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Now that all four girls for EN Gen 1 have shown their new outfits, what do you guys think?

Ame > Gura > Ina = Calli

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ame is by the default the worst because she never behaves as she's trying to portray herself

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Ame > Calli > Gura > Ina

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Ame>Gura >whatever

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Little girl pretending for Halloween

Has a buttplug, assplay fetish.

Someone you would actually hang out with, possibly in a romantic fashion.

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Mori > Gura > Ina = Ame

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calli's is good, ina's is complete dogshit, gura's would be s-tier if not for her parallelogram face, and ame's tits look too weird but it's alright.

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I don't know what did it for Ame, maybe it was her tits being bigger than I thought or the itty bitty titty mole or the tiara, or just the bratty detective all gussied up, but man did she do it for me.

Something about the idea of going out with her and everyone thinks she's such a beautiful well behaved young lady when we know under the cute smile she's a spicy gremlin.

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You're forgetting Kiara, you scumbag.

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Gura >>>>>>>> Ame >> Mori >>>>>>> Ina

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Gura > Mori = Ame >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ina's clown shit

I'm factoring in Ame's upgraded booba, otherwise she would be below Mori.

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Mori > Gura > Ina > Ame
I'm a Mori anti so I'm being completely unbiased here

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How much does ame charge for an hour? This is all I can think of when I see her outfit.

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Literally who?

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Holy shit lmao

Gura > Watson > Ina > Calli

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>Goes to a super fancy Gala
>asks for beer

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Ina's looks so bad

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gura > ame > calli > ina

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they all look so much worse than i'd thought from the silhouette. i think simple is best so gura/calli over ame and ina, if kiara comes down with a one color dress i will kneel

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Ina > Gura > Calli = Ame
Really feel like the later two just got really boring outfits while Ina and Gura came out on top with more thematically appropriate and expressive costumes

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bait thread

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The top VTuber in holomyth as voted by /vt/ multiple times in the last few days.

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Ame><Gura>>no one

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My wife shares an exact personality with Ame and my god does it leave me conflicted somedays

I think we got a good blend of realistic fancy outfits and more fantastical ones which was nice.

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Kiara doko

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If Kiara got an Austrian-inspired get up that'd be pretty rad

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Gura = Dad > Ame > Ina

final answer.

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Ina's outfit needs pantyhose or something like that and the white coat should be longer so it'd look like a winter outfit. I love winter outfits.

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It will be the sane as last time: Gura da Ame Kiara Good, Calli alright, Ina worst.
This time Ina's outfit ks just straight up bad.

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Mori: Classy.The design suits her and it looks simple and clean. I don't really watch her but it's a nice outfit to have.
Gura: Nice. Fits her theme really well and it's good that she now has something else than casual clothes.
Ina: Her power pose really hurts this outfit and I hope she can remove the jacket and the hat. I like the colours though.
Ame: Looks like an nightgown instead of a sexy dress. Not that bad but a huge wasted opportunity. Reminds me of the 1960's but not in a good way.

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Ah OP, you're mistaken. They have not all shown their outfits yet. Kiara hasn't shown her outfit yet. Silly goose.

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Short hair Ame>Gura>long hair Ame=Mori>>Ina
Long hair Ame feels weird for me, I need time to get used to it.
Gura's rating is a little inflated by how bad her previous outfit was, but it's an amazing outfit nonetheless. Waiting to see how Kiara's outfit turns out, it will either be amazingly good or disastrously bad

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Gura's greek theme costume
Ina's Korean inspired dress.
Mori is just genetic red dress, it look good but still.
Ame look weird.

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Oh no, my computer which was working just fine for over a year, streaming literally thousands of hours just happened to crash right before the costume reveal. Now I'm forced to go last and get the optimum position, and get more sympathy donations. Oh nooo how horrible

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Gura > Ame > Mori > Ina

Rigging aside, it’s easily the best design. Plays nicely into her lore and is a completely different option to her other costumes.

Nice and classy. Boobs, long hair option and accessories elevate it above Mori’s.

Classy but fairly safe and inoffensive.


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Kiara's outfit will be great, I can feel it.

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Don't speak of my lady in that tone

>> No.14499077

You won't be hanging out with anyone you incel.

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She cut her internet. Her spot is forfeit.

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Ina's my favorite but I'm not really feeling that outfit.

Mori > Gura > Ame > Ina

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You forgot Haachama

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> Someone you would actually avoid because she's a cringe wannabe rapper who turned weebo to boost her record sales at the cost of all friendships.


>> No.14499226

Balloon head about to pop
A little girl playing with her mother's clothes trying to look adult
Boring and only looks good in comparison
Will not watch out of protest but I'm guessing she'll make some little remarks throughout the stream, hinting how she knows it's bad and will be pretty pissed. She'll let out more bts info during her next 5 streams which will also spill how the other girls truly feel.

What an embarrassing clusterfuck.

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Kiara is objectively the least manipulative person in all of vtubingdome. She wouldn't be able to live up to your schizo fantasies if she tried.

>> No.14499297

Ame looks like the type of prostitute that approaches you in a fancy bar downtown.

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>> No.14499344

Gura's rigging is still bad and Ina' outfit is... I don't even know.
Even the stance is worse than before with the arms being so far out.

Ame's and Mori's are nice and classy though.

>> No.14499384

Ame looks like a prostitute anon. A really expensive one tho. I agree with Ina tho, wtf is that dress.

