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>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking VTubers.

Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!

>Twitch Clips Guide

>Ref Sheets


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>no subject field

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nigga you forgot the thread title

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Man, ya'll slacking with the thread creation. I had to wait 10 whole minutes.

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bruh deadass
no cap, niggas are slow, fr fr

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Alice still live playing Quake expansion pack!

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i swear this is the last time i will be playing Papers, Please i promise

but then afterwards we get to watch Tokyo Godfathers and i love that movie and watch it every December!


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big collab if you like

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Bat Souls III

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I beat an episode of jjr2 pretty much using only my feet, I don't want to do it again, thank you for coming

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Give me your vocaroo prompts

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Koopa is an ugly cunt and terrible vtuber. Troopas are all niggers and should shoot themselves in the fucking head. Subscribe to Artemis of the Blue!

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Picture a vacuum

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The Power of the Dog
Rudyard Kipling - 1865-1936

There is sorrow enough in the natural way
From men and women to fill our day;
And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
Why do we always arrange for more?
Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

Buy a pup and your money will buy
Love unflinching that cannot lie—
Perfect passion and worship fed
By a kick in the ribs or a pat on the head.
Nevertheless it is hardly fair
To risk your heart for a dog to tear.

When the fourteen years which Nature permits
Are closing in asthma, or tumour, or fits,
And the vet’s unspoken prescription runs
To lethal chambers or loaded guns,
Then you will find—it’s your own affair—
But… you’ve given your heart to a dog to tear.

When the body that lived at your single will,
With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!).
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone—wherever it goes—for good,
You will discover how much you care,
And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

We’ve sorrow enough in the natural way,
When it comes to burying Christian clay.
Our loves are not given, but only lent,
At compound interest of cent per cent.
Though it is not always the case, I believe,
That the longer we’ve kept ’em, the more do we grieve:
For, when debts are payable, right or wrong,
A short-time loan is as bad as a long—
So why in—Heaven (before we are there)
Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?

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this is like the third tokyo godfathers watchalong I've seen chuubas do this week. which isn't a complaint, more just an observation of how based everyone's tastes are, but still kinda funny

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I fucking love males and I fucking love THIS thread

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I'm really interested in the movie Mint's streaming this week. I don't think I've seen any other chuuba stream it before.

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Harikiri right? It's amazing.

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which chuuba should I doodle

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my oshi

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I started to notice that since vtubers got more popular here in brazil batata lost her audience to other channels. Pretty sad

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my wife

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name 4 non /here/males

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alker porn

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I could, but that would doxx me.

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Any male

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Quite the poetic mood today
Very sweet

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Any /here/ babiniku

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Yeah. I read a bit of the synopsis and stopped because the premise is really interesting

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When is she doing it? Her schedule KILLS me as an EST who has to wake up at 4:40 AM.

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alright here's a bloom

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You're the Coltschizo.

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Wise is live with Control

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>dead thread up top
>back is endless schizo shitflinging
>everyone calling everyone else rin
Fuck this shit I'm out.

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halb's continuing to paint christmas rrats!

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Oh yab...

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World domination is within her grasp!

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I forgot she existed

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Ray0 styled post

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See you tomorrow anon

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corpse is here to fucking KILL rosalina in about 15 minutes!

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She looks hot

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I almost thought this was actual porn haha can you imagine that? Where is the porn Koikatsuanon?

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are you trying to get koikatsuanon banned?

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What saved her from being on my top 5 is that I only watched around 1 hour a day. A full stream was usually too much insanity for me, even back on shadoba days

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He just needs to link a mediafire there is no reason for him to post it here directly.

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this adorable hagdog's streaming more brave fencer musashi!

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Koopa stream more pls

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kwappi doesn't have to stream any more, she's married, anon

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I'm pretty sure the only reason Koopa didn't top my list is because she almost never streams for more than 2-3 hours at a time.

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I turned on emails and I still didn't get my list. I WANT TO KNOW

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You missed out. The FOMO generated by this event will have you suckling Twitch's fat teat for marketing e-mails, all according to Bezos' plan.

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Don't worry, she'll get back to streaming more regularly when we're back from our honeymoon

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for me its the bat

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Did niiggers murder-rape her yet?
How is Spacer's dick treating you?

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great Bane joke by the way

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thats H******

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don't respond to backdesk overflow, anon

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half life 2 moment

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Never heard either of these before. "The Power of the Dog" kinda hits me, though.

Very nice!

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holy shit you actually did it

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watched the gyaru demon bitch in the last thread, not bad, thanks anon. wish she wouldn't cover up the tits with redeems.

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>doesn't even get triple digit viewers anymore

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just leech off Abigail harder

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Witcher 3 is a debuff game

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this stupid fucking shark is playing some pokemon!

>> No.14715518

what this? where?

