into the wrong place anyway.

>> No.14745191

Ready for the girls views to tank and thier graduations. Except

>> No.14745217

Anon they do GFE crap all the time. Interacting with males on daily basic could hurt their SC, the only place where they are catching up to Hololive.

>> No.14745218

IPN is just being annoying. For example, Finana had a breakdown at the end of her latest Honkai stream, and IPN jumped in on both twitter and Discord to white knight for her.
Compare this to guys like RPR, HaYun, Reza, Riksa, etc. who act like normal people.

>> No.14745237


Yes. And I am the boyfriend of Anon’s mom.

>> No.14745279

Rosemi just started getting some good money too.... oh well RIP time for her to jump ship again

>> No.14745280
File: 2.08 MB, 1085x1080, 1610857982233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Male Niji EN auditions
Did they actually say they're auditionning males too or is it
>Hey guys! Both Women AND Men can audition for Hololive *wink wink*

>> No.14745295

I do think IPN has this weird difference to them that's not the same with people like RPR. I guess because RPR feels like the odd special guest where as IPN is a lot more common, maybe that turns some people off.

>> No.14745300

People who will stop watching the girls just because of that assumption are delusional losers.

>> No.14745306

Enjoy your cuck simulator I guess.

>> No.14745312

The latest set of auditions had both a female audition (which turned out to be Ethyria) and separate a male audition.

>> No.14745321

We know wave 4 has males we don''t know if it's only males.

>> No.14745347

Everyone who's collab with Elira or Pomu:

So many talented vtubers out there, and yet like 80% of all of Niji has collabed with Pomu or Elira at one point specifically.

>> No.14745350

It's because IPN collabs with them much more.

>> No.14745386

But they are also usually the biggest superchatters.

>> No.14745420

If this is real, your gen will become the first male Vtubers I watch and support
If this is fake, your gen will become my first anti targets

>> No.14745431
File: 37 KB, 756x715, brave_EmcNHAQSnq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon your mom is going to lose her job, think of her boyfriend

>> No.14745450

I don't like IPN because he annoys me and kind of creeps me out. I've got no problem with any other male frequent collab partners.

>> No.14745479

It's true. I'm her other boyfriend.

>> No.14745494

seethe 2view

>> No.14745507

No, please she just got a new mortage!

>> No.14745510

Are you talking about their past lives, or current NijiEN personas? If PL, I don't think Elira/Pomu even knew of Finana or Reimu, and only Elira knew of Selen in any sense.

>> No.14745534

How to replicate pop star/k-pop type of fans with make vtubers

>> No.14745539

Oh no its the nijisanji internet defense force!

>> No.14745579

>half of them are /here/
i wish yall niggas all the luck and success

Based, i can nut and still go to heaven.

>> No.14745583

You sound jealous

>> No.14745610

Also you'd think that EN management would point that out to them.

>> No.14745634


>> No.14745664

If one of you nijis is here, please play AoE2

>> No.14745754
File: 1.51 MB, 335x974, 1635534883575.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/vt/s most legendary fpbp, I kneel

>> No.14745755

If one of you nijis is here, please be gay with each other for the love of God I need some good BL pandering and pairings I'll give you money for it

>> No.14745759


>> No.14745835

The burger hat thing was funny at the start, but by now it's been run into the ground a little too much.

>> No.14745856

It was an audition that said it was for an all-male wave.

>> No.14745871
File: 18 KB, 776x732, 1639160024769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14745881

>he should just focus on being a rigger instead
Read it as "he should focus on being a nigger instead"

>> No.14745890

I watched Lumi and Peari but they possibly the worst players I have ever seen. The stream was great though lol

>> No.14745894

You could say the same about 4chan memes from every board.

>> No.14745924

Imagine watching male anime vtubers

>> No.14745948

Watch streams

>> No.14745976

The only difference between this place and reddit is that you can say nigger here without getting into trouble.

>> No.14746040
File: 2.69 MB, 2480x2808, ninakosaka4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear to god yall niggas better be GOD HIMSELF at online games.
or r-really cute... im gonna watch if theyre cute...

>> No.14746043

This. If I want to watch a dude stream i'll just watch Pewds.

>> No.14746053

Actually that'stechnically against the rules for worksafe boards.

>> No.14746093

I just want a Kanae/Kuzuha dynamic but in EN ; ;

>> No.14746127

>he only speed read them at the end of the stream
Very based.

>> No.14746135

that's bullshit but I believe it
the thing about holostars is that they made hololive as bunch of idol women rather than friend so it's hard to collab with them

>> No.14746164

the great wosemi sama never dissapoints
what a loveable autist

>> No.14746178

It's funny they said that after Enna, I believe, made a "joke" about Elira being the "Queen of NijiEN" and a "Top Scouter".