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I'm going to fuck your oshi and there's nothing you can do, chud.

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Ame looks nothing like your mom though.

>> No.14499529

Ina's might be the worst vtuber outfit I've ever seen. Kiara's can not possibly be worse.

Calli > Gura >>> Ame >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ina

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The fact that /vt/ seems to like Mori’s vanilla as shit, basic red dress the most says everything you need to know about this board.

>> No.14499593

Anon nobody cares about your 2view indies

>> No.14499597

For 1st impression, mori's best. the rest is.. something. While mori's is just normal. So its easy to take in.

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I think Ame won again like the first outfit reveal. But Calli's is just as good.
Calli and Ame are the top tier

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You sound especially bitter at the prom queen from your highschool.
Did she make fun of you or something?

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Mori >>>>>>>> Gura >>>>>> Ame >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ina

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All of them shit exept for Mori’s, and I’m not a deadbeat or even a holobrony for that matter

>> No.14499791

Trannies hate our big clit Stacy Tenchou

>> No.14499796

Based, no point in posting the same thing. I fully agree

>> No.14499797

I absolutely love Gura's outfit, but I'm also curious to see Nacho's Gura princess design UOOOOOOOH

>> No.14499879

Best to worst:
Cute, fits her lore, poor rigging but not as bad as the last time
A bit simple but classy, hot and just nice to look at
Really like the concept but the patterns kinda ruin it
Lame and highlights her fucked up proportions, huge downgrade from her other outfits

>> No.14499881

I dont even like the wigger but sometimes basic and vanilla is good.

>> No.14499887


my beautiful phoenix. it pains me to see this poor treatment

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That's just papa's style

>> No.14499968

She is a psycho anon, she's deeply mentally ill

>> No.14499984

Gura > Mori = Ame >>> Ina

>> No.14499990

ame looks slutty
I want my cutie back

>> No.14499997

She is worse than any schizo fantasy I could conjure

>> No.14500006

with a red armband, right?

>> No.14500062

I honestly kind of feel bad for Ina, she consistently has the worst outfits compared to the other girls

>> No.14500080

Contrary is not the same thing as right.

>> No.14500094

After that tatoo, i dont know lmao.

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No I didn't. Oh their is a graduation coming soon fyi anons

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Gura > Mori > Ina > Ame
I hate Calli but outfit looks pretty good

>> No.14500162

Only if you're an anime podcast host

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>> No.14500251

Gura > Ina > Mori > Ame

I'm a teamate and I adore Ame but I'm not super into the outfit. Feels like it has a lot of clashing elements between the tiara, tattoo, and dress. The mole and knife are good though.

>> No.14500307

Ame > Gura > Mori > Ina
What even the fuck is Ina's randomized outfit?

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Yeah this would make more people like her right?
Looks just like her father...I mean Führer

>> No.14500313

Kiara is the only good EN member.

>> No.14500315

So did they force Kuroboshi to modify the outfit because he tried to go too lewd with it? It looks disjointed.

>> No.14500319

My prom night was fine anon, i didn't even know the prom queen. Im sorry your oshi now looks like a prostitute, but at least she looks like an expensive prostitute so take pride in that.

>> No.14500359

I rate purely on penisology. Ame's was best.

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Ina's outfit was 10/10 for me but after seeing lots of criticism I think I just have Foreigner overexposure.

>> No.14500406

>ame has a corruption fetish
>secretly wants to be pumped and dumped

>> No.14500420

Gura > Ina > Calli > (Kiara?) > Ame

I feel so bad for Ame getting the worst outfit this time.

>> No.14500437

Oh shit

>> No.14500471

worst EN girl deserves the worst outfit, makes sense to me.

>> No.14500472


>> No.14500527

Fuck you, Ame is the most creative myth member, Nabi should be fired. Why did they hire her in the first place?

>> No.14500536

Flip the signs and you're spot on

>> No.14500572

I like Ina's outfit, it's cute weird artist fashion.

>> No.14500592

You forgot to flip

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>> No.14500647

Calli is the only one that looks OK
the other 3 looks like their heads was copy pasted onto their new outfits.

>> No.14500661

Ame is trashy and her head looks too big
Ina has too much going on
Calli and Gura are both very cute

>> No.14500662
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i love how the chicken whore are not part of this

>> No.14500696

Ame's outfit is getting an absolute massive amount of fanart, so at least artists really like it

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Thank you for getting the joke

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Love Gura getting a more lore friendly Atlantis style outfit for her's. Really glad Amashiro mama didn't go with the princess idea.

Imo Gura>Calli>Ame>Ina

>> No.14500810

Ame and Gura's heads are way too big wtf

>> No.14501006

Chumkek seethe?
Chumkek seethe.

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It reminds me of Taihou's Forbidden Fruit Skin.
A completely new look, a bit reminiscent of the outfit of a celebrity just out of rehab.
Excellent costume, both in terms of lore and design. Her face is still a problem, but well, nothing is perfect.
Better than the previous one. Ina looks like a carelessly wrapped Christmas present. At the same time I don't like it and it doesn't fit Ina's character.

>> No.14501049

Ina's outfit is starting to grow on me. It's must be hard to design a formal attire when you also consider Ina's theme. I wish it had more features tho. Outer coat off, hair style, etc. The rest looks ok

>> No.14501070

>are not part
selamat pagi

>> No.14501072

because it's easy as fuck to draw. Ame's character design being good is what carries it. Otherwise the dress itself is very basic.