>> No.14715617

check the email you use for your twitch account, for a twitch email.

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I'm playing Switch live for the first time! MonHon Rise!

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Thanks weird result didn't knew i watched that much of certain people

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It's okay bro. I missed it too.

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Kimi ga...~

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why is it so harder to find a chuuba who doesn't swear

>> No.14716800

Or you could not be a pussy???

>> No.14716907

Retarded thing to even want, but Kitanya and Abi exist

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Thank you all for coming to the RP stream! We talked to people, earned some money, saw a giant lizard fight three giant gingerbread men, and got free headpats! All in all a productive day! Hopefully I can get an art stream running in a couple of hours, but if not I will see you all tomorrow for some StepMania!

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kimispice is playing yume nikki today!

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this chill visigoth's doing watchalong wednesday!

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pinpon's playing super mario land 2

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I hope she and shimada come back soon.

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Not even worth a (You).

>> No.14718151

if he hornyposts, he'll be banned from life.

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this smelly vampire's doing an art stream!

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This >>14711805 is not koika anon, I merely save the koikatsu scenes he has shared here.

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Watch the prodigal daughter fake play Minecraft

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Oh man oh cheese art stream in five minutes I guess.

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miyuyu's doing some phasmo tonight

>> No.14722012

Are there any well known trans vtubers?

>> No.14722277

Kitanya is made for clothed paizuri

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gezu karaoke

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i love this cat! feels like some kind of eurobeat but not sure..

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>> No.14724095

oh no...

>> No.14724155

you're fucked. 2 week hiatus immediately. hide until it's gone.

>> No.14724180

Go through their vtuber thread, if there's any names you recognize, ban them instantly.

>> No.14724231

I just tried to find out who they've linked recently, and unless you're Abi or Ironmouse, I literally can't find anything.
Who are you?

>> No.14724383

I see Eira, Bat and Alice linked by the same guy there, so one of those three.

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File: 579 KB, 1095x1095, Artemis_of_the_Blue_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of.

what's your opinion of this vtuber, /vt/?

>> No.14724467

Boring, but I regularly beat my meat to the model.

>> No.14724494

What was the context of the links? Positive or negative?

>> No.14724539

Positive, but even then, these are Kiwis. They'll dox you even if they like you.

>> No.14724626

best example of early adopter who pays to win

>> No.14724706

From what I've seen she's so boring

I want to replace her as the premier tranny vtuber

>> No.14724782

It was actually a lot of fun returning to Control, even if got stuck just because I couldn't remember you can smash windows.

>> No.14725431

thats fucking gross

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I don't have that but I do have this one.

>> No.14725712

I have a small percentage from Holodex, how does that work?

>> No.14725817

No idea unless someone restreamed you there.I also have GreenManGaming, and something called nyafuu and justlootit. weirdest shit I've seen.

>> No.14725881

If it's the /v/ one you're fine they're just pedo

>> No.14726036

Is it se? Cause I thought they were using kun now, But I do remember something about the /v/ board owner there leaving stuff up there for days. I tried going there a few days ago but they didn't have a working archive so I just left it alone.

>> No.14726042

even if you don't get linked
if people visit your stream right after browsing the site it'll show on analytics

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>Try to watch a movie without subtitles
>it is a musical and I don't understand shit
>chuubas didnt help me improve my English at all

Also I didn't knew Hamilton was black. Funny how all the American founding fathers were black too. You learn a lot of history watching Netflix films.

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This cute ice cream slimes smile fills me with joy, but I do miss her old ice cream model. She's also streaming Metal Gear Rising.

>> No.14726200

It's a long story but there's both kun and se, the short version is all the Qboomers went to kun and everyone else went to se, though the site's basically dead because it has about 1/10th of the posters it did in its prime. It's likely from this >>14726042 because they hardly ever talk about vtubers over there, I can't see them linking Twitch indies.

>> No.14726248

black washing is as bad as white washing but the sjw mafia will kill you for saying the truth.

>> No.14726449

Those who went to se were the /v/ pedo mad about the loli ban on kun

>> No.14726452

Kitanya's breasts are made for fondling through her clothes from behind while she games

>> No.14726644
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i know this feel about my oshi too, bro

>> No.14727252

Shouldn't I have?
This anon did too.

>> No.14727473

Someone is, in their vtubers thread
Who is that nigger?

>> No.14727593

Very sad there aren't enough dedicated h artists for /wvt/ chuubas

>> No.14727846

You could add littlepiranha to this! he got partnered

>> No.14727877

Alice is very nice and cool>>14710193

>> No.14727904


>> No.14728021

I've got him sidelines, for new additions I wait to see if they hold the audience for a while before adding them.

>> No.14728043

fumo fumo fumo! i love fumo's!

>> No.14728105

koragi and mint! cutest duo!!

