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What’s the cringiest vtuber moment you’ve seen?

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Everything about hololive is cringe. They're like discount vshojo trying too hard.

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when Mori said "no one cares" to Kiara during that early HoloEN collab and Kiara got all quiet for the rest of it

>> No.141932

Vshojofags are never gonna stop seething, huh?

>> No.141952

really any of the Takamori stuff. Calli is just so cringe in her overly forced tsundere character

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Why was this privated? Is it actually because of the awkward ending?

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Amelia's birthday stream "call-in show" where nobody called in, and then she ended the whole thing with a botched live performance where she started stammering and almost crying before just lip syncing a per-recorded version of the song instead

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When Cover announced HoloEN

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Anything Mori does

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i don't get it. wouldn't any of the holos get completely bombed out with calls if they put up a number?

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what? this is reaching, ina and gura called and she seemed fine during karaoke.

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Pekora and Coco looking at the reddit anime meme last Saturday, had to close the stream and it went on for 20 minutes.

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don't forget Reine. The karaoke at the end was pretty fucked though

>> No.142452

18 minutes is the new 66 minutes in my book. Coco must've had to dig through some shit if that's what was considered a good enough "meme".

>> No.142459

When some SEA African-American threw a hissyfit rant over people questioning his Quran recitation streams

>> No.142525

yeah Ayanami Rei is discount Yuki Nagato right

>> No.142563

Reddit memes stopped being unfunny jokes and now are barely even jokes, so I guess she thinks it's good to have some cross-cultural discussion

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>awkward ending?
what happened? I only saw the like 15 minute clip version and during Moona's 450k she actually referenced this and said Coco is one of her favorite senpais.

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Japan is discount China

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Pekora and Kiara's collab was a whole lot of cringe until Moona showed up and saved the stream from the awkward that is happening

>> No.142666

Maybe it was like a gag thing or nobody knew ahead of time that she was gonna do a call-in session?

>> No.142692

how was it cringe?

>> No.142723

>Pekora and Kiara
the fake awkward crying from kiara while Pekora is just like "uhhhhh" at the end not even comforting her or saying anything. hahahahaha

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is vshojo bombed or something? I have never seen someone seethe so hard about things I have 0 idea about.

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>is vshojo bombed or something
Not him but Iron Mouse is pretty good.

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Kiara deserved it.

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Coco got bored of the game and wanted to end the stream, Moona wanted to keep playing and didn't get the hint, then Coco was put on the spot to put her foot down and end things, hence the "66 minutes" line.
I'm sure they're not on bad terms or anything, but it was definitely an awkward moment where they weren't on the same page, made more awkward by that empty promise of "playing again".

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Calli forgot her meds that day

>> No.142918

nijisanji 3D

>> No.142931

Hi I'm Devin Nunes and I endorse this message because I'm hoping that you'll give blood today.
ESPECIALLY If you've had Covid
because THIS BLOOD
Can be used to treat VALLEY patients

>> No.142932

>full-on meltdown over people wanting to know where he's from
He has a point in the video, but damn.

>> No.142960

lol but seriously iron Mouse has a genetic problem.
Please consider donating plasma.

>> No.142965

Yeah, I did think the game was kind of boring just from the clips alone. They played minecraft together and she recruited her to the usada team so I'm hoping to see them more together.

>> No.142977

every video is scripted

>> No.143072

That naan video with the nijisanji cat

>> No.143081

i fucking hate this bitch

>> No.143082

It sounded like the guy was genuinely autistic enough to not know that “vtuber Quran read-alongs” was going to be a controversial topic

>> No.143099

>"There is another?"

>"Two more? Should we continue?"
>(pretends to not hear) "Well, what are we gonna do?"
Coco's suffering is delicious

>> No.143120

Tactful way to put it. She's probably one of the most unfortunate people in the USA. I'm not trying to be flippant when I say props to her for not just killing herself or being too mired in depression to do anything. That is one hell of a "problem."

>> No.143183

The yami no game duel.