>> No.14501098

I'll post it next thread

>> No.14501108

What is that JRPG boss in the middle left?

>> No.14501233

Calli's is the best, then Gura, then Ame and then Ina. With the understanding that the gulf between Gura and Ame is gigantic. Ame looks like a hooker and Ina is a surrealist clown.

Essentially only Calli and Gura went through this undamaged and we have yet to see Kiara. But Ame is totally destroyed and Ina is... incomprehensibly bad.

>> No.14501359

Something about Ame's is a bit off
I have to double take whenever I look at Ina's. What the hell is going on?

>> No.14501364

they need to bite the bullet and get rid of the hair tentacle things, just turn them into actual hair

>> No.14501508

Gura > Calli > Ame > Ina
Not a fan of Ina's sleeve/coat, the light grey doesn't go well with the other colors. Ame's is a bit too solid black, makes her head seem too colorful. Calli has a good-looking red dress, perhaps a little too standard. Gura's looks great and unique, the colors are balanced well, and it has a lot of tasteful details.

>> No.14501536

Let's not forget the theme was PARTY outfits, Mori and Ame fit perfectly (tho Calli looks elegant as shit if not for the skull), Gura's better than her last one but doesn't look like a party dress and Ina's not bad but looks too busy

>> No.14501577

Gura's theme is a child princess, so in a way it also fits. Ina was done up really fucking bad, and Kiara is probably outright atrocious.

>> No.14501783

That's a lot of copium there my friend.

>> No.14501858

Can you explain this tattoo obsession to me?
Is it a religious thing?

>> No.14501963

Women with tattoos are usually sluts, that's all there is to it.

>> No.14501978

I don't why people liked Gura's atlantis theme. It's just a greek costume, where's the fancy party theme in that? At least Calli and Ame have a party dress.

>> No.14501985

Explain further.

>> No.14502013

Gura > Calli > Ina >>> Ame

Greek Atlantis outfit looks fantastic and plays well into her lore. I'm glad it changed from princess outfit. It'd be better if it didn't have the flap in front and the whole dress was just a tiny bit longer.

Beautiful and Classy. I love how simple and elegant it is.

Too much stuff going on. It looks a cluttered with not a lot of cohesion. It looks too puffed out and not like fabric. I like her boots though.

Bad design. The transparent sheer part is too transparent. It may as well not even be there. It looks like an edit that reveals what's under the dress. The remaining dress looks trashy with the short skirt and spaghetti straps ties. The tiara doesn't seem to go with it and it looks like a png that was put on last second. The tattoo is the straw that broke the camel's back and makes the whole thing extremely trashy. The long hair was nice, but doesn't really seem to fit her.
I love Ame, but this outfit is pretty bad. I have no idea why some of you guys like this. idk maybe you want her to be more whorish.

>> No.14502031

I would fuck Ame how she looks now, but would not date. Her previous outfit I would.
Anybody else like this?

>> No.14502047

I see you Kiara. You need to forget her.

>> No.14502055

Here's that guy again, shitting on tattoos. For those who don't know, he's been getting PTSD about Ame's outfit for a whole day.

>> No.14502069

Word on the street is that management is furious at Kiara

>> No.14502095

It works because her original design worked: simple lines and uniform color. Good solid design.
Little florishes like those gems and collarbones are the "party" part.

>> No.14502114

He also replies to his own replies.
Never seen someone more butthurt about a small tattoo

>> No.14502128

Gura is from Atlantis. It was a lore-friendly dress. It makes sense imo. More so than Ina's for sure.

>> No.14502138

Not everyone has been brainwashed to see no issues with it. Its like getting an ugly scar on purpose.

>> No.14502160

Emma Watson and Selena Gomez are not whores... They're cute..

>> No.14502167

Some more thoughts.

Ame's outfit and the tattoo filter me completely. I know I'll never watch a single stream with her in that be it solo or collab. It utterly disgusts me and if it's true she had a hand in making it I'm even more repulsed.

Calli actually looks good in her dress and I have nothing else to add. It's a normal, competent dress without gimmicks. Best design of the bunch BY FAR.

Gura looks okay and it all fits her theme. But I do prefer her original and the catshark. I have no complaints though, this actually works for her and is competently done.

Ina... got torn to shreds. I have no idea what the fuck I'm even looking at. It totally clashes with her image. More than that the actual colors of the dress are completely unrelated to each other, like they were just thrown together by a colorblind person.

Kiara - TBA

Bottom line is I have no idea why we even had to endure any of this. It was completely unnecessary and nothing good came of it, honestly.

>> No.14502171

"This piece of shit drawing on my skin will make me really stand out". It screams lack of genuine personality and psych issues.

>> No.14502201

You could spin it as Atlantian formal wear. If Gura were invited to a party, it would canonically make sense for her to wear something like that.

>> No.14502211

It's refreshing how easily shit takes can be filtered now.

>> No.14502214

Are you for real? Every actress is automatically a whore, they all suck cut dick and eat ass to get roles.

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>that would make more people like her, right?

As someone who doesn't really like her, yes.

