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Is she the underdog of holoEN?

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She's popular and successful! Kiara shines more brightly every day!

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This schizo posting these same Kiara threads again and again is getting fucking annoying.
>why are kfp fags like this?

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By definition there's no underdog, given that they all had rapid sub/viewer growth compared to earlier generations. The closest to being an underdog is Ame given her upbringing + being the only normal human of the group.

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Uh, what's with the pineapple pizza background?

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Ame is absolutely not a normal human being. you just have to watch her try to interact with multiple other people at the same time to see her spaghetti fully descend.

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Normal as in her character is just a regular human and not any kind of supernatural/mythical creature.

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Technically yes, but she still dwarfs most people outside of EN in growth. Hopefully she understands that she has nothing to complain about in terms of success when she's well ahead of her senpais that have been at this for a year or two longer than she has. It's not a fucking race anyway, she just needs to do well for herself.

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Isn't Kiara like one of the top money makers for the company because she gets tons of superchats?
That's probably also the reason she keeps getting away with her rogue streams.

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Pineapple pizza is also an underdog

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No it's just fucking disgusting. On pizza belongs mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil. That's fucking it!

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>just a regular human
(who can travel through time)

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None of the EN are underdogs you newfags

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ID girls are more underdog than Kiara. EN got a massive bump and head start from day 1

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she's the attention whore with massive victim complex of hololive

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EN ruined the expectations of what a normal amount of subs/growth looks like. They are all the top of the top among v tubers.
Independents who work hard despite barly any subs/views are underdogs.

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The most important thing is that it has thin crust.
Thick crust fags need to be genocided.

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Imagine being a underdog in the cringiest branch of hololive

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yes right where she belongs, under my wiener

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>average viewers are 2k/3k per stream

I would think so

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This is the exact moment when she turned lesbian

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Oh no no no

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This is somehow nostalgic because the first porn I ever downloaded had this exact same resolution

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>only gets 2-3k per stream
is this actually true or just propaganda? i dont even know anymore

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Last few I watched of her were in that range, yes. I remember her FE streams usually had like 4-5k viewers.

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damn, not a fan of hers cause i do think she can get too emotional at times, but knowing how much effort she puts into her streams, seems like a shit situation - Sad!

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Maybe she should try being less annoying, that usually helps when you are trying to entertain people

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No. She is colorful and she shines in boring games because she can make shit like minecraft entertaining when playing solo. Her biggest enemy is herself when she doesn't know when to stop before it leads to something serious.

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Mori is the actual underdog.

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"She's putting in effort so her numbers deserve to grow" is the wrong mindset imo, this is also speaking from Kiara's perspective. She should focus on doing what's fun for her and stop looking at the stats.

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Well, no, that's technically Ina. Kiara is basically Screech from Saved by the Bell.

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If she were actually looking at the stats, then she would have changed up her strategies already.

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pic related is the ACTUAL holoEN underdog

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Kiara suggested the new rules.

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This. Ame will pinball from shy to rude, to bored to ecstatic in the same collab.

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...source? If real i will never show sympathy towards her ever again

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I hate her voice and personality, but I respect her because she works harder than the rest of the EN girls. she's always doing 4-6 hours streams.

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Well she's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting things to change. That's the definition of insanity which she is.

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That's not original character lore, she made that up to justify why a supposedly teenaged anime girl would know about boomer commercials.

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What does Flare have to do with this?

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You're not wrong. Be a streamer is like playing the piano. To play better, you play with more precision, you don't slam your fingers onto the keys harder.

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oh my god, shut the fuck up already

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>To play better, you play with more precision, you don't slam your fingers onto the keys harder.
That's a pretty good analogy.

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Her idea of growing her channel is just to leech as many collabs as possible. If she actually knew how to grow a YouTube channel she wouldn’t have even applied to hololive.
She’s in hololive because she failed all of her other attempts to get numbers

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Well, the collabs are helping her numbers. That's not a problem, and it is something fans want to see. It's the rest that keeps screwing her up.

