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Why don't other gaming vtubers do this? Instead of grinding Minecraft forever or playing boring-ass artsy indieshit, just find random weird games that nobody has ever played, and laugh at them. I'm a pure holofag, and I haven't been watching a lot of vtubers recently overall, but whenever I see Selen play this weird shit, I can't help but tune in out of curiosity, and it's fun as fuck. I'm legit laughing with her, and I don't often laugh during streams.

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its time to stop

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They already struggle to get permissions for good games they actually want to play, it's not worth wasting their time getting permissions for shitpost games.

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a lot of purple dragon threads lately

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>Board is literally filled with Orca threads

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fuck off, falseflagger
don't shitpost using my oshi

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>I'm a pure holofag
Yet you have a thumbnail from Selen Tatsuki, curious...

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Just ask manager-san and wait. If Nijis got these permissions, I don't see why Holos can't. Someone like Gura would have tons of fun poking fun at something like Peppa Pig.

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This is very based too bad Selen is exceedingly vulgar thus making her unwatchable

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The manager's time isn't valuable

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You can save thumbnails from youtube videos you know, at least in Mozilla

Yeah I enjoy it too, it's like people forgot that youtube was built on people playing shitty games.

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>nijis can do it
>holos can't
Lmao. Good one, omega.

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Selen is based, she's doing the Vinesauce thing and it works great for her. She's one of the few vtubers who legitimately loves videogames.

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I agree. I've never watched Selen before but seeing a streamer play fucking Paw Patrol piqued my interest. I had a good time.

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The sad thing? This game got voted over dark souls

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Sana wanted to do that, actually, but because she called it "kusoge" management got mad.
Basically, Holo management is no fun.

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That's what you expect from a meme audience like Nijisanji. In between playing Genshin impact, they play shit games.

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Congrats, you managed to turn this into tribalistic shit.

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selen's current stream is unironically more entertaining than rosemi playing sekiro

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No, holofag. The only reason you clicked on it was because the 3k viewers.

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Selen is just entertaining in general. I was watching pomu the whole time though

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Sana still does it they are just boring RPGmaker things or boring stream wrecks like Crab Fight that are barely playable.

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>shit souls
Thank god

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>Why don't other gaming vtubers do this?
There's indies like batatvideogames that does stuff like that regularly.

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laughing at kids games is the laziest kind of content

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>exceedingly vulgar
Pearl clutching faggot

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It's the same autistic retard making them. At least they die off pretty quick since no one is really interested in this hag.

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>Genshin Impact
Selen has never touched the Genshin, mald more tribalfag

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Selen is based and cute yes

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>I'm a pure holofag
No HoloCHAD would ever watch a rotten Nijinigger. You are a false flagger.

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Man I love the souls series. But God damn its overplayed to hell.

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>I'm a pure holofag

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purple dragon sex

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You're telling me dragoons are actually based? I struggle to believe this.

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Purple dragon good.

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Korone used to before the apocalypse.
Pikamee occasionally does.

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Because it requires them to make something out of nothing. Selen is a god tier Zatzu.