>> No.14502265

toga party

>> No.14502268

There's nothing further to explain, tattoos on women have always been seen as trashy by people. I think some of you need to get out more.
Here's a schizo that thinks every post he dislikes is made by one guy
>Emma Watson and Selena Gomez
You are really not helping your case

>> No.14502277

Good girls don't get tattoos.
Girls that are poor, trashy, whorish, rebellious and/or with daddy issues get tattoos.
That's just how it is. Some of those tattoos look nice on the girl, and some of the girls are nice, but 99% of the time they fall under one of the categories above.

>> No.14502279

I like how cucks get so triggered over somebody mentioning the absolute easiest and surest whore tell there is, a fucking tramp stamp. They are branding themselves for your convenience and you are seething for some inexplicable reason!

>> No.14502292

The fact that he's been at it ALL DAY in multiples threads breaks my fucking sides top kek.

He shall now be know as tattooschizo, for he has lost his mind in the void of my tastes > your tastes for such a insignificant, fictional thing.

>> No.14502293

I honestly can't tell whether this tattoo shit is just falseflagging at this point or if the quran-following faggots are actually that butthurt

>> No.14502310

No she has a shrinking fetish and wants to live in the hamster utopia I've built.

>> No.14502315
File: 217 KB, 198x269, 1639210082164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The entire batch of outfits were kind of meh. I don't know if its because the girls, artists, and management were too afraid to be critical of anything so they just stuck with the first ideas that came to mind.

>> No.14502317

Chickencucks can’t even be mad at this post she did it to herself she was supposed to go second.

>> No.14502337

You are the one transparently seething at the guy telling the truth.

>> No.14502341

>wants to be raped and impregnated by mutant hamsters

>> No.14502358

actual mental illness

>> No.14502364
File: 629 KB, 2222x802, 1635741658348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you think smol ames come to exist?

>> No.14502376

Good to see we all agreed Ame won again, friends.

>> No.14502392

Gura > Mori > Ame > Ina

>> No.14502398

You are same guy dude, we picked up on the way you write shit. Also you simply can't avoid writing "whore" in all of your posts. Maybe if you actually tried to be a different anon we would fall for your bait

>> No.14502410

I dont even care about the tattoo or amelia retard, its just that it's funny to witness such dedicated schizophrenia.

>> No.14502412


>> No.14502419

3 malding incel faggots complaining about a tattoo on every fucking outfit thread. Get over yourselves, no one gives a shit.

>> No.14502424

Keep seething at simple truth.

>> No.14502430


>> No.14502438

i legit have never seen a single clip of her, and this would make me a gachikoi instantly

>> No.14502454

What is wrong with you, retard? Forget to take your meds? The voices in your head aren't real.

>> No.14502465

>guy having fun at the cucks expence is now schizophrenia
Keep seething.

>> No.14502485

Ina> Gura=Ame>>>>>>>Mori

>> No.14502494

>now it's 3 guys
lol you definitely give a shit seeing how hard you're seething

>> No.14502508

I was the anti-tattoo guy he was responding to. I'm completely sincere in my opinion and also not butthurt. I don't care if anyone has a tattoo. I prefer girls without tattoos because it's trashy. If that makes me a butthurt quran-follower so be it.

>> No.14502514

Some were for sure better than last new outfits. Gura being the prime example in both design and slightly in rigging.

It really does feel like management is afraid to take a chance on things. Personally, I think they should really utilize the community on the next outfit decision. They have an army of artists desperate to get recognized. Hold an art contest where people post designs for each girl and they pick what they like best. Would come out with something more creative for sure.

>> No.14502529

She's a whore and you're a whore.

>> No.14502589

This guy is trying so hard kek.

>> No.14502602

I'm not the one literally losing my shit over a fucking tattoo on an anime girl outfit. Jesus christ you people need help.

>> No.14502637

holy projection

>> No.14502655

and all (you)r sockpuppets.
not that chimkin will take ame out of top slot anyway, nor likely to pull ina out of the worst.
>things never break at inconvenient times!
>last is optimum!
meds, schizo.
>clearly it's a plot and I get to decide what does and doesn't count!
suicide is the only answer for this level of stupid, eggman.
>ame >bad
check it out, guys. the man with no taste.
>n-no my opinion are a fact! I'M NOT MAD UR MAD!
gb2/b/ and lurk moar, your skillz are pathetic.
yes, you are displaying yours pretty impressively.

>> No.14502677

At this point, this guy is truly dedicated in his pursuit to hate tattoos. I have to admire him a little bit.

>> No.14502687


>> No.14502694

Mori = Boring
Ame & Ina = Randomly generated AI
Gura = Good

>> No.14502705

>I don't care if anyone has a tattoo
>I hate tattoos
What a fresh take from a retard who can't even form a coherent post.

>> No.14502712

People are giving their opinion on a thread asking for it and you're so butthurt about it you're making up boogeymen lol maybe take your own advice bud

>> No.14502746

Why is Amelia such a whore? She ruined the whole thing!

>> No.14502753
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didn't read

>> No.14502760
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>> No.14502776

>seething and dilating all day about a tattoo is not schizophrenia
What a great way to cope.
>Keep seething
Only if you take your meds kek.

>> No.14502856

There he is again. He's relentless. Thank god he doesn't go outside, he would try to kill someone just by having a tattoo.

>> No.14502863

Ame > Gura (close second) > Mori (curious that such a great outfit is third) > Ina

>> No.14502903

Overall for this update I rate it:
Good blend of a nice outfit, party/formal theme, also a great bunch of assets that came with it.