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>something fans want to see
Her fans maybe, but I know I dread to see “collab with kiara” or “full EN collab” on my oshi’s schedule because I have to put up with that annoying cunt.

>It's the rest that keeps screwing her up
Lol fuck off. The other ENs constantly advertise kiaras streams. Not to mention that Mori does that lesbian bullshit.
And also if the other ENs were “screwing her up” then how does that explain her roommate’s failed accounts before hololive?

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Her last collab had 6k concurrent viewers and reached a peak of 8k-9k.

>Lol fuck off.
no u

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She does at least five mood swings during the latest SC.

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>Not to mention that Mori does that lesbian bullshit
treating your friend like a friend isnt gay, /u/schizo

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No. She used every gimmick from Pekora laugh to Matsuri yuribaiting. Got original anime-style songs made, collabs with top JPs. She followed the formula and became successful.
All four other HoloENs were the underdogs, but they somehow pulled through with rap, drawing, A, and toxic gaming.

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No, Ame is, with zero talent, bad social skill & MC tier luck.
Her debut is disastrous too.

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is the new KFP cope to stop blaming antis for their oshi's hate/failures and instead try to convince everyone that Ame is somehow worse than her?

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I still wonder just on what kind of drugs she was on at that time. If she ends up doing one of those first stream watchalong streams hers is going to rival Miko's in pure cringe kino.

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Always has been.

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She is and isn't at the same time.
All of Kiara's ills come from the same place: lack of a customer first approach.
All holos are in this for self interest, but the actual job description is to make it look like the opposite. There are many different ways to do this (for instance GFE, being relatable,etc) but Kiara either does none of them or chooses the one most ill-suited to her. Like the occasional Kiara GFE. Actually imagine. Christ.
She simply lacks the ability to connect with an audience on a number of levels; all it takes is one stream or collab to see that this whole thing is about HER being an idol, not about providing value to the customer. It's really apparent and nauseating to watch at times.

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>lack of a customer first approach
ironic cause of her food service gimmick

>> No.1448309

and to add on to this, annoying voice has jack shit to do with it. xQc for example has the most annoying voice on earth, but all his content essentially revolves around being a custodian of his chat, and people love and stick with him for it.

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>German super nerd
How fat is her roommate?

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Not at all, have you actually never seen her?

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I disagree with this. If Kiara really never panders to her chat, then why does she have such loyal and dedicated fans? You're right in saying that Kiara's dream of being an idol has finally come true and she may get too asorbed into that at times, but I think yu are going too far in saying she can't connect with people/her fans.

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Really? That's nice. I only fell in the rabbit hole relatively recently, so I've only seen Noel's roommate's massive knockers so far.

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do your reps dude, really. you'll be surprised

>> No.1448471

I'm not about to doxxpost but she makes zero effort to hide her roomate so you'll probably find it very easily, she's actually really hot irl.

>> No.1448496

>she's actually really hot irl.
she's pretty decisive - you either find her hot or ugly, there's no in between

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Well, I'm looking forward to see her now, I guess it's time to go explore the web. Brb.

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Very fat. Her ass, that is.

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>She simply lacks the ability to connect with an audience on a number of levels
I deliberately said 'a number' because I realise that it's not as though she has nothing to offer. If anything, she has one of if not the most unique offerings in terms of viewer experience. She also works extremely hard and gets a LOT done in general.
The problem is that a lot of her 'unique' traits make her niche and polarizing in this market. She is succeeding DESPITE these and with her work ethic, if she were to take a customer first approach, she'd probably have Marine levels of engagement.
But at this point this is like asking her to rewrite her entire personality, which isn't possible without some sort of earth-shattering event. She is what she is, for better and for worse.

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Kind of a butterface but Jesus that's a... flattering photograph.

>> No.1448731

Who is even making these filler threads?

>> No.1448744

Ok that's a take I can agree with. At first I thought you were just a more eloquent anti, but you actually put it in a way I can agree with, even as a fan of hers.