>> No.14728109

>Can't stop cursing in person due to crappy culture and language
>Barely ever cuss on stream and try to avoid it as much as possible.

>> No.14728162

Artsy, Kuutuber, Akami and many more. Western vtubing is full of them. Go wild

>> No.14728223

Who's the best trans vtuber?

>> No.14728243

Tomorrow at 5:30pm pacific, looks like.

>> No.14728345
File: 49 KB, 460x215, bto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What you know about rollin' down in the deep?

>> No.14728390

Uhh.. i don't know to be honest. I know there are some femchuubas i suspect to be trans. But i'm not going to call that out when i don't even know it for sure. And it doesn't matter anyway because i love them and their content. I don't really actively watch any openly trans vtubers though.

>> No.14728408

If your favorite vtuber somehow turned out to be trans would you care? Open question to any anons

>> No.14728422

Stop showing me those! i'm a chuuba don't make me look at that!

>> No.14728472

No because if theyre my friend and they're always nice to me i won't love them any less. I don't like LGBT stuff and i have some harsh opinions that can start big arguments. But even if i have these opinions it won't make me stop caring about people and giving them my love and support

>> No.14728536


>> No.14728597

LGBT shit is only an issue when it's shoved in your face or is the entirety of the person's personality. Otherwise be as much of a tranny as you want

>> No.14728622

No. Now tell me how your day was.

>> No.14728645

That's actually fantastic to know. I plan on never bringing it up ever, I just don't want to deny it if people ask or have people stop watching me over it.

>> No.14729043

hey /wvt/! Any cool gyarus streaming right now?

>> No.14729562

>not trans
>still clam up about any questions from chatters regarding pronouns or my androgyny because I'm intersex and vtubing is one of the few things that frees me from feeling like I'm a fake or irreparably broken
I don't feel being open does any good, I don't want unsavory types to try to fix me, but neither does not having a satisfactory answer and having suspicion invited upon me, though up until now I have just lived with not caring what others thought even if I think it'll someday come to an unavoidable head

>> No.14729590

What kind of intersex are you? I have 5ARD

>> No.14729597

I have yet to see a /wvt/ gyaru. I also have a horrible memory.

>> No.14729622

I don't know any gyaru western vtubers.
however, there was a japanese gyaru vtuber who used to do streams where she tried learning arabic so she could find a rich oil sheikh husband. i don't necessarily want to see a gyaru western vtuber but i do want to see any type of unashamed western vtuber showing off how much of a gold diggign bimbo they aspire to be. like i know that's what some western vtubers come off as doing but i want to see one that explicitly shows off that that is exactly what they're doing.

>> No.14729624
File: 34 KB, 128x128, how2fix_wiggly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Surge is kinda cool! Took me nearly 16 hours. The Surge 2 will be next week, same time and place. Thanks to anyone who watched, and anyone who will watch.

>> No.14729700

Yeah, that sounds normal to be feel weird about something like that. That's probably a minor thing to fix at most. More so a thing to get better at dealing with than fixing.
I don't think you're clit anon, but if you are, don't get baited into posting your clit again lmao

>> No.14729962

Just avoid the alphabet soup tag. You can put the specific tag if you want, but it likely doesn't have to do anything with your content.

>> No.14729994
File: 84 KB, 643x781, 1639342152603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw still rn finna burnin that morning energy away on GOD fr fr fr

>> No.14730043

>avoid streams with the alphabet soup tag like the plague
>never touched a krimbo stream because of it
>always curious about him since he posts amazing fanart
Am I missing much?

>> No.14730232
File: 25 KB, 462x693, ITSAMEEEEEE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14730321
File: 185 KB, 473x379, 1632714554433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one i supported quit 1 month later
>one i support cant get their numbers up despite me shilling it in threads and other places
>one i support I cant even watch because timezones

it truly is suffering to want to see everyone succeed.

>> No.14730356

Wait for me anon, once I start streaming I won't let you down

>> No.14730396

You deadass cappin rn on god
Tired ass old ass nigga

>> No.14730428


>> No.14730434

>>avoid streams with the alphabet soup tag like the plague
seriously this is the only reason i use the tag. keeps schizos like you and the rest of 4chan away from my streams.

>> No.14730453
File: 153 KB, 640x640, 1630178500417.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright well we're glad it's mutual.

>> No.14730486

>Alphabet soup
>calls other schizo
wew rich coming from mentally ill

>> No.14730496

How long have I been seeing posts like this? I don't know but I'm glad to say now I have realized they are nothing more than an elaborate troll.
Better late then never.

>> No.14730509

How new
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>> No.14730530

Not sure why but this made me check up on somebody and thankfully they are recently active.

>> No.14730540

>gets triggered by a couple of letters
kek stay mad. i can't believe how well this single tag works against you snowflakes.