Cute outfit, good theming, also I have a weakness for the gold and bejeweled accessories

I actually like it overall, loved the assets and the game, the weird part to me is just how exaggerated her boobs are with this outfit. She's gone from moderately large to 'Kronii and Calli have nothing on me'. The tattoo also doesn't bug me, it's actually weirdly nice she seems to get something with vague recognition of her time traveller concept.

I don't hate it but it is kind of odd looking. Very much looks like a fashion student's project.

>> No.14502929


I hate how Gura’s doesn’t match the theme of the others but it’s still the best by far. Mori’s is kind of boring but it still looks nice. Ina’s would be good if it wasn’t so overdone. Ame’s is just bad, but nice tits though.

>> No.14502979

Boobs are the same actually >>14443387

>> No.14502985

tatoos are on the same level as face piercing and cow rings, idk why you faggots are pretending this shit isn't disgusting

>> No.14502989

Mori = Gura > Ame(big head) > Ina

>> No.14503030
File: 32 KB, 804x794, meme templae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ame is a time traveler
>Ghost Ame is from the future
>Normal detective Ame becomes flirty Ame becomes expensive prostitute Ame and eventually dies when she overdoses on cocaine and cum
>because she's a whore

Deepest lore

>> No.14503046

huh, that's pretty enlightening. Thanks.

>> No.14503061

Now piercing is bad. At least they're changing up a bit. Hopefully anyway

>> No.14503067

I think they're all whores 2bhonto.

>> No.14503103

>It really does feel like management is afraid to take a chance on things
>makes Ame into a literal prostitute
>turns Ina into a clown
They're taking too many chances. This whole thing was a big mistake and this is us just rationalizing which mistake is the lesser one.

>> No.14503200

Are ear piercings fine?
Please explain why.

>> No.14503230

Ina has a good design, I really like the outfit, best one for me.
Calli is ok I guess, not great, but not bad.
Ame looks like an expensive escort, was there a coat with the outfit maybe?
Gura's outfit is cute but kinda plain, obviously made to be lolicon bait.

>> No.14503298

>I don't why people liked Gura's atlantis theme
because they want to fuck her anon.

>> No.14503304

Gura = Calli > Ina >>> Ame

>> No.14503360

Nah what I mean on chances, is the theme idea in itself. As others were saying, what point do we have in getting party dresses? What a bland idea in general.

>> No.14503386

Amelia ended up bustier than Calli

>> No.14503415

-> >>14502979

>> No.14503424

Gura > Mori > Ame > Ina

>> No.14503426

Pretty much this. Would add that even if Ame's is good it doesn't fit her personality at all.

>> No.14503470
File: 314 KB, 1486x1727, FGXuvtWXMAUhNn1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So who's right? All these experienced artists that still create fanarts about her new outfit almost as fast as Gura, even now? Or two tattoohaters here?

>> No.14503496

Don't care, where is Kiara?

>> No.14503530

Whore chickens don't count

>> No.14503535

Ame is the best at playing a bratty princess, what are you talking about?
The entire outfit is just prime gap moe.

>> No.14503548
File: 573 KB, 954x534, 1635515822986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori > Gura > Ame > Ina

>> No.14503553

So, she always was

>> No.14503564

It's three, the original tattoo hater sucked 2 dicks to get 2 other faggots on his side.

>> No.14503601

Classy and understated maybe a little too simple though.

Opposite of calli, its a design nightmare could be maybe a 7 if you took off the coat and 90% of the bows.

The loin cloth is a bit weird it should be shorter or absent. Dudul's skrit design was better. Other than that its pure sex.

Kinda looks like a high end escort or some dictator's trophy wife. The long hair and tiara makes her look like an unironic princess which I feel doesn't fit our lovable gremilin. Tattoo wouldn't be too bad if it didn't clash so glaringly with whats meant to be a classy outfit.

>> No.14503663

Ay nvm, it was my first impression. Now that I look at it enough, it'll be:
Calli > Gura > Ina >>> Ame.

The thing is, Calli's and Ame's are definitely in the same spectrum of plain ol' party dresses. It's just that it was done better on Calli than Ame. She looks like she does attend musicals theater regularly while Ame... I don't wanna call her a "prostitute" but it does look lazy.

As for Gura, I like the Atlantis theme.

Ina's just art installation but garments. Fitting her art nerd ass.

>> No.14503668

There is absolutely nothing gap moe about her outfit and you don't even understand what that means.

>> No.14503731

The outfit is moe, she is not.
You have trouble with simple concepts I know but try and keep up.

>> No.14503795

Ina >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dog shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gura = Calli = Ame

>> No.14503847

>The outfit is moe
...no, no it isn't. Again, you don't understand what moe means.

>> No.14503873

>keeps trying

>> No.14503896


Ina looks like she would have been dressed up in every outfit in the wardrobe before she went to some postmodern fashion show. It's as if her arms, torso and legs have been stitched together from other characters. But maybe I'm wrong, I'm not a high functioning autistic artist. In any case, if that had been Ina's OG appearance, I certainly wouldn't have started watching her.

>> No.14503932

Why are you guys so angry?
I'm not criticizing Ame, Nabi is a shitty illustrator, you guys should feel bad for Ame.