>> No.143280

Like, talking about how stereotyping is stupid and we're all human would be fine. Just calmly saying that you don't want to talk about where you're from because of that is fine.
But a full angry rant about it is pure retardation.

>> No.143311

>Kiara can take off her hats
Can... Can she take off one at a time?
Is she supposed to only wear one at a time?

>> No.143456

Honestly the thread could just have ended with OP's photo of Moona-Coco's Super Bunny Man. It produced enough spaghetti to supply an Italian family for a month

>> No.143792

the nijisanji id x jp collab where the japanese vtuber thought india = indonesia

>> No.143807

I really like Iron Mouse, but I'm afraid of that one day in the future, she will disappear, and all of our hearts will be broken.

>> No.144143

>india = indonesia
Oh no.

>> No.146146

wtf rude
and she already sounded somewhat butthurt when reading the sign

>> No.146420

if i remember right calli was still working at an english conversation school at the time due to contractual obligation. the overlapping schedules did not work out so she was only getting a few hours of sleep a night.

>> No.146446

Vshoujo is going to implode because it's a company mainly run by women and there's' no soulless megacorp to whip them into shape.
Like, who's going to keep them in line and out of drama? Fucking Mowtendo?

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Kiara unironically deserved it for the cringe yuribaiting that she was pulling shortly before

>> No.146479

>nobody in the comments even talks about it
Kiara doesn't have a real fanbase does she?

>> No.146490

Coco general

>> No.146510

This. How much of a faggot do you have to be to listen to her "music"

>> No.146565

That would explain a lot actually. I always wondered what the weird two hats motif was about.

>> No.146643

Yeah I kept watching and then she had one hat up, which made the design suddenly make sense compared to the rest of the times/fanart I've seen of her

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Seethe harder, Chilean

>> No.146761

I remember that

>> No.146871

>white roasties
You want a dog's sloppy seconds bro?

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what the fuck were they thinking?

>> No.146975

Well radio has had call-in shows all the time even in the past when people actually listened to it. They'd just need a good screener.

>> No.147188

>Do you know Nijisanji?

>> No.147308

The first crossover stream for the EN girls the Introductions were cringe

>> No.147329

and reine, don't forget reine you fuck

>> No.147343

i mean that's normal for ame, the only song she's sang well yet is blister in the sun

>> No.147352

cope twittertuber

>> No.147369

It's run by two males. I hesitate to call them men since they look like beta manlets, but the only "talent" who has any sway behind the scenes is Melody since its her husband who started the thing.

>> No.147473

Well that sure is something, maybe I should be watching nijisanji for comedy.

>> No.147496

I think there's no denying at this point that Moona has aspergers at the very least...

>> No.147570

I think she's too insecure to have aspergers. The great thing about people who have no-shit aspergers is you can be rude back and they won't mind. I was roommates with a sperg once and whenever he started talking about shit I didn't care about I could literally just leave the room and he wouldn't take offense. If you were to pull something like that on Moona she'd probably shatter into a million pieces.

>> No.147572

66 minutes' ending will always takes the cake

>> No.147594

West Taiwan you mean
Other than that 100% true

>> No.147626

sooooooo much hololive shit is privated for no real good reason; a bunch of the holograffiti 3D anime shorts on their channel are privated despite being proven to not contain third-party music or other problematic assets, as well as a ton of cover songs and streams of games that they definitely have permission to stream

>> No.147630

You can say they have no sway, but all it takes it one twitter spat for it to all start falling down when you're going for a fanbase like that.

>> No.147747

hahahaha that's not how it happened at all hahahaha but sure, keep feeding your delusions hahahahaha

>> No.147795

You know that people have their own personalities despite having the same syndrome right? I had a close friend who was diagnosed with it, in many ways he had the mentality of a child in the sense that he would always get moody if things didn't go his way, or if you didn't want to do the same things he wanted to. As long as we both were on the same page, he was a ton of fun to hang with, but whenever there was friction it was like convincing a spoiled brat that you weren't gonna break their toys. He basically took anything that happened outside of his intended outcome personally. He was also relentless in getting me to watch or read whatever he was into at the time, and would get slowly frustrated if I didn't like it.