With that being said, I don't actually want Kiara to be (much) less polarizing. Yes, she should iron out her issues (occasional internet problems, maybe her 'chicken' voice though that's been fizzling out as well, etc.) but I don't want her to become less unique - she has a somewhat solid base and should work on expanding that, i. e. more and better songs, less yuribaiting and more genuine friendship etc. etc.

>> No.1448749

What? She's really pretty dude.

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Pretty? Perhaps. I suppose I misspoke. She has crazyface, not butterface

>> No.1448884

That I can see. Though I would definitely stick it in crazy in this case.

>> No.1448980

Her face looks weird, maybe it’s just too much makeup

>> No.1449128

>came into the thread to funpost
>ended up being blessed instead
Gentlemen, I've seen the error of my ways. I apologize for my past behavior. I'll now proceed to subscribe to her and watch all of her videos.

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You need to stop being a paranoid faggot

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This rrat cannot possibly be true but I will believe it.

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While I do agree with that, you're being too harsh on me, I think: It truly did sound like your first post (>>1448229) was very negative/anti-Kiara (e.g. usage of the word 'Christ' in that context or the 'It's really apparent and nauseating to watch at times'.)

>> No.1449324

Not as ironic as you think. kek

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Why does she get more SC than Ame or Gura then?

>> No.1449552

I mean if you compare her to her genmates.. Yeah probably. Ame may have less things to bring to the table when it comes to TALENT. But people find her stuff interesting and fun to watch which is really all that matters at the end of the day. Same for Kiara even if her live view rate isnt that high.

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Quick questions, are doxxposts frowned upon or straight nuked here? I've seen most girls but I can't seem to find Miko Mio and Marine. Would be grateful for the tips. Also I'm low key waiting for Saltson to drop the gamer word

>> No.1451690

They get nuked pretty fast around here, faster than they did back in /jp/. Also AFAIK there's no Marine doxx so don't even waste your time, and if you want some heated gamer moments Mori is your gal.

>> No.1451719

Go back to redddit, you might find it there

>> No.1453686

Mori is.

>> No.1459854

the only thing that's debuffing about her is the massive amounts of autism

>> No.1461461

please don't put this on us, we hate the constant Kiara threads just as much as you.
Blame the 4 to 5 schizophrenic Seanigs responsible for them.

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good point

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>Wasn't even interested in vtubers
>Only hired to make music because she lives in Japan
>Cringy AF
Mori is honestly the least fitting to hololive, her success is entirely because of the brand. Hope she can keep up.

>> No.1470562

Do you consider that good collab numbers? Jesus thats like one Mori/Ame stream

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>> No.1470609

>menhera wackjob
please graduate

>> No.1470650

And despite all thats shes the only EN to have the honor of making songs with the JPs and sing in the JP only HoloAlt. What a lass

>> No.1470703

Oh shes doing more than just keeping up, anon. Shes dominating

>> No.1470809

>annoying to JP
>annoying to EN
a literal mistake

>> No.1470952

underdog implies she is good and underrated
she is not good, and overrrated
so no, she is not an underdog, she is just a bitch

>> No.1471123

>all the roasties from lolcow came here after the thread was closed so now we always have 10 kiara threads up all the time

>> No.1471250

Who are you quoting?

>> No.1471253

There was something bothering me about her laugh for some time now, then it hit me...she is a chicken!

>> No.1471264

>only 50 IPs
kek the anti samefagging is strong in this thread

>> No.1471303

my inner thoughts

>> No.1472161

Think she said lack of sleep and caffeine pills.

>> No.1472360

Hey at least she makes her own stuff, I don't know why Kiara is the hard working one she just throws money at stuff. Look at holotalk, questions from viewers, intro by Ame, music payed for. Her part translates 15 mins of a jp sensi into a 3 min cliff note.

>> No.1472378

Her face looks nice in that image too though.