>> No.14730584
File: 264 KB, 720x418, 1639644190231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How new
Too new.
I am shit and scum
I promise to grow smarter by drinking my senpai's cum.

>> No.14730641

I don't think it's effective on schizos.

>> No.14730700

Watch it yourself and see if you like it. What does he even do? His content didn't really grip me, regardless of tags.

>> No.14730731

>the bee is getting married to someone

>> No.14730813

I use a tag that represents my identity but if it filters the_donald newfaggots, all the better

>> No.14730831

Become a gmi and raid them. Nothing else will work.

>> No.14730862

It doesn't.

>> No.14730980

A specific tag or the alphabet-soup-tag?

>> No.14731117

The alphabet one doesn't make sense to me

>> No.14731186

Why does the donald haunt redditors so much? Other banned subs get forgotten, that one's like some kind of terrifying boogie-man to them.

>> No.14731191

This is too fucking relatable and I hate it. I share in your pain Anon, I have a hard time dealing with that too. Love you.

>> No.14731219

Go back to /pol/ you schizo self poster

>> No.14731233

Nice reply to a post made three hours ago, you really show them

>> No.14731252
File: 101 KB, 1080x1080, koragisketch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for joining the stream! We drew a cute doggo! We'll draw some more chuubas and emotes next art stream! I got super cute art to but I want to wait until I have permission to post it. For now I rest! Oyasumi!

>> No.14731263

t newfag

>> No.14731277

Things are slow today.

>> No.14731361

bretty good doggo, catto

>> No.14731515

dot_lvl is the only remotely ok one.
>Western vtubing is full of them.
Yeah I remember that actually being an article, kek.

>> No.14731544

>100% man voice
what the heck

>> No.14731560
File: 1.18 MB, 1857x618, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It means I tossed your link into the multiview alongside whatever corpos I'm currently watching.

>> No.14731570

Isn’t vampire a tranny? Or was that disproven?

>> No.14731601

She's not.

>> No.14731646

did Rumi ever admit they were trans because their voice isnt passing

>> No.14731686

Real tranny hour up in here.

>> No.14731734

Yeah because you showed up

>> No.14731779
File: 176 KB, 558x825, ningeschaton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for coming if you did it was a fun platformer
still looking for participants for the radio play if anyone is interested
have a goog night /wvt/

>> No.14732068

I can’t help it. I’ve internalized my own transness and now I see trannies everywhere I look

>> No.14732186

Discord connections showed a server linked to that channel, so that’s the only remnant of her besides the trauma

>> No.14732188

pls watch our school's anime club vtuber, she's nice and talks to chat a lot
streaming in a few mins

>> No.14732233

>League of legend

>> No.14732291


Good luck. Also kinda defeats the purpose if you know the person behind the avatar.

>> No.14732352

>Philippines chuuba
Sure I’ll give a test drive

>> No.14732353

>Filipino Catholic uni

>> No.14733076

What's intersex. This is the first time i hear this term

>> No.14733127

You're a transgenerator

>> No.14733367

>broadcasting your own idpol
the most newfag mistake of all time
fuck off forever

>> No.14733402

What about the term hermaphrodite? It's basically that. Some people are born with nonstandard genitals and sometimes that isn't corrected via mutilation after they're born. Or some people can also be born with weird chromosomes like an extra X or Y. These things are rare but do in fact occur

>> No.14733417

Trans people who stream without idpol tags are unironically based

>> No.14733525

Hermaphrodite is generally not used even though it kind of means the same thing because it’s too generic I think? Or sort of implying that you’re both male and female, like a snail. Also it’s used to describe futas in the west so there’s that. Furry community uses herm a lot.

>> No.14733543

Yeah it's not a very useful term for humans overall just throwing it out in case it helps give an idea.

>> No.14733660

I've heard of this term before yes! So what is it like down there if you don't mind me asking? does this mean you have an extra pair of genitals or incomplete? Sorry if that question sucks. I'm just curious

>> No.14733664
File: 503 KB, 1657x2048, AABD6108-4A3E-4974-88A1-50AB457A3466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14733669

Merry, that granpa guy, Jackie cha-

>> No.14733688


>> No.14733699


>> No.14733775

Implying the former is not here

>> No.14733863


>> No.14733928

I watch a few trans vtubers. Not many, but some.
I don't like watching those who make "I used to be female, here's my top-surgery scars" references frequently, which I've seen on some models, because I feel "yeah, cool, you're male now. So... Be male?"
I also don't like watching those who don't put any effort into doing a girl/guyvoice. I don't care if you're bad at it, you should at least try. I'm actively searching out trans voice workshops so I can do girlvoices for characters in games, and I'm happy with my body. I'd expect more effort from someone who dislikes the way they look and sound.
There's one transmale vtuber, who has a female presenting model, and semi-regularly gets porn commissioned of their partner creampieing them. They want to be pregnant, but blow a fit if referred to as 'she'.