>> No.147840

this post >>141878

>> No.147861

Ever consider the possibility that their streaming permission has a time limit to it? Vidya streaming laws in Japan are straight up fucked, you basically have to suck up to the rights holders to get anywhere.

>> No.147863

damn I wish I had a friend like that

>> No.147929

I nominate the Risu/Korone collab. Risu used to be obsessed with Korone (like, before she even joined Hololive), there was a whole meme where Risu is Korone and Okayu's daughter, etc. Then they had a collab and it was so intensely boring, they had no chemistry whatsoever and basically didn't talk afterwards again.

They did end up having another collab many months later, I hope things are better between them.

>> No.148005

The Yami No Game Uno Duel

>> No.148014

/vt/ meme streams when

>> No.148058

We were friends for about 10 years, eventually I just wasn't having fun hanging out anymore because of his one track mind, if he wasn't already into a game he was almost impossible to convince to try something new. Then he would try to get me to play shitty MMOs I had no interest in, then act his usual sulky self that I wasn't gonna sink stupid amounts of time into another generic MMO when we used to play a ton of WoW together back in the day.

Like I said, he was fun when we both were into whatever we were doing, but if there was disagreement he was a chore to be with.

>> No.148148

sounds like you dumped a boyfriend more than you dumped a friend desu

>> No.148389

Thank you for sharing with the group that you are gay anon.

>> No.148423

no problem king

>> No.148492

Did Mori say "you can correct it if you'd like" because she felt bad?

>> No.148527

Was it really that bad?

>> No.148549

>Coco & Moona sperg stream is gone from existence besides anything clippers used

>> No.148589

EN really was a cringefest at the beginning. I remember Kiara having daily breakdowns because her PC kept shitting itself. I dunno if they are still cringe, I haven't bothered with EN stuff in a long time.

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>she'd probably shatter into a million pieces.
Moona asked fans to write feedback and criticism in her 400k celebration. She's a strong girl.

>> No.148624

It was literally posted in this thread that the whole archive was saved by spic subbers

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pure kino

>> No.148667

Didn't come across that way to me. She probably also figured Kiara was more emotionally sturdy than she really is.

>> No.148714

>that 450k subs celebration stream where she asked her audience for criticism
opinion discarded.

>> No.148753


>> No.148765

Mori farting on stream

>> No.148839

Roboco and Ame collab. An hour of awkward near-silence because they couldn't communicate.

>> No.148970

who's the bigger sperg in that pic?

>> No.149141

The default face of her avatar makes this so much funnier

>> No.149221

ok at least i'm not the only one who finds half of these collabs cringe. what do people really expect from an interaction between two weeb shutins, and through a language barrier no less.

>> No.149287

They need a catalyst between them to make it interesting. Do local co-op or something, because they are not good at conversation.

>> No.149326

every moona collab with jp

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A few people called, with the notable exception of Mori. I enjoyed that stream and the performance. She's improving!
Only other holos can call as it's her private discord. Some jp holos previously did call ins with fans and they are about as cringe as you would expect.
kino and chinks btfo
this was cringekino, but arguably more kino and less cringe than some mori momentos
not just. pic related.
pekomoon is kino

>> No.149618

The double execution is what gets me

>> No.149637

How does literally nobody calling your call in-stream even happen?
I thought Hololive were busybodies who walked on broken glass?
You're telling me nobody slapped one of these girls and said "stop being a sperg and call benedict cumberbatch on discord?"

>> No.149670


>> No.149704

>turn it up so I can hear
>the reaper's scythe sound effect almost gives me a heart attack
I deserve this.

>> No.149794

Why would you believe anything you see here at face value, especially that?

>> No.149897

I thought call in streams where no one shows up was a running joke or something at this point.