>> No.1473001

Its been a wild ride seeing her slowly morph into a better streamer/vtuber as time goes on. Its a treat seeing her achieve things that have never been achieved before in hololive history which has silenced her antis from the past. Mori still has a long way to go and I'm excited to see what she has to offer in the future

>> No.1473086 [DELETED] 

Literally the only one who lives in Japan
That would be Gura

>> No.1473189

>imagining her lezzing out w/Mori's roomate "for work"
bruh I'm about to fucking SIMP again

>> No.1473212

Gura is on another league, anon. 2 millions subs and a big number of live viewers. And it seems you havent watched the A-chan interview regerding Mori and HoloAlt. Regardless of that, Mori is loved by her JP senpais and her ID kouhais. I cant see her losing no matter how you twist it

>> No.1473386

I mean, even if you ignore noth of those points Mori is still the first holo to ever recieve physical music albums. Shes got a lot of fans even inside of hololive. Her songs are all well liked and shes going to surpass big names like fubuki in a few months time when it comes to sub count. Its not about the numbers of course. She seems to genuinely love her new job, thats the biggest win in the end. For her and the deadbeats alike

>> No.1473542 [DELETED] 

>I mean, even if you ignore noth of those points Mori is still the first holo to ever recieve physical music albums.
That's not really a goal in hololive, it's a Mori thing. She's just taking her previous life and using hololive to gain popularity. That's why I say she isn't really "fitting" for hololive, she's doing her own thing and just does vtuber stuff on the side, like Ina. I don't mean it in a disrespectful way, but it doesn't feel right to compare a career vtuber to a girl who lives in Japan to make rap and just happens to work for the most popular vtuber agency

>> No.1473652

She puts in the effort so she has my respect. Releasing so many originals along with collab songs while maintaining a 5-6 times per week streaming schedule cant be easy.

>> No.1473793

I'm not an ass man but Jesus Christ

>> No.1473815

You know Ina is like a huge fan and wants to be there, Im sure she is stoked creating 5gen and her own gen crap.

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I humbly repent all my sins against Kiara and KNEEL before that ass.

>> No.1473868

>she's doing her own thing and just does vtuber stuff on the side,
she easily outworks most of hololive though

>> No.1473946

Mori definitely didnt take the whole vtuber thing seriously in the beginning, but shes done enough things now that proves that shes changed her mind about it. She loves her deadbeats (in a traditional sense), has admitted that she feels streaming to be calming, has collabed with the JPs and IDs, even drew anya for her birthday. She took the obligatory priconne shilling from hololive to the next level with a song collaboration with the big name gatcha company. I didnt like her in the beginning either, but as time goes on she keeps doing things that make me like her a bit more

>> No.1474026

>that one time she talked about how sweaty her thighs get and how she likes to wear hot pants and short skirts
It all makes sense now, holy fuck

>> No.1474053

I know we throw this around alot but honestly, take your meds

>> No.1474104 [DELETED] 

>Mori works hard and does things other holos don't
I don't see the appeal of Mori, but it seems like those who do all repeat the same few points. Eh, to each their own

>> No.1474193

I mean, yeah? She has her good points like every other vtuber out there. You make it sound as if whats good about a vtuber changes daily or something

>> No.1474504

as long as youre not a shitposter it doesnt matter, anon. No vtuber can be universally good for everyone. If someone repeats the same appeal points its probably because thats whats appealing about said vtuber wouldnt you say? Gura has cunny, Ame has goslings, Ina has comfy streams. Thats the appeal

>> No.1474567

Mori works hard, does things other holos don't, and she IS the definition of cringe kino. I mean that in an entirely positive way

>> No.1475909

aww jesus i missed the asspic and i love ass

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>> No.1476070

i mean thanks

>> No.1476076

I take it all back kiara I TAKE IT ALL BACK

>> No.1476197

this just makes me want to simp harder with my biden bux

>> No.1480722

Do you think Kiara enjoys pineapple on pizza?

>> No.1482176

If you pay her enough im sure she can lie for you

>> No.1482322

Ina is the underdog of EN. Kiara is shit.

>> No.1482820

Mori has definitely improved a lot and continues improving but her complete failure to answer any question about her JP senpais in the Takamori Q&A still made me want to punch my monitor.