>> No.14504066

Actually good tier:

Pretty decent tier:

I like the boob mole tier:

Its fine I guess tier:

>> No.14504107

>has wife
>browses /vt/
yeah right

>> No.14504118

That's exactly the reason I'm angry, you are a faggot and wrong

>> No.14504127

Your opinions are retarded and you keep samefagging for 2 days because the tat triggered you.
Look there's nothing wrong with disliking it for whatever reason you have. I don't like tats either. But making several threads and spamming that opinion won't make more people share the sentiment

>> No.14504192

Personally I love both Nabi and Ame for making retards seethe and I welcome more of it.

>> No.14504222

Inna past 2 outfits have been shit, pure shit. The original is top tier! Best of al mith, but the other 2 are dog shit

>> No.14504274

Nabi sucks.
You don't have to worship Nabi if Ame is your oshi.
She's not Nabi Muhammad,

>> No.14504359

That's why those two are based.

>> No.14504401

Ina >>>> Gura >>>> Ame > Calli

>> No.14504673
File: 7 KB, 328x283, 454545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

boring cunt

>> No.14504787

Where's the poll at?

>> No.14504883


>> No.14504927

math-kun, did nobody tell you that the alligator mouth points towards the bigger number?

>> No.14504967

Gura > Ina > Calli > Ame

>> No.14504983

nta but stop being tedious, it has the aesthetics of classiness and femininity associated with common moe characters for christs sake

>> No.14505010

>not the first post from this IP

>> No.14505031

There are two takocunts spaming this shit

>> No.14505201
File: 153 KB, 732x430, poortako.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably because they can't numberfag her stream.

>> No.14505764

I know full well the reactions this post is going to get here but I found the lolicon pandering in Gura's stream offputting

>> No.14505912

oh nyo~

>> No.14505924

Which part was that? What did she do?

>> No.14506036

i love hearing bitches apologizing
heal my soul

>> No.14506118

It's a /pol/ thing.

>> No.14506144

Very formal, like she's working at a posh restaurant or going to a wedding, has limited use but is very pretty
Cute! Ying/Yang sleeves bother me but it's cute enough, will probably see some use in streams
CUTE! CUTE! "Lore" appropriate and will likely see a lot of use.
Holy shit my fucking dick. I want to bend her over the bar and fuck the brains out this gremlin. Looks like an expensive prostitute or an instagram thot. My dick will never recover I unironically have a bruised penis right now cause I compulsively pulled the pickle 5 or 6 time during the debut, I've never came so fast in my life.
Will probably get a medium amount of use on streams.
>Kiara predictions
Probably Calli tier but a bit trashier, will probably see some use but not a huge amount.

>> No.14506194

tl;dr is basically tattoos are a show of poor impulse control/lack of free will (it's ""cool"" to get a tattoo so everyone does it)

>> No.14506366

Ear piercings are unobtrusive and largely add some flair to an otherwise non-sexual part of the body. Earrings are also very versatile and can suit any occasion
Facial piercings detract from facial beauty (or distract from the lack of it) while becoming an annoying hard spot during intimate acts.
As for the rest, tounge is for whores to make blowjobs more interesting, belly is pretty mediocre since you only see it on whores wearing revealing clothes or in intimate settings, vaginal are for literal sex workers and no one else

>> No.14506474

yawn get better bait retard

>> No.14506604

No, it's not.
Maybe it happens in /pol/ but it also happens everywhere. Most men just prefer women without tattoos. It's really not that controversial.
Ask any Japanese idol fan if they want their seiso idol to get a tattoo. They'll all emphatically say no. It's a symbol of moral degradation. Everyone knows it to be true.
It's more confusing to me why some of you either don't know this or pretend it's not true.

>> No.14506632

The lady will have a coors lite

>> No.14506665

Yes it is. Keep coping

>> No.14506710

stop bumping the thread and let it die already your samefagging is obvious as fuck

>> No.14506731

This is some real fucking cope.
Are nose rings not "unobtrusive and largely add some flair to an otherwise non-sexual part of the body"?

>> No.14506792

I hate Kiara so much

>> No.14506849

Ina, by far the best.
Cali is still ok too.
The others are "What the fuck is that" tier

>> No.14506920

Ah so this is whats its like to have shit taste.

>> No.14506936

The thumbnail, she covered up one of the more sexualized submissions with the "cute" and "funny" awards (at around 24:00), kept making jokes about feet/toes/tummy

Debatably she also went "uooh" when she was just starting to show the new outfit. Chat was spamming it the whole stream though, and that's what the thread here ran with

>> No.14506945

>Most men
>Ask any Japanese idol fan

>> No.14506972

>It's a symbol of moral degradation. Everyone knows it to be true.

Go outside. People with tattoos are reproducing without any problem.

>> No.14506982

Nose rings get in the way during intimate acts you fucking retard
I had a gf with a nosering back in highschool, the fucking thing gets you in the face every time you kiss. Studs are /almost/ acceptable over rings but then it's a tiny hard spot rather than a ring brushing across your face

>> No.14507014
File: 1.23 MB, 850x1202, 1607092334813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>aesthetics of classiness
>moe characters
This is moe. It has nothing to do with whatever the fuck Ame is doing or has done, yet alone with "classiness" and even "femininity" since to be moe one has to be a loli at the cusp of puberty. There is nothing vague about the term.

Lurk moar.

>> No.14507040

My experience in England confirms your explanation about the tattoo, but I would also point out that it is not only women who can be subjected to this degradation, but men too, so they are now accepting of women with tattoos. Most of the lower classes in the world consider it as cool as smoking or using drugs.