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Every vtuber that speak english

>> No.150165

Because she had 0 preparation and never bothered to actually ask her genmates or any JPs if they wanted to call in due to her own autism. She did collabs with Roboco and Aqua and Haachama before that stream and yet none of them called in despite being on good terms. The only reason Reine called in out of pity was because she happened to be watching the stream.

>> No.150216

Can't remember what it was exactly, but during one of HoloEN collabs Kiara tried to make a joke and others reacted with ...oh yeah, ha ha...

>> No.150223

That part during Coco's reddit meme review with pekora where she spent over 15 minutes describing the other holos with anime.

>> No.150346

In recent times, MelxOllie and MelxAme collabs. Mel is introverted but a sweetheart with the right people (as with her 400k call-in stream). But it's hella difficult when you collab with a kouhai and the language barrier is too apparent. Also when the kouhai keeps ogling at you.

Source: https://youtu.be/ucLwtAAp__o

>> No.150382

The MelxOllie collab was very wholesome actually. Ollie's Japanese isn't the best but it's good enough to communicate with JPs in Minecraft.

The Ame one was cringe tho agreed.

>> No.150395

>Kiara is the liked person in a social group
Nostalgic. Relatable. Takes me back.

>> No.150414

How do you think things would go go if you met someone you idolized?

>> No.150433

lmao link anon

>> No.150480

lmao you niggas are scared of fucking ghosts and skeletons

>> No.150717

>most basic bitch obvious anime comparisons one could come up with
I skipped that part not even halfway, I couldn't deal with it anymore

>> No.150952

Friendly tourist lurking /vt/ here (I don't watch VTubers), but how do you guys sit through the literal Reddit streams? I mean, fuck, those Reddit memes pretty much consist of slapping VTuber faces onto pre-existing memes and/or templates.

>> No.151069

shitty memes aside the reactions are cute

>> No.151089

I don't.
Every time I give it a chance because I like coco and every time I deeply regret it

>> No.151137

We don't. We wait for clipfags/translators to find the one moment that was worth a chuckle and watch that

>> No.151150

I like Coco and I also like watching Coco fail at translating the meaning of memes

>> No.151228

I got to watch Sora say motherfucker live, so that pretty much makes it worth it.

>> No.151346

I watch because I think it's interesting to hear Coco explain western stuff to the others. But they're never funny.

Don't worry it's not a reddit thing though, Japan also has memes (twitter reaction images) and they're not funny either.

>> No.151559

Seeing japanese girls cringe at redditors is a bit funny

>> No.151753

Don't forget in one of the later Coco streams
>Fuck off, Moona. Go away

>> No.151900

didn't happen

>> No.151965

Indog hands typed this post.

>> No.152030

I think it was the day I unsubbed Mori. Never regretted that decision.

>> No.152052

I don't

>> No.152090

I watch for the guests.

>> No.152110

because she snapped at Kiara?

>> No.152141

Her shit was building up and that was the last straw.

>> No.152243

>can't roll for best girl
sasuga crunchyroll

>> No.152326

Mori and Ame feel a lot like just some regular streamers, without the "idol" part.

>> No.152495

I love Tamaki, I wish more people subbed her stuff.

>> No.152699

>I'm afraid of that one day in the future, she will disappear
That applies to everyone

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This is like when exchange students visit a foreign country and are forced by the teacher to talk to each other regardless of language barriers.

>> No.152741

Ehh, not that bad.

>> No.152797

Powerful Oblivion NPC energy.

>> No.152817

I want to see the replies to this.

>> No.152874

seethe and dilate

>> No.152884

That's how gachas work. Then they release Christmas Angel Kokkoro or Bikini Kokkoro and make her a UR or straight paywalled or whatever to get their $$$$.

>> No.152935

She didn't really plan the call-in thing, didn't set up calls with anyone ahead of time. I'm sure she didn't set it up because she didn't want to bother people and doesn't know/hasn't interacted with too many of the jp Holos enough she would feel comfortable having them call.