>> No.14746189

I'm actually really scared if this is real. Anycolor might not see it but the release of their male waves and their success might make or break future applications for males in the EN vtuber scene. A LOT of eyes will be on them to see if they'll be a complete flop or not and I really hope they've put all the chances on their side otherwise this might actually make it a HELL of a lot harder for males to get a shot in corpo Vtubing from then on.

If its actually real and not a dumb rrat I wish you guys the best of luck and please don't fuck it up, even if the rigger already did for you.

>> No.14746232

Good. I hope it's a fuckup so we never get males again.

>> No.14746279

i mean, considering she is one of the most /here/ out of all of them she's seen the shitposting and crying so was making fun of it? or perhaps not. bottom line is you have no idea.

>> No.14746286

I hope it's a success so the EN males can go into your house and fuck you up.

>> No.14746296

It’s not real

>> No.14746304


>> No.14746388

Absolute state of nijikeks

>> No.14746613

Nigga don't believe anything on 4chan so easily

>> No.14746615


>> No.14746624
File: 110 KB, 1280x1280, FGK4BgCUUAMm2ll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14746643


>> No.14746653


>> No.14746691

>male wave
Don't care

>> No.14746724

It'd be extremely strange if it was announced this week because usually debuts happen on a saturday and there's absolutely no mention of any special events occurring this saturday on any of the ENs schedules.

>> No.14746865

Perhaps Sunday because of holidays

>> No.14746966

>it says "Sien" on the balloon
Dumb bitch loves him so much but can't spell his name right

>> No.14746990

That was Rosemi?

>> No.14747020

yes, and she's also the rat at tsunderia who left four months after joining up.

>> No.14747054

who gives a shit?

>> No.14747078

>Nijisanji fans care about indies and small companies, they said

>> No.14747121


>> No.14747204

holobronies detected
hold a calculator out and start typing in numbers to distract them

>> No.14747206

Someone post the image of all the pro gay niji screencaps for this fag.

>> No.14747298

>Number fiftEEn: NijiEN foot leddis

>> No.14747321
File: 2.19 MB, 1073x3200, niji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14747331

Male wave announcing today. 5 guys in total. One is holostars oga’s brother

>> No.14747353

I can’t wait for penis wave

>> No.14747364

god i want this to be real so badly.

>> No.14747405

It is Rosemi. Miki will be revived after the paypigs leave Rosemi for collabing with males and she drops Niji. That or she's already put her application for hololive and gets into Gen 3

>> No.14747423

Picle vtuber when?
This will be the funnyest shit i ever seem

>> No.14747543


>> No.14747556

Jesus Christ lel what is with the high concentration of alphabet people in Niji
I know one of them is doing is doing the "I have no gender" thing or whatever just as a character bit though, I forget who

>> No.14747601

Based retard revealed who he is.

>> No.14747666

Is the hamburger design true?

>> No.14747741

Ryushen (the green one with the panda) is just the androgynous anime character archetype, Melissa (the "I identify as both" one) is legitimately non-binary.
>what is with the high concentration of alphabet people in Niji
Places that are welcoming about that kind of thing (obviously) tend to attract them. Melissa has basically said that being able to be openly NB there is part of why they applied.

>> No.14747747

you guys are so dumb for believing this shit like the guy wouldn't get fired immediately when people whistleblow on him for breaking his NDA

>> No.14747801

You say that but Nijisanji itself could be posting shit like this
It's literally free advertisement shitloads of clicks, maybe even go viral on reddit and twitter, for a few seconds of work typing up a shitty op

>> No.14747841

that's stupid as hell, if it's viral marketing they sure as fuck could have come up with something better than "hamburger hat" as a selling point

>> No.14747876

>unable to love
>is a tranny
More proof that trannies just do it because they don't love themselves

>> No.14747905

The sheer stupidity and meme-ability of it is what makes it good advertisement.
Leaking a new cute/hot anime design would just go under
Something as stupidly outlandish as a fucking burger hat on the other hand is just begging for meme art and retweets

>> No.14747926

I Remember some anons that were pretty much spot on about the pattern they were following when releasing the Gens, they said the male gen would be around December because of it.

>> No.14747938
File: 65 KB, 594x586, 1615894504422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this is real I will unironically become a nijifag

>> No.14747977

Uhh, based?

>> No.14747984

Anon NijiEN has been releasing new waves every two months since the branch launched, anyone can draw lines and connect dots.

>> No.14747986

>"Uhhh... I'm a tolerant person"
He just doesn't want to get shat on.