>> No.1483169

Ina is the underdog of the EN bubble because she's an artist competing against gamers with a much more restrained personality, though really none of the EN girls can be called underdogs at this point.

As her follower numbers are the lowest with the ID nerf and tech issues on debut week, Anya is the true Hololive underdog. And even she gets far better numbers than the independent VTubers.

>> No.1483189

its a work in progress, yeah

>> No.1483318

Ina has played more video games than most people in holoEN you delusional faggot. Even now she still does her shitty FFXIV raids weekly.

>> No.1483847

It was funny but If you say that again about holo fantasy I will bash your head retard

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>> No.1491342


>> No.1492764

She's the based of en.

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wish i knew how to doxx people

>> No.1494361

spoonfed me new rules, dub.

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>> No.1494432

do KFPs actually enjoy her unironically? unlike sympathising views?

>> No.1494461


>> No.1495907

Did she die?

>> No.1501533

no but kfps harassed her

>> No.1501740

Well deserved bottom of HoloEN.
I can only imagine how bad its gonna get when HoloEn 2 comes.

>> No.1502749

shes the shitstain of EN

>> No.1503716

cope kfpfag

>> No.1508436 [DELETED] 

>then why does she have such loyal and dedicated fans?
They're basically the same people who watch Steven Universe. SJW shippers from tumblr. They cling on to Kiara because she courted them. It's not really about the content Kiara herself makes but the content her fans spin off from her that keeps them engaged.

>> No.1515586


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Jesus, you're absolutely right. I never thought about it that way.

>> No.1517415

all me.

>> No.1518545 [DELETED] 
File: 465 KB, 1500x1000, chimken...jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear I'm not a doxxfag, but it would be a crime to hide this ass.

>> No.1519074

You can take the woman out of the whore life but you can never take the whore life out of the woman, it seems

>> No.1519313
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>> No.1519437
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idk but she's definitely been under a nog

>> No.1519516
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>> No.1519597

Calli (and more than a few oji-san) has seen her pussy. Hot

>> No.1520250

No, that would be Ina. She worked for her subs and numbers earnestly, when chicken leeched of the JP branch.

>> No.1520391

why is she so smug

>> No.1520397

based watameposter

>> No.1520416

She seems super depressed when back in Germany.

>> No.1520419
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>> No.1520481

Kiara works a hundred times harder than your lazy whore of an oshi, takonigger. You don't need to debate it, you know its true

>> No.1520499

Anon... begging JP branch for collabs and leeching on them is not working...

>> No.1520528

Doesn't Kiara just pay people to make shit for her, wheres the hard work?

>> No.1520536

Wrong, they ran out of time but they were making a whole backstory drawing with ame meeting each member through time. Ina still has the unfinished loli ame drawing somewhere

>> No.1520566

its not as easy as sitting back and playing games like 4 times a week at least
She tries her best, just watch her latest karaoke. You think its easy remembering every single one of those Hololive original songs? Shes put in time and effort to get all of them perfect

>> No.1520585

Perfect while every karaoke its "Kiara take off limiters" Thats the hard work?

>> No.1520588

No, she's the villain of Holo EN.

>> No.1520596 [DELETED] 
File: 207 KB, 736x860, 1606888999280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1520600

she needs to debuff her voice so she doesn't mog the rest of her gen

>> No.1520661

Wait thought it was perfect. Her voice is she debuffing her personality because she is being nice to her genmates too?

>> No.1520710

even though its a debuffed voice, she still managed to cover the songs better than any of the other ENs could. Theres nothing wrong with her personality, cope

>> No.1520724

Not even a KFPnigger but obviously Kiara puts more effort into her character than Ina.

>> No.1520766

So like Holotalk where the only thing she does is get questions from fans, takes 10 mins from a JP senpai and condense it into 3 mins of english. And wont have subtitles because its too much work?

>> No.1520794

>Will never get a sweaty short skirt thighjob from this
God damnit dude.

>> No.1520822

adding to this she doesn't even release subtitles for her songs when they drop. Not that I particularly care about the toilet noises she produces but its common courtesy. The JPs do it, Mori does it, so what makes her so special?