>> No.153063

red dit tors are a cancer on the world

>> No.153100

i have been to both countries. china is a shit hole full of rude asshats. japan is a clean place full of polite and nice people

>> No.153126


>> No.153137

Ame and Mel collab.

Mel is trying her hardest carrying the stream while Ame is just quiet

>> No.153185

Worse than the roboco collab where neither is saying anything? >>148839

>> No.153237

These are the same people who consider referencing Jojos Bizarre adventure to be peak comedy, not making a joke just a reference

>> No.153255

So cringe but so relatable.

>> No.153271
File: 595 KB, 512x512, 1597954485792.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hold on, this almost sounds like you're talking about me-

>> No.153706

That was mori at peak stress level.

>> No.153774


>> No.154150

Holy shit. It's so hard to tell how much of this is them hamming up the character or actually being genuine, but this hurt so much.

>> No.154506

use the archive newfag chama

>> No.154612

Gawr Gura existing
Artemis being called female
Jannies deleting pewdiepie posts

>> No.154657

I've never been able to watch a single dragon reddit video, or any video where holos make direct contact with western "meme culture". It makes me want to die.

>> No.154715

I still don't get how someone who's really socially awkward can manage to stream with an audience of hundreds of people daily. I get that dealing with text is easier than a live voice chat, but still.

>> No.154793
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Kiara was acting like a retard while rubbing shit in her face "hur you spelled this wrong" so she dropped character to shut her down.
She deserved it.

>> No.154859

>She deserved it.
I agree mori should do her spelling reps.
poor Kiara

>> No.154899


>> No.155823

>Kiara was acting like a retard

>> No.155962

Im still mad that she not only gave up part way, but even had a pre-recorded version on standby. Everyone knows you fucking suck at singing Ame. No one cares. We may laugh and scream SOUL, but at least we'll respect you for following through on it.

>> No.156064


>> No.157471

I unironically believe it has soul.

>> No.157555

>no talk just vidya

>> No.157834


>> No.157842

newfagchama... your archive reps

>> No.158048

>not waiting for anons to find the clips worth watching

>> No.158179
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Oh man, watching early HoloEN content is really something

>> No.158650

Everything about Hololive En is really just cringe to me. Not sure if it's gotten better because I stopped watching entirely because of that but I guess my mediocre Japanese makes it less bad for those streams.

>> No.158723

I don't think its really like that. When you are having an actual conversation with a group of people you are expected to say things and they are going to say things back that puts some certain amount of pressure on you, you don't have control over that situation the other people are going to say things and then you are going to have to respond in the correct manner or look like an idiot or weirdo. When you are streaming to thousands of people, you aren't really having an actual conversation with any of them, just some vague group "listeners" and you completely control the "conversation" by choosing to pick up on or ignore comments.

>> No.158992

t was kino. Taka is behind 7 layers of irony and Noraneko... well she enjoy bathing in awkwardness.

>> No.159081

When userlocal mistakenly indexed the annoying orange channel, despite Dane Boedigheimer has never said that character is a youtuber, even a virtual one.

>> No.159448

That is about the only thing that can make me like Mori

>> No.160074

The cringe becomes even greater when you have Haachama try to interact with any of them. They just kinda pretend they understand each other and any jokes or attempts at sarcasm completely fall flat.

>> No.160106

Creation of this fucking board

>> No.160113

Every single one of her songs

>> No.160159 [DELETED] 

What is this nigger-tier garbage?

>> No.160171

/hlg/ was the real cringe all this time apparently

>> No.160286

We already knew that.

>> No.160442

this one is up there, it really was pretty sad. i don't like ame but i wouldn't wish that stream on anyone.

>> No.160448

They're not cringe if they have marine there to save them

>> No.160502

noel's singing streams

>> No.160762

Really? That's good

>> No.160962

That meme took goddamn forever. It was probably even worse than Coco showing Tierlists.

Apparently they like those kinds of memes since it gives them more to discuss, but I really just don't wanna sit through those every time.