I'm straight and cis. I used to be unhappy with my body, because I was fat. So I made an effort, did research, bought a homegym, started lifting, and changed my diet.
I know that transitioning isn't as easy, but if all they've done is ask someone to make a gender-swapped art... Well, it feels lazy.

>> No.14733982

I would also use the Chad tag as a VTuber

>> No.14734001

That’s because a large amount of trans people who bring attention to them being trans whole not putting in the work are in fact not trans but just turned on by the idea of having tits and a pussy / no tits and cock. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t be so egregious about it and post about wanting to get railed on Twitter all the time.

>> No.14734010

There's one (I think) anon here who seems to like Merry, and a lot who dislike him. But they don't provide much in the way of constructive feedback, other than "he pays people to do stuff then slaps his name on it for clout".
This is true, but it wouldn't help improve his stream, so the only reason to stay here would be for shitposting, which I imagine he could get more of in the back front

>> No.14734052

I'm not saying I agree with you. But those who draw a lot of attention to the fact they're trans, and haven't put in the work, often have hyper-sexual models, and flirt hard with everything in their strikezone.

>> No.14734069

Alot of these people don't seem very interested in beeing real women. They just want this honorary title and treatment + the attention it brings to it. I doub't people who really want to be a woman or man will constantly remind everyone that they were once what they hated so much.

>> No.14734128

I don't like Merry. Or rather, I don't personally enjoy his content but do respect everything he has built as a creator.
Tbh same goes to a lot of larger choobas I don't watch. Might not personally enjoy the content but will always respect them as a creator. Unless they're a dick, then fuck'em.

>> No.14734202

I'm one of the few anons who has said that i like Merry. He's a complex individual and he definetly does things sometimes that i don't agree with. He also seems to have alot of mental struggle and has on multiple ocassions completely lost composure on stream by getting stuck in a depressed state. He can also be incredibly generous ,inviting and friendly. but also has an edgy dark side to him (Can't contain his powerlevel all the time) Overall i think he's a flawed but nice person. I enjoy his streams and the interactions i had with him were pleasant both on and off stream. Perhaps i have always rooted for him because i can see a part of myself in him. I would not be suprised if he read this. If he does then chin up dogboy spread positivity and keep working on yourself.

>> No.14734269
File: 182 KB, 395x561, batatNEO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Attention all Vtubers! This is your new bat speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just pander. Pander to the lowest common denominator. Go on a date if you have to. That is my advice. Take meds, yeah, just take meds. Just throw away your pride and take the meds.
Thank you for your attention.

>> No.14734768

A lot of this also stems from tumblr ideas spreading that dysphoria isn’t necessary to be trans. And while it’s a nice idea in theory, in practice it opened the door for fetishizing being trans. In my opinion at least.

>> No.14734965

I personally agree with that.

>> No.14735025

>They want to be pregnant, but blow a fit if referred to as 'she'.
Literally nothing wrong with this. Men can get pregnant.

>> No.14735075

That you don’t need dysphoria to be trans? I think that’s fine too, and I’m glad the internet allows people to cismode it and live out their tranny selves online, I’m just wondering why, if they don’t care about physical appearance, they care about being trans women/men? It’s a binary thing and since we know gender is completely deflated at this point and you can be and call yourself whatever you want, why settle for a very bodily-focused binary label without putting any effort into at least appearing like a woman?

>> No.14735087

Yes, but most people aren't going to understand it without explanation, and will likely get it wrong. Getting upset about that is the dumb part.

>> No.14735090


>> No.14735142


>> No.14735147

>Men can get pregnant.
I miss when words meant things.

>> No.14735235
File: 1.32 MB, 2475x933, felti march.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Felti time

>> No.14735333

lob and segg. wheres /artygen/

>> No.14735494

>That you don’t need dysphoria to be trans?
The opposite my friend.

>gender is completely deflated at this point and you can be and call yourself whatever you want.
This concept still baffles me. No offense but when someone says this it makes it sound like something changed. Like all of this is normalized but it's not. At it's best it's in most places just tolerated. But in my countries capital for example homosexuals get beaten to death. crossdressing and any signs of feminine behavior could get you a beating or having to live with ridicule. And that whilst my western country is supposedly "one of the most tolerant in the world" then add every non western country where people will be put to death for these things. With these things combined i always feel quite suprised when i hear a statement such as yours. That's no personal attack to you but more a sort of suprise on my end?

>> No.14735573

I agree with you but I meant like online. Online you can be and call yourself whatever and at worst you’ll get very angry messages unless you doxx yourself. So why go through the effort of calling yourself a trans woman when you can just be a woman? Or enby? Or bigender? Etc ad nauseum

>> No.14735737

cheap skeb artists dozo
ones without prior work are a gamble but they look interesting for the price

500 yen

1000 yen

>> No.14735825

They think pushing things under the carpet on the online platforms the control will definitely not blow up in their face. But that's not limited to that subreddit.

