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She's graduating, isn't she?

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Don't do this anon, don't make me hope

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This is revenge.

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They held back my favorite Schizo, Hololive does not deserve her at this point.

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I don't really understand why the People's republic of china is called that. It's not a republic and the chinese aren't people.

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If this is just baiting for her graduation stream, then I'm going to give up on vtubers

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It's a commie thing

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Yes and of her own volition.

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She's just a bit depressed because she's young and put her time into a project that Cover just nuked all at once. She'll be back and stronger than she's ever been before.

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>implying this isn't just her chance to prepare for her university
you fags really like controversy

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look at this dood

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She literally has BRB in her twitter profile...

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Don't let facts get in the way of the rrats

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Mainland chinks are cringe af

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A Ching Chong to you haaton

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Imagine bringing shame to the Chinese race by using simplified.

Our ancestors are rolling in their graves.

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Yes. She is going to be a housewife from now I already got her pregnant

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yes, just because you want it

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She's graduating so we can get married, tough luck.

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ťing ťang ťong you bitch

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What does it mean if you graduate from a vtuber?
I get real life shit because you go into acting, singing etc. But what happens to vtubers?

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If you die in vtuber, you die in real life

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oh SHIT her channel and twitter are gone

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It means retiring or quitting the job. Keep in mind that this refers only to the avatar, so someone who "graduates" can reincarnate as another avatar.
It comes from - surprise surprise - Japanese (idol) culture where "graduate" means to quit the job.

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Hololive is holding back not only her but the rest of their talent with such stifling rules at this point. I hope they crash and burn for being such a soulless corporate shitbox

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Is hololive restricting everyone to maintain monetization on youtube no matter what?

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she already left once for couple days without any notice or info. She is just baiting concernfags
>be multilingual, intelligent, creative, cute and rich girl that made everything by herself while still being 18 years old
>40yo jobless virgins are worrying about you in basements of their moms
makes me kek everytime

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Sorry for being too new.
When they graduate, it's required for them to nuke their channels or there have been cases where those stayed up?

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No, but most vtuber companies will delete / private the whole channel.

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