>> No.161124

I still think their manager probably just told Gura and Ina to call, their tones kinda sounded like they were rushed to do it.

Calli was asleep during it, and I forgot where Kiara was during that stream. You'd think they'd actually make time for their gen mate.

Reine probably just called out of pity.

>> No.161243

On the contrary, I think VShojo is cringe.

They're basically just haha funni sex joke lewd 24/7

>> No.161382

prognosis for her illness is much better these days. she'll be suffering for at least a decade or so yet.

>> No.161627

if you see the translated clip it's a little bit more funny when we know what they're saying. It was still cringe and boring live.

They even talked about Aloe

>> No.162894

I feel like some of these moments aren't that cringe if you're an ESL but maybe it's just me.

>> No.164555

>dropped her character
Thats the issue bro, she could've joked about it somehow, she just acted like a cunt for no reason

>> No.164602

Unironically holotalk. I love kiara the most, but its really been shit after the second episode. Shes forgetting the SHOW part in a talkshow

>> No.164691

wtf Mori is based?

>> No.165207

Anonchama... your med reps...

>> No.168868

People kvetching about first time collabs need to let the personalities get to know each other and get comfy, because they all know each others reputations and popularity levels and are nervous as hell interacting at start. Pick any collab and it will always start off as tense and rigid because none of the people involved know if they can just "be themselves" like they always are and it will be accepted. Pre-VShojo Mouse, Melody, Silvervale, and Nyanners did a collab playing Fall Guys and for the first hour or so it was just lots of pain as they were pretty reserved. Mel, Mouse, and Silver had done shit before together but none of them with Nyanners so the awkwardness was pretty prevalent. Once they got comfy with each other the energy picked up and it became the usual frenetic chaos we're used to seeing. Mousey and Nyanners in particular really hit it off and their collabs since (the A Way Out collab is just gold) have been wonderful to watch.

So give the first timers a break, whether HL or whatever, because it takes time to build that chemistry. Expecting it right away is a fool's errand.

>> No.172951

Good bait

>> No.173038

You bugs deserve Nanjing

>> No.173076

The drinking game is fun

>> No.173158

they shoulda just sing together

>> No.173161

To be fair she's not that far off. I mean minus the whole Muslim thing.

>> No.173241

Are you excited for the HololiveDESIGNATED Gen 1 debut?

>> No.173292

Tranny shark debut was the single worst shit I've seen come out of vtubers to this date.

>> No.173398

You have the main thread or whatever open on your other monitor and cringe together with your fellow anons.

>> No.173446

wtf i like mori now

>> No.173841
File: 98 KB, 660x789, 1611190549871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There you go, friend >>https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S26718060#p26719311

>> No.174135
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was it this one anon?

>> No.174443

Thank you, kind soul.

>> No.174638
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here anon, have some more
better audio
voyeur edit

>> No.175572

mori speaking japanese

>> No.175620
File: 75 KB, 429x412, F551A711-2826-4455-8AAB-636FE3B365BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m impressed with how low effort this bait is
Here’s your free (You)

>> No.175929

Kiara is the only good Hololive. The others are only good for giving her someone to collab with but why would you sub to them then?

>> No.176373

>this is the Stacy of hololive

>> No.176609

AmeRobo was quite awkward but kind of understandable since Apex is full of action.

That was painful to watch. Wish Ame came prepared when it came to the talk section.

Imo Ame jumped the gun with her collab choice. It might've been smarter to start with holoID.

>> No.176682

I would say the existence of vtubers is the cringiest thing. It's like the final stage for lonely coomers who yearn for female interaction but never go outside unless it's to get food or go to work

>> No.176807

I'm honestly surprised she managed to stay so calm and entertaining for her solo streams for all that time.