>> No.14735892

Even just leaving off the alphabet-soup tag helps.

>> No.14735897
File: 129 KB, 322x231, 1580342041083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to sleep
>She streams
Is there some software that makes your phone ring if someone you really like starts streaming?

>> No.14735957

There's been a lot of investments into the transition industry, the very same people then put a lot of money into pr-campaigns.

Big surgery and big pharma loves trans-customers.

>> No.14735996 [DELETED] 

This is insane and you know it. Transgender people are on the whole extremely poor compared to basically every other minority population. Nobody is making a profit off of estrogen, dude.

>> No.14736026

if they are still selling it they are making a profit

>> No.14736054

I think you’re vastly overestimating the amount of trans people my dude.

>> No.14736059

I hate how they are trying to rope in people who would be fine with the label tomboy or the male equivalent instead of getting pushed by financial interests.

>> No.14736067

You might actually be retarded.

>> No.14736077

Nothing wrong with wanting to be referred to however you desire. Live your best life, I really truly don't care, just want people to be happy about themselves.
But please understand, if you have a model with a vagine and bobs, half your art feed is your avatar getting absolutely railed, with cum leaking out all three holes; and you talk about wanting to bear children... A majority of people will assume you're female.

If you want to be pregnant, wear nice dresses, and have no facial hair, that's cool... But why do you need to add the label of 'man' to that. If the label itself means nothing, I don't understand why you want it applying.

That said, I don't care. So long as they don't get angry when people make a mistake, do whatever.

>> No.14736132

Literally seek medical help you are delusional

>> No.14736138

Does that person use the right pronoun-tag?

>> No.14736144

No company can keep selling a product at a loss forever.

>> No.14736179

>That said, I don't care. So long as they don't get angry when people make a mistake, do whatever.
That's the mature attitude to have about it. If they're aware they're on what's basically the bleeding edge of "gender identity" and 99% of the people they run into won't have Judith Butler's entire body of work put to memory and therefore will be wont to fucking up, and often, then whatever.

>> No.14736249 [DELETED] 

What do you think the profit margins are on a medicine literally every single country on the planet produces & keeps in national stockpiles?

>> No.14736303

Ah yeah. I get that. I suppose those who just do it for the attenion just fetched for the title that seems the most "courageous and special" of them all to deserve even more special treatment. What is also suprising is that there's quite a couple delusional people out there who think transitioning makes them morally entitled to sex and that anyone who declines them is a ""bigot" That in it self is sickening.

>> No.14736319

Don’t argue with someone who thinks that
1. Estrogens and blockers are expensive to produce
2. There are pharma companies solely providing these drugs

>> No.14736321

Ha, no. They use the generic LGBTQ+ one

To be honest, I think depression has been a big benefit for me here. I just can't muster the mental energy to care about what's in someone else's underpants if there's no chance I'm going to fuck them.

That said, I've still jerked off to pictures of him being impregnated because the model is hot. I like catgirls. Even if they're male catgirls.

>> No.14736330

considering most of the expenses go into research I would say somewhere between 30% and 70% depending on the components, which are most of the time literal dirt.

That is without taking into account cool trickaroos like overcharging the price to scam insurance companies which in turn scam their healthy clients.

>> No.14736332

i love tomboys! love it when girls got a spine and you can do your cool hobbies with her

>> No.14736937

Girls who are into boy's hobbies are all trannies. Sorry to break it to you anon. There's no way a woman would like Warhammer or Gunpla.

>> No.14737115

You probably didn't have alot of female friends growing up

>> No.14737152

a girl once said she liked my hair and i left school early because it made me nervous

>> No.14737169

I guess non of the gorillion female warhammer cosplayers actually have an interest in it and they're all fake gamer girls right

>> No.14737189

none of this is vtubers.

>> No.14737276

Sorry to break it to you anon but you're braindead and all is left is aids indoctrination

>> No.14737301

You poor thing. I'm sure your hair looked great.

>> No.14737357
File: 93 KB, 510x750, 1639522429306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyways, gonna go live in a minute with more Mortal Shell.
Last time, I sucked ass.
During my off-stream practice, I sucked ass.
Today, I will do my best to no longer suck ass.

>> No.14737484

Any chuuba based enough to not use twitch or youtube as a platform?

>> No.14737597

When I become chuuba I will exclusively produce pre-recorded content that is distributed through usenet.

>> No.14737784

I have a friend who is the most autistic Gunpla enthusiast I have ever met and she can name every single mech from the whole franchize. But go off I guess.