>> No.14507061
File: 136 KB, 428x510, 1297978713716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tattooniggers upset that people don't inject themselves with heavy metals so they can be branded with corporate icons
This is a level of consooomer cope I always love seeing

>> No.14507083

>giving Ame out of all people some super high class slut dress
>giving Gura some robes instead of a cute and funny outfit
If that's supposed to be good taste, then I'll accept my shit one gladly

>> No.14507166

fuck off you retarded faggot, i'm a different anon

autistic vtuber fans claiming to know societal norms, that's rich

>> No.14507218

You don't know what moe is buddy. Sorry

>> No.14507298

Being outside social norms allows you to watch them from a distance, an outsiders perspective is often more complete than someone immersed in society

>> No.14507331

Do you shove your tiny dick up a girl's nose anon?
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.14507344
File: 48 KB, 542x900, 4c14b22dc212f20da827a0e980266985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's fucking creepy and not moe at all

>> No.14507438

Crit1kal's podcast isn't about anime

>> No.14507483

>Anime podcast
It's not even an anime podcast at this point it's more like a podcast about Japan in general + random shit.

>> No.14507506

>ask any Japanese idol fan
This is literal schizo territory

>> No.14507527

>shove your tiny dick up a girl's nose
That's another cultural difference I didn't know about, in addition to the tattoo autism. These people are interesting!

>> No.14507551

This nigga never kiss a woman.

>> No.14507606

I like Ina's because its something I never would've expected. The other 3 are nice, but feel like fanart I've seen before.

>> No.14507742

How is it schizo? They wouldn't want an idol with a tattoo. How am I wrong?
Maybe I'm making a lot of assumptions, but I think they're correct.

>> No.14507751

Most adults who get septum rings, studs etc. are aware they look ugly to most people and either don't care or are using them with that actual intention as a fashion choice. If you no longer want to fuck someone because they have a septum ring, you were succesfully filtered

>> No.14507840


Correct list.

>> No.14507904

Also this also kind of goes for tattoos as well. Most women who get tattoos are aware men there's men who don't like them.

The milder version of this is getting a pixie cut, side cut, or mohawk. That's why so many lesbians have them.

>> No.14508111

>Yeah I'm a piece of shit with no impulse control, sense of aesthetics nor respect for myself nor anymore that has to witness my hideous visage
>yeah get filtered incel rapist scum
>why are there no good men???????

>> No.14508164
File: 518 KB, 949x901, retardachi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess you also liked the new Star Wars movies.

>> No.14508180
File: 163 KB, 300x450, Hatsune_Miku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explain this then.

>> No.14508214

Do you really think that ESL who hates Kiara is an Indonesian?
Are you stupid?
I'm an Indonesian who like to watch Kiara, but kfp always think that Indonesian hate her. What is wrong with kfp?

>> No.14508416

The idea is: I am a woman. I have the option of getting a septum ring. Some men will be turned off by my septum ring and some others won't. I know, intuitively, that I am not interested in pursuing the men in the first group romantically at all and that it won't impact my prospects with the second one as much. Then, to avoid being approached by men who I don't want to fuck, I get the septum ring.

This is kind of an overly machiavellic overview of it though because most people don't go through these steps consciously; they get a septum ring because they like how it looks, and they probably like how it looks because they belong to a "scene", subculture or just a friend group where it wouldn't be socially damaging to get a septum ring. Everything else is just downstream effects, probably desirable ones from the point of view of whoever's getting one.

Also this is particularly done by actual lesbians who wouldn't care about "good men" at all. Minimizing your sexual appeal towards straight men is kind of the point.

>> No.14508437

Many such cases

>> No.14508564

This is really only true for people who have lots of visible tattos. As someone with tons of visible tattoos, the truth is that most of the people it attracted were literally just cucks (executives in the company or otherwise "normal" people) who were so excited to then show me their tattoos that they had permanently hidden. So there's a whole barrier between the countless people who have at least one tattoo and the people who actually have visible tattoos or weird modifactions/fashion. I would say Ame's tattoo is one of those countless people have that they almost never show because they themselves are filtered by their own tattoo.

>> No.14508568


>> No.14508612

That's a good example.
But I think it's fine because she's a robot and it's a serial number and not a 'real' tattoo. That may sound like cope, because it is.
You win. Congratulations.

>> No.14508622


>> No.14508739


>> No.14508764

God damn ame is so fucking hot
I wanna lick her shoulders

>> No.14508800

This is a cope, honestly.
>those women spend hours every morning caking themselves in way too much makeup that scares away good men because they didn't want to date those men in the first place!!!
>she has those long ass nails that make everything a pain in the ass because she wants to filter out pragmatic men!!!
The Occam's Razor answer is that women are just vain retards, and trends are irrational

>> No.14508918

>all women want my dick and them doing things that displease me is their way of proving it!