>> No.176839

The /vt/ board

>> No.176848


>> No.176891

I agree. I expected at least some short of good personality. Yet all we got was a pretty ok model..f

>> No.177089
File: 404 KB, 2000x2000, 1611100846259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These were all pretty cringe, not really sure what the point of them were. Kiara's is unironically the best one so far since she's gay and likes gacha RPGs anyways.
>Ame gets a maxed EVERYTHING account and has no systems to learn, so she kinda stumbles through the stuff they want her to show without getting invested in it
>Ina's the only one that would (and probably is) play it, but she's just drawing
>Gura doesn't give a shit about gacha, runs out of stuff to say 40 mins in and gets her song request turned down at the end which pisses off her fans
I don't think Callie's done her contractually obligated show yet, but I can't imagine it being much better.

>> No.177090

It's about how much newfag you are. Still remember how even the most cancerous things looks fun when you didn't seem them much

>> No.177143

Nanjing massacre the sequel when?

>> No.177213

Okay kusatori.

>> No.177475

Don't forget this was peak 'I-don't-want-to-do-this-cringe-idol-bullshit-I-just-want-to-further-my-music-career' era Mori

>> No.177505

She just have too much karen vibes in general, dunno how you people watch her

>> No.177902

I think that's a bit too rratty of you considering her attitude in early solo-streams isn't really any different from today, also she had already collabed on good terms in duo streams several times. Maybe a bit of influence in the form of not being used to stream, especially games like that, and only being used to the musical part. But most likely mostly stress from her then three jobs squeezing her dry.

>> No.177920

Wouldn't that be onlyfans?

>> No.178303

Anything involving Kiara

>> No.178575

>It makes me want to die
I mean, nothing really changes that way so it's fine

>> No.182447

that time a fan asked Kiara in a SC why she was repeating everything she said in Japanese and she broke down crying, n went on about how she has nothing that makes her special compared to the other EN girls except that she's more fluent in Jap etc. lmfao

>> No.184682

That song denial was a godsend, she's sang that song twice in the past week already

>> No.184717

Why are we still here, just to suffer?

>> No.184956

post the video

>> No.185168

Someone sucks Zentreya's cock. And Zentreya's a guy.

>> No.185619

I would like to see this.

>> No.185737

>Ina's the only one that would (and probably is) play it, but she's just drawing
Ina was playing it long before, and she actually gave out good beginner advice. Also the game plays itself half the time, so it's a good fit to draw and play simultaneously. I enjoyed that stream immensely.

>> No.186192

i remember the guy had to publicly apologize to her on twitter cause he got piled on by all the kiarafags

>> No.186548

I swear to god some of these people are making shit up or seeing things that aren't there. Ina shilled the game perfectly, walking people through different aspects of the game and showing off how most people play with autobattler on.

You do realize Ame didn't reach out to any of the JP or ID members because she didn't want to bother them. Those streams work by telling the person before hand that you want them to call in.
I do agree with the live performance she let the nerves get to her, she should have gone full Soul.

It becomes pretty funny once you realize Coco goes out of her way to pick the shittiest memes. She knows they're shit but everyone suffers, especially the guest and audience.

>> No.186598


Ooof, when EN first debuted I remember thinking they were all pretty awkward to start off but I'd give them some time and check back in, which I've done in the past month or so and ended up really liking Kiara. I haven't watched a lot of that early content, it's crazy to me she started out this insecure.

>> No.187224

>ina shilled the game perfectly
well ina's roomate does have a degree on business and marketing..

>> No.187871
File: 164 KB, 359x359, 1598887768537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'll take a few hours of Netflix&Chill time now
Dang, that girl's bold

>> No.187918

I wasn't expecting shit from the debut. I just brushed it off as "another western shit stain". But I still went to take a peak because I'm inquisitive by nature. My god did that dumpster fire of a stream ruin my day.

>> No.188000

You just have to threaten to do something wacky if nobody calls like making red bull soup

>> No.188088

anything athena bambina does

>> No.188245

they should make these 3d models able to express sadness.

>> No.188267

Damn, you weren't exaggerating.

>> No.188522

Expressions have to be toggled manually.

>> No.189031

secret dog

>> No.191357

Holo EN entire existence. I can't watch even 30 sec clips without cringing.

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