>> No.14737906

Either Rich, Doesn't give a fuck or a combination of that to dedicatedly stream that way

>> No.14738107
File: 96 KB, 239x817, 1622000450529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

live chubbas at a glance.

>> No.14738338
File: 140 KB, 480x550, morikopatchy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

batpatchy batpatchy
batchy batchy

>> No.14738409

I don't understand why patchy edits are a thing now, but I like this Batchouli.

>> No.14738411
File: 115 KB, 290x455, I_love_this_dog_like_you_wouldnt_believe237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

great work patchyanon

>> No.14738755

akami is a dumpster fire who goes from vtuber to vtuber shitting her mental health issues all over them. 0/10 cant recommend this chuuba.

>> No.14739043

it's literally just the one autist making shitloads of them it's me i'm the autist

>> No.14739387
File: 466 KB, 995x637, 1616217149477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not much to choose of at this time

>> No.14739408
File: 15 KB, 128x115, vamirioChan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where's the Jerma patchy

>> No.14739538
File: 82 KB, 225x234, 1635598491634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chapipi is on

>> No.14739802
File: 237 KB, 1039x1383, FEgJ6iXWUAIKl2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit, I've just found Hibinwa is back to streaming
Thought she' dead

>> No.14739854
File: 101 KB, 850x850, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_hcnone__sample-99b83273c659e48e94eab591a6c1208c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there anyway I can invest on Phase Connect stocks? Or Cyberlive? Or maybe even Cover?

>> No.14740111

Just activate Youtube Notifications

>> No.14740771

I miss her old model...

>> No.14740900

Just invest in your own corpo

>> No.14741881

I am talking about stocks I am not rich enough to afford making my own corpo

>> No.14742198
File: 229 KB, 460x486, christmasMargo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the cute yam saleswoman's playing ganbare goemon 2 today!

>> No.14742252

All of the above outside of Cover will be shuttered within the next two years, the fact that they are all basically trying to 1 to 1 copy what Niji and Holo do will be their death kneel, because consumers will always see them as knockoffs of the main brands, while the main brands continue to expand and create more and more content for the base audience to consume leaving them no time for alternatives. You have a better chance at making money investing in SHIB or other shit meme coins than a minicorpo

>> No.14742435
File: 1.53 MB, 3072x4096, E_hvaBzVgAAdmrg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys I fucking love this kot!

>> No.14742439

>Retro games
I will watch your chuuba, she is very cool!

>> No.14742461

she looks so cute
quick summary of her, please?

>> No.14742516

She is cute, her voice is smooth and nice and she has a cute laugh. I FUCKING LOVE HER YOU GUYS

>> No.14742548

Shes like the older sister you never had who shows you her extensive collection of GBA games and then lets you watch her play one on the Gamecube GBA Player so you can learn how to play it yourself. Caling voice and very fun relaxed personality

>> No.14742571

who? cute!

>> No.14742637

>no chuubas i watch are live
shill me someone fun to put on the background as i study

>> No.14742686

Watch Margo!

>> No.14742723

OliviaMonroe is a high-energy retro streamer who is like a can of BANG mixed with a cam of Monster in human form
See above posts for Margo shilling
NunkiAmberGlow is one of the top members of AG, a small corpo, and is a funny little German fox lady who does mamamam sounds and plays interesting variety games

>> No.14742753

Has Nunki wrangled her weirdo mods yet?

>> No.14742755

links pl0x...

>> No.14742757

well, >>14742439 and >>14742548 already did a great job, but she's also a big game and anime buff
big into satoshi kon anime, suda 51 games, and a bunch of other stuff

>> No.14742785

Scroll up, anon

>> No.14742801
File: 56 KB, 700x366, FGPLuO0XoAAqq6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still don't get how that superfan part works on that twitch thing, for example, it says that I am a superfan of x when x is the person that I have not really watched a stream of in months and that I am not even subbed to them anymore.

>> No.14742803

thanks, i will now listen to your indie as i do uni reps

>> No.14742861
File: 278 KB, 1920x1080, FGa0dvWXoAoaUrf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

margo's link is here >>14742198
olivia's on with mario 64
funke nunke is playing life is strange but she plays better games usually i swear

>> No.14742885
File: 3.29 MB, 1630x1742, 1610875239900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more chubbers at a glance.

>> No.14742895

I havent been to a ton of her streams lately, have her mods been acting weird or is this another "viewer does not like that mods joke with streamer" situation? Not accusing you of anything, its just ive seen mod complainst go both ways of it being a problem with the mods, or just a problem with how the viewer feels about streamers having chatters who are super familiar with them and it making them uncomfortable

>> No.14742910

anon... that is veleck...

>> No.14742948

At the start they were real weird, one was acting like her dad and one was saying "I love you" in German or something.

>> No.14742981

did mocca ungraduate himself?