>> No.14748000

yet this thread is already at near 300 replies

>> No.14748013

>he missed moomers

>> No.14748019

>He just doesn't want to get shat on.
>the guy who has a female avatar that he can change into

>> No.14748096
File: 9 KB, 783x165, 40F5BE74-E7ED-44C1-9190-BE7A92EA6FB6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's gonna care about what anyone post on 4chan?
Or what, are you going to cry about it on Twitter?
That's because the context is that Rocket League added the LGBT flag as a skin and Kuzuha said it was ugly

>> No.14748105

Anon... "I'm in wave 4 and" was a shitpost template in a couple NijiEN threads...
Nina has a stream scheduled for the 19th and Enna considered doing a guerilla on that day.

>> No.14748156

That's the similar to saying you identify a woman just because you played a female character in a video game a few times.
>alphabet flag
Based king.

>> No.14748169


Only a fool would take this as truth and unfortunately some are larping or genuinely on Copium.

>> No.14748180

Cope, nijinigger.

>> No.14748184


>5:39 I'll be measuring your sweat amount
Is this the Wosemi experience?

>> No.14748188

>Or what, are you going to cry about it on Twitter
I won't but you're crazy if you think nobody would bitch to Anycolor about it just because they don't want males in NijiEN.

>> No.14748226

>didn't hide his phone number

>> No.14748245

What do you mean "Rakugo" that scene of the Girl telling the tale of Jugemu is one of the hottest things ever.

>> No.14748269

Maybe they finally smartened up and are debuting on a weekday so Hololive doesn't overlap them with a big stream again.

>> No.14748342

>Is this the Wosemi experience?
I'd say that's best described as helpless autism. I'm amazed she makes it home every day.

>> No.14748360

>implying Hololive can't make a big stream on a weekday

>> No.14748406

>That's because the context is that Rocket League added the LGBT flag as a skin and Kuzuha said it was ugly
>Based king.
Further context: The joke was that Niji = Rainbow, so it was a joke at the company's expense. I fully believe Kuzuha is retarded enough that he didn't know the flag.

>> No.14748442

If Risu can get away with mentioning 4chan, then I doubt Anycolor is gonna care about a minuscule leak

>> No.14748493

Why would they care, nigger? There is literally only 100 retards here.

>> No.14748557

How is she the most confirmed?

>> No.14748650

burger bro seems to be funny. I'd watch him

>> No.14748711

I'm in. Gonna get Rosemi preggers in our first off-collab

>> No.14748958

At least we'd know if they're trying to sabotage them

>> No.14749205

this, throw a bone to the lonely fujos ;-;

>> No.14749232

Yeah, but that would be a charm point unknown until the model reveal

>> No.14749245

>bump limit
>all these globalfags falling for months old pasta
You people really need to stay in your walled garden.

>> No.14749289

Called watching vods "archive reps" literally day 1. Also made a "cute and funny" joke recently in a jackbox stream.

>> No.14749353

not to mention she is the one who tells the others when they've messed up or shown something they shouldn't in a video

>> No.14749596


>> No.14749723

>Shoe-nichiwa, cobbler clan.

>> No.14749842

the burger audience, apparently

>> No.14749984


Reine knows too.

>> No.14750623

What’s the Ema one from

>> No.14751341
File: 218 KB, 1280x720, en.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will any of them make it in?

>> No.14751444

If this is real you guys better be funny as fuck

>> No.14751787

This whole video is just "fuck rollerblade physics"

>> No.14752197

It’s not real and if it they’ll be fired

>> No.14752268

You can do that in your head all by yourself, disgusting pig.

>> No.14752732
File: 177 KB, 1030x904, 1628802118438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will Merryweather actually make it? I just can't take him seriously but he's fucking based. I wish he did make it

>> No.14752891

you're in the walled garden

>> No.14753439
File: 454 KB, 697x950, 1492949391112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On the other hand....

>> No.14753562


>and if it they will be fired


>> No.14753638

Also meant for >>14743796

>> No.14753786

Thank goodness I was starting to get worried about her.

>> No.14753794

No I’m just tired

>> No.14753948


>> No.14754037

Hey bros, Tora's here. There are actually only 2 guys in the new wave - me and some Raito dude.
I tried to ask him for a little race on who will be first to inseminate NijiEN, but he refused, explaining that he has some unfinished business in NijiJP. So I guess it will be NijiEN breeding RTA for me. Place your bets on time.

>> No.14754041
File: 784 KB, 720x900, E2_collage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking wish. Seeing the place become saviorfags for Nijibros will be the funniest shit. Everyone acts like "men bad" but I remember Nichibros and how it totally unified /a/ outside 1 really made schizo.

My body is ready.

>> No.14754047

>A decade+ old CANADIAN tv show
Why the fuck is NijiEN filled with FUCKING LEAFS?!

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