>> No.14508943

Man makeup has turned into such a turn off as I've aged
Bitches get up at the crack of dawn to cover up their cratered face for hours every day without realising the reason they have such awful skin is the chemicals they smother themselves in every day.
My current gf moisturises religiously and uses minimal makeup (at least compared to the other girls I've been with) and she looks so much healthier than the smooth faced whores that dominate.
On the other hand when she DOES use a lot of makeup for nights out and such she looks almost clownish but I keep that to myself as I enjoy getting my dick sucked

>> No.14509184
File: 1.21 MB, 1920x1200, rf319h.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ame > Calli> Gura >>>> Ina
Tattoos can tasteful and look good, Ame's isn't even that bad. Calli looks really fancy, Ina just looks weird and I can't stand her weird leg posture. Gura's cute but still has the body of a child and that's weird. Kiara can get fucked kek

>> No.14509430

The people getting fancy acrylic manicures are by large not the same ones getting a bunch of piercings or tattoos

And yes if you're spending actual hours every morning caking yourself in makeup that would actually scare people away you likely know what you're doing, not least because presumably this is on the weekend and you're headed to the club or something. Sure as hell not going to your shift at Target like that. There's a difference between what you're describing, by the way, and the obviously-artificial and tacky look you would see on "e-girl" getups - which you don't really see in the street at all, hence the name

I am a person with actual diagnosed assburgers currently taking crazy pills for several unrelated reasons, and this conversation has led me to think I am more socially aware than you. Please reflect on that anonchama

>> No.14509586

>I am a person with actual diagnosed assburgers currently taking crazy pills for several unrelated reasons, and this conversation has led me to think I am more socially aware than you. Please reflect on that anonchama
I was about to rebut this but nevermind it's actually funnier if you think that, kek. Carry on

>> No.14509632

Doesn't matter how much you over analyze it.
At the end of the day you can conclude that woman are retarded, specially when they are young.

>> No.14509684


>> No.14510032

>makes good point
>is too autistic to stop
>reveals he is literally autistic and on schizo pills
You were THIS close to winning the argument you fucking retard

>> No.14510483

If my enemies do not see the true face of their killer as they gasp their last breaths, have I really bested them at all?

But no you're probably right. Next time we'll take it home lads.

>> No.14510496

I also really like Ina's costume. Fuck these homos hating on my priestess.

>> No.14510556

Hubris snatches defeat from the claws of victory

>> No.14510680

huke really redeemed himself with the summer outfit, I hope he can do it again

>> No.14510726
File: 344 KB, 1720x2408, FGYjZDxVIAMncE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun fact: Ame STILL getting faster fanarts in her new outfit than Ina.

>> No.14510732

Ame is probably by favorite of HoloEN, but hers is absolutely the worst this time around. A real shame, because her summer outfit was top 1 or 2


At least Gura's is a lot better than her summer one.

>> No.14510836

They're all equally inferior compared to their first new outfits. I'm expecting Kiara's outfit to be inferior as well since I can't see Huke out-doing that summer outfit.

>> No.14511539

It's okay, she's a deadbeat who has Calli merch littered throughout the house.

>> No.14511590

Ina's is harder to draw

>> No.14511667

I agree in regards to Ina, that artist outfit is too fucking great.

I feel Ame's new outfit is on par with her other one.

>> No.14511721

My choice is on: How good the outfits look based on theme and if they are inline with the girl's personality.
While Ame's outfit is indeed amazing and has a lot more to it then the others. Overall I don't feel like it fits her personality or character too well. I just can't see her wearing that outfit unironically. So it's 3rd for me.

Calli Outfit, while basic, fits both the theme and her personality/character. I think it be better if there were tiny skulls in the dress/accessories but otherwise she gets number 2.

Gura outfit is pretty much perfect. It fits the theme and her personality the best out of all of them (Which I didn't think it would). Way better then her last outfit, that's fucking sure tho. #1

The reason why Ina is last is because of a few reasons the biggest problem is that they used her original power stance pose which isn't very feminine compared to the others and thus also makes the outfit look way too big on her. Like a child trying to wear their parent's outfits. Idk why they didn't either make a new one or use the same one they did for her second outfit. Next is the coat itself. The left sleeve just seems so out of place. The entire coat is all white but that one part which make it seem like it's not even part of it.

TLDR: Gura>Calli>Ame>Ina

>> No.14511798
File: 34 KB, 540x720, 1633855250336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ame's outfit doesn't fit her personality

I'd ask if any of you people have dated a woman before but I know that's wasting my breath.

>> No.14512416


>> No.14512513

maybe that's because ina's requires like PhD level effort to replicate lmao

>> No.14512959

Ina looks like shit, I'm sorry but it is what it is

>> No.14513114

Then explain why she got more than Calli too.

>> No.14513332
File: 3.39 MB, 1360x3060, suc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like that the arguments are Ame is too pure for a tattoo, not knowing that Ame made a video about a blowjob or princess attire is unfit for Ame, not knowing that Ame has the best ojou accent in the entire hololive.
Literally contradict each other.

>> No.14514393

It looks gross as fuck, it's trashy.

>> No.14514583

wow this place is alright afterall

>> No.14514643

Gura - 8
Calli - 7.5
Ame - 6
Ina - 8

>> No.14514666

Keep telling that to yourself.
There's no real difference between hanging a piece of metal in one part of the body or another.
It's always irrational and disruptive.

>> No.14515274

>red so bloody it's almost an eyesore instead of cool black or dark blue with crimson accents
>takoyaki wrapped in a bunch of blankets complete covering up her body
>completely basic uninspired childish nonsexual gura dress instead of something so erotic it makes Twitter put out a fatwa against her
>ame with sexy princess hair...wearing a plastic rain parka on a sunny day
I wish they'd focus grouped these. They're almost genuinely good, but fail to stick the landing in obvious ways.

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