>> No.14742990

Name and shame your most hated mods y'all

>> No.14743023

somebody told me i would love her, i even googled "margo vtuber" like 2 days ago
they were actually right

>> No.14743024

Not everyone is familiar with her, anon. Take opportunities like these to shill rather than assuming that everyone knows the same chuubas you know.

>> No.14743091
File: 21 KB, 256x256, phantom-mariachi-twitch-profile-pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

working a bit:

>> No.14743116

I wonder if vocaroos aren't popular here because /vt/ is a listed board, but they are on /trash/ because it isn't?

>> No.14743131

Mocca un-graduates and re-graduates every other week, they are severly mentally ill and change their minds constantly.

>> No.14743198

Very well. She is an Irish kot who has a cute voice. Very lovely personality. Caring but also very sensitive so don't bully. Makes cute sounds when she plays Ring Fit. also her stink is divine

>> No.14743429
File: 35 KB, 640x480, 1397699721643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Veleck gives me such heavy vibes of that punk/emo high school girl you had a huge crush on but you were too autistic and intimidated to approach her even though you had similar humor and interests. Then you find her 10 years later and she hasn't really changed and you just want to go back.

>> No.14743480

I think it's just because only a few chuubas have really made the jump to the front and they aren't the ones that do those kinda things as often

>> No.14743495

How is it possible that i experienced this exact same scenario?

>> No.14743522

I'd rather remain anon than selfposting but I also don't like seeing vocaroos because I'm here to talk about VTubers in general without the same 5 hogging up attention when they can use social media for that

>> No.14743536

I can fix them…

>> No.14743611
File: 89 KB, 900x665, 0aaoda1r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for coming by the stream, hope you had a good time!
Mortal Shell has been forever branded as "game with too many weird game design choices for me to handle" so it's gonna be replaced with MGR so I can go full monkey mode while playing getting some godlike gameplay.

>> No.14743672

What is /vsoc/ and how do I join?

>> No.14743681

Sure Jan. Thanks for the stream Caleb!

>> No.14743703

Become chuuba but only to date or make friends.

>> No.14743714

Nice stream bugarino. I believe you'll Surge right through this game.

>> No.14743758

I only chuub to make friends. They call me MaChuub aka TVWasTaken (forma de cancer)

>> No.14743795
File: 1.25 MB, 646x1192, 2cbea03e45e0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the stream caleb! shin sequel never

>> No.14743917

I meant that the game is godlike, not me playing it. We both know I'm not that good at viddy gaem
The most diffuclt party is always getting used to the cow geckos again so honestly it's smooth sailing from here. Which is a shame because I love it so much

>> No.14744030
File: 39 KB, 556x583, comfsoos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Soos is continuing Half Life

>> No.14744052

Nah you were godlike dude!

>> No.14744235
File: 746 KB, 1226x689, jorka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dullamom Sims

>> No.14744319

I don't think my oshi has too long to live...

>> No.14744442

Gotta make every moment count then.

>> No.14744473


>> No.14744688

If she doesn't go after you, forget it.

>> No.14744785

that's a cute Vigna

>> No.14744826

Gonna shill this poll in here is well for the sake of sample size and all that good stuff. Wanna shill both of them eventually but I'm not gonna double up on monster collection stuff in the weekly docket

>> No.14744902
File: 353 KB, 900x1100, BF17B246-1BC8-4F0C-9483-A88623019086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That’s Rummy and she’s based!

>> No.14745073
File: 168 KB, 960x960, FFy9X6fWUAYwaol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your little sister is up!

>> No.14745421
File: 1.63 MB, 1776x1776, __vigna_arknights_drawn_by_a_iri_a__7aac6dac5cdf7fc2871ec978c74ab462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, sorry the face reminded me of Vigna

>> No.14745702

i don't even want to think about this

>> No.14746061
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1634337271741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dango cat is drawing.

>> No.14746165
File: 1.82 MB, 1685x1207, celesse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And lily just confirmed that tomorrow she will collab with Celesse!

>> No.14746228
File: 25 KB, 112x112, ringewiggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fug I feel a little groggy from oversleeping! but that's ok...anyways here's Phantom Dust!


>> No.14746243
File: 214 KB, 512x512, 1633454309104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14746525

Goodnight/day sweet dreams/have fun /wvt/ love (you)...

>> No.14746727

I have been conditioned to see (you) as a direct reference to (me) and I cried a little. Good night anon.

>> No.14746772
File: 383 KB, 1024x768, 1639064179259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oyasumi, Mysterybed!!

>> No.14747029
File: 192 KB, 888x1200, Kiara 01 wip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

managed to start a Diablo II amazon kiwawa.

>> No.14747123

I wish I could be on chuubas VIP lists...

>> No.14747270
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fox watchin videos

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sort of basic, amazon has some more ornate armor. but it looks good anyway

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