>> No.1520841

I don't hate Kiara but I hate when kfp make it out how all of the girls are lazy except Kiara.

>> No.1520851 [DELETED] 

Kiara doesn't want EOPs listening to her songs. Why do you think she hasn't released a song in english despite being part of Hololive EN?

>> No.1520869

90% of the problems I have regarding Kiara are related to her shitstain of a fanbase, really

>> No.1520884

she really is a JP gen 5 reject isn't she? Thank god Polka made it in instead of shitara. Imagine if she was a part of JP instead of EN

>> No.1521064

>kfp is so shit at making OC that antis were able to make jew-kiara a thing before they could make nazi-kiara a thing

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File: 426 KB, 1920x1080, Japanese doctor proudly shows unit 731 to visiting German officer, 1944 (colorized).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1521147
File: 234 KB, 1280x720, KFP headquarters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1521157
File: 124 KB, 640x1440, Stopping by KFP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1521164
File: 78 KB, 340x314, 1524700803602-sp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i fucking love how jannies were so focused on cleaning up kiara's roomate pics, that they completely disregarded this one of Luna's HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.1521228

Whats funnier is that theres a pic still up in one of the many kiara anti threads

>> No.1521409
File: 701 KB, 220x214, We can go smuger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love sheep posters

>> No.1521576

First I thought it said dog and I kekd
Then I read it again and kekd harder

>> No.1522291

>Imagine if she was a part of JP
theres an alternate timeline out there where Kiara joined holo5 and polka didn't. Holy fuck it makes me shiver in terror just thinking about that

>> No.1522666
File: 61 KB, 762x525, 1494281872180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ KFP got fucking murdered yesterday

>> No.1522930

checked, also is that the JOOST? fucking brings me back man..

>> No.1523064

checked and holy fucking based chumbud

>> No.1523082

Insufferable underage faggots all of you.

>> No.1523098

*starts sucking your dick*
uh oh we got a pedophile here

>> No.1526926

>derails the thread for no reason

>> No.1527632 [DELETED] 


>> No.1529436


>> No.1529603


>> No.1529783
File: 956 KB, 500x288, can you do this?.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1531963

chicken haters are unironically /pol/ fantaniggers that hate her for being from the same place their glorious leader was because she ruins their delusions
I love chicken with all my heart for making those retards foam at the mouth

>> No.1532099

She literally carries a bucket of fried chicken around to attract niggers for sex. Literally started a business just so she could fry it in bulk.

>> No.1532619

The underdawg

>> No.1533725


>> No.1534997


>> No.1535145
File: 116 KB, 463x453, 1614570573006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara is a retarded uninteresting numberfagging coal burner stacy
>She's just the underdog guys

>> No.1537379


>> No.1538829

The true underdog!

>> No.1540036

If this is true I'm dropping her

>> No.1540088


>> No.1540109 [DELETED] 

The 20 Year Old Kioomer
-Obsessed with Kiara
-Doesn't know if love or hate Kiara
-Posts on /qa/, /v/, and /pol/
-Discord user/owner
-Doesn't watch Hololive outside clips
-Has a growing folder of Kiara wojaks
-Goal is to Barneyfag Kiara out of 4chan

>> No.1540137 [DELETED] 

The 20 Year Old Kioomer
-Obsessed with Kiara
-Doesn't know if love or hate Kiara
-5-6 threads made per hour about Kiara
-Posts on /qa/, /v/, and /pol/
-Discord user/owner
-Doesn't watch Hololive outside clips
-Has a growing folder of Kiara wojaks
-Goal is to Barneyfag Kiara out of 4chan

>> No.1540196

We all know non nigger women only support blm for one reason

>> No.1546642

what's that reason, anon?

>> No.1546656


>> No.1546686


>> No.1547282

>/r9k/ memeing

>> No.1547340


>> No.1547352
File: 551 KB, 746x484, 1615749551522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf are you even saying KFP

>> No.1547449
File: 926 KB, 227x200, 1478911139605.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]